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So, the weekend, then. I imagine you either spent it getting yourself over to Texas for SxSW, or glued to the increasingly shocking and upsetting images of the Japanese tsunami. Or both. For me it was the latter only; I'm still very much in London with no intention of going anywhere else. For those of you who are over in Austin, don't eat too much barbecued meat and bring me back a shiny new band for my collection, please. Here's a look at the week in music ahead...

01: SxSW. The 25th South by Southwest starts proper in Austin, Texas tomorrow. You're probably already there, aren't you? Unless you're not, in which you're alright by me. You know the drill, I guess, about four million bands will play 300 gigs each, and the conference will guide you through every possible music industry topic going, some of which have been made up specially for the occasion. No, I'm not bitter I'm not going. Bob Geldof will give the keynote on Friday, and Yoko Ono will also speak. If her speeches are anything like her bizarre tweets, you're in for a treat.

02: TGE volunteer drop-in. Organisers of The Great Escape will stage a drop-in session in Brighton tomorrow for anyone interested in being a volunteer at this year's event in exchange for free access to some of the festival. Anyone interested can drop in at any time at The Queens Hotel next Tuesday, 15 Mar, from 3-6pm, and find out about the different roles that need filling, including venue staff, branding and sponsorship, festival runners and technical support staff.

03: Music Supported Here survey results debated. Music community Music Supported Here's recent poll posing ten questions to industry professionals about the future of their industry, asking them to predict where the business might be in ten years time, was launched last month. The results of the poll will be announced at an event at The Roundhouse on 18 Mar, where a live panel, which will feature one Chris Cooke of CMU, will also discuss the questions they raise.

04: New releases. Right, two things I am ordering you to buy this week are the score to new ballet 'The Most Incredible Thing', written by the Pet Shop Boys, and Wagon Christ's new album, 'Toomorrow'. Both are brilliant, I promise. You may also be interested in the new albums from Funeral For A Friend, The Dears, Akron/Family, Religious To Damn, and Does It Offend You, Yeah? And how about a couple of singles? Blondes and Young Buffalo both have those out this week.

05: Gigs. There's quite a mix of gigs on this week. First up, I have the unusual joy of being able to include Vigsy's Club Tip in this column (it usually being something people are recovering from by the time we get to this point); Dillinja, Fabio & Grooverider and more will be DJing at East Village in London this Thursday. And doing the touring thing this week are the mighty Raekwon, Katy Perry, Elbow, Seefeel, Funeral For A Friend and Mr Fogg.

Now, let me direct you towards something to read once you've finished with today's Daily. Last week, Eddy Temple-Morris' column for CMU was a discussion of why the art of good A&R remains important the music industry morphs into whatever shape it will ultimately take.

Coincidentally, Wired UK also published an article on A&R last week, this time written by major label A&R man and KIDS Records owner Dave Fawbert, who echoed what Eddy said in many ways and came up with some practical ideas for the future of A&R.

If you want something to listen to while you read all that, check out Ryan Richards from Funeral For A Friend's compilation of ten up-and-coming bands from Wales, which he put together for us last week.

Andy Malt
Editor, CMU
Brooklyn-based vocalist Julianna Barwick's self-released her debut album, 'Sanguine', in 2006. It featured thirteen tracks built using only her voice, a loop pedal and a four-track. The resulting hymnal, lyricless a capella pieces were as inventive as they were beautiful. Now, five years later, she releases the follow-up, 'The Magic Place', via Asthmatic Kitty, which is available via download now, and on CD later this month

The new album follows the same lines as 'Sanguine', though Barwick has now added some subtle instrumentation into the mix and smoothed out the rough edges, meaning 'The Magic Place' more successfully envelops you in the sound of her voice, singing to you many times over. The vocals swell gently back and forth like water, sharing an atmosphere in common with the ambient electronic works of arts like Brian Eno and Murcof.


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Charlotte Church has cut short her business relationship with music investment firm Power Amp after just seven months. The singer's management says that Church's financial position has changed so that the partnership no longer makes commercial sense, while Power Amp say its alliance with the one time child star just "didn't work out".

