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So, it's Eurovision Weekend, which either means you're having a party to celebrate, or you'd best do everything you can to avoid BBC1 and (probably) Twitter tomorrow evening, depending on your viewpoint on the big Song Contest. It's also the Bank Holiday Weekend, so no CMU Daily on Monday, but we'll be back on Tuesday in a June-like fashion. Meanwhile, here's the big five stories from the music biz in the last week.

01: BBC Trust consultation deadline passed. This was the public consultation on BBC management's Strategy Review, which, amongst other things, includes the proposals to shut 6music and the Asian Network. Most of the music industry trade bodies lined up to diss those plans as the consultation deadline approached; some published the submissions they had made to the Trust. The Save 6 community, meanwhile, staged a second demo outside Broadcasting House last weekend. It remains to be seen if either radio station will now be saved. CMU report | Beehive City Save 6 rally report

02: Speculation grew about the future of Fabric. Last week's announcement that sister club Matter will shut its doors for at least the summer months, was followed by reports this week that numerous redundancies had occurred at Fabric HQ. This led to speculation that the whole Fabric empire might go under, with the Fabric company saddled with Matter's £3 million debts. Still no word on those rumours from Fabric management, though they have confirmed it will be business as usual at the club this weekend. CMU report | Resident Advisor report

03: Celebrities launched music companies. First Craig David announced he was launching a publishing company to handle his own songs catalogue and to sign up other songwriters, then 'American Idol' judge Ellen DeGeneres announced she was setting up a label, seemingly after falling in love with YouTube sensation Greyson Chance when he guested on her TV show and deciding she wanted to launch his pop career herself. Meanwhile, at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, Sony A&R man Mike Pickering announced that Calvin Harris - who launched his own label earlier this year - had been given an A&R role at the recently relaunched Deconstruction, the Sony dance imprint Pickering founded. CMU reports: Craig David | Ellen DeGeneres | Calvin Harris

04: McFly banned a gay message board from hosting their pictures, then didn't. Moderators at FM Forums announced McFly's management had asked that they stop their users from uploading half-naked photos of the band for other users to, erm, enjoy - not on copyright grounds, and not because they mind the band's gay fanbase perving at their pictures, but because they were stressing about how a set of new promo photos and some of the band's personal private photos had leaked online. Later they said that there was no need for a ban providing FM Forum chiefs stopped the leaked photos from appearing on their site. CMU report | FM Forum statement

05: Apple grow bigger than Microsoft as iPad arrives in UK. Despite Microsoft once being a giant next to the tiny Apple Computers in terms of market cap (share price multiplied by number of shares), the decline of the former and unstoppable growth of the latter means Apple is now the bigger of the IT firms. Of course, being big has its downsides. There were reports this week US anti-trust regulators were investigating claims Apple misused its dominance in the digital music space to pressure labels to not participate in an Amazon MP3 promotion. CMU report | An interesting Marketwatch comment

And that's it. Look out for your artist news digest in the form of a big fat CMU Weekly this afternoon, complete with a Spotify playlist lovingly created for your pleasure by Russell Lissack from Bloc Party - sign up to get it if you haven't already: www.thecmuwebsite.com/subscribe

Chris Cooke
Business Editor, CMU Daily

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Innervisions at CAMP Basement
Situated just off the Old Street roundabout, new temporary (it has a two year licence, apparently) bar and venue the City Arts & Music Project has played host to a wide variety of great acts since opening. Andy CMU has already been down twice this week to see two very different gigs in its dank basement, spanning electronica to punk, and tonight will see the venue's eclectic programme take another turn.

The owners of excellent deep house label Innervisions, Âme (aka Kristian Raedle and Frank Wiedemann) and Dixon, will be jetting over from Berlin for what looks like a great night. You can expect their DJ sets to explore the furthest reaches of deep house (or the deepest reaches, I suppose). Dixon, in particular, is known for his extended sets which are built methodically and designed to take clubbers on a journey from beginning to end.

Friday 28 May, CAMP Basement, 70-74 City Rd, London, EC1Y 2BJ, 12-7am, £10adv, more info from www.thecamplondon.com, press info from Ali Tillett at Warm Music


We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual who will be responsible for managing a well established and respected licensed venue. You will primarily be responsible for planning and delivering a diverse events and entertainments programme to meet the needs of our students and external customers, offering quality services and facilities in a safe and enjoyable environment. You will have at least two years management experience in the entertainment industry. You must be capable of working within agreed budgets and be driven by quality and results. The position is a hands- on operational one and involves working nights and weekends.

