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Brian Robertson and Michael John Hancock formed ANR (a contraction of Awesome New Republic) in 2004, having met as students of the University of Miami. Critically-acclaimed debut album 'ANR So Far' was released in 2005 on now-defunct indie label Sutro. Hailed by the New York Times as one of the acts at the heart of Miami's burgeoning music scene, the duo gained a reputation for eking out rich, symphonic soul sounds from a sparse live setup of keyboards, drums and vocal trickery.

Spurred on by this early success, they went on to release sophomore album 'Rational Geographic, Vol I' in early 2009, succeeded by its sequel 'Vol II' later that year on Honor Roll Music. Latest LP 'Stay Kids' is a more mature offering, combining a newfound gravity with the fevered alt-funk ethos of their previous work.

With the album due out on 21 Mar through Something In Construction, and a slot booked on the Drowned In Sound Stage at this year's Great Escape fest on 14 May, we caught up with the band to glean their answers to our Same Six.

Q1 How did you start out making music?

We both started making music when we were really little kids. Mostly just messing around with keyboards, tape recorders, and sound effects.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?

A lot of the major events of 2010 (the oil spill, the earthquake in Haiti, continuing social uneasiness), and the overall vibe amongst people lately. Also, the general environment and culture of our locale, both the beautiful and the not so much.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?

Most tracks are composed on the computer. Building up riffs and loops and then singing phonetic nonsense. Then we clean it up, and write lyrics that work with the sounds of the nonsense, chopping up and producing the form of the song. Sometimes we write songs while practicing as well, pretty standard back and forth.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?

Mostly music that is very cinematic, like the Beach Boys, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Animal Collective and King Crimson. Likewise, a lot of our song ideas come from watching movies, so John Carpenter and stuff like that is also a big influence.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?

"Thanks for listening", and then let the music speak for itself.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?

We'd like to tour a lot. Playing this material and some of the new stuff we've been writing live is what we are enjoying most as of late. We're also involved in some short films that are based around music from the album. We're both looking forward to doing more score-like versions of the songs for those.

MORE>> anrmiami.com

Swedish electronic duo The Deer Tracks are back, which is always good news. Made up of David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors, they released their excellent debut album, 'Aurora', in 2008 via indie label Despotz. They followed that up with the 'Eggegrund' EP last year on the same label. This week they return with the first of three releases on The Control Group, 'The Archer Trilogy Part One' EP, which is available now on iTunes with a vinyl release to follow next month.

The video for lead track from the EP, 'Ram Ram', went live earlier this month. The track has all the typical elements of The Deer Tracks' music; fragile vocals, pulsing emotion and intricately constructed electronic and organic sounds. Plus, the video shows Lehnberg playing a burning organ in the sea, which is a bonus. Watch the video at the link below and, if you're in Texas, catch the first of six shows at SxSW by the band at Hotel Vegas at 3.30pm today.


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Well, it's all about the analytics these days isn't it? Where do your fans come from, how old are they, what other artists do they like, do they put sugar on their cereal, what are their opinions on the geo-economic-political-power-shifts currently occurring in the Middle East, and so on and so forth. Well, Live Nation in the US has launched a new division called LiveAnalytics which will provide promoters selling tickets via the Ticketmaster platform with more stats and such like on their artists' fans.

The new business is a joint venture between Ticketmaster and an analytics company called Teradata, and they say that the new firm will offer Ticketmaster's clients "rich data analytics products that provide clients with fan insights for their business". Specifics as to exactly what data clients will get, how they will access it, whether it will be provided in real time, and how customer privacy rights will be assured isn't clear.

The launch of this service is interesting because of a changing attitude that is emerging regarding ticketing in the live music space. Some promoters and venues are starting to see the benefits of having more control over their ticket sales, mainly by selling direct to fans rather than handing over all tickets to a third party agency like Ticketmaster, even if that means giving up the commercial incentives many ticketing agencies offer in return for exclusive ticket sale rights. Access to consumer analytics is one of the main attractions of bringing ticketing in-house.

As previously reported, live music giant AEG Live - which is withdrawing from the Ticketmaster platform now it is owned by arch-rivals Live Nation - has formed a JV with a Canadian company called Outbox Technology which plans to offer promoters and venues a technical solution which enables them to manage their own online ticket-sales and access any analytics generated. Ticketmaster's move to provide clients with more stats may be a bid to beat its new competitor.

Confirming the new venture, Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard told reporters: "The launch of LiveAnalytics is a key step in our plan to further build on the value we bring to our clients in helping them connect with fans and to ultimately sell more tickets. We plan on being the global leader in fan data insights and consulting that will bring a new level of service and knowledge to our client base".

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Lawyers for Dr Conrad Murray, the medic accused of killing Michael Jackson by negligently administering the drug propofol, will go to court today to try to get access to security camera footage recorded at the LA home where Jackson died in 2009.

