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Formed in 2000 by Cathedral bassist Leo Smee and his brother Milo, Chrome Hoof are an experimental orchestra based in London. Initially performing as a duo, the group have continuously recruited new members, developing a progressive, futuristic and psychedelic sound and covering a range of genres, touching on metal, electro, funk, jazz, disco and chamber music. The band released their third LP, 'Crush Depth', earlier this year and are all set to play at both Offset Festival and Bestival next month. Ahead of their festival dates, we caught up with keyboard player Emmett Evelin to ask the Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I found this big, strange wooden thing with lots of black and white bits, that did interesting things to my three year old auditory equipment, in the house I grew up in. I later found out what it was called when my grandmother said: "Stop destroying the piano, Emmett". To save the piano, I was bought a weird wind-driven red plastic toy organ. It was nowhere near as loud as the piano, so I'd crank it to full volume and press my ear up against the in-built speaker. The organ is long buried under landfill, but I managed to inherit the piano. The poor thing's more abused than ever.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
The thought of having to play the previous one for eternity if we didn't sort it out.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
Some of the stuff on 'Pre-Emptive False Rapture' came about by going around the rehearsal room taking turns to make something up. 'Crush Depth' had more starting points, but we still allowed enough accidents to happen. It's important to surprise yourself, even if that surprise is just how wretched something can sound.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
We cheat by channeling musicians from the 22nd century, stealing their ideas before they get a chance to make use of them. We've condemned many artists to a future lifetime of obscurity this way, but many of those bands, like Magnesium Sneeze and Fognut, only had one good idea anyway.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Yalfludig zarb droob-dazzle. It seems to help a lot.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
For NASA to announce a program of multiple, solid platinum space probes, continuously beaming out 'Crush Depth' into the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Probably won't happen though, given the economic downturn. We'll settle for 20 copies sold and a couple of dates in Neasden.

MORE>> www.myspace.com/chromehoof
VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: 2020Vision Party at Village Underground
This Saturday, Leeds-based electronic label 2020Vision Recordings brings its 2020 Soundsystem summer tour to London for its final UK date before heading out to Ibiza for a big finale at Space later this month. On the bill for this twelve hour extravaganza are some heavyweights of the label's producer talent, Crazy P, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Simon Baker, Julien Chaptal and company boss Ralph Lawson.

Also joining them are some DJs pulled in from elsewhere in the electronic world, Jozif, Craig Torrance, Chris Halliday and Danny Raper, who'll ensure the deep funky beats keep rolling throughout. They've already impressed at various festivals, including Sonar and last weekend's Big Chill, and this will be a great chance for a massive blow out. Be quick, though. There aren't many tickets left.

Saturday 14 Aug, Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3PQ, 6pm - 6am, £12 before 10pm, £15 after, more info from www.villageunderground.co.uk or www.2020recordings.com

Are you motivated, know your dance music and want a fresh challenge?

Your Army Promotions is an industry leader working with some of the biggest and most credible acts in the world. We get their music into the hands of taste maker club and radio DJs. Clients include Mad Decent, Kitsuné, Domino, Virgin, Parlophone, XL, Mute, Sound Pelligrino, Vulture, Cheap Thrills, Rinse, Sub Soldiers, Mercury Records, Island Records, Tempa, Ed Banger, Wichita and Polydor.

Based in London, our clients now want us to provide a worldwide press and online PR service that gets coverage for their releases in the traditional dance press and key online outlets in the main territories including UK, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

We're looking for a dynamic Head of PR that can make this role their own. The ideal candidate should have at least a years experience in PR, be able to implement systems and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You should be passionate about music, have established relationships with key editors and online journalists plus a sound knowledge of electronic music.

