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Enrique Iglesias water-skis naked, as promised

With a sound described as "soul-fused electro funkpop", and fans in the form of Kanye West, Alex Metric, Metronomy and The Rapture, French duo Housse De Racket released their debut album 'Forty Love', a concept album about two tennis superstars, in France at the end of last year. The album finally got a UK release last month, and the duo are all set to play the Lexington in London on 12 Aug. Ahead of their gig, we spoke to the Housse boys to find out more.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
We met in music school when we were young teenagers. Victor had a Pearl Jam t-shirt and Pierre loved it. That was the first step, we call that stage the "grunge" one. A few years later, we decided to make our first band that wanted to be a disco machine: ten people with horns, backing singers, percussions etc. That was the second step, we call it the "funky" one. Having realised that we were not Earth Wind & Fire, we started a new band with just the two of us: Housse De Racket.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Our last album was a concept album, a rock opera about two tennis superstars, winners on court but losers in love. So we took inspiration from the great concept albums of the 70's like 'Melody Nelson' & 'L'Homme À Tête De Chou' by Serge Gainsbourg or 'Ziggy Stardust' by David Bowie. But more generally, we're inspired by any track with epic chord progression.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
There are two possibilities. Either one of us brings an idea of song and we finish the track together if we both like it (we operate in a full democracy) or we're jamming together and take the good ideas out of it. Sometimes, we swap instruments. Interesting things happen when you don't play your proper instrument. You're a beginner again and it (sometimes) brings magic...

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
We're huge fans of Prince and Stevie Wonder. They're genius songwriters and amazing producers using technology of their time (synths, drum machine, sequencer etc). We're also very impressed by the British scene of the last years like Foals, Late Of The Pier or Metronomy.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Be nice, we're French.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Our ambition for now or for the future would be to write music that you couldn't put a date on. Something timeless. We're finishing our second LP right now, and we hope it's going this way!

MORE>> www.myspace.com/houssederacket
VIGSYS CLUB TIP: Chew The Fat Boat Party
Chew The Fat's resident Foamo (aka Kye Gibbon) has established himself as one of the best producers in the breaks scene, and has been backed by Brodinski, Armand Van Helden, DJ Zinc and Diplo, with his energetic DJ sets, melding house, funky and dubstep, and remixes for the likes of La Roux, Major Lazer, and Hadouken, as well as his original productions.

Foamo's release, 'Jookie', on Fat! Records did well, and he made his Glastonbury debut this year, as well as a residency at We Love Space in Ibiza, the Secret Garden Party, Beach Break Festival. Not forgetting Chew The Fat! at London's Cable and now their first ever boat party on the Thames.

Catch the Foamster on the good ship Chew The Fat! along with his deck crew: Randomer, The Living Graham Bond, Warrior One, Last Japan and Linton Brown. Departing from central London with an after party in a secret location for all ticket holders. Ahoy there, mateys!

Friday 6 Aug, The London Eye, Millenium Pier, Lambeth, London 6.30pm - 11pm, £20 adv, more info from www.myspace.com/foamo and www.thefatclub.com

Demon Music Group, one of the UK's largest independent record companies, is looking to recruit a Digital Administrator. Demon controls a vast catalogue of digital rights and key artists include Al Green, Ian Dury, T.Rex, Steve Miller Band and Average White Band. Key catalogues controlled include Philadelphia International, Ace of Mississippi and Trax Records.

This entry-level role involves managing and co-ordinating the delivery and digital distribution of a high volume of new releases to digital stores and third party distributors, including overseeing meta-data, artwork and audio and video encoding and upload, as well as liaising with product, legal, production and royalty teams. The Digital Administrator will also be involved in monitoring illegal distribution of Demon content; driving traffic to Demon's websites, online stores and social media sites; overseeing the creation of artist YouTube channels, Facebook and MySpace pages; regularly maintaining and updating the main DMG website; assisting the digital sales team with sales newsletters and presenters; raising purchase orders and managing budgets related to this activity.

