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Having established himself as one of the UK's most talented purveyors of alt-country, former Grand Drive main man Danny George Wilson co-opted the title of a Roald Dahl book for his current venture. The band spent the beginning of this year acting as main support for Fionn Regan, as well as appearing as special guests on tour with The Duke & The King. The band released single 'Restless Feet' in April, followed shortly by their critically acclaimed album 'Streets Of Our Time' via Loose Records. Ahead of their gig at Liverpool Sound City on 22 May, we caught up with Danny to ask the Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
My Dad always played us great music, instilled the romance of great music in us and showed us how beautiful songs can be the backdrop, the soundtrack to your life. My folks told us that you can do whatever you want to do - if you believe in it - 'Field Of Dreams' and all that. I became obsessed with blues, jug band music, skiffle, soul and folk music as a young teenager and subsequently became something of a historian about it all. I could talk knowledgeably about Rev Gary Davis, Woody Guthrie, Bukka White, James Carr, Wanda Jackson and Hank Williams - all of the greats and all the so so ones, too. I wanted to be a Buddy Holly, a Gene Vincent. I bought a guitar and taught myself to play. My brother learnt to play piano and Hammond organ and we vowed to be up there with Dan Penn, Willie Nelson, Goffin and King, hey, Springsteen - we wanted to write the songs that meant something to folks, your wedding song, your funeral song, your getting ready to face the world song - THE songs! We made bands, and then made records and here we are...

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
The beauty and the hardship of life I guess - ain't they all? Love and the way the world turns. Love and the square peg. Love and the path less travelled. Love and the truth. It's all about the romance of home, the romance of the road, the fire that burns and the River Wandle.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
I write words and music as a rule - that's what I do in the shed with the hidden bottle of tactical nuclear penguin and the cricket on the wireless. Then at some point, when I've got a clutch of songs, I send the word to The Champs and we'll get together at the farm and pretty much just play em into the machine. It never takes more than a few days - I lost my patience some years back, and never regained it. I love being with loved ones - family, friends, both - and drink a glass to the beauty of it all - that's how we record, a party, a gathering.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
All the Hanks - Chinaski, Williams, Marvin and Snow. Stax, Motown, Heavenly, Fame. The Charlies - Rich, Patton and Ray. The Jacks - Kerouac, Flash and Elliot (the Ramblin' one), the Bobs - Zimmerman, Robertson, and Johnson, and of course the three Ronnies - Lane (God rest his soul), Hawkins and Tutt. And Peter Blake - he's a genius.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I'd hope it was at a show - it's the best way to hear, breathe, live music. I'd want to play my heart and soul out and then hopefully get to have a few drinks at the bar with folks. I hate the distance between band and audience that 'brit pop' seemed to celebrate - it's a collaboration, a conversation, a connection, a happening. We're all a part of a night, all in control, all not in control - fuck being promoted to, fuck smoke and mirrors - let's live in real time together, what are we doing here? Where are we going now?

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
We're gonna play in your town - wherever that may be - and then again and then again. We're gonna write your wedding song or your funeral song or your just getting ready to face the world tune. We're gonna raise a glass with and to you. We're never giving up on the good shit and we're gonna do it all over again. And then I'm gonna leave the building.

MORE>> myspace.com/dannyandthechampionsoftheworld1


It's about time we had some proper pop in this slot again, so let's fill it with Lights. Canadian popster Lights Poxleitner - she changed her name by deed poll from Valerie - released her debut single, 'Drive My Soul', in 2008, picking up a Juno Award for New Artist Of The Year the following year, plus a nomination for Pop Album Of The Year for her debut long player, 'The Listening'.

Her main influence, apparently, is Björk, she also admires The Knife, and has covered the likes of Rancid and Bring Me The Horizon. But if you can spot any of those artists in her music, I will give you a prize. There is very occasionally a glimpse of Imogen Heap, and maybe the vocals of Gwen Stefani, in there, but really this is pure modern pop. If you're still with me, check out recent single 'Ice' as your starting point.

'The Listening' got its UK release this week, and you can catch Lights live at various shows around the UK until the end of the month.


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'Bellamy's People' dropped by Beeb
Sheen to play Hamlet at the Young Vic
'Mock The Week' creators plan new improvised TV show
BBC cuts leaker leaves the Corporation
Absolute and Absolut reach settlement
Bauer launch revamped online player
Canada to take over London
Music festival line-up update - 19 May 2010
The lady of the moon returns to the Fringe

Quite how it was that neither Universal Music nor the girl group's management ever thought to trademark the highly valuable Sugababes brand isn't clear, but as such an oversight brings us fun stories like this one, who are we to complain? The current Sugababes have responded to the previously reported trademark claim launched by former Babe Mutya Buena.

