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Brotherly are a London-based duo, made up of vocalist Anna Stubbs and multi-instrumentalist Rob Mullarkey, best known for his work as bass player in Zero 7. Live and in the studio, the duo are joined by a plethora of other musicians, including the likes of Eska, Ty and Earl Zinger, taking inspiration from soul, hip hop and electronica along the way. Having been nominated for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Session Of The Year in 2006, following their performance at BBC Maida Vale studios, the band are now back with some new material, with a single, 'Find First Light', released on 1 Mar. Ahead of their gig at Cargo in London on 28 Feb, we caught up with Brotherly to ask the Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
Living in Leeds when we were students, and having a great live band playing lots of gigs, we were able to experiment musically. There was no pressure to follow any trend, or to be overtly commercial, so consequently we just did what we liked, which was very freeing, and enabled us to try out many different styles. We got away with murder! Just imagine what happens when you get a crowd of pissed up art and music students and a singer with a delay pedal. Come to think of it, what did happen to that delay pedal? It took a long time to hone things down to where we are now, but there is still that wild element trying to break through.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
On an album like Joni Mitchell's 'Hissing Of Summer Lawns' or Boards Of Canada's 'Music Has The Right To Children', the music takes you away to another space and time. We wanted to reproduce that feeling for our listeners. And to have a set of songs that could work in both an intimate acoustic setting and a full band situation.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
Getting really still, and listening to the feeling, then trying to explain it through lyrics and sounds. Good strong coffee, a year of thumping noises from the studio and the neighbours' walls, then a couple of rollercoaster vocal sessions (insecure singer + perfectionist producer + partners + difficult songs = a challenge) and you have the music that is Brotherly. A bit like having a baby. But more difficult. Sounds better though. Probably.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Lewis Taylor, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Q-Tip, Marvin, Joni Mitchell, Pepe Bradock, Prince, Flying Lotus, Shuggie Otis and Fleetwood Mac.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Try not to let your mind compare us to other artists, or to try and pigeon hole our sound. This is brand new music, but in order for us to master our instruments we have ingested a lot of styles. If you get a chance, come and see us live, we really take the music to a different level.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
We want to keep finding fans that love our music and understand us. Nothing feels better than connecting with people through music. We like the idea of there being 'Brotherly' music, a way of describing our way of combining noises. We also hope that the music industry finds a way of earning a living for musicians and writers again.

MORE>> www.brotherly-music.com

Since releasing their debut album, 'Wide Angle' in 1999, Hybrid have worked hard to live up to their reputation as one of dance music's grandest acts. After spending the last few years working on soundtracks for films such as 'Man On Fire' and 'Wolverine', they're now back with a new album, 'Disappear Here', which will be released by Distinctive Records on 29 Mar.

The most obvious difference this time around is the addition of singer-songwriter Charlotte James to the line-up, joining founders Chris Healings and Mike Truman. Her vocals slip perfectly in amongst a blend of orchestral soundscapes and dance beats, the first taste of which comes on the frankly epic first single, 'Break My Soul', an eight minute journey though a diverse range of sounds, which at times hints at a possible Bond theme.

You can stream the track at the link below, or get it as a free download if you register with the site. Fancy that.



Good Lizard Media are looking for a digital marketing manager to join their fast growing company. Based in London, the job requires a strong knowledge of the digital music landscape and the ability to lead and implement creative digital campaigns for artists and releases.

Send a CV and an introduction email to jobs@goodlizardmedia.com. Closing date 4 Mar.

More info at www.goodlizardmedia.com/blog

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UnLimited Creative is the creative services agency owned by CMU publishers UnLimited Media. We work with music and media companies, consumer brands, and other marketing and PR agencies, providing these services:

Marketing & PR: We devise and run marketing and PR campaigns, specialising in the youth and student markets, music and cultural products and marketing partnerships.

Content: We provide entertainment content to brands and media. We develop content strands. We produce original content. We manage content delivery.

Design & Print: We provide design, print and contract publishing services. We create brand identities. We design and produce websites. We produce & print marketing materials and corporate media.

Media & PR Training: We provide PR, media and music business training. We offer a menu of seminars. We develop bespoke courses. We develop out-reach training as part of CSR programmes.

