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Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz released his debut album, 'The Past Was Faster', in 1999, and has since gone on to release a steady stream of acclaimed records. He signed to Sub Pop in 2005 who released 'The Sun Comes Through' the same year. His latest offering, 'To Dreamers', was released earlier this month, and this weekend Stoltz will be in the UK to play a handful of headline shows before supporting his childhood heroes Echo & The Bunnymen. Ahead of all that, we caught up with Kelley to ask the Same Six Questions.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
I had a band in eighth grade called Distorted Reality. We got together so that we could play my school's talent show. We played two songs by Echo & The Bunnymen - 'Silver' and 'Do It Clean'. I sang and sort of played bass lines on an ugly little guitar that had no headstock - not cool. But we played OK and all the girls thought I was cool after that, at least for a few days anyway. In my 20s I got a four-track and started recording my own songs. They were pretty crummy tunes, but at least I was on my way.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Love, loss and weird things happening on the street outside. When making the album I got a mellotron and a Rickenbacker guitar, so they were inspirational and were used a bunch on the record.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
Wake up, make a cup of PG Tips, look outside and see the beautiful people of San Francisco doing their thing... then I grab a guitar or play piano and search for a chord sequence that sounds cool. Hopefully a vocal melody will come along, and then I press record on my tape machine and start building the song track-by-track. As the evening comes along, I've usually got a song together.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Echo & The Bunnymen, David Bowie, Arthur Lee & Love, Sonny & The Sunsets, George Carlin, The Kinks, The Beatles and Gordon Lightfoot.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
I hope you like the melodies and the chords; I worked hard on them.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
To play more shows to support it - there are some good rockers on the album and I think they sound good played with my band. And I hope to keep on making great albums and get joy from making songs until I'm an old fellow.

MORE>> www.kelleystoltz.com
Having release their eponymous debut album through !K7 in 2007, and an EP on Parlophone before that, Stateless signed to Ninja Tune for album number two, 'Matilda', nearly three years in production, earlier this year. Recorded with Prodigy and Bjork producer Damien Taylor, the album also features contributions from, amongst others, DJ Shadow, who returns the favour after frontman Chris James appeared on three tracks on his 'The Outsider' album.

The album is due for release in February, but sooner than that its first single, 'Ariel', is out next week, backed with a remix from in-demand Warp-signed producer Rustie. The amazing video for the track, which blends motion capture with contemporary dance, gymnastics and some retro computer graphics, is online now.


Miloco Studios require a Bookings Manager to join our busy office in London SE1. We are one of the largest recording groups in Europe, and operate eighteen studios around the UK and Europe.

Working closely with the MD and other office staff you will act as a main point of contact for all clients booking the studios, and will be responsible for coordinating the bookings across the studios.

You will need to have excellent communication, organisational and negotiating skills, have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and be prepared to be on call evenings and weekends. A passion for music and the recording industry is essential.

To view a full job description click the following link: www.miloco.co.uk/contact/recruitment
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PC Mag wants to know how it ended up "being the music industry's scapegoat". I'm not sure it has, really, but we're all capable of a bit of exaggeration I suppose, I know we exaggerate at least four millions times every single day. Anyway, the US-based IT website has responded to that previously reported letter signed by pretty much every American music business trade body and collecting society which criticised it for running a story reviewing alternative file-sharing services after a judge ordered LimeWire to stop distributing and supporting its P2P client last month. The music business types said the magazine was encouraging people to steal music, and that their disclaimer that "all of these services should be used for legal downloads, of course", was a bit hollow.

But PC Mag is pretty clear in its response to the letter, which surfaced on the net earlier this week. It says the music industry's claims are "nonsense". Noting that there wasn't an address on the letter to respond to, the website's editors say they have emailed their thoughts to one of the signatories, and have shared those thoughts with their readers online.

As we published the music business's letter yesterday, we thought we should publish PC Mag's response today, though that technically infringes their copyright so, erm, "all of these sentences should be used for non-reading, of course".

