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Maps, aka James Chapman, released his debut album, 'We Can Create', back in 2007. A mixture of epic electronics and quirky indie songwriting, and created on cheap equipment in his bedroom and later spruced up by producer Valgeir Sigurðsson (Bjork, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), it raised more than a few eyebrows. Chapman releases his second album, 'Turning The Mind', via Mute (who also released his debut) on 28 Sep. The first single from the album, 'I Dream Of Crystal', is out on Monday and you can catch him at Bestival on Friday. We spoke to James to find out more.
Q1 How did you start out making music?
I was about 18 when I started writing seriously, just on a four-track tape recorder. I got a real buzz from it and it just escalated from there, really. I've always loved creating something from nothing, starting with a completely blank slate. There's no better feeling than listening back to a track you've finished, after working on it for ages - it gives you a real boost.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Mental states. Personal ones a lot of the time, and also things I've seen people go through. It's a much more personal album than 'We Can Create'. The songs were all written in a pretty short period and reflect my states of mind throughout that period. I won't lie, chemical stimuli references are rife because that's what I was doing a lot of the time that I was writing the songs. But it's not just man-made chemicals, it's about how the brain can react to certain situations - depression, euphoria etc.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating an album?
I only ever work on one song at a time, and spend an obsessive amount of time on it until it's finished. Then I forget about it and move on to the next one. That's how I do the demos. But when I was working with Tim Holmes we worked on different songs at the same time and it worked well. It's just whatever works best for you personally, I guess. The album had taken shape with the demos, but taking them into the studio really raised the bar and we were constantly trying to better ourselves with each song. I think (hope!) we got there in the end.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
I'm listening to a lot of techno, old disco, still loads of electronica. Mostly random songs I find on Beatport. But I'm also listening to a lot of country and bluegrass at the moment. There's some great stuff out there. My range of tastes has moved away from solely electronic. Anything I hear I get influenced by if it sparks some inspiration in me.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
"The album is out on 28 Sep, if you like it! If you don't then please buy it anyway". I dunno. That's a hard question! I've heard people say that my stuff takes a few listens, so I guess I'd say that.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
I'm extremely proud of this album and I really want it to do well. But we'll see! I just hope people connect with it. It's been a really cathartic experience for me and I hope people get the same feeling I do when they hear the tracks. Next year will be hardcore touring - can't wait! It's a really exciting time. I'm buzzing right now.

MORE>> and

'Let's Go Surfing' might be the best song to include a whistling hook since 'Young Folks'. It certainly manages to be as instantly catchy, combining jangly surf-rock guitars with a breathy delivery and near-whispering playground chant mid-song. Second streaming track 'I Felt Stupid', meanwhile, sounds closer to The Cure, with a New Order synth interlude and hearty slice of white noise filling out the end, along with an oddball snippet of giggling children. As its rite of passage, NME have already given them a ludicrously hyped new band review, while they're also locked in for UK dates in Manchester, Cardiff and London soon. Good stuff.

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So, Speech Debelle's debut album, 'Speech Therapy', has been named the best album of the last twelve months, by the Mercury Prize judges. The Ninja Tune/Big Dada-signed rapper also became the lowest selling artist ever to win the award, with just 3000 copies of her album sold prior to the win. Although this is something now likely to be remedied fairly quickly - sales of Elbow's 'The Seldom Seen Kid' have risen 700% since their win last year.

In a short acceptance speech, Debelle gave a nod to fellow nominees The Invisible and thanked all involved, including the judges, her label, her family, her band and "whoever's name's on the cheque".

Asked later what she planned to do with the prize money, she said that she'd invest it, perhaps in her own record label, which she is currently in the process of setting up.

When the nominations were announced in July, Debelle was given odds of 33/1 by bookmakers, although these were cut to 4/1 yesterday, making her second favourite to take the prize, behind Florence And The Machine.

Last night's ceremony was also supposed to be the first ever to feature performances from all twelve nominees. However, Glasvegas had to pull out of playing because frontman James Allan, according to reports, hasn't been seen since Friday and didn't turn up for the ceremony. The band told various journalists this was due to illness and a dislike of music industry awards. Friendly Fires drummer Jack Savidge also nearly missed the show, after being admitted to hospital on Monday with a rash on his leg, but recovered in time to perform with the band last night.

