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When it was announced that Deftones were readying a new album late last year, I let myself get a little excited. Actually, when asked, I think I may have told people it was the album I was most anticipating in 2010. But even then I was preparing myself for disappointment, given what a let down their last album, 2006's 'Saturday Night Wrist' had been. Still, a lot has happened since then.

A quick recap. In early 2008, Deftones began recording what was meant to be their sixth album, 'Eros'. With recording completed, it was set for an early 2009 release, but in November 2008 bassist Chi Cheng was seriously injured in a car crash, leaving him in a coma in which he still remains. Seven months later, having already delayed its release, the band decided to shelve 'Eros' for the time being and began work on a completely new set of songs, saying at the time: "We realised that this record doesn't best encompass and represent who we are currently as people and as musicians".

The first new track, 'Rocket Skates', was made available as a free download in February, firmly proving that the band were very much back on form. Something re-confirmed upon the release of the album, 'Diamond Eyes', in May. Also very much worthy of a mention is the M83 remix of 'Rocket Skates', released on seven-inch for Record Store Day in April, which is one of my absolute favourite tracks of the year.

Six (or seven) albums into a career, it's not easy to maintain the momentum, but despite that wobble a few years ago, Deftones seem a long way off simply phoning it in. I'm not sure if it's right to suggest anything positive - even a little thing - can have come from something as horrible as Cheng's coma, but that tragedy has really refocused this band on their music with great effect. Certainly on record.

But what about live? To be honest, despite the brilliance of the new recorded material, I was still concerned that the band might not be able to reach the high standard of live show that I remembered from my teens. Actually, this wasn't a new concern. I'd avoided seeing Deftones live for almost a decade so worried was I that any new live show would be an anti-climax. But, especially given the quality of 'Diamond Eyes', my curiosity eventually got the better of me last month, and I ventured out to see their recent Brixton Academy show.

I suspect my fears would have been realised a few years ago, but now, like on record, the band are completely focused. And they didn't play anything off 'Saturday Night Wrist', which suggests we share similar views on their recent past.

Frontman Chino Moreno still runs around, works the crowd into a fit and delivers superb vocals. For 'Elite', he came down off his platform constructed at the front of the stage and screamed the chorus right into the faces of the front few rows, eventually crawling up on top of their raised hands as the song grew in intensity. That's still exciting when it's not happening to you directly.

The polar opposite of Chino, guitarist Steph Carpenter stood almost perfectly still for the whole show, long hair obscuring his face as he pumped out that deep, controlled guitar sound that rumbles through your bones. And I can never say enough in praise of Abe Cunningham's drumming; his signature style and the off kilter rhythms he plays on the hi hat add so much to the songs (for me anyway), it's impossible to imagine any other drummer playing them.

After more than 20 years together, and some considerable downs to their ups, Deftones still have the spark that is ground out of most other bands by this point, either by the music industry machine, a creative wall, or inter-band tensions. In fact, all those things have affected Deftones at some point in the last decade, and yet in 2010 they've still managed to outdo pretty much all new pretenders to their throne.

Website | iTunes | Amazon | Spotify
Fronted by singer and main songwriter Malin Dahlström, Niki And The Dove is a name you may have seen flashing up in various places of late, generally accompanied by gushing praise. The band released their debut single, 'DJ, Ease My Mind', in August through Moshi Moshi's singles club, which is generally a pretty good indicator that something is worth checking out. And in this case, that theory is fully confirmed.

A forlorn song pleading for the present to be blocked out by a happier past, but disguised as one which could be mistaken for euphoric, 'DJ, Ease My Mind', and Niki And The Dove's music in general, shares many similarities with fellow Swedes The Knife, particularly in Dahlström's vocals, but delves much further into pop.

On the flipside of the single, 'Under The Bridges' starts sweet before descending into a electronic freakout, stretching what should have been a three minute song to nine. But somehow it really works. Check out the accompanying videos for both tracks on YouTube, and write this name down in your little book of bands to keep an eye on.


Renegade promote new music from all the major and many indie labels to the 18-40 demographic. We are looking for an intern(s) to work from January onwards on a part or full time basis, depending on university or other work commitments.

Applicants must have a good all-round knowledge of new music, a genuine interest in learning about marketing and promotion, as well as enjoying gigs and clubs. Online and social networking skills are also a useful bonus.

