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Formed in early 2008, Pulled Apart By Horses made a name for themselves very quickly with a string of energetic and chaotic live shows, which led later the same year to slots at the Latitude Festival and on the BBC Introducing stage at the Leeds Festival, where their performance drew a sizeable crowd, making them one of the highlights of the weekend for many and helping to spread their name further.

They released a debut single, 'Meat Balloon', in October 2008 through Big Scary Monsters, followed by a string of other releases on various labels before signing to Transgressive earlier this year, releasing their debut album through the label in June.

Currently part way through tour dates which will take them through to the end of the year, the band will play In The City this week. We caught up with guitarist James Brown to ask the Same Six Questions.

Q1 How did you start out making music?

I started making music from an early age on a four-track tape recorder. I sang about girls and my teen troubles. EMO!

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Playing live shows, drinking, suffering from ADHD, art. And did I say drinking?

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
It's a melting pot that the four of us heat and throw ingredients into. Collective and combined.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
The Jesus Lizard, That Fucking Tank, Nirvana, Radiohead, David Shrigley and the 'Back To The Future' trilogy.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Please fasten your seatbelt, we're going to crash.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Find my inner being, tour the USA and find a fucking girlfriend.

MORE>> www.pulledapartbyhorses.com

PULLED APART BY HORSES AT IN THE CITY: Night & Day at 11.20pm on 14 Oct

She may not yet be a household name, but Polly Mackey is doing pretty well for herself. Having begun performing as a solo artist in 2007, she formed her band, The Pleasure Principle, in Autumn 2008. Performances at SxSX the following year led to features in a number of US magazines and resulted in them being asked to be one of the bands to officially open this year's festival by performing at the Delegates Welcome Dinner.

As word began to spread back home in the UK, the band performed showcases at The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City and were the only unsigned band invited to play the first Next Big Thing festival in London earlier this year.

Next month, Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle release their first proper single, 'Higher', through The Playground Records. Available from 8 Nov, it instantly shows why this band have got so many people in a flap. To match Mackey's bold voice, which hides the fact that she's barely 20, the band back her up with huge hooks that set the bar very high for future releases. Don't be surprised if you hear this name a lot more in 2011.



The roll out of three-strikes in Ireland will require a change in the law, a judge in Dublin confirmed yesterday. I think we already knew that though.

As previously reported, Ireland's biggest internet service provider, Eircom, has already started operating a three-strikes style anti-piracy system after reaching an out of court settlement with the Irish record industry. As part of that settlement the record companies agreed to continue to pressure Eircom's rivals to introduce similar measures. But one of those rivals, UPC (formerly Chorus NTL), went to court to ask a judge to confirm that, under current Irish copyright laws, it was not obliged to do the three-strikes thing.

And yesterday Mr Justice Peter Charleton did exactly that. He said that, in his opinion, the record companies definitely were suffering because of the rise of internet piracy, and that that was bad news for the next generation of Irish musicians. He also remarked that there was arguably an obligation under European law to do something to enforce intellectual property rights online.

But, he concluded, under current Irish laws, UPC could not be forced to suspend or disconnect prolific file-sharers, and were not liable for any infringement that occurred as a result of such inaction.

It was one of those rulings that gave hope to both sides though. UPC said its argument had been vindicated, while the record industry said Charleton's remarks supported their case for copyright law reform.

A spokesman for the net firm said: "UPC has repeatedly stressed that it does not condone piracy and has always taken a strong stance against illegal activity on its network. [But] our whole premise and defence focused on the mere conduit principal which provides that an internet service provider cannot be held liable for content transmitted across its network and today's decision supports the principal that ISPs are not liable for the actions of internet subscribers".