To read about past projects click here. To discuss how we can help your company or project, email chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk
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Tim Burton's 'Alice' won't be screened at Odeon cinemas
Gosling reveals deceased lover's name to police
Highgate shop to become small fringe theatre
Guardian iPhone app downloaded over 100K times
Five utilise US stars in new network ad
Cowell and Pratchett back three-strikes
Get paid to trek round thirty festivals this summer
BBC Worldwide to sell Glasto coverage worldwide
Playaway festival cancelled

The future of fan-funding website Sellaband is very much in doubt following news the company behind the service has been declared bankrupt in its home country, the Netherlands. Though, despite rumours that this meant the service was dead in the water, a statement yesterday insisted the website would resume operations soon because a buyer had been found for the company.

Digital music site Hypebot were the first to spot that the Sellaband company had been declared insolvent, them having become suspicious after the Sellaband website had been down for "maintenance" for several days. The company's top man Johan Vosmeijer subsequently issued the following statement: "On Friday 19 Feb, SellaBand AG requested provisional suspension of payments (moratorium). This was granted by the Court in Amsterdam on the same day. Yesterday, Monday 22 Feb, this moratorium was changed into bankruptcy, with [the] appointment of Mr Paul Schaink, an Amsterdam lawyer, as trustee".

Assuring users of the site that the service should, at some point, resume operations, the statement continued: "The trustee wishes to inform the 'Sellaband community' that, apart from a few technicalities, the completion of a transaction with a potential buyer of the business, is to be expected soon, in order to make a fresh start, safeguarding both the rights of Believers and Artists. More news will follow shortly".

Of course, most companies that go into administration talk about possible buyers mounting rescue bids, and while sometimes that comes true (and there's no reason to suspect it won't here), often said companies ultimately disappear. If that were to happen to Sellaband there is much speculation as to what would happen to any monies the service has taken off fans but which has yet to be distributed to the bands it was pledged to.

In theory fan-funding services will be bound by rules and systems to protect such investments if and when the company running the operation goes under, but if Sellaband were to disappear it would be the first real test of whether or not said rules and systems work. If they didn't, Sellaband's rivals would have to mount a PR effort to assure users their set up is different.

As previously reported, while the fan-funding model is gaining some traction, one of the most high profile fan-funding ventures to date - Public Enemy's bid to fund a new album via Sellaband - faltered after a good start leaving the hip hop outfit a long way off their target amount, with some fan investors actually pulling out.

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Oh good, it turns out that all that time everyone spent reporting on false claims that Abbey Road Studios was up for sale last week wasn't a total waste of time. After English Heritage spoke up to remind the government that they'd recommended that the legendary recording studio should be Grade II listed way back in 2003, it seems the threat that the building could be turned into something more commercially viable, like a block of flats or a kebab shop, has shaken those political types into action and they've done just that.

Announcing the move, Culture Minister Margaret Hodge said yesterday: "Music - of whichever genre - is the thread that follows us through all our lives and Abbey Road Studios have produced some of the very best music in the world. It is a testament to both the importance of music in people's lives as well as the passion this kind of issue stirs up, that so much interest has been generated by the perceived threat to the future of Abbey Road".

She added: ''Whether your tastes are for classical, hard rock or pop music, one of your favourites is more than likely to have been recorded at Abbey Road. My favourite song of all time, 'If I Fell' by The Beatles, was recorded there in 1964, and to have played a part in preserving this world famous venue is as exciting for me as hearing that song for the first time. Well, almost".

In a separate, less desperately-trying-to-get-in-with-the-cool-kids-style statement, The Department For Culture Media And Sport said the Grade II status had been granted to acknowledge ''outstanding cultural interest and to ensure that recording artists for generations to come can continue to make and record music in the same rooms as musical icons of years gone by''.

As previously reported, EMI issued a statement at the weekend in response to speculation over Abbey Road's future, in which the company admitted that it was in talks with various investors about revitalising the loss-making studio, but said that selling it was not on the cards. The company added that an offer of £30 million to buy Abbey Road had been made in 2009, but it had been turned down "since we believe that Abbey Road should remain in EMI's ownership".

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Ministry Of Sound have launched an online petition to rally support for their bid to fight plans by property developers Oakmayne to build a big apartment block next to their South East London superclub.

As previously reported, Ministry bosses are concerned that a major residential complex next to their club will result in future licensing problems for their events, and are pissed off that Oakmayne boss Chris Allen has, at times, been rather dismissive of their positive role in the local community.

