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I finally got to see Janelle Monáe perform live last night. Having heard that her show is excellent, I went in with high expectations. I know, I know, that's never a good idea, but she completely exceeded all my expectations. At one point my girlfriend leaned over and said: "She's perfect. Is she human?" Which sums it up very neatly. If you can get to Manchester tonight to see her, I advise you to do so. And here are some other things for you to enjoy this week....

01: Cage Against The Machine recording. This afternoon, the people behind the Cage Against The Machine campaign will oversee a new Band Aid-style recording of John Cage's silent piece '4'33''', in the hope of getting it to Christmas number one. Producers Paul Epworth and Clive Langer will press record as artists including Mr Hudson, UNKLE, Pete Doherty, The Big Pink, The Kooks, Coldcut, Orbital, Dan Le Sac and Jon McClure stand in silence for four and a half minutes.

02: European Festival Awards voting closes. The final shortlists for the European Festival Awards, which is the Euro version of the UK Festival Awards that took place in London last month, were announced a couple of weeks ago. Public voting at eu.festivalawards.com to find the winners closes this Wednesday, so you'd best hurry up if you want to help chose the finest festivals in all of Europe. These awards are handed out at a bash held during the Eurosonic festival in Groningen in January.

03: More CMU end of year stuff. This week we'll continue our rundown of CMU's favourite artists of the year, going from numbers seven to five. Who will it be? We just don't know. Well, okay, I do. I've been busy beavering away writing up why these people are so brilliant. Check this very slot in the Daily on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to read my thoughts. And cast your eyes down to the Approved slot from today for a recap on some of our favourite new artists of the year.

04: New releases. Well, obviously the most exciting release of the week is Adam & Joe's 'Song Wars Volume 2', a collection of songs written by the comedians for their BBC 6music show. Excitingly, it's available on vinyl. Also out and being exciting are dub pioneer Scientist's compilation of reworked dubstep tracks, Planet Mu's footwork compilation 'Bangs & Works', Joy Division's '+/-' boxset, Daft Punk's 'Tron' soundtrack and new singles from Crystal Castles & Robert Smith, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Manic Street Preachers and Shy FX.

05: Gigs. Aside from the fact that Janelle Monáe is playing in Manchester tonight, which you should be very excited about indeed if there's any chance at all you could go, there are other exciting gigs happening this week. Dirty Projectors play Koko in Camden tonight, Fool's Gold play Cargo in Shoreditch tomorrow, Bleeding Heart Narrative have a free lunchtime show at Union Chapel in Islington on Saturday, Patrick Wolf has a few low-key dates and Xfm's Winter Wonderland gigs kick of in Manchester on Wednesday. Plus, Drum Eye and Deadmau5 are on tour all up and down the UK.

A pretty good week, all in all. I'll see you again on Friday in CMU Weekly, which this week features our last artist-curated playlist of the year from Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz. Don't miss that, it's brilliant.

Andy Malt
Editor, CMU

Instrumental sextet Talons fuse all the best bits of post-rock, math-rock and hardcore and then top it all off with two violin players. It's a winning formula that makes for an exciting and energetic sound both on record and live. To date the band have released four limited edition singles through Big Scary Monsters, and their debut album, 'Hollow Realm' was released last month and is fast becoming one of our favourites of the year.

The urge to hear this band that I have clearly awakened in you needs to be acted upon immediately. Luckily, they've got quite a lot of songs up on that internet thing everyone keeps talking about, and if you happen to be in mainland Europe right now, they're playing all over the place over the next couple of weeks.


CMU is looking for a full time (Mon-Fri 10.30am-4pm) intern to assist with editorial tasks at its Shoreditch-based HQ.
Working closely with the Editor, the intern will manage the reviews database, input content into the CMU content management system, prepare photos for email bulletins, and assist with other editorial tasks. There will also be opportunities to write, including artist biogs and reviews.