As previously reported, last spring Church was the latest big name artist to shun a traditional record deal, and instead set up her own label backed by City money via the Power Amp fund to release her new album, last year's 'Back To Scratch'. Power Amp's investors stumped up £2 million to fund Church's latest record, and in return were due a cut of recording, publishing, live and other revenues for a certain time a period. Copyrights would stay with Church.

Although both sides insist the split was amicable, the Daily Mail says there were tensions between the Church camp and Power Amp, possibly over the artistic direction of the album, or possibly plans for a US tour. The album itself didn't sell so well, despite Church's proactive promo work around its launch, which may also have had an impact, though the singer's management says both parties had decided to end their partnership before the record's release.

It's not clear how much of the £2 million investment Church has received, nor what will now happen regards any monies spent. It's believed that under her Power Amp deal, Church must repay any money invested if the arrangement is terminated early, though both sides cited confidentiality clauses and refused to comment on whether the singer would or had paid any monies back to the investment fund.

Speaking to the Mail, Church's spokesperson said: "All I can really say, because of the confidentiality issues, is that it was in Charlotte's financial interests to [end the deal] before the agreement entered the second year of its term. This is typical for these type of deals, which are investment deals rather than record deals. I can also say that the decision to terminate the term early, which suited both parties, was made well before the commercial release of the album".

Although Power Amp has scored some successes with its artist partnerships, most notably as backers of Madness' recent activity, it does seem that artist deals with more conventional investors - at one point seen by some as an attractive alternative for artists to taking investment from a traditional record company - can come with their own issues.

And for investors even more so than for artists - as previously noted, entertainment investment fund Ingenious found investing in artists directly too risky, and has since moved into mainly backing live music ventures, in particular festivals.

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According to reports, Sean Parker, one of the original founders of Napster, is part of a consortium to buy Warner Music.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Parker has joined with Californian billionaire Ron Burkle and supermarket magnate Doug Teitelbaum to bid for the US-based music major, which has been accepting takeover bids since the start of the year. It is thought this consortium is behind one of the bids still in the running, and that it may be the only one bidding for the Warner Music Group in its entirety, rather than just publishing business Warner/Chappell.

Parker, one of the co-founders of the original Napster file-sharing network, which was sued into bankruptcy by the music companies, including Warner, ten years ago, has made most of his fortune through his involvement in Facebook. It is thought that, compared to Burkle, Parker's financial stake in the rumoured bid will be modest, however his involvement as a strategic partner could be significant, given his participation in various digital ventures over the last decade.

Much is being made of the irony of Parker possibly taking a stake in Warner, given Napster's arguable role in the decline of the record industry, which has led to two of its biggest players now being on sale for relatively modest sums at the same time. Though, of course, had Parker and his pals not created Napster in 1999, something else would have come along to similarly challenge the traditional record industry, it being inevitable as soon as the world wide web pushed the internet into the mainstream.

Probably more interesting about the possibility of Parker having a influential role at Warner is that he has been advising Spotify, leading to speculate that having him on board as a shareholder might force Warner - frequently a hold-out on new digital services, including Spotify in the US - to become more adventurous in its digital dealings.

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A South Korean production duo called E-Tribe have suggested that Lady Gaga's track 'Born This Way' rips off a song they wrote for a girl group called SNSD.

Which is arguably an admission that their song 'Be Happy' also rips off Madonna's 'Express Yourself', given the rather strong similarities between the Gaga and Madonna songs, though perhaps E-Tribe are saying the little bit of 'Born This Way' that doesn't sound like 'Express Yourself' sounds like their tune.

No legal action has begun as yet, but a spokesman for E-Tribe told Newsen that they were trying to contact Gaga's people.

The rep said: "Someone this morning told me that there were reports of Lady Gaga plagiarising SNSD's 'Be Happy'. I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same. I am currently working to get in contact with Lady Gaga's publishing label to find further information".

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An LA judge has given Axl Rose permission to proceed with his lawsuit against Activision in relation to 'Guitar Hero III'.

