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Westlife get stuck in air at Liverpool gig

Electro-rock quartet Goose formed in 2000, starting off as an AC/DC cover band in their native Belgium. Soon after, they began writing original material, with the success of debut single 'Audience' scoring them a deal with Brightonian label Skint Records. Chock-full of synth-infused dance floor fillers, first album 'Bring It On' was released in 2006.

Having toured extensively throughout the intervening years, Goose released long-awaited follow up LP 'Synrise' earlier this year on Berlin-based indie !K7. Taking bold strides into 70s-influenced 'space disco' and krautrock inflections, the album still features the insistent backbeats and dirty synthwork that make up their trademark sound.

As they wind their way through Europe on a string of live dates, we approached the band in the hope that they might provide full and frank answers to our Same Six Questions. That is to say, their answers are rather short.

Q1 How did you start out making music?

Watching 'La Bamba' and Elvis Presley movies.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?

Listening to 'Speak And Spell' by Depeche mode and the soundtrack of 'Susperia'.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?

We look for a sparkle and that one thing that puts a smile on our face. After that comes the hard work and the endless discussions start.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?

Les Rhythmes Digitales, Daft Punk, Vangelis, Automat, Bowie, AC/DC...

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?

We were looking for you.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?

Fireworks and our very own perfume, 'Eau de Synrise'

MORE>> www.goosemusic.com
Since her teens, singer and producer Cornelia Dahlgren has dabbled in various areas of music, from jazz to mainstream pop, with a number of bands back in her native Sweden, but it was with her solo work that she found a sound and voice of her own, remaining firmly in the field of pop but sidestepping mainstream sounds for something altogether more satisfying.

She released her debut solo EP, 'Capsule', in 2007 via her own label, Camp Mozart, which spanned everything from leftfield electronica to funk across its four tracks. In the following years, she worked on various music and film projects, before being convinced to relocate to London by fellow off-kilter pop star Jamie Woon in 2010, which led her to focus on her solo work once again.

Last month she released a new double A-side single, featuring the tracks 'By The Fire' and 'Now And Hereafter'. Both tracks place her soft, sweet, very Swedish vocals over upbeat electronic tracks co-produced with Kwes and Utters. You can listen to both tracks, plus excellent remixes of 'Now And Hereafter' by Daisuke Tanabe and Tokimonsta at the link below, and catch Cornelia live at The Nest in London tomorrow night.


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Just as the copyright section of the Digital Economy Act - the bit that puts in place the framework of a three-strikes system for combating file-sharing - heads to judicial review, the London School Of Economics has published a report called 'Creative Destruction & Copyright Protection' which questions the proportionality and likely effectiveness of the legislation's anti-piracy measures.

As previously reported, BT and TalkTalk have taken the DEA's copyright provisions to judicial review claiming that they infringe the "basic rights and freedoms" of net users and were passed with insufficient scrutiny in parliament. The High Court will consider those claims this week and, if they decide to proceed with a full judicial review, it could take up to a year before they decide whether or not the DEA's three-strikes provisions can go ahead as planned.

The LSE report, commissioned by the university's Media Policy Project, says legislators got the "balance between copyright infringement and innovation" wrong, and that they are in danger of "suppressing technological advances" in a bid to protect "out-of-date business models". It says more efforts should be put into developing user-friendly legal music services than developing draconian measures to combat online piracy.

One of the report's authors, Bart Cammaerts, says: "The music industry and artists should innovate and actively reconnect with their sharing fans rather than treat them as criminals. They should acknowledge that there are also other reasons for [the record industry's] relative decline beyond the sharing of copyright protected content, not least the rising costs of live performances and other leisure services to the detriment of leisure goods. Alternative sources of income generation for artists should be considered instead of actively monitoring the online behaviour of UK citizens".

Of course, there's nothing in any of that which hasn't been said before, and the record labels will always respond to such arguments by saying that they have been very busy developing and licensing user-friendly legal digital services in recent years, but that they and the operators of those services need the stick of new anti-piracy measures alongside the carrot of new platforms to help kick-start the legitimate digital content market - hence three-strikes.

So much so, this report would probably not get so much attention, if it had not been published just as judges in the High Court begin to consider BT and TalkTalk's objections to the DEA. Plus, of course, it comes as Professor Hargreaves reviews the wider issues of copyright in the digital age for the government, with stronger leanings - it is believed - to those in the tech community who want copyright reform than to traditional rights owners who are calling for the DEA's three-strikes provisions to be properly put in motion.

