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Lily Allen pregnant

The daughter of Brazilian singers Joao Gilberto and singer Miúcha, Bebel Gilberto has been performing in Rio de Janeiro from a young age - appearing on her mother's first solo album at the age of seven. Her own debut album, 'Tanto Tempo', which was released in 2000, was nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards. Her fourth album, 'All In One', was released at the end of last year and was her first for Universal jazz imprint Verve Records. Ahead of her gig at Koko in London on 6 Aug, we caught up with Bebel to find out more.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I started making music without really being aware of it. I constantly sang with my parents at gigs when I was small. Then I started working on jingles and finally did my first recording with my mom on her debut solo album aged seven. After that we moved back to New York and I performed for the first time on stage at the Carnegie Hall with mom and Stan Getz. I got this gig because my dad was ill and he wanted me stand in for him.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Love. For the first time I had the privilege of working with my husband and that helps a lot. I also had the pleasure of having great producers like Carlinhos Brown, John King from The Dust Brothers, Daniel Jobim, Mario Caldato, Mark Ronson and Didi Gutman - all people I'm a big fan of!

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
I basically follow my instincts. And as I'm also an arranger, when I'm creating a track, I know what I want. So that helps to get the right sounds and beats from the producers.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Many, from Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, George Gershwin, Earth Wind and Fire, João Gilberto to João Donato.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
That my sound is a mix of Brazilian styles with lots of influence from other genres of music I've heard over the years. I always try to say that I don't do bossa nova, but sometimes I catch myself saying that my music remains bossa nova, but with a Bebel touch. I hate to label the type of music I do.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
My ambitions with my latest album, which is the first one on a major, were to reach a much bigger audience. Because the music business is collapsing I wasn't that lucky, but now what I most like is to perform around the world and do what I like to call Bebel's music.

MORE>> www.bebelgilberto.com
DJ Eddy Temple-Morris and former Cooper Temple Clause man Tom Bellamy, aka Losers, say that they wanted their debut album, released on Gung-Ho! Recordings next month, to be a 'classic dance' album, with a sound that wouldn't date. Of course, it's too early to say if they've managed that, but the Prodigy and Soulwax-influenced sounds contained within the record certainly hint that they could have succeeded.

Tracks like last single 'Flush', with the back-and-forth rhyming of Enzy and Riz MC, and the Massive Attack-esque epic of 'Azan' really stand out, as does the closing cover of Jane's Addiction's 'Summertime Rolls', with vocals from Placebo's Brian Molko. But overall, it's not just a collection of tracks, it's a complete album, bringing to mind those big LPs of the 90s from the likes of The Prodigy, Leftfield, and Underworld with a sound that's still relevant to the 21st century.

You can stream the album in full now on SoundCloud.


Demon Music Group, one of the UK's largest independent record companies, is looking to recruit a Digital Administrator. Demon controls a vast catalogue of digital rights and key artists include Al Green, Ian Dury, T.Rex, Steve Miller Band and Average White Band. Key catalogues controlled include Philadelphia International, Ace of Mississippi and Trax Records.

This entry-level role involves managing and co-ordinating the delivery and digital distribution of a high volume of new releases to digital stores and third party distributors, including overseeing meta-data, artwork and audio and video encoding and upload, as well as liaising with product, legal, production and royalty teams. The Digital Administrator will also be involved in monitoring illegal distribution of Demon content; driving traffic to Demon's websites, online stores and social media sites; overseeing the creation of artist YouTube channels, Facebook and MySpace pages; regularly maintaining and updating the main DMG website; assisting the digital sales team with sales newsletters and presenters; raising purchase orders and managing budgets related to this activity.

The successful candidate will be of graduate calibre with previous experience in a digital music environment, and have superb organisational, time management, administrative, writing and communication skills and a high attention to detail. They will have a good level of expertise in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, an understanding of web-based applications, social media platforms, managing mailing lists and basic HTML, and a wide musical knowledge. An interest and awareness of digital music and new music technology is preferable.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please send your detailed up to date CV and covering letter explaining why you feel you are right for this position to 2erecruitment@2entertain.co.uk. The closing date for applications is Sunday, 8 Aug 2010.

