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Pink Floyd man apologises for defacing Elliott Smith memorial

Well, it's all a bit distracting isn't it, this inconclusive election thing? We've been finding it hard to focus on writing your CMU Daily this morning, if I'm being honest, though look, we managed to tear ourselves away from David and the Jeremys long enough to not only produce a round up of everything that has happened in music in the last 24 hours, but also to compile the customary 'week in music' overview that you'd probably expect from us on a Friday. If only our political leaders were so focused, we'd have had a coalition government installed before breakfast.

01: EMI owners Terra Firma continued to raise the cash the major music firm needs to meet a loan fee payment of £120 million, that must be paid to Citigroup next month. Although the equity firm has reportedly raised £105 million by promising investors a healthy pay back, Terra Firma chief Guy Hands is aiming for £360 million, to also cover 2011's loan fees and a hole in the pension fund. Even with the £105 million that's in the bank, The Times says 75% of Terra Firma's backers must still OK the transfer of money from the equity fund to the music company. Meanwhile, Hands must prove to Citigroup he will meet the June deadline next week. So, the future of EMI is still up in the air for now. CMU reports | Times report

02: Best Buy arrived in the UK, with a new out-of-town store in Thurrock, and had a very successful first weekend by all accounts. The US-based electronics retailer is also selling CDs, DVDs and games, something which seems to have been more enthusiastically welcomed by the gaming industry than the record labels, though it will be interesting to see what role the Napster-owning Best Buy now have in the British music retail space. HMV boss Simon Fox told Music Week he didn't see consumers going to out-of-town Best Buy stores just to buy music. CMU report | MCV comment on Best Buy and games

03: Apple shut Lala.com, or at least announced it would be close at the end of the month. Given many still wonder why it was Apple bought the streaming music service in the first place, news of its closure led many to speculate that the IT firm was about to launch its own 'cloud' based streaming service via the iTunes player, utilising Lala.com technology. But Apple insiders and those at the majors who would be licensing such a service insist that is not so. CMU report | WSJ report

04: The Association Of Independent Festivals said it would input on a review of policing costs. The Association Of Chief Police Officers has confirmed it is reviewing the advice it gives police forces regarding what they should charge for policing events like music festivals. AIF don't like the fact that all music festivals are lumped together by ACPO, so that cash strapped independent events also pay top whack for policing, with fees that include overheads and pension contributions as well as each officer's actual time. The ACPO is taking informal input as part of its review, and AIF plan to air their concerns as part of that process. CMU report

05: UK Music launched a skills audit, part of their bid to work out what skills music industry companies currently need and lack, so to inform music business education programmes and government training initiatives. Everyone working in music is encouraged to take part in the survey, which you will find at the URL below. So, assuming you can tear yourself away from the election news, go fill it out. CMU report | The UK Music survey

And once you've done the survey, why not keep nice and clear of all the political shenanigans and check out some panels or showcases happening as part of the City Showcase in London. There are events in the West End and South East London today plus, from tomorrow, at The O2 as well. More at www.cityshowcase.co.uk. And that's it. See you next Friday when, if all goes to plan, we'll be coming to you live from the Green-voting bit of Brighton. Super.

Chris Cooke
Business Editor, CMU

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Lifted.Est at Pacha London
Pacha London promise a big treat for European clubbers tonight at their Lifted.Est night, with rising star Coyu from Suara Music jetting in from Spain.

Coyu is a DJ and producer who is set start a residency on Thursdays at Space in Ibiza this summer season. His track 'El Baile Alemán' was named Beatport's number one of 2009, which is quite an accolade to have. It's a rare UK date for Coyu and the set is sure to cause some action on the floor of this trendy club near Victoria.

Joining him on the bill will be Dean Jon, Lee Freeland, Danny K, Edele Andaya and Bamb Bo Tang, with some live bongo action from Tora Koike on Full Range Afro/Latin Percussion, and Ashley Benjamin adding some live vocals. The global room also holds the Hey Gorgeous night, which will have Miss Crazy D doing her thing like her sets on Unknown FM, with Ricky Novo, Alex Madden and Robin K.