As previously reported, Rose claims that the gaming giant broke its promises about the inclusion of Guns N Roses track 'Welcome To The Jungle' into the third edition of the 'Guitar Hero' franchise, in particular a pledge that users would not be able to play the song using a Slash avatar. When the game hit the market users could do exactly that.

Roses' lawsuit, in which he is suing for $20 million, got a prelim hearing in court last week, and the judge ruled there was a sufficient case for the matter to proceed to a full trial, though the next court session won't be until 23 Jan next year.

As previously reported, Activision has now stopped production on any new 'Hero' titles after sales of pretend-to-play games slumped.

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D'Angelo last week pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in relation to that previously reported incident just over a year ago when the R&B type was arrested for soliciting from a policewoman posing as a prostitute. He reportedly offered the officer $40 for oral sex.

Although he pledged to plead not guilty at the time of his arrest, the singer, real name Michael Archer, accepted the charge without contest last week, according to the Associated Press. Archer's people were keen to stress that disorderly conduct amounted to a 'violation' rather than a crime.

What Archer's penalty was isn't clear, except that prosecutors told reporters the singer had "satisfied their conditions".

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One time Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di'Anno has been jailed for nine months after being found guilty of fraudulently claiming $67,500 in welfare benefits.

Di'Anno, who preceded Bruce Dickinson as Maiden frontman, fronting the metal outfit in their early years up to 1981, was shown to have claimed income support and housing and council tax benefit between 2002 and 2008 despite continuing to perform under the moniker Di'Anno during that period, earning from his live activity.

The rocker seemingly claimed he was only being paid expenses for his gigs, but the courts did not accept that was the case.

Before sentencing Di'Anno to nine months, Judge Jane Miller QC said: "Your greed has cost this country a lot of money. The claims were for a long time and for a large cost... It took many years to track you down. In 2007 you performed at 69 venues, in 2006 you performed 67 times. I do not accept you only got expenses".

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According to Forbes, which keeps track of these things, P Diddy is the richest hip hop artist of the moment. The magazine reckons he is worth $475 million putting him ahead of even Jay-Z, who it reckons is worth $450 million.

Obviously it is the two rapper's business empires - Bad Boy Worldwide, Sean John Clothing and Vodka brand Circo in Diddy's case, and all the Roc Nation businesses in Jay's case - that account for most of their fortune.

Following Diddy and Jay on the hip hop rich list were Dre, Birdman and 50 Cent. Hip hoppers were only considered for the list if they performed as well as dabbling in business ventures, which is why no non-performing urban players appear on the list.

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Slipknot have announced that former member Donnie Steele will rejoin the band for their up coming tour dates, stepping in for Paul Gray who, of course, died last year.

A statement from the band said: "Donnie was in the band at the very beginning, and rather than get an outsider, we thought it would be a fitting tribute to Paul to play with someone from within the family. Donnie was great friends with Paul and we can't think of a better way to celebrate his memory than with someone who was there with us at the very beginning. The eight of us are looking forward to being onstage again and honouring Paul's legacy with our families in Europe and Brazil this summer".

As previously reported, Slipknot will take to the stage for the first time since Gray's death this summer for a series of festival dates. Though frontman Corey Taylor has said the festival shows are about testing the water with regards how it feels to perform without Gray, and that future tours or albums are not assured until after these commitments.

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Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore will be releasing his fourth solo album 'Demolished Thoughts' on 23 May through Matador Records.

Produced by Beck Hansen aka Beck, the recording process was divided between the dual locations of Los Angeles and Northampton (as in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA).

Also accompanying Moore's guitar and vocal work are previous collaborator Samara Lubelski on violin and Kurt Vile's some-time harpist Mary Lattimore.

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Charismatic indie mop-top Miles Kane is set to release his debut solo LP 'Colour Of The Trap' on 9 May on Columbia Records.

Produced in part by Dan Carey (Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand) and Dan The Automator (Kasabian, Gorillaz), the album also features numerous star turns from various famous friends and fans. Fellow Shadow Puppet Alex Turner guests on 'Telepathy', while Gruff Rhys, who also co-wrote 'Kingcrawler' with Miles, provides backing vocals throughout. 'My Fantasy' is notable for its harmonies courtesy of one Noel Gallagher, while Harry Potter actress Clémence Poésy appears on 'Happenstance'.

