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The Dum Dum Girls are a lo-fi indie rock band from Los Angeles, originally set up as a solo project by frontwoman Dee Dee in late 2008. While still a solo venture, she released a home-recorded CD-R on her label Zoo Music and two vinyl EPs. The name is a nod to both The Vaselines' album 'Dum-Dum' and the Iggy Pop song 'Dum Dum Boys', both acts being influences for Dee Dee. In 2009 DDG became a fully-fledged band, with the addition of Jules, Bambi and Frankie Rose, and together they have just released their debut album 'I Will Be', which was produced by Dee Dee and Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, The Go-Gos and The Raveonettes). With the album out now on Sub Pop, we caught out with Dee Dee to find out more.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I've been compelled to write songs ever since I was a small child, as precocious as that sounds. I come from a musical family so I guess it's in my blood. I failed miserably at learning the guitar as a teenager, but finally picked it up after some actual practice. It's much easier to write pop songs when you can strum your basic chords.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
I wrote and recorded it over a period of eight or so months - it came together sort of casually, as first albums often do. It sounds cohesive sonically because I used a rather consistent palette of sounds.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
I write all my songs on an acoustic nylon guitar that my dad gave me in seventh grade. It's from the 1960s and belonged to the music teacher who worked at the high school he taught at. It's important to me that a song can pass the acoustic guitar test - if it can't hold its own with just basic accompaniment, it's not right. Then I record demos and flesh out the song. I try to distil the instrumental tracks and vocal melodies. This leaves room for more Spector-esque production, or not - whatever the song calls for.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
All sorts, both stylistically and lyrically. I favour groups whose songs are pop songs at the core, however they may dress them up. This includes everyone from The Velvet Underground to girl groups (whose songwriters were professionals at this) to Spacemen 3 to Bob Dylan to Iggy Pop. Words have always been important to me as well. They don't need to be obtuse to be good, either - even the simplest statement can cut you. Patti Smith and Nick Cave are two of my go-tos when I need a burst of inspiration.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
What did you think?

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Take my girls on the road and enjoy every opportunity we have to play our songs for others.

MORE>> www.myspace.com/dumdumgirls

Oh, I do like a good cover version. You know, where the coverer takes the original off in a totally different direction, and creates something as wonderful or, sometimes, better than the original version. And I think most of these covers should fall into that category.

The Dr Martens people are marketing the fiftieth anniversary of some shoe or other by getting ten contemporary artists to record new and, it seems, more bleepy cover versions of "cult classic songs", each of which will be available to download or stream via the boot firm's website.

Already online are The Noisettes doing Buzzcocks, DaM-Funk doing The Human League and my personal favourite so far, The Duke Spirit's version of Sham 69's 'The Kids Are United'. Coming later this year, possibly with less bleeps, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will do The Pogues, Buraka Som Sistema with rework Neneh Cherry and, perhaps most interestingly, The Cinematic Orchestra will make a version of Jeff Buckley's 'Lilac Wine'. Definitely worth keeping an eye on if you, like me, dig a quality cover.


Music Gain is acquiring record labels and catalogue. If you are thinking of selling, or have a large catalog you want managed on your behalf, then please contact us. Introduction and spotters fees also paid. Please visit us - www.musicgain.com
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Raison to play Anne Boleyn in two shows at The Globe
Former 'Desperate Housewife' Sheridan claims she was assaulted by show's creator
TV writer Mills dies aged 48
Johnston take down their experimental paywalls
Men & Motors closes tomorrow
Lords committee call for more clairty on digital radio switchover
Naked photo guy to photo naked people at Big Chill
Music festival line-up update - 1 Apr 2010
City Showcase announces classical strand

The Digital Economy Bill last night passed its second reading in the House Of Commons, despite the Liberal Democrats and a number of other MPs from all sides calling for the controversial legislation to be postponed until after the General Election. The Bill, of course, includes the copyright section which will introduce a three-strikes system for targeting individual file-sharers, and will give the courts the right to block access to infringing websites.

Tory culture spokesman Jeremy Hunt was also critical of the fact the government had let such an important bit of legislation slip right to the end of the parliamentary diary. According to The Guardian, he told the Commons during the DEB debate: "[This bill] could have been massively improved if there had been more scrutiny at the committee stage ... why is it debate on such a critically important bill has been left to the last minute?"

