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I Am Arrows is the newish solo project from former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows. After the release of his second album with the band, Burrows departed from Razorlight in 2008 and went on to sign with Universal Music. He has since recorded his debut album 'Sun Comes Up Again', out this week, with producer Eliot James (Noah And The Whale, Bloc Party). With his live band, he's now set to head out his first headline tour, as well as playing slots supporting Muse at Wembley. In addition to his solo work, Burrows has recently spent time back behind the drum kit with We Are Scientists for their latest album. We caught up with Andy to find out more.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I got started playing drums in the school brass band when I was nine. Well, actually I joined when I was eight, playing the trumpet, but I was RUBBISH and I used to just spend the whole time turning round looking at the drummer. I thought, "Why would anyone wanna play this foghorn when they could be rocking out back there!" I started playing drums in my first 'pop' group when I was eleven. We were called The Shoos. We used to rehearse near a very famous record producer's house - he was never interested in us, but coincidentally, years later, he did produce a Razorlight album!

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
I think that everything in my funny little corner of the planet inspired this album. It's a very heart-on-sleeve record. So, I guess just life, family, friends, enemies, The Shoos, Razorlight - I think the past five years being in a pretty successful band opened my eyes to the world somewhat! It's all in there... everything, all in my inarticulate confussled lyrical code.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
It differs, I guess. Some songs come together in the studio whilst jamming around an idea - although 'jamming' on this album was minimal, as it was just Eliot James and myself. Sometimes I work on songs at home, record them onto the laptop or sing them down the phone or something (I'm not particularly technical) then take them into the studio and see what happens. If a song's not working out, it's probably just not that good! I usually write my songs whilst I'm out and about. They usually come along when I've got no way of recording them, like without a phone, in the middle of a field or something, or in Tesco, so they have to be strong enough melodies for me to remember them by the time I get home.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
I guess The Beatles are pretty darn key - but then I guess The Beatles are pretty darn key to pretty darn everyone. They were pretty darn special. After them, it's The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Crowded House, Badly Drawn Boy, Blur, Beck, Wilco, Phoenix, Gorillaz, Simon & Garfunkel, Squeeze, and most recently (and most fantastically) Broken Bells. I LOVE that record, it's easily my record of the year!

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I'm not sure I'd want to say anything. I think I'd just let them have a listen - I think me waffling on would do the music no favours.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
I want this record to be heard by as many people as possible, and then I would like to tour it for a year or so, then get in to the studio and make a second one. I guess I would just love to have this current project be one that lasts a while! Most importantly, I want the next five musical years to be a good laugh - that'd be grand.

MORE>> www.iamarrows.com
It's been some time since Jakwob last appeared in this slot, gaining approval over a year ago for the track that first brought him to public attention, a dubstep remix of Ellie Goulding's 'Starry Eyed'. Since then he's become the guy you go to when you want a credible remix of your new single, reworking the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Robyn, The Temper Trap, Empire Of The Sun, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip and more.

Now, finally, Jakwob is set to release some of his own material, with his debut single, 'Here With Me' set to come out via his own Boom Ting label on 13 Sep. The track sees him mixing dubstep with more expansive electronic sounds; slow drums, wobbly bass, huge string samples and ethereal vocals. It's emotive stuff, something you might not expect to hear of a dubstep track. Even the bassline and piano stabs set you nicely on edge as you listen, which you can do at Jakwob's website now.


Music Gain is acquiring record labels and catalogue. If you are thinking of selling, or have a large catalogue you want managed on your behalf, then please contact us. Introduction and spotters fees also paid. Please visit us - www.musicgain.com
The team behind CMU's acclaimed seminars programme are now offering their services to music and media companies, educational bodies and membership organisations looking for bespoke professional training courses. CMU's existing courses on music rights, music business models, music PR, media and social media can be run specifically for an organisation's employees, students or members, or bespoke courses can be developed according to an organisation's specific needs. For more information contact Chris Cooke on 020 7099 9050 or chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk.
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Documents from the Trade Register Of Luxembourg seen by Computer Sweden magazine apparently value Spotify at 230 million euros, up from a valuation of 190 million euros a year ago.

This is, I think, based on the amount of investment raised, including 11.6 million euros pumped into the digital music service by Napster co-founder Sean Parker, an investment which means the major labels are now business partners with one of the creators of the former record industry enemy number one, which is fun.

