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Originally the moniker of former cLOUDDEAD member Yoni Wolf, CMU favourites Why? became a fully fledged band before the release of their 2005 album 'Elephant Eyelash', which mixed indie rock, folk and hip hop. With the current line-up featuring Doug McDiarmid, Yoni's older brother Josiah and Fog's Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson, they released latest album 'Eskimo Snow', culled from the same sessions as previous album 'Alopecia', last year via Anticon and Tomlab. Ahead of the band's gig at London's Heaven tonight, kicking off a week of UK tour dates, we caught up with Yoni to ask the Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I started jamming with my friend Jamey Brill when I was in ninth grade (fourteen years old or so). I would play drums and he guitar and we would order pizza from Papa John's, smoke weed and freestyle and whatnot. I didn't get into recording until I was eighteen.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Just living life. I don't think, for us at least, there is ever any one thing or pinnable set of things by which an album is inspired. There are an immeasurable amount of influences and inspirations. I try to just allow the songs to come together in a natural way without preconceived notions of what they should be.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
Well, on the last couple of albums, I made demos for the songs on my cassette eight-track, then sent them to all the fellas. We then got together and rehearsed in Minneapolis for a few days for each song, and then recorded quickly in a studio called Third Ear. Later, the tracks were mixed in Oakland by Eli Crews and myself.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Too many to name, I'm sure, but I will try anyway. Johnny Cash, Li'l Wayne, The Everly Brothers, Joanna Newsom, Jayzee, etc.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Enjoy! We are saying what we want to say in the music.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Play some shows. We enjoy playing these new songs live and I'm confident that folks coming to see us will enjoy them too. I want to record a new record at some point soon, though I can't say exactly when that's going to happen. I am currently slowly working on writing a new batch of songs that is arduously and mysteriously working its way into becoming something, though I'm not yet certain what.

MORE>> www.myspace.com/whyanticon

Genre straddling four-piece Clogs return with their fifth album, 'The Creatures In The Garden Of Lady Walton', on 24 May. The follow-up to 2006's more snappily-titled 'Lantern', it sees the band make their first foray into writing songs, as opposed to the largely instrumental soundscapes of earlier releases. Vocals are mainly handled by My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden, though Sufjan Stevens and Matt Berninger of The National also make appearances.

Written, recorded and mixed over five years, three cities and two continents, it would be easy for everyone involved to lose sight of where this album was heading. If that did ever happen, they've done a very good job of pulling the whole thing back in line, as the mp3 of album track 'On The Edge', featuring the operatic vocals of the aforementioned Shara Worden, will attest.


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Ballet Russes centenary celebrations planned
Lucas quits 'Shooting Stars'
John Malkovich to appear at the Barbican
Save 6 rally planned
NME appoint new Deputy Editor
Facebook may sue Daily Mail
Music festival line-up update - 15 Mar 2010
Muse to play SxSW
Cream get three year licence

The House Of Lords have passed the controversial Digital Economy Bill, though they rejected the last minute proposal that a clause be inserted to formalise the powers of the High Court to shut down and block access to websites which infringe copyrights.

As previously reported, record label trade body the BPI have been keen to ensure the copyright section of the DEB provides a means to fight online piracy other than P2P file-sharing, which the three-strikes provisions cover.

When opposition was mounted to a catch-all clause giving ministers the right to introduce new measures to tackle other forms of piracy in the future without returning to parliament, the BPI put forward the specific High Court injunction proposal, which was backed by the Lib Dems. But even an amended version of that proposal was voted down yesterday. A variation of the original catch-all clause - albeit with more limited ministerial powers - is now expected to be added during the Commons debate on the Bill.

It was argued that the injunction proposal had been made too late in the day, when there was no longer time to properly debate the newly proposed measures. Given the opposition to them from numerous ISPs and major web companies, the Lords said it would be irresponsible for the last minute amendment to be made law.

Not that those who opposed the injunction clause will be happier with any proposals to re-include a catch-all ministerial powers proposition, especially as many expect any such powers given to ministers would be used to introduce the BPI-supported injunction system down the line. Some Lords also objected to the government's admission that they would further meddle with the ministerial powers clause in the Commons, given that the pending General Election means the upper chamber is unlikely to get any time to review amendments made by MPs before the DEB becomes law. According to PaidContent, one Lord, Merlin Hay, remarked "it's a complete and absolute abuse of parliamentary process - I'm not sure why we sit and debate at all".