However, as expected, he said that the Tories would support most of the Bill, letting it become law before the General Election via the so called wash-up, and therefore with minimum debate in the lower house of parliament. He told the Commons: "There are parts of the bill that we will reluctantly let through. Digital piracy is a very real problem for our creative industries ... We do accept that action needs to be taken to ensure the internet is a functioning marketplace and that copyright infringers do not get away with their actions scot free".

The Bill was subsequently passed. It will now go through a mini-committee stage today, and have a third reading in the Commons within the week. The Tories are expected to insist certain parts of the Bill are cut, in particular those covering ITV regional news provision (always the bit the Conservatives have most disliked), but the copyright section is likely to remain as is, except perhaps for the previously reported collecting society clause, though that's the one bit of the Bill the music industry wasn't so keen on.

All that said, Hunt added that if his party form the next government, they would use "every parliamentary means at our disposal" to remove any aspects of the DEB that proved to have "unintended consequences". With regards three-strikes, he said that a Tory government would ensure "proper safeguards" were in place before any such system actually went live.

Labour culture man Ben Bradshaw again argued that the Bill had, in fact, been subject to much scrutiny, albeit in the House Of Lords. His Labour colleagues, meanwhile, said the more controversial areas - such as three-strikes - would be subject to more consultation with regards how they will work if Labour were to form the next government too.

Although increasingly conceding defeat on this issue, those who oppose the copyright section of the DEB continue to speak out. The head of the UK Pirate Party, Andrew Robinson, told CMU: "The government are still sticking to the ridiculous idea that writing letters will change attitudes to sharing online. The public will ignore the letters in exactly the same way MPs have ignored thousands of requests for proper debate. It's absolutely scandalous that the massive file-sharing communities have not just been ignored, but actively demonised. MPs need to be reminded that file-sharers have votes too".

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Dangerously under-inflated tires caused the plane carrying Blink 182's Travis Barker and the late Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein to crash back in 2008.

That is the finding of a US federal investigation, the results of which have been revealed by the Associated Press. The report says all four tyres burst as the plane sped down the runway, damaging the hydraulic system and causing the jet's brakes to fail. The plane then burst into flames.

As previously reported, the two pilots and Barker and Goldstein's two co-passengers were killed in the crash. The drummer and DJ were both seriously injured. Barker and the families of the other passengers (Goldstein having subsequently died of a drugs overdose, of course) have since sued and reached settlements with the two companies who chartered the jet. Those companies are now reportedly suing Learjet and Bombardier over allegations the plane itself had "unreasonably dangerous defects".

The federal report also raises concerns that the tyres on other private jets may be under-inflated, some dangerously so. Suddenly having to get around the world on EasyJet isn't sounding such a bad deal.

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Erykah Badu has told reporters her video for new single 'Window Seat' has been "grossly misunderstood all over America". As previously reported, the video sees Badu stripping off while walking through the streets of Dallas, before pretending to be shot at more or less the spot where JFK was assassinated.

Some have accused Badu of being disrespectful to the former President by choosing that street for her controversial striptease video, but she said on 'The Wanda Sykes Show' this week: "My point was grossly misunderstood all over America. JFK is one of my heroes, one of the nation's heroes. John F Kennedy was a revolutionary; he was not afraid to butt heads with America, and I was not afraid to show America my butt-naked truth".

As previously reported, Badu is facing a disorderly conduct charge in relation to the strip after a witness to the video recording filed a complaint with police. Unlike the Matt & Kim video that inspired the 'Window Seat' pop promo, Badu did not get a permit from the local authorities to record her stripping film.

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Bounty Killer has been arrested, seemingly over allegations he assaulted his girlfriend. The reggae man, real name Rodney Price, was arrested at this home in Jamaica on Monday. No further details about the alleged altercation have been made public. But we do know Price can add the assault allegations to existing outstanding charges for drug possession, illegal firearm possession and unlawful wounding and assault.

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A warrant for Coolio's arrest was issued yesterday after he failed to appear at a court in LA to update the judge on his progress since pleading guilty to possessing crack cocaine at LAX airport last year. Court documents apparently show that the rapper's lawyer made various attempts to contact his client prior to the warrant being issued but could not give a valid reason for the rapper's absence.

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Despite turning down the award last year, Muse have announced that they will accept the 35th annual Silver Clef Award in July. As well as patting the backs of rock stars, the music business ceremony also raises money for music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, and features an auction of celebrity memorabilia.

In a statement, Muse said: "We are delighted to be presented this year's Nordoff Robbins Silver Clef and join the ranks of such artistes as Robert Plant, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Elton John and The Who. Nordoff Robbins is an exceptional charity that has a positive impact on so many people's lives, and we are very proud to be recognised by them in this way".