If you are looking to become an industry leader and run a brand new press department then send your CV with a covering letter to james@your-army.com. salary: competitive with bonus structure.
Your Army Promotions is an industry leader working with the biggest and most credible acts in the world. We get their music into the hands of taste maker club and radio DJs. Clients include Mad Decent, Kitsuné, Domino, Virgin, Parlophone, XL, Mute, Sound Pelligrino, Vulture, Cheap Thrills, Rinse, Sub Soldiers, Mercury Records, Island Records, Tempa, Ed Banger, Wichita and Polydor.

We are looking to expand our team and need an organized passionate team player. Your role will involve developing strong relationships with taste maker DJs, liaising and reporting back to clients, maintaining the database of DJs and looking for new business.

The applicant will need experience in the industry and have contacts to expand our client roster. If you are looking to work with an industry leader then send your CV with a covering letter to james@your-army.com. salary: negotiable dependant on experience
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The team behind CMU's acclaimed seminars programme are now offering their services to music and media companies, educational bodies and membership organisations looking for bespoke professional training courses. CMU's existing courses on music rights, music business models, music PR, media and social media can be run specifically for an organisation's employees, students or members, or bespoke courses can be developed according to an organisation's specific needs. For more information contact Chris Cooke on 020 7099 9050 or chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk.
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Sam Duckworth, aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, has put himself up for sale on eBay. Times, it seems, are getting really tough in the music industry. No, not really. He's auctioning himself in aid of Oxfam, and will play a gig in the home of the highest bidder. Proceeds will go to help the victims of the recent flooding in Pakistan.

Last time we looked, the bids were up to £1120, which is quite a lot. And there are still five days to go.

Duckworth said of the auction: "A higher than usual monsoon season in Pakistan has caused flooding to ravage this beautiful country. Infrastructure has collapsed, four million people are left homeless, malnourished and in desperate need of aid, the biggest natural disaster in many years. As a result I put a note up on Facebook seeing if anyone would be interested in donating money to the DEC/Oxfam appeal in exchange for an 'in your house' acoustic gig. Response was overwhelming. As a result I have decided to put it up for auction via the Oxfam eBay store".

You can view the auction (and bid) here: cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360289311095

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As expected, Viacom has formally confirmed it will appeal the US court's recent ruling regarding the company's long running legal action against YouTube. As previously reported, a US judge dismissed MTV owner Viacom's case against YouTube and its owners Google back in June.

The TV firm said that the video site had frequently infringed its copyrights during its first few years in business by turning a blind eye when people uploaded unlicensed MTV content to their website. But Judge Louis Stanton eventually ruled YouTube operated a good enough take-down system - whereby copyright infringing content was removed when a complaint was made - to get protection under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

It is not yet entirely clear on what grounds Viacom will appeal, but the media firm gave the Manhattan Federal Court notice that an appeal is incoming yesterday. So either way, this dispute - a test of the obligations of the operators of YouTube style systems under US copyright laws - seemingly has someway yet to run before resolution.

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George Michael has been formally charged with possession of cannabis and driving while unfit, it was announced by Scotland Yard yesterday.

As previously reported, Michael was arrested last month after he crashed his car into a branch of Snappy Snaps in Hampstead. He was later bailed pending further investigations. The result of those investigations was yesterday's charge.

This isn't the first driving mishap Michael has had in recent years, of course. Last August the singer had a serious crash with a lorry on the A34, shortly after the end of a two year driving ban imposed on him in June 2007 when he pleaded guilty to driving while unfit due to drug use.

Michael was charged after appearing by arrangement at a Camden police station. He is due to appear in court to face the latest charges on 24 Aug.

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Rap man DMX has been released from prison after serving just eighteen days of a 90 day sentence.

As previously reported, the rapper was released from prison at the beginning of last month after serving four months for parole violation after failing a drugs test. But almost immediately a 2002 driving conviction caught up with him, and he had to hand himself back into the authorities.

The charge was driving while intoxicated, but was reduced to reckless driving as part of a plea bargain in which the rapper agreed to serve another 90 days in jail. But, by handing himself in and complying with the authorities, he has been let out just eighteen days in.

