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Steve Ignorant formed anarcho-punk band Crass with drummer Penny Rimbaud in 1977. Before the band split (as planned) in 1984, they'd been investigated by the police, had their phones tapped and had questions raised out them in parliament. Plus, they'd released some great music. Their debut album, 'The Feeding Of The 5000', has just been re-issued, and Steve is currently taking his 'Last Supper' tour around Europe, with UK shows this weekend, playing Crass songs live for the final time. Meanwhile, his autobiography, 'The Rest Is Propaganda', was also published this month. Steve did the SSQ.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
When I really started making music was when I met Penny Rimbaud, the drummer from Crass. I started off shouting down the microphone while he would bang the drums and we took it from there. Gradually, I started to learn how to play guitar and piano to an extent, but later on I could always pass that over to someone else to play so that I could focus on the singing.

Q2 What inspired 'The Feeding Of The 5000'?
For me, firstly it was seeing other punk bands like The Clash and being inspired by what they were doing. Secondly, it was at last a chance for me to air my opinion in a way I knew how, from standing in the football tiers - all of it is very chanty.

Q3 How do you go about creating a track?
It definitely varies, and I write a lot differently now than how I used to. For example, when I was in Schwarzeneggar I was writing very differently to how I had been in Crass, I was trying to be more poetic and musical. I was really into Joni Mitchell's 'Hejira' album and looked at the way the lyrics were written, which was almost like a poem. In fact, one of the songs I wrote in Schwartzeneggar, 'Child Of The Times', was based and written around a Joni Mitchell song.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Nowadays I'm influenced by Miles Davis and John Coltrane, and obviously Joni Mitchell. I still regularly go back and listen to old David Bowie, the Ziggy Stardust kind of era. I've always listened to and been influenced by Bert Bacharach, even before it was cool to like him. The first single I bought was 'Close To You' by The Carpenters, and I'm very much into Motown and ska. Bands that influenced me when I started out making music were definitely The Clash and Sex Pistols.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I would say give it a chance, if you don't like the music then read the words. If you don't like it still, then melt down the CD and use it as a bird scarer, or if it's on vinyl use it as an ashtray.

Q6 What are your ambitions for the 'Feeding Of The 500' re-issue, and for the future?
My ambitions for the record are that hopefully people will like the re-issue and that it sells well, and also that it gets through to people who are learning about Crass for the first time. My personal ambitions for the future are for the rest of the tour to go well, and to carry on working with the Independent Lifeboat Crew. I'd also like to do a lot more spoken word.

MORE>> www.steveignorant.co.uk
Cast your minds back to last week's CMU Weekly, when I first told you about Torpedo, subsequently the first of our Reeperbahn Festival-related Approveds here in the Daily this week. I described how, when they played the opening night of the Hamburg fest, they did so on a makeshift stage in front of the Molotow bar's front window, meaning their backdrop was a window full of awe-struck tourists looking in.

Well, on Saturday night Team CMU formed part of that very same backdrop but for another act, when we sat on a bench just outside the packed Molotow bar to watch Swedish folk duo To All My Friends, aka Tove Möller and Frida Fralk, unable to actually get into the venue. It's kind of weird watching a band from behind, desperately trying not to make eye contact with their audience.

Not a million miles away in sound from fellow Swedes First Aid Kit, this duo released their eponymous debut album last month (it's available through iTunes in the UK). The standout tracks are those written about animals. 'Fish', which they felt worth noting at the show was their first animal-based song of the night, sees the duo wishing they were fish, while 'Polar Bear', looks at global warming through the eyes of a polar bear in a manner that can only be described as 'cute'.


Domino Recordings, home to some of the most exciting music around today, is seeking an International Promotions Manager. The successful candidate would be responsible for all aspects of international promotion for the label.

This would include press, radio, TV and on-line - working closely with our international partners. At least two years experience working with artists, record labels, managers, agents and a general knowledge about international media is absolutely required.

