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Lower Dens was formed in 2009 by Jana Hunter. As a solo artist, Hunter is known for making weird, ghostly, lo-fi music, but with her new band takes a much louder turn, drawing influence from new wave and drone rock. Having previously released a seven-inch single, 'I Get Nervous' through Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong label (the first release on which was Hunter's debut solo album), the band's debut album, 'Twin-Hand Movement', is out this week via the same label. We caught up with Hunter to ask the Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I played the violin with some ambition as a young person, and persuaded my older brother to teach me something of the guitar as a teenager. I lived in a quiet town then, and stayed up nights walking or biking. There was never anyone on the streets, and I sang to myself. When I returned home (I lived at my aunt's and made her garage into a studio), I recorded the songs into a tape machine. The process was inherently isolating and allowed observation of the town and its culture at a remove. That isolation at close proximity to a population became an integral part of writing for me.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
The city in which I live, Baltimore, has a rich and vital art and music culture. It's also a very poor, DIY culture. I moved there specifically for those things, and in my first year there was heavily involved. It was/is a very strong, active and giving community, bent on experimentation and sustainability, a sort of order that functions to wrest life from its bonds.

I have always enjoyed writing from the perspective of a paranoiac. It is to writing music what the sexual innuendo is to cracking jokes. I wanted this record to retain elements of that, but also, in contrast, to reflect the kind of survivalist awakening I witnessed in some of my acquaintances. There is tied to those ideas a respect for the true dominance of nature (hence the imposing mountain imagery of the art).

It's not without a science-fiction inspired element either, as the best ideas on endogenous cultures often begin there.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
In my free time at home or on tour, I'll still walk alone and sing to myself, recording favourite melodies or scratching down lyrics. I'll set aside a week or two every few months to go through those, pick favourites, and flesh them out in a home studio. During that time I rarely leave the house. Sometimes I use drugs as an aide. Usually, I'll write and record the song simultaneously, and many of my finished songs haven't differed much from the original home-studio versions. With this project, however, there is much greater attention to detail. When I have a strong group of songs, I bring them to the band, and when we work on songs (always in a group) we prefer long hours, again not leaving the practice space much but to sleep. We then tour the songs, revisit them in the space when we get home, and then record immediately after.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
On this particular record, our primary influences were Wire, Velvet Underground, Television and Joy Division. These are bands whose records have long had a place in all of our collections, but we listened closely when making our record for tone and structure inspiration.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
To listen to the whole record, to try not to draw any pointless and distracting cinematic or makeout-sesh-with-your-friend's-friend references, and to not think about it too hard.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
We're happy with how this record's been received, and that it's grown slowly and steadily in terms of attention. We're quite satisfied to tour it for a while. In the meantime, we're taking a couple of breaks in the next few months to write for the next album, and we'll release some singles that we're excited about this fall. We've gotten to a very comfortable place in writing and touring, so I imagine we'll keep doing both of those things as long as we're capable.

MORE>> www.myspace.com/lowerdens
Arcade Fire have teamed up with the cool dudes at Google to create an interactive video whatnot thing for their latest single 'We Used To Wait'. Basically, you plonk your postcode into a box and the video then uses Google Street Map to personalise what appears before you in various windows by showing pictures of things near where you live.

It's kinda cool, and I didn't even watch it in Google's Chrome browser, as recommended. Take that, Google! It definitely worked in Safari, and Firefox just about managed to hold it all together, as well. As a quick demonstration of the potential of HTML5 coding, it's quite impressive. As a demonstration of how good Arcade Fire's new songs are, though, not so much.


The ICMP is widely recognised as being one of Europe's leading schools of modern music. As part of our ongoing expansion, the Institute is recruiting a Sales Executive who will report to our Admissions Manager, salary 25K-29K OTE.

The role of the Sales Executive is to primarily ensure that student recruitment and enrolment targets for the business are met. This generally involves taking initial enquiries, pro-actively managing the student contact database and guiding students through the process from enquiry to enrolment.

The successful applicant will have previous sales experience and be a confident self-starter. Experience in both telephone and face-to-face sales would be preferable, as well as a keen interest in modern music and musicianship.