If you have the skills to meet this challenge, please contact Keele University Students' Union on 01782 733 700 or see www.kusu.net/kusu_vacancies. Closing date: 9 Jun 2010. Interviews will be held week commencing 14 Jun 2010. KUSU is committed to being an equal opportunity employer.

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Sign up before the 31 May and you'll get to go to a free event training day run by Live Nation and the O2 academies near you in June. Industry experts will help you to plan, promote and raise money at your Oxjam event. You'll also get to meet other amazing Oxjam Event Organisers from around the country to swap ideas and advice, and together form the biggest line-up of any music festival in the UK!

Don't miss out, sign up on the Oxjam website today... www.oxfam.org.uk/oxjam
Music Gain is acquiring record labels and catalogue. If you are thinking of selling, or have a large catalogue you want managed on your behalf, then please contact us. Introduction and spotters fees also paid. Please visit us - www.musicgain.com
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Ivors dished out in London
Vaizey to have both culture and business remit
Parliament dishes out its jazz gongs
Industry bodies send final save 6 pleas to BBC Trust
BBC Trust's 6music consultation deadline approaches
George Lamb quits 6
Music festival line-up update - 27 May 2010
Scroobius Pip announces Camp Bestival poetry podcast
Charleston Festival will take you to the end of May

Hey, it's been at least ten days since we last published some idle EMI speculation, which is no good at all. So, here's some more.

The New York Post reckons that Terra Firma may be helped out of its continued EMI-related woes by a rival equity outfit, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, who own half of the BMG Rights Management company, and who were tipped as possible buyers for EMI Music Publishing had bankers Citigroup forced a sale of the London-based music major.

The Post reckons that Terra Firma and KKR are in talks about spinning off EMI Music Publishing as a stand alone company, 51% owned by the EMI Group, and 49% owned by KKR, who would most likely assign their stake to BMG.

The deal would bring in some much needed funds into EMI. Although Terra Firma did find £100 million or so to gift to the music company so it could meet the covenants of its Citigroup loan, the equity group had hoped to raise £360 million, to help fill a hole in the company's pension fund and to ensure future loan commitments are met.

But Terra Firma's backers weren't that keen to prop up their music asset, meaning that while EMI avoided Citigroup foreclosing on their loan next week - as might have happened - the long term future of the music firm is currently far from assured.

The Post quote a source who says: "This move [the KKR talks] does not surprise me. EMI only got enough money to survive another six months before they need to raise money again". The Post also reckons Terra Firma might be talking to others about taking a stake in a spun off EMI Publishing.

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Media law types Wiggin have published the 2010 edition of their annual Digital Entertainment Survey which, the blurb here tells me, is "the largest and most up to date research report examining consumer trends and preferences in digital entertainment". And we like large and up to date research reports examining consumer trends and preferences in digital entertainment here at CMU, so it's party time here this morning.

But what are the key findings?

Well, music people will be most interested in the piracy stats. The survey found that 44% of those who currently access content via illegal sources would be happy to pay a monthly subscription fee if that meant they could continue to access music via those sources legitimately (ie if file-sharing was licensed), though over half said that only £3 to £3.50 would be a reasonable subscription fee, while a quarter would be willing to go up to £14.50. 29% of the file-sharers surveyed, though, admitted that if their favourite illegal sources went legit and started charging a subscription fee, they'd move to a different free-to-use illegal site.

On the three-strikes system set up to combat online piracy by the recent Digital Economy Act, a third of those surveyed said they wouldn't change their habits regarding accessing illegal content sources even if other file-sharers did start to have their net connections suspended. If the penalty was stepped up to full disconnection though (which will be the ultimate penalty under the French three-strikes system), some of those would start to think twice.

About 20% said that once three-strikes goes live they'll take a more active role in monitoring people using their internet accounts, while 25% said they thought a fairer way to deal with piracy - rather than three-strikes - was to block access to piracy-enabling services (which is easier said than done; while some provisions in the DEA sort of simplify the legal process for blocking such sites, serial file-sharers would still be able to circumvent blocks).

What else is in the big survey, though? Well, not overly groovy news for The Times, who are about to put a paywall up around their website. 90% of the people Wiggin surveyed said they weren't so keen about paying for access to news sites, with 70% saying there was too much free news available to justify paying any one news provider for their content. There remains many a commentator still convinced The Times' decision to start charging for its online content - while everyone else continues to provide theirs for free - is going to backfire big time.

