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Formed in 2005, Lucky Soul are a six-piece pop group from London. After releasing a few singles and an EP called 'Ain't Never Been Cool', the band put out their debut album, 'The Great Unwanted', in 2007. Released on their own label Ruffa Lane, the album was produced by George Shilling and received high praise from critics (not least Team CMU, if I remember rightly). The band released their second album 'A Coming Of Age' last month, and are now set to play The Great Escape in Brighton this weekend. Founding member Andrew Laidlaw took some time out to answer the Same Six ahead of this Friday's gig.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I started late, I didn't pick up the guitar til I was 20, but the rest of the band have been playing and performing since they could walk. I didn't really get going til I did my sound engineering course and spent a lot of late nights in the studio, and that's when the proto-Lucky Soul came into being.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Bit of insecurity, bit of heartache, a bit of death, the usual.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
When the lightening strikes it's a case of playing the same few chords over and over, til the pure melody takes hold. I don't usually write anything down at the start, I figure if I can't remember it then I can't expect the punters to either. These days I'll do a bit of work with our singer Ali to get the key right first. Once the song's ready for the band, there's a bit of head scratching while they work out what weird jazz chords I'm playing, but they always knock it into shape pretty quickly, despite my ill advised food metaphors. Musically I'm the weak link but, luckily, I'm in a band full of amazing musicians to hide behind.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Old stuff mostly, things with amazing melodies and arrangements. The Smiths, The Stones, Stax, Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson, Gram Parsons, Bobbie Gentry, Stereolab, loads of old soul and disco. Classic things really.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Give it a chance, eh? There's more there than meets the eye.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Well, I hope a lot of people like it, obviously, but I'll be happy if it doesn't get ignored and makes enough money to make another. Who knows? It's very hard to call, things have changed so much in the industry lately - the golden years are over and all we can do is cling on to the driftwood. There'll never be another 'Pet Sounds', but you know, we can try and we're not going to leave it so long this time.

MORE>> www.luckysoul.co.uk

LUCKY SOUL AT THE GREAT ESCAPE: Terraces at 10pm on 14 May

I thought you might appreciate something a bit upbeat this morning, so may I present The Morning Benders and 'Excuses', the opening track of their second album 'Big Echo'. Drenched in sunshine, it is what I'd imagine The Walkmen would sound like if they had been around in the 50s, and wouldn't actually be that out of place on a Jeremy Warmsley album. Lilting guitar and swaying vocals are capped off with warm strings to ensure your day is made that little bit better.

Already out in the US, 'Big Echo' will make it over to UK stores on 28 Jun, through Rough Trade, with tour dates over here promised later this year, just as soon as they get US dates with Broken Bells out of the way. You can download 'Excuses' (in exchange for your email address) via the widget on the band's website, which you'll find at the link below.



Pete Tong and industry professionals Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto and Simeon Friend proudly present the third annual Ibiza International Music Summit from Wed May 26 - Fri May 28 at the FiveStar Ibiza Gran Hotel.


Artists: Mark Ronson. David Guetta. Sasha. Erick Morillo. Annie Mac. Heidi.
Synch: Alexandra Patsavas. Jason Bentley.
Brands: Burn. Coca-Cola Group. Deutsche Telekom. Google. Sprite. Beatport. Resident Advisor.


For more information and registration visit: www.internationalmusicsummit.com

A Star PR is a dynamic creative arts company, at the forefront of innovations within the music and entertainment industry. The exceptional quality of our past PR, marketing and creative campaigns speak for themselves, with coverage in major print, online, digital and broadcast media outlets. From broadsheets to tabloids; social networks to mobile platforms - A Star PR have it covered.

Our team is comprised of passionate creatives, with unrivalled knowledge and expertise in their particular fields. Be it print press, digital, mobile or marketing consultancy, we are able to offer effective bespoke campaigns to all of our clients. If you are interested in an effective affordable campaign please contact ian.roberts@astarpr.com or sam.taylor@astarpr.com or call 020 7836 1122 and quote CMU ad.
Music Gain is acquiring record labels and catalogue. If you are thinking of selling, or have a large catalogue you want managed on your behalf, then please contact us. Introduction and spotters fees also paid. Please visit us - www.musicgain.com
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According to the Wall Street Journal, Terra Firma top man Gary 'the Guy' Hands has got the all-clear from enough of his investors to bail out EMI once again, meaning Citigroup are not now likely to seize ownership of the major next month and put it up for sale.

