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After meeting at summer camp as children, Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham first performed together in electro-pop band Goat Explosion. Jonathon also formed indie-rock band Elknad with hometown friend Adam Kessler, while Jacob tackled guitar pop in Horse Shoes. The pair reconvened in 2008 to form The Drums, moving from synthesizers to guitars, and calling on Kessler as a second guitarist, as well as NYC-born drummer Connor Hanwick. Together they have created a sound that has been described as a hybrid of surf culture and Factory Records. Their debut single, 'Let's Go Surfing', is out now. We spoke to the band to find out more.
Q1 How did you start out making music?
So basically, we all grew up loving music, but we also all grew up in precarious situations. Sometimes life is shining bright, but mostly it's just a bunch of questions. I think that's why us four found each other and why this works. We started this band because we were tired of seeing, hearing, and feeling new things. Nothing feels better than your own bed, and nothing sounds better than a familiar melody.

Q2 What inspired your latest single?
'Let's Go Surfing' is about the unbridled freedom we four crave, and at every chance give in to fully.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
We write a melody in our heads, set the drums to not exceed three minutes if at all possible, and then put the bass down to form all three proper chord changes. Add a guitar line that can move a mountain, or kiss a flower.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
The Smiths, The Embassy, The Tough Alliance, The Ronettes, The Zombie, Shangri-Las, Blueboy.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Close your eyes, tuck your shirt in, relax and be cool.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest single, and for the future?
I hope for people to feel more hope than I know I will ever feel. I am so in love...

MORE>> and

Toro Y Moi is an almost annoyingly precocious 23 year old South Carolina resident making freaky electronica with the washed out bliss of Animal Collective and the spirited beats of J Dilla. 'Talamak' is the siren for his collection, fuelled by a laid back roof top party vibe, like one of those faux party adverts created by alcohol brands in slo mo and, y'know, good. His vocals, meanwhile, are as hazy as the swirling, warped music, which is kept in check by a steady groove and some sparsely placed vocal samples. Current single 'Blessa' is up for pre-order via Carpark Records now, with a full album expected next year.

Name are one of the UK's leading music PR and marketing agencies, with unrivalled specialist knowledge and direct links to the heart of the UK music industry.

With over 10 years of experience, Name deliver full-spectrum PR services for a wide range of music clients, both trade and consumer. These include [PIAS] Entertainment Group, the Association of Independent Festivals, Merlin, Digital Stores, MusicTank, WeGotTickets, Blink TV, Corsica Studios and the Soundwave Festival.

For more information or to see how Name can help your business, visit or email [email protected]


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Edwyn Collins' manager and wife Grace Maxwell's took to her blog earlier this month to rant about about MySpace refusing to let the musician's biggest hit, 'A Girl Like You', from being streamed on his MySpace page due to a copyright claim from Warner Music.

This despite the fact that Warner don't own the copyright to the song - Edwyn Collins does. And while Collins has had a past relationship with Warner, that relationship has expired. She also pointed out that Warner sell the song, and others they don't own the rights to, on download stores worldwide.

Taking to her blog on Collins' official website again this week, Maxwell said: "Whaddaya know? After 30 odd fruitless emails, 'A Girl Like You' is now available in full on the MySpace player! So, today's lesson is simple:The most powerful department in any organisation is the press office.The whole sad world runs scared of bad publicity, especially from a righteous source like Edwyn Collins".

She added: "Warner Music Group has no connection with Edwyn whatsoever and yet they are still corporately arrogant enough to steal Edwyn's copyright and God knows what else from others. A guy from MySpace advised me to treat their copyright department with kid gloves if I wanted a result. It didn't work. If the shoe was on the other foot they'd have been down on us like a ton of bricks. The next time a major tries to take anyone to court for copyright infringement, I'm volunteering my services as a witness for the defence".

You can read all of Grace's posts in full here:

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The Sex Pistols are threatening to sue an ice cream maker who are selling an ice cream cocktail called The Sex Pistol, and who are using the strapline 'God Save The Cream', often displayed over a picture of the queen so to sort of mimic the cover to the punk outfit's 'God Save The Queen' single.