Music Gain is acquiring record labels and catalogue. If you are thinking of selling, or have a large catalogue you want managed on your behalf, then please contact us. Introduction and spotters fees also paid. Please visit us - www.musicgain.com
The team behind CMU's acclaimed seminars programme are now offering their services to music and media companies, educational bodies and membership organisations looking for bespoke professional training courses. CMU's existing courses on music rights, music business models, music PR, media and social media can be run specifically for an organisation's employees, students or members, or bespoke courses can be developed according to an organisation's specific needs. For more information contact Chris Cooke on 020 7099 9050 or chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk.
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Following a BPI report released earlier this week which put the recording industry's year-on-year growth at 2.3% in 2009, PRS For Music yesterday announced that the music industry as a whole saw revenues rise by 4.7% last year to £3.9 billion.

Slightly different to the BPI's figures, PRS For Music said that recorded music stayed flat at £1.36 billion, halting five years of decline, while the live sector saw revenues rise 9.4% year-on-year to £1.54 billion, edging its lead on recordings slightly further, while B2B revenues - public performance royalties, licensing of music services, advertising and sponsorship - also grew 4.4% to £967 million.

The BPI's report put total revenues for record labels at £1.1 billion in 2009, up 2.3% on the previous year, with income from outside traditional music sales up by 6.6% to £193.5 million, the third annual rise in a row. The biggest increase, it said, came from sync deals with TV, film, advertising and games companies, which saw a growth in income of 19.6% to £25.2 million. Meanwhile, more than £58 million came from multi-rights 360 deals with artists, which see labels take a cut of artists' other income streams, a 16.7% increase on the previous year. Broadcast and public performance licensing was the biggest non-sale winner though, with £72.1 million brought in through the PPL in 2009.

Like the BPI, top PRS economic man Will Page, speaking at the report's launch, put the rise down to music companies finding new ways to make money. However, he questioned whether the UK live industry may have now peaked, particularly as its US counterpart begins to struggle. However, in terms of advertising and sponsorship, he admitted "live is where it's at". He also said that a growth of nearly 5% was a "phenomenal feat" for the UK music industry as the wider economy hit a major recession.

On this subject, the conclusion to the report, written by UK Music CEO Feargal Sharkey said: "As the values of market commodities are eroded, the value of service industries must increase to keep the UK growing. In this context, our creative industries clearly have a role to play. UK music, film, television, computer games and books are all a recognised success on the world stage. However, there needs to be an appetite to support such creative ventures, and - especially post credit crunch - this is not coming from the conventional banking sector, with its preference for the familiarities of low risk".

Sharkey finished: "This must change, and I believe we have a clear case for policy-makers. Music has and always will be one of the UK's best tourist magnets and can offer a very high return on minimal investment. Our challenge going forward is to provide the comprehensive data, analysis and support that can help them allocate funds more effectively".

The full report is available here.

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Prince is being sued by his lawyer, which is unfortunate. I guess he could hire another one, but given that he's being taken to court for unpaid fees, you can see why there might be some reticence in that area. Wouldn't it be great if Prince had to represent himself? I would watch that.

Oh yeah, anyway, news and that. Prince is being sued by top entertainment lawyer Ed McPherson, who claims that the musician owes him $50,000 (or $49,987.74, to be precise) in relation to two court cases. Just to push the point home, McPherson added in legal documents filed yesterday at the LA County Superior Court, that he had "performed legal services on [Prince's] behalf in an exemplary manner" and had made "countless attempts ... to resolve this matter".

In an amusing twist, one of the cases in which McPherson represented Prince was against a law firm who claimed the musician owed them money.

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US-based Lo-fi synth-pop type Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, aka Owen Ashworth, has called time on the project after thirteen years. He'll head out on one final world tour, which will hit the UK and Europe in October and November. Ashworth stresses this is does not mean he's turning his back on music altogether, however.

In a statement on his website, he wrote: "I'd just like to clarify that this doesn't mean that I'm quitting music. I love writing and recording songs, and I hope to make lots more records in my lifetime. But, after nearly thirteen years of being the dude from Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, I'm ready for a fresh start and a new challenge".

Read the Same Six Questions interview we did with Ashworth here: www.theCMUwebsite.com/ssq/casiotone.html

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Weezer have signed a new record deal with Epitaph, after splitting from Geffen last December. They will release a new album, entitled 'Hurley', in September.

The news was broken via Twitter, with Epitaph boss Brett Gurewitz posting: "Rivers, Pat, Brian and Scott, welcome to Epitaph homies! FT=W=". FTW being something The Kids write in text messages and online discussion forums, while =W= is the band's online abbreviation, right? And homies is short for 'homeboys', and 'homeboy' means 'a very good friend'. Oh, and Rivers, Pat, Brian and Scott are the first names of the members of Weezer. I'm glad we've got all this cleared up.

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo then tweeted: "Hey, Weezer is happy to announce our signing to Epitaph Records and release of new album 'Hurley' on 14 Sep".