In other awards news, Girls Aloud last night won this year's Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize for the fifth time in the seven years the award has been running. No one from the group has yet commented on how they will spend the money.

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So this is interesting and, if it gets a positive punter response, and I hope it does, possibly a good lesson for the music industry. The movie business will this Autumn test out a whole new strategy in its anti-piracy campaigning.

For years, of course, the movie industry has screened those hard hitting adverts in cinemas and on DVDs based around the slogan "piracy is a crime". The aim of the ads was to convince consumers that accessing films from illegitimate sources was a serious crime, and that film pirates were comparable to car thieves and their like. The problem, of course, was that as the ads became more hard hitting they became increasingly mocked; plus there was the issue that they were invariably being screened to people who had actually paid to watch the film the ad preceded - ie customers not criminals.

In response to criticism of those adverts, the previously reported Industry Trust For IP Awareness has decided to launch a totally new series of ads which, instead of portraying those who steal movies as being hardened crims, will instead thank those people who pay to access films, with the strapline "you make the movies". The Trust says the ads are in response to all that research that shows the content industries will get a more positive response to communication justifying why people should pay to access copyright material, rather than relying on the legal implications for people who choose not too.

This is even more true, the Trust says, with what they call 'Generation Y-pay', the consumers who have grown up with a ready supply of free content online, and who need to be given reasons other than dry or confrontational legal claims as to why they should pay to access music or movies when they can easily access the same content for free from illegitimate sources.

Discussing the new campaign, which will launch next month accompanied by a series of advertorials in The Sun, the Trust's Director General Liz Bales told The Guardian: "With the digital revolution set to open up access to more unauthorised film and TV content, it is going to be more important than ever for people to understand the positive connection they have to the British creative industries [as consumers]. Our industry must share responsibility for showing the public the positive role they play".

She continued: "Film and TV is the industry that we as a nation are most proud of, the challenge is that Generation Y-pay underestimates how vital they are to funding future films and TV shows. They don't realise that without them [buying legal products] great British film and TV couldn't get made".

Of course reports of people in the music, film or TV industries being paid stupid money - whether they be execs or stars - will always hinder this sort of approach to encouraging punters to pay for content, but after years of both film and music companies telling consumers, many good paying customers, to "stop nicking our stuff, you cunts", the film industry's new approach is certainly refreshing. I hope it has good results.

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Paul McCartney has again blamed EMI for the absence of any Beatles music on legal download sites, saying that allowing the band's music to be used in the new Beatles 'Rock Band' videogame, which is released today of course, was the band's way of getting round the EMI issues.

I still can't quite get my head around continuing Apple Corps/EMI politics, especially as there are now different people representing both sides, and surely both the Beatles company and the major have so much to lose by depriving legit download stores from the Fab Four's music, but whatever, I'm sure if Macca says all the fault is on EMI's side of the table that has to be true.

Anyway, here's what McCartney told the NME about all things digitally Beatles: "We were having problems with iTunes - well not iTunes, EMI was the problem - with downloading, which we'd like to do because that's how a lot of people get their music. We've kind of bypassed that [download problems] because now you can do it in 'Rock Band'. I always liked that, when you're told you can't do something and suddenly there's a little route round the back".

Asked for opinions on the gameplay aspect to 'Rock Band' he admitted: "I haven't tried it. When you go to a demo they play it and I go, 'God that looks hard!'"

By the way, everyone seems certain - and Macca's comments presumably confirm this - that Apple's big music announcement today won't be anything to do with the Beatles and more to do with some new iPod developments and that enhanced album format thingy that everyone seems to insist on calling 'Cocktail'. As previously reported, with so many Beatles-related launches today, some thought Apple's decision to stage a music-related press conference too meant they had to have a Fab Four announcement.

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A mural by Banksy, which was used as the cover of Blur's 2003 single 'Crazy Beat', has been partially painted over by mistake. Workmen from Hackney Council began covering the artwork, on the side of a building in Stoke Newington in London, with black paint and had removed much of the work before the building's owner, Sofie Attrill, could convince them to stop.