The band will receive the award at London's Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on 2 Jul. The ceremony will be hosted by Sharon Osbourne.

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Pharrell Williams has said that NERD scrapped most of the tracks they came up with for their forthcoming new album, the follow-up to 2008's 'Seeing Sounds', because they couldn't come up with a sound they were happy with. Luckily, both for the band and all you ladies out there, they eventually found one.

Williams told WENN: "We scrapped 27 records because they weren't good enough, they sounded great - but what were they saying? So we went back in [to the studio] and just focused on feeling. It's almost like we did this whole entire album with our eyes closed, not because it was that easy but because it was that important to reconnect to what we feel and I would say this album is like scrapping everything and starting with nothing".

He added: "The music has been especially tuned in frequencies to speak to women. Women will literally feel this. We are doing some other next level experimentation with this music... and it's the sexiest thing that I could ever give to a woman".

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Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke, or just Kele as he seems to now be known, has announced that he will release his debut solo album, 'The Boxer', on 21 Jun via Polydor and Wichita.

Having planned to take a year off from music, he apparently couldn't stop himself, leading to time being booked in a recording studio to experiment. Kele told CMU: "It was just me and an engineer. I plugged in synths that I had no idea what they would do. I began programming drum beats, which I had never done before. It was completely back to the drawing board. It was exciting and terrifying. In most cases I sat down, pulled a drum beat out of nowhere and arranged stuff around that. This was as exciting to me as the first time I picked up a guitar".

He then upped sticks to New York to produce the finished album with XXXchange, creating something that is a departure from what people might expect of him. He said: "The key for the sound of the record was to take things as harsh and as physical as I could make it. The reason for going there was that these are the sounds that make me the happiest in the world".

The first single from the album, 'Tenderoni', is due for release on 14 Jun and Kele will be playing various tour dates in the coming months, details of which you'll find at www.iamkele.com. Here's the tracklist for 'The Boxer', which will mean somewhere between very little and nothing to you at the moment:

Walk Tall
On The Lam
The Other Side
Everything You Wanted
New Rules
Unholy Thoughts
All The Things I Could Never Say
Yesterday's Gone

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Whitney Houston has postponed the start of her European tour after contracting an upper respiratory infection.

It was initially announced that just the first date of the tour, due to take place last night in Paris, would be cancelled, but the latest reports say that the singer has now been hospitalised and that the first of two dates in Manchester tomorrow night is also likely to be postponed. It's not clear if Friday's Manchester show will go ahead.

As previously reported, Houston recently came in for criticism on the Australian leg of her world tour, with some fans and critics saying that she looked exhausted and disorientated, that she got some of her backing band's names wrong when trying to introduce them, and that she needed to take frequent breaks to catch her breath. But Houston and her team have said that she is in great shape.

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Delphic have announced that they will head out on a short tour of the UK next month, kicking off with a show at The Great Escape. Support for all dates will come from fellow Mancunians Everything Everything.

The band will also release a new single, 'Counterpoint', on 7 Jun.

Tour dates:

14 May: Brighton, Corn Exchange (The Great Escape)
15 May: Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
17 May: Leeds, Metropolitan University
18 May: London, Electric Ballroom
19 May: Liverpool, O2 Academy
21 May: Manchester, The Ritz

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Up-and-coming pop-rocker Tiffany Page has announced a university tour starting later this month, which will immediately be followed by a slot on the New To Q tour with Goldhawks and Detroit Social Club.

Tour dates:

20 Apr: Preston, 53 Degrees
21 Apr: Liverpool, Guild Of Students l
22 Apr: Derby, Students' Union
25 Apr: Hull, University Union
26 Apr: Sheffield, Students' Union
27 Apr: Bath, Students' Union
29 Apr: Swansea, Swansea Sin City
30 Apr: Oxford, Regal
2 May: Guildford, Surrey Students' Union
5 May: Nowich, The Waterfront
6 May: Leeds, Leeds University Union
10 May: Manchester, Sound Control (New To Q)
11 May: Glasgow, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (New To Q)
12 May: Newcastle, Academy 2 (New To Q)
13 May: Leeds, Cockpit (New To Q)
16 May: Bristol, Academy 2 (New To Q)
17 May: Birmingham, Academy 2 (New To Q)
18 May: London, The Garage (New To Q)

