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New new band award for Camden Crawl
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Fyfe Dangerfield is the English musician and songwriter presumably best known as a founding member of that Avant-garde pop combo Guillemots. Born in Birmingham in 1980, Dangerfield was classically trained from a young age and worked briefly as a music teacher at an independent boys school before rising to fame as the Guillemots' frontman. Fyfe's debut solo album 'Fly Yellow Moon' is it out now via Polydor and he is set to play London's Scala this Friday. We caught up with Fyfe to find out more and ask the Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
It just happened really. There was a piano in the house and I used to try to reach it with my tiny hands when I was about two. So it all followed from there, I guess.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Love and adulthood.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
It can be anything. On this album most of the songs weren't written in one go, normally I'd get a basic melody idea in five free minutes before I had to go out or something, and then I'd carry it round in my head for a few weeks or months and gradually think of other sections or lyrics etc.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Anything you hear influences you. At the moment Radio 3's 'Late Junction' seems to be throwing up the most amazing stuff. I heard a staggeringly great track on there the other day, by Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, called 'Dinah And The Beautiful Blue'.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Thank you!

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
For this album, it's just nice to have it coming out, really. And personally, I hope people get to hear all the bonus tracks - we're releasing a version through my website that has another ten track bonus album of stuff from the same sessions, and they're all songs I'm really happy with. So it's almost like a double album! For the future, well, I just want to be more disciplined and make much more music, and get my home studio (well, little room in my flat) operating. That'll do.

MORE>> www.fyfedangerfield.com

We reported on this free download album last month, but after we broke up for the holidays the release date slipped. As a result, it only went up on net label Myuzyk's website yesterday, so we thought it was worth drawing your attention to it again, because it's really something worth having on your computer-based record player.

'Old Ghosts' is a compilation of tracks recorded between 1999 and 2004, most of which were never released, and some of which weren't really intended for release. But released they have been, and you'll be pleased to know that Tom's cast offs and experimentations are better than many manage to come up with when they're really trying.

'Behind You', which features vocals from Sarah Wayne and a heavy electro bassline, is a particular highlight, but elsewhere you'll find a variety of other delights, from instrumental hip hop to free jazz and a sort of raga, which, says Tom, features "the unlikely sounding combination of me on tablas and Steve Kemp from Hard-Fi on drums".

Get it here: myuzyk.net/releases/Wrongtom-Old-Ghosts-MZYKN015.php

This is a great opportunity to join a fast-paced consumer PR environment based in London. You will have some existing experience of working on high profile events and have an entirely proactive nature. There will be lots of opportunities to learn, and some really stimulating clients to learn from, however a good attitude is required to really be able to make your mark. This predominantly consumer but also full-service agency offers the full range of client services, with PR and event management forming a large part. Clients include a wealth of entertainment and film companies, plus show business awards and consumer brands and products. To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to jobs@unicornjobs.com quoting reference code TF94 in the subject line.
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UnLimited Creative is the creative services agency owned by CMU publishers UnLimited Media. We work with music and media companies, consumer brands, and other marketing and PR agencies, providing these services:

Marketing & PR: We devise and run marketing and PR campaigns, specialising in the youth and student markets, music and cultural products and marketing partnerships.

Content: We provide entertainment content to brands and media. We develop content strands. We produce original content. We manage content delivery.

Design & Print: We provide design, print and contract publishing services. We create brand identities. We design and produce websites. We produce & print marketing materials and corporate media.

Media & PR Training: We provide PR, media and music business training. We offer a menu of seminars. We develop bespoke courses. We develop out-reach training as part of CSR programmes.

To read about past projects click here. To discuss how we can help your company or project, email chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk
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Cameron's 'Avatar' takes two Golden Globes
Graham Norton says he won't inherit Ross's show
Success of 'Twilight' series means overall boost of children's book sales
The Economist reckons the PR industry on the up
Anti-bullying campaigners not happy with Dappy
Tom Deacon joins Radio 1
La Linea announces initial festival line up
Lost Theatre to open new south London venue
Ruth Mackenzie to be Olympic culture director

Sony Music have announced a new five year deal with Simon Cowell, who is probably more important to the music major than any band they've currently got on their roster, certainly in the UK.

Cowell's existing deal with Sony, structured around the Syco company and the 'X-Factor' franchise, expires later this year. The new arrangement will see the launch of a new joint venture company, jointly owned by Sony and Cowell, that will also use the Syco name. The new firm will get all the Syco assets in which Sony currently has complete ownership, with includes 'X-Factor' and those winners of past series of the show who are worth any money.