How to Apply: Please complete the ICMP application form available at www.icmp.co.uk/about-us/job-opportunities.aspx and return to us along with your CV and a covering letter to enquiries@icmp.co.uk
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The team behind CMU's acclaimed seminars programme are now offering their services to music and media companies, educational bodies and membership organisations looking for bespoke professional training courses. CMU's existing courses on music rights, music business models, music PR, media and social media can be run specifically for an organisation's employees, students or members, or bespoke courses can be developed according to an organisation's specific needs. For more information contact Chris Cooke on 020 7099 9050 or chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk.
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That Axl Rose fella has claimed that his band's late arrival on the main stage at the Reading Festival on Friday night and Leeds Festival on Sunday was due to the late running of the event rather than any tardiness on his part.

Guns N Roses began their headline set at Reading over an hour late on Friday night, forcing organisers to come good on their threat to cut the gig short - though an extra half hour was negotiated, allowing the band to play past the festival's supposedly strict 11.30pm curfew. Rose was not a happy chappy when Reading bosses cut the power to the main stage at midnight, lashing out at organisers as he tried to carry on with a megaphone.

Amid in-the-end untrue rumours that the band would pull out of their headline slot at the Leeds Festival as a result of the Reading debacle, Axl took to Twitter to call on festival bosses to apologise to his fans, while GnR's tour guitarist DJ Ashba accused overall Reading/Leeds boss Melvin Benn of having a "personal vendetta" against the band relating to their last (also late) appearance at the Leeds Festival in 2002.

But, possibly aware that neither he nor his band had come out especially well from their run in with Benn and his team, Axl (or someone using his Twitter account) took to the net last night to issue an uncharacteristically literate (well, almost) and un-ranty statement. Said statement claims Guns N Roses stuck to the stage change-over times set out in their contract, and that the problem was that festival organisers did not give them access to the stage on time.

Axl's statement reads: "Our start times at the Reading and Leeds festivals factually had nothing to do with us, as the previous bands (who were great, by the way) came off stage when they did and we went on within our contracted and documented changeover time period. Whatever other nonsense anyone's choosing to write would appear intentionally false".

He continues: "Having the fans or our show penalised for how the event was run, or simply the natural flow of events those evenings and for such minimal amount of overtime, along with distortions and falsehoods by media, the promoter and/or event organisers regarding the events seems a bit draconian and more than unfair to the fans. A simple question: If you are aware of our changeover time, the average length of our show and the general nature of how these types of festivals run, all of which are no big secrets... why book us?"

"Is it simply because the line-up on our nights at both festivals sold well? So it's a cash grab with no respect for the fans or the band and somehow an unwanted inconvenience for the cities and law enforcement? If we're not wanted and [are] just being used to line someone else's pockets or for fictitious tabloid fodder at the fans and our expense we're fine with going elsewhere. God forbid we would force ourselves on anyone. It's not that kinda party".

He goes on to imply that he wasn't especially keen about playing Reading or Leeds in the first place, saying: "I didn't organise, arrange, authorise, have knowledge of or was even consulted about our being booked for these shows til after the fact, nor did I choose to work with anyone I'm aware of other than our manager, who was involved in arranging these dates. Yet it would appear we're amazingly often legally obligated to honour such arrangements whether against our will or better judgment. That's simply and unfortunately how this business often works with the artist and [in my opinion] seems is legally supported to benefit managers, agents, promoters and ticket vendors".

He concluded: "With how the fans and we were treated in the past I had what I feel were legitimate and now proven justified apprehensions. Yet we gave 100% and, from where we stood, it seemed as if the both the fans (who rocked!) and our camp were having fun and making the most of things. Why (and what would appear intentionally) risk having it go bad for everyone? [In my opinion,] that's where true recklessness and negligence at both the fans and our expense would seem to be".

So there you have it. Benn's company Festival Republic have not, as yet, commented on Rose's implications that their festival's general late running caused Guns N Roses' delayed arrival. Benn did previously say, however, that despite everything he thought Guns N Roses were the right headline act for his festival and that he'd happily book them again, though he conceded Axl probably wouldn't accept such a booking (though given the above statement, Rose doesn't seem to always get a veto).