Friday 7 May, Pacha London, Terminus Place, Victoria, London SW1V 1JR, 10pm-5am, £10 adv, £15 door, more info from www.pachalondon.com

Chrysalis Music Publishing is looking for someone with supreme organisational skills, a strong work ethic and plenty of common sense to support the running of a busy department. Someone who has undertaken work experience or an internship in a music company is preferable but not essential - a love of music and an understanding of synchronisation and music publishing are, however.

Please send a covering letter and CV to gareth.smith@chrysalis.com. Closing date for applications is 7th May.
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Pete Tong and industry professionals Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto and Simeon Friend proudly present the third annual Ibiza International Music Summit from Wed May 26 - Fri May 28 at the FiveStar Ibiza Gran Hotel.


Artists: Mark Ronson. David Guetta. Sasha. Erick Morillo. Annie Mac. Heidi.
Synch: Alexandra Patsavas. Jason Bentley.
Brands: Burn. Coca-Cola Group. Deutsche Telekom. Google. Sprite. Beatport. Resident Advisor.


For more information and registration visit: www.internationalmusicsummit.com

A Star PR is a dynamic creative arts company, at the forefront of innovations within the music and entertainment industry. The exceptional quality of our past PR, marketing and creative campaigns speak for themselves, with coverage in major print, online, digital and broadcast media outlets. From broadsheets to tabloids; social networks to mobile platforms - A Star PR have it covered.

Our team is comprised of passionate creatives, with unrivalled knowledge and expertise in their particular fields. Be it print press, digital, mobile or marketing consultancy, we are able to offer effective bespoke campaigns to all of our clients. If you are interested in an effective affordable campaign please contact ian.roberts@astarpr.com or ben.allen@astarpr.com or call 020 7836 1122 and quote CMU ad.
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Brad Bird to direct MI4
Tickets for Lloyd Webber's 'Oz' on sale tomorrow
Families of 7/7 victims urge 'Four Lions' boycott
BBC cuts leaker leaves the Corporation
Absolute and Absolut reach settlement
Bauer launch revamped online player
It's Manos The Greek's Brighton Fringe day out
Jonathan Brown returns with a Licence
Music festival line-up update - 6 May 2010

As expected, the UK Competition Commission has published its second verdict on the Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger and, as also expected, they have given it the all clear again.

As you'll remember, the UK's competition regulator originally approved the merger of the tour promoting venue owner and artist managing ticketing giant late last year, but were forced to re-review the deal after an appeal was launched by German ticketing group CTS Eventim. They had just entered into a lucrative ticketing deal with Live Nation and were pissed off that that partnership now had a limited lifespan given the tour promoter was now joined up with their main ticketing rival.

But the Commission has reached the same conclusion second time round, that the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster will not result in any lessening of competition in the live music or entertainment ticketing space. So there you have it.

Given the two companies have already merged, following the deal getting approval from the US competition regulator, the UK Commission's new ruling on the matter is certainly the simpler result.

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So, yesterday CMU took to the stage at Apple's Regent Street store in London to debate and advise on the best ways for new artists to launch themselves online. On the panel were five of the UK music industry's top digital music people, the head of PIAS's Digital Marketing department Darren Hemmings, Good Lizard Media director David Riley, SoundCloud's Dave Haynes, Music Glue's Mark Meharry, and Pledge Music founder and musician Benji Rogers.

CMU Publisher Chris Cooke, who chaired the panel, began proceedings by telling the assembled audience: "The internet has been a great equaliser in the music community, because it has ended the dominance a small number of companies had over the traditional routes to market. The biggest players no longer control access to consumers. They also don't really know what they are doing. This is a great opportunity for young bands, who can now reach a global audience as easily and as well as a major label signed act".

"However", he continued, "the downside is that everyone else can do that too. Plus, while there are loads of great low cost or free online services designed to help new bands, there are also far too many. How can bands use the internet to launch their careers? And what services should they bother signing up to? This is what we are here to discuss today".

All the panellists agreed that it was important to use the internet to 'engage' fans, rather than simply pump out information. David Riley said: "Be interesting and be interested. The internet is not a broadcast medium, it's a conversation", while Darren Hemmings added: "Don't just keep saying your new release is out, your fans probably already know that".