Some writing experience and a passion for music are a must, while any admin, CMS and/or Photoshop experience will also be useful. Although unpaid, this internship role will provide excellent hands-on experience and some formal training. Zone Two travel will be covered. The post runs from one month minimum to three months maximum. Early January start.

Send your CV and two recent examples of your writing to recruitment@unlimitedmedia.co.uk, indicating how soon you could start and how long you would like your internship to last. Deadline 5pm Wednesday 15 December.
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So, this is the end of an era. The LimeWire company has announced it is shutting it doors for the final time at the end of the month. Plans to launch a legal music service have been axed and the LimeWire download store, which sold tracks from a handful of indie labels, will be going offline.

Team Lime have accepted defeat after a US judge ordered them to stop distributing their file-sharing software back in October, having previously ruled the Lime Group was guilty of massive copyright infringement by making the P2P client available. The Lime company complied with the ruling, partly because it was still busy trying to persuade the music industry to play ball on a new legal LimeWire platform. But presumably the company has now accepted that the four major labels, at least, would rather see it fall out of business than collaborate on a new music service, however profitable that service could become. The US record industry is now expected to file a damages claim for billions against LimeWire and its founder Mark Gorton.

In a statement, Team Lime said: "Given our current situation, plans to bring our separate, legal music service to market have been cancelled. The beginning of 2011 will mark the closing of LimeWire's New York office and cessation of business by LimeWire. We attracted some of the top talent from the technology community over the years to build our new music service. We'll be helping our team members commence their job search over the next few months".

After years of legal action against LimeWire by the record industry, the once bullish king of the P2P file-sharing domain has shuffled away from the piracy battle ground rather quietly. It's a big win for the US music business though, of course, in tangible terms it will do little to curb actual file-sharing, with most file-sharers having long since moved their allegiances to other file-sharing technologies which offer faster downloads and, in many cases, considerable anonymity.

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Kid Rock is not impressed that 45,000 tickets to his upcoming show in Detroit sold out in just 20 minutes. Why anger over a sell out? Because a big chunk of those tickets were snapped up by touts - or scalpers to use the American vernacular - and are now selling at huge mark-ups on all sorts of ticket resale websites.

He wrote on his website last week: "I am a musician. I did not attend college and barely made it out of high school. I try my hardest to keep my ticket prices low, THIS I HAVE CONTROL OF! I can not control, nor do I understand how the fuck the scalpers and all the secondary websites and bullshit get them. IF I COULD CONFRONT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM FACE TO FACE I WOULD AND IT WOULD NOT WORK OUT TOO WELL FOR THEM I GUARANTEE ALL OF YOU. I hate them, I feel like someone is beating up a close friend or family member while I'm chained to a chair".

He continued: "I try to understand it, I try to ask my managers and people in the business I know to help me understand it, but it seems they don't either. The only way I know right now to stop it is [for you] to not buy from these people or wait til the last minute when there scared they cant sell em and have to sell them cheap. I am not gonna apologise for something I can't control and if you wanna hate or blame me for it, go for it. But if you're really pissed about it, research it and try to find out why it's going on and let me know. A lot of us are trying to figure out a better way, trust me, the last thing I want is some bottom of the barrel lazy fuck who won't get a real job ripping off my fans to get rich".

Noting that he hadn't consulted his management or PR people before publishing his rant on this issue (which, given all the spelling mistakes I just fixed, seems likely), he concluded: "This is right from my computer to yours. I hope it helps [you] to understand at least how I feel about people trying to get tickets in my fan club or any other way that turns out to be a let down, THAT IS NOT MY INTENTION OR WHY I GOT INTO MUSIC AT ALL. I will keep my mind spinning trying to figure out a better way to get good tickets to my true fans, and it brings to mind a new song on the new CD 'the least that I can do is care'. Unfortunately that's not gonna be enough in this case. Trust me I'm on top of this and doing what I can".