Office based in Hammersmith. Only reliable and motivated music lovers need apply. Please check out www.renegademusic.co.uk or Facebook for more information about our company and if it's for you, and send CV, covering letter and your current top ten new artists/bands by 17 Dec to Chris Smith chris@renegademusic.co.uk
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Britney Spear's people are reportedly preparing to sue a US magazine for publishing allegations that the popstress is in an abusive relationship with her current boyfriend, her former agent Jason Trawick.

Star magazine recently published an interview with long term Spears friend Jason Alexander, the guy who was married to the pop star for 55 hours in 2004 after a drunken weekend in Vegas. He allegedly told the magazine he'd been contacted by Britney in October after Trawick beat her up when she accused him of cheating on her with another woman. They quoted Alexander as saying: "Britney is in an abusive relationship! Britney doesn't know what to do or whom to confide in. I'm really concerned for her..."

But in a press statement a spokesman for Spears has vehemently denied all the allegations and pledged to sue. The statement said: "Suffice it to say, Jason Trawick has never laid a hand on Britney. This is just another example of the irresponsible nature of the tabloid media relying on shoddy sources and false information for the sole purpose of selling magazines, without regard to the truth and without regard to who they hurt in the process".

It continued: "The statements attributed to Jason Alexander are a complete fabrication as Britney has not had any form of communication with Mr Alexander in years. These irresponsible statements are defamatory and Britney Spears' legal team will be taking legal action against all of the appropriate parties".

Audio tapes have since appeared online which, some say, feature Spears talking to Alexander, though the pop star's publicist has said these are "so obviously fake as to be laughable".

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AIDS charity The Red Hot Organisation has announced that it has now raised and distributed over $1 million from the sale of the 'Dark Was The Night' compilation album, co-released with Beggars-owned label 4AD in February last year.

Produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, with Red Hot founder John Carlin, the album features 32 exclusive tracks by artists, including Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead, Bon Iver, Cat Power, The Decemberists, Dirty Projectors and David Byrne, Feist, Grizzly Bear, My Morning Jacket, The New Pornographers, Spoon, and Sufjan Stevens.

Beggars Group chairman Martin Mills told CMU: "Aaron and Bryce pulled together a wonderful collection of artists, songs and performances that perfectly encapsulates these times and really makes 'Dark Was The Night' into an 'album' - a labour of love that has created this amazing and very tangible result!"

Aaron Dessner added: "We want to thank all of the artists and everyone at 4AD again for helping us make 'Dark Was The Night' happen. We also want to thank everyone who has bought this record - your donations amount to a very significant contribution to Red Hot's mission fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS".

The money raised has been distributed amongst charities chosen by the artists involved. Yesterday's announcement about the amounts raised coincided, of course, with the annual World AIDS Day.

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The winners of BASCA's British Composer Awards were announced at a ceremony at Stationers' Hall in London on Tuesday. The awards were presented by the Southbank Centre's Artistic Director, Jude Kelly, who also gave a keynote address.

Sarah Rodgers, Chairman of BASCA and Chair of the British Composer Awards, told CMU: "This has been an outstanding set of awards. The list of winners is indicative of new directions in contemporary [classical] music which are being determined by a new wave of young composers. BASCA is extremely proud to be playing a crucial role in helping to bring to light the work of emerging composers, alongside the exceptional achievements of more established creative artists".

Ellis Rich, Chairman of the event's sponsors PRS For Music added: "I'm very proud of the wealth of classical music talent we have in this country and it's exciting to see new generations of composers being awarded this year. Congratulations to all 2010's winners".

The full list of winners is as follows:

Chamber: Raymond Yui - Northwest Wind

Community or Educational Project: Karen MacIver - A Head of Steam

Vocal: Ryan Wigglesworth - Augenlieder

Contemporary Jazz Composition: James Hamilton - The Causeway Suite

Instrumental Solo or Duo: Cheryl Frances-Hoad - Stolen Rhythm from Homage to Haydn

Sonic Art: John Wynne - Installation for 300 speakers, pianola and vacuum cleaner

Choral: Sasha Siem - Psalm 140: Deliver me, O Lord

International Award: Unsuk Chin - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

Stage Works: Rory Boyle - Kasper Hauser

Liturgical: Cheryl Frances-Hoad - Psalm 1: Blessed is the Man

Wind Band or Brass Band: Philip Grange - Cloud Atlas

Making Music Award: Kerry Andrew - Fall

Orchestral: Brian Elias - Doubles

Highlights of the awards were also broadcast on BBC Radio 3 last night. Listen back on the BBC iPlayer here.