As much previously reported, EMI must pay over £100 million in loan fees to the US bank next month, and must demonstrate how it will do so this week. As EMI has no money, that required owners Terra Firma to find the cash. Management there also needed to get 75% of their investors to OK them transferring yet more money over to the music firm, even though that means pumping yet more cash into the equity group's most disastrous of acquisitions.

As of last week it was reported that Hands had secured commitments from his financial backers to the tune of £105 million, which is apparently enough, even though it was widely reported EMI must pay Citigroup £120 million. However, he still needed the OK from enough of those investors who were not actively contributing this time round to continue supporting the music firm.

The deadline for votes was reportedly Monday and, according to the WSJ, enough votes went in Hands' favour. Presumably enough Terra Firma investors believe there is a good enough chance that they can still make good on their original EMI investment, eventually, that now is not the right time to cut their losses and let Citigroup take control.

Of course, Hands had wanted to raise £360 million, so that EMI had next year's loan fee payment already covered, and so a mooted hole in the pension fund could be plugged. Terra Firma chiefs had told their investors that EMI needed to be able to demonstrate two to three years of relative financial security in order to sell a multi-million dollar licence-come-distribution deal for the major's recordings catalogue in North America. It's thought that, providing EMI bosses can show they won't go out of business this time next year, there is still some interest for such a deal at both Sony and Universal.

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Remember how when YouTube fell out with PRS For Music last year over royalty rates for music videos played on the Google-owned website, that a similar dispute kicked off in Germany with collecting society GEMA? Well, while PRS eventually reached a compromise with Google over video royalty rates, talks have been ongoing in Germany ever since, and yesterday they broke down somewhat acrimoniously.

The story is the same. GEMA says Google is generating billions from YouTube-style services on the back of its members' songs, but Google says that at the royalty rates currently being demanded by the collecting society they would make a loss every time a music video was played, even if they sold all the ad spots around their player.

Originally it was Google that insisted so called 'premium music content' be removed from YouTube when talks fell through with PRS and then GEMA, but now it's the German collecting society that is demanding the removal of videos which include songs owned by its members. Talking tough, they said in a statement: "Operators of online platforms which generate [revenue through] the use of copyrighted works - such as, in YouTube's case, millions in advertising revenue - must ensure that those who create these works, providing the so-called 'content', are properly remunerated".

GEMA say they are supported by a bunch of other collecting societies around the world in their stand off with YouTube - though PRS isn't one of them. Whether that means this dispute has the potential to hinder any future licensing deals between YouTube and the music publishing sector in other territories isn't clear. US societies ASCAP and BMI are among those GEMA claims to have support from.

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The Guru/Solar story continues to rumble on three weeks after the Gang Starr legend's death.

As previously reported, producer Solar, who collaborated with Guru in recent years, issued a statement shortly after his musical partner's death which, he claimed, Guru had written. Given half of the statement was used to assign to Solar control of the Guru legacy, while the other half was spent dissing the late rapper's Gang Starr partner DJ Premier, many have questioned the authenticity of the letter. Speculation that has some credibility given that various family members, and DJ Premier, have claimed that Guru never regained consciousness after slipping into a coma earlier in the year.

As well as disputing the legitimacy of the deathbed note, some have also criticised Solar over the way Guru was cared for in his final weeks. Solar claims to have single handedly taken care of the comatose rapper, but others say Guru was in a terrible state by the time of his actual death. To that end, it seems that last week an unknown person hacked into Solar's AOL account and accessed emails, photos and documents, which were then leaked on the net. The hacker claimed the leaked correspondence and files proved Solar had provided inadequate care for Guru. The producer's Twitter account and MySpace profile were also hacked.