Allen argues that he has offered to pay for Ministry to upgrade its sound-proofing in a bid to ensure both the club and apartment block could co-exist, though its not clear how viable those proposals really were.

Anyway, with Southwark Council still considering Oakmayne's proposals, Ministry are encouraging clubbers and dance music fans to put their name to their petition, to prove - in case there was any doubt - what a major force the independent music firm is in both British dance music and the international clubbing community.

You can add your name to the petition here: www.ministryofsound.com/Petitions/PetitionForm.aspx

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Talking of London clubs facing closure - and this one's much more imminent - long standing Shoreditch clubbing venue Plastic People could lose its licence because of action being taken by the Met police.

It seems the police have asked Hackney Council to reconsider Plastic People's licence over allegations the management there have breached the terms of their existing licence, and have failed to prevent crime, disorder and public nuisance. A notice that such a review will now take place has been posted outside the premises and any local "interested parties" have been invited to submit opinions about the venue. It's thought the whole thing will be properly considered at a council meeting on 31 Mar.

In a statement yesterday, the club's management said: "We are in no doubt how serious this situation is and as a result had a meeting with the solicitor yesterday. This does not mean that all hope is lost and that Plastic People has come to its end. However, it does mean that we must do all we can to co-operate with the police and Hackney Council in order to ensure that we can keep the best dance music venue in London open for all to enjoy".

As word spread around London's clubbing community about the pending licence review yesterday, Plastic People co-owner Bernard Kodjo urged angry clubbers to be restrained with their opposition to the Met police's actions while he and his team work with the authorities to find a way to enable the club to continue to operate. However, he added: "A collection of people involved in the club are setting up a committee called Friends Of Plastic People. They will gather people's experiences of working with and attending Plastic People over the years. They will meet this week and no doubt they will let you know how you can help. I would urge everyone to hold back on making representations to the police or the Council in the meantime, but by all means carry on spreading the word".

Noting the 10,000 plus people who have already signed up to a Keep Plastic People Alive Facebook group, Kodjo added: "We know that Plastic People is loved by all of you, but we could never have predicted the reactions from so many people in such a short time. It has been overwhelming. On behalf of everyone here at Plastic People, special thanks to Benny Blanco for starting the 'Keep Plastic People Alive' campaign and to all of you who are showing your appreciation for what the club has done over the last sixteen years".

You can join that Group and keep up with the campaign to save the Shoreditch venue here:

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Natavia Lowery was yesterday convicted of the murder of her former employer, one time Ramones manager Linda Stein who, as previously reported, was found dead at her New York apartment on 30 Oct 2007.

A murder investigation was launched pretty much as soon as Stein was found, with Lowery - Stein's personal assistant at the time - the prime suspect from the word go. Lowery initially denied killing Stein, claiming she had witnessed a masked man kill her employer who had told her she must not report the crime. She subsequently confessed that she had, in fact, murdered Stein, but then retracted that statement, saying it had been harassed out of her by police.

The prosecution claimed Lowery had stolen a substantial amount of money from Stein and probably killed her boss when confronted about the theft. They presented evidence of other dodgy behaviour Lowery had been accused of in the past, including embezzling from a church where she worked. The jury took less than a day to find her guilty.

Best known as manager of the Ramones, and also as the one time husband of Sire Records founder Seymour Stein, in her later life Linda became a property agent for the stars, securing New York apartments for the likes of Sting, Billy Joel, Steven Spielberg and Elton John.

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Chinese search engine Baidu - always unpopular with music industry types because of its MP3 search function which links to all sorts of illegal content - has lost a music lawsuit in the Beijing courts, which makes a change, the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry having had little success in its various efforts to sue the search firm.

The new case centred on lyrics to songs that Baidu posts next to its MP3 search function. It was sued by the Music Copyright Society Of China, which said the search firm did not have the appropriate licence to publish song lyrics owned by its members. The Beijing People's Court for the Haidian District agreed and fined Baidu, albeit a relatively small amount, 50,000 yuan plus 10,000 yaun legal costs (so just over £5500).

Some might wonder if this finding might set a precedent that would help in future IFPI efforts to sue Baidu over the MP3 search functionality itself. However, it seems unlikely, mainly because Baidu's usually successful defence - that it just provides links and can't be liable if said links go to unlicensed content - didn't apply in this case, as it was actually publishing the lyrics on its own site, not just linking to them. Some commentators reckon the fact the lawsuit was pursued by a Chinese organisation, rather than a Western-based outfit like IFPI, also helped.