The Times would probably point out that they're selling comment and analysis, and quality writing, not straight news; that the number of free news providers will fall in the coming years, and The Times can afford to wait; that many of the news-freetards will learn to pay for good online content eventually; and anyway, 10% of the market is enough to build a pretty sound content business. But then it's not my job to speak for the bosses of The Times.

You can buy a copy of the 2010 Digital Entertainment Research Report for £199 from this here website: www.digitalentertainmentsurvey.com. No word on what the survey says about people's willingness to pay for rather expensive research reports in the digital age.

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Following all those rumours regarding the future of Fabric, the official line from the London club yesterday was "it's business as usual" - that is to say, this weekend's line up of nights will go ahead as planned.

As previously reported, following the news last week that sister club Matter will shut it doors for at least the summer months, and reports of numerous redundancies within the Fabric HQ earlier this week, there was much speculation on Wednesday that problems at the Dome-based club could bring down its longer established sister venue too.

According to a report in the London Evening Standard last week, the Fabric company guaranteed a £3.2 million loan taken out by the Matter company, something that could force the main Fabric entity into administration if Matter goes out of business. The clubbing company has yet to respond to all the various rumours, but has told Resident Advisor that whatever happens, Fabric will be open for business tonight.

Some have pointed out that Fabric went into administration in 2003 after they inherited a legal dispute related to their building, but that that didn't really affect the operations of the venue and the company came out of the ordeal stronger. Whether that will happen this time round, given the scale of Matter's debts, remains to be seen.

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Damon Albarn has wished Bono well after a back injury forced U2 to pull out of their headline slot at this year's Glastonbury festival. The band have, of course, been replaced by Gorillaz, which is why Albarn was talking about Bono's back, you see.

He told the NME: "It's a terrible thing for U2. Glastonbury is magical. Gorillaz will come to life on that stage, but we wish Bono all the best".

Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett added that they are confident they can send the audience away happy, after playing their first festival show at Coachella earlier this year. He explained: "I wasn't sure how Gorillaz would work in a festival environment, but Coachella was amazing. I think Glastonbury will be an unbelievable experience for us".

It will, of course, be Albarn's second time in a row headlining the Pyramid Stage, after playing Glstonbury with the reformed Blur last year.

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In what is presumably the final chapter of a long running sub-section of The Pirate Bay story, the Supreme Court in Denmark has ordered Danish tel co Telenor to block access to the rogue BitTorrent file-sharing site. The Supreme Court backed two rulings made in lower Danish courts regarding the telephone firm's obligations to stop copyright infringement by blocking access to the Bay.

Welcoming the latest ruling, a legal rep for the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry told reporters: "The decision is perfectly clear. It confirms that internet service providers are part of the solution to the problem [of illegal downloading]. It is an imperative for the continued growth and success of legal downloading services, that the spread of illegal services be curbed".

The IFPI added that it expects the precedent set in the Telenor case to be enough to persuade other Danish ISPs to likewise try and block access to The Pirate Bay.

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Prosecutors in an assault case against Kiss bassist Gene Simmons have dropped their proceedings due to lack of evidence.

Nathan Marlowe and his wife Cynthia Manzon claimed that Simmons had attacked them while they were on a shopping trip, after he spotted them filming him in an LA shopping centre in December. The couple also applied for a restraining order subsequent to the alleged attack, though that had already been refused by a judge (presumably because the possibility that they might come into contact with Simmons again via anything other than chance is slim at best).

Although the criminal case has now collapsed, Marlowe and Manzon are also suing Simmons in the civil courts for assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress.

This is entirely separate to another assault case currently being brought against Simmons, in which TV make-up artist Victoria Jackson claims he "humped" and "grinded" against her while appearing on ESPN show 'SportsCenter' earlier this year. He denies the allegations.

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Having ended their touring commitments promoting their 2008 album, 'Only By The Night', last year in a bit of a grump, it seems Kings Of Leon have subsequently perked up a bit. In fact, drummer Nathan Followill says their new record is more fun than previous efforts.

Speaking to Billboard, he said: "I'll be damned if we didn't go in there and make a fun record! It's got songs that are beachy and songs that are a little more like our 'Youth' and 'Young Manhood' days.We're super excited. Everything, we feel, fits perfectly for this project. It'll be interesting to see how well received it is".

Asked if they would be previewing any new material at upcoming live dates, he said: "Any time you're coming into a tour after a new record, especially one that's not even out yet, it's pretty tough to not play the whole thing. We might force the label to release [the album] earlier than they want to".

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Arcade Fire will release their third album, entitled 'The Suburbs', on 2 Aug via Mercury. The band's previously reported new twelve-inch double A-side single, 'The Suburbs/Month Of May', is also available in shops now.