It remains to be seen how the non-P2P focused clause now develops as the Bill works its way through the Commons, and whether the BPI will make any further efforts to get is injunctions system on the statute book. Some suspect both the injunction and ministerial power proposals will have to be dropped to speed the Bill into law before the election. More cynical types reckon the catch-all provision was added in the first place to distract opposition onto a sacrificial clause in a bid to protect the also controversial three-strikes proposals, which most political types now seem to think will be passed on the nod, providing the DEB can get through the Commons before parliament is dissolved for the election.

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James Brown's body isn't missing, in case that was worrying you in any way. That James Brown's body is currently lying where it's meant to be lying is news because one of his apparent daughters, a LaRhonda Pettit, had claimed his corpse had disappeared. But the funeral director who installed the late Godfather Of Soul in his current temporary resting place has denied that is so.

Pettit was one of various people to come forward after Brown's death and claim that the late soul star was her father. She also seems to think that there was something suspicious about Brown's death on Christmas Day 2006, and she wants an autopsy done to try to find out what killed him. No such investigation was undertaken at the time of death because the authorities didn't consider his passing to be suspicious.

Pettit told reporters earlier this week that her efforts to get an autopsy done had been hampered by the disappearance of Brown's body. The singer's corpse is meant to be resting in a crypt at the home of another of his daughters, Deanna Brown Thomas, and will stay there until a public memorial can be opened, probably in the grounds of the singer's former home, which is set to be turned into a Graceland-style attraction.

But The Mirror quoted Pettit thus: "My daddy's body has disappeared. I have no clue where it was taken, but I need to know where. I'm convinced his death was suspicious and I want the people responsible brought to justice. The only way to do that is to exhume his body and have an autopsy. I cannot understand why one was never conducted".

But the funeral director who oversaw Brown's temporary burial, one CA Reid, says that Pettit's claims are simply not true. He told the August Chronicle: "There's no truth to that. [Any movement of the body] would have had to have gone through us. We would have been contacted if that happened".

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Eddy Grant has threatened to sue Gorillaz, claiming that Damon Albarn and co have stolen his 1977 song 'Time Warp' and used it as the basis for their current single 'Stylo'.

In a statement, Grant said yesterday: "I am outraged that the Gorillaz have infringed the copyright of my song 'Time Warp' [while] claiming their song 'Stylo' to be an original composition. My song sits almost note to note with their release [which] is a blatant rip off. 'Time Warp' is a very popular song and has been a staple of the DJ scene for many years and I feel total disrespect from Gorilliaz and their management company, especially as they are an established act".

He continued, pointing out that, as they share the same publisher, someone should have noticed the similarity sooner: "I am very angry that this was not picked up by our mutual publisher EMI's administration division. I do not blame my publishers but [rather] the state of the industry at the current time with all labels and publishers folding into one and becoming incestuous. It's such an obvious copy that from day one the band and their management should have taken control of this situation with EMI Publishing. I would like the outcome to be that the band admits that they have lifted my song, that I have a full credit for the song and an apology from the band".

EMI Publishing told the BBC that the claim was "a private matter between Eddy Grant and Gorillaz".

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Courtney Love has spoken about the events that led up to her losing custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, last year.

As previously reported, custody of Cobain, was transferred to her grandmother, Wendy O'Connor, and aunt, Kimberly Dawn Cobain, respectively the mother and sister of her late father Kurt Cobain, following a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court late last year. The temporary order, which places the pair in charge of the seventeen year old's personal and financial wellbeing, was originally due to expire in February, but was extended to April last month.

Although she doesn't seem confident that the order will not be extended again next month, Love now says that she hopes to have her daughter back with her in time for her eighteenth birthday in August. She is keen to be reunited with Frances, even though she insists it was the teenager's own actions that led to the court hearing, not her own.

Courtney told New York Daily News: "I was talking on the phone. Frances came out of my room. She was hysterical. First she was crying at my legs, saying, 'Why was I born?' Then she bites and scratches and pulls on my hair. She punched me. I grabbed her with both arms. That left a bruise and she took a picture of her bruise".

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The two founding members of The Hollies who are still in the band, Bobby Elliot and Tony Hicks, missed last night's US Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, where the band were honoured, because they had touring commitments here in the UK, which definitely shows commitment to their British fans. Their fellow founder members Allan Clarke and Graham Nash (he of Crosby, Stills and) were in New York to represent the band at the induction event.