Mark Meharry said that it was important not to rush your band or music onto the internet. He told the audience: "Spend more time honing your craft, write some really good songs and buy a van! The internet is a tool for fans to spread what you're doing, but you need to excite some fans first with some great music. All the bands that have successfully used Music Glue are ones where a lot of effort was put into getting the product right first. It's a long process".

Patience was a theme which arose more than once, Riley saying: "Don't expect instant results, and spend time building a quality fanbase. The average open rate for an email newsletter is 16%, you could have 16,000 people on your list, but you might be better of just having 1600 and concentrating on engaging with them".

Elsewhere, Benji Rogers revealed: "I have a 100,000 friends on MySpace but I can't communicate with them, because I can't open my inbox, because every time I do there are 4000 pieces of spam in there. At shows, the main thing you want to do is get people to sign up to your email list. People won't necessarily remember your name or your MySpace address. But if you get their email, you can connect directly with them. Once you have a fan's email, communicate with the fan, and give them things to do. Don't beg them for money, tell them what they'll get if they join you".

Other panellists agreed building an email list of fans was important, but stressed you must use that email list responsibly, and that, even with a great mailing list, you might still use Facebook or Twitter to do a lot of your fan communications. Haynes added that, whatever channel, online fan communication was more successful if you're creative. He observed: "You don't make music, you make internet. Last week everyone was talking about the new MIA video, and it was the video more than the song because it was something creative and interesting that engaged people".

One musician in the audience asked about the logic of new bands giving away their music as free downloads - he was concerned that just giving everything away for free devalued all the effort he had made in creating his songs. But most of the panellists reckoned some sort of free track promotion was probably needed (though it needn't involve a whole album). They said such promotions should be seen as an exchange rather than a giveaway - whether the exchange be an email address, some data or simple good will. Rogers said: "Don't give anything away, trade it".

Hemmings responded: "It's about attributed value. There has to be a strategy. If you give away music away now and use that to build your fanbase, you might make your money back later. Use a service that collects data and insight, which are key to refine what you're doing". He also gave the example of an artist who had successfully built a strong fanbase using Bandcamp by giving his first release away completely free, the second for free in exchange for an email address, and then the third for £3, at which point he had a strong database and fans willing to pay for his music.

Meharry added: "In the early stages, you're not in a position to sell. Those early fans are free PR, they're the ones who will go and spread the word about your music".

And so a conclusion. Being on the internet in itself won't launch a band, but the right web-based platforms can engage and excite fans, and turn them into advocates of your music. By providing compelling and free content, and by communicating in a way suitable to your audience (and by tracking your online activity, so you know what is suitable), you can build a fanbase to the point at which they will start to pay to access your output.

Further information on the panellists is available here: www.thecmuwebsite.com/digital/. Their recommendations for the best digital services will be added to this page later today.

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Google is taking legal action to try and resolve a side issue that stemmed from US indie label Blue Destiny Records previously reported copyright infringement litigation against file-transfer service RapidShare.

As previously reported, Blue Destiny last year sued RapidShare for copyright infringement because some of the file-transfer system's users share unlicensed content via the tech firm's servers. Blue Destiny claimed RapidShare was liable for contributory infringement for not stopping their user's direct infringement.

A similar action in Germany by collecting society GEMA had forced RapidShare to look into introducing filters that tracked files being transferred via their servers and then blocked infringing content. The US indie subsequently launched its legal action despite said filters being developed. Though, interestingly, Blue Destiny then withdrew its lawsuit in March, six weeks before a German appeals court ruled RapidShare should not, in fact, operate content filters.

Anyway, Blue Destiny named Google and Microsoft's search service Bing as co-defendants in their original lawsuit on the basis that both linked to infringing files being made available via RapidShare. It was an optimistic claim, because if any court made Google liable for inadvertently linking to copyright infringing content that would have huge ramifications for the wider search engine industry.

But nevertheless, Google are keen for there to be some legal clarity on this issue, to avoid future claims by content owners that they are liable for linking to others' infringement. After Blue Destiny withdrew their RapidShare lawsuit, Google requested a commitment to not launch similar action against the search firm in the future. The label declined to provide such a commitment, hence the new legal action.