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Last.fm has launched its annual rundown of the 40 most popular somethings. We're not sure if its artists or albums or what, but to count an artist must have released something resembling a new studio album between October 2009 and October 2010.

We're not sure if it's then how many times that album got played in full by digital music fans locked into the Last.fm tracking system that counts, or whether every play of any track off the new album is considered, or maybe even any play of any track by that artist ever made. But it's something - that we can confirm.

The first twenty artists have already been announced, with the rest of the Top 40 due to announced in two sets later this month.

See the list so far at: www.last.fm/bestof

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Pete Doherty has said that he wants Carl Barât to help him out with some songs for the new Babyshambles album. Meanwhile, Barat has said that The Libertines are "probably gonna play a few more gigs".

Doherty told Vogue Italia: "There's a couple of songs at the moment that have been stuck on the treadmill for a while that I need to get finished. I just feel that when they're finished it will be a new chapter. But they're really struggling to get out at the moment. I might even have to show them to Carl, because in the old days that's what we'd do. If I had a great idea I'd share it with Carl and inevitably something great would happen".

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Taz.de Barât said of the recent Libertines reunion: "It was great, I thought we came full circle. Libertines got cut short before we could play these kind of gigs. I'm glad they went well. The potential of the band was always questioned by people... if The Libertines were capable to play gigs of that size. And now we got the option to start a new chapter".

He continued: "That's a nice option to have. I don't know if and when we're gonna take it up, but I think we probably gonna play a few more gigs, playing the same sort of thing, but I wouldn't keep doing that. Every band is doing a reunion and we would never get together and do an 'Up The Bracket' tour for three years around the world".

Did you see that? They both talked about starting a new chapter. I should probably comment on that and then spin it into something wildly speculative. Um, how about this...

Pete Doherty and Carl Barât are going to write a series of children's books together, hoping to rival 'Harry Potter'. A source who once stood near JK Rowling at a bus stop told CMU: "JK's really running scared of these boys, she's seen what they've done for music and she's worried that they might cause people to forget all the wizardy work she's done in the last fifteen years".

Now, let's all go and do something else.

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Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has revealed that the band have begun work on their next album, the first since the death of bassist Paul Gray in May.

Jordison told Billboard: "It's already in motion. It's definitely exciting. It's a little emotional, of course, but I think it's going to be really, really cool and I think it's gonna be a really, really great record because everyone's really involved in the process. It's going to be a little interesting, but I think it's gonna be a healing process for all of us. Slipknot is not going anywhere. We're a family, and losing a family member sucks. You can't help that, but you need to move on, and I think that what we're gonna do might be the most powerful thing that we've ever created".

The drummer added that there would be no official replacement for Gray, explaining: "We'll have a bass player that's right next to me, to the right behind the stage, to lock in with me. But there's no one right now who will go on stage".

In other Slipknot-related news, the band's frontman Corey Taylor has announced that he will release a solo Christmas single, entitled 'X-M@S', via Roadrunner on 12 Dec.

Taylor said of the single: "I wrote this song in my kitchen one winter, listening to people bitch about the holidays. Personally, I love the holidays, but they seem to bring on severe stress in most people. So, I wrote this in honour of crotchety, drunken bastards who don't know the difference between a yuletide and a toolshed. Plus, I think it's funny. I bet the UK will too. They're some of my favourite people in the world".

Proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can hear it on Soundcloud now: soundcloud.com/roadrunnerrecords/x-m-mastered-dirty-version

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British Sea Power have released a video for 'Living Is So Easy', the first track from their forthcoming new album, 'Valhalla Dancehall', which is due for release on 10 Jan.

Directed by Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull, the video was shot on London's Brick Lane and was apparently inspired by iconic French director Henri-Georges Clouzot's unfinished 1964 film 'L'Enfer'. Something like that. Though to be honest, if it's not based on 'Back To The Future', it just goes over my head.

Watch here: youtu.be/CNOrK_T4UOI

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Norwegian pop quartet Harry's Gym have announced that they will release their second album in February next year via Oslo-based label Splendour. Ahead of that, they'll release a new single, called 'Old Man', on 24 Jan, through Sonic Cathedral.

CMU Approved chap Chad Valley has been so good as to remix the single, for our listening pleasure: soundcloud.com/splendour/harrys-gym-old-man-chad-valley-remix-1

Or you can watch the video for the single here: vimeo.com/14713947

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Former Clash members Paul Simonon and Mick Jones will act as executive producers and advisers on a new film about the making of the band's 1979 album, 'London Calling', it has been announced.