As I'm sure you remember, Buena, a founder member of the group, applied to the Trademark And Design Registration Office Of The European Union (or OHIM, as it likes to be known) for ownership of the Sugababes name in November last year, with it officially marked as pending in March. The singer's lawyers, Kilburn & Strode, told the BBC that they were "hopeful" that the application would be approved and added that, although the other two founder members of the group, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy, were named on the application, Buena is the "sole applicant".

The group's current longest serving member, Heidi Range, initially said that there was no contest, telling Radio 1: "Our record company [Universal/Island] owns the name so there's no conversations about who owns the name". However, a search of the OHIM database showed that Buena's application was the first they had received for the Sugababes mark.

Earlier this month, the band and Universal/Island both separately submitted notices of opposition to Buena's claim. A spokesman for the label told the BBC yesterday: "Contractually, we are entitled to the use of the name Sugababes in connection with records and films. We are just protecting that right".

If Buena's claim is successful, it could block the current line-up of the group from using the Sugababes name in sound and video recordings, printed materials and for the purposes of entertainment. Which doesn't leave them with many places to go. However, because of the "similarity of the goods and services" listed on the claim to those currently on offer from the active group, Universal/Island argue in a letter to OHIM that if the trade body did rule in favour of Buena "there is a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public".

Buena, meanwhile, is working on her second solo album. The Sugababes are working on their eighth (assuming you count all eight as being by the same band).

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It was those crazy Parliamentary Jazz Awards last night, the annual PPL-sponsored awards bash for the UK jazz genre, which takes place at the House Of Commons. Hosted by Paul Gambaccini in front of an audience of jazzy and political types, the winners were as follows:

Jazz Musician: Mark Lockheart
Jazz Album: The Gareth Lockrane Septet - No Messin
Jazz Ensemble: Nigel Price Organ Trio
Jazz Venue: Jazz Bar (Edinburgh)
Jazz Journalist: Mike Flynn
Jazz Broadcaster: Alyn Shipton
Jazz Publication: Jazzwise
Jazz Educator: Dr Kathy Dyson
Services To Jazz: Brian Blain

Commenting on this year's winners, MP chap Michael Connarty told CMU: "The MPs are bowled over by the enormous growth and skill within the jazz industry all across the UK. Our awards this year wanted to reflect and highlight our musicians' commitment to the creative industries as well as their diverse talent. Hopefully they will be supported by general businesses and communities in their local areas to allow such talent to continue".

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Queen Latifah will host this year's BET Awards, it has been announced. These are the annual awards staged by the black-orientated US TV network, which have something of a music bias but also dish out gongs for acting and sports achievements.

Noms wise, Jay-Z has five this year putting him ahead of the pack. Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz and Melanie Fiona all get four nominations each, while the 'treated with weird respect by parts of the American R&B and hip hop community despite him being a tedious teen pop tyke' Justin Bieber is up for Best New Artist.

The awards will take place on 27 Jun. Full noms are here: www.bet.com/betawards.

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After thirteen years and five albums, acclaimed progressive metal band Isis have announced that they will split when their current round of touring and the recording of one final EP has been completed.

In a statement, the band said: "Isis has reached an end. It's hard to try to say it in any delicate way, and it is a truth that is best spoken plainly. This end isn't something that occurred over night and it hasn't been brought about by a single cataclysmic fracture in the band. Simply put, Isis has done everything we wanted to do, said everything we wanted to say. In the interest of preserving the love we have of this band, for each other, for the music made and for all the people who have continually supported us, it is time to bring it to a close".

The band's final show will be in Montreal on 23 Jun (the same city in which they played their first gig), before finishing work on their last batch of studio recordings for an EP release, and compiling live material for future release.

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N-Dubz have signed a US record deal with Universal's Def Jam label, the band's Tulisa Contostavlos revealed earlier this week. But don't tell anyone, because it's a secret.

On Tuesday, Tulisa spent the day teasing fans on Twitter with the news that she was about to do "something really exciting", before posting a picture of herself signing the contract along with the message "I just signed our deal with Def Jam! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez $£$£$" that afternoon.

However, the photo was later removed and replaced with: "Alright, my bad. We're doing an exclusive. Can everyone not retweet that til tomorrow?"