All pretty reasonable stuff really, I think I'd be a bit pissed off in Mr Rock's shoes. He should possibly look north for inspiration regarding tackling this issue. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Canada has just passed a new law making it illegal for primary ticketing agents to pass tickets on to a broker or secondary seller with whom they have some sort of affiliation.

The new rules are a result of the last time ticket touting was in the news in North America, when Ticketmaster was accused of misbehaving in the way its primary ticketing agency worked with the secondary ticketing website it had acquired, TicketsNow.

Ticketmaster has always denied allegations it actually transfers ownership of tickets from its main agency to its resale service itself, though it did in the past promote TicketsNow as an alternative source of tickets via its main website. That was a practice which pissed off Bruce Springsteen when he found out his fans in New Jersey were being directed to the more expensive resale site when the primary agency still actually had tickets to sell at face value. After Springsteen raged the New Jersey authorities introduced its own crack down on ticket resale service.

In Australia, however, the Commonwealth Consumers Affairs Advisory Council, which has been reviewing the growth of secondary ticketing, has advised that no new laws are required to crack down on ticket resales. Its report on the matter says that events sell out faster today than before not because touts are buying up increasing amounts of tickets, but because new technology allows tickets for in demand events to be sold to legitimate customers faster. It also suggests growing consumer frustration with touting is because, with the growth of ticket resale sites, people are now more aware of what is a long established phenomenon.

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File distribution service RapidShare is fast becoming the new pariah figure of the content industries, especially in Germany where various lawsuits have been filed against the Swiss-based tech company. Content owners argue that file-sharers increasingly used RapidShare (or something similar) to illegally share music, movie and other files, and that the tech firm does not do enough to stop its service being used for such copyright infringing purposes.

Different German courts have seemed to rule slightly differently when presented with RapidShare cases, though legal types might argue that specifics of each case explain the inconsistencies. Sometimes things go in the tech firm's favour, though back in February when a group of book publishers sued, the Regional Court Of Hamburg ordered RapidShare to put in place filters that would stop users illegally sharing 148 specific text books published by the claimants.

And last week those publishers were back in court to argue that RapidShare had failed to comply with that court order. And the court agreed with them, throwing a 150,000 euro fine in the tech company's general direction.

The extent of RapidShare's obligations to filter out copyright content has been of much debate, but the court said last week that the company had "culpably failed to take reasonable examination and control measures. These measures include the utilisation of a word filter, which checks the file name during the uploading of files to the servers of [RapidShare] with regard to whether the author, the title, the ISBN number of the publisher may be contained in this name".

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Pete Doherty made a brief appearance in court last week to face drugs charges that stem from the previously reported death of filmmaker Robin Whitehead earlier this year.

As previously reported, the Babyshambler was charged with cocaine possession after being arrested in March following Whitehead's death in January. The filmmaker, heiress to the estate of Teddy Goldsmith, died, seemingly of on overdose, at the flat of Doherty collaborator Peter 'Wolfman' Wolfe. She had been making a documentary about Doherty before her death.

Wolfe was charged with supplying crack cocaine, while Doherty and another friend were charged with possession. All three were in court for a hearing last week and, according to reports, indicated they intend to plead not guilty to the charges. The case was then adjourned until 14 Jan.

According to the Mirror, Whitehead's sister was in court and when she approached Doherty he kissed her on the cheek, and said: "I am really sorry about what happened to your sister". The date of the inquest into the filmmaker's death is still to be confirmed.

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One time Death Row Records chief Suge Knight spent a night in jail this weekend after spending ten days as a wanted man.

A warrant was put out for the arrest of the former hip hop mogul after he failed to show at a scheduled court hearing on 23 Nov which was set to deal with allegations he drove a car on a suspended license back in September. When police finally caught up with him on Friday they threw him in their cells for the night before letting him go after he signed a citation promising to definitely, definitely show up for the next court hearing.