According to TMZ, so far police have only handed over four minutes of such footage, showing Jackson returning to the property the previous night. Murray's legal people seem to want to ascertain who else came to or left the house in the hours leading up to the singer's untimely demise.

A judge is due to consider the Murray team's request later today.

As previously reported, the Murray trial has been postponed to May after it emerged the doc's lawyers hadn't written any notes about the witnesses they intend to call to the stand. Although Murray's lawyer reckoned he didn't have to prepare any such notes, the judge hearing the case insisted some information be shared with the other side to ensure no nasty surprises during the trial itself.

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TV On The Radio bassist Gerard Smith has been diagnosed with cancer and will therefore not take part in upcoming tour dates, the band have announced. As previously reported, they are due to release their new album, 'Nine Types Of Light', on 11 Apr.

In a statement published on the band's official website, they said: "Upon the completion of 'Nine Types Of Light', Gerard was diagnosed with lung cancer. As a result, he has been undergoing treatment and will be unable to participate in the upcoming tour. Gerard is fortunate enough to have health insurance and is receiving excellent medical care. Already we have seen dramatic results. Combine that with Gerard's legendarily wilful disposition and it might just be cancer that has the problem".

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Nate Dogg has died, aged 41, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram which has spoken to family members of the American hip hop star.

Born in Long Beach, California, Nate Dogg, real name Nathaniel Hale, was friends with Snoop Dogg and Warren G, and the three of them formed an outfit called 213 at the start of the 90s. It was via a 213 demo that Dr Dre first heard Hale's distinctive vocal style, and he subsequently recruited him to appear on his debut album, 'The Chronic'.

Hale signed to then burgeoning hip hop label Death Row in his own right in 1993, and became a familiar voice to 1990s hip hop fans through his own solo work, his collaborations with the aforementioned Warren G, and with other Death Row artists, most notably Tupac.

His debut solo album, 'G-Funk Classics Vol 1 & 2' suffered from disputes within the Death Row family, but after he signed to Elektra at the end of the 1990s Hale enjoyed more success with follow up long player 'Music & Me' in 2001. His success as a solo artist and hip hop collaborator continued well into the next decade.

In late 2007 Hale suffered a stroke. Although the stroke left the left side of his body paralysed, his voice was not affected, and doctors were optimistic he would make a full recovery. However, in September the next year he suffered a second stroke, worsening his condition.

It's not clear to what extent Hale recovered in the following years, but the Press-Telegram reported last night that the singer had passed away early yesterday. The cause of death has not, as yet, been confirmed.

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Reggae DJ and MC Smiley Culture, who enjoyed success in the 80s with tracks such as 'Police Officer' and 'Cockney Translation', died yesterday from apparently self-inflicted stab wounds after police raided his Surrey home.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Scotland Yard said: "As part of an ongoing operation officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's serious and organised crime command today attended a residential address in east Surrey to carry out an arrest warrant. While they were at the address, an incident occurred during which a 48 year old man died. Officers from Surrey police attended the incident and it has been formally referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission".

Born in south London in 1963, Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, first rose to fame as a DJ for the Saxon Studio Sound System, and released his first single, 'Cockney Translation', in 1984. However, it was the follow-up, released later the same year, 'Police Officer', for which he is best known. The song tells the apparently true tale of Emmanuel being pulled over in his car by police and being found in possession of marijuana, only to be let off when the police officer recognises him and asks for an autograph.

The album that followed, 'Tongue In Cheek', didn't enjoy the same level of success as 'Police Officer', and Emmanuel's music career soon started to wane. His final single release was 'Mr Kidnapper', in 1986.

In September last year Emmanuel was arrested, along with four other men, on charges of conspiracy to supply cocaine. At the time of his death he was awaiting trial.

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The BPI has announced that, as part of a major cost saving initiative, two letters will be lopped of the name of the Classical BRITs awards ceremony this year. Hence forth we shall all refer to them as the Classic BRITs. Savings from no longer having to print, paint or say the "al" bit are expected to run into millions. Meanwhile, reports that fans of Al, outraged by this development, will launch their own rival event were just made up by me.

So yes, it's the Classic BRIT Awards from this point on. I think this mainly means West End musicals can be incorporated into the proceedings, which will bring joy and pleasure to everyone, I am sure. The all new No-al BRITs will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on 12 May and will be broadcast on ITV1 later the same month. And while there may be a new name, the proceedings will be rather familiar, with Mylene Klass hosting for the fourth year in a row, and Russell Watson, Katherine Jenkins and Il Divo insisting on singing.

