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Hailing from Brighton, Mirrors are a modern pop-noir four-piece. Taking inspiration from a whole range of people, from American physicist Richard Feynman to footballer Lionel Messi, Mirrors deliver ambient synth-filled pop, which draws comparisons to the likes of Depeche Mode, OMD and Tears For Fears. After the release of their first single 'Look At Me' back in August, Mirrors release the follow-up 'Into The Heart' on 2 Nov through Moshi Moshi Singles Club. They're also set to headline two shows in London this month, Levi's One To Watch at The Barfly on 15 Oct and Cargo on 30 Oct. We spoke to the band to ask our Same Six Questions.
Q1 How did you start out making music?
It started in a crowded room in Brighton. Here, human beings agreed that the music playing was quite dull and agreed to take the conversation elsewhere. It was agreed that most things in life were in fact rather dull. They began to exchange ideas about the things they found exciting and how that might apply to music in the 21st century. This was the beginning of Mirrors.

Q2 What inspired your latest single?
'Into The Heart' was inspired by the experience of dancing in the dark, both physically and metaphorically.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating your music?
We try to make music that is dense, heavily layered, electronic but simultaneously heartfelt and emotionally stimulating. The process is meticulous. The music is built piece by piece in our studio, The Hall Of Mirrors.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Mirrors are inspired by many things, be it Lionel Messi leaving his opponents in a disorientated confusion, Richard Feynman's eloquently simple diagrammatical representation of the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, Ferran Adria's beguiling refinements of haute cuisine, Gary Kasparov plunging his opponent into perfect zugzwang, the sensation of being in the sea during a raging thunderstorm etc.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
We wouldn't say anything.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest single, and for the future?
We are looking forward very much to the imminent success of 'Into The Heart', and next year's nomination for the Mercury Music Prize.


It's three years since Converge released their last album, 'No Heroes', which saw the genre-defining metalcore band completely redefine their genre. And since a brief video clip of the band working on the follow-up appeared online in March, expectation for their new material has been high. Well now the waiting is over (for those who didn't take advantage of that recent leak, anyway), as the album is streaming in full on the band's MySpace page. It's quite a treat, taking the band in new directions yet again - just check out 'Cruel Bloom', which features vocals from Neurosis' Steve Von Till.

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Grooveshark, the music search engine that lets users preview tracks through its own streaming player, has entered into a licensing deal with EMI bringing to an end legal action launched by the major earlier this year. Grooveshark was one of a number of enhanced music search services which caused concern in some major record companies, because many of the music files the search engine links to, and therefore many of the tracks that get played through the bespoke player, are unlicensed.

When EMI launched its litigation against Grooveshark earlier this year, the people behind the web service criticised the major, claiming it was in talks with all record companies about licensing their service, and that EMI's lawsuit amounted to bullying tactics.

A spokesman said: "Recently, EMI Records chose to abandon the template we've built with the help of other major copyright holders and opted for their traditional intimidation tactic of filing a lawsuit as a negotiating tool. We find the use of this negotiating strategy counterproductive, as Grooveshark has been willing to conclude an agreement with EMI Records that is economically sustainable for both EMI Records and a start-up company the size of Grooveshark".

However, talks continued, and yesterday both companies confirmed an agreement had been reached. It means that any songs in the EMI catalogue can now be streamed through the Grooveshark player legitimately, oblivious of the legitimacy of the music file's origins. Grooveshark will fund the service through ad sales, and also offer an ad-free three dollar a month premium option.

Confirming the deal, Grooveshark CEO Sam Taranito said yesterday: "EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing have collaborated with us to create a mutually sustainable deal which represents the future of digital music. We will continue to deliver the best music
service on the internet to our users, and we will expand our capacity to strengthen fan-to-artist connections through our technology".

EMI's Mike Piibe added: "We think services like Grooveshark offer great music discovery options for fans. In turn, Grooveshark offers a new revenue stream for our artists and will help us learn more about how we can better connect different types of fans with artists".