An official statement is expected shortly. Though that's not to say either of these men were lying.

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Beck has revealed that he is working on a new album, his eleventh, the follow-up to 2008's 'Modern Guilt', which fulfilled his recording commitments to Interscope.

He told Pitchfork that he'd started work on the record immediately after 'Modern Guilt' was completed: "I've worked on it a little bit here or there but it's the kind of thing where I turn around and two years have gone by and it starts to get less relevant to what's happening at large ... But I'm sure the music is going to come out".

With his record contract lapsed, he added that he's hoping to find a more imaginative way to release the record than the traditional route: "I'm not sure if I'm going to put out twelve-inches or put the songs on my website. I just have to get them done. I'm going to try and finish them this summer. It's just a matter of the songs being good enough and not embarrassing".

Recently, Beck has become somewhat of a familiar face on other people's records, having co-written and produced Charlotte Gainsbourg's latest solo album, released last year, and worked with the likes of Thurston Moore and Stephen Malkmus, amongst many others in recent years.

On this subject, Beck said: "Maybe it's more interesting for me to work with other people right now, just to change things up a little bit. Since Charlotte called me a few years ago I've been calling other people and asking if they needed help with their records. I enjoy the collaboration. I always envied people in bands who got to have that interaction. I've done so many albums where I've been in the studio for fourteen hours a day for six months just trying to come up with things on my own. It's a nice change helping other people with their music and not being all about what I'm trying to do myself. Also, I haven't had a record deal in over two years, so maybe that's why you're seeing more of these collaborations".

It seems that the new Beck album may get sidelined again by an ongoing collaboration, the new solo album from the aforementioned Stephen Malkmus. Beck explained: "Within the first two days we had 90% of the album recorded. We just put it down live. I just talked to Steve, actually. We're going to finish it up when he's done touring".

So, expect to see new Beck solo material later this year. Or not.

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Kings Of Leon have announced that they will release their fifth (FIFTH!) album, entitled 'Come Around Sundown', through Sony/Columbia on 18 Oct. The album was recorded in New York with producers Angelo Petraglia, who also worked on the band's previous two albums, and Jacquire King, who co-produced 'Only By The Night'.

Released in 2008, 'Only By The Night' went on to sell six million copies world wide and dominated the UK charts for the best part of 2009. The band will headline V Festival later this month.

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Having reunited earlier this year, Soundgarden have announced that they will release a compilation spanning their entire career, including one previously unreleased track, 'Black Rain', which was recorded during sessions for their 'Badmotorfinger' album. Entitled 'Telephantasm', it will be released on 27 Sep, and one million copies will be bundled with the latest addition to the 'Guitar Hero' videogame series.

All copies of 'Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock' will come with a copy of the compilation for the first week after the game's launch on 28 Sep. Fans will also have access to the album as downloadable content for the game.

'Guitar Hero' COO David Haddad said in a statement: "We are thrilled about the exclusive and trailblazing partnership between 'Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock' and Soundgarden. The fact that this seminal band chose 'Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock' as the way to reintroduce themselves speaks volumes about [the game's] ability to deliver music in an exciting, interactive way to millions of music fans and gamers".

As well as the standard one disc edition of 'Telephantasm', it will also come a three disc edition, featuring an extra CD (including five more unreleased tracks) and a DVD, a three LP vinyl version and a limited edition 'Super Deluxe Collectors Edition', which will including both CDs, the DVD, the vinyl a poster and some other stuff.

And now, finally, here are the tracklists for the various discs:

Standard edition:

Hunted Down
Hands All Over
Rusty Cage
Birth Ritual
Black Hole Sun
My Wave
Fell On Black Days
Burden In My Hand
Blow Up The Outside World
Black Rain

Three disc edition:

CD one:
All Your Lies
Hunted Down
Beyond The Wheel
Flower (BBC Session)
Hands All Over
Big Dumb Sex
Get On The Snake (Live)
Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version)
Rusty Cage
Slaves & Bulldozers

CD two:
Jesus Christ Pose (Live)
Birth Ritual
My Wave
Black Hole Sun
Fell On Black Days (Video Version)
Burden In My Hand
Pretty Noose (Live on SNL)
Blow Up The Outside World (MTV Live N Loud)
Black Rain

Hands All Over
Loud Love
Jesus Christ Pose (Original Version)
Rusty Cage
My Wave
The Day I Tried To Live (Uncensored)
Black Hole Sun
Fell On Black Days
Pretty Noose (Uncensored)
Burden In My Hand
Blow Up The Outside World (Uncensored)
Spoonman (Mash-up Version)
The Day I Tried To Live (European Version)
Pretty Noose (International Version)
Pretty Noose (Alternate Ending)
Blow Up The Outside World (Censored)

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Napoleon IIIrd, aka James Mabbett, has announced that he will release his new album, entitled 'Christiania', through Brainlove Records on 8 Nov. He'll also tour in support of the album in September and October.