Google want the Californian courts to formally clarify that search engines are not liable for infringement if they inadvertently link to RapidShare links (or similar) that infringe copyrights, by issuing a judgement stating that the search firm never infringed any rights owned by Blue Destiny. The indie label is yet to comment.

Given it's increasingly fashionable to bash Google these days, some in the blogosphere have criticised the web firm for pursuing what some have spun as a David v Goliath lawsuit, claiming that Google bosses would never have considered taking proactive legal action on this issue if the original dispute had been with a Sony or Universal.

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Elvis Presley's former doctor, Dr George 'Nick' Nichopoulos, says in a new book that he believes the singer was actually killed by chronic constipation. In 'The King And Dr Nick', the doc says that, while he knew Presley suffered from constipation, he did not know the full extend of the condition until after an autopsy was conducted.

Nichopoulos told Fox: "The constipation upset him quite a bit because Elvis thought that he could handle almost anything, he thought he was really a man's man and he thought that this was a sign of weakness and he wasn't going to be weak. And it's not the kind of thing you table talk. Back in the 60s and 70s you didn't talk about constipation much, you didn't hear people complaining about it, or saying what they did or how much trouble they had with it".

He added that Elvis has been offered a colostomy (removal of part of the colon), but had refused. He continued: "He would get embarrassed, he'd have accidents onstage. He'd have to change clothes and come back because of the way we were trying to treat his constipation. So if they had done the colostomy then, he'd probably still be here. But it wasn't acceptable treatment at that time. Now the treatment is short".

He also explained that The King's colon was found to be more than twice the size, both in width and length, of the average person's.

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Thom Yorke has said that BP should be held criminally responsible for that oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico last week, which continues to leak over 200,000 gallons of oil into the ocean every day.

Writing on Radiohead's official website, Yorke said: "Shouldn't BP be held criminally responsible for the oil slick? Shouldn't the heads of BP be held to account? This is not just an accident. This is a terrible crime. Record profits? Nice".

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The former EMI executive who launched the Now compilation series in the US, Bob Mercer, has died aged 65.

Mercer began his music industry career in the UK in the 1970s, when he was headhunted out of General Foods to take over marketing efforts at EMI's London HQ. He went on to become EMI's MD and signed up a string of artists, including Queen, Marc Bolan and Kate Bush. He parted company with the London-based major in 1980, with some saying he'd never quite forgiven his superiors at the label for forcing him to drop the Sex Pistols in 1977.

He spent a short time working in the film industry, and a shorter time managing Paul McCartney, before becoming a partner in production and management firm Tango, which managed various artists and was active in the advertising space. He returned to the record industry after re-locating to Nashville in the early 1990s. It was there that he was hired by Polygram to launch the 'Now That's What I Call Music' brand in the US. He subsequently performed various VP roles at Polygram and, once Polygram had merged with Universal, at the Universal Music Group's UTV Records.

He later returned to the Now business, leading EMI's JV with Sony Music and Universal Music on the legendary compilations franchise.

Mercer died on Wednesday after a brief battle with lung cancer. He is survived by a wife and son.

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Black Eyed Peas track 'I Gotta Feeling' has been named the biggest selling download of all time in the US by Neilsen SoundScan, having sold 5.56 million copies via online stores in the country.

The song narrowly beat Flo Rida's 'Low', which came in at 5.53 million sales, while Lady Gaga came in third and fifth with 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face' respectively. The Black Eyed Peas also scored a second entry in fourth place with 'Boom Boom Pow'.

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Trent Reznor has assured fans that he hasn't abandoned Nine Inch Nails, despite launching a new project, How To Destroy Angels. As previously reported, the new group, which also features Reznor's wife Mariqueen Maandig and long term collaborator Atticus Ross, will release an EP later this year.

In a Q&A session on the How To Destroy Angels Facebook page, Reznor said: "This [HTDA] EP is the results of early collaboration. We were going to use all of 2010 to experiment and gestate but liked the early results and decided to share them. Next up is a full LP ([tentatively scheduled for release in] early 2011) and then MAYBE some degree of touring. This EP is a very early phase of this project. Yes, it sounds more NIN-ish than I believe it will as we progress. To me, HTDA frees me from some of the constraints I've begun to feel (primarily emotionally) in NIN. NIN is not dead and I am about to work on some material that I believe will be quite different than previous NIN very soon".