Meanwhile, Baidu plans to appeal.

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A consortium of independent labels and music distributors in Spain are planning on suing the country's government for negligence for failing to respond to the growth of online piracy, which, they say, has desecrated the country's record industry. What fun.

As previously reported, the Spanish courts have not proven overly helpful when the record industry has tried to combat file-sharing using the country's existing copyright laws, and the IFPI recently specifically picked out the country as one where the legal system has completely failed to protect intellectual property rights in the digital age. The indie labels now going legal presumably reckon the Spanish government had a duty to fix its copyright laws as soon as it became clear the country's courts were not going classify file-sharing of unlicensed music files as being illegal.

According to Billboard, the consortium of indies, which includes Blanco y Negro Music, Discmedi, PIAS Records Spain, Popstock, K-Industrial Cultural and Picap, has presented a document outlining the government's failures in the copyright domain to ministers, and has given them until mid-March to respond, otherwise they will sue. I think they want the government to compensate the indie record label sector for the losses they have incurred because of rampant piracy in Spain.

As also previously reported, the Spanish government did recently announce a new initiative to tighten up the country's copyright rules, mainly by making it easier to close down websites which aid infringement - so things like The Pirate Bay or Oink - but the indies reckon it's too little too late.

PIAS Spain's Gerardo Carton told Billboard: "The proposal is insufficient - they could close a website one day, and 500 new ones could open the next day in the Ukraine, for example. The measure would not resolve the most relevant problem, which is the actual impossibility of us taking civil action against those final users who appropriate music without paying, and systematically violate intellectual property rights".

He continued: "We think the administration is responsible for our plight. We demand that the government take effective measures imminently to protect the rights and interests of the record industry, as well as the intellectual property rights of the agents that intervene in the creative musical process within internet".

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New York experimentalists Gang Gang Dance have accused Florence And The Machine of robbing part of their song 'House Jam' for the intro of her top 20 single 'Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)'. Strangely for these sorts of situations, Flo has put her hands up and admitted it.

The band say they spotted the similarity when they saw the video for 'Rabbit Heart' and approached Florence's label, Universal's Island UK. The band's publishers, Warp, told Pitchfork that "they did acknowledge the infringement and said that they were aware of it", apparently adding that the fact Gang Gang Dance were left off the credits for the track and, indeed, never contacted about it at all, was the result of one of those oversight things.

Florence herself added: "Yeah that's true, it's no secret. I've spoken about it in interviews before. I'm a massive fan of Gang Gang Dance and it was in homage to them".

The Gang Gang Dancers will now get a cut of all publishing royalties from the track, which is nice.

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I've written a lot of stories over the years about musicians having their equipment stolen, but it's not often you get to write about anyone getting any of it back. Especially not ten years later. But that's what's just happened to Johnny Marr, after police recovered a guitar stolen from him a decade ago. Which is nice, isn't it?

Stephen White admitted to taking the guitar last month, after police searched his home in Enfield following a tip-off from a guitar shop in Soho's Denmark Street, where White had taken it to be repaired. The cherry red 1964 Gibson SG (which has been valued at £30,000) had been on display in his living room since he stole it after managing to get backstage at a Johnny Marr And The Healers gig at The Scala in London in 2000.

White was sentenced to 200 hours of community service at Highbury Magistrates Court last Thursday. He told the court that the theft had been a "spur of the moment decision" and that he was "disgusted" with himself. He added: "There's a victim here. I can't reconcile myself with the behaviour of that night".

PC Christopher Swain of Camden's Beat Crimes Unit told The Islington Gazette: "We tracked down Mr Marr through his management company and he was absolutely chuffed. ... It's a pretty unique guitar and it has huge sentimental value for him. It's obviously one of his particular favourites but he never thought he'd see it again. He was completely shocked when we told him we'd found it".

Marr is currently on tour with The Cribs in Australia.

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Despite reportedly passing on their options to sign the runners up from last year's outing of the 'X-Factor' telly franchise, Simon Cowell's Syco record company will be working with second placer Olly Murs, who has been signed up by another Sony-owned label, Epic Records.

