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Weezer drummer responds to Stop Weezer campaign

So, it's all go around here people. First up, I'm speeding up to Lancaster tomorrow to take part in an interesting sound panel on the live music scene as part of Soundbytes at the Lancaster Music Festival. And then I'll be staying in the lovely North West for the rest of the week because, of course, next week is In The City in Manchester. We'll be running workshops, chairing and participating in panels, and reporting on the whole shebang. Check out thecmuwebsite.com/inthecity2010 for more info. So busy busy. And then there's the all important matter of reviewing the five biggest music biz stories of the week.

01: Ministry's website was attacked by pro-file-sharing supporters. The superclub's site became a target because the Ministry Of Sound record label is suing individuals who they believe have illegally distributed their content online. MOS's lawyers went to court on Monday to ask a judge to force various ISPs to provide the contact information of accused file-sharers. This stage of file-sharing litigation is usually uncontroversial - but this time, because of the recent accidental publishing of confidential file-sharer data by another legal firm, BT asked the court to adjourn the hearing so they could present a case against handing over customer information without more conclusive evidence of infringement. The judge concurred with the phone firm and duly adjourned the proceedings. CMU reports | Slyck report

02: The Pirate Bay trial rumbled on. The three founders and main funder of the rogue file-sharing website are appealing their convictions for copyright infringement. This week the defendants again insisted they'd had legal advice that their service wasn't illegal, because they didn't host any infringing content. They also claimed they didn't originally intend the service to be used to enable copyright infringement. The content owners responded by saying so called contributory infringement (where you don't actually have to host the infringing content to be liable) is an uncontroversial legal principle, while asking why, if The Pirate Bay didn't exist to aid piracy, was it called The Pirate Bay? They also tried to prove that the four defendants had made loads of cash by running TPB. One of the four defendants, Peter Sunde, also spent time talking about the good aspects of file-sharing. The case continues. CMU reports | Torrentfreak reports

03: EMI moved another publishing exec into a top recordings role. The appointment of former EMI Publishing US A&R man Dan McCarroll to the top job at the major's main US record label - Capitol/Virgin - is another sign EMI Group boss Roger Faxon, previously EMI Publishing's top man, believes the solution to fixing the EMI record company's woes is to put his former team from the publishing division in charge. And as working in recordings, while no longer as profitable, is probably more exciting than a job in publishing, presumably they'll all leap at the chance. Dan certainly did. CMU report

04: Power Amp reported a good return on their Madness investment. A 46.9% return for investors, in fact. The music investment firm funded Madness's recent album 'The Liberty Of Norton Folgate', receiving a cut of recording, publishing, live and sponsorship revenues in return. The partnership is now over, with Power Amp making a tidy profit, and Madness getting to keep their copyrights. CMU report

05: Resonance FM apologised for messing up the 'resting' of Max Tundra's show. The musician and producer wrote a blog complaining about the way the innovative London community station 'rested' his programme - the station's Content Manager refused to meet to discuss his decision, and then axed the show a month earlier than originally planned without telling Tundra. When the presenter complained someone posted some bitchy remarks about him on the station's Twitter feed. As online outrage on Tundra's behalf grew Resonance bosses apologised and said they'd review training and management procedures. CMU report | Max Tundra's blog

And that's your lot for this week people. Do come say hello if your are Soundbytes or In The City.

Chris Cooke
Business Editor, CMU
VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Commix Album Launch with Marcel Dettmann at Corsica Studios
Drum n bass duo Commix are officially launching their remixed version of 'Call To Mind' tonight, and have put together quite a party to celebrate. In particular, techno pioneer Marcel Dettman will be on hand to entertain, as will Pangaea and Pedestrian, who both also appear on the 'ReCall To Mind' album. They'll all join Commix boys George Levings and Guy Brewer on the decks in the main room.