The leaked documents also led to some online criticism being made of the PR company that has been responsible for distributing Solar's various statements to the press, including the dubious deathbed proclamation and an earlier statement attributed to Guru regarding the rapper's health.

A rep for said PR company, Yo! Promotions, told AllHipHop.com yesterday: "We have learned from [Guru's label] 7 Grand Records that Solar's official AOL e-mail account was hacked and that various e-mail communications between Solar and Yo! Promotions are currently circulating the internet. While these confidential e-mail communications contain nothing to discredit our firm's professional work in any way, we do reject such illegal actions".

Reacting to those who dispute the legitimacy of the two statements issued by them on Solar's behalf that were attributed to Guru himself, Yo! chief Kai Denninger said his company had high "ethical standards" and "verified" every statement before issuing them to the press. He concluded: "It was an honour for Yo! Promotions to work with Guru on his last projects and we will sorely miss him, both from a personal and from a professional standpoint. Our warmest condolences to Guru's family, Solar, 7 Grand Records, and Guru's loved ones".

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Damon Albarn has said that there will be more new Blur recordings in the future, but that a new album from the band is unlikely. Albarn et al contributed a new song to the recent Record Store Day of course.

Albarn told The NME: "I'm definitely going to do a few more of those seven-inches. I love the no pressure aspect. We can't do it all the time. So, I don't want anyone to think there's an album coming soon, it's not possible, but we've got songs!"

I hope Damon comes up with better lyrics on these other songs than his half-hearted effort on the recently released 'Fool's Day'.

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A New York court has dismissed that previously reported lawsuit being pursued by the woman shot by Remy Ma against the rapper's record label, Universal Records.

As previously reported, in 2008 Ma was found guilty of shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph the previous year and was sentenced to eight years in jail. The victim then launched civil proceedings against the hip hopper and her label. The claim against Universal was based on the somewhat dubious idea that by allowing Ma to include "violence in her music", and by allegedly continuing to financially support her after the shooting incident, they should somehow be liable for the shooting itself.

Universal had already had the lawsuit against them dismissed, but Barnes-Joseph's lawyer had that dismissal overturned on appeal in February, resulting in a new lawsuit being filed. But that went to court this week and judges quickly ruled that, because Remy Ma had, in fact, been dropped by Universal nine months prior to the shooting, all other claims against the record company were irrelevant. The lawsuit was duly dismissed for a second time.

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Anthrax have announced that vocalist Joey Belladonna has rejoined the band and will appear with them for their upcoming stint on the Sonisphere touring festival, alongside the other three bands which make up the 'big four' of thrash metal, Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth.

Belladonna was originally a member of the band between 1985 and 1992, when he was fired. He rejoined in 2005 as part of a reunion of the line-up which recorded the band's 'Among The Living' album, but left again in 2007.

Guitarist Scott Ian said earlier this week: "I am super-excited about this. Joey and the rest of the band came to see me play at a club in New York, I hadn't seen Joey for years, since the end of the reunion tour. Joey taps me on the shoulder, instant big hug, it felt like no time had gone by. The band dynamic is an interesting one in Anthrax, Joey and I spent so many years of our lives together, we grew up together, we know each other so well, so it was like no time was lost".

Belladonna added: "I had been in touch with Charlie [Benante, drums] and Frank [Bello, bass], then I got a call from their manager who said that everyone wanted me back in the band. I thought, 'are you guys for real? You want me up there, fronting the band like it was before?' I was thrilled. We've already started to reconnect with the old ways of having conversations. Everything is easy going and feels really good".

The Sonisphere tour begins in Warsaw, Poland on 16 Jun, making its way around Europe before the finale at Knebworth between 30 Jul and 1 Aug.

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EMI Music Publishing has extended its global agreement with songwriter and producer Greg Kurstin, one half of LA-based indie synth outfit The Bird & The Bee, who has also written tunes for the likes of Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield, The Flaming Lips, Ke$ha, Little Boots, Kylie Minogue, Sia and Donna Summer. The new deal will see the publisher represent Kurstin's existing and future catalogue globally.