The company, Icecreamists, have set up a stall in Selfridges, and describe their ice cream based products as being "more Sid & Nancy than Ben & Jerry". The Sex Pistol ice cream includes a shot of absinthe. The 'God Save The Cream' slogan is used on the stall as well as on ads and the company's website. They also use a snippet of the national anthem played on an electric guitar.

According to the Guardian, lawyers representing the surviving Sex Pistols have sent a letter to Icecreamists demanding they stop using the Pistols-related strapline and imagery. They are also requesting damages to compensate the band for the "passing off and copyright infringement" they allege the ice cream firm have committed, based on the sorts of money the band could demand for an official licensing deal.

Commenting on the legal action, Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor told reporters: "We are a bit dumbfounded that a group that made its reputation for being banned is trying to ban one of our ice creams and claim copyright over the national anthem and the Queen".

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Courtney Love is being taken to court over unpaid taxes of over $300,000, is has been revealed. This follows a lawsuit launched by American Express earlier this year claiming that the singer owed them nearly $400,000 in unpaid credit card bills.

Although, the singer's lawyer, Keith Fink, claims that Love was the victim of identity theft in that case, it seems that there is no question that the outstanding taxes, which date back to 2007, are hers. Fink blamed a former business manager for not paying the bills, telling TMZ: "Ms Cobain has every intention of paying those taxes".

Until she deleted her account on the site last week, Love had been offering to help her followers on Twitter improve their credit ratings. I'm not sure claiming fraud and have "every intention" of paying your bills is the best way to do that.

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The pending case launched by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton against Black Eyed Peas tour manager Polo Molina has been adjourned until 2 Nov.

As previously reported, Perez Hilton got punched by someone at the Cobra nightclub in Toronto after the MuchMusic Video Awards on 21 Jun. Hilton said it was said it wasn't. Whether or not threw any punches or not is still not clear. However, Molina, who Hilton also says hit him a few times, was charged with assault after the attack and promptly sued by Hilton for damages of $25,000, over allegations of battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The case has already been delayed twice from its original hearing in August. Possibly just to annoy Perez Hilton.

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All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter has revealed that he came close to having his leg amputated earlier this year after a knee infection spread to his bloodstream. As a result of the condition he performed in a wheelchair and wearing a leg brace at a show in Florida earlier this year, where the band were supporting Blink 182.

Ritter told Kerrang!: "I got an infection from doing a knee-slide. One minute I'm fine, the next it's, 'Hey, fuck you. Love, your leg'. I played in West Palm in a leg brace but after that show, doctors wouldn't let me leave without going to hospital. They told me if I'd waited twelve hours, they'd have had to take off my leg! They put me on medical grade heroin for five days. It was fucking nasty shit. I went crazy and was having all these fights with people who weren't even there. The nurses almost had me committed. I should probably be in a padded room right now but I don't remember a thing because I was checking out of reality really hard".

According to George CMU, who saw the band's gig in Shepherd's Bush last night, Ritter "kept going on" about his leg but managed to perform an "okay" show. So I guess that means he's fine now, if still a little traumatised about the whole experience.

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The shortlists for this year's UK Festival Awards have been announced. The final winners will be chosen by public vote, which closes on 4 Nov, before the awards ceremony at the IndigO2 venue in the O2 Dome on 19 Nov.

As previously reported, UK festivals of all sizes receive nods at the awards, as do events overseas in their own special category. Artists small and large who have done good stuff at festivals this year also get nominations, as do those who have done little more than be attractive, in the Festival Fitty categories, sponsored by the Daily Mirror for the boys, and for the girls.

To check out and vote on all this year's nominees, head over to

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We haven't reported on this story because it seemed to be based on nothing. But, hey, someone's denied it now, and via Twitter no less, so it must be proper news, right?