Meanwhile, Dick Doyle of the Irish Recorded Music Association told the Irish Times: "The High Court has acknowledged that Irish artists, composers and recording companies are sustaining huge losses and internet providers are profiting from the wholesale theft of music. The judge made it very clear that a [three-strikes style] injunction would be morally justified but that the Irish legislature had failed in its obligation to confer on the courts the right to grant such injunctions, unlike other EU states. We will now look to the Irish government to fully vindicate the constitutional rights of copyright holders and we reserve the right to seek compensation for the past and continuing losses from the State".

Ireland's Minister For Communications, Eamon Ryan, who would lead any change in Irish copyright rules, vowed to continue to talk to Doyle and the record industry about the three-strikes issue, though stressed things weren't quite as simple as IRMA often suggest. A spokesman for his office also noted that in France and the UK, where three-strikes is being introduced, legal problems remain for the anti-piracy systems.

But what, I hear you ask, does Sharon 'of the Corrs' Corr think about all this? That's what really matters, surely? She, of course, called for a three-strikes law in Ireland at a recent music business conference in Dublin. And yesterday she said: "I think that everything the judge said in his statement strongly inferred that he would have preferred a [three-strikes] law to be in place. We need legislation. We need the government to do that, not for me, not so I can make some money, but so we have a strong music industry. That industry has been a great part of our culture, which we have been exporting forever".

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George Michael is no longer in prison, but do not fear, owners of photo developing shops, he's still being closely watched by the authorities for the time being.

As previously reported, last month Michael was sentenced to four weeks in the slammer and four more on licence, meaning he will be supervised by the probation service, after he drove his car into a branch of Snappy Snaps in north London while under the influence of cannabis. He was also fined £1250 and banned from driving for five years.

Having served his four weeks jail time, Michael was freed from Haverhill Prison in Suffolk yesterday morning, having been transferred there from Pentonville a couple of weeks ago. He returned to his London home where he later stepped outside for the paps, and bantered with the waiting journalists about how he felt wonderful, that he was "back", that it was a beautiful day, and that the blue sky had just provided the inspiration for a new song.

Though, beyond that, the cheerful Michael said very little and avoided answering any specific questions. So much so, most media attention focused on pop's other druggy George, who'd been talking to that leading news agency, Magic 105.4FM.

Boy George revealed he had written letters to Michael over the last few weeks, providing moral support and tips to his one-time friend and recent verbal sparring partner, himself having served a short prison sentence rather recently of course. The former Culture Club man said: "You just send your love and let people know you're thinking of them - all the cliches, but they do help".

He added that Michael's sentencing had made the trauma of his time in prison all come back to him: "When George Michael got sentenced, it all came back to me and I was with him. You just go numb - completely numb. You go into survival mode; shut down. You don't know what's going to happen. After the trial you're taken downstairs, put in a room, the door gets locked and from then on it's a mystery".

He continued: "I was with George Michael in that holding cell under the court. I was with him, handcuffed, in that hideous police van. I was with him arriving at Pentonville prison and having that kind of physical search. I relived the whole thing. I felt so, so upset. I don't think I've been that upset since it happened to me".

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The sister of pop type Mika, stylist Paloma Penniman, was seriously injured in the early hours of Sunday morning after she feel 50 feet from the window of her Kennington flat onto railings below.

It's thought that Penniman was sitting on a window sill, lost her balance and fell, impaling both of her legs and her abdomen. Mika, who was also in the flat at the time, called the emergency services, who arrived at around 5am. Fire fighters reportedly had to cut a section of the railings away in order to free her. Penniman is said to be in a stable but critical condition having undergone surgery.

An unnamed "family friend" told The Sun: "To say [Mika is] traumatised by this doesn't even come close. It's the stuff of nightmares. Paloma had surgery today on her abdomen and legs - but she is critically ill. Mika is out of his mind with worry. No one really knows what happened. One minute Paloma was sitting on the window-ledge, the next she had fallen on to the railings".

A spokesperson for Mika told reporters: "[Paloma] is in a critical but stable state. The family have asked for privacy at this time".