The successful candidate will be of graduate calibre with previous experience in a digital music environment, and have superb organisational, time management, administrative, writing and communication skills and a high attention to detail. They will have a good level of expertise in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, an understanding of web-based applications, social media platforms, managing mailing lists and basic HTML, and a wide musical knowledge. An interest and awareness of digital music and new music technology is preferable.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please send your detailed up to date CV and covering letter explaining why you feel you are right for this position to 2erecruitment@2entertain.co.uk. The closing date for applications is Sunday, 8 Aug 2010.
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The team behind CMU's acclaimed seminars programme are now offering their services to music and media companies, educational bodies and membership organisations looking for bespoke professional training courses. CMU's existing courses on music rights, music business models, music PR, media and social media can be run specifically for an organisation's employees, students or members, or bespoke courses can be developed according to an organisation's specific needs. For more information contact Chris Cooke on 020 7099 9050 or chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk.
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Wyclef Jean yesterday officially announced his intention to run in the upcoming Haitian presidential election in the country's capital city of Port-au-Prince. Earlier in the day he also stepped down as chairman of his charitable organisation Yéle Haiti in preparation for his new career in politics.

After registering to stand as a candidate for the Viv Ansanm party at an electoral office in the city, Jean told cheering supporters: "I would like to tell President Barack Obama that the United States has Obama and Haiti has Wyclef Jean. This is the only president who will dance when Creole hip hop is being played".

The musician is not yet officially in the race, though. His application must first be approved by officials, a decision which has to be made by 17 Aug. If this happens, it already looks certain that he will win. However, there has been speculation as to whether or not Jean is eligible to become president of Haiti.

According to constitutional rules, potential presidential candidates must have lived in Haiti for five consecutive years and never had foreign citizenship. Jean moved to the US as a child, still lives there and holds a US passport. But he says his work as "ambassador-at-large" for the country, a position given to him by outgoing president Rene Preval in 2007 after several years of work supporting the country's youth, exempts him from these requirements. Whether the review board examining his application will agree remains to be seen.

Speaking on CNN's 'Larry King Live' show last night, Jean said: "After 12 Jan [when Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake] ... being out here with my wife and picking up dead bodies from the ground, I felt that because of the youth of Haiti and the population that this is not even Wyclef saying that 'I want to be the president of Haiti'. I feel like I'm being drafted by the population right now to give them a different face, a different voice".

Asked why someone who has no experience in politics would make a good president, he continued: "What qualifies me to be president of Haiti, when I look at the past 200 years, with what our people have suffered - political instability, coup after coup d'état - I feel that me running, it brings a neutral situation, meaning that Wyclef Jean can sit with any political party and have a conversation. I'm coming in neutral".

Speaking to MTV News, he added: "This is a move I have been considering for a long time, and now, with conditions in Haiti worse than they've ever been, I want to take my commitment to helping my country to the highest level it can go. I can't imagine a better way to ensure the development and growth of Haiti, and I worry that at this critical time if we do nothing, then nothing will be done. Now that our country has toppled, it's a chance to rebuild from the bottom on up".

Earlier in the day, Jean stepped down as chairman of his charity, Yéle Haiti, which raised $10 million for victims of the earthquake which hit Haiti earlier this year but was also accused of financial irregularities, leading Jean to admit that it had been "poorly run" while denying accusations that he had misappropriated finds from the organisation. Businessman Derek Q Johnson will replace him there.

Support for Jean is not universal, though. Early opposition came from his former Fugees bandmate, Pras Michel, who said via Twitter: "All Haitians around the world it's going to take all of us to start this reconstruction for Haiti. Michel Martelly for president 2010! It's official, the people are asking for it. I'm here in the belly of Haiti. I endorse Michel Martelly as the next president of Haiti!"

Also appearing on 'Larry King Live' was actor Sean Penn, who co-founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organisation after the earthquake and has been working in the country as manager of the organisation's 55,000 person camp for those left homeless in the aftermath. He said: "Right now, I worry that this is a campaign that is more about a vision of flying around the world, talking to people. It's certainly not one of the youth drafting him. I would be quite sure that this is an influence of corporations here in the United States and private individuals that may well have capitalised on his will to see himself flying around the world. What the Haitian people need now is a leader who's genuinely willing to sacrifice".