Of course, such valuations are a bit made up really and, while everyone still loves Spotify, many still remain uncertain about just how viable the whole thing will be once start up capital runs out. Some have also pointed to the recent departure of two senior execs - Lead Designer Rasmus Andersson and SVP Of Strategic Partnerships Paul Brown - as a sign the digital service's honeymoon period is over, while some have speculated that continued delays for a US launch are causing tensions behind the scenes.

Though both Andersson and Brown insist they are leaving on good terms with Spotify, and are only leaving because they have been presented with irresistible new projects.

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A member of No Angels, a German girl group originally created by the country's version of the 'Popstars' TV show, has confessed to knowingly having unprotected sex with three men without informing them that she is HIV positive, one of whom subsequently contracted the virus.

As previously reported, Nadja Benaissa was charged with one count of causing grievous bodily harm and two of attempting to cause bodily harm in February this year, after originally being arrested in April last year. She allegedly had sex with all the men in question between 2000 and 2004, and was diagnosed with HIV in 1999.

Benaissa made the admission shortly after her trial got under way in the city of Darmstadt, telling the court: "I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. The last thing I wanted was for my partner to get infected. [I feared that revealing my diagnosis] would probably have meant the end for No Angels".

She also claimed that doctors had told her that the chances of her passing on the infection were "practically zero".

Also appearing in court to give evidence, the unnamed man who became infected with HIV after sleeping with the singer told her: "You have created a lot of suffering in the world".

However, some have condemned the way Benaissa's case has been handled. Edwin Bernard, a writer and advocate specialising in HIV prosecutions, told the BBC: "By singling out HIV, it really promotes fear and stigma. Many of these cases, and in particular the media reporting of these cases, perpetuate an awful lot of myths about how HIV is transmitted, as well as things like the life expectancy, which is pretty close to normal now in the developed world".

If found guilty, Benaissa faces between six and ten years in prison.

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Will Young has been voted the best role model in music for young British lesbian, gay and bisexual people, in a poll commissioned by campaign group Stonewall. Young took 58% of the votes, while Alison Goldfrapp followed at 15%, Kele Okereke had 12%, the only recently outed Joe McElderry came in with 10% and Lady Sovereign closed the top five with 5%.

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said: "Young people involved with Stonewall tell us that role models help them overcome the homophobic bullying that's rife in Britain's schools. Pop culture is hugely influential to young people so it's encouraging to see more openly lesbian, gay and bisexual British pop stars".

He added: "Joe McElderry is already recognised as a role model, so the scene is now set for him to become every bit as popular with young gay people as Will Young".

Some reports have dismissed Young's suitability as a role model, as he did not reveal his sexuality until after he had won TV talent show 'Pop Idol' in 2002, when a tabloid had threatened to out him. Though Young has always pointed out that not actively telling the public about his sexuality is not the same as hiding it.

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The Libertines have posted footage of their rehearsals for their upcoming reunion shows online. Just to prove they are actually getting on with it. That said, most of the video is made up of concert footage from about 2003, so who knows.

Watch the band playing 'Horrorshow', taken from their debut album 'Up The Bracket', here: youtu.be/bmeRTEj2NrI

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Universal's music publishing company yesterday confirmed it had renewed its relationship with Coldplay, having been the band's publishers since 1999. Universal Music Publishing already oversee the band's songs catalogue, including all those indie pop classics like, erm, you know, that one, err, the slightly whiny one. Oh that's right, that's all of them. Well, under the new deal Universal will enjoy rights over all of Coldplay's future whininess too. This is a cause for celebration.

And look, here's Universal Publishing UK top man Paul Connolly celebrating. He told CMU: "Coldplay define all that's great about music today. They're incredibly talented, they write fantastic songs, and they deliver amazing shows to their fans. They've sold over 50 million albums worldwide and their huge success is entirely deserved. We're obviously very proud to be Coldplay's publisher so it's great that we've been able to extend our relationship with them in this way".

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Florence Welch will soon be cranking up her machine again in order to get to work on recording her second album, the follow-up to last year's 'Lungs', which she promises will be influenced by an "eclectic mix" of other artists. Let's hope she gives them all proper credit for their 'influence' this time.

Welch told BBC 6music: "I'm definitely going to work with a couple of new people. I'm hoping I'll have some time off in September and then in October or November time I'll start really concentrating on doing the full thing. I'm quite easily distracted and my thoughts are hard to pin down, but it's good in some ways. I think it was like lyrically we're moving away from the blood and guts of the first album".

On the subject of influences, she said: "I always listen to Tom Waits, Crystal Castles and this guy called Chad VanGaalen and then weird French new rave stuff. It's quite an eclectic mix and I'm not sure how it's going to come across in the new album. It kind of sinks in subliminally, I think".