Commenting on their decision to honour their UK tour dates rather than cancelling a couple of shows to allow a jaunt to NYC, Elliot told the BBC: "Our current tour had been in the diary for twelve months when the Hall Of Fame honour was announced. There was no way we could get an alternative date for these venues. We're just a bit hamstrung, we couldn't get there. Our fans in this country are a priority. It's a great honour to be in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, no doubt about it. But it's just one of those things. What would we do?"

At the rather formal NYC event, it seems another inductee, Iggy Pop, stole the show, at times deliberately mocking his suited and booted audience, possibly to hammer home the fact the Hall Of Fame committee had shortlisted but not chosen his band The Stooges on no less than seven previous occasions. According to Freep.com, Iggy put on a typical raucous performance when his band took to the stage at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, somewhat incongruous to his surroundings.

Still, he seemed pleased to have finally been inducted into the big institution of the US rock establishment, and got almost emotional when giving his acceptance speech, saying of his fellow Stooges: "This particular group of friends has had the fortune of having a lovely, lovely second act. So, thanks".

ABBA, Genesis and Jimmy Cliff were also inducted.

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Losers, aka DJ Eddy Temple-Morris and former Cooper Temple Clause man Tom Bellamy, have launched a remix competition, of sorts, for their forthcoming debut single 'Flush'. Eddy and Tom are giving away Envy and Riz MC's vocal track from the song, and they want you to back it with something new.

Eddy explains: "There are lots of old skool mashers out there, who, just by farting about doing mash-ups for years, have developed some pretty mean production skills. I was reminded of this last week when the boys from GeRM took the acapella version of 'Flush' from the promo CD and just did their own version of the track. And there's now a whole new breed of serious dance music producers, honing their skills and sending me interesting productions every week, and the next wave, the Geth Owens of the world; he's sixteen years old, was inspired by Pendulum to make tunes, and already has plays on Radio One and The Remix under his belt".

He continues: "So, it's time for you all to have some fun. Take the acapella of Losers' debut single and do your worst. The team and I will check them all out and the best one will get played on The Remix on Xfm and bigged up by me and all the Losers family".

If you fancy having a go at creating your own version of 'Flush', click here and download the vocal track. Then get to work in whatever way you see fit and upload your finished masterpiece to The Remix's SoundCloud dropbox, here. The deadline for entries is Sunday 4 Apr, the day before the single is released.

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The estate of Michael Jackson has reportedly entered into a $200 million deal with Sony Music - Jacko's label partners since the late seventies - which will see the major release ten new albums over seven years featuring both old and previously unreleased music by the late king of pop.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the agreement, say it's the biggest record deal in history, and that the Jacko estate could earn $50 million more in addition to the $200 million directly committed to the deal if the album releases are as successful as hoped.

Sony, of course, is hoping that the renewed interest in Jackson's work that followed his sudden death last year can be maintained, so that new Jacko packages can be sold to mainstream pop consumers as well as the late singer's always dedicated, if slightly loony, fans.

A statement is expected from Sony confirming the deal later today. It's thought this mega-bucks deal in particular should enable Jacko's estate to start settling some of the late singer's famously large debts. Those running the estate seem increasingly hopeful most of those debts can now be settled without having to sell any of Jackson's property or, more crucially, his 50% stake in the Sony/ATV music publishing company.

Ironically, such an achievement may not have been possible had Jackson not died, given that, even with the planned This Is It residency and tour, it seems unlikely the value of the Jacko legacy would ever have reached the dizzy heights it now has had the singer lived.

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Possibly in a bid to free up some time and cash for the new Jacko projects, Sony have apparently dropped those future kings of pop John & Edward. After just one single. Oh dear.

The Sun cite a Sony source who says the label was disappointed with the performance of the pop duo's solitary single, though it did reach number two, so I suspect Sony are really passing on involvement in future Jedward projects more because no one there was ever overly committed to the 'X-Factor' novelty turn. Certainly, none of the Sony divisions seemed keen to take responsibility for the pop signing, leaving their single to be released simply on 'Sony' rather than one of the major's labels.

The Sun's Sony insider says this: "We tried our best to make the lads credible recording artists but punters just weren't that bothered. They are great lads but haven't got the greatest voices, so they're something to see rather than listen to. Record companies are going through major upheaval so we have to be very careful what we throw our weight behind. I'm sure Jedward will be able to make a buck touring as a novelty act".