He continued: "What the Haitian people need now is a leader who is genuinely willing to sacrifice. I haven't seen or heard anything of him in these last six months that I've been in Haiti. I think he's an important voice. I hope he doesn't sacrifice that voice by taking the eye off the very devastating realities on the ground".

Amongst the other registered candidates is Jean's uncle, Raymond Joseph, who is currently Haiti's ambassador to the US. The election will take place on 28 Nov.

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Politician Chuck DeVore has reached an out of court settlement with Eagles frontman Don Henley over those parodies of two of the musician's songs used by DeVore in a political campaign last year.

As previously reported, while politicians can play music at political rallies without specific artist permission, using a blanket public performance license, if they sync a track into a video posted on their websites - as an increasing number of political types seem to do - they need clearance from relevant artists, labels and publishers.

Unless, that is, the songs are reworked to be parodies of the artist, when there is a case for using a song without clearance under US copyright law's fair use provisions. DeVore argued both his reworks of Henley's songs were parodies, one mocking Henley himself, the other his Democrat rival Barbara Boxer.

Back in June, US Judge James Selna said, in a provisional ruling, that use of the song reworked to be about Boxer could not be excused under the parody provision, because the person being parodied did not have any connection to the song being used. And while, in the song DeVore rewrote to make fun of Henley's support for the Democrats, the person being parodied did have such a connection, the provision still didn't apply because the Republican's rework went "far beyond what's necessary to hold the singer up to ridicule".

Despite that ruling being only provisional, DeVore seems to have backed down. As part of an out of court settlement with Henley, the political man will hand over an undisclosed damages payment and has issued a public apology.

DeVore said in a statement: "The court's ruling in this case confirms that political candidates, regardless of affiliation, should seek appropriate license authority before they use copyrighted works. Further, we regret all inaccurate, derogatory or disparaging remarks made about Mr Henley during the course of this dispute".

Henley told copyright blog Copyrights & Campaigns: "This is a moral victory, and a victory for every copyright holder in the United States. We set a precedent that will likely discourage this kind of behaviour. I think this is going to have a very positive effect on the creators of music".

He added that he was opposed to any reworking of his songs without permission, whether it's by a politician or a twelve year old on YouTube: "I don't condone it. I'm vehemently opposed to it. Not because I don't like parodies or satires of my work. But it's simply a violation of US copyright law. People in my age group generally don't like it. Songs are difficult to write; some of them take years to write. To have them used as toys or playthings is frustrating. The internet is slowly but surely killing the whole concept of copyright. I don't like where it's going... The internet is a wonderful thing but it also has a very dark side".

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Now 407 years in production, Dr Dre's 'Detox' album looks set to make it out into the world later this year. In a new interview the rapper and producer discusses why the album has taken so long (more like seven years, in reality), as well as talking about another new album he has been working on.

Asked if he ever thought it would take as long as it has to complete 'Detox', Dre told Vibe: "Absolutely not. I thought it would take at worst case a couple of years. For example, actual work time on [his 1992 solo debut] 'The Chronic' was nine months and actual work time on my last album, '2001' [released in 1999], was about ten months. The actual work time on this album is about half of that, where I'm seriously focusing on it. There is always something coming up. Like signing talent, old and new".

He added that an instrumental album was also in the works, saying: "An instrumental album is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I have the ideas for it. I want to call it 'The Planets'. I don't even know if I should be saying this, but fuck it. It's just my interpretation of what each planet sounds like. I'm gonna go off on that. Just all instrumental. I've been studying the planets and learning the personalities of each planet. I've been doing this for about two years now just in my spare time so to speak. I wanna do it in surround sound. It'll have to be in surround sound for Saturn to work".

With such a long gap between releases of Dre's solo albums, leaks have become inevitable. Dre spoke of his frustration at unfinished music being heard by fans: "'Under Pressure' leaking was killer. It was a little bit more frustrating because at least 'Crack A Bottle' had a hook on it. I wouldn't be as mad at a leak if the song was done ... I'm not mad at the fans. I'm mad at the person that leaked the shit. I have no idea how it got out. It's not even worth looking to see who did it. It happens. The most painful part about it is that I'm passionate about what I do so people should hear it in the right form".