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2000TREES FESTIVAL, Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 16-17 Jul: Sonic Boom Six, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit and Errors are amongst the latest additions to the 2000trees line-up, along with Twin Atlantic, Left Side Brain, Goldheart Assembly, Sparrow And The Workshop and Emily Breeze. www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk

THE BIG CHILL FESTIVAL, Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire, 5-8 Aug: Massive Attack and MIA have been announced as headliners at this year's Big Chill. Other acts confirmed to play include Kelis, Roots Manuva, The Leisure Society, Giles Peterson, Plan B, Roy Ayers and many more. www.bigchill.net

CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL, Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, 29 Jul - 1 Aug: Kris Kristofferson, Seasick Steve and Seth Lakeman head up the latest additions to this year's Cambridge Folk Festival. Also added to the bill are the likes of Natalie Merchant, The Imagined Village, The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain and Harper Simon. www.cambridgefolkfestival.co.uk

JERSEY LIVE, Royal Jersey Showgrounds, Jersey, 4-5 Sep: Paul Weller has been confirmed as the Sunday headliner for this year's Jersey Live. Other acts announced to play the Channel Island fest are Chase & Status, Peggy Sue, Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Darwin Deez, We Have Band, Calvin Harris and Sub Focus. www.jerseylive.org.uk

LOUNGE ON THE FARM, Merton Farm, Canterbury, 9-11 Jul: Slow Club, Silver Columns and The Wave Pictures have been announced to play at Lounge On The Farm this summer, along with James Yuill, Gold Panda, First Aid Kit, Veronica Falls and Hot Club De Paris. www.loungeonthefarm.co.uk

OFFSET FESTIVAL, Hainault Forest Country Park, Essex, 4-5 Sep: Liquid Liquid, These New Puritans and Rolo Tomassi have all been added to the bill, along with Cluster, Charles De Goal, Male Bonding and Bo Ningen. www.offsetfestival.co.uk

ROCK NESS, Loch Ness, Inverness, Scotland, 11-13 Jun: Blondie and Crystal Castles are amongst the latest additions to the Rock Ness line-up, as well as Mark Knight, Luca, Tinie Tempah, Alabama 3, Dananananaykroyd and Fenech Soler. www.rockness.co.uk

WAKESTOCK, Abersoch, Wales, 2-4 Jul: Pete Tong, Fedde Le Grand and Audio Bullys are the latest acts confirmed to play at this year's Wakestock. www.wakestock.co.uk

WOMAD, Charlton Park, nr Malmesbury, Wiltshire, 23-25 Jul: Salif Keita, The Drummers Of Burundi and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu are amongst the first acts revealed for this year's WOMAD, along with Rolf Harris, Imelda May, Don Letts and many more. www.womad.org

Y-NOT FESTIVAL, Matlock, Derbyshire, 30 Jul - 1 Aug: The Subways, OK Go, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Twisted Wheel and Slow Club are amongst the first acts confirmed to play the Y-Not Festival. Also added to the bill are the likes of Turin Brakes, Rox, Sparrow and the Workshop, Morning Parade and Kill It Kid. www.ynotfestivals.co.uk

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SINGLE REVIEW: Yeasayer - ONE (EMI/Mute)
This single drips like water from a glass, everything about it has a wonderful, shimmering, wetness to it, complimented with a studied use of harmony. It opens with a captivating keyboard run that brings light into the darkness of creation before the full song opens up, glistening.

It is well known that Yeasayer's influences span continents and here the congruity remains. Paul Simon's 'Graceland' can be spotted lurking in the mist of that four to the floor bass drum pattern, accentuated as ever with African percussion.

The vocals soar and are a real highlight, showing how easily Yeasayer have adapted their melodies to fit a more pop-centric sound. Indeed, it's an impressive, almost Herculean effort after (the beautiful) 'All Hour Cymbals', and strikes a bold move for the band. SJS

Physical release: 29 Mar
Press contact: Goldstar PR

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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A library of pre-1994 master recordings originally owned by US label TVT have been bought by LA-based music publishing firm Bicycle Music. The hoard includes the TV theme collections that gave TVT its name, plus, perhaps most interestingly, the debut album from Nine Inch Nails, 'Pretty Hate Machine'.

The collection of 700 master recordings were subject to a long-running legal dispute between TVT and Prudential Securities Credit Corp that began in 2003, the latter taking ownership of the masters after the former defaulted on loan agreements with the finance firm. TVT argued that the credit company was abusing the two firms' original agreement in order to seize control of the masters.