Though, and here's the exciting bit, there'll be some Les Mis in the mix too. Alfie Boe, who plays the part of Jean Valjean in the West End musical, will perform with the backing of the show's entire cast. He told CMU: "This year's innovations, to this already fantastic annual awards show are to be applauded. By broadening the eligibility and making it more inclusive it has allowed shows like Les Misérables to be featured. I'm delighted to be a part of this wonderful show".

Tickets are on sale now.

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It was the International Live Music Conference in London this weekend just gone, and among the proceedings were the annual Arthur Awards for live music greatness. And the winners this time round were as follows:

Best Tour: Muse
Best in Show: Walking With Dinosaurs Stage Show
Best Festival: Montreux

Best Promoter: Simon Moran, SJM
Best Agent: Steve Zapp, ITB
Best New Boss: Tom Taaffe, The Agency Group
Best Production: Wob Roberts
Best Professional: Ben Challis, Charming Music
The People's Assistant: Prue Almond, ITB

Best Venue: Brixton
Best Service Company: Beat the Street

Bottle Award (Outstanding Achievement): Neil Warnock, The Agency Group

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Not content with signing to one Sony label, 'X-Factor' winner Matt Cardle has signed a joint deal with both Syco and Columbia, it was announced yesterday. It seems Syco recognise that Cardle is less of a pure pop artist than usual 'X' winners and therefore want some of Columbia's expertise.

An unnamed source told The Sun that Cowell is "hopeful Matt can become the first credible rock act to emerge from 'X-Factor' and realises he needs [the] expertise at Columbia to make that happen".

A spokesperson for the singer confirmed the news, saying: "Matt has signed a joint record deal across both Columbia and Syco Music. His debut album will be released as a joint venture between both Sony labels, with Simon Cowell remaining very much involved in the release later this year".

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A collaboration between Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke was premiered on Rinse FM last night. The double A-side single will be released via Four Tet man Kieran Hebden's Text Records. Featuring tracks, 'Ego' and 'Mirror', it is available to buy now on twelve-inch from Bleep.com.

You can listen to both tracks on YouTube at the following links:

Ego - youtu.be/iQ_Yu_4zeo0
Mirror - youtube/MOwD67BIPMA

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Beastie Boys have announced that they will release their new album, 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two', on 2 May via EMI/Parlophone.

As previously reported, the release of 'Part One' was delayed while Adam Yauch underwent cancer treatment. The band then made the confusing decision to shelve that album and push ahead with the release of 'Part Two', though with all the music from it replaced by that of 'Part One'. I hope you've understood that, cos I'm not explaining it again.

The album's tracklisting is as follows:

Make Some Noise
Nonstop Disco Powerpack
Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version feat Nas)
Say It
The Bill Harper Collection
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (feat Santigold)
Long Burn The Fire
Funky Donkey
The Larry Routine
Tadlock's Glasses
Lee Majors Come Again
Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
Here's A Little Something For Ya
Crazy Ass Shit
The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine

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Dananananaykroyd have announced that their Ross Robinson-produced second album will be called 'There Is A Way' and will be released through their own label, Pizza College, on 13 Jun. The band will also be playing a handful of shows in April and June, including at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London on 1 Jun.

You can hear a track from the album, entitled 'E Numbers', right here: soundcloud.com/workit/dananananaykroyd-e-numbers

Here's the album's tracklist:

All Us Authors
E Numbers
Think and Feel
Muscle Memory
Time Capsule
Good Time
Seven Days Late
Glee Cells Trade
Make A Fist

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The 3D remake of 'Yellow Submarine' being overseen by 'Back To The Future' director Robert Zemeckis has been dropped by Disney, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hooray for Disney. Zemeckis is now free to shop the project around to other studios, though.

According to THR, Disney was put off after the Zemeckis-produced film 'Mars Needs Moms' scored low opening weekend box office takings. There may also have been concerns that the motion capture technology the director planned to use in creating his new version of The Beatles film made the characters look a bit creepy.

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Faber has announced that it will publish a book of photographs taken by Nicky Wire throughout The Manic Street Preachers' career later this year. This will be the first of two books to be published under a new deal with the bassist.

'Death of The Polaroid: A Manics Family Album' will go on sale in November. Watch a video of Wire talking about it here: vimeo.com/20923578

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Razorlight will play a show in London this summer. Where or when it will be they will not say, but you can buy tickets for it now.

Meanwhile, Johnny Borrell has this to say about getting back to live performance: "The thing for me about London shows is that I just love doing them. I grew up in London and it's my home and I think as a Londoner it always means something extra. London gigs have become homecoming gigs for the band and that's probably one of the best things I've ever experienced".

To here the band talking more about the show, buy tickets to it, enter a competition to win a VIP package, go to www.razorlightlondon.com.

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Organisers of London-based new music festival City Showcase have announced details of some of the new talent that will be on show between 3 and 7 May this year as wristbands for the event go on sale.