Amongst the unfinished tracks that have made it out into earshot of the public were tracks with guide vocals recorded by Ludacris and TI, who have written lyrics for 'Detox'. Dre explained that he had a better idea of how those leaked: "Somebody actually hacked into our emails, so that made our red flags go up. We're in a new age and that's a sign: Wake up motherfucker. You have to be more careful with your shit. That's all there is to it. I know what's up now".

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Britney Spears isn't going to release any new music this month, despite what producer Rodney Jerkins says.

Jerkins recently said during a Ustream broadcast that "Britney fans are gonna be so happy in a few weeks", which was taken by many to mean that new songs were coming soon and that he had produced them.

However, Spears' manager Adam Leber said via Twitter yesterday: "No new music news right now - wish people wouldn't mislead you guys with BS info. Not cool! PS - the guys that ARE working on Brit's next album ARE NOT talking about it".

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The soon to be massive Fenech-Soler have announced that they will release their debut album on 27 Sep via B-Unique. They will release a new single, entitled 'Lies', the week before that on 20 Sep, which will come packed with remixes by Hervé, Grum, TEED, Doctor P.

You can also catch the band live on a massive tour of the UK in October and November.

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CMU Approved producer Dam Mantle, aka Tom Marshall, has announced that he will release his second EP, entitled 'Purple Arrow', on 13 Sep via Growing Records.

You can listen to the EP on SoundCloud right now (we suggest you do so): soundcloud.com/dammantle/sets/purple-arrow-ep

The twelve-inch is available to pre-order now via www.dammantle.com. Doing so will get you an immediate download of all four tracks, the titles of which are these words:

Broken Slumber
Purple Arrow
Two Women

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The only thing that was sort of interesting about the forthcoming Justin Bieber biopic was that it had a bonafide Oscar winner directing it, Davis Guggenheim, who was responsible for pointing a camera at Al Gore's PowerPoint slides in 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Sadly, he's now dropped out, possibly because everyone in the world spent that last two days asking why he was doing it. Many, I would imagine, to his face.

Actually, he reportedly left because he realised that he would be too busy promoting his forthcoming documentary 'Waiting For Superman' to hit the 11 Feb release date scheduled for the Bieber film. The hunt is now on to find a replacement.

As previously reported, Bieber will be played by pop star Justin Bieber in the 3D movie.

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Vampire Weekend have announced a second night at London's Alexandra Palace on their upcoming UK tour, tickets for which went on sale this morning. The band have also announced the support acts for all shows. Ratatat will appear at all shows, while the London shows will also have Laura Marling and Janelle Monáe on alternate nights.

The band also release a new single, 'White Sky', on 16 Aug.

The dates look like this:

25 Nov: Blackpool, Empress Ballroom Arena (with Ratatat)
26 Nov: Wolverhampton, Civic Hall (with Ratatat)
28 Nov: Edinburgh Corn Exchange (with Ratatat)
29 Nov: Sheffield, Academy (with Ratatat)
1 Dec: Brighton Centre (with Ratatat)
2 Dec: London, Alexandra Palace (with Laura Marling and Ratatat)
3 Dec: London, Alexandra Palace (with Janelle Monáe and Ratatat)

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Midlake will be back in the UK later this year. So that's nice, isn't it?

Here are the dates:

31 Oct: Exeter, Lemon Grove
1 Nov: Norwich, UEA
2 Nov: London, The Roundhouse
5 Nov: Oxford, Academy
6 Nov: Leicester, Academy
10 Nov: Cambridge, The Junction

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Eddy Temple-Morris has announced a new weekly club night at Proud Galleries in Camden. Called Club Remix, the night is a spin-off from his Xfm show The Remix, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Club Remix will launch on 2 Sep with live performances from Teenagersintokyo, Scoundrels, and Captain Dangerous, plus a DJ set from Jakwob.

Eddy first announced the night in his weekly Eddy Says column for CMU last month, in which he said of bringing dance music to Camden: "I love the idea of bringing some leftfield beats to a traditionally indie home-turf. I'll be looking to get the likes of Jakwob, Skism and Nero to play there, and will be interested to see how the crowd react".