But the courts generally sided with Prudential in the dispute, and a spokesman for Bicycle Music said they had done due diligence prior to acquiring the masters and were happy the credit firm's ownership of the tapes could no longer be disputed. Of course, the rest of TVT has since gone out of business, with TVT Records being bought via the bankruptcy courts by digital distribution firm The Orchard.

It is thought Bicycle will now instigate some re-releases of the catalogue they have acquired, including the aforementioned NIN debut. It'll be interesting to see what Trent Reznor has to say about that.

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Job cuts have begun at Live Nation Ticketmaster following the completion of the two live music firms' merger earlier this year. Last month American live music magazine Pollstar predicted that up to 500 jobs could go in the US alone as the two firms combine their operations, and Billboard yesterday reported that 100 back office jobs were axed last week.

That said, Live Nation seemingly say some of those cuts are not a direct result of the merger, but rather part of the firm's plans to move out of the smaller events end of the live music market, promoting less low-profit-margin gigs.

It's not clear how many jobs will be lost as a result of the merger in Europe.

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The British Academy For Songwriters, Composers And Authors has hit out at the secrecy that surrounds the deals between the likes of Spotify and the record labels and collecting societies.

The Academy says that confidentiality clauses in such deals means their members are left in the dark regarding the earning potential that Spotify-style services offer for songwriters. They also fear that the rapid growth of Spotify-style services will make consumer think musicians and songwriters are now earning good money from digital when, actually, they could well be making very little cash from having their songs on streaming platforms.

BASCA make the comments in an editorial in a members' email briefing, which notes that a recent Q&A session with Spotify UK chief Paul Brown had not answered many of their questions about the royalties being generated by the streaming music service, because he was tied by confidentiality clauses in his company's contracts with record companies and the likes of PRS.

The editorial notes: "Any company working at the cutting edge has to go through difficult developmental stages; we understand that, and acknowledge that the business needs time to grow, but we would urge all concerned to engage now in a full and frank discussion of the issues. BASCA believes that until there is transparency around commercial deals, the evolution of the online music industry will be bogged down and mired by vested interests and will struggle to achieve its true value for both creators and users".

On Spotify in particular, it adds: "Spotify carries ten million tracks and operates in six European territories with a client base of seven million. The service operates on the basis that repertoire has been licensed through record companies and collecting societies and declares itself 'a compelling alternative to piracy'. To copyright owners, it says boldly, 'you earn a royalty when your music is played'. To Spotify, BASCA says, 'How much?'"

Putting some of the blame on the major record companies, who are most secretive when it comes to digital deals, they continue: "Let's not forget that it is a matter of fact that the four major record companies all have an investment interest in Spotify. They therefore stand to benefit to an even greater degree from the revenue and licensing model which appears to be the basis of the entire Spotify operation. Their unwillingness to divulge the extent of their commercial interest, or the terms of their agreements, can only lead to suspicion and a feeling that the industry is looking to line its own pockets before returning a fair share back to the songwriters and composers".

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US-based digital music service Rhapsody has cut its monthly subscription rate from fifteen dollars to ten dollars following the recent creation of a stand-alone Rhapsody company, separate from its owners RealNetworks and Viacom.

Although the subscription-service concept has enjoyed more success in the US digital music market than over here, and Rhapsody has been one of the bigger operators in that space, the subscriptions market is becoming increasingly competitive following the launch of a number of pay-to-use streaming services, many with mobile variations.

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Bebo could be gone by the end of the year following the news that owners AOL want shot of the social media service, and will shut it down if they can't sell it.

AOL acquired the MySpace rival, always seen as the social network for younger teenagers in the UK, two years ago for £550 million. But, like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, they have seen their expensive social media buy haemorrhage users to the independent market-leading social network Facebook. The US-based web firm told staff it was ready to cut its losses on Bebo yesterday. It remains to be seen if a buyer can be found.

If AOL do shut down Bebo, it can only add to speculation News Corp will eventually do the same to MySpace. End of an era, it seems.

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A delegation of music industry types is due to meet with BBC Trust chief Michael Lyons next week to bug him rotten about the Corporation's plans to shut down digital music station 6music.

According to Music Week, BPI chiefs Geoff Taylor and Tony Wadsworth, Sony Music COO Paul Curran, Universal Music CEO David Joseph, EMI Music President Andria Vidler, Warner Bros Vice-Chairman Jeremy Marsh, Beggars Group Chairman Martin Mills and UK Music CEO Feargal Sharkey will all attend the meeting. Boy, can you imagine how tedious this meeting is going to be? No, only joking, go for it guys, the future is in your hands. For a change.