The lawyer representing Joe Jackson has hit out at plans to stage an auction of Michael Jackson merchandise in China next month. The sale, which will see a black, bejewelled glove worn by the late King of Pop back in 1995, among other things, go under the hammer, is being organised by US-based auction firm Julien's Auctions. Before his death Jacko successfully stopped Julien's from holding a similar sale in the US.

Talking about the new auction, legal man Brian Oxman told the Daily Star: "This is an outrage. Back in May of 2009 there was to be an auction. Michael demanded it was stopped. He never wanted this material to be auctioned. As soon as Michael Jackson was dead, Julien's Auctions was negotiating again with estate representatives. That was the very auction that Michael Jackson paid a lot of money to stop. He would be furious. He would be turning in his grave. This was to be his legacy to his children, and the legacy of his children is being sold off".

Commenting on the sale, Julien's Auctions boss Darren Julien told reporters: "It's the best collection of Michael Jackson items that we've ever assembled and it all came to us from his family and from the friends he gave them to".

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Lawyers for EMI reportedly got out their most expensive ink earlier this week and used it to pen a legal letter to a new MP3 service that has surfaced in the US called Zaptunes.com.

Zaptunes.com claims to offer an all-you-can-eat download service for $25 a month, though as we write a free trial offer is also available. The big clue to the new service's dodginess is that the catalogue of tracks from which users can download includes Beatles songs which, of course, are not available from any legit digital service. Their presence is also why EMI are one of the first record companies to take an interest.

Digital Music News has speculated that the site is actually more designed to rip off users than record labels, and that the whole thing is an elaborate phishing scam designed to nab music fans' credit card details. Nevertheless, the legal teams at record companies will be taking an interest. One source told DMN: "EMI Group is already drafting the legal paperwork against this shenanigan". I think everyone expects Zaptunes.com to disappear off the web pretty soon.

Meanwhile, for legal reasons, we must stress that EMI's lawyers did not actually waste their most expensive ink writing to this sham website, the expensive ink mentioned above was merely figurative. If EMI have, indeed, sent a cease and desist to Zaptunes.com we are sure it was printed using cost-efficient laser printer toner, no doubt with 'toner save' turned to on. Not that we're calling them cheap, you understand.


A US gig promoter is suing the city of Los Angeles after a planned Tiësto concert, due to be held at the LA Convention Center next month, was cancelled.

Another event organised in LA by Insomnia Inc earlier this year, called the Electric Daisy Carnival, caused some controversy when a fifteen year old girl who got into the eighteen-plus event died of an Ecstasy overdose. Eighty others were arrested, mainly on drugs offences. It is thought the city's decision to cancel the Tiësto gig is linked to that event.

But Insomnia say the cancellation of the gig is unfair because the promoter has organised five previous Tiësto concerts in the city all of which have passed without incident. They are suing for breach of contract.

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George Michael has revealed he checked himself into rehab shortly after that incident where he drove his range rover into a branch of Snappy Snaps in London while under the influence of drugs. As previously reported, the singer pleaded guilty to charges of cannabis possession and DUI in relation to that incident last week.

The self-confessed habitual user of soft drugs says he underwent a fourteen day detox programme at a rehab facility after the Snappy Snaps crash, and continues to participate in an outpatients programme which includes several drug counselling sessions each week.

Michael revealed his rehab efforts in a posting on his website following the aforementioned court hearing. He wrote: "I want to thank you all sincerely, and also to reassure those of you who worry so much for me. I fully appreciate the seriousness of my current situation, for which I truly apologise".

He continued: "I feel you should know that on the day after the incident I checked in to a clinic for a fourteen day detox programme here in London, which has been followed by ongoing outpatient drug counselling several times a week. Personal problems which I had tried to deal with myself had clearly got the better of me, and I am sorry that my pride has prevented me from seeking help before now".

Michael will be sentenced in relation to the DUI incident on 14 Sep. The judge overseeing the case has warned the singer he could face jail time.

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So, that's why Slipknot made their drumming man Joey Jordison '#1' in their intraband numbering system, they knew one day Rhythm magazine would declare him the number one drummer of rock from the last 25 years. Yes people, according to Rhythm, Joey drums better than even Phil Collins, who'd have thought it possible?

You have to go down to number nine in the poll to find Phil. After Joey you get Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, then Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree, then Neil Peart from Rush, and then some fella called Dave Grohl. And no Harry from McFly anywhere in the top ten.