Read Eddy's full announcement of Club Remix here: eddysays.thecmuwebsite.com/post/Thursday-is-the-new-Friday.aspx

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Michael Eavis has confirmed that "two of the three main performers have already been booked" for next year's Glastonbury, though neither are U2, who were forced to cancel their performance this year after Bono did his back in.

Although Eavis told BBC News you shouldn't get too hung up over who the headliners are: "Although it is very good to get headline artists, like Stevie Wonder and Muse, that's not the whole story. There's a lot more going on at Glastonbury and that's why we're so popular".

On his duet with Stevie Wonder during the singer's headline set this year, which has come in for a little criticism, Eavis said: "Obviously I was very flattered and I do sing a lot - I'm not afraid of singing - but the techie people didn't give me an ear plug. There was millions of people cheering at me, which is lovely, and I couldn't hear the tune, so I was having to wing it ... I can sing in tune but I didn't know what the tune was. So I was just lip reading it and making the best of it".

He added that Muse had also asked him to sing with them the previous night "but then they changed their minds so I got dropped by Muse and taken on by Stevie Wonder - wasn't that good?"

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People who can plan things more than two seconds in advance completely amaze me. Imagine actually knowing that you're going to a festival a full twelve months before it happens. What must life be like for those people? I can only wonder. Speaking of which, earlybird tickets for next year's Camp Bestival went on sale this morning.

All tickets are available on a six month payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost in a more affordable manner. Full details at www.campbestival.net.

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IN THE CITY, Piccadilly and Northern Quarter, Manchester, 13-15 Oct: No Age, Mount Kimbie, Male Bonding, Yuck, Crystal Fighters, Factory Floor, oOoOO, White Ring, Skepta, Kisses, Ital Tek, Teeth, Andreya Triana, Mazes, John Weise, and Spectrals are among the fist acts announced for this year's In The City convention. www.inthecity.co.uk

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Kendal Calling 2010
I arrived at Kendal Calling on Saturday afternoon, annoyingly missing Friday because of some perfectly redundant course that I was required to attend explaining to me the importance of confidence during a job interviews, thank you the Job Centre. This obviously meant missing Calvin Harris and the previous day's festivities but, as it turns out, Kendal has a much limited line-up on the Friday, so it made only a little difference to my overview of the festival. Arriving on Saturday was also fortunate because it meant less traffic, less hassle and none of that waiting around in queues, which is so redolent in music festivals. So maybe I should retract my sarcasm from that earlier thank you to the Job Centre.

My mood temporarily soured by the discovery that no alcohol is allowed to be brought into the arena, meaning that a great portion of the money I thought I'd saved buying alcohol before arriving was now allocated to the expensive bars inside. Rest assured though that inner-peace was restored and after a brief trip back to the tent we made it through arena security and were greeted with a lovely, homely scene, comparable to home of the Hobbits, The Shire, or some quaint village green, decked out with bunting and shaded underneath ancient Oak trees. The sun was shining as we made a swoop of the arena before settling down to see a Howard Marks talk.

Unfortunately, Marks was late and so the first artist we saw was Mancunian singer-songwriter Danny Mahon. It was clear on the day that Mahon obviously has a large following and, even though he wasn't billed to play at that time, a crowd of people turned up and sang nearly every word to his every song. For me though, his music did not elicit any positive feelings and I felt that it was an awful repetition of everything that has come out of Manchester since The Smiths. His songs do carry a visceral scent through strong body language but the lyrical tone he mostly falls into is a kind of jocular ribaldry, mixing his natural emotions of displeasure (of drug dealers/crack mostly) with an indelicate choice of words.

Although we waited through Mahon's set for Howard, it was made apparent to us that he would not be talking that day and so we left to take our place under an Oak tree before the main stage and watch some acts. OK Go appeared shortly after that and they stormed through a hit heavy set, featuring 'A Million Ways', 'Get Over It', 'This Too Shall Pass' and many more.

In all honesty, OK Go aren't a band I rate highly but their honest enthusiasm for the crowd and the enjoyable nature of their performance filled the hole that was carved out so brutally by Mahon only half an hour previous.