See this tracklisting to work out how many songs didn't include celeb cameos:

Come Closer
My Fantasy
Counting Down The Days
Take The Night From Me
Better Left Invisible
Colour Of The Trap

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Combining garage psych-rock with a Cambodian pop sensibility is no mean feat, but somehow LA-based six-piece Dengue Fever manage it with seeming ease, and continue to do so on new album 'Cannibal Courtship'.

Sung partly by frontlady Chom Nimol in English and partly in her native language of Khmer, the record is due out on 2 May on Decca/Concord. Those intrigued to know more can preview a colourful album taster here: youtu.be/FziR9wzBuAc


Cannibal Courtship
Cement Girl
Family Business
Only A Friend
Sister In The Radio
2012 (Bury Our Heads)
Kiss Of The Bufo Alvarius
Thank You Goodbye
Mr Bubbles
Durian Dowry

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Trent Reznor has said he now isn't scoring the soundtrack for the new film from 'Day Watch' director Timur Bekmambeto, 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter', despite saying he was going to just last week.

Reznor has now posted a blog saying he has had a change of heart about the project because of "various aspects of it ... changing".

Explaining why he had jumped the gun in confirming his involvement last week, he added: "I felt the need to say something earlier this week because my inbox was filling up with speculation, and at that moment I thought I would be doing it", before adding "I wish them the best with the film and I'm sure it will still be great".

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Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart, otherwise known as moody rock duo The Kills, have unveiled a string of UK tour dates to mark the release of new album 'Blood Pressures' on 4 Apr via Domino.

New single 'Satellite' will reach our ears a little sooner, as it's out on 28 Mar. Watch the uber-gritty video for 'Satellite' here on The Kills' website (www.thekills.tv/dna.php), where you'll also be rewarded with a free download of album track 'DNA'.

Here are those tour dates:

27 May: Manchester, Central Methodist Hall
28 May: Newcastle, Evolution Festival
29 May: Glasgow, ABC
31 May: Leeds, Met Uni
1 Jun: Oxford, Academy
2 Jun: Bristol, Anson Rooms
3 Jun: Roundhouse, London

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1234 FESTIVAL, Shoreditch Park, London, 9 Jul: Black Lips, Becoming Real, The Chapman Family, Peepholes and Sex Beet are the trendiest amongst hordes of trendy acts announced to play at East London's trendy Shoreditch Park. Also keeping things trendy will be Autokratz, Lydia Lunch and Electricity In Our Homes. www.the1234shoreditch.com

HEINEKEN OPEN'ER, Gdynia, Poland, 30 Jun - 3 Jul: Organisers have newly introduced The National, Big Boi, Deadmau5 and Two Door Cinema Club to the Open'er bill, reinforcing an already weighty line-up that features Coldplay, Pulp, MIA and Foals. www.opener.pl/en

HEVY, Port Lympne Wildlife Park, Kent, 5-8 Aug: Now in its third year, this burgeoning Kentish rock riot is set to welcome US alt-rockers The Dillinger Escape Plan, who will play their sole European festival date of 2011. Post-metal Brighton band Architects will co-headline, with Bouncing Souls, We Are The Ocean, Your Demise and ska-punk legends Capdown also featuring amongst an array of other metal, rock and hardcore talent set to appear. www.hevy.co.uk

ROCKNESS, LOCH NESS, SCOTLAND, 10-12 Jun: Rock Ness' all-new Sub Club Sound System Arena will play host to Jamie xx, Matthew Dear, Modeselektor, Magda and Raresh amongst other dance acts and DJs. Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers and Paolo Nutini are already confirmed to headline at this loch-adjacent Scottish event. www.rockness.co.uk

SUNRISE CELEBRATION, Lilcombe Farm, South Somerset, 2-5 Jun: Manchester electro ensemble Lamb are set to headline the non-profit eco bash, with The Correspondents and The Soothsayers also fresh on the bill alongside existing acts such as Johnny Flynn, The Beat and Orb Soundsystem. www.sunrisecelebration.com

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O2 hs created its own YouTube channel which will feature live music from all the venues around the country that the phone company claims tedious naming rights to.