New to the evening showcase bill are Ivyrise, Thomas J Speight, The Eyes Of A Traitor, Toodar, Jake Morley, The Kill Van Kulls, Warehouse Republic, Bonfire Nights and Anita Prime. They join the already confirmed Moon Visionaries, The Critical, Katalina Kicks, Tigers That Talked and Canadian singer songwriter Chloe Jones.

As well as the evening events at venues like The Borderline, The Bowery, The Social, New Cross Inn, the Apple Store, The 100 Club and 229, City Showcase also stages daytime gigs in stores around Carnaby Street and Regent Street plus a programme of workshops for aspiring music and music business talent. An eight pound wristband gets you into everything.

City Showcase Director Nanette Rigg told CMU: "I am loving the City Showcase: Spotlight London 2011 line-up this year. It is our best ever, the wristband cost is incredibly good value that won't break the bank and this brilliant event, giving everyone a chance to tell industry who they want to see as the face of 2012, is a perfect addition to the extended May holiday in the UK".

More info at www.cityshowcase.co.uk



DOWNLOAD, Donington Park, 10-12 June: Gaaah... The Darkness are playing Download! Yes, it's true. With the original line-up, Justin Hawkins and his glam-rock cohorts will be braving the disapproval of crowds of discerning headbangers at this year's ultimate heavy metal fest, as 'special guests' of headliners Def Leppard. Following that bombshell is the less ridiculous announcement that Funeral For A Friend and Plain White Ts will also perform alongside such rock giants as System Of A Down, Linkin Park and Korn. www.downloadfestival.co.uk

LATITUDE, Henham Park Estate, Suffolk, 14-17 Jul: The National are newly confirmed to top the bill at this year's Latitude, sharing headline honours with Paolo Nutini and Suede. High points of a huge raft of other names just announced are Deerhunter, British Sea Power, Hurts, I am Kloot, Bright Eyes, Everything Everything, Anna Calvi, The Vaccines and Gold Panda, with pop sirens KT Tunstall and Paloma Faith also set to perform. CMU's favourite music and theatre mash-up PLAYlist will also return to the festival's arts strand for a second year. www.latitudefestival.co.uk

MELT!, Gräfenhainichen, Dessau, Germany, 15-17 July: Beady Eye are the latest headline revelation for this three day German bash, with Crystal Castles, Iron & Wine, The Drums and MEN also poised to perform. Homegrown talent including Plan B, Jamie Woon and Dananananaykroyd will showcase the best of British alongside such already announced acts as Robyn, Pulp, Cut Copy and Metronomy. www.meltfestival.de/en

STANDON CALLING, Standon, Hertfordshire, 11-14 Aug: Psych-pop legends Spiritualised will make an appearance at the helm of this year's Standon Calling, with prog supergroup Battles also booked to headline. Festival goers can also expect performances from Errors, Trophy Wife, Born Ruffians and Penguin Cafe amongst others. www.standon-calling.com

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American Express Unstaged, a music sponsorship programme that pairs film directors with bands for arty webcasts, has announced its latest pairing - Duran Duran and David Lynch - which should be interesting.

Lynch will direct a webcast of a Duran show from LA's Mayan Theatre on 23 Mar to coincide with the release of the band's new long player. The whole thing will stream via Vevo and YouTube.

Says Lynch: "The idea is to try and create, on the fly, layers of images permeating Duran Duran on the stage. A world of experimentation and hopefully some happy accidents".

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The BBC will mark Pete Tong's 20th anniversary at Radio 1 by pensioning him off to a graveyard shift on Radio 2. No, not really, they're actually going to stage a twelve hour special in his honour.

The celebration will include the Top 20 dance tracks from the last 20 years, a takeover by one of Pete's favourite acts The Chemical Brothers, a Tong created Essential Mix, and an 'A-Z Of Pete Tong' show presented by Rob da Bank.

Says Tong: "It's a privilege and an honour to have been presenting my shows on BBC Radio 1 for the past 20 years. What started out as a passionate hobby turned into an amazing career. The station's commitment to electronic dance music and culture has been absolutely fundamental to the scene's growth and development not only in the UK but around the world and I am proud to be part of that story".

Meanwhile Radio 1 Dep Controller Ben Cooper added: "One reason BBC Radio 1 is so distinctive is the knowledge and credibility of its specialist presenters. Over the last 20 years Pete Tong has given listeners both and continues to be an essential Friday night listen".

All this Tong-ness will happen on the night of 8 Apr.

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So, The Darkness are reforming with their original line-up to play Download and make a new album. And apparently frontman Justin Hawkins has been "bombarded" with tweets and emails from fans truly excited about the revival. Hawkins says he is "gobsmacked and overwhelmed" by all the positive responses to his band's reformation. Yes, us too Justin, us too.

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