The two Sony divisions have confirmed they will actually collaborate on the career of Murs, who is reportedly already in the studio working on his debut album. Confirming their involvement in Murs' post-X career, Syco MD Sonny Takhar told reporters: "We are thrilled to be involved with Olly. As an artist he ticks every box".

Epic MD Nick Raphael, meanwhile, added: "[Olly] is a big personality and we hope to make a big record on which we can showcase his obvious talents".

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From Epic UK to the US version of the Sony label, and they have just parted company with Jennifer Lopez, who was due to release a new album via the major in April (well, originally last month, actually).

It's not clear why J Lo and Epic will no longer work together, given that the latter did seem primed to release and market the new album, to be called 'Love?' Lopez's people simply said the "time was right" to move on to pastures new.

J Lo manager Benny Medina: "Jennifer had a wonderful relationship with the Sony Music Group, and they have shared many successes together, but the time was right to make a change that best serves the direction of her career as an actress and recording artist. She is grateful and appreciative to everyone at Sony for all that they accomplished together".

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Foals, remember them? They were big news for 57 days in 2008. Well, good news for those that felt the Foals boys never really achieved their potential, because a second album is more or less complete, and has been pencilled in for a 10 May release. It will be called 'Total Life Forever'.

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Kate Nash has announced a handful of gigs in smaller venues, to ease her back into that whole playing live thing. As previously reported, Kate releases new single, 'Do Wah Doo' on 12 Apr, followed by her new album 'My Ignorant Youth' the following week.

Tour dates:

6 Mar: Glasgow, Classic Grand
7 Mar: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
8 Mar: Brighton, Komedia
17 Mar: London, Bethnal Green Working Mens Club

Tickets available now from www.katenash.co.uk

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Following the release of his excellent debut album last year, weirdy electronic producer Hudson Mohawke has announced his first ever full UK tour.

Tour dates:

6 Mar: A Taste Of Sonar
30 Mar: London, The Roundhouse (supporting Phoenix)
22 Apr: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, World Headquarters
23 Apr: Leeds, A Nation Of Shopkeepers
27 Apr: Manchester, FAC251
29 Apr: Bristol, The Thekla
30 Apr: London, The Macbeth
1 May: Sheffield, The Plug
2 May: Nottingham, Detonate indoor festival

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Chewy gum people Trident are looking for someone willing to take in thirty music festivals over thirty weeks in return for thirty grand, which, I think it's fair to say, wouldn't be the hardest job in the world. All you'd have to do in return is document the experience via Trident's festival website, through tweets, blogs, photos and videos, with reviews, gossip and celebrity interviews.

The festival trek would take in every kind of music fest in every corner of the world – most are tbc, but already in the schedule are Bestival, Sonisphere and Creamfields, though the latter is the Buenos Aires edition of Creamfields, so that's already taking you someway beyond the British Isles.

If this all sounds like a very easy deal, it is. But the challenge is getting the job, which will involve an online application, a face to face interview and, if you make it down to the final ten, an all-day assessment in front of a celebrity panel including 6music irritant George Lamb and Bestival supremo Rob da Bank.

More info and application details at www.tridentgum.co.uk


Richard Thompson of Fairport Convention - one of the twenty greatest guitarists of all time if you believe Rolling Stone, and I don't see why you wouldn't - has been announced as the curator of this year's Meltdown, the arty music festival that takes place around London's Southbank Centre each June. Past curators have included John Peel, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Massive Attack and Ornette Coleman.

Confirming he was taking on the role this year, Thompson told The Guardian this: "I am very excited to be hosting this year's Meltdown at Southbank Centre. The wide-ranging programme reflects many of my interests and influences across many musical, visual and literary styles, and should provide some unique moments, unusual collaborations and juxtapositions. All this in the place where I saw my first concert in 1961 - such an honour!"

Thompson's Meltdown programme will be announced soon, apparently. If he could add himself to the programme to play his 'Mock Tudor' album in full, that would be nice.

