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Having made a name for himself with a series of mixtapes while he was still at university, picking up fans including Kanye West and Jay-Z, upon graduation Mike Posner was quickly snapped up by Sony's RCA division. With a sound mixing pop, dance and hip hop, he is currently at number five in the UK singles chart with 'Cooler Than Me', and is set to release his debut album, '31 Minutes To Takeoff', on 28 Feb next year. We caught up with Mike to ask the Same Six Questions.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I started out making beats in my mom's basement when I was thirteen years old. I was producing hip hop music for other artists for eight years, be it for my friends or for other artists as I got older. In the end I got sick of giving ideas to other people so started singing tracks myself around two years ago.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Real life. I truly believe people can tell the difference between artists singing something that someone wrote for them against their own tracks that mean something to them. Most of my songs are about relationships. Relationships with a few different girls, as well as my own relationship with time. I remember reading history books at school and being terrified of not being in one of them one day.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
I really focus on chords and melodies. All my songs are written on the piano. If you sing any of my songs just on the piano they sound awesome. Once we've got the chords and the melodies fine-tuned we start producing around what is already a great song.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
There are about a hundred million artists which influence my work, but to name just a few that I really love, I'd have to say Paul Simon, Nas and Luther Vandross

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Prepare to have your mind blown!

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
I plan on having flags in my clouds! I've already achieved a big ambition and that was to create a work of art that sounds like nothing else out there, so I just hope that people will listen to it and like it. But admittedly the toughest critic is myself.

MORE>> www.mikeposner.com
Tinchy Stryder is on his way to crack America. If he manages it, he'll be one of very few British urban artists to pull it off. Still, forming a joint venue with the world's biggest rapper is a good start. For the release of his new album, 'Third Strike', he's allying his own company Takeover Entertainment with Jay-Z's Roc Nation to form Takeover Roc Nation. And if it does all come together, it seems, he's hoping to share some of the glory with his mates.

New online this week, the video for his track 'Game Over' features fellow British rappers Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example and Chipmunk, as well as Tinchy himself. A series of consecutive verses, it is more of a shop window than a proper track (losing something of the earlier version, then a collaboration with just Tinie Tempah), but it takes them all into musically darker territory than they'd normally be associated with to great effect .


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- A thorough understanding of social networks, media platforms and online music stores of all kinds.
- Experience of managing client relationships.
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Apply by email: ApplytoMute@Mute.com
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So, the main development in the Terra Firma v Citigroup trial yesterday was that the latter decided, three weeks in, that it didn't like one of the jurors. The bank found her furious note taking disturbing, because the last thing you want in court is a juror paying attention.

Actually, it was Donna Gianell's involvement in a Michael Moore film that got the bankers worried. One of Citi's lawyers discovered this week (via a Google search no less) that Gianell, a dance teacher and circus performer by trade, is thanked at the end of 'Capitalism: A Love Story', Moore's 2009 film on the economic meltdown of 2008. That, Citigroup declared, made her a bad juror for a case that revolves around banking and investment.

Citigroup's legal man Ted Wells told the court yesterday the juror's link to Moore was "scary in the context of this case", adding: "Out of nine people, the one associated with the Michael Moore movie is the one taking notes like a person possessed. That's what concerns my client".

Quite why disliking the unscrupulous money-grabbing cunts that run the City would make Gianell any more biased towards Terra Firma than Citigroup I'm not sure. Not that I'm saying Terra Firma is run by unscrupulous money-grabbing cunts. They're all lovely people, I'm sure. I heard one once saved a bunny rabbit from a burning house. Well, I made that up, but I'm sure it's the sort of thing they would do. But my point is: if you hate everything the financial services industry stands for, then surely you'll hate both parties in this case equally, and therefore not be a biased juror.