The first single from 'Christiania' is available to download now for free from www.brainloverecords.com/christiania

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Not content with having an autobiography and a biopic in production, you'll also be able to learn how Justin Bieber came to be through a forthcoming comic book version of his life. Entitled 'Fame: Justin Bieber', the comic will be available in the US from 22 Oct and cost $3.99.

Speaking about her subject, the comic's writer Tara Broeckel Ooten told Comic Book Resources Bieber's fame reminded her "of the stories my mom tells about when she was young and Beatlemania invaded the United States".

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Local Natives have announced that they'll be getting on that whole touring bandwagon in November, following the release of new single 'Wide Eyes', which is due out in download-only form on 20 Sep via Infectious Music.

Tour dates:

15 Aug: Summer Sundae
28 Aug: Leeds Festival
29 Aug: Reading Festival
12 Nov: Manchester Club Academy
13 Nov: Glasgow King Tut's
14 Nov: Leeds Constellations Festival
15 Nov: Dublin Whelans
17 Nov: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
18 Nov: Bristol Thekla
23 Nov: London Forum

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Saint Saviour, who has of late been singing live with Groove Armada (and appeared on their 'Black Light' album), has been announced as the headliner of the very first GustoGig, a new night at the Louise Blouin Foundation in west London.

The event aims to promote community, inviting local residents and businesses to attend at discounted prices. More info at www.gustogig.co.uk.

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ELECTRIC PICNIC, Stradbally Hall Estate, Co Laois, 3-5 Sep: Duke Special, Janelle Monáe and Hurts have all been confirmed to play at this year's Electric Picnic, with Dennic Alcapone & The DubCats, Mountain Man, Neon Indian, Freelance Whales, Delta Maid, O Emperor, Joe Echo and Vengeance and the Panther Queen also added to the line-up. www.electricpicnic.ie

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SINGLE REVIEW: Sunday Girl - Self Control (EMI/Parlophone)
It's very, very tempting to hate Sunday Girl. Apparently, the moniker stuck when young Jade Williams was working in a pet shop when she was fourteen, and customers couldn't remember her name; it's the kind of sickening pap you'd find Katie Price's ghost-writer dreaming up. Aside from her nauseating back story, she's also covering Raf's 'Self Control'. Most famously recorded by Laura Branigan in 1984, it's a track that has been recorded time and time again - even by our favourite 'surprise' homosexual Ricky Martin back in 1993.

The conclusion to this meandering introduction, however, is that Sunday Girl's version is really rather good. Her languishing, wistful voice carries the time-honoured lyrics perfectly, adding a doe-eyed innocence to the track. Clearly reading from the Sally Shapiro hymn sheet of contemporary chanteuses; SG returns 'Self Control' to its Italo disco roots through glistening soundscapes and soporific iterations. The luxuriant delivery adds gorgeous atmosphere, ensuring her version makes its mark.

The release includes a plethora of great remixes, including the glitching throbs of Fenech-Soler's take on the track; and the intense, bass-heavy remix by Toronto producers Azari & III. A more than welcome addition to the 'Self Control' formidable timeline. EG

Release date: 2 Aug
Press Contact: La Digit

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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As was speculated last month, the makers of 'American Idol' have entered a new partnership with Universal, after a nine year marketing and distribution deal with Sony Music, which meant they got to release records by the telly-talent-show's winners, came to an end. The new deal was seemingly negotiated by the show's founder and Executive Producer Simon Fuller.

In a statement, Universal incoming CEO Lucian Grainge said: "We like delivering hits and new artists. UMG and 'American Idol' is the right combination at the right time. Pairing the renowned expertise of Simon [Fuller] and [Universal exec] Jimmy [Iovine] in developing and marketing musical talent creates a truly winning combination that will allow [the show's] artists to realise their fullest potential".

Sony Music also issued a statement, saying: "After enjoying a successful relationship, Sony Music Entertainment wishes Simon Fuller and [his company] 19 Entertainment well in this transitional period for the 'American Idol' franchise. We look forward to continuing our relationships with the many artists on the Sony Music roster who have graduated from the 'American Idol' system, including Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta among others and we are excited for the upcoming albums later this fall from season nine's winner and runner-up Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox".