Meanwhile, Room Two will be hosted by east London record label Electric Minds, which recently hired Commix to remix a track by its newest signing, Duffstep. Label founder Dolan Bergin will be joined by Minkioni. It all takes place in the rather fine Corsica Studios, a great no frills venue with a top notch sound system and great chill out/smoking area under canvas. And while you're in Elephant and Castle, don't forget to stop at the rateable Walworth Kebab House if you sneak off a bit early, or the 24 hour Bagel King if you last the distance!

Friday 8 Oct, 10pm-6am, Corsica Studios, London, SE17, £12/£10 (adv/conc), £15 on the door, more info from www.metalheadz.co.uk or info@electricminds.co.uk

An email from rap man Nas to his current record label, Universal's Def Jam, which has been leaked to music industry blog The Lefsetz Letter, has revealed a dispute over the release of the rapper's new rarities compilation, 'Lost Tapes 2', the sequel to 'Lost Tapes', which was released by Sony's Columbia label in 2005.

The email is addressed to LA Reid, Steve Bartels, Steve Gawley, Michael Seltzer, Joseph Borrino and Chris Hicks, with the subject line "PUT MY SHIT OUT!", and seems to relate to delays in the release of the new rarities record, which was originally planned for a pre-Christmas launch but which is not currently on the Def Jam release schedule.

The source who passed the email onto Bob Lefsetz also claims there have been other issues regarding the compilation album, mainly that Def Jam bosses have refused to accept the release as one of the albums Nas is contractually obliged to deliver to the major as part of his current record contract. Nas also seems to resent that the label is only committing a $200,000 budget to marketing the album.

In the email, Nas writes: "With all due respect to you all, Nas is NOBODY's slave. This is not the 1800's, respect me and I will respect you. I won't even tap dance around in an email, I will get right into it ... The number problem with Def Jam is pretty simple and obvious, the executives think they are the stars ... you aren't ... not even close. As a matter of fact, you wish you were, but it didn't work out so you took a desk job".

He continues: "To the consumer, I COME FIRST. Stop trying to deprive them! I have a fanbase that dies for my music and a RAP label that doesn't understand RAP. Pretty fucked up situation. 'Lost Tapes' is a movement and a very important set up piece for my career as it stands... It's smart and after five years it's still ahead of the game. This feels great and you not feeling what I'm feeling is disturbing ... stop throwing dog shit on a MAGICAL moment".

He finishes: "You don't get another Nas recording that doesn't count against my deal... PERIOD! Keep your bullshit $200,000.00 fund. Open the REAL budget. This is a New York pioneer's ALBUM, there ain't many of us. I am ready to drop in the forth quarter. You don't even have shit coming out! Stop being your own worst enemy. Let's get money!"

A rep for Nas confirmed the email's authenticity to MTV News, saying: "It was a personal e-mail. [The leak] wasn't planned. It was not meant to be blasted out in the world, but we're not upset about it".

Def Jam is yet to respond.

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Lily Allen has been awarded undisclosed damages from French football magazine So Foot after its publisher, So Press, admitted to printing a fabricated interview with the singer last year, in which it was claimed she had made offensive remarks about David and Victoria Beckham and Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

Allen's lawyer Mark Thompson told the Press Association that So Press had accepted that no interview had taken place, and had agreed to withdraw the article and pay damages as well as legal costs.

So Press' lawyer Richard Dugdale added that the company offered "sincere apologies to the claimant for the damage, as well as the upset and embarrassment caused to her by the publication of the article".

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The FBI has seized a card carrying John Lennon's fingerprints which was due to be sold at a New York auction house, claiming the prints belong to the US government.

The prints were seemingly taken at an NYC police station in 1976 when Lennon applied for permanent US residence. They were due to be sold at an auction of 850 pieces of rock n roll memorabilia timed to coincide with what would have been Lennon's 70th birthday this weekend. The boss of the auction house, Peter Siegel, says the item had a reserve price of $100,000.