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Performances from the 'X-Factor' live shows will be available to download as audio tracks from iTunes et al within hours of them first airing on ITV but, and here's the thing, sales of said downloads will not be counted by the Official Charts Company on the order of King Cowell of the Province of Sony.

'X-Factor' bosses have said they are excluding 'X' downloads from the chart to "protect integrity". I'm not sure if they mean the integrity of their contestants, or the chart. Insiders say that the show's bosses don't want the public to know which tracks are selling the most units in case record sales conflict with how well an act is doing on the show.

They may also be worried that no one will buy the tracks and all contestants would come embarrassingly low down the chart. Or maybe the opposite, not even Sony want the entire Top Twelve to be filled with terrible 'X-Factor' covers.

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Iron & Wine, aka singer-songwriter Samuel Beam, has been announced as the latest singing to Beggar's 4AD label. The label will handle the release of the new Iron & Wine album, 'Kiss Each Other Clean', outside North America (where it will be released by Warner Bros) when it is released next February.

Beam will also be in Europe for a tour, with the backing of a full band, around the release of the album. Dates to be confirmed soon.

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Al Pacino is apparently due to play Phil Spector in a new film about the life of the currently incarcerated music producer.

The as-yet-untitled film is currently in the early stages of development, with writer David Mamet and director Barry Levinson working on it for HBO Films. But Pacino's agent, John L Burnham from International Creative Management, has confirmed to The New York Times that the actor is interested in working on the project because "he just saw a very interesting character to play, and he likes the sensibility of David and Barry".

Spector is, of course, serving a prison sentence of nineteen years to life for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

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The man writing the in-development Freddie Mercury biopic, in which Sacha Baron Cohen will play the late Queen frontman, has said the film will not deal with the late star's death from AIDS in 1991.

Peter Morgan has told reporters that his script will focus more on the troubled relationship between Mercury and his bandmates Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. He told Cinema Blend: "I didn't want to write an AIDS movie, to be honest with you. And then, I just looked at the period [up to the band's famous Live Aid slot in 1985]. It's sort of where he rejects [the other members of Queen] and comes back to them. It's sort of like a family movie. It's sort of like I hate my family, I want to be independent, and then I come back".

The aforementioned other Queen members are co-producers on the project, and Morgan is a little bit nervous as to how well they'll respond to everything he plans to put in the film. "I think they'll recognise the truth in it", he continued, "but it's a series of painful memories for them. I'm essentially writing about the most painful time in the band's history".

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Lock up your children, Katy Perry and her breasts have announced UK tour dates for March and April next year, with tickets due to go on sale this Saturday at 9am. The singer will also release a new single, 'Firework', on 15 Nov.

Of the shows, Perry says: "I hope that it's going to engage all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch". There's a gag in there somewhere involving 'Sesame Street's Elmo and the aforementioned breasts, but constructing it is beneath me.

Tour dates:

17 Mar: London, Hammersmith Apollo
18 Mar: London, Hammersmith Apollo
31 Mar: Bournemouth, Venue TBC
1 Apr: Cardiff, International Arena

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Tinie Tempah's excellent debut album, 'Disc-Overy', went straight in a number one on Sunday, having shifted 85,000 copies in its first week of release - the highest first week sales for any album released so far this year and the highest number of copies sold since Eminem's 'Recovery' fifteen weeks ago. This is all good news.

You can watch a documentary about the making of the album here: http://youtu.be/yGGzl4tjQK8

Meanwhile, the rapper also began a UK tour on Sunday, which will take him around the country until the end of the month. But maybe this month's no good for you. It's alright, he's just announced dates for next February, too. Tickets go on sale on Friday.

Tour dates:

19 Feb: Manchester, Apollo
20 Feb: Nottingham, Rock City
22 Feb: Glasgow, ABC
23 Feb: Leeds, Academy
24 Feb: Birmingham, Academy
25 Feb: Hammersmith, Apollo
26 Feb: Southampton, Guildhall
27 Feb: Brighton, Dome
28th Feb: Plymouth, Pavilions

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The Red Bull Music Academy's Culture Clash night will return to The Roundhouse in London this Thursday, with four soundsystems battling it out to be crowned the best.