Okay, to bring you up to speed, reports that a Busted reunion was on the cards spread like wildfire earlier this week after the band's Matt Willis said via Twitter that he felt like Busted had "unfinished business". He also said he wasn't sure he'd want Charlie Simpson involved in a reunion because he was "no fun". I don't think James Bourne helped matters by sending a reply to Willis saying "Love that. Let's do it" around the time all this was going. But as far as I can see he was talking about the pair going on holiday to Cornwall together, not reforming the band.

Anyway, Bourne has now taken to Twitter again to refute any claims that Busted are reforming now or in the future. He wrote: "Guys, please don't jump to conclusions. There is no Busted reunion. If me and Matt did work together again it would be a different band!"

So there you go, we've just spent three paragraphs telling you that something we didn't think was going to happen isn't happening. We spoil you people, we really do.

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Eels have announced details of a new album, due for release in January, just six months after the band's latest offering, 'Hombre Lobo'. The new album, entitled 'End Times', apparently has a stripped back sound and was recorded entirely by mainman Mark 'E' Everett in his basement studio, just like in the old days. It'll hit stores on 18 Jan.

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The Cure will reissue their very best album, 'Disintegration', next spring to marks its 21st anniversary. It'll come in various formats, but the key one will be a three-CD set, featuring the original album in remastered form, a collection of previously unreleased demos and a remixed and expanded version of the 'Entreat' live album recorded at Wembley Arena in 1989.

Here are the tracklists for the two bonus discs:

CD2: Rarities 1988 - 1989
Prayers For Rain(Robert Smith Home Demo - Instrumental)
Pictures Of You(Robert Smith Home Demo - Instrumental)
Fascination Street(Robert Smith Home Demo - Instrumental)
Homesick(Band Rehearsal - Instrumental)
Fear Of Ghosts(Band Rehearsal - Instrumental)
Noheart(Band Rehearsal - Instrumental)
Esten(Band Demo - Instrumental)
Closedown(Band Demo - Instrumental)
Lovesong(Band Demo - Instrumental)
2Late (Alt Version)(Band Demo - Instrumental)
The Same Deep Water As You(Band Demo - Instrumental)
Disintegration(Band Demo - Instrumental)
Untitled (Alt Version)(Studio Rough Demo - Instrumental)
Babble (Alt Version)(Studio Rough Demo - Instrumental)
Plainsong(Studio Rough Demo - Guide Vocal)
Last Dance(Studio Rough Demo - Guide Vocal)
Lullaby(Studio Rough Demo - Guide Vocal)
Out Of Mind(Studio Rough Demo - Guide Vocal)
Delirious Night(Rough Mix - Vocal)
Pirate Ships(Robert Smith Solo Rough Mix - Vocal)

CD3: Entreat Plus
Pictures Of You
Last Dance
Fascination Street
Prayers For Rain
The Same Deep Water As You

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Leona Lewis was punched in the Piccadilly branch of Waterstones in central London yesterday afternoon. The singer was in the store to sign copies of her surely riveting autobiography, 'Dreams', which is due to be released next month. According to reports, after around an hour and a half of signing, a man walked up to Lewis and punched her in the side of the head before security guards were able to stop him.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed yesterday that police had been called to the store and were holding a man in custody, adding: "The female did not require hospital treatment". Which makes it sound like he was an alien preparing to eat her, but anyway. Lewis was checked over by a doctor and reportedly suffered some bruising. A spokesman for the singer said that she was "shaken" by what appeared to be an "unprovoked" attack.

In their own statement, Waterstones said: "There was a an incident at our Leona Lewis signing this afternoon and the event was immediately stopped. We are now doing everything we can to support the police in their enquiries. We take security at our book signings extremely seriously and this is the first time anything of this nature has happened. We would like to thank Leona for her professionalism and we are extremely sad that this event was ruined for her, and her fans, many of whom queued from the early hours of the morning to meet her".

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'Festival Annual 09', a new book chronicling all of this year's major UK festivals will hit stores on Monday. Featured in its 312 pages are professionally taken photographs, as well as selections from thousands of pictures uploaded to the book's website by festivals-goers, and stories shared via MySpace and Twitter, plus insights from some of the biggest characters at this year's festivals.