That said, Citigroup did come in for some specific criticism in Moore's film and, either way, Judge Jed Rakoff said yesterday that Gianell's links to the Moore film were enough to cause some doubt in the minds of the general public regarding the fairness of the ruling in this case, and that was enough of a reason to remove her from the jury. Rakoff also noted that Gianell had been heard discussing the case with fellow jurors during a lunch break, something you're not meant to do until deliberations begin.

So, anyway, Gianell is gone. And now the legal reps from both sides can present their closing arguments before said jury deliberations begin. As much previously reported, Terra Firma accuses Citigroup of tricking it into bidding too high and too soon to buy EMI in 2007. Since acquiring the music major the equity firm has seen its investment turn bad, and wants Citigroup - which provided a multi-billion loan to enable the 2007 takeover, as well as advising on the deal - to shoulder some of the blame and carry some of the losses.

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Michael Robertson's digital music locker service MP3tunes has again requested that the US courts make a summary judgement in its favour in relation to its legal squabble with EMI. As previously reported, EMI is suing both MP3tunes and Robertson himself, alleging that the locker service infringes its copyrights.

Robertson argues that MP3tunes is no different than other cloud-based services that exist or are in development that let people access content they have legally acquired from any net-connect device. If he loses this case, he argues, the development of the entire music locker market will be stopped, and users will be blocked from accessing the digital music they have legitimately bought from multiple devices, which Robertson says is unfair.

But EMI doesn't want to have that debate as part of this lawsuit. It argues that MP3tunes is more than just a conventional locker service because, it says, the platform really offers users a place to store and access MP3s acquired illegally. It points to MP3tunes' link to music search service Slideload.com which, the music major says, helps users find unlicensed music.

Robertson had already asked for a summary judgement on EMI's lawsuit - ie a ruling without the case going properly to court - but he seemingly made a new request to that effect last week, too. Assuming the judge hearing the case goes the summary judgement route, it could still take a few months for the full consultation process required with both parties to be completed.

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Legal representatives for Britney Spears - or, rather, the conservatorship led by the pop star's father which oversees the singer's affairs - have asked that the previously reported sexual harassment case being pursued against her by former bodyguard Fernando Flores be heard in private to prevent the release of private information about Spears's life.

According to TMZ, the Spears legal team say that Flores, who is pushing for a public hearing, will use the potential embarrassment that a public trial would cause the singer to try to pressure her people to reach an out of court settlement. Something which, they say, amounts to extortion. Put the case behind closed doors, they argue, and Flores' unfair negotiating position is removed.

A judge is expected to consider the Spears team's motion later this month.

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Tom Jones was handed his previously reported Music Industry Trusts' outstanding contribution award by Tim Burton on Monday, at the Trusts' annual fund-raising dinner in aid of the Nordoff Robbins charity and The BRIT Trust.

A special film about Jones's career was shown, the BRIT School Choir sang his songs, Cerys Matthews did a "I'm Welsh too, you know" spot, while Kelly Jones, Don Black, Paul Anka and Priscilla Presley all paid tribute, the latter telling guests how much her father rated Jones as a performer. She said: "They would sing songs together and jam together, for Elvis to do that he really had to have a lot of trust in someone - he admired Tom's voice so much".

The event ended with Jones (Tom) joining the aforementioned Matthews and Jones (Kelly) on stage to sing some of his hits.

David Munns, Chairman of the Trust Award committee, told CMU: "Tom Jones is one of those rare beings, a timeless entertainer, a great guy, who clearly loves what he does, and whose talent appeals to successive generations. Tom is Mr Cool, one of the world's greatest singers and performers and we are extremely proud and honoured that he is the 2010 recipient of the Music Industry Trusts' Award".

Previous winners of the Music Industry Trusts' Award include George Martin, Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Harvey Goldsmith, Lucian Grainge, Peter Gabriel, Kylie Minogue and John Barry.

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Despite the fact that they are now long past their prime and each new album is like a knife to the heart of all those fans who loved those first two records (well, me anyway), River Cuomo has said he won't consider stopping until he's 60. He's 40 now. And even when he reaches 60 he probably won't throw in the towel. Rivers Cuomo hates us all.