Attrill told the BBC: "The workmen were smiling as they did it - they thought it was funny. I just burst into tears. But a crowd gathered and we managed to get them to stop before destroying it completely. I don't care about art or politics - I am just an ordinary girl who liked being cheered up by seeing this on my street".

She continued: "People have always been telling us to sell it or cover it in Perspex, but we only wanted it to be here for the public's enjoyment. You can't take a photo if it's behind a thick plastic screen. We never wanted to make money out of it like many do - but it was a part of our lives. Now it's gone. People are always doing down Hackney but this was something we could all be proud of".

Hackney Council's Alan Laing initially said in a statement: "The council's position is not to make a judgement call on whether graffiti is art", although he later added: "Due to a problem at the land registry, unfortunately our letters stating our intention to clean this building didn't reach the owner. As soon as we realised this, work stopped. We are now speaking with her about how to resolve the issue".

I have some pictures of it on my phone, if that helps.

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Sugababes' Keisha Buchanan has said that critics were too quick to write the band off after their last album, 'Catfights And Spotlights', failed to match up to the success of previous releases.

She told Press Association: "The last album was great, and it was a top ten album with the single going to number two.But, when you don't get the number one you're used to, you see people turn slightly and write you off".

The new Sugababes single, 'Get Sexy', is currently sitting at the a pitiful number two position in the singles chart. It's all over for them now.

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Erich Kunzel, the conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, has died after losing a four month battle with cancer, he was 74.

Despite beginning as a chemistry major, Kunzel switched to studying music while at Dartmouth College, and spent some years studying the subject, at Harvard and Brown universities as well as Dartmouth, and at one point worked for French conductor Pierre Monteux.

He quickly became a professional conductor, and joined the Cincinnati Pop Orchestra, who generally perform popular songs and showtunes, early on in his career in 1965, initially as an Associate Conductor. He quickly became committed to the 'pops style' of classical music, and won acclaim around the world for his work in this area, remaining with the Cincinnati organisation for the rest of his life.

Paying tribute, the orchestra's Music Director Paava Jarvi is quoted by Billboard thus: "I am deeply saddened by the loss of my friend and colleague Erich Kunzel. He was a remarkable spirit and a tremendous musician. His many years of music making with the Cincinnati Pops brought joy to literally millions, and I join with our community in Cincinnati as well as his fans around the world in mourning the loss of this great musical icon".

Kunzel is survived by his wife, Brunhilde.

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Jay-Z is expected to pass Elvis to become the artist with the second most number one albums in US chart history following the US release of his new album, 'The Blueprint 3', yesterday. The rapper and Elvis are currently tied in second place with ten number one albums each, although they are still somewhat trailing behind The Beatles, who have nineteen.

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Morrissey has revealed the tracklisting for his forthcoming b-sides compilation, 'Swords'. It'll feature songs that weren't good enough to be on any of his last three albums.

Here's what all their names are:

Good Looking Man About Town
Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me
My Dearest Love
The Never-Played Symphonies
Christian Dior
Shame Is The Name
Munich Air Disaster 1958
I Knew I Was Next
It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small
Teenage Dad On His Estate
Children In Pieces
Friday Mourning
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Drive-In Saturday
Because Of My Poor Education

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Jermaine Jackson has announced some of the line-up of that previously reported Michael Jackson tribute gig in Vienna later this month. Confirmed so far are Mary J Blige, Akon, Natalie Cole, Sister Sledge, Angela Basset and German boyband US5.

Jermaine also announced that Chris Brown would appear in what have would been the R&B thugster's first major public appearance since being found guilty of beating up ex-girlfriend Rihanna in the street earlier this year. But a spokesperson for Brown has since told reporters: "Chris is not confirmed to perform or participate in any capacity for this show". So who knows what's going on there.

More artists are to be announced at press conferences in London and Berlin later this week. The show will take place at the Schoenbrunn Palace on 26 Sep in front of 65,000, with many more expected to watch via a live webcast. Jackson's family and children will also attend.

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Marilyn Manson will be over here, spooking everyone up in December, when him and the boys will play some gigs. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Tour dates:

9 Dec: London, Brixton Academy
13 Dec: Birmingham, Academy
14 Dec: Manchester, Academy
17 Dec: Nottingham, Trent FM Arena

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If you were unable to get into Paramore's sold out show at the Islington Academy on Monday night but stood outside in the hope of catching a few of their riffs drifting out of the venue, you will have been pleased to hear (albeit muffled, through a wall) that the band will be returning later this year for more dates.