PC Mag writes:

[Our] story isn't encouraging or discouraging anything. That's not our role. PC Mag's job is to cover all aspects of technology, which includes the products, services and activities that some groups and individuals might deem objectionable. We covered these LimeWire alternatives because we knew they would be of interest to our readers. We understand that some might use them to illegally download content. We cannot encourage that action, but also cannot stop it. Reporting on the existence of these services does neither.

We have, obviously, written about many online and offline services, including some that these groups might consider legitimate or "legal." However, the fact is that some users store and manage illegally gained content in music applications like iTunes. We would not stop covering these utilities simply because some users place illegal or even inappropriate content in them.

The execs also call out coverage, found elsewhere online, of LimeWire's resurrection and think the act of linking to any P2P service is damning in and of itself. Linking is part of reporting online and it worries me that the music industry thinks the answer to their troubles is any editorial entity employing self-censorship.

Let me be clear, the music industry's charges remain groundless. PCMag.com is not a mouthpiece for music pirates or the music industry and we hold no stake in either side winning the copyrighted content war.

The letter goes on to suggest PCMag.com retract the article (we won't).

It worries me that the music industry took this action, because it reeks of desperation. The RIAA and other music industry organisations have spent the better part of the decade fighting the digital transition, with only a shrinking business to show for it. In recent years, though, the fist of anger has turned into at least one open hand as the music industry embraces the once shunned digital music industry. Unfortunately, that warm embrace, and the change that comes with it, are not happening fast enough. Clearly the music industry is still losing money to music piracy and even the recalibrated profit margins brought on by legal music sharing services.

It's time for these music execs to pull their collective heads out of the sand and fully acknowledge and accept all the ways their industry has changed. They also have to understand that nothing will stop technology's inexorable march forward. Things will continue to change. Music downloads and sharing will never go away. These execs have to find a way to use all that technology allows and make a business that rivals the good old days of vinyl, cassette tape and even CDs.

We will continue to cover it all - as we must.

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So, feeling good this morning? Yes, well that's nice. Here's something to depress you. Lovely North London venue The Luminaire has announced it will shut its doors at the end of the year, saying that commercially speaking there is "no sense" in keeping the live music space open. The independent venue was popular with many London music fans.

In a post on their own blog, The Luminaire's management team wrote: "It is with sadness that we have to announce the closure of The Luminaire and The King's Head on 31 Dec. It's been a labour of love for a while now, and at this point it makes no sense for us to continue. We hope to be able to do some final farewell shows, probably in late March, and we'll let you know about those through the usual channels".

It added: "To all those who supported this independent venue, and the great artists who played here, since we opened back on 1 Mar 2005; you have our grateful thanks. We were nothing without you".

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If you've got half a million pounds and an overly soft brain, you can now become the proud owner of the album Mark Chapman got signed by John Lennon shortly before he shot the former Beatle in 1980. You could have it framed and put it up on your wall to point at as visitors run screaming from your home.

The copy of Lennon's 'Double Fantasy' album is up for sale now at auction site Moments In Time at an asking price of $850,000 (around £535,000).

Bob Zafian, a spokesman for the current owner, told the New York Post: "The album is the most extraordinary artefact in rock n roll history. I have never come across a piece with such provenance. Police reports, fingerprint documentation, letters from the [district attorney], it goes on and on".

Presently serving a sentence of 20 years to life, Chapman was denied parole in September for the sixth time.

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Bez has finally been arrested, nearly three weeks after Greater Manchester Police announced they were hunting for the Happy Mondays dancer. He was apprehended by British Transport Police on Tuesday at London Euston railway station and was fined £140 yesterday after he admitted to breaching a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting his former partner earlier this month.

As previously reported, Bez - real name Mark Berry - was jailed for a month earlier this year after a Manchester court found him guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend and mother of his two year old son, Monica Ward. The prison sentence only came when Berry announced to the magistrate that he wouldn't do the community service he had been given, saying: "I'm not doing it. Bothered? I'm going to appeal and take this to a real court".

Once out of prison, he launched that appeal, but the original ruling was upheld and he was ordered to pay an additional £500 in court costs. Clearly unable to stop his stupid mouth from flapping about, he announced again that he would not comply, but this time got away with a warning to shut the fuck up from the judge.