Next up, The Futureheads. Having seen them numerous times and with a full understanding of what to expect I rejoiced in their intoxicating harmonies and let their positive blast of post-punk wash over me. The band fell short of my expectations slightly with a blisteringly paced 'Skip To The End' that distorted the natural melody of the song, but I suspect that pacing problem was purposeful and was more of a corollary slide to fit in with the rest of their lively set, which concluded with their biggest hit to date, 'Hounds Of Love', much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Following on from them was a band who I've longed to see for sometime and originate from Kendal itself, Wild Beasts. They had the home support and are currently a critical hit, having been selected from the multitude by the enormous and powerful finger of the Mercury Prize. So we all stood expectant of great things. Rather understandably they put on a fantastic show and were the real highlight of the day. The effortless way both Tom Fleming and Hayden Thorpe bounce off of each other's own unique vocal style is captivating to watch and made all the more impressive as we see both of them darting around the stage switching instruments with ease.

Strangely it was their latest single 'We Still Got The Taste Dancin On Our Tongues' which provided one of the most absurd reactions that day as the pacing formed a frothy sea deep inside me. For some reason they took to playing the verses at speed and dropped down some 10bpm for the choruses resulting in a disorientating effect on me, it was quite unsettling but made me rejoice more as if somehow they had complete control over me.

Doves were next and were the perfect act to restore me to normality. They were luminous and lustrous and shining and all the other adjectives that centrally locate their brand of dance infused epic indie within a certain sphere of sounds. Having recently released a best of, they appear to be performing as a prestige act, sitting resplendent among the top acts within the country and enjoying their time there. They certainly gained much applause for their evening's effort and were rapturously received; ending the night with 'Spaceface' was a great reminder of why the band have been around for so long and why they have experienced so much critical and public support.

Sunday started with a hangover, it crushed and bruised my battered brain and left me scrabbling around for change, desperate to get enough for a juice or a water to cool my head down. The sun was up but that would soon change as the weather kept transforming the rolling clouds, bringing with them the covering darkness, anticipating rain. As our hangovers subsided we moved into the main arena and checked out a series of small tents and activities, each showing us how diverse and creative this festival is. With all the arts and crafts going on it seems like an excellent festival to bring a family to and they really seem to cater for that type of audience. There are enough street artists, cabaret acts, jugglers, escape artists and comedians to keep everyone entertained and it finds such a suitable home here in Kendal Calling, much less psychedelic than similar acts at Glastonbury and instead much more homely and child-friendly.

The first act we saw that day was British Sea Power, another band who find their origins in Kendal. They decked out their stage in marvellous plumes of vegetation. They performed a typically quirky set appealing to fans of British Sea Power from 'The Decline Of...' days all the way through to 2008's 'Do You Like Rock Music?', starting with the sparkling 'A Wooden Horse' and ending with crowd-pleaser 'Spirit Of St Louis'. They were perfectly befitting of the surroundings, with their maudlin tone and approach suggestive of the darkening clouds that seemed to want to burst but never really could. Likewise the luscious foliage that surrounded them on stage seemed to look up to sky asking to be soaked, fitting into some underlying sense of ambience; that really the music played out to the atmosphere of festival and that the festival was not just for music.

After British Sea Power, I made my way over to the Calling Out stage to see These New Puritans. As I stood before the stage I was left wondering how they would manage to play some of those excellent loop and sample filled songs from 'Hidden' without either making them too unrecognisable nor too polished. Most of the songs managed to fit this bill, tracks like 'We Want War', 'Holograms' and 'Attack Music' settling in nicely. But then with the live sound/recorded sound differing so much between first and second albums it was always going to be difficult to bridge the gap between the two. 'Elvis' sounded slightly tired as a result, no doubt because the songwriting in 'Hidden' has so much more clarity in it than the art-rock pose of the 'Beat Pyramid' era. It was, however, a captivating set with Jack Barnett becoming a focal point as he swung and danced about the stage to the discordant rhythms.

And with that I met back up with my friends and we sped into the night, and in particular to the dance tent to catch the last remaining DJs before the end of the festival. Kendal Calling is a small festival but it is vibrant and has lots to see and do as well as boasting a warm and friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, the closed off arena made it expensive and the result was a rather clunky festival where one would often find themselves returning to the tent during the afternoon when all you really wanted to do was soak in the bands.