DMX is apparently now working on a new album.

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Sum 41 have pulled out of this year's Vans Warped Tour of the US in order for frontman Deryck Whibley to recover from a slipped disc sustained when he was attacked in a bar in Japan earlier this month.

As previously reported, Sum 41 performed at Japan's Summersonic festival last weekend despite doctors advising Whibley to rest. Having initially ignored doctor's orders, it seems he and the band have realised that they can't continue without their frontman having a little recovery break.

In a statement, the band said: "Knowing that they are unable to deliver their signature high-energy show, Sum 41 made the tough decision that a break is needed while Deryck begins rehabilitation for the slipped disc".

Drummer Steve Jocz told People: "[We] are very disappointed that we have to pull off the tour. [But] we know that it would be more frustrating for the fans if we can't give it our all. Deryck is doing everything he can to get himself better, and we're there for him".

It's not clear how long it will be before Sum 41 return to the stage - they are due to appear in the UK on the Eastpak Antidote Tour in October.

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Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino has revealed that the main reason bassist Carlos Dengler's quit the band was that he no longer enjoyed playing bass guitar. Which is a problem. If your job is to play the bass guitar. Which his was. Do you see?

Speaking to Toronto website EyeWeekly.com, Fogarino said part of the reason for Dengler's departure was that "touring's a bitch", but really it came down to his wider musical ambitions. He explained: "Carlos really doesn't like playing the bass guitar. How integral is the bass to Interpol music? I mean, it's huge. It's a total harmonic component. It's hook-laden. But he really, really didn't like the bass. It's not his instrument of choice, and it definitely wasn't his first instrument".

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No wonder Carl Barat didn't get around to rehearsing with The Libertines for their upcoming reunion shows until this week, it seems he's had a lot on. In the next three months he'll play those shows with the band, release a solo album, publish a memoir and head out on a solo tour.

The eponymous album will be released via Barat's own label, Arcady, on 4 Oct, with the first single from it, 'Run With The Boys', out the same day. A week prior to that he will publish 'Threepenny Memoir' through Harper Collins, a collection of stories and reminisces from his life written in themed chapters.

His solo tour then begins on 15 Oct at Coalition in Brighton, finishing up at The Scala in London on 27 Oct.

Speaking to Xfm, Barat said of his solo album: "I was so relieved. It was my first sort of guilt-free project. There's no baggage that comes with the whole band thing any more. It feels quite liberating. I'm really happy with the record. It's the first record I've made that I can go back and listen to straight away. It's the one which is the biggest departure from what I've done in the past. The subject matter of the song is about giving that life up. I thought it's a nice way to start moving on".

The album and book releases will be funded by that previously announced £500,000 investment deal with Power Amp Music, which takes hard cash off city types and invests it directly into artist projects, like these.

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Experimental instrumental hip hop type Gold Panda has announced that he will release his debut album, 'Lucky Shiner', through Notown on 11 Oct. This will be preceded by a single, 'Snow & Taxis', on 4 Oct.

The album was recorded in what sound like quite relaxing surroundings, his aunt and uncle's house in the Essex countryside. Gold Panda explains: "They went away over Christmas for two weeks and asked me to look after their dog. I'd walk Daisy in the morning and then make tunes till she pestered me to take her out again, I'd bounce down what I'd done, stick my headphones on and walk her; get ideas and repeat the process".

You can download 'Snow & Taxis' now from www.luckyshiner.com.

Here is the tracklist:

Vanilla Minus
Same Dream China
Snow & Taxis
Before We Talked
I'm With You But I'm Lonely
After We Talked
India Lately

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Kurran Karbal has come a long way since we featured him in our unsigned month two years ago. I wouldn't be so arrogant as to say his subsequent success has been completely down to us. But it has.

No, of course it hasn't. It's down to him and his band The Wolfnotes being very, very good. You can hear exactly how good they are when they release their new single, 'Your Four Limbs', on 13 Sep via Chess Club.