But the story just refuses to die, because less than two weeks later Bez was on the run from the law, having bombarded Ward with phonecalls and texts, something frowned upon due to a restraining order blocking him from contacting her at all.

As far as I know, Bez paid his fine yesterday and went home quietly. I'd like to say this is the last we'll hear of this story, but past form suggests not.

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DMX was refused bail yesterday by an Arizona judge, meaning he will have to stay in prison while he awaits his next hearing in relation to his arrest for parole violation last Thursday.

As previously reported, the rapper was arrested last week on suspicion of possession of unprescribed Oxycontin and failing to submit to a drugs test. According to court papers, there were also allegations the rap man, real name Earl Simmons, used cocaine and drove on a suspended licence.

Simmons denied all the allegations in court yesterday, but was ordered to stay in jail until his next hearing on 9 Dec.

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As if he wasn't already having a rough enough week, what with the Haitian election this Sunday and him not in the running, Wyclef Jean has now been slapped with a lawsuit accusing him of song theft and demanding $2 million in damages.

DJ PF Cuttin and MC Out Loud of 90s rap group Blahzay Blahzay are accusing Jean of sampling their track 'Danger' for his own 'Welcome To The East' without permission.

The lawsuit says that Jean did approach them about sampling their song, but that they demanded a writing credit on his track in return. He refused, so no agreement was reached. But Jean used their song anyway, simply sending them a cheque which they "promptly rejected and returned".

The claim was originally filed last year but, according to TMZ, has been re-filed now after negotiations regarding an out of court settlement collapsed.

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The final shortlists are out for the European Festival Awards, which is the Euro version of the UK Festival Awards that took place in London last week. These ones are handed out at a bash held during the Eurosonic festival in Groningen in January. Festival-goers from all over the continent are now encouraged to vote at eu.festivalawards.com.

Here are your shortlists:

Best Major European Festival: Heineken Open'er Festival - Poland, Oxegen Festival - Ireland, Hurricane Festival - Germany, Pukkelpop - Belgium, Roskilde Festival - Denmark, EXIT Festival - Serbia, Sonisphere Festival - Turkey, Wacken Open Air - Germany, Sziget Festival - Hungary, Rock Werchter - Belgium.

Best Medium-Sized European Festival: Area 4 Festival - Germany, Coke Live Music Festival - Poland, Couleur Cafe Festival - Belgium, Dour Festival - Belgium, Electric Picnic Music & Arts Festival - Ireland, Lokerse Feesten - Belgium, Melt! Festival - Germany, OFF Festival - Poland, Øyafestivalen - Norway, Pohoda festival - Slovakia.

Best Small European Festival: 5 Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival - Poland, Boogie Brain International Music Festival - Poland, Castlepalooza Music & Arts Festival - Ireland, Absolutely Free Festival - Belgium, Indiependence festival - Ireland, LB27 Reggae Camp - Hungary, Leffingeleuren - Belgium, Reeds Festival - Switzerland, Trænafestivalen - Norway, Zeverrock Festival - Belgium.

Best New European Festival: Daydream Festival - Belgium, E-tropolis Festival - Germany, Once upon a Festival - Belgium, Sonisphere Festival - Czech Republic, Sonisphere Festival - Poland, Sonisphere Festival - Turkey, Stop Making Sense - Croatia, Temple House Festival - Ireland, The Big Snow Festival - Andorra, Zita Rock Festival - Germany.

Best Indoor Festival: Amsterdam Dance Event - Netherlands, Blues In Hell - Norway, Eurosonic Noorderslag - Netherlands, I Love Techno - Belgium, Le Printemps de Bourges - France, Montreux Jazz Festival - Switzerland, Reeperbahn Festival - Germany, Rolling Stone Weekender - Germany, Sensation - Poland, Springfestival - Austria.