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Slash has revealed that he was forced to ditch a collaboration with Steven Tyler from his recently released solo album because he was certain the track would be blocked by Aerosmith's record label. Said long player did feature contributions from the likes of Black Eyed Peas' vocalist Fergie, Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead frontman Lemmy.

The guitarist told Ultimate-Guitar.com: "I worked with Steven for a second, but it was just a huge conflict of interest with Aerosmith. The song hasn't been used with anybody else, but there was no chance that the record company was gonna allow us to release it, so we had to let it go".

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Performances by the Big Four of thrash metal - aka Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax - from the Bulgarian leg of the Sonisphere touring festival will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in October, it has been announced. Coincidentally, these are the same performances that were beamed live via satellite into 79 UK cinemas on 22 Jun.

Full details are yet to be announced, but apparently there will be a standard one-disc edition, and a deluxe seven-disc version, including five CDs. So presumably audio recordings of each band's set and an extra CD to capture the overspill of supreme metal awesomeness. Or something.

In other thrash news, Slayer have announced that they will release a new limited edition boxset containing vinyl editions of all ten albums the band have released through American Recordings, including 'Reign In Blood', 'South Of Heaven' and last year's 'World Painted Blood'.

American Recordings' Dino Paredes said: "Most longtime Slayer fans may not have these records at this point, or their copies are completely beat-up, so to have the complete catalogue in this first-class presentation is terrific. For the newer fans, this is their opportunity to really get into this band the way that they could have if they were born 20 years earlier".

Like the Sonisphere DVD, the boxset is also due for release in October.

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Morrissey will re-release his 1988 single 'Every Day Is Like Sunday' on 27 Sep to coincide with the 20th anniversary re-issue of his 'Bona Drag' compilation, out the same day. The re-issue will be the first release from recently revived EMI imprint Major Minor Records, a label that last released records in 1970 ('Bona Drag' was originally released by the HMV label, also part of EMI at the time).

Across the CD, vinyl and download releases of the single, fans will also be able to get their hands on an unreleased alternative version of 'November Spawned A Monster', called 'November The Second', a live version of 'Trash', plus two live versions of 'Every Day Is Like Sunday', one recorded on Top Of The Pops and the other at the Hollywood Bowl.

The lead track, along with the rest of the compilation it's taken from, has been digitally remastered.

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Swedish indie-poppets The Concretes have announced details of their new album, 'WYWH', their second since the departure of lead vocalist Victoria Bergsman in 2006. Set for release on 4 Nov, the album will appear via Something In Construction in the UK and promises disco "but in a Concretes way".

You can stream and download the album's opening track, 'Good Evening', on the band's Bandcamp page here: theconcretes.bandcamp.com/track/good-evening.

Here's the full tracklist:

Good Evening
My Ways
Crack in the Paint
I Wish We'd Never Met
All Day
What We've Become
Oh My Love
Knck Knck
Sing For Me

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A new film depicting the life of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, who drowned in 1983, is currently in pre-production, according to WENN. Director Randall Miller and writer Jody Savin are reportedly working with the Wilson family on the project, which is set for release next year to coincide with the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary.

Miller said: "Dennis was a pained and tortured soul, yet brilliant and loved dearly by so many who knew him. This film has the makings of a tour-de-force performance in the hands of the right actor. As a director, I search for stories that expose the soul of a character in new territories that excite me as a filmmaker".

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Bloc Party's Kele Okereke has announced details of his next bout of solo touring. Tickets are on sale right now from the sorts of places that sell tickets.

Tour dates:

15 Nov: Birmingham, Institute Library
16 Nov: Glasgow, Arches
18 Nov: Manchester, Ritz
19 Nov: London, Electric Ballroom
20 Nov: Bristol, Motion

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Former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason has added more tour dates to his current run of shows to promote his fantastic new solo album 'Boys Outside'. The latest single from the album, 'Am I Just A Man', is out this week.

You can listen to remixes of the single by Swedish duo Studio and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip here: soundcloud.com/dominorecordco/sets/steve-mason-am-i-just-a-man-remixes

Or check out the original version of the song in video form here: youtu.be/LdSxIuk0hTI

Tour dates:

17 Aug: Glasgow, Monorail (free acoustic in-store)
18 Aug: Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
19 Aug: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
20 Aug: Green Man Festival
4 Sep: Electric Picnic Festival
11 Sep: Bestival
25 Sep: Village Green
13 Oct: Bristol, The Fleece
15 Oct: Nottingham, Bodega
16 Oct: Manchester, Warehouse Project
18 Oct: Sheffield, The Harley
20 Oct: Clitheroe, The Grand
21 Oct: London, XOYO
22 Oct: Liverpool, Kazimier

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The tour dates for the 2010 Eastpak Antidote Tour have been announced. This year's headliners will be Sum 41, provided frontman Deryck Whibley's back problems clear up by then. They will be supported by The Black Pacific, fronted by former Pennywise vocalist Jim Lindberg, Riverboat Gamblers and Veara.