O2AcademyTV will feature interviews and behind-the-scenes footage recorded at O2 branded venues, as well as full live performances. It's a surprising move mainly because I'd always assumed they had something like this already, it surely being an obvious extension of any major live music sponsorship.

Punters will also be encouraged to upload footage they have recorded at O2-branded venues, which will be available for everyone to enjoy just as long as it takes for the labels that featured artists are signed with to issue a take-down notice.

Commenting on the new channel, O2's sponsorship king Jasmine Skee told Marketing Magazine, "O2AcademyTV celebrates the raw aspect of live music in our venues, giving fans a unique opportunity to get closer to the artists they love, and giving artists a creative platform to promote their shows".

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The Featured Artists Coalition has teamed up with artist, DJ and management groups in other European countries to make sure their viewpoint is heard as the European Union plan new pan-European rules regarding the distribution of digital royalties by collecting societies.

FAC will work with Younison in Belgium, Technopol in France and DJ Monitor in The Netherlands to provide an artist voice as a European directive on digital royalties is thought through. The collecting societies, who will also be lobbying hard on this issue, represent corporate as well as individual creators in the royalties domain, of course.

Confirming the alliance, Kelvin Smiths of Younison told reporters: "The EU is preparing new legislation which will determine how artists receive royalties and are informed by their national collecting societies This new law will be mission critical in supporting artists and creativity in the future in Europe. Together with the other artists we will use our influence to make sure that the voice of the artist is heard and that our demands are heard and included in the new directive".

FAC Co-Chair Nick Mason added: "In its campaign for the protection of artists' rights, FAC acknowledges the importance of EU legislation in ensuring a vibrant pan-European creative zone. We are teaming up with Younison to form a European network to ensure the voice of the artist is heard at the highest echelons of EU power. Together we are going to fight for artists' rights".

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Music education services for schools are at risk despite Education Secretary Michael Gove guaranteeing funding for a year, and the government's Henley Review talking up the importance of music education, because of budget cuts at a local authority level.

Although Gove has said that central government funding for music education will be unchanged for at least a year, many music education services around the UK rely on local authority funding also. With said local authorities facing their own cuts, many say they simply can't prioritise music education programmes over other council services. The Musicians' Union fear that this will result in job losses and the renegotiation of contracts (so they are less favourable) in the music education sector.

The Union's Naomi MacDonald told CMU: "Given Michael Gove's commitment to music education and equality of provision across the country and to pupils of all backgrounds and economic circumstances, which was echoed in the Henley Review, it is very disappointing that local authorities are withdrawing their support from music [education] services and allowing them to diminish".

She added: "In London, several music services will cease to exist in their current form and job losses are inevitable. Teachers' contracts are also being amended and staff will be required to work longer hours, for the same, or in a few cases less, pay. Those music services which have lost funding but are seeking to avoid redundancies or major changes to staff contracts are forced to significantly increase the cost of lessons and instrument hire. In some areas, parents will see charges increase by up to 40%. How can equality of provision be achieved when costs increase and the number of teachers employed reduces?"

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Now, as I'm sure you all know, we take our coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously here at CMU. But, as it turns out, everyone linked with our operation was washing their hair on Friday night, so none of us were able to watch Blue premiere the UK entry for the 2011 Eurovision competition, which they have penned and will perform, on Friday night's 'Graham Norton Show'.

So we will have to rely on that well known pop critic Phillip Schofield for a critique. His Twitter response to the Blue boy's performance didn't start well, as he observed "well that's Eurovision screwed for another year!" He added: "Sorry guys, I love you together and individually... but that's a shocking song".

Noting that his followers were telling him Jedward might bag the Eurovision crown for Ireland, Schofield concluded: "If I'm honest, I can't stand Eurovision cos it's such a big old fix, but I watch every year in the hope that I'm wrong... it's been a farce for years. Still watch, though".

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