The book's Creative Director, Independents United's Frank Lampen told CMU: "We've been overwhelmed by the response to 'Festival Annual 09', the support we've had from the festival community has been amazing. After 21 festivals and many days spent selecting the best photos and stories of the summer, we're excited to finally be putting the book into the hands of the 15,000 festival goers who helped create it. With lots of retailers already on board, we're hoping it'll be well received in the Christmas book buying rush".

You can find more information on the book at

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Tinchy Stryder is heading out on tour again next February. Tickets go on general release tomorrow.

Tour dates:

4 Feb: Southend, Cliffs Pavilion
5 Feb: Norwich, UEA
6 Feb: Sheffield, Academy
7 Feb: Glasgow, Academy
9 Feb: Newcastle, Academy
10 Feb: Leeds, Academy
11 Feb: Manchester, Academy
12 Feb: Liverpool, Academy
14 Feb: Birmingham, Academy
15 Feb: Ipswich, Regent
16 Feb: Cambridge, Corn Exchange
18 Feb: London, The Roundhouse
19 Feb: Yeovil, Westlands
20 Feb: Bournemouth, Opera House
21 Feb: Bristol, Academy
23 Feb: Belfast, St George's Market

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Noisey noise rock duo Lightning Bolt have announce some UK tour dates in support of their new album, 'Earthly Delights', which will released on 19 Oct.

Here are the dates:

3 Dec: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
4 Dec: Bristol, Fleece & Firkin
5 Dec: All Tomorrow's Parties
8 Dec: Birmingham, Vivid
9 Dec: Manchester, Islington Mill
10 Dec: London, The Dome
11 Dec: Brighton, Audio
12 Dec: All Tomorrow's Parties

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SINGLE REVIEW: Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere (Warner Music)
Strident drums, a political theme and lyrical references to, er, canine sodomy (we have been assured no dogs were harmed in the making of this single). Yes, Green Day are back with 'East Jesus Nowhere', the latest release from the trio's '21st Century Breakdown' album. A song with a seemingly simple aim to be poppy enough to engage listeners yet not alienate them from the "serious message" which draws on religion and war, demonstrating the group haven't taken a massive departure from other recent offerings. This ditty is unlikely to reach anthemic proportions - cue inevitable comparisons to 'Basket Case', 'Good Riddance' et al - but after a few listens the military-inspired beat and attractive vocals from frontman Billie Joe proves it to be a respectable enough contribution from punk rock's golden boys. SK

Digital release: 19 Oct
Press contact: Warner Music IH [NP], LaDigit [O]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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The Association Of Independent Festivals has proclaimed that its previously reported Security Task Force has been a success. As previously reported, the AIF set up the task force to try and tackle festival-related crime, in part by sharing knowledge and expertise between festival promoters, their security personnel and local police, in particular to target thieving gangs who descend on numerous different festivals.

After its first season in operation, the AIF say the task force has already helped bring down crime levels at the festivals affiliated to the scheme. They explained in a statement yesterday: "These early results have proven that not only can different security firms work closely together but that when festival promoters, the police and relevant authorities work together unilaterally it is possible to deal a major blow against this small minority whose sole purpose of attending festivals is to commit serious crimes. With the intelligence and knowledge gained this summer and the successful identification and profiling of known criminal elements, AIF expects this year's spectacular results to carry through to next year when promoters will be even better placed to ensure that festival goers are able to relax and enjoy their weekends in peace and (un)quiet".

AIF board member Jim King added: "The number of reported crimes per festival capacity has been reduced across all the shows that we manage this year which has been an excellent result. Greater focus on sharing of information between festivals, police forces and security companies does produce results and the work must continue".

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The Liberal Democrat's culture man, Lord Clement-Jones, last night hit out once more at the Licensing Act 2003 and, in particular, at the government's failure to amend those aspects of the act that the grass roots music community have criticised.