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So I see the 'X-Factor' finalists' horrendous cover version of David Bowie's 'Heroes' is still number one in the charts. The heroes they sing of are presumably the handful of people who make it all the way through the song, what is, surely, the most offensively bad cover version since the four members of G4 each personally bent down and gave Freddie Mercury's coffin a little spin with their horrific rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. I realise it's all in aid of charities that support the British families who suffer most from the legacy of Tony Blair's careless game of toy soldiers, but there must be ways of raising cash without the rest of us having to suffer so much. I mean, are no songs sacrosanct any more?

Anyway, I digress, what I really wanted to say is, forget all the shit falling out of ITV, turn your eyes to the BBC which has just published the long list for next year's Sound Of poll, the one where they ask a bunch of music pundits - including some guy called Andy Malt from something called CMU - to tip the new bands they reckon will make a bit of a stir in the next twelve months. "New" this time being defined as any band, without reality show celebrity, yet to enter the top twenty of the singles or album charts. I'm not saying every single one of these artists is brilliant, but I have it on good authority that none of them would raid the Bowie catalogue with the single aim of turning one of his classics into a pile of tedious melodramatic shite.

Here's the list. The final five and overall winner will be announced in early January.

James Blake
Anna Calvi
Esben & the Witch
Jessie J
Clare Maguire
The Naked & Famous
Jai Paul
The Vaccines
Jamie Woon
Wretch 32

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MJ Hibbett & The Validators have announced that they are releasing a Christmas single, entitled 'The 29th Day Of December', with which they are aiming to completely miss out on the Christmas number one slot. In fact, they're hoping to get nowhere near the charts at all.

Hibbett told CMU: "It saves us the hassle of doing a Facebook campaign, and gives someone else the opportunity to fight Simon Cowell for the top spot. We're just putting the song on our Bandcamp site, which isn't registered for the charts, so even if we sell a million copies we won't be on 'Top Of The Pops'".

He added: "It's now a tradition for us to do a video for our Christmas song, and this year's is my first go at stop-motion animation. I saw one my nine year old nephew had done, and thought, 'That looks easy, I'll do one of those!' Now I know why Wallace & Gromit films take five years to make".

The song will be released as part of the 'Christmas Selection Box' EP, which also features the band's past Christmas songs, on 13 Dec. Find out more and take a look at Mark's first foray into the world of animation at www.mjhibbett.com/christmas.

The EP's tracklist is as follows:

The 29th Day Of December
I Got You What You Want For Christmas
Little Donkey
The Advent Calendar Of FACT
Good King Wenceslas
Give Us A Kiss (For Christmas)

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As was established when CMU checked out her performance at the Shepherds Bush Empire last night, Janelle Monáe is pretty much one of the best live performers in history of the world ever. Evidence of this, should you require it, will be provided at various venues around the UK next year.

Tour dates:

24 Feb: Bristol, Academy
25 Feb: Birmingham, Institute
25 Feb: Glasgow, Academy
28 Feb: Manchester, Academy
1 Mar: London, The Roundhouse

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The rather marvellous electro-poppers that are Fenech-Soler will be taking to the road for a tour next March, to be preceded by their next single release, 'Demons', which is out on 24 Jan. Here are the dates and venues and such like...

22 Mar: Norwich, Waterfront
23 Mar: Manchester Academy 3
24 Mar: Glasgow, ABC2
25 Mar: Leeds, University Mine
26 Mar: Birmingham, HMV Institute Club
30 Mar: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
31 Mar: Brighton, Concorde 2
2 Apr: Cardiff, Millennium Hall

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Now, we've not checked this with every single band member, but we have been given this news by a very reliable source. So fingers crossed this won't be another "Slipknot are back in the studio recording a new album, oh, actually, they're not" scenario.

But, yes, Slipknot have announced they will return to the stage next summer and, among other things, will headline the UK date of the metal festival Sonisphere, which will take place from 8-10 Jul at Knebworth. The shows will be their first since the sudden death of bassist Paul Gray earlier this year.