Hosted by Don Letts, the four contenders are:
- Goldie's Metalheadz with Andy C, Shy FX, Storm, MC GQ & MC Justyce.
- Skream and Benga with Joker & MC Nomad and Artwork.
- Channel One Soundsystem with Mikey Dread, Ras Kayleb and full crew.
- Soul Jazz Records Sound System with 100% Dynamite.

For an idea of what to expect, check out this video of the last Culture Clash night: http://youtu.be/ieHJs1gYA0k

More info from www.redbullmusicacademy.com/daily-news/post/All/0/1726

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LIVE REVIEW: 6 Fest at 229 in London on 2 Oct
BBC 6music is a shining beacon of hope in the ever tedious world of British music radio. So much so that when bosses at the British Broadcasting Corporation - which is surely meant to be the bastion of all that is great about popular culture in the UK - announced their plans to shut down 6 earlier this year, I genuinely worried about the state of the nation. Surely the 'Loveliest Music Station In The World' was the one thing it was actually worth paying the licence fee for? Well, that and the Eurovision Song Contest we all subsidise, of course.

But hallelujah! In a miracle surely up there with the parting of the Red Sea and turning water into wine (certainly if great new music is your religion), listeners and staff and artists and associated bodies rallied together, and petitioned and shouted, and eventually managed to save 6music from dead air. This great feat was definitely something worth celebrating, which is why earlier this month a motley crew of music fans ventured through the very wet streets of London for a twelve hour party at the capital's 229 venue.

Upon arrival, the wise, dry early birds inside told me that I had missed out on an awesome opening set by Oompah Brass. Still, I was more than consoled by the Tom Robinson mask clad Total Shambles, the 6music house band, fronted by a certain Shaun Keaveny. Though really there for light relief more than musical magnificence, they proved to be an enjoyable appetiser ahead of Erland & The Carnival, whose native London gypsy folk had a wonderful whiff of the Balkans about it, and worked very well in this London club.

In fact, the entire line-up really hit the spot. Obviously the acts were aided by the celebratory mood already filling the house - joy at 6 being saved, and at being indoors as the torrents of rain continued to fall outside - but each performance provided the goods in its own right. Ellen & The Escapades, in particular, were a tonic to the elements, while Metronomy - although taking their time getting to the stage - were the definite highlight of my night, spreading their infectious dancing disease about the room. Though its compere Adam Buxton who deserves the award of oddest performance of the night for his NWA parody.

When we finally wandered back out onto the rather damp Euston Road, the general consensus was that the night had been a huge success. Though I did suffer the slight disappointment of winning nothing in the raffle, despite purchasing two whole rows of tickets in two very different colours. MB

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Faster Than Sound is the quirky end of the Aldeburgh Festival, a mainly classical music event originally set up by Benjamin Britten, which takes place near Aldeburgh in Suffolk each June. Bringing classical and electronic music together, FTS is now staging events elsewhere in the year as well, two of which take place next month.

First up is TEDx Aldeburgh, a tie up with the global TED (tech, entertainment, design) idea sharing network, which takes place on 6 Nov at the Snape Malting base of the Aldeburgh Festival in Suffolk (not all that far away from the Latitude site). At this event TED Music Director and acclaimed producer Thomas Dolby will host a day of talks, performances and discussions exploring ideas on the future of music. Amongst those joining him will be William Orbit, David Toop, Louis Lortie and Imogen Heap.

Meanwhile, on 12 Nov Spheres & Splinters will see Professor Of Music & Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tod Machover, join cellist Peter Gregson, ambsonic sound designer Ben Bloomberg and leading visual collective United Visual Artists in order to "explore the properties of acoustic and electronic music to create a unique experience for audiences". No, I don't really know what that means either, but I'm sure it will be something pretty special. And with this one, if you can't make it out into the Suffolk countryside you can see the same event the next day, 13 Nov, at Kings Place in London.