Some had speculated as to whether Cowell would do a new deal with Sony given his recent alliance with Topshop man Philip Green, which has led to the creation of a new fashion and entertainment company involving both men called Greenwell. Sony's statement says Cowell's share of the all new Syco will be owned by one of his other companies, which is presumably Greenwell.

The deal means Sony giving up a healthy portion of its Syco assets in return for securing another five years of working with Cowell. The cards were obviously stacked in his favour on this deal - the Cowell machine has played an important role in helping Sony maintain its position in the music market, especially in the UK, and they'll have been very keen to keep him on their team.

That said, it's not just money and Cowell-created intellectual property rights Sony bring to the table, given he's keen to expand his business interests in the US and beyond, maintaining a link to the Sony infrastructure will be useful for Cowell also.

Confirming the new deal, Cowell told reporters this morning: "I have had a fantastic relationship with Sony for many years and I'm delighted we are launching this venture together".

Meanwhile, the great and the good from across the Sony hierarchy were wheeled out to welcome the new Cowell arrangement, all the way up to Sony Corp top man Howard Stringer.

Sony Music UK chief Ged Doherty says: "I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to extend our long and mutually beneficial partnership with Simon. He is an inspiring and stimulating business partner and working with him closely over the last ten years has been an absolute pleasure. With the launch of 'X-Factor' in the US, we look forward to replicating the unprecedented success the show has had in the UK globally".

Sony Music overall CEO Rolf Schmidt-Holtz says: "Over the past 20 years, Simon Cowell has been a great partner and is an integral part of the Sony Music global family. We are extremely excited to be able to continue and further develop our relationship with Simon, and significantly grow the Syco venture".

Sony Corp big cheese Howard Stringer says: "Simon Cowell is one of the most prominent and successful creative music and television executives in the entertainment business today. This new venture will allow Sony Music and all Sony divisions to develop and pursue a host of new opportunities with this supremely talented individual".

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Hey look, the BRIT Awards nominations are out, with the greatest and most talented of musicians from across the UK and around the world getting recognised for all their hard work. Depending on your definition of the words "great" and "talent", of course.

Leading the pack are Florence & The Machine, JLS, Pixie Lott and Lily Allen, all of whom are up for three awards. Animal Collective, Friendly Fires and Dizzee Rascal all have two nods. By which I mean nominations. As previously announced, Robbie Williams will get himself a Lifetime Achievement Award this year, while newcomer Ellie Goulding is this year's winner of the Critics' Choice Award.

For this year only two new categories have been introduced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the awards, the BRITs Performance Of 30 Years Award and the BRITs Album Of 30 Years Award. The nominations for the former will be shown in a Mel B-hosted ITV1 programme this Saturday, at which point a public vote will open. One of the performances shortlisted is Michael Jackson's rendition of 'Earth Song' in 1996, though we assume it's really Jarvis Cocker's bum-waving antics that are getting the thumbs up. Unless they felt that there really should be a Jacko performance on the list and this was the only one to choose from. No, Jarvis' arse is the star, I'm sure.

One person who has received no nominations is Susan Boyle, which is apparently a big scandal. Though, her covers album was only just out by the time BRITs voting began, and would still be technically eligible next year. Nevertheless, BRITs chief Ged Doherty apparently says the lack of a Boyle on this year's shortlist is "a crime", though he's also head of her record label Sony, so I suppose he would say that.

The BRITs ceremony takes place on 16 Feb and will be broadcast live from 8pm on ITV1. To see the full list of noms, head down to the bottom of today's Daily, or click here.

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Britney Spears missed a court date last week, after confusion over the date of the appearance, which relates to her father's running of all her personal and business affairs.

Apparently Spears' people had requested for the date to be changed over fears that every paparazzo in town would be waiting for the singer outside after the court date was made public. They thought this had been agreed, though it turns out it hadn't.

Commissioner Reva Goetz told TMZ: "The court was supposed to meet with Ms Spears and there was a misunderstanding. I'm going to [postpone] the matter until next Friday [22 Jan] at 1.30pm and she will be here". As, presumably, will all those paps. Now he's told us when it'll be.

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Producer and DJ Erick Morillo has had drugs charges against him in Scotland dropped after "careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances" by prosecutors.