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Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died from a pulmonary oedema, or fluid on the lungs, a post-mortem has found, though the exact circumstances which led to his death are still unknown.

An official from the Majorcan Court Of Instruction announced the findings in a statement yesterday, saying: "Preliminary results of the autopsy found acute pulmonary oedema indicating Stephen Gately died of natural causes. The autopsy carried out this morning did not reveal any signs of violence on the body. There is nothing to indicate the death was caused by alcohol or drugs".

As previously reported, the singer's body was found on Saturday in an apartment on Majorca where he was staying with his partner Andrew Cowles while on holiday. He was discovered in his pyjamas in what investigators have described as a "strange position", almost "prayer like". There has been speculation in the press that Gately had choked on vomit in his sleep after a night of heavy drinking.

Gately's lawyer, Gerald Kean, said that Cowles was "satisfied" with the verdict, adding: "There has never been any doubt that Stephen was out and had a few drinks. The suggestion of an eight or nine hour binge drinking session was wrong and inappropriate. There is no foul play. There is no mention of drugs, it's natural causes".

After a brief hearing, a judge released the singer's body to be transported back to Ireland for burial. However, the case remains open while the court awaits results of laboratory tests being carried out in Barcelona before finally ruling on the cause of death.

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Paul Anka has been promised half of the profits from new Michael Jackson single 'This Is It', after it was revealed that he co-wrote the song with the star in 1983. The move by the Jackson estate came after Anka threatened legal action.

It seems the pair wrote the song, originally called 'I Never Heard', for possible inclusion on Anka's 1983 album, 'Walk A Fine Line'. However, Anka told TMZ, after they had finished work on it, Jackson "stole the tapes" from his studio and so it was not included on the album. Despite this, a version of the song was recorded and released by Puerto Rican singer Safire in 1991.

Following Anka's claims, the Jackson estate quickly acknowledged the singer's contribution to the single and offered him 50% of the royalties from it, saying in a statement: "The song was picked because the lyrics were appropriate because of the name Michael gave his tour. We are thrilled to present this song in Michael's voice for the first time and that Michael's fans have responded in unprecedented numbers".

Speaking to Associated Press, Anka said: "They did the right thing. I don't think that anybody tried to do the wrong thing - it was an honest mistake".

There had previously been press speculation as to exactly when 'This Is It' had been originally penned. It's thought Jackson left over 100 unreleased tracks, but it in a somewhat disorganised way, meaning it maybe hard to identify when songs were from, what they were meant to be called, and who collaborated on them. Unless said collaborators come forward on release, as did Anka.

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Pete Doherty has been forced to cancel an Irish tour, due to begin yesterday, after being admitted to hospital on Monday night suffering from breathing difficulties. The cause of the condition has not yet been identified.

A spokesman for the musician said yesterday: "Last night Peter Doherty was admitted to Swindon Hospital with exhaustion and breathing difficulties. He is currently under observation by doctors".

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Actor and singer Al Martino has died at this childhood home in Pennsylvania somewhat suddenly. As yet there's been no announcement regarding the cause of death.

Martino, born Alfred Cini, enjoyed a long career as a pop crooner, even after the arrival of rock n roll caused a temporary lapse in his chart success. Although his career was mainly musical, he is perhaps best known for an acting role, his turn as Johnny Fontane in 'The Godfather'. He also provided the theme to the movie, 'I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello)'.

His other big claim to fame, in the UK at least, was that he was the first artist to ever top the singles chart. When the NME first published a chart in 1952, based on a phone survey of record shops, Martino's 'Here In My Heart' was the most sold single of the week. It stayed top for nine weeks, an achievement even now only beaten on a handful of occasions.

Paying tribute, Philadelphia TV personality Jerry Blavat, who dined with Martino and his wife on Monday night, said he was shocked by the singer's passing, because he seemed in good health when they last met. He told the Philadelphia Daily News: "He was the last of the show business legends. There's nobody else. The last of the performers. A magnificent voice".