Commenting on the report and the upcoming judicial review, LSE media lecturer Bingchun Meng told reporters: "The DEA has given too much consideration to the interests of copyright holders, while ignoring other stakeholders such as users, ISPs, and new players in the creative industry. I hope the Judicial Review will make the government reconsider its approach toward file-sharing".

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According to reports, Chris Brown was so incensed by questions about his 2009 attack on then girlfriend Rihanna during an interview with 'Good Morning, America' yesterday that he tore off his shirt and smashed a window with a chair once back in the green room. Those anger management classes really worked, clearly.

During an interview to promote Brown's new album, 'FAME', interviewer Robin Roberts asked a number of questions about the assault, despite attempts by the singer to steer the discussion back to his music.

According to TMZ, once back stage after the interview, Brown swung a chair against a window, sending glass down onto the busy New York street below. Security was apparently called to remove him, but the now shirtless Brown had already stormed out of the building by that point.

He later tweeted: "I'm so over people bringing up the past shit up! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for their bullshit".

Despite Brown's tweeted (and later deleted) outrage about the Rihanna questions, a spokesperson for US TV network ABC, which airs 'Good Morning, America', told TMZ that the R&B star had personally given approval for questions about Rihanna to be asked in the interview, saying: "As always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that's what we did in this interview with Mr Brown". The station also said it would not be pressing charges, though it is said to be reviewing Brown's appearance as a contestant on the upcoming series of another of its shows, 'Dancing With The Stars'.

As previously reported, the restraining order barring Brown from coming within 100 yards of Rihanna was downgraded to a stay-away order, allowing him to come within 50 yards of his former girlfriend, or ten yards at entertainment industry events, last month. He had asked for the order to be lifted ahead of the Grammys, but when this did not happen in time, he instead chose not to attend the event, despite being nominated in three categories.

TMZ yesterday posted pictures of Brown on his apparent rampage, as well as pictures of the window it is claimed that he broke.

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Apple is suing Amazon over the rights to the name App Store.

Amazon has started using the name App Store, or, rather, Appstore, mainly on a website aimed at developers, despite Apple being in the process of trying to trademark that title. That trademark application is already the subject of litigation because Microsoft is trying to stop its rivals from getting ownership of the mark, on the basis that anyone who operates a store that sells apps should be able to call it an app store.

Apple filed legal papers with the Californian courts last week, and a spokeswoman confirmed to reporters on Monday: "We've asked Amazon not to copy the App Store name because it will confuse and mislead customers". Amazon is yet to respond.

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Ja Rule, possibly keen to get his financial affairs in order before heading to jail in June to serve a two year jail term over previously reported gun charges, has pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to file a tax return and has committed to pay $1 million in back taxes.

The rapper was in court in New Jersey yesterday over allegations he failed to file a tax return between 2004 and 2008. At the hearing Rule admitted to being slack in his financial affairs and said he'd pay back taxes and related fines.

The hip hopper could still face a custodial sentence in relation to the unpaid taxes, and will be sentenced on 13 Jun, by which time he'll already be in jail for the gun crimes.

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US singer Loleatta Holloway, possibly best known in the UK for the vocals sampled on Black Box's 'Ride On Time', died on Monday aged 64.

Holloway's professional music career began when she met producer Floyd Smith, her future manager and husband, who organised the recording and release of a cover of the Curtis Mayfield song 'Rainbow 71' in 1971. That single led to her signing to the Aware label, which subsequently released two albums with the singer, one single from which, 'Cry To Me', went to number ten in the Billboard R&B chart. When Aware went under, she signed to Gold Mind, which enabled more chart success for Holloway, who by this time was becoming associated with the disco scene.

Although she continued to perform as a solo artist in the 1980s, her biggest success that decade was 'Ride On Time', which sampled her track 'Love Sensation'. The Italian dance outfit did not clear the 'Love Sensation' sample, failed to credit Holloway, and had a model mime the lyrics when promoting the record. Holloway sued and won a settlement from the dance act. As a result, the fact it was her vocals on the hit record also came to much wider attention.

It was also via another artist that Holloway scored her first number one in 1992, though this time she was credited. Mark Wahlberg used Holloway's vocals on his Funky Bunch hit 'Good Vibrations', and hired her to perform the lyrics live while he promoted the single. She continued to record and perform throughout the rest of her life, with a new version of 'Love Sensation' scoring some moderate chart success in Europe and Australia in 2006.