Frontwoman Hayley Williams told the audience: "We are stoked to be coming back before Christmas, we love our UK and European fans. These venues are going to be the biggest shows we've done outside the US so far, and we can't wait to play all our new songs".

And look, here are all the dates all in one list. Tickets go on sale on Thursday at 9am.

Tour dates:

10 Dec: Glasgow, SECC
11 Dec: Birmingham, NIA
12 Dec: Dublin, The Point
14 Dec: Cardiff, International Arena
16 Dec: Manchester, MEN
17 Dec: Brighton, Brighton Centre
18 Dec: London, Wembley Arena

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Florence And The Machine have announced a handful of tour dates for December, culminating in a headline show at Brixton Academy. Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am.

Tour dates:

6 Dec: Belfast, Ulster Hall
7 Dec: Dublin, Olympia Theatre
9 Dec: Glasgow, Academy
10 Dec: Manchester, Apollo
11 Dec: Lincoln, Engine Shed
13 Dec: London, Brixton Academy

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ALBUM REVIEW: Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost (Warner/Atlantic Records)
Three years after Zero 7's perfectly produced 'The Garden', Grammy-nominated artists Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker are back with 'Yeah Ghost'. The album is a complete departure from the lo-fi, ambient sounds created on their first three albums and kudos has to go to the band for trying something new. But unfortunately on 'Yeah Ghost' the change is a little too extreme. In fact, what Zero 7 have released is an entirely inconsistent collection of singles most of which would be more suited as b-sides for an album of singles from the Zero 7 we've all come to know and love. Nowhere is the mess of the album truly presented better than in the second track 'Mr McGee'. A bland, vocal led, cheap R&B tune, the vocals in question are provided by Eska Mtungwazi. Take away all the appeal of VV Brown and add ten years and you've got Eska Mtungwazi. There are some moments where 'Yeah Ghost' presents elements that suggest things are heading somewhere interesting. Martha Tilson's voice on the delightful folk track 'Swing' is screaming out for a single release (and a more upbeat remix). And, in a different direction, 'Everything Up (Zizou)' - a rhythm based electro tune that is a reference to the album's main inspiration, French footballer Zinedine Zidane - starts off promising but loses itself by the lazy chorus. The first single, 'Medicine Man', should serve as a warning for those thinking of buying the album - this really is a taste of what you're in store for. And that is the tragedy of 'Yeah Ghost'. GM
Physical release: 28 Sep
Press contact: Darling Dept [all]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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The British Medical Association is calling for a total ban on advertising and sponsorship in the alcoholic drinks sector, a move which would have quite a serious impact on the live music business should it ever happen.

The BMA says the ban is needed as part of efforts to reduce the amount of binge drinking in the UK, especially among young people, the sort of alcohol consumption which, the BMA reckons, is leading to all sorts of health issues, not to mention all sorts of drunk idiots being irritating on the tube.

Although an eventual ban on all alcohol-based advertising and sponsorship might seem slightly outlandish, had there been a CMU Daily in the eighties we'd probably have said the same about an all out ban on cigarette advertising and sponsorship, so it could happen.

Still, I've never been convinced that it was the advertising ban that resulted in any decline in smoking among young people - the extortionate taxing of the goods and forcing everyone to smoke in the rain being much more effective. And speaking as a tee-totaller, if the BMA wants to double the price of a pint and make everyone stand in the rain while they drink it, that's fine by me. And at least it would mean smokers would be able to get back to the holy grail of a good night out - pint in one hand, fag in the other.

Anyway, I digress. Obviously if any ban on drink sponsorship was enforced it would be bad news for a live music industry that has taken quite a bit of cash off the likes of Carling, Smirnoff, Becks, Tennents, Tuborg, Magners and JD in recent years. And it would shut up all those people who insist Groove Armada/Bacardi style partnership deals are the future of the record industry.