FBI agents approached Siegel when he first made the list of items to be auctioned public. They came to inspect the prints and returned later with a subpoena to seize the item. After consulting the owner and his lawyers, the auction man handed the prints over. He says it's now for the owner of the card to decide whether he tries to get it back from the authorities.

It's not clear how the prints ended up in private hands in the first place, though the current owner of the card says he bought them at a convention twenty years ago. Leon Wildes, who worked as Lennon's immigration lawyer in the seventies, told the New York Times that some paperwork relating to the singer's application for residence was stolen in 1976, and that included a fingerprint form, so it's possible the card for sale came from those papers and is not the prints kept by the police.

Meanwhile, a Lennon fingerprint card was also sold by Sotheby's auction house in London in 1991, though a Sotheby's spokesman said that that card was not an official document, but an extra set of prints Lennon had made and signed for a fan at the police station he visited in 1976. It's not clear whether that card and the one seized this week might be the same item or not.

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A police investigation into assault allegations against Motley Crue man Vince Neil has been dropped after CCTV footage failed to verify the accuser's claims.

One Jessica Radowicz reported Neil to the police in September claiming he manhandled her after she recognised him in a lift at a Hilton resort in Las Vegas. Radowicz claimed the incident had left her shaken up and bruised.

But a spokesman for the Las Vegas police yesterday said that, while they had investigated the claims, they were no longer pursuing the case because "the video [footage] does not show evidence of the victim being pushed. Furthermore, the alleged victim refused to make a statement, so the case has been cleared out".

So, no assault charges for Neil to deal with. Though there is, of course, that outstanding DUI charge against the rocker. He is due to be arraigned on that charge next week.

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The Record Of The Day Awards For Music Journalism & PR will return once again next month, and ROTD is again teaming up with CMU's sister website CreativeStudent.net to present gongs to the best student music journalist and student music photographer as part of their awards event. And with that in mind, students who write about music or take photos of bands are being invited to put themselves forward for these prestigious awards right now.

To enter, student journalists need to write a review of 'Blue Blood', the new single from Foals, the latest to be taken from their Mercury nominated album 'Total Life Forever'. The single is released on 8 Nov and is being promoted to student journalists this week by college press and promotion experts Wild. You can also stream the track on the Foals MySpace page (www.myspace.com/foals) or via the ROTD Awards page on the CreativeStudent.net website (www.creativestudent.net/recordoftheday)

Contenders should send their 150-200 word review of 'Blue Blood' plus two other published music reviews or articles they have written along with their name, university and details of the student media they write for to rotd@unlimitedmedia.co.uk. A panel of professional music journalists will review entries and select a winner.

Student photographers simply need to send the three best music photographs they have taken, at least one of which should be a profile shot and at least one should be a gig shot, to rotd@unlimitedmedia.co.uk along with their name, university and details of the student media they photograph for. Each photo should be saved as a JPEG and be no bigger than 1MB. A panel of professional music journalists will review entries and select a winner.

Commenting on the student awards, ROTD's Paul Scaife told CMU: "After a panel of professional music writers picked last year's student writer winner, he found himself fast-tracked to success, writing for NME, The Quietus and AOL. If writing about music or photographing music for a living is your goal, the Record Of The Day awards for Music Journalism and PR offer a unique opportunity".

The closing date for entries is 31 Oct. For more info check:

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The nominations have been announced for the third annual Music Video Awards, and it's Plan B who leads the pack with nods in eleven categories for three videos from his 'The Defamation Of Strickland Banks' album, with 'Stay Too Long' and 'Prayin' receiving five nominations each.

Cheryl Cole follows with a paltry four nominations for 'Parachute' and 'Three Words', while Jay-Z's 'On To The Next One' video has three nods, as does Kanye West's 'Power'. Hot Chip's 'I Feel Better' - directed by comedian Peter Serafinowicz - and Florence And The Machine's 'Dog Days Are Over' both have two nominations each.