Here are the dates:

27 Oct: Norwich, UEA
28 Oct: Southampton, Guildhall
29 Oct: London, The Forum
31 Oct: Glasgow, ABC
1 Nov: Manchester, Academy
2 Nov: Birmingham, Academy
3 Nov: Bristol, Academy

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The boss of the Sonisphere festival, Stuart Galbraith, has passed on his condolences to the family and friends of a 50 year old man who recently died of injuries he suffered during a freak storm at the Finnish leg of the touring metal festival.

Strong winds and freak lightening caused big problems at Sonisphere Finland earlier this month, damaging equipment, forcing a second stage to be shut and resulting in various delays. A reported 40 people needed medical attention, the man who died having suffered the most serious injuries, obviously.

Confirming that man's injuries had proven fatal, Galbraith told CMU yesterday: "We have just received news that the 50 year old male that was critically injured during the freak storm at Sonisphere Finland has passed away. We are obviously shocked and devastated and would like to offer our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victim - the thoughts of Team Sonisphere, [headliners] Iron Maiden and all Sonisphere fans are with you".

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ATP NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Butlins Resort, Minehead, Somerset, 3-5 Dec: Tindersticks have been announced to play at the Godspeed You! Black Emperor curated event, along with Throbbing Gristle, The Sadies, Yomul Yuk and Dreamcatcher. www.atpfestival.com

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Hevy Festival 2010
So, the 2010 Hevy Festival has left lots of people talking, mostly in a positive fashion, though some not so. But, being a festival very much in its infancy, and having had its line up criticised a little last year, it felt that this time Hevy's organisers really picked up their game, not least with the coup of having a headline set from Glassjaw. An extra special coup given that this festival is TINY.

So tiny was it that the campsite had to be extended several times to accommodate everyone and at one point I was contemplating going tentless due to there being literally no space to put one up!

Upon arrival all bags were thoroughly searched and there was a strict no re-entry policy, not even to collect the rest of your beer(!), which left many people struggling with massive loads in the August heat. Despite this hindrance, and once a tent space was finally located, a quick wander round revealed the stages were well laid out and the campsite handily right next to the main arena. Little things like awesome calzone pizzas and being situated next to a wildlife park (which the full price tickets including entry to) all added up to many smiling faces, a very friendly atmosphere and an all overall great weekend.

I'll have to interject here, before my recall of the Saturday, by letting you in on the fact that Saturday went by far too quickly in a slightly tipsy haze. Don't tell mum. But it did leave me with memories of enjoyable sets from eaststrikewest, Blitz Kids, and Twin Atlantic. March Of The Raptors are a very promising band, but this wasn't their best performance, and Deaf Havana's show is visibly suffering since the departure of screamer Ryan. Whilst lead vocalist James has a fantastic voice, the songs just don't feel the same now and the lack of the second vocals throws the timing out now and again.

Sucioperro have come a long way since the release of 2009's 'Pain Agency', and the Scots will walk away from Hevy safe in the knowledge they've just made a lot more fans further down south. Sure the parallels to Biffy Clyro are a little much at times, but it seems hard for Scottish bands not to be compared to them these days, especially if JP Reid - lead singer of the band in question - is the other half of Marma Duke Duke, alongside Biffy's Simon Neil, but these are easy enough to see past and through to a band that offer a lot of excitement in fairly stale indie-rock scene of late.

Lesson one: if you're near the front while watching Trash Talk and vocalist Lee Spielman comes down to the barrier, be on your toes. Lesson two: if he starts swinging the microphone in wide circles over the crowd, duck and cover. One unlucky fan learned them both in one swift crack to the head. Trash Talk are a true hardcore band and aren't here to fuck about.

And thus, day one of Hevy was closed by Watford hardcore merchants Gallows. Maybe I've been spoiled by them, having been witness to their explosive live shows in excess of ten times in the last couple of years. Because although energetic and frenetic as always, it seemed a little something was missing from this closing set. The cover of The Clash's 'I Fought The Law' was a treat, though.