Of course, you might argue that while Jedward are clearly a novelty act with few real musical abilities, there was and is still much potential to make large sums of money with them, and that Sony Music UK - a major music firm pretty much bank rolled by a novelty TV franchise - would be well advised to take advantage of that potential, given their efforts to work with more serious new artists have proven to be, in main, profit-lite ventures. But that would involve me publicly supporting the continuation of the Jedward phenomenon, so forget I mentioned it.

Seemingly confirming The Sun's 'Jedward dropped' scoop, but insisting that he still sees the potential of the John & Edward enterprise, their 'X-Factor' mentor and manager Louis Walsh is quoted thus: "I'm completely committed to the guys. They boys have a sell-out tour in Ireland straight after the 'X-Factor' tour in April and I'm in talks with [another] major record label about a new deal for them".

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John Lydon has said that the re-launched Public Image Ltd's current round of touring will raise enough cash for the band to record a new album, as he suggested was his aim last year.

Lydon told Billboard last week: "We've got no backing - no record company, no sponsors, nothing like that. The only way we can make money is the touring, and then we can make a new album. It's sort of like the old days of PiL, when the Pistols went kaput; I had to scrimp and scrape out of my own pocket. Not much has changed".

He added that there are new songs ready and waiting to be recorded: "I've got piles [of new material]. I never stop writing. Most of my influences have never really come from a musical act. It tends to be things like the poetic beat of a newscast. There's a rhythm to the way it's laid out. Movies can do that. Shakespeare and good poetry does that, and a bloody good book does that, or just a long walk".

The band will play their first US show for seventeen years when they perform at Coachella on 16 Apr. This will be followed by nineteen more US dates in May, before they return to Europe.

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So, next month, Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman Shaun Ryder is going to sit down with an acoustic guitar and run through a few of his hits. Well, maybe. But, yeah, Shaun Ryder will play a solo show at former Factory Records HQ turn gig venue FAC 251 in Manchester on 4 Apr. Tickets go on sale on Friday.

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Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, has cancelled all of her upcoming US tour dates, apart from her appearances at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on 26 Mar and Coachella in California on 18 Apr, due to "unforeseen circumstances". She had been due to play a string of dates, beginning in Atlanta on 22 Apr and finishing up in Chicago on 1 May.

Writing on her website on Friday, Hesketh said: "[I] just wanted to say a huge personal apology for the remaining US tour dates being cancelled. I really hope you can understand this is due to circumstances completely out of my control, I hate cancelling shows and was so much looking forward to coming to all the places we've never been and returning to the ones we have... I'm truly gutted and hope you can forgive me and hopefully we will try and reschedule as soon as we are able".

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Converge have announced UK and Ireland tour dates for July. I cannot bloody wait. Support will come from Kylesa, Gaz and Kvelertak.

Tour dates:

10 Jul: Brighton, Concorde 2
11 Jul: Plymouth, White Rabbit (matinee show)
12 Jul: Dublin, Whelans
13 Jul: Birmingham, Academy 2
14 Jul: Glasgow, The Garage
15 Jul: Manchester, Academy 2
16 Jul: London, ULU
17 Jul: Colchester, Arts Centre

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ATP FESTIVAL, Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, 7-9 May: Iggy & The Stooges, Joanna Newsom and Spiritualized are all confirmed to play at the first of this year's ATP festivals, as curated by Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Other acts set to perform include She & Him, Liars, Coco Rosie, The xx, Daniel Johnston and Panda Bear. www.atpfestival.com

GLASTONBURY, Worthy Farm, Somerset, 23-27 Jun: Orbital have confirmed that they will headline the Other Stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival. They will join the previously confirmed U2, Jack Johnson, My Luminaire and John E Vistic. www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

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ALBUM REVIEW: Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can (EMI/Virgin)
Well, she's done it again. Following on from her debut, 'Alas, I Cannot Swim', in 2008, Laura Marling returns with another collection of wonderful folk songs with enough hooks and melodies to ensure that after a couple of listens all of these tunes will become like old friends.

From the opening 'Devil's Spoke', with its driving rhythm and end coda of "eye to eye, nose to nose, ripping of each other's clothes, in a most peculiar way", to the end of 'I Speak Because I Can', with its call "to anyone I trust enough to listen", the album is much more grown up than her debut, even though she is still only 20.