Rhythm magazine editor Chris Barnes praised Jordison for having "mind-blowing technicality and [the] ability to bolster any project with his unique sound and style". Jordison himself said he was "at a loss for words" about topping the poll, adding: "This is beyond unbelievable. Something like this reminds me every day why I continue to do this".

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So, this sounds a bit familiar. Aerosmith's Joe Perry says the future of his band is looking uncertain and that once their current tour is over everything is "up in the air".

As previously reported, Perry said Aerosmith was on indefinite hiatus last year, after frontman Steven Tyler went into rehab and stopped corresponding with his bandmates. Perry et al started looking for a new frontman until Tyler went legal and brought his band back together in beautiful attorney-led harmony.

A new tour followed, but with that now due to end next month Perry is again questioning the future of his band, in part because of reports Tyler has signed up to be a judge on next year's 'American Idol'.

Perry told Cincinnati.com: "He [Tyler] told me just a couple of days ago he signed his papers to join the show. As far as he knew, everything's set to go. I think everybody's a little worn out. The tour is winding up, and we don't know when we'll work again as band. That part of it is up in the air, and it's starting to hit home".

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Matthew Herbert will celebrate the launch of his new album 'One Club' with a live show at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London on 22 Sep.

As previously reported, the album was made from sounds created solely by the audience and the fabric of the Robert Johnson nightclub in Frankfurt on 30 Sep 2009. The 'One Club' live show is based on the music on the album along with "visual and theatrical elements as well as lighting design heightening the drama of the music".

Support will come from Rowdy Superst*r! who has worked with Herbert on a new album in recent months.


Now, if you were thinking to yourself "if Band Of Horses were to play a mobile phone branded venue next year would they choose one in Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester or London?", well here's your answer you lucky questioner you. They'd choose to play all seven of course.

Tour dates:

26 Jan: Newcastle, Academy
27 Jan: Glasgow, Academy
28 Jan: Birmingham, Academy
30 Jan: Bristol, Academy
31 Jan: Leeds, Academy
1 Feb: Manchester, Academy
3 Feb: London, Brixton Academy


Soulwax have announced details of a Christmas Party that they will stage at the Brixton Academy on 18 Dec. I think you'll get a Soulwax gig and 2manydjs DJ set for your money, plus lots of guests, who are yet to be announced.

Tickets went on sale this morning.


Talking of Christmas, which we were, The Pogues have announced details of a 'farewell Christmas tour'. I don't know whether this is the band saying farewell, or whether Christmas is being banned after 2010. I've not really paying attention to the news for a few weeks now so the latter may well be true, given all those ConDem cuts that have been going on.

Anyway, here's where Shane MacGowan and friends will be playing this December:

13 Dec: Glasgow, Academy
14 Dec: Newcastle, Academy
16 Dec: Sheffield, Academy
17 Dec: Manchester, Apollo
18 Dec: Birmingham, Academy
20 Dec: London, Brixton Academy
21 Dec: London, Brixton Academy

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Organisers of In The City have announced a brand new strand to the convention this year called The Hive, which will include a stack of educational events aimed at those at the start of their music or music business careers. Some of the events will be organised by this thing called CMU, and we don't mean Carnegie Mellon University, so that's exciting.

In addition to our stuff, the Musicians' Union will provide a guide to the DIY approach, there'll be a Music Managers Panel, producers masterclass and sessions on music publishing, journalism, networking and all things digital.

ITC Director Yvette Livesey told CMU: "In The City has always adopted the twin tenets of education and inspiration and we have decided this year to put in a place a bespoke educational programme tailored to the specific needs of young people looking to learn about and get into the music industry. The In The City Hive will bring together a range of respected and successful industry professionals to inspire delegates and give them the tools to start their journey into the industry".

This year's In The City runs from 13-15 Oct, more at www.inthecity.co.uk.

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The already rather acquisitive BMG Rights Management will get 200 million euros from each of its owners - Bertelsmann and KKR - to spend on yet more acquisitions. So, that's 400 million euros to spend. Which is nice.