For more info check the only slightly confusing website at www.fasterthansound.com

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I quite like Chris De Burgh's 'Spanish Train & Other Stories' album. Is that something you're meant to admit to in polite company? Well, I just did. Sorry. But everything he's released since has been shit. His new album also has 'Other Stories' in the title too, so I wonder if it will be a return to his 1975 form, or another helping of shit?

Presumably Asda hope the former given they've just entered into one of those exclusivity agreements with the Irish singer for the release of 'Moonfleet & Other Stories', which is coming out via his own label, Ferryman Productions. Though come to think of it, the average Asda customer would probably prefer the shit.

Confirming their De Burgh partnership, Asda's music, video and games chap Fergal Gara told CMU: "In a changing entertainment landscape it makes sense for Asda to investigate new ways of working to deliver more value and better choice for our customers. This exclusive album release in partnership with Chris de Burgh and his label, Ferryman Productions, represents an unprecedented new style of relationship. Working this closely with an artist such as Chris de Burgh not only offers a greater potential for return for both parties, but also allows us to pass on a saving to Asda shoppers whilst offering an exclusive product just for them".

By saying this "represents an unprecedented new style of relationship", I think Gara means "we're going to do what Tesco have already done loads". But I didn't have time to ask, because before I could that De Burgh man was butting in, insisting: "I'm very happy and excited that my management and record company have decided to make this unique deal with Asda and I wish them every success with the project. I hope that this is a relationship that we can continue in the future".

The partnership was brought together by the Br&nd Romance agency and will see the two sides work together on the sales and marketing of the album, which will be released on 18 Oct.

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Silence Media, the music-focused online ad network which has been pioneering the pay-per-engagement model for web advertising, where-by an advertiser only pays when a user 'engages' with their advert in some way, has announced it has just had its millionth 'fan engagement'. That means one million music fans have rolled over and activated an advert serviced by Silence on behalf of music companies on a plethora of websites.

Commenting on the landmark, Silence's top man Lee Henshaw told CMU: "A million people have engaged with an advertising format invented by the British music industry. Labels, managers and promoters, tired with other industries taking a bath in their water, decided to only pay publishers whose audiences engaged with their ads. Cost Per Engagement is the most significant change in online advertising since Google launched Adwords in 2000 and is now being embraced by the film, TV and video games industries".

Artists who have used the Silence ad network include Temper Trap, Justin Bieber, The XX, Lady Gaga, Chapel Club, Kings of Leon, The Gossip and Vampire Weekend, while the millionth engagement was with an ad for Wombats single 'Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)'.

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Warner Music UK yesterday announced the appointment of Mike Allen to the job of VP International Marketing. He takes over from Julian Wright, who will leave the major later this year.

Warner UK boss Christian Tattersfield, who Allen will report to, told CMU: "This has been a great year for many of our UK acts, with Paolo, Muse, and Plan B all enjoying their biggest international successes to date. I am delighted to welcome Mike on board at such an exciting time. I believe he has the credentials to continue the upward trajectory of our UK acts, both new and established, and the great new releases we have coming up. I look forward to working with him".

Allen himself added: "I'm extremely impressed by the company's commitment to being the best home for outstanding UK talent; taking that talent to the next level and beyond internationally is the mission and the opportunity. I look forward to bringing the broadened perspective I've gained as an independent in the service of artist management and labels to Christian's team and artist roster".

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Mark Byford, the BBC's often controversial Deputy Director General, is to be made redundant, the highest profile casualty in the Beeb's bid to convince government and unions that its efforts to reduce costs will include cuts at all levels, including the top.

Having spent his entire career at the BBC, Byford isn't by nature a controversial figure, and he won some praise when he competently stepped in as a temporary Director General after then top man Greg Dyke resigned over the whole Hutton Inquiry hoo haa.