Overall though, it was a great festival with a lot of experiences to have and a lot of music to enjoy. SJS

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Guitarist for 70s glam rockers The Sweet, Andy Scott is the new face of van insurance comparison website Vancompare.com (I'm not sure who the old face was). Scott appears in two TV ads for the company.

This is not just a cynical cash-in for the musician though. According to the website: "Van Compare's owner and chairman, Paul Steffens, has been a fan of The Sweet since the age of ten and, by the age of 42, Andy had played two gigs at his home. Paul and Andy's friendship quickly evolved and resulted in the idea of Andy fronting Van Compare's first television advertising campaign".

Should you be so inclined, you can watch the ads here: www.vancompare.com/Van-Compare-and-Andy-Scott-team-up-in-TV-advert

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As expected, Live Nation's losses were up in the second quarter as a result of the widely reported slump in US ticket sales. Losses for the quarter up to 30 Jun were $34.6 million, up from $27.2 million in the same quarter last year.

And boss man Michael Rapino doesn't seem to think the rest of the year is going to go much better, mainly because of the lack of big name artists on their roster due to tour this autumn. "We don't have a sizable big line-up this (third or fourth quarter) of A-artists and arenas", he admitted to journalists and analysts.

But both Rapino and co-boss Irving Azoff said they remain convinced things would turn round in 2011, with Azoff saying that while the live sector was struggling at the moment, artists were never going to stop touring, they might just look for ways to do so in more cost efficient ways.

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Three-strikes is being discussed in New Zealand again. Despite being one of the first countries to seriously discuss the idea of suspending the net access of persistent file-sharers, and despite passing legislation to instigate some sort of three-strikes system in 2008, nothing has actually happened there in this regard, and the political types are discussing it all anew.

The ultimate sanction in the currently proposed New Zealand three-strikes system is the same as in the UK, that the pesky file-sharer would have their net connection suspended. But some lobbying groups down under want a tougher penalty, preferring the French system of cutting off the internet access of those who infringe copyrights online, and banning them from moving to another ISP, for a time at least.

According to TorrentFreak, the New Zealand Law Society said in a hearing on the issue this week: "The [new] bill should include a power to allow the court to order that a person cannot open an account with another ISP during the period of the suspension. This would remove uncertainty about how infringement notices are issued".

Needless to say, not everyone concurs. Jordan Carter for lobbying group InternetNZ said: "Disconnection needs to be removed from this bill. It needs to go on pragmatic and on principled grounds. A disconnection penalty is a response way out of line with the harm caused by infringing file-sharing. People are using the internet for a huge range of important economic and social tasks. Cutting off their accounts is akin to banning someone from using the postal system because they were caught posting copied music CDs".

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Operating losses are up at MySpace, the surely now doomed former social networking giant. Losses were up to $575 million for the year ending 30 Jun, up $121 million on the previous year.

Nevertheless, bosses at the New Corp-owned company say they remain optimistic about the future. They said in a statement: "We've got a new management team - we've got great confidence in them - they're doing a major overhaul - it will look very different in the next few months than it has in the last few years. We're going to see it out for some time yet. Obviously, we're keeping it under very close review".

Some commentators assume MySpace will be dead within the year, leading said commentators to question whether News Corp will see any value in keeping the autonomous (corporately speaking) MySpace Music going as a stand alone concern.

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Despite warnings that he could be arrested by local authorities, Enrique Iglesias stayed true to his word and water-skied naked off the coast of Miami.

As previously reported, Iglesias promised to water-ski au natural if Spain won the World Cup during an interview with the BBC in June. Spain duly took the prize, leading to the singer announcing "a bet is a bet" when asked if he would go through with it.

However, a spokesman for Miami law enforcers told TMZ that there was a strict "no nudity" rule on the state's coast, saying: "We enforce all laws here, regardless of what your status is in the Miami community".

Well, in your face, Miami! He's done it. At least, we think he has. To be honest, the footage TMZ have put online could be anyone.


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