He told Nola.com: "There's a cut-off point, maybe 60. Assuming the audience still wants us to do this, I can see myself doing this for another 20 years or so. Then somebody's got to pull me off the stage. It's so hard to leave this relationship once you're in it. Now it's easy for me to say, 'I should retire by the time I'm 60'. But when I'm 59, I'll be thinking, 'No! I don't want this to end!'"

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The Chemical Brothers might dip into dubstep on their next album. Tom Rowlands of the duo told New Zealand web portal NZCity that their track 'My Electric Eye', from their fourth album, 'Come With Us', has subsequently become influential in dubstep circles, and inspired them to draw influence back from the genre.

Rowlands said: "We made a record in 2002 called 'My Elastic Eye' and apparently it's pretty big in dubstep. It's like proto dubstep, so maybe we'll return to it and make a dubstep album. I'm sure we could make a great album".

His partner Ed Simons added: "We'll be starting another album soon. We're also thinking about a huge new live show for next year. We're just waiting for the right idea to hit us".

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Hey! You can never have enough Joy Division records, can you? Which is good news, because there's a boxset featuring ten seven-inch singles worth of the band's work coming out next month, entitled '+/-'. All songs were selected by Jon Savage and the artwork was designed by Peter Saville.

Limited to 5000 copies, the first 500 will also come with standalone pieces of Saville art. It'll be released on 6 Dec.

Warsaw/Leaders Of Men
No Love Lost/Failures
Autosuggestion/From Safety To Where
Atmosphere/Dead Souls
Komakino/Incubation/As You Said
Love Will Tear Us Apart/These Days
She's Lost Control (twelve-inch Version)/Love Will Tear Us Apart 2 (Pennine Version)
Isolation/Heart And Soul

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Xfm has announced its annual Winter Wonderland gigs, taking place in London and Manchester next month.

Mike Walsh, Xfm's Deputy Programme Director/Head of Music told CMU: "We're proud to say that Winter Wonderland is back and once again bringing the best live music to two of the greatest cities in the world. It's always an amazing night out for Xfm's listeners and the artists alike so this is an event that is not to be missed".

Tickets are on sale now from xfm.co.uk, or you can chance it and try to win one of the many tickets given away on the station's shows.

Here are the line-ups and dates:

8 Dec: Manchester Academy - The Wombats, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Futureheads, Mystery Jets, The View, Everything Everything

15 Dec: London, Brixton Academy - Manic Street Preachers, secret special guests, White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club, The Drums, Mona

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Roses Kings Castles, aka former Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek, releases his second album, 'Suburban Timebombs', on 8 Nov.

To coincide with the release, Ficek has announced a UK tour, featuring dates that will see him perform both solo and with a full band.

Tour dates:

4 Nov: Manchester, Night & Day (full band)
5 Nov: Stockton On Tees, KU bar (full band)
6 Nov: Glasgow, Classic Grand (full band)
7 Nov: Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire (full band)
8 Nov: York, Stereo (solo)
9 Nov: London, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (solo)
10 Nov: Norwich, B2 (solo)
11 Nov: Birmingham, Hare & Hounds (solo)
12 Nov: Tunbridge Wells, Forum (solo)
13 Nov: Exeter, Cavern (solo)

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SXSW, Austin, Texas, 11-20 Mar: Plan B, Klaxons, Bombay Bicycle Club, High Rankin, The Bees, and Steve Mason are among the first acts announced for the 25th SxSW festival. Band applications continue to be accepted until 5 Nov. sxsw.com

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ALBUM REVIEW: Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams - Small Craft On A Milk Sea (Warp)
Given his status as one of the definitive sonic pioneers, it feels right that Warp Records should release a Brian Eno album, and this one sits comfortably in the label's electronic listening music pantheon, even though it arguably has just as much in common with classical music as it does electronica.