Confirming the deal, EMI Publishing's North American creative chief Jon Platt told CMU: "Greg has an amazing ear for what makes a hit record. Whether he's working as a songwriter for other artists, as a producer, or as a musician on his own material, he's able to create music that connects with fans everywhere. He keeps getting better and better, and it's a privilege to be able to continue our relationship with him".

Kurstin himself added: "I'm so happy to be continuing our relationship. EMI Music Publishing has been so supportive of me over the years".

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Liam Gallagher's film production company (yes, he has one of those), In 1 Productions, has announced that it is working on a new film documenting the last two years of The Beatles' career before they split in 1970. The movie, a co-production with Revolution Films, is to be based on Richard DiLello's book, 'The Longest Cocktail Party'.

A spokesperson for In 1 productions told reporters: "This will be a film with humour and affection, providing an insider's look at what it meant to be a young man caught up in the wild swirl of the music business, celebrities and the tail end of the swinging 60s in London".

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A-ha will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of their debut album 'Hunting High & Low' by performing the album live in full for the first time ever at the Royal Albert Hall. So, that's, erm, interesting.

The anniversary show on 8 Oct will precede a farewell tour that will include UK dates in Brighton, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Bournemouth, and at the Wembley Arena. Hoopla.

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Have you bought The National's new album, 'High Violet', yet? If not, here is an iTunes link. While you go and download it, I promise not to go any further until you're back.

Back now? Okay, good. Now be excited because The National have announced that they will be back in the UK for a proper run of tour dates in November, following their show at the Royal Albert Hall last week. The band also release a new single, 'Anyone's Ghost', on 28 Jun. But, as you own the album already, this probably isn't of much interest.

Tour dates:

26 Jun: Glastonbury Festival
9 Jul: Brighton, Corn Exchange (sold out)
16 Jul: Latitude Festival
24 Nov: Bristol, Academy
25 Nov: Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre
26 Nov: Glasgow, Academy
27 Nov: Manchester, Academy
1 Dec: London, Brixton Academy

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Yeasayer have announced a new set of UK tour dates, due to take place in October, which will see the band headline The Roundhouse in London a year after supporting Bat For Lashes at the same venue. They also headline Koko in London on 26 May.

Tour dates:

19 Oct: Cardiff, Millennium Music Hall, Cardiff
20 Oct: Manchester, Academy
21 Oct: London, Roundhouse
23 Oct: Newcastle, Academy
24Oct: Glasgow, ABC

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Beach House have added a new London date at the Shepherds Bush Empire to their sporadic run of UK dates, which will please Londoners who missed out on tickets for the band's sold out Heaven show in June. You will have to wait until November for it, though.

Here are all the band's upcoming dates:

30 May: Nottingham, Dot To Dot Festival
31 May: Manchester, Dot To Dot Festival
1 Jun: London, Heaven (sold out)
26 Jun: Glastonbury Festival
23 Nov: London, Shepherds Bush Empire

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BESTIVAL, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight, 9-12 Sep: Dengue Fever, Uffie, Caribou, Jon Carter, Yuck and Justin Robertson are amongst the last set of acts announced to play Bestival this year. Other acts confirmed include Kassidy, Villa Nah, Kinds On Bridges and Toro Y Moi. www.bestival.net

EASTLEIGH MUSIC FESTIVAL, Eastleigh, Hampshire, 9-11 Jul: Badly Drawn Boy, Field Music, Peggy Sue and Haunted Stereo have all been announced to play at this summer's Eastleigh Music fest, along with Cara Dillon, Lau, Jim Moray and Bemis. www.eastleighmusicfestival.co.uk

GLASTONBURY, Worthy Farm, Somerset, 23-27 Jun: Rolf Harris, Tinchy Stryder and Yeovil Town Band have been confirmed as openers of the Pyramid Stage at this year's Glastonbury. www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

THE GREAT ESCAPE, various venues, Brighton, 13-15 May: The Cribs have been announced to play a special club show on the opening night of The Great Escape this weekend, joining the previously announced Groove Armada, Wild Beasts and Ellie Goulding. www.escapegreat.com