Morillo, who lives in Miami, was arrested at Glasgow Airport in December 2008 as he arrived in the city to DJ at the Arches venue. He appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court on 22 Dec 2008, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge of possessing cocaine and was released on bail.

A spokeswoman for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service told reporters:"The procurator fiscal at Paisley received a report concerning a 37 year old man in relation to an incident on 20 Dec 2008. As a result, proceedings were raised at Paisley Sheriff Court. However, after full and careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances the procurator fiscal decided that the proceedings should be discontinued".

Oh, those pesky facts.

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So, the patent squabbling between Apple and Nokia continues. You may remember phone makers Nokia accused Apple of infringing its patents in the manufacture of the iPhone last October.

Apple responded by accusing Nokia of infringing its patents. Nokia responded by expanding its allegations against Apple and filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission. So Apple have responded, you guessed it, by expanding its allegations against Nokia and filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission. There's only one place this sort of squabbling can end up, the two companies will be merged by Easter. Oh, now there's an interesting idea.

Anyway, Nokia have responded to Apple's latest complaint, telling reporters: "Nokia will study the complaint when it is received and continue to defend itself vigorously. However, this does not alter the fact that Apple has failed to agree appropriate terms for using Nokia technology and has been seeking a free ride on Nokia's innovation since it shipped the first iPhone in 2007". Go Nokia's head of bitchiness.

Giving his take on the squabble, Ben Wood of mobile consultancy CCS Insight told Billboard: "The fact that two such prominent companies have now filed complaints will likely mean the ITC will seek to deal with this as a matter of urgency. That said, a lengthy legal battle is almost inevitable irrespective of a decision from the trade commission".

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Former Flowered Up frontman Liam Maher was killed by an overdose of heroin, it has been found.

An inquest held on Friday heard that Maher had been released from prison eleven days before his death. His body was discovered by his girlfriend at her Kings Cross flat on 20 Oct, and he was later found to have had eight times the fatal level of heroin in his system, although the coroner said that there was no indication of suicide.

Formed in 1990, Flowered Up were best known for their single 'Weekender'. The band split up in 1994 and while keyboardist Tim Dorney went off to form Republica, Maher dabbled with a solo career, signing to Alan McGee's Poptones label in 2001. However nothing was ever released.

Speaking outside the court, Maher's 18 year old daughter Tao told the Camden New Journal: "There hasn't been a day when he hasn't been at the forefront of my mind".

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Billy Bragg has threatened to withhold tax payments unless the government stops the state-backed banks from giving their senior executives those big fat bonus cheques. His outrage is particularly aimed at the really rather useless Royal Bank Of Scotland, which is now 84% owned by British tax payers. They want to pay their investment bankers £1.5 billion in bonuses for doing such a great job in helping bring the three hundred year old bank to its knees.

Writing on a NoBonus4RBS Facebook Group, Bragg says: "I believe that the government have their priorities wrong. I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, to inform him that I am no longer prepared to fund the excessive bonuses of RBS investment bankers. Unless he acts to limit them to £25,000, I shall be withholding my tax payment on January 31".

Bragg is calling on the rest of you tax payers to join his crusade by joining his Facebook group and then sending similar threats to the Darling fella. He's hoping he can rally the sort of support received by last month's mission to get RATM to number one for Christmas. Yeah, good luck with that.

He concludes: "If nothing else, we may discover if people in this country care more about banker's bonuses than they do about who will be the Xmas No 1".

A Treasury spokesman said: "We can reassure Mr Bragg and anyone else that there will not be big bonuses paid with taxpayers' money at RBS. Taxpayers' capital will be completely protected".

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Fifties country star Carl Smith, who had 41 chart singles in the 1950s alone, has died aged 82.

Although the fifties was probably the peak of Smith's music career, when he enjoyed hits with the likes of 'Are You Teasing Me', 'Back Up Buddy' and 'Hey Joe!', he continued to enjoy success well into the 1970s, with his own show airing on Canadian television throughout the latter half of the sixties. He retired from music in the late seventies, though recorded another album in 1983, and was inducted into the Country Hall Of Fame in 2003.

Carlene Carter, his daughter by his first wife June Carter (who later married Smith's friend Johnny Cash, of course), continues to enjoy success as a singer-songwriter.

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Organisers of the Camden Crawl have announced a new awards show that will take place as part of this year's festival, aiming to big up the best new bands.