As previously reported, the Act, which was set up to simplify licensing procedures has, many in the live music sector argue, made things much more difficult when it comes to licensing live music events, especially smaller events. Part of the problem seems to be that the Act gives new powers to local authorities and, some argue, some are abusing those powers. For example, and as much previously reported, London local authorities have made the Metropolitan Police's controversial 696 Form part of the licensing process.

A recent review by parliament's Culture Select Committee proposed a number of changes to the 2003 legislation, and the scrapping of 696, but the government has so far ignored many of its recommendations. Lib Dems like Clement-Jones have also been increasingly vocal on the issue.

He was speaking at the previously reported MusicTank Think Tank debate on the topic. According to Billboard's Juliana Koranteng, the Lord told the MusicTank session: "The way local authorities interpret the licensing act means there is far too much red tape. Live music is the basis of the whole UK music industry's success. Young musicians get their first break in small venues. But things are worse now than in 1899. The government promised to do something about [the Licensing Act] in 2007, in 2008 and in 2009, but not a dickey bird has come out of it".

On one of the more controversial issues there was a defender in the house. The Metropolitan Police's Adrian Studd said the reporting of 696 had exaggerated its significance and made it seem a whole load more sinister than it really is, mainly by focusing on the information requested regarding musical genre (which is presumably used to guesstimate the demographic make up of the audience expected to attend, something which, some worry, could lead to racial discrimination in the licensing process).

Saying that out of the 175,000 licensed premises in the UK, only 270 had submitted a 696 form, and only 70-100 had done so as a condition of their licence application, he argued: "[The form] isn't a means to prevent live music or events from going ahead, or to close down venues, or to pick on any type of music, event or section of the community. It's a way of supporting managers and promoters by sharing information, of supporting communities by reducing violence to ensure events can go ahead".

Despite past controversies relating to 696 and calls for it to be banned, a number of live music players at the Think Tank said they recognised the form had some value in terms of risk assessment, and reducing the potential for conflict at events. The conclusion, I think, was to not let anger about 696 dominate over a number of other problems with licensing rules that are hindering a greater number of promoters and venues trying to stage grass roots music events.

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The operator of live music web platform Concert Online, Germany-based Music Networx, has announced its expansion into the UK and US markets, part of a move to score new artist partnerships in those territories. The firm already has partnerships with artists and record companies on mainland Europe, recording live activity for those artists and labels and making it available via the Concert Online platform.

The company now has offices in both London and New York. It's London operations have been enabled through a partnership with Silentway Management, who manage British acts like Simply Red and Brett Anderson. They have been working with Music Networx since May to secure new partnerships over here for the live music webcaster.

Commenting on their new presence in the UK and US, Music Networx CEO Gerrit Schumann told CMU: "Growing our international partnerships was the next logical step on our path toward offering Concert Online's services to artists outside of Germany. This puts us in a position to do business more effectively in our market and to step up our efforts to optimise our live music platform, Concert Online".

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Amazon MP3 is expected to be the exclusive digital distributor of the new Michael Jackson compilation 'This Is It', which is the soundtrack to the movie documentary about the singer of the same name.

Much of the album is a greatest hits package, of course, so individual tracks are already available via most of Amazon's competitors, however new song 'This Is It' and a couple of other exclusives will only be available as part of the full long player.

The deal will mean that iTunes will not stock the new Jacko album. However, Digital Music News have speculated that the new long player was unlikely to appear on the Apple service anyways because Sony and the Jackson clan don't want the soundtrack sold piecemeal track by track and, of course, iTunes still insists that customers have that facility.

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Mobile music identification service Shazam has announced it now has over 50 million users in more than 150 countries as a result of a massive 15 million increase this year. The company has also scored new investment from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Look, here's what Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher says: "This milestone and the backing of KPCB is a testament to both the success and enormous potential of Shazam. Not only are significantly more people around the world accessing the service every day, they are using it with increased frequency, discovering and acquiring new music and sharing their discoveries with friends all from their mobile phones. Shazam is profitable and experiencing sustained acceleration in its growth rate. We are delighted to be partnering with KPCB, who join our existing investors Acacia Capital and DN Capital and will help us execute against the significant market opportunity ahead".