The band are currently working on their debut album, of which Karbal says: "I look and see bands like Radiohead who have amazing discographies and I want to be able to look back in twenty years and say, 'Yeah, every single one of these albums speaks for a part of my life'".

Here are songs: www.myspace.com/kurranandthewolfnotes

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UNKLE will play a headline show at Brixton Academy in London on 19 Nov, the duo have announced. Pre-sale tickets will be available at www.unkle.com from Monday, and go on general sale on Wednesday at 9 am.

They will also release a new EP, entitled 'The Answer' on 13 Sep, featuring two new tracks, a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco and a remix by former member Tim Goldsworthy.

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Crystal Fights have announced UK tour dates to coincide with the release of their debut album, 'Star Of Love', in September. As well as a series of headline dates, they will also support Foals on their UK tour.

Here are all of the dates:

29 Sep: Bristol, Star The Bus
30 Sep: London, XOYO
1 Oct: Leeds, Nation Of Shopkeepers
2 Oct: Sheffield, The Plug
8 Oct: Birmingham, Institute
9 Oct: Newcastle, Other Rooms
14 Oct: Manchester (In The City)
15 Oct: Liverpool, Academy
6 Nov: Nottingham. Rock City (supporting Foals)
7 Nov: Southampton, Guildhall (supporting Foals)
8 Nov: Brighton, Dome (supporting Foals)
10 Nov: Norwich, UEA (supporting Foals)
11 Nov: Lincoln, Engine Shed (supporting Foals)
12 Nov: London, Brixton Academy (supporting Foals)

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ELECTRIC PICNIC, Stradbury Hall Estate, Co Laois, Ireland 3-5 Sep: Tiga, Crystal Fighters and Stacey Pullen are amongst the final acts announced to play at this year's Electric Picnic, with Juan Atkins, Trojan Sound System and Daniel Wang also added to the bill. www.electricpicnic.ie

WIZARD, New Deer Show Ground nr Peterhead and Fraserburgh, Scotland, 27-28 Aug: Make Sparks, Iain McLaughlin & The Outsiders and aka-SKA have all been confirmed to play at this month's Wizard fest, along with Gerry Jablonski, Indian Red Lopez, OnTheFly, Three Knots and Velvet Audio. www.wizardfestival.com

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ALBUM REVIEW: Shit Robot - From The Cradle To The Rave (DFA)
DFA Records has always existed in a retro-futurist bubble. The label's releases tend to combine the essence of decades old material with a contemporary bent. Shit Robot's debut album is no exception, taking its inspiration largely from Chicago/acid house and disco. The results are a continuation of the classic DFA sound: relentlessly jacking, molasses thick basslines seep through each of the album's nine songs mix with the reassuringly ever present doof-doof-doof of house's 4/4 heartbeat.

But is this enough? Put it this way, in years to come we're not going to be hailing 'From The Cradle To The Rave' in the same way we salivate over Luomo's 2000 masterpiece 'Vocalcity'. That's not to say that it's without its charms, however. The tracks with the guest vocalists, including Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and The Juan Maclean's Nancy Whang, are near-brilliant exercises in dancefloor efficiency, and previous single 'Simple Things (Work It Out)' featuring former Nation Of Ulysses frontman Ian Svenonius is, in turns, a paranoid, jittery jack-track and a hands-in-the-air piano house classic.

It's the tracks where Shit Robot's Marcus Lambkin provides the vocals that cause the interest levels to drop: his pitched-down incantations ("Are you ready?" intones the opening track 'Tuff Enough' over and over again) and occasionally less than inspiring backing tracks result in an uneven record. The good stuff, however, just about outweighs the bad. JAB

Release date: 20 Sep
Press contact: Toast

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Beer manufacturer Heineken has ended its support for Benicassim, after ten years as the Spanish festival's main sponsor.