Sunday started with sore heads, rasping voices, a bacon sandwich and high expectations. It's easy to see why comparisons to American bands like Four Year Strong and New Found Glory tend to follow Me Vs Hero around. But it's also easy to see that these boys are going to go far, kicking off the Sunday with a set filled with the kind of massively catchy hooks and singalong choruses of which bands twice their age would be envious. With two singles currently hitting screens regularly on channels like Kerrang!, Scuzz and Lava, as well as their debut album on the way, Me Vs Hero are a band you can expect to see much higher up on festival bills this time next year.

UK metal merchants Bury Tomorrow are another up and coming band who already sound very accomplished and are sure to draw comparisons to US counterparts like Killswitch Engage or Atreyu. But they play songs from their debut album 'Portraits' near perfectly and the audience laps up every second.

I checked out Napalm Death with no real knowledge of their material, but a much deserved respect for what modern music owes to them and an intense curiosity to witness frontman Barney storm through their performance in his own distinctive way. I found it so entertaining that I managed to miss the start of Polar Bear Club, arriving just in time to see 'Living Saints' setting bodies flying all over the packed tent. It was a set full of passion (from both the band and the fans) and one that leaves noses bloodied and ankles injured (and that's just one friend of mine), but purely out of over excitement, rather than any aggression in the pit. It's doubtful that PBC would ever be main stage material at any UK festival, but they sure know how to handle headlining a smaller tent.

Speaking to many people beforehand, the majority said they were choosing to leave Polar Bear Club early so as not to miss the start of Glassjaw's set. Luckily I had the benefit of knowing better than to follow suit for two reasons - the likelihood of the Long Island boys starting their main stage headline set bang on time being rather low and the fact that Polar Bear Club are a much more entertaining live prospect.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a big Glassjaw fan and Daryl Palumbo is still one of the most captivating frontmen on the scene - but for a few reasons their sets as of late have failed to deliver quite what you expect from the band. Perhaps it's the lack of mid-set banter, or the fact that they play so many new songs that the crowd have never heard, which tends to dull the buzz that fan favourites like 'Pink Roses' or 'Tip Your Bartender' stir up in the pit. Whilst sounding fantastic, it's hard for the audience to really get into music that they've never heard before and this is easily visible in the near stationary crowd at times.

Just as their Hevy set really gained momentum towards the end, the band left the stage. Vain cries for "one more song" were met after a few minutes by Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' blasting through the PA. That's right Hevy fest - Glassjaw are a band who do what the fuck they want and you just got Rick Rolled, as I believe the kids say.

Still, it was a very tight, huge sounding set that left a slightly bitter taste in the mouths of most casual fans, but at the same time set tongues wagging as bodies trundled back to the campsite.

And you can't help but get the feeling that that's exactly what the quartet intended... SK

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It's this week's Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock last weekend - www.totalrock.com. New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Korn - Korn III - Remember Who You Are (Warner/Roadrunner)
2. Ozzy Osbourne - Scream (Sony)
3. Train - Save Me, San Francisco (Sony/Columbia)
4. AC/DC - Iron Man 2 (Sony)
5. Muse - The Resistance (Warner Bros)
6. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Mojo (Warner Bros)
7. Nickelback - Dark Horse (Warner/Roadrunner)
8. Slash - Slash (Warner/Roadrunner)
9. Hellyeah - Stampede (Spinefarm)
10. Godsmack - The Oracle (Universal/Republic)
11. Paramore - Brand New Eyes (Warner/Atlantic)
12. Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
13. Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits (Roswell)
14. Bon Jovi - The Circle (Universal/Mercury)
15. Bullet For My Valentine - Fever (Sony)
16. Kiss - Sonic Boom (Warner/Roadrunner)
17. Queen - Absolute Greatest (EMI)
18. Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (Warner/Atlantic)*
19. Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (Universal)
20. Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast (Nuclear Blast)*

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I think the lesson to be learned here is, if you're going to hack into someone's Twitter account, make sure the person whose account is being hacked is not real life friends with one of the internet's most popular celebrities.

Over the weekend, The Bieber posted a phone number to his 4.5 million followers on the social networking site, inviting them to call or text him. Except at the other end of the line wasn't the squeaky popstar, it was Detroit teenager Kevin Kristopik, who had apparently hacked into the account of one of Bieber's friends last month, attempting to get hold of Bieber's actual phone number.

If you're wondering what happens when 4.5 million crazed fans suddenly think they've got a direct line to their hero, Kristopik handily posted a video to YouTube: youtu.be/b5iE29zyYTU

In the interest of balance, here's a video of Justin Bieber getting hit in the face: youtu.be/0e50vqY7Szo

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