The new investment will be used to further aid Shazam's global expansion, in particular by making the service compatible with more mobile platforms, and adding the number of languages it operates in.

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Spotify has confirmed that it is entering into its first mobile partnership, with 3, following those previously reported rumours that the two companies were in talks.

The deal will see the phone firm offer Spotify streaming music service (and presumably its offline storage facility for better mobile listening) to 3 subscribers, utilising an app developed for the Google Android mobile operating system. According to New Media Age, 3 is expected to launch its first Spotify compliant phone in time for the Christmas market. The cost to 3 customers of the Spotify-included mobile package is not yet known.

The deal is presumably part of Spotify's mission to bundle its service into ISP and mobile subscription packages, it being a way of turning Spotify users into premium subscribers without them having to pay ten pounds a month directly to the digital music service. The facility to use Spotify on the move is currently the big USP of the streaming music platform's premium service as opposed to the ad-funded free service.

It is not a huge surprise that 3 is an early mobile partner with Spotify, given their parent company, Hutchison Whampoa, made an undisclosed investment into the digital music firm recently.

Spotify recently announced a similar partnership in the ISP domain with Swedish internet service provider Telia.

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US-based music blog network MOG, which is similar in many ways to, have announced they will be adding a streaming, download and net radio service to their website by the end of November. As has become the fashion of late, the service will involve a five dollar a month subscription which will give users full access to the streaming service and five MP3 downloads. All four majors, IODA, The Orchard and Beggars are reportedly all on board.

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OfCom says it has received almost 4000 complaints over a throw away remark made by Dannii Minogue on last week's 'X-Factor'.

I think it was better when complaining involved writing a formal letter, printing it out, buying a stamp and sticking it in a postbox. Email has made it far too easy for idiots to complain. And if we went back to the old system, given the current post disputes, OfCom would probably only ever receive five of the complaints sent in, and most of them in 2011.

Anyway, as you may have heard, 'X-Factor' contestant Danyl Johnson last week sang a version of Jennifer Hudson's song 'I'm Telling You', changing the lyrics so that the person referenced in the song was a woman not a man, as often happens when boys sing love songs originally written for a girl.

Given Johnson confirmed his bisexuality in the media back in August, Dannii remarked that, based on what she'd read in the papers, "there was no need to switch the gender reference in that song".

Now, I didn't see the show, and some say Johnson looked shocked by the remark, but given his sexuality wasn't, as far as I can see, a secret, I'm not sure why Dannii's remark wasn't anything more than an accurate observation. Nevertheless, enough people were sufficiently shocked to force Minogue to apologise on the Sunday night edition of the talent show. And now 4000 people have complained to media regulator OfCom.

Yeah, I refer you back to my opening remarks about it being far too easy to complain these days.

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Avril Lavigne has officially filed for divorce after recently splitting from hubby Deryk Whibley. According to reports, the divorce papers will say the couple formally separated on 4 Sep, and will cite "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind the split.

As previously reported, when Lavigne originally confirmed rumours that the couple were splitting after three years of marriage she insisted they were doing so amicably.

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There's no better way to honour a dead person than to pretend that you can speak to them from beyond the grave on live TV, that's what I've always said. All the better if you can get June Sarpong to host it. So, Sky One have really hit the jackpot for me by announcing two such events.

Set to air next month, 'Michael Jackson: The Live Séance' and 'Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit', will feature minor celebrity medium Derek Acorah speaking (and I use that term loosely) to the dead star.

Sarpong said of the shows: "I think viewers will find this programme intriguing and will want to tune in to see what happens. It's the first time I've done anything like this but I'm open minded and can't wait to see what Derek uncovers".

As you can probably tell, I'm a little more sceptical than June. However, if Derek Acorah pretends to be possessed by Michael Jackson, starts talking in a squeaky voice and then moonwalks across the stage, it will be the televisual event of the decade and I will never say a bad word about him again.

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