The film is being produced by Ruby Films' Alison Owen and Paul Trijbits, with a script written by playwright Jez Butterworth.

Owen told the BBC: "Fans of The Clash all over the world have been waiting a long time to see their extraordinary story played out properly and accurately on the big screen. We're happy that Mick and Paul have given the project their blessing and are on board to help steer the ship".

Shooting is due to begin next year. No cast has so far been announced.

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My Chemical Romance have announced UK tour dates for next year. Which is good news for the MCRmy. That's what they call themselves, isn't it? Whatever, those people should buy tickets when they go on sale at 9am tomorrow.

Tour dates:

12 Feb: London, Wembley Arena
13 Feb: Birmingham, LG Arena
15 Feb: Glasgow, SECC
18 Feb: Manchester, MEN Arena
19 Feb: Nottingham, Trent FM Arena
21 Feb: Cardiff, CIA
22 Feb: Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena

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Bestival, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight, 8-11 Sep: The Cure have been announced as the headliners of next year's Bestival, playing their only European show of 2011 at the festival. And as if that wasn't exciting enough, Primal Scream (performing 'Screamadelica'), Brian Wilson, Magnetic Man, Robyn, Crystal Castles, DJ Shadow, Katy B, Boys Noize, Diplo and Pantha Du Prince are also amongst the acts on the bill. www.bestival.net

Magic Waves, Corsica Studios, London, 10-12 Dec: Arabian Prince, Dynarex, Cestrian, The Hacker, Mark Du Mosch, Fonteyn and Meschi are amongst the acts who will play this three-day indoor dance event. www.wegottickets.com/event/95467

Sonar, Barcelona, Spain, 16-18 Jun: Steve Reich and Magnetic Man have been announced as headliners at next year's Sonar main event in Barcelona. 2011.sonar.es/en/

Soundwave Festival, Petrcane, Croatia, 22-24 Jul: Roots Manuva, Jamie xx, Zero 7, Hexstatic, Wrongtom, DJ Format and The Cinematic Orchestra's Stuart McCallum are among the first acts announced for next year's Soundwave. www.soundwavecroatia.com

T In The Park, Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland, 8-10 Jul: The Foo Fighters have been announced as headliners for next year's T bash. www.tinthepark.com

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ALBUM REVIEW: Various Artists - Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Tectonic Records)
Legendary dub producer and protégé of King Tubby, Scientist - aka Hopeton Brown - is called upon here to remix some of the new stars of dubstep, and he pushes the maximum dub buttons as he goes.

The quality is high. It kicks off with a rework of Pinch and Emika's '2012' which is stripped down and given a modern fresh dubby sound. Meanwhile, the rerub of Jack Sparrow's 'Red Sand' has a more traditional dub feel to it, with a little bit of Afrobeat thrown in for good measure. And from present to past to future, the remixes of Cyrus's 'Footsteps' and Kode 9's 'Abeng' seem to offer an interesting glimpse into where dubstep might be heading.

It's an interesting selection musically, and also worth checking out for the fantastic comic-styled sleeve artwork by Greensleeves Records designer Tony McDermott. Plus a disc of the original tracks will be included to boot in the finished copy. PV

Release date: 6 Dec
Press contact: Outpost Media

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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Organisers of Liverpool Sound City earlier this week announced the first speakers for next year's convention, which will take place in da Pool from 19-21 May.

Simon Raymonde, one time Cocteau Twin and now boss man at popular indie label Bella Union will appear in conversation with Eric Pulido of Midlake, the American rockers who are, of course, signed to Raymonde's label. They will discuss the ways bands and labels can best work together.

Sound City boss Dave Pichilingi told the Liverpool Daily Post: "From a personal point of view I'm over the moon because I'm a big fan of Bella Union and the stuff they do, I'm a huge fan of Midlake and I was a big Cocteau Twins fan. But beyond that, from a business perspective, it will be really interesting to hear from Simon as he's such a great innovator".

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Sheet music publishers Hal Leonard have announced a new deal with EMI Music Publishing UK which will see the US-based firm produce printed products around songs on the music major's UK publishing catalogue. Hal Leonard's new London office will handle the partnership, with European subsidiary Hal Leonard Europe overseeing distribution.

And if you don't believe me, may I present EMI Publishing UK's big cheese Guy Moot to say these words: "We are thrilled to entrust our catalogue to Hal Leonard. No other music print publisher can match the level of innovation that Hal Leonard exhibits in connecting songs with an audience, or the quality of craftsmanship in its products".