Best European Festival Line-Up: Bestival - UK, Gurten Festival - Switzerland, Haldern Pop - Germany, Melt! Festival - Germany, Open Air St Gallen - Switzerland, Oxegen - Ireland, Rock Am Ring - Germany, Rock Werchter - Belgium, Roskilde - Denmark, Snowbombing - Austria.

Best Newcomer: Die Antwoord, Florence And The Machine, Jamaica, Mumford & Sons, The Gaslight Anthem, The XX, Two Doors Cinema Club, Villagers, White Lies, Yeasayer.

Best Headliner: AC/DC, Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, Jay Z, Muse, Pearl Jam, Prince, Rammstein, Robyn, Stevie Wonder.

Festival Anthem of the Year: Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror, Editors - No Sound But The Wind, Florence And The Machine - You Got The Love, Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind, Kasabian - Underdog, LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls, Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man, Muse - Uprising, Robyn - Dancing On My Own, Yeasayer - One.

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As Kate Thornton probably once said on Channel 4's '104 Tedious Celebrities State The Obvious About Pop Music': "Like, wow, you know, and I remember, because, like, wow, it gets to the end, and like it's been all, you know, like wow, and then, well, you see, I remember it, it gets to the end and you're like, wow, you know, wow because, well, it gets to the end and like, the camera points to a mirror..." Vernon Kaye would then pop up and say "and it's only a bloomin chick! Fantastic".

Just as predictable, probably, is that The Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up' would top a poll of the most controversial songs of all time. Well, it was a definite contender anyway. PRS For Music has compiled a list of the ten most controversial pop tracks, surveying Kate Thornton, Vernon Kaye and that guy off T4. Or some other people. Alas Mike Read didn't answer his phone when called for his vote, which is why 'Relax' ended up at number three. Here's the ten...

1. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
2. The Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
4. Eminem - Kim
5. Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
6. The Shamen Ebeneezer - Goode
7. Ozzy Osbourne - Suicide Solution
8. Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn
9. Slayer - Angel of Death
10. XTC - Dear God

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Well, it's that time of year when the chart that really matters is the calendar sales top ten. And here's a bit of a genuine surprise, Cliff Richard's calendar is outselling JLS, Justin Bieber and Michael Buble, on Amazon at least.

Cliff's calendar, which includes an only slightly scary topless shot, is currently the biggest selling male celebrity calendar on the website. It seems the kids just aren't so interested in having dates on their walls anymore. Says Amazon's Amy Worth said: "The fact that Sir Cliff is holding off competition from the likes of JLS and Justin Bieber shows just how popular he is and it seems that his images will be adorning walls in people's homes all over the UK from 1 Jan".

Cheryl Cole has the best selling female celeb calendar at the moment by quite a margin, it (possibly) featuring the Girl Aloud and 'X-Factor' star drunkenly slapping twelve different black people, it's a must have.

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New romantic-influenced quartet Burn The Negative have announced that they have split. The group formed in 2008 and released their second album, 'How To Weigh The Human Soul', in August via Gung-Ho! Recordings.

In a statement, the band said: "Unfortunately, the news today is not great, were letting you all know that we have made the difficult decision in bringing Burn The Negative to an end. This is a decision made whole heartedly by the band, some members unable to commit, some wanting to pursue new projects, it certainly wasn't the record label, whom have themselves, been supportive and nurturing beyond duty".

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Fleet Foxes were quite popular a couple of years ago, weren't they? I thought they were a bit dull, to be honest. But, whatever, they've finished work on their second album now and there's nothing we can do about it. Maybe this one will be more fun. Frontman Robin Pecknold says it's "more personal". Hmm, that doesn't sound like it's more fun.

Pecknold told Clash: "I think in every facet from music to lyrics to song length to structure we were trying to push ourselves a bit on this record. It's a lot more personal to me and direct in terms of the lyrics, less shrouded in metaphor or visuals. Musically I'd say it's still in the same family but hopefully just more refined".

The album is expected to be released in the spring.

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Metronomy have announced that they will release their new album, 'The English Riviera', next year. It will mark the first LP for the band since officially becoming a four-piece, having previously been a solo outing for Joseph Mount.