There is melancholy and a sense that some of these songs were influenced by her break up with Noah And The Whale main man Charlie Fink, though this album isn't quite as dedicated to that theme as 'The First Days Of Spring' (NATW's second album) was. Rambling Man's "It's hard to accept yourself as someone you don't desire / As someone you don't want to be", powered by a backing band consisting of members of NATW, as well as Mumford & Sons, shows a faltering sense of identity in the wake of events. While the line in 'Alpha Shallows', "I want to be held by those arms", suggests regret, it doesn't overall sound like she would change anything that has happened.

At the heart of the album is the poetical 'Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)', a beautiful, yearning vocal that takes the song through "I tried to be a girl that likes to be used, I'm too good for that, there's a mind beneath this hat" to the "we will keep you" refrain that reminded me of the mice from 'Bagpuss' in a surprisingly good way.

It's a welcome addition to the pop-folk genre and with Marling back in the studio next month to record her next album, which is pencilled in for a September release, we can expect a lot more where this came from. IM

Physical release: 22 Mar
Press contact: EMI IH [NP], Radar Maker [O]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Presenter, DJ and producer Kissy Sell Out has announced that he his adding "record label boss" to his CV by launching his own record company, San City High, which will aim to offer "fair trade and freedom for artists" with 50/50 royalty splits on one-off record deals.

Kissy explains: "The ethos of the label is to be 'fair trade and freedom for artists', so I hope that this sets a precedent so we can all give something back to the music industry. My love of other people's music has always motivated most things I do in life, so running my own record label where my job is basically to use that natural enthusiasm to help new artists develop their careers and rave on to other people about how good my team's tunes are is a dream come true!"

He continued: "I've always believed record labels should be like clubs where you can hang out with friends who like the same things as you do - and that's all San City High is really, you'll never see the San City High logo heading an exclusive 360 multi-album deal contract, but you're gonna see the logo fronting some hot music this year and maybe even some cool t-shirts, too!"

The first release, 'Come On Over (This Could Be Love)', a collaboration between Kissy himself and Tinashe is out now, with Hot Pink Delorean, The Squatters, Lazy Flow and Urchins all lined-up to add to the new label's catalogue later this year.

A free mixtape featuring some of the label's future releases will be available for free from Thursday at www.sancityhigh.com.

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The opportunities presented by the internet, and the plethora of free digital tools that are out there, to help new bands build a profile, connect with fans, promote their project and sell their music, tickets and merchandise, has been a key topic of debate at the digital strand of SxSW the last couple of days, and will be the topic for discussion at a CMU panel in London in May, more on which soon.

But for those looking for more formal training in this domain, you might want to pay a visit to the website of Boston-based Berklee College Of Music, who, according to Digital Music News, are offering an online course in direct-to-fan music marketing. The course, which launches next month, will apparently look at how the music industry is changing and at the opportunities presented by the internet, and will then review specific marketing and distribution tools.

More info in the music business section at www.berkleemusic.com

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Real Networks US-based subscription music service Rhapsody has started promoting its planned iPhone app, which will presumably work pretty much like the Spotify and We7 apps which make those streaming services available via the mobile device for premium subscribers. The Real app is apparently with the Apple App Chiefs for approval.

One of Rhapsody's newer rivals in the US streaming market, MOG, is also expected to unveil its mobile app services at SxSW this week. It's all app-tastic.

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Bauer Media have announced they will introduce a new segment to the playlists on the seventeen local stations in their Big City Network which will be designed to give three new records a week nationwide exposure. Although the playlists on stations like Key 103 in Manchester and Radio City in Liverpool are locally influenced, the new Upfront list will be controlled centrally, with the idea of putting all of the stations in the network behind selected talent.

Although very much focused on new releases, the Upfront list will include established as well as new acts, and will probably favour the sort of mainstream talent you'd expect to hear on a local FM station. The first artists to appear are former 'X-Factor' contender Diana Vickers, new Warner priority Josh Radin and the returning Corinne Bailey Rae.

Confirming the new playlisting venture, Big City's music man Ric Blaxill told reporters: "We want to add greater variety to our established playlists and introducing new releases from new or returning artists will help us to do this. It will also provide each of the artists or groups with vital support and backing, and most importantly, the chance to get their music heard by 4.4 million listeners across the UK".