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Catherine AD will release a new EP, entitled 'Skeleton Songs', on 7 Jun through Outsiderhood. The follow-up to last year's 'Carry Your Heart' EP, it features yet more of her very fine songs, all of which are topped off with some impressive vocals.

You can also catch Catherine live at The Enterprise in London on 21 May (otherwise known as this Friday), and download one of the new EP's songs, 'Missiveh', for free at soundcloud.com/stayloose/catherine-a-d-missiveh

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Funeral For A Friend have announced two gigs at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London in July to bid farewell to guitarist Darran Smith who, as previously reported, is leaving the group. The shows will see the band play their debut album, 'Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation', in its entirety.

Drummer Ryan Richards said of the gigs: "As sad as we are to see Darran leave, these shows will be guaranteed to give him a great send off. We played 'Casually Dressed...' in its entirety when we toured it back in 2003/4 and never really planned to do that again, but obviously with it being Darran's last shows it seems like a perfect opportunity to play the record for the final time".

Smith himself added: "I'm really excited about these shows, it's gonna be great playing the whole of Casually Dressed... plus they're gonna be some of my last shows with Funeral and I'll be going out with a bang!"

The shows will take place on 22 and 23 Jul. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

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Balkan folk duo A Hawk And A Hacksaw have announced that they will be over in the UK for a few shows in August. As well as core members Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost, their live band will be filled out by trumpet player Sam Johnson and Issa Malluf on dumbek and riq (of course). Amongst the setlist, fans will be able to hear songs from the group's forthcoming fifth album.

Tour dates:

3 Aug: London, Café Oto
4 Aug: Liverpool, Kazimier
5 Aug: Sheffield, The Harley
6 Aug: Standon Calling

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Frank Turner has announced that he will release 'Try This At Home', the fourth single from his latest album 'Poetry Of The Deed', on 2 Aug. By then, he will have played a lot of gigs around the world, including two in the UK with Green Day.

But let's get back to this single. Turner hasn't yet recorded a b-side for it, and he can't be bothered to write one. As a result, he's asking fans to submit songs for him to record. Two songs will be selected, one from the UK and one from the US. UK fans should head to www.xtramilerecordings.com for more details.

Now, here are his UK and Ireland tour dates:

23 May: Wood Festival
27 May: Birmingham, Academy
28 May: Belfast, Mandela Hall
29 May: Dublin, Academy 2
30 May: Cork, Cypress Avenue
16 Jun: Manchester, Cricket Ground (supporting Green Day)
19 Jun: London, Wembley Stadium (supporting Green Day)
25 Jun: Glastonbury Festival
26 Jun: Glastonbury Festival
11 Jul: T In The Park
15 Jul: Larmer Tree Festival
16 Jul: 2000 Trees Festival
17 Jul: Latitude Festival
27 Aug: Leeds Festival
28 Aug: Reading Festival
12 Dec: London, Academy Brixton

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BIG CHILL FESTIVAL, Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire, 5-8 Aug: Lily Allen, Paloma Faith, The Magic Numbers and Chrome Hoof have all been confirmed to play at this summer's Big Chill, with the likes of Martina Topley-Bird, The Phantom Limb and The Temperance Society also added to the line-up. www.bigchill.net

BLOODSTOCK, Catton Hall, Derby, 13-15 Aug: Appearing as special guests of an as yet unnamed headline act, Meshuggah have been confirmed to play at this year's Bloodstock festival. www.bloodstock.uk.com

GUILFEST, Stoke Park, Guildford, 16-18 Jul: Ali Campbell, Alvin Stardust, Young Knives and 65daysofstatic are amongst the latest acts to be announced for Guilfest this summer, along with South Central, The Dirty Disco, Futures and many more. www.guilfest.co.uk

RHYTHM FESTIVAL, Twinwood Arena, Clapham, Bedfordshire, 20-22 Aug: Donovan has been announced as the Saturday night headliner for Rhythm Festival this summer, joining the likes of Billy Bragg, The Damned and 10cc. www.rhythmfestival.com

SONISPHERE, Knebworth House, 30 Jul - 1 Aug: Skindred and 65daysofstatic head up the latest bunch of acts confirmed to play at the metal fest this year, along with Throats, Sylosis, Black Spiders, The Casino Brawl and The Xcerts. uk.sonispherefestivals.com

SUMMER SUNDAE WEEKENDER, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, 13-15 Aug: Teenage Fanclub and Catherine AD complete the line-up for this year's Summer Sundae Weekender, joining the previously announced Mumford & Sons, Seasick Steve, Local Natives and Fanfarlo. www.summersundae.com

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ALBUM REVIEW: Steve Mason - Boys Outside (Domino/Double Six)
Ex-Beta Band man Steve Mason has had a turbulent few years since the band split; suffering from depression, 'Boys Outside' seems like a cathartic release. Produced by unashamed pop maestro Richard X this album showcases some beautiful songs and harks back somewhat to the very best stuff the Beta Band did on their first three EPs.