The line-up now features Anna Prior on drums, Oscar Cash on keyboards and saxophone, and Gbenga Adelekan, formerly of the CMU Approved Akira, on bass. Mount handles vocals, guitar and additional keyboard stuff.

No release date has yet been announced but the band will be touring in January, before headlining the opening NME Awards show in February.

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The Drums have announced that they will play an intimate free show at the 200 capacity Queen Of Hoxton in east London next month. Currently on tour in the UK, the band play the second of two sold out nights at The Forum in London tonight.

The free show will take place on 13 Dec, with entry granted to the first 200 people who turn up when doors open at 6.30pm.

More info at www.thequeenofhoxton.co.uk

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Mike Skinner has announced that he will release his final album as The Streets, 'Computers And Blues', on 7 Feb via Warner/Atlantic/679. He and his live band will then tour the UK, which sounds like fun.

Tour dates:

18 Feb: Edinburgh, Picture House
19 Feb: Glasgow, ABC
20 Feb: Lincoln, Engine Shed
21 Feb: Liverpool, Academy
23 Feb: Oxford, Academy
24 Feb: Leeds, Academy
25 Feb: Birmingham, Academy
26 Feb: Nottingham, Rock City
28 Feb: Norwich, UEA
1 Mar: Bristol, Academy
3 Mar: Manchester, Academy
4 Mar: Brighton, Dome
5 Mar: London, Brixton Academy

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Portishead have announced that they will play two shows at Alexandra Palace in London next year, featuring an incredible line-up of support acts curated by the band themselves and the folks behind the All Tomorrow's Parties festivals. The shows, one of a number of global events under the name I'll Be Your Mirror, will take place on 23 and 24 Jul.

Commenting on the task of putting the shows together, Portishead's Geoff Barrow told CMU: "Portishead have once again been given the horrendous task of joining up with our
favourite festival in the world and choosing a dream list of bands we would like to play
with - at least the ones that aren't dead or in jail".

Here are the current line-ups of those non-dead or imprisoned bands:

23 Jul: Portishead, MF Doom, Company Flow (original line-up's first UK show for ten years), The Books, Factory Floor, BEAK>.

24 Jul: Portishead, Swans, Beach House, Liars, The Passion Of Joan Of Arc, Anika.

More acts are still to be announced. Tickets go on sale tomorrow from www.atpfestival.com.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Crissy Cris and Youngman - Give You The World (Technique Records)
The parentage of this duo means they have a lot to live up to; Youngman's dad is Simon 'Bassline' Smith, while Criss's step-dad is Kenny Ken. Okay, maybe mentioning up front that their fathers are two legends of drum n bass is unfair, but I've done it now.

Crissy Criss and Youngman have both already made names for themselves individually on the UK underground with solo releases and collaborations with others, but began releasing records together last year. Their first album together spans everything from bone shaking drum and bass to urban, to grime and dubstep, over eighteen tracks. Piecing together single tracks, rather than a cohesive body of work, it's a bit of a mixed bag, but there are some crackers in there, and the old school influence of their dads is apparent in places.

The title track goes for Dillinja's Valve sound - true bass ballistics - and goes OTT with sirens and the like, but the quality vocal is definitely from the old school. 'Bats' typifies the grime scene, while 'Rave Guide' is an upbeat rap funky affair, and the old school dnb appears again in 'Turn It Up'. Harry Shotta's vox on 'Treat You Like A Lady' are a real treat, and 'Take My Heart' is a well crafted soul-influenced cut.

On the down side, 'Pimp Game' goes for that same old RAM sound, as does 'Superstar'. 'Kick Snare' and 'Always You' are little puerile, 'Shake That' starts with a lush 4hero backdrop but then overdoses with its staccato beats and bleeps, and the interlude, 'No Questions Asked', makes promises that are then not developed

All in all, an interesting debut effort covering many bases with varying results, it will be interesting to see which direction their future output moves in. PV

Physical release: 22 Nov
Press contact: Rocketscience

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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So, has the digital market well and truly peaked? In some territories it seems so. The Recording Industry Association Of Japan has released digital sales stats for the first three quarters of this year, and sales are down 5% in terms of units and 4% in terms of cash value.