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EP REVIEW: Tony Lionni - Out of Sight EP (Freerange Records)
Lionni has finally come of age. After revelling in Manchester's Haçienda club scene back in the late 80s, the DJ and producer has enjoyed new success both on record and behind the decks, releasing some twelve-inches via Versatile and Ostgut Ton and regularly appearing at possibly most cutting edge techno bar in the world - the Panorama, in Berlin. On top of all that, he produced a very good debut album earlier this year.

There are three tracks and a remix on this EP. Title track 'Out Of Sight' is a classy house number, with a staccato sample added in. It works very well. Album track 'Waiting For You' is a little more techy, and very well crafted, with its swirling spacious keys and synths. There are two versions of 'Deep Inside'. The first takes Lionni's house sound deeper, with good results. So much so, the rework by Losould really struggles to surpass the original.

This EP is well worth a check, as is the album. Freerange's roster continues to perform well. PV

Digital release: 6 Dec
Press contact: Freerange IH

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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So this is interesting, Air Berlin has gone into business with German music publishers Kick Media to set up its own music venture, to be called Follow Me, which will see artists record tracks specifically for the airline. Content created will be made available to Air Berlin passengers through in-flight entertainment systems, with content and tickets sold via the company's website, and promoted through their in-flight magazine. Exclusively created content will be accompanied by music licensed in, initially via a deal with Warner Germany.

Air Berlin boss Joachim Hunold told reporters: "80% of our 167 aircraft have video equipment on board and almost all our planes have audio connections. We have been paying high license fees for film and music programmes that we have used in the past. Together with Kick Media, we now want to produce music and video programmes to which we ourselves own the rights".

He added: "Using these on board Air Berlin aircraft will be a first step in the marketing of those programs. We want to generate additional revenue by utilising further distribution channels. Our website with six million visits a month and our printed Air Berlin magazine with four million readers are superb marketing instruments for this".

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EMI Group has appointed a new Chief Financial Officer. Looking after EMI's finances for a living, that sounds like fun.

But still, Ruth Prior more than anyone must know what she's taking on, given that she's joining EMI from their parent company Terra Firma, where she has been a Finance Director for three years, often advising the music firm.

Prior will work closely with EMI's existing divisional CFOs Shane Naughton and Thomas Kelly in her new job.

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Warner's Atlantic Records last week appointed Dan Curwin to the role of Video Commissioner. Curwin joined Atlantic from Universal's Mercury Records, and replaces Tim Nash, who is leaving to set up his own company.

Curwin will report to Atlantic GM Mark Terry who told CMU: "Nominated for Best Commissioner at the recent UK Music Video Awards, Dan is widely recognised as among the most imaginative and successful executives in his field and we can look forward to him producing remarkable promos on behalf of our artists".

Dan himself added: "I'm delighted to be joining Atlantic Records UK at a time when it has such an enviable roster, and can't wait to start working with its incredible spectrum of talent".

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Last.fm made pre tax losses of £2.8 million in 2009, according to a financial report filed with Companies House last week. That's quite an improvement on the previous year, when the CBS-owned music service lost £17 million.

Revenue was up 74% year on year, to £7.3 million, most coming from advertising sales, and 55% generated in the UK. Costs were also cut, with the staff bill coming down from £6.2 million to £3.7 million.

Costs will presumably have come down even further this year given the site has cut some of its more costly services such as fully on-demand streaming, though marketing efforts do seem to have been stepped up of late. Whether that means the company could go into profit year on year sometime soon remains to be seen.

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The boss of Bauer Media's music and film magazines, Stuart Williams, is moving into a new role overseeing and developing live events and strategic partnerships for the media firm. He'll start his new job at the beginning of January.