Replacing the Indie Idle battle of the bands competition that used to peak at the Crawl, the new Emerging Talent Awards will see bands put themselves forward for public vote via a bespoke website. Shortlists for Best Band, Best Solo Act and Best Live Band will be complied from public votes, with a bunch of pundits picking the overall winners, though there will also be a Peoples Choice gong selected by a second round of public voting.

Bands can put themselves forward for the awards right now at www.emergingtalentawards.com.

The ETAs are being staged in partnership with Rockfeedback, a fact I don't seem to have managed to crowbar into the main bit of this story.

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Why? drummer Josiah Wolf will release his debut solo album, 'Jet Lag', on 29 Mar via Anticon. The album, which was mixed by younger brother and Why? frontman Yoni Wolf, is not dissimilar to the sound of his main band, with warm folk and psychedelia woven together with a variety of instruments.

The tracklist looks like this:

The Trailer And The Truck
Master Cleanse (California)
The Opposite Of Breathing
The New Car
Skull In The Ice
The Apart Meant
That Kind Of Man
Is The Body Hung
In The Seam
Gravity Defied
The One Sign

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LIVE REVIEW: Two Door Cinema Club at Madame JoJo's in London on 12 Jan
Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club returned for their first gig after a one month Christmas break, but showed no signs of rustiness. Their sound is all about tight rhythms and they were totally together tonight, providing some very polished performances of tracks off debut album 'Tourist History'. These guys could get rather big rather quickly, with a number of radio-friendly tracks ripe for heavy rotation sitting in their portfolio, plus a whole repertoire that quickly sounds familiar.

If there was a criticism to be made, it would be that while their performance is considered and technically very good, there is perhaps room for some more spontaneity. On more than one occasion it would have been nice for them to go nuts and rock out a bit. Having said that, it's pretty churlish to criticise a young band for being well practiced in their craft and for putting together a solid set to promote their debut album. So I won't.

Instead look out for said album, which is out on 1 Mar via Kitsune. These guys are definitely ones to watch in 2010. IM

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Despite God's brother Dennis trying his best to stop people getting there - he's in charge of snow, right? - last week's CMU supported Eurosonic Noorderslag all went down rather well, with some 2800 music industry professionals enjoying no less than 259 bands and a green room bursting with speakers over three days in Groningen.

Organisers report that both festival and conference tickets sold out in record time, the former being all bought up in just one day. There were also two award shows as part of this year's convention, including the all new and previously reported European Festival Awards.

Commenting on this year's event, the convention's Creative Director Peter Smidt told CMU: "We are delighted with this extremely successful edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag. Very happy with the European Festival Awards, more media and broadcasts for European Border Breaker Awards, the new venues worked very well and there were some fantastic shows at Noorderslag. Thanks to everyone for their support. We're already looking forward to our 25th edition next year".

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Six of the so called pop up stores set up by HMV in the run up to Christmas will continue to operate on a permanent basis, the retailer has announced. The pop up shops were originally intended to be temporary operations for the Christmas period, mainly based in areas where there is now no permanent high street music store since the demise of Zavvi and Woolies at the start of last year. But the retail firm says it will keep six of those units open for the time being.

The six stores that will stay are in Bury, Burnley, Bluewater, Bedford, Loughborough and Torquay.

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Dutch collecting society Buma/Stemra are putting forward Epitaph Europe CEO Hein van der Ree to be chairman of their board. The appointment has to be backed by the society's membership, who will meet on 22 Mar. Assuming they back the appointment, Van der Ree will take over from incumbent Cees Vervoord in the chair role on 1 May. Vervoord has headed up the collecting society since 1995.

Commenting on his pending appointment, Van der Ree said this: "The 18,000 Buma/Stemra members are an important cultural and economical factor and I see it as my duty to serve their interests in the best possible way".

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Everyone is launching publishing companies this week, it's those handsome song rights revenues they seek. First it was Beggars, and now it is Nude, I do hope these new entrants never do feud. We have a quote from Nude man Saul, about his first publishing haul. It's with the Broken Records Scots, whose songs he hopes will make lots. Though he won't deal directly with the licensee fucks, cos the administration will be done by the guys at Bucks.

OK, now, if someone can set that to music, we're thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and setting up a CMU publishing company later this week, and that can be our first hit song.

Anyways, here is the Saul Galpern quote we promised: "As a publisher I'm looking to put Nude Music on the map by growing and acquiring a strong catalogue of great and diverse songwriters. Bucks Music Group will assist me in acquiring rights as well as procuring synchs. Signing Broken Records is a significant step and builds upon what is already a very productive partnership".