The first single by How To Destroy Angels was premiered on the Pitchfork website earlier this week and is available to buy through Amazon's download store now.

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All three original members of Wilson Philips, Chyna Phillips, Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson, have reunited for a US tour.

The news follows reports earlier this year that Phillips had sought treatment for anxiety after her half-sister Mackenzie Phillips revealed that she had engaged in a sexual relationship with their father, John Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas.

In a statement, Chyna said: "I'm thrilled that the Wilson Phillips family is coming back together again. We've known each other for more than 20 years. We're like family. I'm excited about working with the Wilson sisters again".

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JLS have reportedly been working on songs for their second album with controversial R&B star Chris Brown, who is best known, of course, for beating up former girlfriend Rihanna.

A source told The Sun: "JLS have been working in the studio with Chris. Aston [Merrygold] was really excited about it and has told pals back in the UK. He was quite starstruck. They have been writing and recording together and delivered some great stuff for the second album".

The group's new single, 'The Club Is Alive', the first to be taken from their second album, is due to premiere on Monday, ahead of its release on 4 Jul. The album itself will be released later in the year before the group embark on their first arena tour in December.

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The Chemical Brothers have released the video for their new single, 'Swoon', which will be available to buy from Monday. The track is taken from the duo's new audio/visual album, 'Further', which will be released on 17 Jun through the their own Parlophone imprint, Freestyle Dust.

You can also catch the Chemical Brothers live later this month when they will play four nights at The Roundhouse in London from 20-23 May to preview new material.

Watch the video for 'Swoon' here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCp_3zw-CxA

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Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears has revealed that the band scrapped an entire album before recording what will now be their third album, 'Night Shift'.

Shears says that the group began working on new material almost as soon as they finished promoting their 2006 album, 'Ta-Dah', telling the BBC: "We kind of went straight into it. We probably should have taken a longer break. We worked on a record for about a year and a half but we shelved it. We shelved it about a year ago. ... In my heart I knew it wasn't right. I didn't really know what it was trying to say. It left me a little bit cold".

Explaining how he got back on track with songwriting, he continued: "I just ran away - I left for Berlin and was there for a couple of months. I just forgot about songwriting and had a good time and let go a bit. That was the impetus for this album. It was more about feeling like a kid again, enjoying a certain sense of anonymity and not having to answer to anyone. I was by myself, I had a fantastic time and I think the record really reflects that".

He continued: "I knew this record was really important, it had to be great. If it wasn't great, if it wasn't something we could fully get behind and believe in, I think the band was going to be over. If we put out anything sub-standard, it was curtains for Scissor Sisters".

'Night Work' will be released on 28 Jun via Universal/Polydor. It will be preceded by a single, 'Fire With Fire', on 20 Jun.

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Riz MC has announced that he will perform a pretty amazing sounding interactive live show at Fabric in London next month. Called 'MICroscope', it will feature music from the rapper's upcoming debut album of the same name, but will also have a themed storyline which will see actors playing various part, and also see the audience become part of the performance.

At the live show and online, fans will be drawn into "a world of secret agencies, experiments, sound wars, and mind control in a battle of bass and beats. A secret corporate/government programme of Sonic Immersion for Cerebral Kinesis (SICK) hunts R12MC (Resistance AGENT 12 - music & control) who leads the MICroscope sonic resistance and are fighting back with their own sonic immersions".

An actor himself, Riz has starred in Charlie Brooker's zombie drama 'Dead Set', as well as films such as Michael Winterbottom's 'Road To Guantanamo' and Chris Morris' 'Four Lions', which is out today and completely brilliant, by the way.

Tickets for the 'MICroscope' show at Fabric go on sale on Monday, and you can also catch it at this year's Latitude festival. The 'MICroscope' album is due for release on 13 Sep, with a new single, 'Hundreds & Thousands' on 14 Jun.

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With her debut album just confirmed as reaching gold status, Marina Diamandis, aka Marina & The Diamonds, has announced her biggest UK tour to date.