Williams has been involved in creating live event spin offs for Kerrang!, Q, Mojo and Empire during his eight years overseeing the titles, and will now look for new opportunities in the live domain across his employer's publishing repertoire, and also in Bauer's radio and TV divisions, where he'll work closely with the former's Head Of Partnerships Ric Blaxhill and the latter's MD Gidon Katz.

Back in magazines, Bauer's Lifestyle MD will take over responsibility for the entertainment titles, with Rimi Atwal becoming Publishing Director of the music mags.

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There have been rumours circulating for a few weeks now that Radio 1 bosses are considering moving Zane Lowe to breakfast when Chris Moyles inevitably departs the nation's favourite next year, in what would be quite a radical revamp for the station's daytime output.

That said, it's possible this special week of programming is actually the source of that rumour. That said, it's also possible this special week of programming is an opportunity to test out the potential of a radical 'Bannister-style' overhaul of Radio 1, something the increasingly tired sounding youth station really needs to safeguard its future.

Anyway, for a week in January Radio 1 will be shifting its evening presenters into daytime, so that Lowe will be on breakfast, Annie Mac mornings, Huw Stephens lunchtime and Nick Grimshaw on drive. It's what Radio 1 bosses are calling 'the specialist takeover', though one can only hope there's a clever BBC exec somewhere quietly dubbing the week "the dream team Radio 1 line up for 2012".

The week of special daytime shows is part of a month of special programmes to promote new music on Radio 1. Winners of the BBC Sound Of 2011 poll will also be announced during that week, and then later in the month there will be special editions of BBC Introducing as well as In New Music We Trust and In New DJs We Trust weeks.

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Mark Lamarr has quit his presenting role at Radio 2 after twelve years with the station following the station's refusal to move his weekly show to an earlier time slot.

In an email to friends and colleagues Lamarr said he'd decided to leave now because he felt Radio 2 was shunning its commitment to non-mainstream music such as that played on his shows. Lamarr was one of the presenters who, ten years ago, helped usher in a new era for the easy listening pop station, bringing some real musical variety to its off-peak slots, including genres not previously touched by Radio 2.

Lamarr wrote last week: "It's become obvious over the last year the station has become much less interested in non-mainstream music, and my position there has been extremely uncomfortable. It's a sign of the times I suppose. I'm stupidly proud of the shows I've done there for twelve years and I know I always did the right thing. I'm equally sure I'm doing the right thing now. Not looking for sympathy, or another job, or even a reply. Just letting you know".

Radio 2 boss Bob Shennan said he didn't agree with Lamarr's assessment of his station's output, adding that he was "sad" to see the DJ leave and that the door was always open for future projects. He told reporters: "Radio 2's music offer has never been stronger, more diverse or more popular. Next year we have plans to broaden it still further with more genres and new presenters".

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Ah, now this is interesting, could David Cameron be the man to reconcile the former members of The Smiths? Could a common hatred of the country's Tory boy chief be enough to smooth the way for a reunion?

Probably not, but Morrissey has defended his former bandmate's jokey tweet last week to the effect that Cameron should stop saying how much he loves The Smiths' music, because Marr hates everything the PM stands for. Some commentators have since chastised Marr, arguing it's not for artists to choose their fans.

In a posting on the Truetoyou.net website this weekend, Morrissey said: "I would like to, if I may, offer support to Johnny Marr who has spoken out to the media this week against David Cameron. To those who have expressed concern over Johnny's words in view of the fact that David Cameron has pledged immense allegiance to the music of The Smiths, I would like to try to explain why I think Johnny is right not to be flattered".

He continued: "It is true that music is a universal language - the ONLY universal language, and belongs to all, one way or another. However, with fitting grimness I must report that David Cameron hunts and shoots and kills stags - apparently for pleasure. It was not for such people that either 'Meat Is Murder' or 'The Queen is Dead' were recorded; in fact, they were made as a reaction against such violence".

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Andy Malt
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Caro Moses
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