The opening line on the album, from 'Understand My Heart', goes "Sometimes when I'm alone at night I surround myself with what I think's right/Then I find I'm awake until it's light" and is a good indicator of what is to come, with a nod to troubles and then a chorus which points to isolation. Second track 'Am I Just A Man' is my favourite, with its lovelorn confusion set to a pop backing. The title track is also a winner and is perhaps the one which deals with depression head on the most. Mason's voice has always been able to phrase a lyric in a unique and interesting way while sounding like he really means it, and these seem to be some of the most personal songs he has written.

Most of the album is suffused with melancholy and heartbreak, though I should hasten to point out that while this album may lyrically deal with depression, it is far from being depressing. Mason's lyrics are not so explicit as to be overbearing, and the musical backing created with Richard X is actually uplifting.

While perhaps not as out-there as the Beta Band at their best, and without the grooves that would meld themselves into your brain and go on for ten minutes, this still shows more creativity than the average singer-songwriter type and we can only hope that Mason carries on in this vein for many years to come. IM

Physical release: 3 May
Press contact: Domino IH [NP], La Digit [O]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Liverpool Sound City kicked off in, well, Liverpool yesterday, with two conference strands, one aimed at industry people and another specifically geared towards rising artists, which included CMU organised workshops on making it as a band and how to make money out of music in the digital age.

Other conference events taking place yesterday included discussions on the DIY model, the state of music publishing, the ins and outs of being a jobbing songwriter, and the role of sex and (mainly) drugs in the world of rock n roll. Look out for a report on the latter on the CMU News-Blog later today, along with ongoing coverage of this year's Sound City, which will appear online through till Saturday, and in the CMU Daily tomorrow and on Monday.

The gigs part of Sound City also got properly underway last night, with more showcases galore due to take place around the city through till Saturday. Holy Fuck, Rox, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Goldhawks, Bridezilla, The Boy Done Good and Wilko Johnson are among the acts due to play tonight, alongside a screening of the Julien Temple film 'Oil City Confidential', and a Q&A involving the seminal director.

Don't forget, Peter Guy from Liverpool music blog GetIntoThis.co.uk has compiled a Spotify playlist featuring bands playing LSC this year, which you can access at www.thecmuwebsite.com/playlists

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Imagine how raucous the ceremony where they dish out the Best CRM Loyalty Programme award must be.

Well, that annual party to end all parties took place this week, people. And the flagship prize at this year's Marketing Week Engage Awards went to none other than HMV for their purehmv plastic card what not. It's a loyalty card HMV boss Simon Fox was very keen to big up when he was interviewed by CMU's Chris Cooke at The Great Escape last week (he was also keen to stress you had to buy the HMV loyalty card, which, he reckoned, made it feel more special), so I'm sure he's pleased.

HMV fought off tough competition from Customer Relationship Management teams at O2, Coke, Walker's Crisps and Barclaycard to take the prize for their year old loyalty programme.

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There's been much speculation this week regarding the future of Matter, the nightclub complex within the O2 dome run by the team behind Fabric. Despite the magnificent credentials of its sister club, and a pretty good programme of club nights, Matter has seemingly struggled, partly because of the location of the Dome, which is hard to get to and from late at night once the Jubilee Line closes. According to Music Week, Matter made a million pound loss in year one and the company who runs it has £3 million worth of creditors.

Following all that speculation, Matter confirmed yesterday it would close for the summer, but with plans for a relaunch in the autumn. The official statement on the matter (no pun intended, honest) reads: "We can confirm that the Matter nightclub has temporarily closed over the summer period with a view to re-launching later in the year. This decision has been taken by the owners of Matter. The reopening will be considered over the course of the next few months and we will keep you advised when further information is available".

Some doom and gloom mongerers are already questioning whether Matter will, in fact, ever reopen. It will be a blow for Dome operators AEG if it doesn't, though. Word has it that, while the Arena part of the The O2 does very well indeed when the right acts are booked in, not all the periphery facilities have enjoyed the same level of success, partly hindered by the fact hanging out at the complex is a bit like hanging out in a slightly grim shopping centre.