Hal Leonard's European sales and marketing man Mark Mumford added: "EMI Music Publishing is home to some of the most successful songwriters of all time. Our companies have enjoyed a long and lucrative relationship, and we're most eager to enter the latest leg of the adventure - expanding and accelerating the print presence of EMI writers throughout Europe".

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MySpace has launched a new mobile site so that if you ever want to be infuriated so much that you find yourself cutting off your own limbs while on the move, now you can. Though you'll need to remember to take a knife with you as well as your mobile.

The new MySpace mobile site works on the iPhone, Android and Palm operating systems, and on some Nokia and Blackberry devices too. An iPhone app is also in the pipeline. Of course it's possible the MySpace mobile site works in a totally different way to the new look but still shit web-based MySpace platform, so it's unfair of me to assume it doesn't work. But it probably doesn't.

There were rumours earlier this week that senior execs at MySpace owners News Corp are hoping that the recent revamp might enable them to sell the one time social networking giant, or at least turn it into a joint venture with a big web firm like AOL. The News Corp chiefs seem to think the revamp will make such deals more attractive to third parties. News Corp chiefs have clearly not tried using the revamped site.

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This is brilliant. According to The Guardian, independent radio company UKRD is considering launching an anti-DAB ad campaign this Christmas to compete with that being aired by the BBC and some other commercial networks by Digital Radio UK trying to convince the Great British public to buy DAB devices.

As previously reported, UKRD and some other smaller radio firms have said government plans to get the vast majority of radio stations off the analogue FM network and onto DAB by 2015 is totally unrealistic, given a lack of customer interest in DAB and the fact the digital network does not currently cover the whole UK.

Although the bigger commercial stations do, in theory, support a rapid move to DAB, some - including the biggest, Global Radio - are boycotting the current Digital Radio UK campaign because of doubts the BBC will fund the full roll out of the DAB network, as the commercial sector had originally hoped.

But UKRD may do more than just ignore the Digital Radio UK campaign, it might run its own ads spoofing the old 'a dog is not just for Christmas' campaign with the strapline "a DAB radio may be for Christmas but might not be for life", raising awareness that in some parts of the country you can buy DAB radios but there may be no or only poor digital radio signals in the area.

UKRD boss man William Rogers told the Guardian: "There has been a lot of pressure put on us by a lot of operators to launch an alternative to the [Digital Radio UK] campaign which we are seriously considering. It is built around the idea that a DAB radio may be for Christmas but it might not be for life. It would be intended to point out that people need to be absolutely certain before they buy a DAB radio that they have a signal, that it is of adequate strength and quality and that the stations they presently listen to [on analogue] are available on the DAB platform".

He added: "I want to inject some honesty into the debate about people's purchase of a DAB radio. There clearly needs to be some sort of campaign to explain the reality behind DAB".

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Now I've written that headline, this has to happen. A headline counts as a contract between the people mentioned in it, right? Well, anyway, after Justin Bieber expressed an interest in appearing in the forthcoming 'Inbetweeners' movie earlier this year, now Tinie Tempah has done the same.

The rapper told the BBC 1Xtra: "['The Inbetweeners' is] one of the most honest British comedies to come out this country in a very long time. If I got a call to do the movie I'd be there in an instant. I'm a very big fan of the show. Whether we like it or not we've all had those characters in our school. I connected with it immediately".

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Duffy has claimed to be her "own worst critic", which means she must say some pretty horrible stuff to herself. In an interview with the BBC, she claimed: "I'm my own worst critic ... you'd have a hard time being harder on my than I am on myself".

Though she did then admit that she doesn't actually read what people write about her, so I'm not sure what basis she has for her claim. You'd think she wouldn't sing like that if her self-criticism was that bad. Actually, you'd think she probably wouldn't leave the house.

You can see her saying that and some other stuff here: www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11882798

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Snoop Dogg has announced that 'Wet', the first single from his forthcoming 'Doggumentary Music' album, was "made for Prince William's bachelor party".

The rapper told AllHipHop: "When I heard the royal family wanted to have me perform in celebration of Prince William's marriage [we're not sure what this means, but whatever], I knew I had to give them a little something. 'Wet' is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin".

Yes indeed, a track with lines like "drip for me mommy", "I'm in between your lips like a cigarette" and "every night, every day, sipping on a different drink / different chicks, different days, I do it different ways" is really perfect for marital celebrations. In fact, I think they Kate and Wills should have it as their first dance.

Listen to the track in its full glory at youtu.be/1-FpVjmLfSA

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