These include the figures for mobile music sales, mobile downloads having always been bigger in Japan than web-based services, and it's the mobile space that has seen the bigger decline. In fact internet-based downloads were up 5% year on year in terms of units, though revenues were the same as the same period last year.

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So this is fun. As previously reported, Digital Radio UK, the body charged with the task of persuading us all to buy a DAB digital radio set so that the government can start moving mainstream stations off the FM network in 2015, has made some TV commercials promoting all things digital which are due to air on both BBC and commercial TV and radio stations this Christmas. But a load of commercial radio stations are refusing to air them.

As also previously reported, some smaller commercial radio groups like UKRD oppose the rapid move to DAB by 2015, so were never likely to take part. But even bigger radio firms like Global and GMG Radio, which officially back the fast expansion of digital, are also boycotting the ads.

It's because the commercial radio sector wants the BBC to commit more money to expanding the DAB network so the whole UK is definitely served before any move away from FM begins. The commercial stations are annoyed such a commitment was not included in the Beeb's recent licence fee deal with the government. And it seems that, until such a commitment is made, they won't take part in any 'go digital' campaign.

UKRD boss William Rogers told reporters: "It is dishonest to persuade people to go and buy a radio that may not work. The BBC is using licence fee payers' money to persuade people to pay to go and buy a radio that may not have signal in their area, and cannot receive all the radio stations their analogue radio can receive. I'm delighted other radio groups are bringing some honesty to this debate".

Bauer Radio, who operate Magic and Kiss among other stations, are also not currently airing the ads, though Media Week says that's because they are waiting for ads slot to become available and not because they are joining the boycott.

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So, we've discussed the future of traditional newspapers and magazines a fair few times here in CMU over the years, as publishers face the challenge of slumping print circulations and lacklustre internet advertising revenues. With many consumers still seemingly resistant to paying for access to newspaper websites, many in the publishing industry reckon (or possibly desperately hope) that the future may be all about new-look iPad publications, specifically designed for use on tablet computers. It's thought/hoped more people will be willing to pay to access such media.

And both Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch are about to put that theory to the test by launching new iPad-specific titles. Murdoch's iPad venture has been getting quite a bit attention over the last week or so, while Virgin Group has announced they will formally unveil theirs at a shindig in New York next week. Murdoch's will be a news-based publication called The Daily, while the Virgin's iPad mag will be more entertainment-focused and has been reported as using working titles of Project and Maverick.

Some experienced editors and journalists are on board for both projects. It will be interesting to see if [a] they're any good and [b] people will pay for them.

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Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish have announced that they will return to BBC 6music for a special Christmas Day show. Recorded this week, it will be broadcast at 10am and last for three whole hours. It will also be available as a podcast.

But look at me rambling on, why don't we just let A&J do that instead: www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamandjoe/2010/11/adam-joe-back-at-6-music-on-ch.shtml

By the way, did you know that Adam Buxton compiled a Spotify playlist for us earlier this year? You should definitely go and listen to that right this minute: www.theCMUwebsite.com/playlists/adambuxton.html

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In recent years, Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message has been given by Major Andrew Stockton, a British soldier who lost his arm fighting in Afghanistan, and Katie Piper, a TV presenter who had sulphuric acid thrown in her face by an ex-boyfriend.

But this year Christmas Day is on a Saturday, so Channel 4 wants to bring in someone who will lend more of a light touch to proceedings, as president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did two years ago, the crazy prankster.

So, going head to head with the Queen this year is Dappy from N-Dubz, who will reflect on the year past and the possibilities of the future, as part of a special Christmas Day edition of T4.

Dappy told reporters: "We thought it would be cool to do a special Christmas message to rival the Queen's speech but I'll be giving a very different take on things to Her Majesty. I'm going to be talking about things that matter to young people today, keeping it real and relevant".

Unfortunately for Dappy, the youth seems to be becoming politicised at the moment, which might mean he has to do some research. Or he could just smash up some stuff in solidarity.

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