The first series under the new deal will begin in January next year.

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Sub Pop is apparently considering changing its business model to sell novelty items, with which they will give away music.

Okay, I don't think it's actually a serious proposition, but here's what the label's general manager Megan Jasper told Seattle Weekly anyway: "Although Sub Pop is primarily known for its many fine artists and their really very fine recordings (also grunge), we're not at all opposed to expanding into the fine world of t-shirts, hats, beer cozies, and key chains. We used to give many of these tchotchke items away for free in an effort to entice people to pay for the music, but we're considering flipping our strategy so that people pay for the toy and receive the music for free. Just a thought".

Of course, with things like Music Tees and Will Oldham's recent bottle cork promotion, some people are already doing this.

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Apple has launched a new online music storage and streaming service. Well, sort of. The latest version of the iPhone app for Apple's online backup system iDisk changes the way users can stream music from the software (a feature active since its launch, though only one track at a time), using iPhone OS 4.0's multi-tasking capability to allow music to be played in the background while using other features of the iPhone. It also enables public sharing for music files, too.

Michael Robertson, boss of MP3tunes and original MP3.com founder, says in a new blog post this week: "What this means is that for any music files such as MP3 or Apple's AAC files stored in your iDisk account you can play them on your devices while you use your device for other operations. This makes streaming practical from Apple's online storage. This new release brings this capability to iPhone, iTouch and iPad. You can stream music to multiple devices simultaneously".

This throws up a big issue. Although the new iDisk update doesn't bring a cloud-based version of iTunes to Apple's mobile devices (files can only be uploaded individually and other features like playlists and artwork are not available), the major labels, in particular Universal, insist that all streaming services require a licence to do so. That would include iDisk, and Apple has no such licence for it.

Robertson wrote: "[Universal has] told net companies who have inquired about offering personal cloud music services that backing up and downloading music files is OK with limitations, but streaming music files requires entering into a license and paying a per stream fee. Apple's service allows unlimited sharing (no username or password required) and now background streaming - all without a license from the record labels".

It's possible that this is the first step towards the launch of Apple's much rumoured streaming service. However, Robertson speculates that more than that, this is Apple seeing what it can get away with. Robertson writes: "Behind the scenes Apple is battling the record labels over licensing issues related to their future cloud based iTunes music service. Their recent actions are defying UMG's position that any streaming service requires a license. Apple's actions are testing the limits about what they can do without record labels protesting. If they can store files online and stream them to PCs and portable devices without a license that is the foundation for a cloud based iTunes service".

The outcome of this is of particular interest to Robertson, of course. He has long been an advocate of 'digital lockers' for music storage and playback, launching a new version of the MP3tunes cloud storage and streaming service last month, which added the ability to sync to multiple mobile devices. First set up in 2005, MP3tunes has been pursued in litigation by EMI since 2007. Last year a judge ruled that the major label could sue Robertson direct over what it claims is his copyright infringing service.

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Subscription-based download store eMusic has named former EMI and MTV executive Adam Klein as its new CEO. Klein takes over from Danny Stein, who will remain CEO of eMusic's parent company Dimensional Associates.

It's not known if the company's employees used the rhyming nature of the two men's names to perform some kind of incoming/outgoing CEO song. If not, it really was an opportunity wasted.

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Having learnt nothing from Napster (ie that people won't necessarily migrate from an illegal download service to a new legal one just because they both have the same name), Kazaa has been relaunched as a new streaming music service. Unlike Napster, the legal version is being backed by its founders, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom.

Its main selling point seems to be that it's more expensive than its competitors but, with 1.6 million songs, has a much smaller catalogue. Still, it does provide song lyrics alongside a million of those song, so that's good. No, actually, they're selling it on the fact that it plays through a web browser and therefore allows users to access and share playlists from anywhere.

Explaining why you'd want to fork out $15 a month for this, Emanuel Krassenstein, Kazaa's CTO said: "While there is no shortage of smart devices in the market until Kazaa's launch no one was offering music consumers the opportunity to fully integrate their music into their lives and social networks. The interactive experience is focused on giving consumers music on their terms which will result in more content being delivered and more revenue being generated for artists".

The service is currently in beta with a fifteen day free trial offered to new subscribers.

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Lily Allen and her boyfriend Sam Cooper have announced that the singer is three months pregnant. Allen told The Sun: "It goes without saying we are both absolutely delighted".

Last month she pulled out of her performance at the Bennicassim festival in Spain, telling fans that she was unwell and that doctors had told her not to fly.

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