HARD ROCK CALLING, Hyde Park, London, 25-27 Jun: Beach House, Here We Go Magic and Lone Wolf have all been announced to play the Bella Union hosted Bandstand stage at Hard Rock Calling, along with My Sad Captain, Mountain Man, The Morning Benders, Pearly Gate Music, John Grant, Zun Zun Egui and Summer Camp. www.hardrockcalling.co.uk

HOP FARM, Hop Farm Country Park, Kent, 2-3 Jul: Blondie, Los Lobos, Imelda May and Devendra Banhart have all been added to the Hop Farm line up this summer, along with Damien Dempsey, Afro Celt Sound System, Richard Thompson, Peter Green & Friends, Tunng and Sweet Billy Pilgrim. www.thehopfarm.co.uk

SOUTH WEST FOUR WEEKENDER, Clapham Common, London, 28-29 Aug: Erick Morillo and Adam Beyer head up the latest acts announced for this year's South West 4. Also added to the line-up are Pete Tong, Kissy Sell Out, Steve Aoki and Sander von Doorn. www.southwestfour.com

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ALBUM REVIEW: UNKLE - Where Did The Night Fall (Surrender All)
UNKLE's fifth studio album is one of their best yet, an insidious mélange of styles that owes little to the trip hop beats of their Mo Wax days, and plenty to the more experimental rock groups of the 60s and 70s.

'Follow Me Down' has an angry garage rock pulse and haze of psychedelia about its swirling atmospherics; the mood is continued in the Velvets-influenced 'Natural Selection' (which is hardly a coincidence since The Black Angels - who take their name from a classic VU track - guest feature).

Elsewhere 'Joy Factory' could almost be Broadcast or even Stereolab, whilst 'The Runaway' is redolent of PJ Harvey, all tribal percussion and subtle menace.

This is effectively a rock album for those who like mood, sound and texture as much as the songs themselves, but the eclectic, non-obvious range of guest vocalists always keep things interesting and UNKLE's melodic artistry, like their production savvy, is on fine form to create a richly rewarding listen. MS

Physical release: 10 May
Press Contact: Bang On [O]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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The Great Escape kicks off in Brighton tomorrow and, as well as the previously reported Q&A interview between CMU publisher Chris Cooke and HMV CEO Simon Fox, day one of the three day music convention will also include a whole load panels and debates on the future of the music industry, with much discussion on how bands and songwriters can raise investment, make money, engage fans and get their music out to the world.

Day one of The Great Escape this year has been put together with and is sponsored by PRS For Music. Discussing the day, Jules Parker from PRS told CMU: "This year PRS For Music is partnering and sponsoring a third of the Great Escape convention - fast becoming the UK's answer to SxSW. The PRS For Music Day on Thursday promises to be an exciting day focusing on innovation in the music business and practical advice for songwriters, bands, managers or anyone trying to get their music noticed. A highlight of the day is certainly our exclusive interview with Edwyn Collins, don't miss it!"

Oh yes, Edwyn Collins. This is a last minute addition to the proceedings, with Mr Collins chatting to his manager Grace Maxwell about his career to date and his plans for the future. One assumes he'll bring up Warner Music stopping him from putting his own songs on MySpace even though they no longer controlled his catalogue. If not, I might bring it up during questions, can't beat a bit of major label dissing, especially when they are well and truly in the wrong.

More on The Great Escape at www.escapegreat.com.

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Internet service provider TalkTalk might not want to police piracy on behalf of the record industry, but they are willing to bank roll the TV franchise that is propping up one of it's major players.

The internet service provider has renewed its sponsorship of 'The X-Factor' for another three years in a deal said to be worth £20 million. It was TalkTalk's former parent company, Carphone Warehouse, that originally sponsored the Cowell franchise, before the company decided to associate its ISP brand with the pop talent show instead. TalkTalk has since been spun off as a separate company from the electronics retailer. The new deal covers sponsorship of the TV show, an online clips service, and the resulting tour.

So, TalkTalk, planning to fight the three-strikes system in court while at the same time funding 'The X-Factor'. For some in the grass roots music community that probably amounts to being fucked from both sides.