Fans who pre-order any of the various album packages available via the band's website - www.arcadefire.com - will receive free downloads of the two tracks on the single immediately.

The band will play the Reading and Leeds festivals in August, as well as Ireland's Oxegen festival in July.

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Ollie Jones, aka Skream, has announced that he will release his second album, 'Outside The Box', via Tempa on 26 Jul.

The fourteen new tracks on the album span hip hop, dubstep, drum n bass and electronica. Plus, La Roux's Elly Jackson makes an appearance to provide some guest vocals, following on from Jones' anthemic remix of the electro-pop duo's single, 'In For The Kill'.

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Swedish husband and wife duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums have announced that they will release a new EP, called 'Iris' on 24 Aug via The Leaf Label.

Explaining the concept behind the EP, vocalist Mariam Wallentin says: "It's about the eye, the communication of what we see, and what we feel. I've been a bit hung up on the surface of the water versus the surface of the eye, the reflections and the special light that generates. It has a drier, purer, more intimate sound [than previous EP, 'Retina'], with hardly any embellishment beyond the percussion. We always try to approach songs with a different energy, and here we felt a need to try to purify it".

You can download a track from the new EP, 'The Well', for free by signing up to The Leaf Label's mailing list: files.theleaflabel.com/signup/

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Tweak Bird, aka brothers Caleb and Aston Bird, will release a new limited edition seven-inch single, 'A Sun/Ahh Ahh' on 7 Jun via Souterrain Transmissions. The track features some mighty Kyuss-style riffing and some ominous sax for good measure.

It's good. I say, yes, you would like to purchase the vinyl come 7 Jun. The band also think this, which is why they're giving the digital version of the track away for free. You can get it here: www.souterraintransmissions.com/media/mp3/2440/2440.mp3

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Former Pink Floyd man Roger Waters has announced that he will bring the live show in which he performs his former band's 'The Wall' album in full to the UK next year, 30 years after it was originally released.

Explaining the writing process of the album, Waters told CMU: "30 years ago when I wrote 'The Wall', I was a frightened young man. In the intervening years it has occurred to me that maybe the story of my fear and loss with its concomitant inevitable residue of ridicule, shame and punishment, provides an allegory for broader concerns: Nationalism, racism, sexism, religion, whatever! All these issues and isms are driven by the same fears that drove my young life".

May 2011 UK tour dates:

11 May: London, O2 Arena
12 May: London, O2 Arena
17 May: London, O2 Arena
20 May: Manchester, MEN Arena
21 May: Manchester, MEN Arena

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BELLADRUM TARTAN HEART, Beauly, Inverness-shire, 6-7 Aug: Twin Atlantic and Goldheart Assembly head up the latest acts announced to play at the Scottish fest this summer. Other acts added to the line-up include Harper Simon, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun and Kassidy. www.tartanheartfestival.co.uk

BOARDMASTERS, Watergate Bay, Cornwall, 4-8 Aug: The Futureheads, Baddies, Tall Ships and Natty are amongst the latest acts announced to play at Boardmasters this summer, along with Peggy Sue, Goldhawks, Rolo Tomassi, Gallows and many more. www.relentlessboardmasters.com

ELECTRIC PICNIC, Stradbally Hall Estate, Co Laois, 3-5 Sep: Foals, UNKLE and the Archie Bronson Outift have all been confirmed to play at Electric Picnic, as well as And So I Watch You From Afar, Cathy Davey and Beardyman. www.electricpicnic.ie

THE GREEN MAN FESTIVAL, Glanusk Park, Usk Valley, Powys, Wales, 20-22 Aug: Hexstatic, Metronomy and DJ Yoda are the latest acts added to the Green Man line-up, along with Cheeba, Gold Panda and Greco Roman DJs. www.greenman.net

SOUTH WEST FOUR WEEKENDER, Clapham Common, London, 28-29 Aug: Salt N Pepa have been confirmed to play at South West Four this summer as the main support for headliner Fatboy Slim. www.southwestfour.com

T IN THE PARK, Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland, 9-11 Jul: Billy Talent, Daisy Dares You and Lissie have all been confirmed for this year's T In The Park, with the likes of Sparrow And The Workshop, White Belt Yellow Tag and Twisted Wheel also added to the bill. www.tinthepark.com

WOMAD, Charlton Park, Wiltshire, 23-25 Jul: Ty and Soil & "Pimp" Sessions have been added to the bill for this summer's WOMAD, along with DJ Kentaro and Krystal Warren. womad.org

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LIVE REVIEW: Lissie at The Queens Head in London on 18 May
Having already seen Lissie play less than a week earlier at The Great Escape, my expectations were certainly high; there she'd covered a Kid Cudi song and pulled it off amazingly, and then been joined on stage by Ellie Goulding for 'Everywhere I Go'. What was going to beat that?! Well, expectations may have been high, but my second jaunt seeing Lissie was, nonetheless, far from disappointing.