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CITY SHOWCASE SESSIONS, Apple Store, Regent Street, 23 Mar and 13 Apr: Tony Christie and Toploader have been confirmed to take part in the monthly City Showcase Sessions, both hosting talks and performing at The Apple Store, Regent Street. www.cityshowcase.co.uk

HIGH VOLTAGE, Victoria Park, London, 24-25 Jul: The Quireboys and UFO are amongst the latest acts to be confirmed for brand new fest High Voltage, joining a line-up that has headliners ZZ Top, Emerson and Lake And Palmer. www.highvoltagefestival.com

LOVEBOX, Victoria Park, London, 16-18 Jul: Roxy Music and Grace Jones will headline at Lovebox this summer, joining the previously announced headliner Dizzee Rascal. Also on the bill are Mark Ronson, The Noisettes, Empire Of The Sun and Ellie Goulding. www.lovebox.net

OXEGEN, Punchestown Racecourse, Ireland, 8-11 Jul: Eminem, Muse, Kasabian and Jay-Z are amongst the first acts to be announced for this year's Oxegen. Other artists confirmed include Black Eyed Peas, The Prodigy and Florence And The Machine. www.oxegen.ie

ROCK NESS, Loch Ness, Scotland, 11-13 Jun: Vampire Weekend have been announced as headliners for this summer's Rock Ness, joining the previously confirmed The Strokes, Fatboy Slim, Doves, Ian Brown and many more. www.rockness.co.uk

T IN THE PARK, Balado, Scotland, 9-11 Jul: Eminem and Muse have been confirmed to join Kasabian as headliners at this year's Scottish uber-fest, with the likes of Jay-Z, The Prodigy, Florence and the Machine and Paolo Nutini all also added to the line-up. www.tinthepark.com

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Knife in collaboration with Planningtorock and Mt. Sims - Tomorrow, In A Year (Brille)
For those who have always thought that The Knife are, well, a little bit, shall we say 'peculiar', this here is a whole new kettle of weird fish for you to feast your ears (and, dare I add, mind) on.

Unearthly, freakish gorgeousness awaits listeners of 'Tomorrow, In A Year', The Knife's experimental (now, I know what you're thinking - when have The Knife ever not been experimental?) theatrical collaboration with Planningtorock and Mt Sims. Primarily, the record is an opera based on Darwin's 'On The Origin Of The Species', and it reflects the same sort of un-fluid movement of form from basic to complex over two discs, worth about an hour and a half between them. It's not an easy listen, I'll tell you that right away, but with the right mood or under the right combination of influences, one can hear it for the fractured beauty that it really is, and can read the story as it's told.

We're told that "closed headphones" and an "open mind" are strongly recommended; this isn't bad advice. 'Tomorrow, In A Year', with its static breaks, scratchy sound effects and jarring-but-beautiful operatic vocals, isn't as accessible as, say, Miriam Gauci, but give it a chance and it will grab you. Or make you see red from frustration. TW

Physical release: 1 Mar
Press contact: Darling Department [all]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Warner Music US publicist Liz Rosenberg, probably best known as the frequent American spokeswoman for Madonna, is leaving the major to set up her own PR agency. Rosenberg has handled press relations for Warner Bros artists in the US since 1971, which is an incredibly long time to be with one company in this business.

The move will enable Rosenberg to continue to represent Madonna, who is currently winding down her career-long relationship with Warner following her mega-bucks 360 degree deal with Live Nation. The publicist will also continue to represent a number of other high profile Warner artists in the US via her new agency, including Michael Bublé, Cher, Stevie Nicks and Katherine Jenkins.

Confirming Rosenberg's departure from the Warner division, Warner Bros US boss Tom Whalley told reporters: "Over the course of her remarkable tenure, Liz Rosenberg's contribution to the company has been immeasurable. We are delighted that as she begins her own enterprise, we will continue our association with her on behalf of several of our key artists. We wish Liz all the best and are confident that she will succeed beyond all expectations and have the opportunity to work in other realms of the entertainment business".

Rosenburg herself added: "No one has had a more thrilling ride than I have had during my decades at Warner Bros Records where I grew up and learned my craft. I was given the opportunity to work with the most talented artists in music history. I'm grateful that I will continue to represent some of these artists, in addition to several new artists. I am grateful to Tom Whalley for his tremendous support. I will miss him and my entire Warner Bros family".

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HMV has promoted its Music Manager Mel Armstrong to the role of Head Of Music for its network of high street stores. She replaces Rudy Osorio, who is moving into the Head Of DVD role within the company, replacing former DVD man Charles Fotheringham who left the music retailer last week.

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In what has to be the shortest show tenure in British radio history, Capital FM has announced one of its biggest bookings in recent years, that of US R&B star Akon to host a Saturday night show, has come to an end after just one edition. Turns out Akon is far too busy to be showing up to Capital HQ to present a bit of radio every weekend. I did wonder. You'd have thought either he or Capital bosses would have wondered too, before originally announcing the new show as a permanent fixture.