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Jarvis Cocker has been awarded an honourary degree by Sheffield Hallam University. Cocker said that it was particularly special as Sheffield is, of course, his home town, and he studied at the university while it was still Sheffield Polytechnic.

He told the BBC: "It is great to receive an honorary doctorate from a university in my home town, and the fact that I have also studied at the University makes it extra special".

Speaking to Uncut, he added: "Sheffield Hallam started my career in two ways - firstly as a musician because John Peel 'discovered' [Pulp] at Sheffield Polytechnic, and then as an artist. If Sheffield Polytechnic hadn't allowed me to study on an access course then I would never have got my place at St Martins".

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More Jacko, and the late king of pop is on the shortlist for Artist Of The Year at this year's American Music Awards. He is up against a bunch of living popsters for the prize, including Taylor Swift, Eminem, Kings Of Leon and Lady Gaga.

Jackson is actually up for five prizes in the public-voted music awards. Swift is ahead with six noms, while Eminem is on four shortlists. Voting takes place online ahead of the big awards show in LA on 22 Nov.

Nominations are compiled based on both sales and radio play, hence the Jackson noms, he getting muchos sales and a whole load of radio play in the weeks following his sudden death earlier this year.

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The Spice Girls are definitely getting back together again, but it's too exciting to even talk about. Seriously, it's so exciting that if any of the details are revealed, you will literally die. Mel B let a little bit slip yesterday and I nearly snuffed it. So, you will be taking your life in your hands if you choose to read the next paragraph. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Mel B told The Sun: "We are definitely going to be doing something together again soon. We're actually working on it right now. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it's really, really exciting. I can't wait to be singing with the girls again".

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If bands must insist on reforming, they could at least have the decency to get it over and done with quickly, without writing a whole load of disappointing new material. Thankfully, that seems to be what Blur and Faith No More have done (though that's by no means a certainty), and Pavement look to be going that way too, with one simple tour for the sake of nostalgia, before getting on with the rest of their lives.

Speaking to The Quietus, the band's Bob Nastanovich said there would be no new material and asked if the upcoming tour would be a one-off affair he said: "I'm pretty sure that's the case".

As for what songs the band will be playing at the shows, he said: "Unfortunately, it's not up to me. I hope they choose 30-40 numbers for us to play soon. I'd like to play ones like 'Stop Breathing', 'Type Slowly', 'Transport Is Arranged'. That tempo suits my declining physical condition".

Mel B has previously played down recent rumours of another Spice Girls reunion.

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Grady Avenell has rejoined US metallers Will Haven, the band have announced. However, his replacement, former Red Tape frontman Jeff Jarworski, will also remain in the band.

Avenell left Will Haven in 2007 as it became increasingly difficult to perform with the band and provide financial support for his family. However, he recently joined his former bandmates on stage at a series of benefit shows for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng who, as previously reported, as been in a coma since he was involved in a car crash last November.

An official statement from the band reads: "[We are] very happy to say that we are currently working on a new record with Grady handling the vocal duties. Jeff Jaworski will still be a big part of the band and helping with the writing process on the new record. So we are more than excited to be all working together on making an amazing record. ... We are more than excited to have Grady back with us, the time away has done him good because he is back with more rage than ever".

So that's exciting. Let's all celebrate by listening to the awesome 'I've Seen My Fate' from the band's debut album, 'El Diablo', which features Avenell in full effect:

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Slayer's drummer Dave Lombardo is currently working on a solo album, with a view to releasing it next year, he has revealed.

Speaking to Classic Rock, Lombardo said: "It will showcase a very different side of me. If you're a metalhead then you may not appreciate a lot of what'll be on it. It's really world music with an edge. And an opportunity for me to reveal a different side to my playing - much more avant-garde. It won't have any singing, or other instruments apart from drums and percussion. It's my vanity project, I suppose. I've been working on it for a while, and hope to get it finished soon".

Slayer are currently touring to promote their latest album, 'World Painted Blood'.

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Huh, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz said that when he allowed Blink 182's Mark Hoppus to shave off his hair on stage recently that it was "the death of emo". Turns out is was more a way of making some money out of emo.