Tour dates:

20 Oct: Norwich, UEA
21 Oct: Eastbourne, Winter Garden
23 Oct: Birmingham, Town Hall
24 Oct: Oxford, Regal
25 Oct: Bristol, Anson Rooms
27 Oct: Dublin, Vicar Street
31 Oct: Manchester, Ritz
1 Nov: Glasgow, Fruit Market
2 Nov: Edinburgh, Picture House
4 Nov: Newcastle, Northumbria University
5 Nov: Leeds, Leeds University
7 Nov: Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University
8 Nov: London, Roundhouse
12 Nov: Cardiff, Coal Exchange
14 Nov: Bath, Pavilion
15 Nov: Brighton, Corn Exchange

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UK-based students' music network ATOM Live and Oui Love, a project promoting the new French music scene in conjunction with the French Music Export Office, have announced two tours of the UK showcasing some of the country's most hotly-tipped new artists this month.

The first tour will feature The Shoes, Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads and Jimi's Parade, while the second will feature Revolver, Curry And Coco and Bella Diem.

You can hear a new Oui Love compilation of French music on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/frenchmusicuk/sets/oui-love-compilation-2

Tour 1 - The Shoes/Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads/Jimi's Parade:

10 May: Norwich, B2
11 May: Lincoln, Mezz Bar
12 May: Birmingham, Academy 3
13 May: Bristol, Academy 2
14 May: London, The Macbeth.
15 May: Brighton, The Great Escape

Tour 2 - Revolver/Curry And Coco/Bella Diem:

15 May: Brighton, The Great Escape
17 May: Glasgow, ABC2
18 May: Dundee, Dukes Corner
19 May: Hull, Adelphi Club
20 May: York, The Duchess
21 May: Liverpool Sound City

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BENICASSIM, Valencia, Spain, 15-20 Jul: Gorillaz have been confirmed as headliners for the Spanish fest, joining the previously announced Kasabian, Ian Brown, Vampire Weekend and The Specials. www.benicassimfestival.co.uk

EDEN FESTIVAL, Raehills Meadows, Moffat, Dumfries, Scotland, 3-5 Sep: Gil Scott-Heron, Zero 7 and Zion Train have been announced to perform at this year's Eden Festival. Other acts added to the line-up include Belleruche, 3 Daft Monkeys, Subsource and The Penny Black Remedy. www.edenfestival.co.uk

ELECTRIC PICNIC, Stradbury Hall Estate, Co Laois, 3-5 Sep: Eels and Friendly Fires have been confirmed for Electric Picnic this summer. Laurent Garnier, The Fall, Bonobo, Stornoway, Fight Like Apes and Channel One have also been added to the line-up. www.facebook.com/Electricpicnic

END OF THE ROAD, Larmer Tree Gardens, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 10-12 Sep: Modest Mouse have been announced as the final headliner at this year's End Of The Road, with Freelance Whales, Here We Go Magic, Smoke Fairies and Kath Bloom also added to the bill. www.endoftheroadfestival.com

HARD ROCK CALLING, Hyde Park, London, 26 Jun: Melissa Etheridge has been announced as the Saturday night Big Top headliner for Hard Rock Calling, with support coming from Alejandro Escovedo, Florence Rawlings, Rox, Diane Birch and Rumer. www.hardrockcalling.co.uk

KENDAL CALLING, Lowther Estate, Kendal, East Cumbria, 30 Jul - 1 Aug: First Aid Kit and Mark Chadwick are amongst the first set of acts announced for Kendal Calling, along with Unabombers and Beat Boutique. www.kendalcalling.co.uk

LATITUDE, Henham Park Estate, Suffolk, 16-18 Jul: Everything Everything, Gaggle and Beth Jeans Houghton are amongst the latest artists to be added to the Latitude line-up, along with The Good Natured, Esben And The Witch, Islet and Standard Fire. The festival has completely sold out, though, so if you don't have tickets already, hard luck. www.latitudefestival.co.uk

SONISPHERE, Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, 30 Jul - 1 Aug: CKY and Sabaton head up the latest string of acts announced to play at Sonisphere, along with All Forgotten, The Bendal Interlude, Bow And Arrow, Bury Tomorrow and many more. www.sonispherefestivals.com