As previously reported, the BBC Trust must approve all of the Beeb management's cost cutting proposals, including plans to axe BBC 6 and the Asian Network. They are undertaking a consultation on the cuts which will run until late May.

As also previously reported, Culture Minister Ben Bradshaw last week said Lyons had assured him that "this is a genuine consultation, nothing is a foregone conclusion, and the Trust will really listen to what licence fee payers tell them. So I urge you all to respond to that consultation".

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Radio 1 will mark its 500th Essential Mix later this month with a special live broadcast. Who the 500th DJ to fill the two-hour slot will be is a secret, and his or her identity will only be revealed on the night. Candidates for the honour were nominated by former Essential Mix DJs, including Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk and Tiësto, while the final mixer was chosen by a panel of dance music industry experts including Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Judge Jules, Cream's James Barton, Mixmag's Ralph Moore and Resident Advisor's Nick Sabine.

Pete Tong, who provided the first ever Essential Mix and has hosted the show since it began, told CMU: "Bringing the Essential Mix to the nation on Radio 1 has always and continues to excite me. It's always been a platform to showcase the best DJ talent and new music from around the world, whether it be legends of dance music or future stars. The thing that excites me most is introducing new genres and breaking artists to a wider audience. There have been 500 fantastic essential mixes - here's to another 500!"

Radio 1's Deputy Controller, Ben Cooper added: "The list of contributors to the Essential Mix reads like a who's who of dance music and underlines the programme's significant part in popularising the genre. The list also highlights the show's unique ability to inform listeners every week of dance music's many musical shifts and trends from 1993 to the present day".

The 500th Essential Mix will be broadcast live from the Circus nightclub in Liverpool on 24 Apr from 1am to 3am, followed by live sets from Sasha and Richie Hawtin. The identity of the landmark mixer will be revealed on Pete Tong's show on 23 Apr between 9pm and 11pm.

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More radio closures. Huddersfield-based radio station Pennine FM has gone off air. The local station, which began life as Huddersfield FM just over a decade ago, had three different owners in its last two years in business, all of whom struggled to make the station commercially viable.

Current owners Urban Media Group only took over last September. The Programme Controller they hired, Jonathan Gold, presented the final show on Monday night during which, according to Radio Today, he announced the station was to close. The licence to operate a station in the town has been handed back to OfCom, while the transmitter broadcasting the station has already been turned off.

Elsewhere, the Worcestershire outpost of Sunshine Radio, once part of the Laser Broadcasting Group's network of stations, has also closed down, according to Radio Today. But its sister stations in Ludlow and Hertfordshire remain on air.

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It's this week's Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock last weekend - www.totalrock.com. New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune (Sony)
2. Muse - The Resistance (Warner Bros)
3. Journey - Greatest Hits (Sony)
4. Nickelback - Dark Horse (Warner/Roadrunner)
5. Airbourne - No Guts, No Glory (Warner/Roadrunner)
6. Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (Sony)
7. Queen - Absolute Greatest (EMI)
8. Dropkick Murphys - Live On Lansdowne, Boston, MA (Hellcat)*
9. Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back (EMI/Virgin)
10. Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits (Sony)
11. Train - Save Me, San Francisco (Sony/Columbia)
12. Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of (Warner Bros)
13. Pearl Jam - Backspacer (Universal)
14. Drive-By Truckers - Big To Do (ATO)*
15. Daughtry - Leave This Town (Sony)
16. Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
17. Kiss - Sonic Boom (Warner/Roadrunner)*
18. Billy Talent - Billy Talent III (Warner/Atlantic)*
19. Paramore - Brand New Eyes (Warner/Atlantic)
20. Bon Jovi - The Circle (Universal/Mercury)*

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Jack White thinks the rusty old internet is just one big "nuisance", at least it is when it comes to music.

Speaking to the NME he admitted: "In my head I'm still living and working as if there is no internet, and treat it as a nuisance. The internet is a beautiful tool for many, many things, but it is in direct opposition to the art of music being treated with respect".

He also has no time for all the vitriol that spills out from message boards and the like, adding that when he does read comment-based web pages "after reading about three words of someone's comment at the bottom of an article I turn off".

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Cult singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston has said the award-winning documentary about his life, 'The Devil And Daniel Johnston', was unfair to him, as it mainly concentrated on his struggle with bi-polar disorder.

Johnston told BBC 6music: "It wasn't really fair because it really talked about the worst experiences of my life. I wish they had included more music instead of making it one of those Stranger Than Fiction shows".

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