The position is based in our London office. Applicants should send an e-mail including their CV and cover letter to: internationalpromotions@dominorecordco.com. Note - the cover letter needs to include a personal statement about your understanding of Domino and Domino artists.

Closing date 15 Oct.
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Barry Diller will stand down as Chairman of Live Nation Entertainment, according to Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. Given recent rumours of run-ins between Diller and Live Nation's top two executives, Irving Azoff and Michael Rapino, his departure will not be a surprise to anyone really, though Diller is seemingly insisting he always intended to only lead the board of the ticketing and live music giant for a short time anyway.

Diller was at the top of the Ticketmaster tree prior to its merger with Live Nation at the start of the year, his company IAC having bought 50% of the ticketing giant in 1997 before taking complete ownership in 2002. He spun the ticketing firm off from the IAC empire making it a standalone entity in 2008, but he stayed on as an influential board member, seemingly getting on well with the newly independent Ticketmaster's chair and CEO, Terry Barnes and Sean Moriarty respectively.

Soon after gaining its independence, Ticketmaster bought leading artist management agency Front Line and its chief, Irving Azoff, was given a senior executive role at the ticketing firm. Azoff subsequently increased his influence there, so that when it announced its merger with Live Nation in early 2009 it was he that became the ticketing giant's representative at the top of the combined company, working alongside Live Nation's top man Rapino.

Many of the other Ticketmaster top guard, including Moriarty, departed as the merger took place. And while Azoff, in theory, is the top executive at the merged enterprise, his interest is in artist development rather than selling tickets, so control of the ticketing operations at the joined-up company has fallen to former Live Nation rather than Ticketmaster executives. Live Nation, as you may remember, was in the process of launching its own ticketing agency before merging with Ticketmaster.

All of which, some reckon, has pissed off Diller somewhat, who reportedly increasingly sees the Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger of having been, in reality, a Live Nation takeover of his ticketing firm. Some have also noted that while Diller played a key role in placating Ticketmaster investors during the Live Nation merger, he was nowhere to be seen when investment types recently got all stressed about the slump in the US live sector.

It's thought Azoff will become Chairman when Diller departs.

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BSkyB has said it will no longer cooperate with London-based ACS:Law in any of the law firm's sue-the-fans litigation, after the much hated legal outfit allowed private information about thousands of Sky's internet customers (8000 at the last count) leak onto the web.

As previously reported, ACS:Law - which specialises in suing file-sharers on behalf of content owners, including a number of porn companies - was last week the victim of a so called 'distributed denial of service attack' by file-sharing supporters in the 4chan online community.

Somewhere along the line, a spreadsheet containing private information about thousands of alleged file-sharers who had been targeted by the law firm got published on the web. According to some tech blogs, it was actually IT people at the law firm who inadvertently published the spreadsheet while they tried to get ACS:Law's website back online

The spreadsheet included the names and addresses of thousands of web users that have been targeted by ACS:Law, plus information on what content they were accused of illegally downloading, a lot of it pornographic. Details of conversations between the lawyers and the accused, plus in some cases the file-sharer's credit card details, were also included.

When ACS sue an alleged file-sharer they need the accused's internet service provider to reveal their name and address, because the agencies the lawyers use to monitor file-sharing can only identify the IP addresses of copyright infringers. ISPs will only hand over this information if a court order is obtained, though such orders are relatively easy to get these days. Clearly ACS has been getting an awful lot of them of late.

But, following the leaked spreadsheet debacle, BSkyB has now said that it will not hand over the details of any more customers to ACS - court order or no court order - until the company is assured no future breaches of data protection rules can occur.

A spokesman for the broadcaster and ISP said yesterday: "Following recent events, we have suspended all cooperation with ACS:Law with immediate effect. This suspension will remain in place until ACS:Law demonstrates adequate measures to protect the security of personal information. We continue to be very concerned at the apparent loss of data held by ACS:Law and by the actions of those who have sought to publicise the identities of individual customers".