STANDON CALLING, Standon, Hertfordshire, 6-8 Aug: Etienne de Cecy, The Magic Numbers and Fools Gold are amongst the latest acts confirmed to play at Standon Calling, as well as Casiokids, Filthy Dukes and Dry The River. www.standon-calling.com

SUMMER MADNESS, Carisbrooke Castle Fields, Isle Of Wight, 29 Aug: Paul Weller has been announced as the headliner for this year's Summer Madness, along with Brand New Heavies, Imelda May, The Bees, Twisted Wheel and The Chords. www.summermadness.co.uk

WAKESTOCK, Abersoch, North Wales, 2-5 Jul: The Futureheads have been confirmed for this summer's Wakestock, with Bodyrox, The King Blues and Frankie and the Heartstrings also added to the bill. www.wakestock.co.uk

WOMAD, Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, 23-25 Jul: Ozomatil, Cheikch, Tony Allen and Phantom Limb are amongst the latest additions to the WOMAD line-up, along with the likes of Stornaway and The Sounds Of West Africa. www.womad.org

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Futureheads - The Chaos (Nul Records)
There are some songs that just make you want to run around a room screaming 'woooooooo!' at the top of your lungs. The Futureheads are great at creating these kind of songs, and, you've guessed it, new offering 'The Chaos' is bloody well brimming full of them.

The Sunderland-based band have been around for seemingly ages. They've had peaks of success, particularly with 'Decent Days And Nights', 'The Beginning Of The Twist' and THAT Kate Bush cover. But - and maybe it's just me that thinks this - for the consistency of their sound, added to the fact that they're one of the liveliest and most entertaining live acts in the UK, they've never really had as big a following as they deserve, except for topping the 'indie chart' and occasionally penetrating the UK top twenty.

'The Chaos', contemporary British punk exemplified and amplified, is a true return to form for the 'heads, and a great old kick in the bum toward that imminent stardom. It's as jumpy and agile as previous records; standout tracks include the deliciously catchy, chant-filled 'The Connector', boisterously optimistic 'This Is The Life' and 'Struck Dumb', which shows the band embracing heavier, tighter guitar hooks. A truly exciting, solid record that's just great fun to listen to. TW

Physical release: 26 Apr
Press contact: The Art Of

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Warner Music's total revenue for the second quarter - so up to 31 Mar - was down 1.3% year on year, 6% on a "constant currency basis". The major blamed a slow release schedule in that period for the decline. However, cost cutting and such like meant that the major's losses were down compared to the same quarter in 2009, from $68 million to $25 million.

Needless to say, digital revenues were up, but clearly not enough to compensate for ever declining CD sales. But the losses were reportedly less that analysts expected. That was presumably why Warner Music top man Edgar Bronfman Jr was quite upbeat when presenting his latest financial report.

Bronfman traditionally gives a little nugget of industry insight when speaking to his investors, and this time he was asked whether Apple were talking to him about licensing his company's records for a Spotify-style streaming service. That Apple might bring music streams to the iTunes player has been much speculated, especially since the IT firm bought streaming music service Lala.com, and even more since it announced the Lala.com platform itself would shut later this month.

But Bronfman claimed that there were no active talks ongoing regarding an Apple streaming service, though he wouldn't be drawn on whether his company would be up for licensing such a thing or on what terms. In a previous investor phone conference he let it be known he still isn't convinced by Spotify's ad-funded free streaming system, despite Warner being signed up to that service in Europe.

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Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has apologised after graffiti to promote his forthcoming and previously reported tour, to perform Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' album, defaced a memorial wall for singer-songwriter Elliott Smith.

As part of the promotional campaign for the tour in various American cities, wheat paste was used to write an anti-war quote made by US President Eisenhower on walls. One such wall turned out to be the front of shop Solutions Audio on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The shopfront, which was used on the cover of Smith's 'Figure 8' album, has become an unofficial memorial since his death in 2003.

Waters told the LA Times: "It was absolutely an accident. I didn't want to disrespect Elliott Smith's fans, and I've instructed [the team] to remove the wheat paste immediately. It was a random pasting in the normal course of this, and I want to make it public that we had no intent to offend or cover up something precious".

Waters also told fans via Facebook that he believed that the quote, which reads: "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, represents, in the final analysis, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, who are cold and are not clothed", would be a message that Smith would have agreed with.

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