But with a salary package nearing half a million a year, Byford is the most highly paid of that significant group of senior BBC execs who just aren't really needed. Certainly no commercial broadcaster would have a comparable exec on such a high wage. Byford didn't do much to counter his critics by running up considerable unnecessary expenses bills.

BBC top man Mark Thompson announced this morning that Byford will leave the Corporation next year. He will not be replaced.

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Unique Interactive, the techie bit of radio company UBC Group, has been hired by the people behind Radioplayer to provide initial development and ongoing operational support to the new cross-broadcaster online radio service.

As previously reported, Radioplayer will work a bit like the BBC's iPlayer, but will provide access to services and programmes from most of the UK's radio stations. The BBC, Global Radio, GMG Radio and Absolute, plus commercial radio trade body RadioCentre, are all backing the new system.

Confirming their involvement, Unique Interactive's Adrian Cross told Radio Today: "Radioplayer is a very exciting project and we're really pleased to be able to play a part in its creation and ongoing development. With such enthusiastic stakeholders, we're sure Radioplayer will be a great success".

Radioplayer MD Michael Hill added: "Radioplayer's all about working in partnership for the good of the industry. As one of our technology partners, Unique Interactive has the right mix of experience to help us deliver 'one simple player for UK Radio'".

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4Music has announced it will launch a new morning show next week to be called 'The 4Music Breakfast Fix'. The programme will combine short sixty second bursts of music, entertainment and other news in amongst the pop videos. The newsy stuff will come from ITN.

Says 4Music Programming Director Dave Young: "Having the right music to wake up to is critical for our youth audience. We've provided a fun alternative to the normal morning news, with an innovative show style that contains chunks of entertainment and music news and weather to the backdrop of hot videos. Commissioning this type of programming is part of our commitment to delivering music in a wide variety of formats and providing more music content throughout the day - starting from 7am".

Confirming their involvement, ITN's Mark Browning told CMU: "This agreement cements our relationship with 4Music and highlights the demand for celebrity based content from viewers. With 'The 4Music Breakfast Fix' we've created compelling content in an innovative format targeted specifically to the 4Music audience. For those viewers that aren't morning people, each morning's news fix will also be served up on 4Music.com, so there's never an excuse to miss out on the latest happenings from the entertainment world".

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Piers Morgan has confirmed he will have to quit as a judge on 'Britain's Got Talent' when he takes his new job presenting a daily talk show for CNN.

He's told the Daily Mail: "There's been considerable speculation about what my new CNN job means for my role on 'Britain's Got Talent'. Well, sadly, I can now confirm that I will have to quit 'BGT', as I will be ensconced in New York interviewing popes, presidents, pugilists and popstars when the auditions are filmed next year".

He continued: "I'll miss the late-night drinking sessions with Amanda [Holden], and Ant and Dec - for Geordie midgets, they can pack it away... Most of all, I'll miss winding up my co-judges, and being wound up by them. Amanda, please stop crying; I'll still find time to see you in my American trailer. And Simon, thanks - sincerely - for the ride. It's been a blast".

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A South African crime-fighting website called eBlockwatch has called on 50 Cent to adopt a black rhino called Phila which animal protection officials are guarding, because the rhino has been shot nine times, just like the rapper.

The website has approached the rapper as part of its campaign against rhino poaching in the country. eBlockwatch's Andre Snyman told South Africa's Sunday Times: "We'll ask him if he wants to become the godfather of our rhino so that he can create awareness worldwide about rhino poaching".

Phila has been shot nine times by poachers, despite the rhino's owner removing the horn that said poachers are after. More recent attackers have apparently tried to cut out the stub of the animal's horn, which is still pretty valuable.

Continuing on his theme, Snyman joked that because Phila is much bigger than Fiddy, she could be renamed One Pound. Obviously I use "joked" in the loosest sense of the word. 50 Cent is yet to respond to the rhino savers.

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