Of course, until someone dies of passive alcohol poisoning the case for draconian measures against drink sponsorship is probably not as strong as it was against cigarette marketing, and the brewing lobby will be even stronger if and when David Cameron's Tories start running the country, but those who rely on drink sponsorship probably should prepare themselves for tighter regulations in the years to come. So expect T In The Park (But Only In Moderation) and the JD (but just the one) Set.

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Another EMI appointment for you people. Though this time not from the world of IT or sponsorship, but from the world of, erm, Snoop Doggery. Yes, EMI might be a next generation major record company these days, but they're still up for giving a hip hopper an impressive executive title to win some celebrity points and secure an album deal.

Snoop Dogg has been named Creative Chairman of EMI's US-based urban label Priority Records, who will conveniently now release his next album, 'Malice N Wonderland', which includes guest appearances from Soulja Boy, Lil Jon, R Kelly, The-Dream, Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan.

In his new Chairman role Snoop will also take responsibility for "re-launching Priority's legacy and driving efforts to maximise digital and branding opportunities". He'll also be Executive Producer on a series of re-releases planned to mark Priority's 25th anniversary next year, so that'll be nice.

All that responsibility will presumably mean lots of executive meetings for Snoop at EMI's LA offices. Has anyone told him that Guy Hands axed EMI's $400,000 a year 'fruit and flowers budget' shortly after he bought the major?

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Catalogue marketing company Union Square Music have signed a new deal to re-issue the ZTT back catalogue outside North America and Japan.

Founded in 1983 by Paul Morley, Trevor Horn and Jill Sinclair, the label's catalogue features artists such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, 808 State and Seal, with 45 top 40 hits. The first re-releases will come early next year via USM's Salvo imprint, with a number of further deluxe editions and box sets currently being planned.

Union Square MD, Peter Stack told CMU: "We are naturally thrilled to be working with such a seminal label as ZTT. We have some great reissue ideas in planning, and we also look forward to implementing an active synchronisation strategy for film and TV licenses. We have worked with the SPZ Group for many years via our successful exploitation of the Stiff Records catalogue, and we look forward to this new extension to our relationship".

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Music therapy charity Nordoff-Robbins has announced that their Director Of Fundraising, Audrey Hoare, will step down next month, after twenty years with the charity. She will be succeeded by Jo Carter, who has worked in fundraising roles for the NSPCC for over a decade, most recently as Head Of National Events.

In a statement issued yesterday, the charity said: "Nordoff-Robbins is deeply grateful to Audrey for her contribution and commitment to the charity, and is delighted that she will be continuing to work in an ambassadorial role, organising prestigious and repeatedly successful events including the Christmas Carol Service and the Berry Bros & Rudd Wine Evening".

Confirming Carter's appointment, it continued: "[Jo] brings strong experience of fundraising in several major spheres including corporate, events, major gifts, mass participation activities and direct donor marketing. Her expertise and experience will be a tremendous addition to our fundraising team and we look forward to welcoming her".

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A new download store has launched in the US, targeting music fans who think that 99 cents for a track is a bit pricey something a bit cheaper. will do exactly what it suggests; sell MP3s of songs, including all the latest hits, for just 33 cents, and all completely legally. The only catch is that you won't get the original versions of the tracks. Basically it's a muzak MP3 store.

The site takes advantage of US copyright laws, which allow anyone to record and sell their own version of a commercially released song, provided they fill out the appropriate paperwork and pay a royalty of 9.7 cents per download. The site says: "We use this law to bring legal, high quality, downloaded MP3s of popular music to the public at a fraction of the price of other stores".

On his blog, the man behind, Marc Cohen, explains: "The catalogue will be small at first, focusing on the Billboard Hot 100. The store will carry sound-alike and interpretive covers.Sure, most people who want to buy a track will want it by the original artist. I understand that and those people can buy it for a buck or so at iTunes or Amazon MP3 or dozens of other stores. Some people will just want to pay less for the music they like and some people will enjoy exploring different covers of music they like - that is the market I am aiming for".

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As that Chris Moyles bloke welcomed the news that Terry Wogan will retire from the Radio 2 breakfast show at the end of the year by announcing that it will make his programme the most listened to breakfast show in the country (the assumption being that enough Wogan fans will tune out when Chris Evans takes over that the Radio 2 prime time show will lose its lead over Radio 1's), the boss of commercial radio trade body RadioCentre urged the two national BBC stations to avoid a breakfast show ratings war.