They continued: "Like other broadband providers, Sky can be required to disclose information about customers whose accounts are alleged to have been used for illegal downloading. We support the principle that copyright material should be protected and we cooperate with court orders requiring disclosure. Because the security of customer information is also a high priority, we only ever disclose such data in encrypted form. In addition, we have an agreement with ACS:Law that requires data to be stored and used safely and securely".

TalkTalk, the most vocal of all the ISPs when it comes to the content industries' efforts to combat file-sharing, has also issued a statement. It says it has never handed over the details of any of their customers to ACS:Law, so is not affected by this, but adds that the whole incident gives kudos to Talk Talk's argument that those methods currently being pursued to combat file-sharing - so ACS style sue-the-fans litigation and BPI-backed three-strikes - are fundamentally flawed.

Says Mr TalkTalk: "[The ACS leak is] a stark reminder of the dangers of giving out customer details to third parties in trying to combat file-sharing. While we do not condone illegal file-sharing, we have consistently argued for better ways of combating copyright theft. Handing over customer details to law firms to seek 'compensation', based on accusations from rightsholders, is not the answer".

The statement continued: "Tracking down illegal file-sharers is complex and the current approach isn't working. The first problem is around detection: if you can only see what's being downloaded at each connection, how do you know which of the several users has actually infringed copyright? Secondly, we've demonstrated before how it's possible for connections to be hacked by serial file-sharers. Again, this can result in false accusations being made against subscribers and is the key reason why we've refused to hand over our customers' details to ACS:Law or any other law firm working in this way".

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Pete Doherty has been charged with cocaine possession, following his arrest in March in relation to the death of Robin Whitehead, heiress to the estate of Teddy Goldsmith, in January this year. The musician had originally been accused of supplying class A drugs to Whitehead.

Whitehead had been working on a documentary about Doherty at the time of her death. Her body was found by Doherty collaborator Peter Wolfe, aka Wolfman, in his east London flat, though he denied that she had been using drugs.

Wolfe has now been charged with possession of and supplying cocaine, while another musician, Alan Wass, has been charged with possession. The flat's owner, Gill Samworth, was also arrested in March, but has not now been charged. The other three men will appear at Thames Magistrates' Court on 18 Oct.

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Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto has been diagnosed with pneumonia after falling ill during the band's European tour. Fred Durst and co cancelled a gig in Norway on Monday, due to Otto's then mystery illness. He was then admitted to hospital in Oslo.

Confirming the drummer's condition, Durst told fans via Twitter: "I am sorry to inform you that John Otto is diagnosed with pneumonia and has been admitted into a hospital here in Oslo... Please send him positive vibes! We wish you a speedy recovery brother... We're hoping he is better in the next couple of days".

The band are next due to perform in St Petersburg in Russia on 1 Oct.

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Another poorly drummer, The Charlatans' Jon Brookes, is hoping to be well enough to rejoin the band for the Australian leg of their current world tour in six weeks, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this month, the band's frontman Tim Burgess has revealed.

As previously reported, Brookes collapsed and stopped breathing on stage at the Johnny Brenda's venue in Philadelphia two weeks ago. He received treatment in the US and was initially said to be improving, though the band postponed the rest of their American tour. Back in the UK, he underwent more tests before doctors reach the tumour diagnosis.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Burgess remembered Brookes' collapse: "Jon just stopped playing. Myself and Mark [Collins, guitarist] didn't know what to do. We looked over at him and he gave us a really distant look. Our tour manger walked on stage and took his drumsticks out of his hands".

He continued: "A doctor saw what was going on and said, 'Let me on stage I'm a doctor'. Jon then started to faint. The doctor told everyone to get off stage and call 911. I think Jon would have caused quite a lot of damage to himself if [the doctor] hadn't have been there. At first we all thought it was dehydration but then things seemed to take a turn for the worse".

But he said Brookes could be back with them again soon: "He wants to go to Australia, which is in six weeks time. I think that's the most realistic way to look at everything. At this moment in time things are looking on the up".