Paying tribute yesterday, singer and one time label mate of Holloway, Carol Williams, said she had "one of the greatest voices in the world", adding: "When she recorded in the studio, she would have to stand so far back from the mic. Most singers, you know, go right up to the mic and almost have their lips on it. Loleatta could stand feet away".

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EMI Music Publishing yesterday announced it had signed American songwriter and producer Dave Bassett to a worldwide co-publishing deal.

Bassett is best known for writing songs for rock outfits like Saliva, Halestorm, Sevendust, 10 Years, and Skillet, though he has also worked with more poppy acts like Josh Groban, Lisa Loeb and 'American Idol' winner Kris Allen. He has also written soundtracks for numerous US TV shows.

EMI Music Publishing President of North American Creative Jon Platt told CMU: "Dave has incredible range as a writer across all forms of music. His rock credentials are impeccable, but he's just as accomplished in pop or as a writer for television and movies. With that kind of ability, and his track record of success, Dave's music crosses all formats, genres and audiences. We're really looking forward to working with him, and helping him to connect his music with even more people across the world".

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Labrinth has revealed that Welsh rockers Lostprophets are lined up to make an appearance on his debut album.

Writing in his new column for MTV's 'The Wrap Up', he said: "It looks like Lostprophets are gonna be on [the album]! I'm excited about that".

As for other collaborators, he said: "I was gutted that Björk is super busy right now working on her own album, but I'm gonna keep pushing for that one. I've also approached Nicki Minaj to feature - you know how I like to choose my collabs carefully and support UK artists, but I have a track that needs an American on it. It's top secret just now, though".

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Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson has spoken about the band's forthcoming new album, the follow-up to 2009's 'Endgame', on which they are currently working.

He told UGO: "We are working on it now so it's a bit early to encapsulate what the final will ultimately sound like. I think we know the punch and impact we want it to have but also not be afraid to let new ideas develop, too. Just know it will be heavy, hooky, and have the trademarks you'd come to expect from us".

As for when it might be out, he added: "I know the business side want to lock in schedules for release but sometimes you can't contain a creative process and a schedule. For us, the scheduling is second to making a great record. It will be done when it's done".

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Universal has announced that U2, Rihanna, Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are amongst the artists who have donated tracks for use on a new compilation to be released in aid of the Japan Red Cross following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country earlier this month.

A spokesperson for the label said: "We are doing it only digitally because it is faster. [It will be a] a worldwide release".

If none of those artists are up your street, try the 'Nihon Kizuna' compilation, which features 49 tracks from some excellent electronic producers and is also donating all proceeds to the Japan Red Cross - www.nihonkizuna.com.

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Friendly Fires have announced that they will release their second album, entitled 'Pala', on 16 May via XL Recordings. This is very good news and in celebration I'm going to do a little dance around the office.

Okay, I'm back. The album is named after the island in Aldous Huxley's 1962 novel 'Island', and was produced by the band themselves and Paul Epworth.

Speaking of Friendly Fires and Paul Epworth, both will appear at this year's Great Escape, with the band playing a headline show and Epworth being interviewed as part of the conference, to discuss his career to date.

The first single from the album, 'Live Those Days Tonight', is available to listen to now on the band's website at www.wearefriendlyfires.com. The band have also announced an intimate show at XOYO in London on 7 Apr to preview their new material.

Here's the album's tracklist:

Live Those Days Tonight
Blue Cassette
Running Away
Hawaiian Air
Show Me Lights
True Love
Pull Me back To Earth

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Atari Teenage Riot have announced a new single and a London show, much as they did about this time last year. The single, entitled 'Blood In My Eyes' will be released on 4 Apr, or you can download it now from here.

The band will follow the release with a gig at The Forum in London on 12 May, which will feature a support performance from Kap Bambino and a DJ set from The Big Pink. They will also play The Fleece in Bristol the following night and the Bang Face Weekender on 14 May.

The band's new album, 'Is This Hyperreal?', is due for release later this year.

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Saint Saviour, who was last seen singing with Groove Armada, has announced a solo tour to take place in April. She also released a new EP, 'Anatomy', this week.

Explaining how her sound has changed recently, she told CMU last year: "After a few years of making upbeat, loud, pumping dance music and electro-pop, I wanted to go back to my roots when I only listened to sensitive and often melancholy souls like Gladys Knight and Carole King. My voice has a really emotional quality and I wanted to strip back the layers of noise and reveal it in a more natural way. The odd synth bass and fat kick sample manages to pop in now and again though because I just can't resist, but I no longer disguise my voice under three effect units!"