The band have announced that the first 400 copies of the platinum and diamond editions of their new greatest hits compilation, 'Believers Never Die', pre-ordered through the band's fanclub at a cost of just $129, will come with a lock of Wentz's hair.

It doesn't really sound like you're going to get a lot of hair for your money, though. That's quite a lot of CDs to attach hair to. Still, you get other stuff too. The diamond edition comes with a rubber wristband, a one year fan club membership or renewal, a limited-edition poster, a t-shirt and a 7" record, while the platinum edition has all that and a commemorative plaque. Though I cannot think of any situation where that would be something worth having.

Let's just look at the tracklist and then forget any of this ever happened:

Dead On Arrival
Grand Theft Autumn
Sugar, We're Goin' Down
Dance, Dance
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'
This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
The Take Over, The Breaks Over
I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)
Beat It
I Don't Care
America's Suitehearts
What A Catch, Donnie
Alpha Dog
From Now On We Are Enemies
Yule Shoot Your Eyes Out
Growing Up

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Janet Jackson will release a new greatest hits compilation, 'The Best', on 23 Nov. The two disc compilation will feature every track that Janet has ever released that has gone to number one somewhere in the world, and one new song, 'Make Me', which will presumably manage to top at least one chart in one country, so shouldn't let the side down.

Here's the full tracklist:

Disc 1:
What Have You Done For Me Lately
When I Think Of You
Let's Wait Awhile
The Pleasure Principle
Diamonds (Herb Alpert with Janet Jackson)
Miss You Much
Rhythm Nation
Come Back To Me
Black Cat
Love Will Never Do (Without You)
The Best Things In Life Are Free (Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson)
That's The Way Love Goes
When I Think of You (Morales House Mix)

Disc 2:
Because Of Love
Any Time, Any Place
Scream (Michael and Janet Jackson)
Got 'Til Its Gone (feat. Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip)
Together Again
I Get Lonely (feat. BLACKstreet)
Go Deep
What's It Gonna Be (Busta Rhymes feat. Janet Jackson)
Doesn't Really Matter
All For You
Someone To Call My Lover
All Nite (Don't Stop)
Call On Me (feat. Nelly)
Whoops Now
Make Me

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Ash have revealed the long-awaited pricing for their A-Z singles series, which will see them release a new single every two weeks for year.

The full package will provide subscribers with a 7" copy of each single, as well as MP3s of all the tracks. However, that'll set you back £130, which will probably cause everyone except the most fervent of Ash fans to shout: "HOW FUCKING MUCH?!" So that's probably why they're also offering a download-only package for £13, which seems very reasonable.

The system will be run by band-to-fan marketing and distribution company Topspin, with the first single, 'True Love 1980', going out this week. More info at

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It's been three years since she won 'X-Factor', and she's sold six million copies of her debut album, 'Spirit', but she's only just got around to organising her first proper UK gig. Some people might call that lazy, or at least forgetful.

The singer will perform in front of 1250 fans at Hackney Empire in London in 2 Nov, shortly before the venue closes for "a period of reflection", and will showcase material from her forthcoming second album, 'Echo', for the first time.

Lewis told The Telegraph: ''I'm really excited to be playing my first full show in the UK at the Hackney Empire in front of the people who have helped me to get where I am today. No one has heard any of my new material yet so I really want to play it to my fans first and I can't wait to get their reaction. As a local girl it's an honour to get to perform at the Empire, so close to where I grew up. In the last few years I've travelled the world with work, but Hackney is my home and always will be".

Apple will record the gig and make some tracks available for download via iTunes.

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Air have announced that they will play a one-off show at The Roundhouse in London on 26 Feb next year. Tickets are available now and will cost you £24.

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Swedish indie-pop types Sad Day For Puppets release a new double A-side single, 'When You Tell Me That You Love Me/Withering Petals And Dust', on 16 Nov to coincide with a string of UK tour dates, including shows with A Place To Bury Strangers.