Billed as a collaborative effort, you can definitely hear the influence of Hopkins in the jarring electronics as well as Abrahams' tender guitar parts. And it feels very much a journey, or landscape, with the sedate, sparse opening triptych and ambient closing tracks parenthesising the album's beats driven central core, the music therein ranging from mildly pleasant downtempo to discordant, disturbing, uneasy listening.

At its best - the effortlessly moody minimalism of 'Emerald And Lime', with its beautifully plaintive, evocative piano, or the energising 'Flint March', which is like horses galloping into your bedroom just as you were dozing off into blissful sleep - 'SCOAMS' functions perfectly as the inevitable soundtrack to various imaginary films

And whilst a couple of tracks are too short to sustain any sense of mood and drama, and occasionally the whole thing feels too clever for its own good (though this is Brian Eno, remember), for the most part this is an engaging listen and the type of album you wish Eno would make more regularly. MS

Physical release: 15 Nov
Press contact: Warp IH [NP], Bang On [O]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Much was being made yesterday about the fact Public Enemy had hit their target to raise money from fans to fund their next album, though as far as I could see that was mainly achieved by cutting the amount of money they were asking for by 75%.

Public Enemy were the biggest established act to go the fan-funding route when they signed up to Sellaband in October 2009, giving the whole crowd-sourcing model a bit of a morale boost. But, alas, despite an initial flurry of fan commitments, raising $71,000, the fund-raising campaign soon ran dry, a long way off the rather optimistic $250,000 the legendary hip hop outfit had said they needed for their next venture. Shortly afterwards Sellaband itself went under, albeit then being bought out of bankruptcy with already pledged funds still in place.

Now Public Enemy seem to have accepted their initial budget was unrealistic for a fan-funded venture, and have decided to take what is already available out of the Sellaband bank and record their next album with it. Despite the false start, if it's a great record Public Enemy could still prove to be good ambassadors for the fan-funding system.

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So, the Danes may have recently denied they have any plans to launch a three-strikes system for tackling illegal file-sharing, but what about the Finns, I hear you ask. Well, according to TorrentFreak, they have just pushed through new rules that will bring in the first two strikes of the system, but not the third and most significant, if that makes sense.

Basically, the Finnish government has got new legislation passed that will force internet service providers to send out warning letters to suspected file-sharers when asked to do so by content owners, telling said file-sharers what bad people they are.

However, if said file-sharers ignore the letters there will be no provision to then have those web users' net connections cut off. Like Denmark, Finland insists it has no plans to launch a full three-strikes system like that being introduced in the UK and France.

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Radio 1 yesterday announced it will move its 'nations shows' slot - where Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland get there own new music programmes - from first thing Thursday morning (midnight to 2am) to first thing Monday morning (midnight to 2am). Presumably most people listen to these shows on the iPlayer anyway, so such things are a bit irrelevant.

Possibly more interesting is the fact that, while Rory McConnell will continue to present the regional Radio 1 programme in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will have new presenters, Ally McCrae and Jen Long respectively. This means Vic Galloway and Bethan Elfyn are departing Radio 1, though they will continue to present shows on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales respectively.

Meanwhile, Radio 1 Deputy Controller Ben Cooper is very excited by having some young people to hang out in R1 towers (albeit not physically). He told reporters: "The BBC Trust asked us to appeal to the next generation of young audiences, and within that to look for the next generation of new talent - and Ally and Jen are just that. Ally's enthusiasm and local knowledge is extremely impressive so we look forward to him bringing this to Radio 1 and Jen's passion for music and experience will ensure the show continues to champion the best in new music coming out of Wales".

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BBC Radio 3 is launching a new podcast around the specialist classical music chart it also broadcasts on air, a chart based on the sales of classical repertoire excluding film music and compilations. The new podcast is 25 minutes long and will feature five or six tracks from the chart each week, with any one track allowed to run for up to nine minutes.

The aim of the podcast is to boost public interest in the classical genre. The last time Radio 3 did a big free download project - around a Beethoven season - it proved hugely popular with listeners, but less so with the music industry which feared that if the Beeb was to just give away classical recordings from its archives it would have a negative impact on the classical industry.