Tour dates:

25 Apr: Glasgow, King Tut's
26 Apr: Manchester, Deaf Institute
27 Apr: Birmingham, Academy 3
28 Apr: Nottingham, Stealth
29 Apr: Hull, Fruit
30 Apr: Live in Leeds
10 Jun: RockNess
5 Aug: Belladrum Festival

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The Crookes released their debut album, 'Chasing After Ghosts', this week through Fierce Panda. It's available in all the usual places, but fans who purchase the album from www.recordstore.co.uk will also be given access to an iPhone and iPad compatible app, which syncs lyrics to images as the album is played.

You can catch the band on tour from Friday:

25 Mar: Manchester, Fac:251
26 Mar: Blackburn, Live Lounge
27 Mar: Newcastle, Cluny
28 Mar: Middlesbrough, Westgarth Social
30 Mar: Birmingham, HMV Institute
31 Mar: Cambridge, Haymakers
1 Apr: Bath, Moles
2 Apr: Reading, South Street
3 Apr: Southampton, Joiners
5 Apr: Nottingham, Bodega
6 Apr: Bristol, Louisiana
7 Apr: London Scala
9 Apr: Stoke, Sugarmill
10 Apr: Leicester, Lock 42
12 Apr: York, Fibbers
13 Apr: Leeds, Nation Of Shopkeepers
14 Apr: Liverpool, The Masque
15 Apr: Hull, Fruit
16 Apr: Sheffield, Queens Social
23 Apr: Crewe, The Box

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Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark have issued a statement after four people were injured by a falling camera rig at their SxSW show on Friday night. The incident happened shortly before the band took to the stage for the show, one of three the band played at the event. All injuries sustained are reported to have been minor.

The band's Andy McCluskey said via the band's website: "Once we realised what had actually happened, and that there were people who needed medical treatment it was obvious that we could not start playing. I guess that if there was any 'luck' involved it was the fact that the camera crane fell before we actually started. It would have been much more confusing and slower to resolve if we were into the set. I expected the concert to be cancelled. We just waited to see if the injured were going to be OK. (I hear that they are OK)".

He continued: "Once the police said it was fine to play we decided that we should at least do something for those who had paid money and waited until 1.30am. Even though the 2am curfew would not be pushed back! It felt rather weird at the beginning, but slowly the band and audience started to re-connect. It was actually a great seven song set! And an even greater relief that no one is permanently hurt!"

He also said that quotes from the band complaining about their set being cut short published by a number of media in relation to this incident had actually related to another gig earlier in the week.

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BEACH BREAK LIVE, Pembrey Country Park, South Wales, 16-20 Jun: White Lies will be amongst the acts heading to this mammoth beachy bash, topping the bill alongside such other newly-confirmed acts as Example, Jamie Woon and Newton Faulkner. Already-announced line-up supremos are Tinie Tempah and Magnetic Man, with Katy B and We Are Scientists also set to bring the fun and, hopefully, some sun as well. www.beachbreaklive.com

CROISSANT NEUF SUMMER PARTY, Usk, Monmouthshire, 12-14 Aug: This award-winning eco-festival is set to welcome a host of folk and acoustic acts to its stages, with ex-Nizlopi frontman Luke Concannon, Show Of Hands, The Beat and Ed Sheeran all fresh on the bill. Running entirely on solar power, the ultra green three-dayer will also feature performances from the likes of Biggles, Rory McCleod and Tin Roots. www.partyneuf.co.uk

OUTSIDE:INSIDE FESTIVAL, various venues, Reading, 9-30 Jul: Under its all-new guise as 'the UK's first ever pop-up festival', this returning event is to be headlined by reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry, post-punks The Fall and deck-spinning Bristolian DJ Derek. Popping up at assorted unusual venues across Reading, the citywide fest will also feature showcase stages hosted by, amongst others, BBC Introducing. www.outsideinsidefestival.com

READING FESTIVAL, Richfield Avenue, Reading, Berkshire, 26-28 Aug: With its sister event taking place in Leeds' Branham Park over the same weekend, organisers have confirmed that The Strokes, My Chemical Romance and Muse will take headlining duties respectively. Other acts revealed so far include 30 Seconds To Mars, The National, Elbow, Interpol and Beady Eye. www.readingfestival.co.uk

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ALBUM REVIEW: Munk - The Bird And The Beat (Gomma)
Munk is the band of Italo-German DJ and musician Mathias Modica, whose two previous albums 'Aperitivo' (2004) and 'Cloudbuster' (2008) were released on his own label Gomma Records. Munk has also featured on numerous mixtapes by influential and fashionable electronica artists, such as Cut Copy's 'Fabric Live' compilation and Friendly Fires' 'Bugged Out' record.