Vince Power took full control of the festival this year, after working closely with its founders for three years, but saw attendance drop to 127,000 from last year's 200,000.

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Grooveshark's iPhone app has been approved by the powers that be at Apple and is available to download from the iTunes app store now. When the IT firm initially rejected the app, the slightly rebellious streaming music service made it available to people using 'jailbroken' iPhones.

It was assumed Apple were concerned by some legal claims that have been made by content owners against Grooveshark, though complaints from EMI and indie rights body Merlin have been settled and licensing deals have been made in their place. Universal's legal action against the company, though, is ongoing.

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Oh dear, not an especially rosy day for the music press yesterday as the latest ABC magazine circulation figures were published.

Despite its recent generally well received revamp, NME is now selling just 33,000 copies a week, a further 17.3% slump after years of decline. It was news that left the PR team at publishers IPC having to get out their calculators and do some big sums to prove that "one in four of all music magazines sold every year on the UK newsstand is a copy of NME", a stat that is possible because, of course, the indie mag is weekly while the majority of its competitors are monthly.

Insiders at IPC probably took most heart at the news that the other biggy in the music press, Q magazine, owned by rivals Bauer, also saw sales drop, by 10.7% year on year, so it is now selling just 89,450 copies per month.

Of course, in both NME and Q's defence, their continued circulation slumps are more a sign of the times than anything else, though NME's closest competitor and Q's sister title, Bauer's Kerrang!, did see readership rise by 1.8%, while distribution of The Fly is also slightly up.

But Metal Hammer, Uncut and Mojo all experienced circulation slides, while Classic Rock - a recent success story in the music press domain - saw circulation stay constant.

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Given the latest ABCs, I'm not sure there'll be many music journalist jobs left very soon. But at least those that remain can be well trained.

The University Of Westminster's MusicTank organisation is teaming up for Lulu Le Vay, a former Sleazenation deputy editor, to launch a new eight week music journalism course. Organisers say they are creating the course in response to a perceived slump in standards in the music journalism, in part due to resources being cut at the big music titles and partly because an increasing amount of music editorial coverage comes from bedroom reviewers.

Actually, I think there's always been some terrible music journalism out there (and plenty of terrible journalism in general), though as the amount of grass roots and amateur music commentary has increased online it is probably true the good to bad ratio has tipped towards the bad somewhat.

The new course, called Word Up, will cover all the basics on the music media and wider music industry, and include some guest spots for music and media people. For more details go here: www.musictank.co.uk/events/words-up

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Global Radio exec Paul Jackson is, well, no longer a Global Radio exec. He is leaving the radio major, where he headed up Capital FM for three years after joining the London station from a stint running Virgin Radio.

He is leaving not only Global but the country too, heading to Australia to work for DMG Radio, the radio firm half owned by the Daily Mail and half by Lachlan 'son of Rupert' Murdoch.

He will be replaced at Global by James Brownlow, who is currently Senior Programming Director for the Northern half of the Galaxy Radio network.

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Do we care which pop star types will be judging on the next series of 'American Idol' once Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres are gone? No, you're right, we don't.

Even if we went on a nine week course in Swindon totally focused on caring less, in which leading experts from across the world lectured us daily on best practice technique in how to care less, we still couldn't care less about who will be judging on the next series of 'American Idol'. But I've started writing this story now, and I've come up with a killer sign off gag (it's hall of fame level comedy), so we're going to update you on this anyway.

So please do take note: word has it 'Idol' producers are currently chasing Jennifer Lopez to be their lady judge next year, but - according to TMZ - have already identified Shania Twain as an acceptable alternative. "Shania Twain you say? To judge on 'Idol' you say? Yeah, that don't impress..."

No, actually, the sign off joke is shit too. But we've spent an awful lot of money getting this far, and it's not like we can remove that useless bit of gossip from your brain now. So this story shall remain. Forever and ever, amen.

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