The awards ceremony will take place at the Odeon West End in Leicester Square on Tuesday, 12 Oct. For more information and to see the full list of nominees, head over to www.ukmva.com.

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I'm not exactly sure what Forbes mean when they refer to "powerful people". They probably mean they have lots of money and lots of people listen to what they say, but I like to think that superpowers might be involved somewhere too. If they are, Lady Gaga has better superpowers than any other musician in the world.

The singer comes in at number seven on the US magazine's list of the world's 100 most powerful women, two places ahead of Beyonce Knowles. The only other musician on the list is Madonna, who's way down at 29, which means her superpower is probably just keeping fruit ripe for an unnaturally long time, or something like that.

In case you wondered, the number one most powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes, is Michelle Obama. And there was me convinced it would be Kate Thornton.

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It turns out that when Davy Jones said last year that he'd never take part in another reunion with his former Monkees bandmates, he actually meant that he was going organise one. It's an easy mistake to make.

In an interview with the National Enquirer last year, Jones said: "It's not a case of dollars and cents. It's a case of satisfying yourself. I don't have anything to prove. The Monkees proved it for me".

However, this week he told Ace Showbiz: "We're talking about doing a tour next year with The Monkees. There's talk about a show with dialogue".

Although he added that the band would all have to hit the gym and take some kind of youth potion before the tour got underway: "My thing is I just don't want to get on stage with a bunch of old guys".

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Regina Spektor will release a live two-disc CD and DVD next month. Recorded at her performance at the Hammersmith Apollo in London in December last year, the album will be released on 22 Nov.

The tracklist is as follows:

On The Radio
Folding Chair
Sailor Song
Blue Lips
Après Moi
Dance Anthem Of The 80s
Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
Bobbing For Apples
Ode To Divorce
That Time
The Calculation
Laughing With
Man Of A Thousand Faces
Hotel Song
The Call
Love You're A Whore

Introduction (November Rain)
On The Radio
Laughing With
Folding Chair
Après Moi
Blue Lips
Dance Anthem Of The 80s
Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
The Calculation
Man Of A Thousand Faces
That Time
Hotel Song
Sailor Song

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CMU favourites Middle Class Rut have announced that they will release their debut album, 'No Name No Color', in the UK on 22 Nov via Bright Antenna. It will be preceded by a new single, 'New Low', on 15 Nov.

Check out the video for the single here: youtu.be/Yiqn0CFY9r8

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UK indie label Planet Mu has announced that it will put out the first proper compilation of artists operating in the new Chicago-based 'footwork' genre later this year. Entitled 'Bangs & Works Vol 1', it brings together key players from the high-tempo scene, which has grown out of dance competitions in the city. The compilation will be released on 5 Dec.


DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man
DJ Rashad - Teknitian
Tha Pope - Jungle Juke
DJ Rashad - Itz Not Rite
DJ Roc - Fuck Dat
RP Boo - Total Darkness
DJ Spinn - 2020
Tha Pope - All The Things
DJ Killa E - Star Wars
DJ Roc - One Blood
RP Boo - Eraser
DJ Lil Rome & DJ Yung Tellem - Kill Da Circle Play
DJ Trouble - Bangs & Works
DJ Trouble - Fuck Um Up Jus Basics
DJ Elmoe - Yo Shit Fucked Up
DJ Yung Tellem - Freddy Vs Jason
DJ Trouble - Mosh Pit
Traxman - Compute Funk
DJ Lil Rome - I Go Hard
DJ Diamond - Ready Mother Fucka
DJ Diamond - Freakazoid
DJ Nate - Ima Dog
DJ Clent - I Love You
DJ Nate - He Ain't Bout It
Traxman - The Comeback

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Villagers have announced a one-off show in April next year. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll play other shows next year too, but this one won't be part of a tour. Now will you sit down. If you want to see them that badly, they're on tour right now, and again later in the year.