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Digital distribution people Consolidated Independent and digital royalties people RoyaltyShare have announced an alliance which will see the two companies offer indie labels and distributors "a seamless end-to-end solution for digital channel management".

Consolidated Independent's Director Of Business Development Paul Hitchman told CMU: "The digital era is defined by data complexity. CI has been a pioneer in helping independent labels and distributors create, manage and distribute the key data and assets required to sell music and video online. RoyaltyShare, in turn, helps content providers deal with the multitude of sales reports from digital services and the complexity of paying royalties on millions of complex transactions. Together we complete the puzzle of digital channel management".

RoyaltyShare CEO Bob Kohn added: "The importance of RoyaltyShare and CI working together was made crystal clear by our current, shared customer base. We have great respect for the robustness and reliability of CI's media platform and we are excited to provide our mutual customers solutions that give them even greater efficiencies and cost savings".

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Independent digital distributors Ditto Music, who specialise in providing digital distribution to unsigned and self-releasing artists, has teamed up with Sentric Music to ensure all the acts they represent are receiving all their publishing royalties.

Many of the unsigned artists Ditto represent don't have deals with music publishers and may not be members of PRS For Music, even though they write their own songs, meaning that while they may be receiving revenue from selling their music online via iTunes and the like, they may be missing out on the mechanical royalties paid to PRS every time a download is sold, not to mention any performance royalties they may be due.

As we must have surely reported at some point in the past, Sentric specialise in helping unsigned and self-releasing artists and songwriters to administrate their publishing royalties, partly by offering said artists and songwriters a very simple way to manage their relationship with PRS. They are also in the business of securing sync deals for some of the artists they represent, who don't have to enter into any exclusivity deal with Sentric, meaning they can up sticks if the million dollar publishing deal lands on their table.

The tie up between Ditto and Sentric means the former will make sure that any of their clients who do not currently have their publishing in hand will have access to the latter's services.

Ditto Music's Lee Parsons told CMU: "Many artists are not aware that every time they sell music online or play a gig they are owed publishing royalties. Whether it's £6 for a tiny pub gig, or thousands for a festival appearance, Ditto Music will be helping independent artists collect their royalties".

Sentric's Simon Pursehouse added: "We've known Ditto for years now and have always been impressed with how artist friendly they are so we're very happy to be working with them. Companies like Sentric and Ditto are showing there are genuine ways to make money from your music without signing your rights away".

While we're on this topic, can we just remind any unsigned or self-releasing artist out there - for the sake of the love of God himself, please make sure you're signed up with PPL and PRS, or with the guys at Sentric.

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Mental Health charities have condemned the decision of radio presenter Steve Penk for playing Van Halen's 'Jump' in honour of a suicidal woman threatening to jump off a bridge on the M60 motorway. After a listener requested the song, Penk announced on his Revolution Radio show that he was playing it to "empathise" with drivers who were stuck in the resulting traffic jam as police tried to talk the woman down. She did later jump, though only suffered minor injuries.

Chief Executive of mental health charity Mind, Paul Farmer said in a statement: "Given the distressing circumstances, the decision to play 'Jump' was highly insensitive and in very poor taste. Media have a responsibility for their audience and jovialising such a situation could be fatal. People that experience mental distress should be encouraged to speak out and seek help. Yet the huge stigma that surrounds mental health means that many feel they have to cope on their own, with potentially tragic consequences".

After some listeners complained, with one even suggesting the woman may have leapt from the bridge after she heard the song being played in a passing car, Penk told The Sun: "The entire area had been thrown into total chaos by a single troubled woman. I was very sorry to hear that the lady had subsequently jumped from the bridge, but relieved that her injuries were minor. If, as has been suggested, the woman jumped because she heard it from a passing car radio, that's unfortunate. But I don't regret playing it for a minute".

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Well, sort of. IPC Media say they are planning on launching a Melody Maker website, which will consist mainly of the digitised archives of the once iconic music magazine which ran from 1926 until 2000 when the magazine company dumped the title by pretending to merge it with the NME.

We know this because IPC have successfully fought off an attempt by a Spanish company to register 'Melody Maker' as a trademark for a new music-related project. IPC say they have been planning some sort of online ad-funded Melody Maker website ever since binning the mag ten years ago.