In the meantime, The Verve's drummer Pete Salisbury is standing in for Brookes as the band continue with their touring commitments.

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The noms are out for this year's ARIA Awards, which are the Aussie version of the BRITs. And no less that five acts have six nominations each - they being Angus & Julia Stone, Sia, Birds Of Tokyo, Guy Sebastian and Megan Washington.

There are 26 categories in total (considerably more than the BRITs, about 3917 less than the Grammys) so artists being on numerous shortlists is common, but still, well done them, every single one of them.

Also getting multiple nods in the shortlists this year are John Butler, Tame Impala and Temper Trap, who each get five noms, while Powerfinger - who have already won sixteen ARIA Awards and probably don't need any more - are up for four.

For the first time the ARIA Awards will follow the lead of the BRITs this year and let normal people decide the winners of some categories, which is never a good idea. The Best Single, Best Album, Best Artist and Best International Artist awards will be voted for by punters on the ARIA Awards website.

The lists of nominees are online at: www.ariaawards.com.au/winners-nominees-2010.php

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Last night it was the Ibiza DJ Awards in, well, Ibiza, obviously. And as well as the genre awards, special gongs were handed out to Mike Pickering, Ben Turner and the crew behind the Ibiza Rocks franchise.

Turner, the boss of London-based artist management and music partnerships company Graphite and one of the founders of Ibiza-based dance music conference the International Music Summit, got an Outstanding Dedication prize. Turner told CMU: "I'm honoured to receive this award for Outstanding Dedication from my peers in the electronic music industry. I've attended this event for many years, and run electronic awards shows myself over the years, so it's an honour to be on the receiving end. It's 20 years, in 2010, since I first worked [in music] at Melody Maker, so it's a special year for me to get this when you also consider all that is happening to electronic music culture around the world".

The full list of winners were as follows:
House: Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso & Axwell
Techno: Marco V
Trance: Armin Van Buuren
Electro House: Deadmau5
Tech House: Luciano
Minimal: Loco Dice
Progressive House: Sasha, D-Nox & Beckers
Downtempo & Eclectic: Mixmaster Morris
Deep House: Phonique
Psychedelic Trance: Liquid Soul

International DJ: Deadmau5
Newcomer: Stimming
Breakthrough: Riva Starr
Ibiza Resident DJ: Nima Gorji

Track Of The Season: Butch - No Worries
Dance Nation Of The Year: Egypt
International Festival: kaZantip
Media: Ibiza Sonica Radio

Outstanding Dedication: Ben Turner
Outstanding Achievement: Ibiza Rocks
Lifetime Achievement: Mike Pickering

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The short list is out for the next batch of inductees into the US's Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. And on it are Alice Cooper, Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi, Chic, Neil Diamond, Donovan, Dr John, J Gelis Band, LL Cool J, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, Donna Summer, Joe Tex, Tom Waits and Chuck Willis.

The five actually getting inducted will be announced in December with the induction ceremony taking place in New York on 14 Mar 2011.

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Ahead of the release of his third album, 'Third Strike', on 8 Nov, Tynchy Stryder has made a seven-track EP, entitled 'III', available to fans for free online.

Download 'III' here: usershare.net/m0ayrnooxt83


Champions (feat Ruff Sqwad)
Closing In
Up In Flames
Barclays Freestyle (Silencer)
Once Again
Salute Me

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The xx's Jamie Smith is to release a solo single next month, he has revealed. Entitled 'Far Nearer', the track will be released by Glasgow electronic label Numbers, which has also put out music by the likes of Hudson Mowhawke, Rustie and Redinho. It was premiered on John Kennedy's Xfm X-Posure show last night.

Smith told Xfm: "It's a tune I made on one of our short breaks from touring and I was eager to make some new music. I got a steel pan and made this track and it is coming out on Numbers Records in about a month or so".

The exact release date for the single has not yet been announced.