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So, this is interesting. The Academy Music Group will be entering the college music network later this year when the main building of Leicester University's students' union becomes on O2 Academy venue. AMG will operate three spaces in the union's Percy Gee building, which is currently undergoing a £15 million redevelopment - a 1450 main space and two smaller spaces of 500 and 250 capacities.

AMG aren't the first commercial venue company to dabble with the idea of running the venue operations of a students' union complex, though often the politics associated with working with union organisations and/or universities makes it more hassle than it's worth, so most live music firms interested in tapping into the student market set up shop in venues just off campus.

But as competition for students becomes more fierce among second division universities, the provision of good social and entertainment services, as well as academic courses, will become increasingly important in the higher education sector, and therefore working with professional outfits in the live entertainment space will become more attractive. Especially for those universities - which is most of them - who have never managed to fully realise the potential of the gig and club facilities that exist within their real estate.

Confirming the Leicester University partnership, AMG CEO John Northcote told CMU: "Students now choose where to study based on the social and cultural aspects of a town or city, as well as the university's academic reputation, and it is a positive step to introduce the O2 Academy brand to Leicester in partnership with the students' union. It's refreshing to work with likeminded individuals within this sector, aiming to improve facilities and live entertainment. O2 Academy Leicester will put the city back on the touring circuit as a primary destination, with all live gigs open to the general public as well as students".

The boss of Leicester's SU, Trevor Page, added: "This stunning development will bring our union into the 21st century and establish Leicester as the university of choice for aspiring students", while the union's Student Officer said: "In years gone by, the Percy Gee building welcomed gigs from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Jam and The Smiths and by working with Academy Music Group, we will once again attract top quality acts that music fans associate with O2 Academy venues nationwide".

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Independent label Epitaph Records has announced details of its new European management team, following the departure of former chief Hein van der Ree who, as previously reported, has taken over as top man at Dutch collecting society Buma/Stemra. Epitaph Europe will now be run by newly appointed MD Roger Dorresteijn and new Director Of Operations MJ de Winter.

Label owner Brett Gurewitz told CMU: "For over fifteen years Hein Van Der Ree has been responsible for Epitaph's unique and enduring success in Europe. Now that he's found it time for a change, it's with bittersweet regard that I wish him congratulations on his prestigious new position and the very best of everything life has to offer. He will always be part of the family. I'm happy to announce the appointment of Epitaph's senior executive Roger Dorresteijn to the position of Managing Director and his able colleague MJ de Winter to Director of Operations".

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Universal Music's revenues were down 13.4% to 889 million euros, and profits were down 38.2% to 68 million euros, in the first quarter of the current financial year. Even digital revenue was down, 1.7%. Bosses say that weak record sales in Europe and Asia were to blame. Could it be that even the mighty Universal is now feeling the real bite of the ever declining record industry?

Phillippe Capron, CFO of parent company Vivendi, told investors that the major continued to adapt and review its digital operations, and also talked up Vevo, the major's US-based ad-funded video-providing web JV with Sony Music, which he reckoned is doing rather well.

On the up side, Vivendi itself had a rather good first quarter, thanks in the main to the good

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Word has it Google has already removed Lala.com streams from its multi-media music search service.

As previously reported, Google last year launched OneBox in the US, which allows people who search for artists or tracks via the search engine to listen to music directly through the Google platform. The music is actually serviced by one of two streaming music partners, Lala.com or MySpace-owned iLike, both of whom hoped to get extra exposure and click-throughs by being part of the search service. Their involvement saves Google from having to go to the expensive business of setting up and licensing their own streaming platform.

But, of course, Lala.com is now owned by Google rivals Apple, and they've announced plans to shut down the streaming music platform at the end of the month. It is with that in mind that Google have seemingly switched all OneBox streams over to iLike. Of coursem if MySpace also collapses later this year, which it may well do, that would leave the Google streaming service stream-less.

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Radar Music Videos, the online network that enables bands and labels to connect with both established and up and coming music video directors, has officially launched after a year in beta.