No word on when such an archive would be launched. IPC say technically the service is almost ready to go, though there are some legal and rights issues to iron out.

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It's this week's Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock last weekend - www.totalrock.com. New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Muse - The Resistance (Warner Bros)
2. Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits (Sony)
3. Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (Sony)
4. Bon Jovi - The Circle (Universal/Mercury)
5. Paramore - Brand New Eyes (Warner/Atlantic)
6. Nickelback - Dark Horse (Warner/Roadrunner)
7. Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War (EMI/Virgin)
8. Queen - Absolute Greatest (EMI)
9. Mudvayne - Mudvayne (Sony)
10. Pearl Jam - Backspacer (Universal)
11. Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of (Warner Bros)
12. Daughtry - Leave This Town (Sony)
13. Creed - Full Circle (EMI/Virgin)
14. Kiss - Sonic Boom (Warner/Roadrunner)
15. Billy Talent - III (Warner/Atlantic)
16. Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue (Parlophone)
17. Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (Warner Bros)*
18. AC/DC - Backtracks (Sony)
19. Flyleaf - Memento Mori (Sony)
20. Slayer - World Painted Blood (Sony)

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Lady Sovereign has become the third housemate, and the first proper music person (unless you count Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend as a proper music person), to be voted out of the final series of 'Celebrity Big Brother'. So that's, er, something.

Other housemates apparently complained that Sov was lazy, but she was having none of it, telling Davina McCall: "People were being so petty about things in there and blaming it on me. All the housemates kind of ganged up on me, singled me out. I reacted in quite a snappy way. They were difficult to live with. I just stood up for myself".

Housemates now remaining include Bob Carolgees, Yuri Gagarin's ghost, a slice of lemon, one of the show's cameramen who accidentally walked through the wrong door, Morrissey, a cardboard cut-out of Trevor MacDonald, and the entire cast of 'Fame'.

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British Male Solo Artist: Calvin Harris, Dizzee Rascal, Mika, Paolo Nutini, Robbie Williams.

British Female Solo Artist: Bat For Lashes, Florence And The Machine, Leona Lewis, Lily Allen, Pixie Lott.

British Breakthrough Act: Florence And The Machine, Friendly Fires, JLS, La Roux, Pixie Lott.

British Group: Doves, Friendly Fires, JLS, Kasabian, Muse.

British Album: Dizzee Rascal - Tongue 'N Cheek; Florence And The Machine - Lungs; Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum; Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You; Paolo Nutini - Sunny Side Up.

British Single: Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow; Alexandra Burke ft Flo Rida - Bad Boys; Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love; Joe McElderry - The Climb; JLS - Beat Again; La Roux - In For The Kill; Lily Allen - The Fear; Pixie Lott - Mama Do; Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart; Tinchy Stryder ft N-Dubz - Number 1.

International Male Solo Artist: Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Jay-Z, Michael Buble, Seasick Steve.

International Female Solo Artist: Lady GaGa, Ladyhawke, Norah Jones, Rihanna, Shakira.

International Breakthrough Act: Animal Collective, Daniel Merriweather, Empire Of The Sun, Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift.

International Album: Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion; Black Eyed Peas - The END;
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On Dream; Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3; Lady GaGa - The Fame.

British Producer of the Year: Jim Abbiss, Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns, Steve Lillywhite.

Critics' Choice Award: Ellie Goulding

Outstanding Contribution to Music: Robbie Williams

BRITs Performance of 30th Year
Bee Gees - Stayin Alive / How Deep Is Your Love (1997)
Bros - I Owe You Nothing (1989)
Coldplay - Clocks (2003)
Eurythmics and Stevie Wonder - Angel (1999)
Girls Aloud - The Promise (2009)
Kanye West - Gold Digger (2006)
Kylie Minogue - Cant Get You Out Of My Head (2002)
Michael Jackson - Earth Song (1996)
Paul McCartney - Live And Let Die (2008)
Pet Shop Boys - Go West (1994)
Robbie Williams and Tom Jones - Full Monty medley (1998)
Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama (2005)
Spice Girls - Wannabe / Who Do You Think You Are (1997)
The Who - Who Are You (1988)

BRITs Album of 30 Years
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Dido - No Angel
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
Duffy - Rockferry
Keane - Hopes & Fears
Oasis - What's The Story Morning Glory
Phil Collins - No Jacket Required
Sade - Diamond Life
The Verve - Urban Hymns
Travis - The Man Who

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