He added: "We firmly believe in local stations compiling their own playlists so that they can really feel the music running through their stations and cities. However we believe the Upfront List, which will work alongside the station's locally compiled A and B lists, will greatly benefit our music offering by bringing exciting new songs to our music loving listeners earlier".

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All round radio legend Kenny Everett is to be featured in a new BBC4 biopic. The programme will follow the late comedian and DJ's early life, starting with his childhood in Merseyside.

It's not clear how much of his professional career, which included stints on the early pirate radio stations and later Radio 1 and Capital Radio, not to mention a popular TV show, will be included in the drama. Along the way, of course, Everett befriended many of the British rock elite of the sixties and seventies. He died in 1995 of an AIDS related illness.

The BBC confirmed the biopic was in development yesterday, and that it would be an in-house production. The screenplay will be written by Tim Whitnall who won acclaim at last year's Edinburgh Fringe with his one man play about the life of Eric Morecambe.

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It's this week's Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock last weekend - www.totalrock.com. New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Muse - The Resistance (Warner Bros)
2. Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (Sony)
3. Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe 2 (Warner/Roadrunner)
4. Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits (Sony)
5. Nickelback - Dark Horse (Warner/Roadrunner)
6. HIM - Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice (Warner Bros)
7. Queen - Absolute Greatest (EMI)
8. Journey - Greatest Hits (Sony)
9. Alkaline Trio - This Addiction (Hassle)*
10. Bon Jovi - The Circle (Universal/Mercury)
11. Lostprophets - The Betrayed (Visible Noise)
12. Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of (Warner Bros)
13. Daughtry - Leave This Town (Sony)
14. Pearl Jam - Backspacer (Universal)
15. Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue (EMI/Parlophone)
16. Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
17. Billy Talent - Billy Talent III (Warner/Atlantic)*
18. Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (Warner Bros)
19. Kiss - Sonic Boom (Warner/Roadrunner)
20. Fear Factory - Mechanize (Candlelight)

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Liam Gallagher wasn't trying to diss Noel when he failed to namecheck his brother while collecting the BRIT Award for Best Album Ever last month, oh no, he just wanted to make sure the lesser known Oasis members got their moment in the spotlight. Of course, us foolish reporters assumed Liam missed Noel - the writer of winning album '(What's The Story) Morning Glory' - off his thank you list because the two brothers are feuding more than ever since Oasis imploded last year.

But Liam has reportedly told blog Stopcryingyourheartout.com that he was just "sick of it all being about me and Noel" and therefore chose to focus on his band's other members when picking up the gong. Though, of course, if he'd really wanted to make a statement of that kind he could have let one of the other guys give the whole speech.

Liam continues: "The last couple of months has pretty much been all about me and him so I thought it was only right to mention the other lads who played on the album and the best fans in the world".

As previously reported, Liam's failure to thank Noel led to a war of words between the Oasis frontman and Brits host Peter Kay, who called Gallagher a "knobhead" for failing to big up his brother (well, that and throwing the microphone into the crowd). There were reports Noel himself had retaliated by telling reporters that, if Liam was to continue performing as Oasis, his band would be akin to the Sugababes because of a lack of original members. Though it now seems certain those comments were made up by a tabloid hack, who was possibly frustrated that Noel has so far refused to say anything about his brother since his abrupt departure from Oasis last year.

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Scott Weiland says that it was the wives of his Velvet Revolver bandmates who brought about the demise of his former band in 2008, with things going from bad to worse once the ladies got involved in the business side of the venture. Like 'Spinal Tap', but definitely very serious and not at all funny.

Of course, technically speaking Velvet Revolver haven't disbanded, though the band has been on hiatus since frontman Weiland quit. Speaking about his departure from the sort of supergroup, he told Details magazine that there were always tensions in the band because "everyone was a rock star" and "there were petty jealousies", but adds: "then the wives got involved with the business of the band, and that was the beginning of the downfall".

Still, while tensions may remain between him and the Revolvers, he seems to be having a great time with his reformed other band Stone Temple Pilots, who also originally broke up somewhat acrimoniously back in 2003. The secret this time round is less drugs and more laughs.

Weiland: "Well, no one does drugs anymore, so it was pretty easy. Dean DeLeo and I were the close runners-up to the Toxic Twins throne. The wounds heal. And we got the humour back in the band. That's the most important thing - to laugh at the same funny stories we were laughing at years ago".

Like 'Spinal Tap'.

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