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Die Antwoord will perform a one-off show in London on 14 Nov at The Scala, it has been announced.

The South African hip hop crew will also release their debut single, 'Enter The Ninja', on 11 Oct, ahead of the album, '$O$'. Surely everyone has seen the video for the track by now. Still, it's always worth watching again: youtu.be/wc3f4xU_FfQ

Tickets for the show go on sale on Friday.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Elliott Smith - An Introduction To... Elliott Smith (Domino)
The suicide of Elliott Smith in 2003 robbed this generation of one of its finest singer-songwriters. Seven years on, this Domino-released compilation can hardly be described as a cynical exploitation but more a celebration of Smith's prodigious talents.

The fourteen tracks here are compiled from Smith's seven studio albums, from his early independent releases ('Roman Candle', 'Elliott Smith') to the flirtations with the mainstream (the Oscar-nominated 'Miss Misery' from the film 'Good Will Hunting' and the Dreamworks-released 'XO' and 'Figure Eight') that immediately preceded his death. For those familiar with his output, 'An Introduction To...' will serve as a reminder of Smith's impressive body of work that seldom dipped in quality, but it's those who missed Smith first time around who are the most probable target audience for this compilation.

Whilst innovation might not have been high on Smith's agenda, what he did with great expertise was write consistently accomplished songs, composed with much sensitivity, empathy and heart, best demonstrated by the likes of 'Waltz #2' and 'Twilight'.

He may never have been able to successfully overcome his demons (depression and drug addiction), but Smith bequeathed a terrific body of work, which, thanks to Domino, we're now able to reappraise. KW

Physical release: 1 Nov
Press contact: Domino IH

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Beer brand Becks, which has undertaken a number of music-based marketing partnerships in recent years, has announced a new promotion with Play.com which will see branded bottles of the beer offering drinkers free musical downloads.

The promotional bottles have designer labels on which there is a code that can redeemed for some free music on the Play.com website. A mere 25 million free tracks are available - which is an awful lot of tunes. Though after 25 million bottles of Becks I'm not sure you'd be in much of a position to enjoy them.

Anyway, here's what Becks Marketing Director Fabienne Rollet said to Marketing Magazine: "This promotion builds on a unique association between Beck's and art and music stretching back more than 20 years". So that's nice.

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Animal Collective have designed several exclusive pairs of trainers for Keep Shoes, which will come with a free compilation of unreleased material by the band on audio cassette. This is exactly the sort of thing people invent when they want to make jokes about hipsters.

Each member of the band has designed their own pair of trainers, which will go on sale in March next year, with proceeds donated to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund which funds conservation projects in the Revillagigedo Archipelago near Mexico.

The band's Brian Geltz, aka Geologist, said: "After much discussion we decided we wanted to give money to a small under-funded organisation to which we felt a personal connection. Josh [Dibb, aka Deakin] and I have been scuba diving together for a number of years and the Revillagigedos was one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. Hopefully this project will protect the animals of the Revillagigedos through at least one more fishing season and draw more attention to the global problem of illegal fishing".

For more information, pictures and to pre-order the shoes, go to: www.keepcompany.com/ac/

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Xfm is going back in time, people. Andy Ashton, Programme Director there between 2003 and 2006, is returning to the very same role at the Global Radio-owned alternative rock station. Boy, has that place changed since he was last in charge.

The PD role at Xfm became vacant last month when Paul Jackson announced he was stepping down from the top programming job at sister station Capital FM. Jackson also oversaw Xfm in that role.

Since leaving Xfm in 2006 Ashton has worked for Irish radio firm Communicorp on various projects and stations, most recently Dublin's Spin 103.8. Meanwhile his old station back in London (and Manchester) has seriously downsized its workforce, both on air and behind the scenes. It has also gained and lost Scottish and Welsh outputs.

Confirming Ashton would return to X, Global's Director Of Broadcasting Richard Park told reporters: "Andy's knowledge and experience in music and broadcasting is widely respected. His appointment will bring fresh dimensions to the Xfm team, driving what is already a nationally-recognised and iconic radio brand to new heights".