A spokesman for Capital owners Global Radio said yesterday: "Due to Akon's commitments, including working on a brand new album, we won't be broadcasting a regular show on 95.8 Capital FM for the time being. Our conversations about future shows are ongoing as we explore other opportunities that may work for both of us".

When the show was originally announced earlier this month Akon said: "I'm really excited to be joining Capital FM to host my own radio show. I'm a big fan of the station and I love London. Every Saturday night, I'm going to be playing the best tracks and I look forward to my fans getting to know the real me, so make sure you tune in!"

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Radio 1's recent signing Matt Edmondson who, as previously reported, recently joined the nation's favourite as a gossip man on Fearne Cotton's tedious daytime show, will get his own programme on the station from 14 Mar when he takes over the Sunday morning slot while Sara Cox goes off on maternity leave again.

Look, here's what Radio 1 Deputy Controller Ben Cooper has to say: ''It's always exciting when brand new talent start on Radio 1. I'm really looking forward to hearing Matt on a Sunday morning with his particular take on the world".

Edmondson will also soon be returning to an internet near you with a second series of the Sony Ericsson made YouTube-based Popworld-style music show Pocket TV kicking off on 13 Apr.

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Hey look, people, it's the music videos that are playing this week on the Subtv network of video screens in students' unions around the UK. New additions marked with a *. More info on all things Subtv from DavidLloyd@sub.tv.

A List
Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
Alphabeat - Hole In My Heart
Blood Red Shoes - Light It Up
Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults
Daisy Dares You feat Chipmunk - Number One Enemy
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
Jason Derulo - In My Head
Jay Sean feat Sean Paul & Lil Jon - Do You Remember
JLS - One Shot
Muse - Resistance
Naughty Boy Presents: Wiley feat Emeli Sandé - Never Be Your Woman*
Owl City - Fireflies
Rihanna - Rude Boy*
Steve Aoki feat Zuper Blahq - I'm In The House
Sugababes - Wear My Kiss
Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

B List
Cheryl Cole - Parachute
Chris Brown - Crawl*
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Get Better
Delphic - Halcyon
Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over
Gabriella Cilmi - On A Mission
Girls - Morning Light
Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You*
Groove Armada - Paper Romance
Kids In Glass Houses - Matters At All
Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke
Mumford and Sons - The Cave
New Young Pony Club - Chaos
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass (Live)
Paloma Faith - Upside Down*
Plan B - She Said*
Pixie Lott - Gravity*

Tip List
Amy MacDonald - Don't Tell Me That It's Over*
Bombay Bicycle Club - Evening/Morning
Broken Bells - The High Road
Frightened Rabbit - Nothing Like You*
Livvi Franc - Automatik
McLean - My Name
Operator Please - Logic*
Shy Child - Disconnected
Three 6 Mafia feat Tiesto, Sean Kingston & Flo Rida - Feel It
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn

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Justin Bieber has been causing problems in shopping malls again, the pesky popster. Yes, following that shopping mall appearance in America last year were Bieber's teeny pop fans got so out of control the police were called to shut things down before the singer had even arrived, now his fans have been causing chaos in Paris.

Reporting on his recent promo work and in-store appearance in the French capital, Bieber tweeted: "PARIS IS CRAZY! Had some interviews this morning with mags and radio. Got to practice my French a little. But then the in-store? There were thousands of kids at the in-store and the police were not expecting it. They reorganised the crowd and we got it going but after a little while the police stopped it and came in and said it was over and I had to leave. Sorry to any of the kids I didn't get to meet. I love all of you for your support. To start my trip in Paris like this already - the love and the energy is amazing - thank you so much".

Meanwhile, the fifteen year old Bieber continues to make three year old girls cry:

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So, it was formally announced yesterday that Cheryl and Ashley Cole are to separate, presumably on an account of him being an arse. The news follows days, perhaps years, of tabloid speculation about the state of the Beckhams-lite marriage. The news was announced yesterday by Cheryl's PR company, Supersonic, via the thoroughly modern means of Twitter.

The PR firm tweeted: "All recent stories based around Cheryl supposedly talking to 'close pals' are absolute CRAP ... Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole. Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time. We have no further comment to make".

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