Tour dates:

13 Nov: London, Buffalo Bar (Twee As Fuck clubnight)
14 Nov: Manchester, Moho Live (with A Place To Bury Strangers)
15 Nov: Leeds, The Cockpit (with A Place To Bury Strangers)
16 Nov: London, The Borderline (with Darker My Love)
17 Nov: Cambridge, The Portland Arms (with A Place To Bury Strangers)
18 Nov: London, The Garage (with A Place To Bury Strangers)

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ALBUM REVIEW: Blackchords - Blackchords (Stomp Entertainment/Dust Devil Music)
Australia has given us some great music in the past. From AC/DC to Silverchair and Wolfmother, and now Melbourne's Blackchords, whose eponymous debut album is released this month.

Opening track 'At World's End', which was recently voted Track Of The Day on Q Magazine's website, is prickly and anxious despite the post-punk guitar chords which should have us feeling a lot more reckless. Instead we're taken on a journey of trying to crack the song's true mood, but as it reaches its climax, it ends abruptly... and you're hooked.

From the start, everything is fresh; a welcome break from the ordinary. This is an album which shows us two sides of the band. They manage perfectly to show their diversity through the musically delicate instrumental strings on tracks such as 'Disappear', 'These Lights' and 'Raise My Hands', opposed to the slightly more hardened 'Diplomat' and 'Pretty Little Thing'. 'Broken Bones' proclaims "We can scream out loud" yet only a gentle whisper is heard in Nick Milwright's voice. His vocals give off charms of innocence and makes it hard not to become enthralled with every note. A more polished Chris Martin springs to mind.

Blackchords have produced a debut record to be proud of and now we get to look forward to seeing them perform these songs live! SD

Physical release: 12 Oct
Press contact: EMMS Publicity [all]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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The Ambassadors Theatre Group is favourite to buy Live Nation's network of UK theatres, which includes the Lyceum and Apollo Victoria in London and others like the Playhouse in Edinburgh.

The live entertainment conglom has let it be known its network of UK theatres is up for sale, and while there are a number of interested parties, Ambassadors is favourite. The sale seems to be part of Live Nation's attempts to reduce its debt commitments, though could also be seen as a pre-emptive effort to try to convince UK competition authorities to approve its proposed merger with Ticketmaster.

As previously reported, the UK Competition Commission has expressed concerns about proposals that the concert promoter and venue owner should merge with ticketing giant and artist management major Ticketmaster. The Commission will properly report on the issue on 24 Nov and is expected to propose the sale of various parts of Live Nation and/or Ticketmaster's UK operations to alleviate competition concerns.

Live Nation, once an big player in the theatre industry, as a producer as well as theatre owner, has been withdrawing from the art form for a while now. If it could convince the authorities to allow the Live Master merger to go ahead simply by disposing the rest of its theatre assets, well, that would be just swell.

Ambassadors is one of the UK's biggest theatre companies, and is already the biggest venue operator in London's West End. They have had past dealings with Live Nation as business partners on the show production side.

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The Musicians Union will stage a demo outside Parliament next week calling on the government to rethink the 2003 Licensing Act. The protest will take place on 22 Oct, the day live entertainment licensing will be discussed in the house.

As previously reported, live music types welcomed a review of current licensing legislation by parliament's Culture Select Committee earlier this year but have been disappointed that so far the government has ignored a whole load of the proposals the review made.

Music Week quote an MU spokesperson thus: "We believe that the government should reconsider its position on the Select Committee's recommendations. The current economic climate is already putting severe pressure on the entertainment industry and on working performers. The further burden of restrictive and over-complicated legislation is harmful and unnecessary".

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Apple have denied that there are large fees that will prevent smaller independent labels from making iTunes LPs available.

The iTunes LP is that new digital format recently launched by Apple whereby albums bought on the iTunes Store come with a load of DVD-extra style gubbins, like videos, sleeve notes and whatnot. It's an effort to encourage digital music consumers, who have a tendancy to pick and choose tracks rather than buying whole albums, to take the plunge and buy a complete LP.