Andrew Harrison is concerned that if the BBC let Chris M and Chris E enter into a ratings battle it will result in Radio 2 moving ever more into a youth audience territory, and such a move, while not necessarily persuading Radio 1 listeners to switch to 2, might encourage those currently listening to the breakfast show on their local commercial station to move to Evans.

It's all part of the commercial radio sector's continued bug bear that the modern Radio 2 aims too young, certainly with some of its programmes, putting it up against twenty/thirty something targeting commercial stations like Heart and Magic. Commercial stations, of course, preferred Radio 2 when it had its reputation for serving primarily the over-50s, a demographic Harrison's members have never really managed to engage or commercialise.

According to the Guardian, Harrison told 5Live: "[We don't want] a ratings war developing for listeners between Chris Moyles and Chris Evans, between Radio 1 and Radio 2. If that were to happen it would be disastrous of course for the overall plurality of stations and provision for listeners across the UK, not just from a BBC perspective".

He continued: "We are very worried in the commercial sector about the overall footprint and role of Radio 2, which has been driving a much younger audience across the last decade, and that's beginning to encroach on commercial radio's territory. Older listeners are our concern. Radio 2 [once] very much catered for an older demographic, an older audience, and that was appropriate as part of the overall radio landscape in the UK, a publicly-funded BBC would have a mainstream national service catering specially for older listeners".

Harrison didn't got as far as to criticise the decision to give the Radio 2 breakfast slot to Evans, but he added: "Our concern would be much more really with the BBC management and the BBC Trust to ensure that whoever is fronting the breakfast show and replacing Terry ensures that the public service delivery of that breakfast show, the amount of news, the amount of information, documentaries and features are consistent with the BBC's public service remit".

He concluded: "It's incredibly difficult for small local radio stations to compete against the national BBC. Radios 1 and 2 are the only stations on FM with national licences to broadcast pop music. Inevitably a lot of the strong talent that is nurtured and developed in commercial radio will want to move on to a national platform whenever they get an opportunity".

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Commercial radio's one national pop outfit, Absolute, is trying its best to secure some of that higher profile talent, mainly by extending its relationship with comedy management agency Avalon.

Absolute yesterday announced it was hiring comedian Dave Gorman as a permanent presenter after he successfully filled in for three weeks on Frank Skinner's Absolute show - both Skinner and Gorman are represented by Avalon.

Confirming his appointment, Gorman said: "When sitting in for Frank Skinner everything seemed to just fit. I'm delighted to discover that the station bosses feel the same way and that I'm being allowed back to do more of the same".

Dave will join Absolute on 11 Oct. His appointment is expected to be the first of a number of on air changes on the station. I think we can expect more collaborations between Absolute and Avalon - which is possibly good news, they being behind any of the good comedy shows you'll have found on ITV in recent years.

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Swound!, an unsigned band from the Isle Of Man, have become the latest band to be chosen to write a song for acclaimed American kids' show 'Yo Gabba Gabba', joining the likes of MGMT, The Shins, The Ting Tings and Ladytron.

Although the song will not be heard before it airs on the show next year, the band have revealed that it teaches children the importance of resting and eating jelly when you're ill. If you want to hear something from them a bit sooner than that, though, you can check out their new single, 'Predator 3', which is released on 2 Nov.

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I have been unable to sleep these last couple of months worrying about which of his brothers Kevin Jonas will pick as his best man. I'm looking forward to tonight, though. I can finally get some rest, as he's made a decision - his bandmates and brothers Joe and Nick will both be his best men. Apparently this is fine, because his wife-to-be, Danielle Deleasa, has two sisters who will both act as her maids of honour.

Asked which brother was to be his best man, Kevin told J-14 magazine: "They both are! It works out really well because there are two maids of honour and two best men!"

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at that reception, listening to two best man speeches revealing embarrassing stories from the behind-the-scenes world of the squeaky clean brothers. "Hey, remember on your stag night when we had a very pleasant evening and went home early?" Though fourth Jonas brother Frankie (who's not in the band) may be so angry about being shunned yet again that finally snaps and goes on some kind of rampage, which would liven things up a bit.

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