Not all of the outer rim of the Dome is even in use yet, and originally there were plans to open a theatre and other venues alongside the main arena, though if some of those already open are struggling to make ends meet, AEG may not find partners willing to come on board to run periphery venues. However, it should be noted, the Dome's public transport issues are most problematic for late night entertainment facilities like Matter.

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Following the news that The Pirate Bay was moving server hosts this week, following that previously reported ruling against the rogue BitTorrent service's former hosts in the Hamburg court, it transpired yesterday that it was the Swedish Pirate Party that would be hosting the file-sharing site from now on.

Although The Pirate Party is often referred to as "the political wing" of The Pirate Bay, the file-sharing website and the anti-copyright political organisation have not previously been formally linked; though support for the Pirate Party in Sweden did rise considerably after the high profile court ruling against the founders and funder of the Bay last year.

After the Bay went temporarily offline this week, seemingly as it moved its physical home, the Pirate Party told IT website The Register they were now the file-sharing service's hosts, though they were slightly vague about exactly what they were hosting, and whether the Party themselves owned the servers that would host the site.

The party's Rick Falkvinge said: "We're not running the servers as such; we're just the last link in the chain. We are the Pirate Bay's ISP for the homepage and search engine but not for the other parts of the site". He added that his Party's servers were located in a former Cold War bunker under Stockholm, and that he was confident they had the bandwidth and funds to host the popular file-sharing network.

Assuming The Pirate Party is hosting the file-sharing site, it remains to be seen how soon it is until they face some sort of legal action from the music or movie industries. Falkvinge seems to be relying on his party having some success in the forthcoming Swedish parliamentary elections, and will then use his power to circumvent any copyright action. Which sounds rather like wishful thinking on at least two levels.

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The Office Of Fair Trading has said it will not investigate Project Canvas, the previously reported collaboration between the BBC, ITV and BT, and others, to develop a standard platform for providing video-on-demand services to Freeview and Freesat viewers. The project has been criticised by some, most notably Sky and Virgin, who offer rival VoD platforms, who say that for so many broadcasters and net firms to collaborate is anti-competitive.

However, while the OFT did step in when the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 tried to actually go into business together and launch a jointly owned VoD service (what eventually became SeeSaw, but without direct BBC, ITV or C4 involvement because of OFT and Competition Commission concerns), they seem to have no problem with those companies and others collaborating on VoD standards, which means that tech companies can more easily make set-top boxes that will work with all network's on-demand services.

The difference, the OFT says, is that Project Canvas is just a technology-based collaboration, and not an actual VoD service that will utilise BBC, ITV and C4 content archives. It was the market dominance those broadcaster's archives could deliver that raised competition concerns with SeeSaw.

Virgin Media have already criticised the ruling, and Sky presumably will follow suit anytime now.

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As expected, a UK radio scrappage programme will be launched by the people trying to get everyone in the UK listening to digital radio rather than sticking to old school FM. The idea of such a programme, where by customers get a discount on a new digital radio if they trade in their old analogue one, was first mooted as being on Digital Radio UK's agenda earlier this year. The scheme aims to get as many analogue radios out of the system as possible before the 2015 target of transferring the majority of radio services from FM to the DAB network.

Stephen Fry, Gaby Roslin, Noddy Holder and Gabby Logan are among the c'lebs who will promote the scheme, which will begin this weekend and run till late June. Radios part exchanged won't be scrapped, but will be reconditioned and sent to the Children's Radio Foundation in Southern Africa and Unicef, giving youngsters access to radio programmes. Pure, Roberts, Sony, Argos, Comet, John Lewis and Tesco will all collaborate in the programme.

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Paul McCartney has claimed that The Beatles would have easily won 'X-Factor', had they had the chance as a new act. Though not if they were playing their early songs. I'm not really sure he's understood how 'X-Factor' works.

Anyway, he told The Daily Record: "I think we'd have won it. Seriously. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh would have been all over us like a wet washcloth. If you're talking of The Beatles on 'Love Me Do' - there's doubt. But if you're talking of when we'd developed some of our better songs ...we'd cream em".

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Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz has revealed that he had to walk around with an erection for two days after experimenting with Viagra on a tour of Asia.

Kaulitz told Bild: "I first asked the seller: 'Do I look like someone who needs help with that?' He said: 'No', but that I should nevertheless try it out. I popped one in. I popped a few more pills, probably too many. The next morning my head was pounding and everything in front of my eyes was blurry. It wasn't fun any more. It was pretty bad".

He added: "Unfortunately there were situations where it just wasn't appropriate".

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