Ashton himself said: "I'm delighted to be joining Global Radio for the challenge ahead, building on one of the world's great music brands in London, Manchester, across the UK on digital and around the world online".

The rejig at Xfm also sees a promotion for the station's much loved Head Of Music Mike Walsh, who will become Deputy Programme Controller. I can't help thinking that an Ashton/Walsh led X could be something rather special providing Global don't interfere or cut resources even further.

I wonder how quickly they can axe Richard Skinner from their DJ line-up? The morning host - Jackson's big hire while in charge of the station - is at the very least an anomaly for the youth-orientated station, and has long been a cause of embarrassment for everyone else who works there.

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AOL has acquired leading tech news website TechCrunch, and its spin off enterprises CrunchGear, Mobile Crunch and TechCrunch TV.

It's not known how much the web giant has paid for the media firm, though reports value the deal at anything between $25 million and $40 million. So, quite a lot.

Speculation had been rife for a few days that such a deal was close to being signed.

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Vince Neil and Sharon Osbourne are engaged in a little war of words at the moment after the Motley Crue man described the artist-manager-come-talent-show-judge as being "the most evil, shittiest woman I've ever met in my life" in his new autobiography 'Tattoos & Tequila', which was published last week.

Neil's viewpoint of Sharon mainly stems from when Motley Crue toured the US with Ozzy Osbourne way back in 1984. The Motley man says Sharon ruled with an iron fist, stopping any of the talent on the tour from partying on the road. He writes: "She wouldn't let us have any fun - no girls, no booze, no nothing".

Osbourne has responded angrily, as you'd expect. She says that she enforced a no partying rule on that tour because of the death of Nicholas 'Razzle' Dingley, the British drummer with Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks who died in Neil's car when the Motley Crue singer crashed it while drink driving. She didn't want Ozzy or any of his crew to go the same way, she claims.

Says Sharon: "[Neil is] a pathetic 50 year old party boy who continues to put innocent people's lives at risk by getting behind the wheel of his car and driving drunk and being arrested for assaulting women".

But Neil has hit back, pointing out the crash in which Dingley died took place right at the end of 1984, after the Ozzy/Crue tour. Though Osbourne would presumably argue the tragedy was an accident waiting to happen to party man Neil, and her hardline rules just ensured none of her people were involved.


Not only is Phil Collins at the top of the UK albums chart this week doing his Motown thing, but now trendy indie types have been saying how much they admire the drumming pop man.

According to Undercover, members of Sleigh Bells, Yeasayer and Neon Indian have all appeared on a Norwegian TV show praising Collins and bigging up his music, especially the pop-era Genesis oeuvre. Collins, at least, had the decency to be confused by the compliments, telling the show: "It's very flattering that some people making music now, something I did rubbed off on them. I don't understand it, I'm fascinated with it and very flattered".

Collins also told the show he feels his music career is now behind him and he probably won't tour again or make any more albums. Though I'm sure he's said that before and, like I say, here he is at the top of the charts with a new album.

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Universal's merchandising division Bravado has announced a partnership with a US company called Bridge Direct to manufacture Justin Bieber dolls ready for the Christmas market. They launch in the US on 4 Dec.

There'll be a selection of dolls to choose from, including 'Justin walks into a door', 'Justin fails to escape his fans on a Segway' and 'Justin gets hit by a bottle'. Some will also play 30 second clips of the Biebster's songs, including 'The Screechy One', 'The Sickly One' and 'The Other One'.

The Bravado/Bridge Direct partnership will also create and sell Bieber-branded microphones that play more clips of his songs, and a teddy bear that wears clothes like what Justin wears.

The teddy bears will be the cheapest bit of Bieber tat, retailing at a mere eight dollars. The singing dolls will set you back $28. Fashion conscious teddy bears and dolls that squeak like pop teens - ladies and gentlemen, this is the future of the music industry.

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