The title of Munk's third album almost seems driven by a single manifesto - if you like - to utilise the vocals of ten different female vocalists, from ten different countries. The diversity of talent on show is also reflected in the album's varied musical palette. 'The Bird And The Beat' encompasses every different strain of electronic music imaginable, from the Italo Disco sounds of 'La Musica', complete with distorted vocals and 80s synths, to the homage to 90s house music, 'No Moon', with its infectious electronic piano hook. Melancholic funk makes an appearance on 'Violent Love', whilst the French chanson influenced 'Tipsy?' is an unlikely but welcome change in direction, though its production is still so modern so as to offset any accusations of just aiming for retro cool.

The album is clearly a labour of love for Modica, who single-handedly produced and recorded the album. His anything-goes approach and appreciation for music that cuts across several genres is at the heart of this record and he aims to bring all these miscellaneous influences together in one cohesive album. It's natural that the odd track wouldn't quite work because the change in vocals and style might seem a bit too jarring, but on the whole Munk succeeds with his aims. KW

Physical release: 21 Feb

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There has been more speculation that Russian businessman Alexander Mamut is preparing a bid for the whole HMV group. As previously reported, Mamut currently owns 6% of the entertainment retailer, and recently hired the services of Credit Suisse to advise him on the future prospects and options for the company.

Recent rumour has been that Mamut wants to buy Waterstones, and with HMV top man Simon Fox - busy trying to placate his bankers as his company gets ready to breach covenants on its loans - reportedly proposing a sale of the book chain to raise quick cash, many think the Russian may get that wish.

However, some still think Mamut may bid for the whole of HMV, and the FT has pointed out that the businessman may soon have access to the funds he'd need to stage such a bid because Euroset, the Russian mobile phone seller in which he has a 50% stake, is about to float on the London Stock Exchange.

Although Mamut is expected to keep hold of some of his Euroset stock, the profits from that flotation would more than cover the costs of buying HMV outright.

The new rumours have resulted in HMV's share price, which has been buoyant of late after a long period of decline, to push up another 7% yesterday.

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According to Forbes, teen pop sensation/disaster Rebecca Black is in line to receive upwards of a million dollars from her song, 'Friday', which has now scored over 35 million views on YouTube. The publication has based this figure on YouTube and iTunes royalty rates, though obviously what money she actually receives depend entirely upon what rights she owns in the song, which may be none.

In the unlikely event you've missed this story, Black was one of a number of teens who were selected by "community, music/entertainment channel and independent record label" Ark Music Factory to record a song and video with their team of songwriters and producers. Her mother says she paid the company $2000 for the privilege, leading some to the suggest Ark are basically vanity publishers who make money by charging the parents of rich kids to make cheesy records, with the false promise of pop stardom. The alleged million dollars generated by 'Friday', therefore, is just a happy coincidence.

So far, Ark has remained largely quiet on the subject. However, it seems this week we will finally get its version of the story. The company posted a new video to YouTube this week, pulling in videos and website comments made since 'Friday' became such a big hit online, some of which accused the firm of being "evil" and "exploiting children". The video promises a proper response on Friday. Obviously.

What Ark's owners will tell us is anyone's guess, but you can watch the trailer for the 'event' here: youtu.be/6gEZuKH0rzw

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Shazam has launched a new bit of functionality called Shazam Friends which lets users of the music recognition service tell their friends what music they have recently identified, on the off chance their friends wish to know. The information can be shared with other Shazam users, and wider afield via Facebook. Friends can listen to thirty second clips of songs and buy it via iTunes. The new service is available for users of the Shazam iPhone app already, with plans to roll out to the Android app in the next few weeks.

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Well, if you will go flying without wings. Westlife were left hanging above their audience at a gig in Liverpool last week after a technical fault caused the wires that had pulled the warblers into the air to jam. They were left sitting on a bar high above the Liverpool Echo Arena waiting for security staff to work out how to pull them down.

A bystander told the Mirror: "At one point, the boys sit down and start singing from a big swinging bar which transports them around the arena. Embarrassingly, it broke down and got stuck. A load of security guys had to manually lower the bar and help the lads to the stage. They were mortified".

On the bright side, it disproves the theory nothing interesting ever happens at a Westlife gig. I suppose something interesting had to happen eventually.

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