Radar allows bands and labels to post briefs and budgets for their video needs, which signed up directors can then choose to pitch for. Labels can also utilise Radar's platform to promote their videos online and across broadcast networks. Fatboy Slim is the latest artist to commission a video through the network, while Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip recently commissioned a video from up-and-coming director David Fishel via the service.

Radar founder and CEO Caroline Bottomley told CMU: "Over the past year Radar has been one of the music industry's best kept secrets, utilised by a select group of independent labels and artists. Now we're ready to open up to the world and offer this unique service to everyone who needs a video. Before Radar existed the process for any unsigned or independent artist to get a quality video made was extremely difficult. We've lowered the barrier to entry, as well as giving film-makers the chance to work with the next big things in music, make money and grow their showreels".

Check Radar out at www.radarmusicvideos.com

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Glasgow-based FM station Clyde 1 have signed up the marvellous Jim Gellatly to present a new Saturday afternoon show while their Winter-time football-based programme is off the air. Called 'Jim Gellatly's A To Z Of Rock & Pop', it will play a wide range of music and feature lots of reminiscing by Jim of the artists featured.

Probably best known as Mr New Music on Xfm Scotland, when there was such a thing, Jim has been found on BBC Radio Scotland and, more recently, Aberdeen's Original 106 since X went off air North of the border. The new Clyde show won't follow the usual breaking new bands format, but should be a great listen, taking in all sorts of classic pop old and new.

Jim told CMU: "I may have a reputation for breaking new music, but I've got wide tastes that I think reflect Clyde 1's audience, and I can't wait to come on board. I was the first person in the world to play acts like Biffy Clyro, Amy Macdonald and The Fratellis, but I've a passion for classic pop music, old or new. I'm really excited about sharing my love for the music, and it's a real thrill to be part of such a strong line-up at Clyde 1".

Radio Clyde's Programme Director, Paul Saunders, added: "I am delighted that Jim is joining the Clyde 1 team. Jim has a huge passion for all genres of music and will create a unique show on a Saturday afternoon during the summer months".

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Hey look, people, it's the music videos that are playing this week on the Subtv network of video screens in students' unions around the UK. New additions marked with a *. More info on all things Subtv from DavidLloyd@sub.tv.

A List
Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
Biffy Clyro - Bubbles
Diana Vickers - Once
Ellie Goulding - Guns And Horses
Faithless - Not Going Home
Foals - This Orient
Hot Chip - I Feel Better
Kelis - Acapella
Laura Marling - Rambling Man
LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls*
Marina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
Pendulum - Watercolour
Plan B - She Said
Professor Green - Need You Tonight
TV Rock feat. Rudy - In The Air (Axwell remix)
Usher feat. will.i.am - OMG

B List
Blood Red Shoes - Don't Ask
B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You
Deftones - Diamond Eyes*
Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
General Fiasco - I'm Not Made Of Eyes
Iyaz - Solo*
Jack Johnson - You And Your Heart
Jamie Lidell - The Ring
Jay-Z - On To The Next One
Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo*
Kele - Tenderoni*
The Joy Formidable - Popinjay
Roll Deep - Good Times
Villagers - Becoming a Jackal

Tip List
Born Ruffians - What To Say*
Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Sick Tonight*
Field Music - Let's Write A Book*
Lethal Bizzle & Nick Bridges feat. Luciana - Go Go Go
The Like - He's Not A Boy*
Matt Abbott - I Love This City*
NightBus - I Wanna Be You*
Operator Please - Back And Forth
Smiler - Enza*
We Are Scientists - Nice Guys*

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Lady Gaga has denied that she plans to take a break from performing because of exhaustion. Following various rumours that ill-health might result in her Monster Ball world tour being put on hold, the Gaga-meister told fans at a gig in Sweden last weekend that she's enjoying her fame so much, she doesn't plan to slow down until she's dead. So, September, possibly.

She told her audience: "You know when people say, 'Lady Gaga's really tired; she needs to take a break'. I just think about all those times I sang in bars when nobody was singing my lyrics. I'll sleep when I'm dead, OK?"

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