The new cash injection was announced at a Bertelsmann press conference, where the former owners of the BMG record company denied rumours they were looking to scale back their stake in the all new BMG music rights company. According to Billboard, the media conglom's CFO Thomas Rabe told reporters: "BMG is performing even more favourably than we had expected. I can truly say that we are highly satisfied with the chart performances of our artists and songwriters, especially in the United States".

Asked about ongoing rumours that BMG and/or its equity group co-owners KKR had their eyes on EMI's music publishing division, Rabe also told Billboard: "If EMI enters the market in whatever form, we will consider such an option. BMG is currently in an expansionary phase and has plentiful equity resources. For this reason, it is always a potential buyer of businesses". So, there you go.


Tesco has said it will start selling CDs in its petrol stations, though initially it will only sell one CD. Well one album, presumably they'll sell more than one copy. Assuming they can find more than one person who wants it who hasn't already got it.

'The Dance' by Faithless, which was only ever available in physical form via the supermarket giant, will now be stocked in their garages, too. The arrival of the album in the filling stations coincides with the dance sell-out's previously reported advertising tie up with Fiat, which will see the car firm air ads that also flog the band's record (or the band release a video that also flogs the car, depending on how you look at it).

It's not clear if other CDs sold exclusively by Tesco will also be stocked in the supermarket chain's garages. As previously reported, Girl Aloud Nadine Coyle recently entered into an exclusivity deal with the retailer regards her debut solo album.

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MySpace have launched a new Facebook syncing facility so that users can automatically have their MySpace updates posted to their Facebook profiles, which means bands who still update their MySpace Music page can communicate with their Facebook followers too.

The syncing is currently one-way - so Facebook updates can't be automatically posted to a MySpace profile - though that two-way functionality is reportedly also in development.

Lots of people have commented on the significance of MySpace now syncing up with their one-time arch rivals, so we won't.

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Graham Norton will replace Jonathan Ross on BBC One as well as Radio 2. Norton's chat show will be moved into the Friday night slot left vacant following Ross's departure from the Beeb. The comedian's BBC chat show currently airs earlier in the week.

Norton's show already includes some music guests, though it's not clear if, following the move to Friday, it will feature the regular show-closing music spot that became much sought after by record label pluggers on Ross's chat show. Very possibly not.

Norton will take over Ross's former Saturday morning slot on BBC Radio 2 next month.

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So, Taio Cruz has used his 'Dynamite' to get straight to number one in the singles chart this week, which seems like a rather dangerous way to top the charts. I mean, poor old Eminem and Rihanna, still sitting at number two, could have been hurt. But they weren't, so I suppose that's alright then.

Other new entries on the singles chart this week include Katy B with 'Katy On A Mission' at five, Killers man Brandon Flowers with 'Crossfire' at eight, Rumer with 'Slow' at sixteen, Aggro Santos with 'Saint Or Sinner' at nineteen, Hurts with 'Wonderful Life' at 21, Biffy Clyro with 'God & Satan' at 36 and Pretty Reckless with 'Miss Nothing' at 39.

Albums chart wise, Eminem moves back to the top yet again, with last week's winners Iron Maiden slipping back to three. Plan B is at two. New entries-wise Klaxons are at ten with 'Surfing The Void', there's a Bay City Rollers hits album at twelve, Eels are at eighteen with 'Tomorrow Morning', Darren Styles is at 21 with 'Feel The Pressure' and One Night Only are at 36 with their eponymous second album.

The Official Charts Company claim to compile the chart, and we've never seen any evidence that conclusively proves otherwise.

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According to TMZ, Slash has filed for divorce from his wife Perla Ferrar, citing "irreconcilable differences". The gossip site says the split is "extremely acrimonious", though the guitarist, who wants joint custody of their couple's children, has made a spousal support offer.

Slash and Ferrar married in 2001.


John Lennon's toilet sold for £9500 on Saturday. The toilet was in the Berkshire property Tittenhurst Park, which Lennon and Yoko Ono moved into in 1969.

According to reports Lennon had the loo removed three years after the couple moved in and let the contractor who removed it keep it, telling him to "put some flowers in it". It was the contractor's son-in-law who decided to sell it.

I'm not 100% certain that report is accurate, because I'm pretty sure Lennon and Ono only lived in the property for a year before selling it on to a certain Ringo Starr. But whatever, I am sure the toilet is lovely.

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