In a recent interview the boss of a Chicago-based record company, Chocolate Lab Records' Brian McKinney, claimed that Apple were charging a ten grand fee to label wanting to develop an iTunes LP for their artists, adding that this meant the new format was not viable for smaller labels.

But Apple have denied that is the case, adding that they are making all the specs for creating an iTunes LP public so that anyone can develop such an album without the IT giant's help. I think that means that if you get Apple to make an iTunes LP for you there is a big fee, but, as of soon, you won't need to involve Apple in order to create an enhanced digital album.

However, in a subsequent email, McKinney has said that while that is true, he is unsure about how you then get iTunes to stock your non-Apple created iTunes LP. He writes: "I should note that it is currently possible to design an iTunes LP independently. I've tested a couple designs on iTunes and they work great. The problem is that Apple won't let you sell them through their store. So, the $10,000 production fee isn't the barrier, it's the exclusion of indie labels and artists by Apple. We love iTunes, hate exclusion. Hopefully that will change. Hopefully we will speed up the process".

I'm assuming Apple would deny there is any such exclusion, reminding indie labels that its MySpace Music who are the bad guys of the moment in the digital music space.

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France-based digital music service Deezer has secured an extra 6.5 million euros in funding, which is nice. It means that over twelve million euros have been invested in the music service now which, like many digital music offerings, had its origins in an unlicensed music platform but which has since struck up deals with most content owners. The new financing comes as the company who owns Deezer sets up a new corporate entity called Odyssey Music Group, set up to "support production activities and some technological developments".

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Hey look people, it's the music videos that are playing this week on the network of video screens in students' unions all around the god darn United Kingdom of Great Britain and whatnot. New additions marked with a *. More info on all things from [email protected].

A List
Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys
Alphabeat - The Spell*
Biffy Clyro - The Captain
Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy
Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad
Deadmaus - Ghosts N Stuff
Editors - Papillon
Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Club Rock
lostprophets - It's Not The End Of The World...
Medina - You And I*
Miike Snow - Black And Blue
Muse - Uprising
Newton Faulkner - If This Is It
Wild Beasts - All The Kings Men

B List
The All - American Rejects - The Wind Blows
Asher Roth feat. Keri Hilson - She Don't Wanna Man
Duck Sauce - Anyway*
Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere
Jay Sean feat. Little Wayne - Down
JLS - Everybody In Love
Kasabian - Underdog
Kids In Glass Houses - Youngblood (Let It Out)
Ladyhawke - Magic*
Little Comets - Adultery
Mr Hudson - White Lies
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
Reverend and The Makers - No Soap (In A Dirty War)
Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes
Young Soul Rebels - I Got Soul

Tip List
DeLorean Drivers - Scarlet (Save Me)*
exlovers - You Forget So Easily*
In Case Of Fire - The Cleansing
Karnivool - Set Fire To The Hive
Kings Of Convenience - Boat Behind
Lisa Hannigan - Lille*
Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry
Röyksopp - This Must Be It*
Saving Aimee - Fresh Since '88
Sharam feat. Kid Cudi - She Came Along
Soft Toy Emergency - Critical*

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Nick Cave has apologised to Kylie Minogue and Avril Lavigne for including them in his new book, 'The Death Of Bunny Munro'. The book's titular lead character is obsessed with the two singers, and in particular Avril Lavigne's vagina.

Cave told BBC 6music: "I would like to publicly apologise to both of them, especially Avril Lavigne. Because the writing about her is darker and more invasive I guess. I know Kylie and at least, I hope, she will take it in the spirit it was written. At the time that the book was set, which was about eight years ago, or seven years ago, Kylie Minogue and her hot pants were all the tabloids wrote about in this country".

In a recent iTunes 'Meet The Author' podcast, Cave said on the same issue: "I'm slightly worried about touring America, to be honest. ... The whole book revolves around Avril Lavigne's vagina. And it's not a happy book. But I just keep thinking that if Avril Lavigne wrote a book about my dick, I wouldn't mind".

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