Performing to a packed out audience at the Queens Head in Islington, it was somewhat special seeing her in such a small venue, compared to Brighton's large concert hall The Dome. Up close and definitely more personal, with plenty of interaction from the crowd, you could really see her band in action, which was great to watch, especially Lewis Keller who carried out the task of both bass and drums simultaneously.

She struggled slightly, nearly losing her voice here and there, presumably down to lots of recent gigging, but that kind of added to the raw country tones of her vocals; and the delicateness of her voice on the slower more soulful songs still shone through. GS

Buy from iTunes
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According to Music Week, a draft code of practice for the three-strikes flim flam put in place by the Digital Economy Act is almost complete, which is pretty much on schedule. OfCom began work on the draft more or less as soon as the DEA became law. The code will include information on how alleged file-sharers will be notified that the piracy police are on their case, and how said file-sharers can appeal.

Consultation on the draft is expected to run into the Autumn.

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The Association Of Independent Music yesterday announced that their General Manager Remi Harris will be leaving the trade body to become Director Of Operations of UK Music. Harris, who has been with AIM since its creation eleven years ago, has been on secondment to the Feargal Sharkey headed cross-sector trade body for the last three months. She will return to AIM for a month from next week to help with a restructuring of their top team, before taking on her new job of UK Music on 20 Sep.

Says AIM boss lady Alison Wenham: "I am sad to see Remi go, but proud of all she has achieved with AIM over more than a decade, and delighted she is moving on to this new opportunity, and that she will still be continuing to champion the needs of the music industry".

Says UK Music boss bloke Sharkey: "The entire UK Music team is delighted that Remi will be joining us in September as Director Of Operations. This will be a lynchpin role at UK Music and Remi will be working in conjunction with myself to deliver the strategic goals of the organisation as set out in Liberating Creativity".

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Digital music sales in Japan dropped 3% last year in terms of units sold, which is no fun, given digital is meant to still be booming.

The value of the market stayed pretty much the same at 90.6 billion yen. The vast majority of digital music sales in Japan are via mobile, where PC-based downloads have never really taken off. That said, while mobile downloads (about 90% of market) declined, fixed-line downloads (about 10%) grew, though not enough to stop the overall decline.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, that Simon Fuller is in cahoots with a City type called Roger Jenkins to try to engineer a takeover of US entertainment firm CKX, the very company which bought Fuller's 19 Entertainment enterprise and its 'Idol' franchise back in 2005.

After CKX bought the 19 empire Fuller had a role within the conglom, but earlier this year announced he would leave his full-time job there to set up a new stand-alone venture, but that he would continue to work on certain CKX projects (mainly the ones he'd created) on a consultancy basis.

In March, it was announced a consortium of equity types were considering taking over CKX, but that founder and CEO Robert FX Sillerman would keep his 21% stake and stay in the top job. I think Fuller's takeover bid would compete with that one, and it's not clear what would happen to Sillerman if the Fuller acquisition went ahead.

Billboard says that Fuller and his investment buddy Jenkins have put together a billion dollar pot of cash to buy CKX and other entertainment firms.

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Frontman of The Drums Jonathan Pierce has declared that the most unattractive thing in the world is being "indie for indie's sake".

He told The NME: "We're ambitious. The big difference between us and a lot of other indie pop bands is we're not afraid of success. I've always felt The Field Mice should be the biggest band in the world. I don't want to hide them away for myself. That's the difference between us and them, that's the different mentality... I can't think of anything more unattractive than wanting to be indie for indie's sake".

Because, as we all know, a desire to sell records is all you need in order to be successful.

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Paul McCartney has been discussing drugs and the use of them when making music in an interview with The Telegraph. It sounds like it was a slightly awkward moment.

Asked how important LSD and marijuana were to the creation of The Beatles' music, McCartney said: "Um, er, probably quite important. It was a development thing.It's difficult - I think the answer is quite... It certainly made us stretch further than we might otherwise, from 'Rubber Soul' onwards. But I have the problem now - now that things have got a bit out of control - of not wanting to be seen advocating it. Cos we did some pretty good work before that, as well. It's not a requirement".

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