The new show will take place at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on 7 Apr. Tickets, I believe, are available now.

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Fabric will host a special charity gig next month to raise awareness of the most common genetic form of inherited mental impairment, Fragile X Syndrome, which apparently affects 1.4 million people worldwide.

The Invisible will headline the show, with DJ sets from the likes of Everything Everything and New Young Pony Club. It will take place on 11 Nov and cost you a tenner to get in.

More information from fabriclondon.ticketabc.com/events/fabric-4x/

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PRS For Music has again extended its consultation on live music royalties. You sort of get the impression the live sector, which reckons this is an attempt by the PRS to up the royalties promoters have to pay to songwriters and publishers, is trying to make this consultation last forever and ever, so no actual change in royalty rates occurs.

The consultation on PRS's live music licenses - the copyright licenses promoters have to have - was originally due to run until 7 Sep. Noting that August was a rather busy time for the live industry, PRS agreed to extend it to 31 Oct. The deadline is now 31 Dec.

Says PRS's Director Of Public Performance Sales Keith Gilbert: "To ensure that all our customers have the opportunity to let us know their views and ideas, we're extending the consultation period. We are already receiving helpful responses and feedback from stakeholder groups".

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Taking of those crazy music publishers, their trade body - the Music Publishers Association - has just relaunched its website. The new look site has lots of info on the publishing sector and music copyright, plus details of events, training and jobs in the music publishing domain.

Confirming the website was live, the MPA's communications man Will Lines told CMU: "Our website is the hub of the MPA's communication with its members, potential members, the wider industry, policy makers, and the general public. The UK's publishing sector is thriving, and our new website highlights the latest news and music from our members".

He continued: "Just as important is that we provide clear guidance on copyright issues to those seeking to use our members' music. Dedicated pages for specific types of visitor, including music users, educators and composers, gather together all the most relevant information and present it clearly and concisely".

The site is at www.mpaonline.org.uk

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Given both the music and book retail sectors are flagging, it would make sense for the HMV Group to more closely align, or maybe even merge, its two retail brands, HMV and Waterstones. Can it really justify having two separate stores on every high street, especially if eBooks take off and both chains need less floor space?

And there are signs from within the HMV Group that such a move is already underway. For starters, the new Waterstones logo unveiled back in May is basically the 'm' of the HMV logo spun around 180 degrees.

And now the company has merged the annual conferences it holds for store managers in both retail chains, with both HMV and Waterstones employees amassing on Hammersmith this week. Group spokesman Gennaro Castaldo told CIT: "We want to bring together all elements of the business because there is a strategic underlying remit to demonstrate how the whole business is working together".

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Songkick has announced a partnership with Yahoo! which will see the London-based live music data site providing concert listings in music-based Yahoo! search results in the US.

The partnership comes as Yahoo! US overhauls the way it delivers search results for artists, placing biogs, album info, Twitter chat, videos and gig listings in more easily accessible 'tabs'. Which is great news for the 19 people who still use Yahoo! search.

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Weezer drumming man Patrick Wilson has responded to the previously reported online campaign that is looking to raise $10 million in a bid to persuade the American indie types to never make another record.

As previously reported, American James Burns has set up the campaign on a crowdfunding website, stating that he is trying to protect the Weezer fans he knows who are, he says, disappointed every time the band release yet another record that fails to match their seminal 1996 album 'Pinkerton'. Burns: "I am tired of my friends being disappointed year after year. I am tired of endless whimsical cutesy album covers and music videos".

With a load of press coverage for the jokey campaign this week, the band have now seen it, leading to Wilson's response. Linking to Pitchfork's coverage of Burns' fundraising page, the drummer joked: "If they can make it 20 [million], we'll do the 'deluxe breakup'".

Given Burns has so far only raised $285, I'm guessing Wilson can quite safely make that pledge without ever having to stick to it. Unless there's a very rich Weezer hater out there somewhere.

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