But the new venture is supported by record label trade body the BPI, which sees it as a way of promoting all things classical without directly competing with download sales - the podcast will only be available as a whole and not as its constituent tracks.

Radio 3 boss man Roger Wright told the Guardian: "The main thing that the BBC Trust wanted to be certain of [before giving the podcast the go ahead] was that this had the [music] industry's support. This is something the market particularly wants - they recognise there could be a very positive outcome for this in terms of stimulating interest in classical music".

While labels are supporting the new podcast, it will likely still have its critics - or at least one critic - Wright's former employer Classic FM, which doesn't like it whenever Radio 3 does something deemed to be slightly mainstream. But Wright says that, while there will sometimes be crossover between Radio 3 and Classic FM's musical choices, the two remain very different complementary services.

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London-based radio station Choice FM has announced that Nelly will present a weekly show throughout November. The Nelly radio programme will air each Saturday afternoon this month, with a repeat on Tuesday night.

Says Nelly: "I'm looking forward to joining the Choice family for November. I love London and whenever I'm in the city I always make sure I'm locked in to the station. Every Saturday afternoon I'll be playing some brand-new jams and giving my fans the chance to get to hear a different side of me so make sure you all tune in".

Says Choice PD Robert D'Ovidio: "We're thrilled to welcome Nelly to the station. This is the latest in a series of exclusive takeovers on Choice as we continue to provide our audience with innovative and fresh programming alongside the urban songs they love".

Let's hope Nelly's time with Choice goes better than when Akon was recruited to host a weekly programme on another Global Radio owned London station, Capital FM. That show lasted, erm, one week.

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The Slash divorce is off, people. The guitarist announced in September he was ending his marriage of nine years to Perla Ferrar, filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. But now, a spokesman has confirmed, the split has been cancelled with Slash requesting the courts dismiss his original divorce proceedings. So, that's nice.

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Pop star divorces don't always make it into CMU, you know. Sometimes divorce stories involving two pop stars don't even get covered. But once there are three pop stars in the picture, well, then it's compulsory to report on it. Even if the third pop star denies any involvement.

So, Billy Ray Cyrus (pop star one), father of Miley Cyrus (pop star two), recently announced he was divorcing his wife and Miley's mum Tish, citing the customary "irreconcilable differences" in his divorce papers.

But Us Weekly magazine reckons that an affair was involved in this story, and has gone so far as to suggest the fling that caused the Cyrus marriage to collapse was between Tish and Poison frontman Bret Michaels. Ker-ching - there's pop star number three. Sorted.

Though, we should note, Michaels denies any romantic liaisons with Mrs Cyrus. The gossip mag reckons the couple had a brief affair after Michaels worked with Miley Cyrus on a duet earlier this year. But the Poison man's people have told reporters "there has never been an affair or a fling", while a source close to Tish has also denied the story.

Still, untrue the gossip may be, but it got us to the crucial three pop stars and a divorce quorum.

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So, who wants to bash 'The X-Factor' today? Anyone? Oh, Damon, hello, you got something to say? Then go ahead, have this little spot of the CMU Daily on us.

Here he goes. "It's not good because, though from time to time they may stumble across a beautiful voice, they put them through a food processor and make them fast food. A cow is definitely a more beautiful thing before it hits the hamburger factory".

He added, speaking to The Sun: "I think music would be totally fine and in a healthy state if people weren't so preoccupied with celebrity. There is potential for insane cross-fertilisation but there's this sort of malignant tumour that keeps growing, very much based on a few TV and record executives practising this dark art of the television show".

And finally for today's 'what I hate about 'The X-Factor' speech: "They do things to these kids. They play with their bodies and their faces. They just bleach and sanitise everything about them and that's a very potent aspirational aspect of our society".

This is the word of the Albarn. Thanks be to the Gorillaz.

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