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Most of the average digital music collection goes unplayed
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CMU editor guests on net influenced 6music show
Cole may turn down X-UK return over treatment on X-USA
4music to launch Pop Up Pop Quiz
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Love: Drugs made me celibate

Well, hello there, and well done for making it through another week. And as a reward, have a Bank Holiday Weekend, on me. No, don't mention it, it's yours. For free. Though it does mean you won't be getting a CMU Daily on Monday. What we do have next week, though, is the latest CMU Training course, this one on all things music PR and promotions. It's taking place in Shoreditch on Wednesday. Why not start June better informed on how to build profile and buzz for your bands and projects? More details at theCMUwebsite.com/training. Meanwhile, here's your week in five...

01: More artists sued Universal over digital royalties, following the court victory of Eminem producers FBT Productions in arguing that download revenues should be treated as licensing rather than record sales income, on which they contractually earn a bigger cut. Universal insist the ruling in the FBT case does not set a precedent that applies to all pre-internet record contracts, but Rob Zombie, Whitesnake and Dave Mason all followed the lead of the Rick James estate this week in begging to differ, and filing a class action lawsuit that calls for all legacy artists to get the higher share of digital monies. CMU report | Reuters report

02: Leaked Katy Perry rider shows insider touting. Among various diva-ish demands on the Perry rider, published by The Smoking Gun, was one that said promoters should set aside a number of tickets per show for the singer's team to resell via ticketing agencies of their choice, which might include secondary ticketing auction sites. That some artists and managers tout their own tickets for profit isn't a secret, but Perry is possibly the first high profile artist to be outed as a touter in this way. Some will argue the singer is ripping off her fans by letting her people sell tickets at hiked up prices. CMU report | Smoking Gun report

03: The European Commission set out its intellectual property plans, which included the usual stuff (for EC statements on IP) about the music industry making pan-European licensing simpler, with various further calls for collecting society reform. Perhaps more interesting were commitments to taking EC-level action to curb illegal file-sharing and other online piracy, even if this paper was vague on what form that action might take. CMU report | European Patent Office Announcement

04: Concerns were raised about the Police Reform Bill, which some say will make licensing music events, especially festivals, more difficult, even as the Live Music Bill tries to simplify such things. Campaigner Hamish Birchall told Music Week that by pursuing both the Live Music Bill and the licensing section of the Police Reform Bill the government was trying to both deregulate and regulate at the same time. The police bill was being discussed by a Lords committee this week. CMU report | Event Industry News report

05: There was chatter about a Facebook and Spotify alliance,
which Forbes span as Facebook launching its own Spotify-powered streaming music service. Though some think that Facebook is actually talking to numerous content providers, including various digital music players, about them offering some of their services within the Facebook environment. Some sort of music partnerships announcement from Facebook is expected soon though. CMU report | Billboard report

And that's your lot - enjoy thank bank holiday now.

Chris Cooke
Business Editor, CMU
VIGSY'S CLUB TIP Secretsundaze at THAT
Secretsundaze are back, celebrating ten years in the game, with my personal stand out artist from last year, Wbeeza, playing live. Elsewhere Soundstream, aka Frank Timms, will be housing it up, while Manc Trus'me will be playing some dope grooves on the wheels of steel. Also worth checking out is The Beez, who has been tearing up the dancefloors since his first EP on the excellent Third Ear label, and his long player last year, 'Void', was rather good too. Finally, residents Priestly and Smith will keep the party moving, a great way to spend your Bank Holiday Weekend.

secretsundaze at The House, 338 Tunnel Avenue, London, SE10, Sunday 29 May, 2pm to 12am, £14.50 adv, info here

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Power lists, hey? Everybody loves a power list, right? Of course, the publication which produces such a list takes a risk, because while they make 100 people very happy, by definition their pissing off thousands more. Many of you will remember *that* Music Week power list and the subsequent fallout.

But presumably The Guardian doesn't care if it bruises some egos in music-land. Or perhaps it does, the first ever Guardian Music Power 100 - the 100 most influential people in British rock and pop - does come with the get-out clause: "We know that this list is far from perfect. There will be people we've simply missed out; there will be others who are too high, and others who are too low. Maybe there are some who shouldn't be there at all".

It's possibly also worth noting the list doesn't include any Guardian editors or music critics, presumably not wanting to be seen to show bias towards its own, though in terms of getting new music out to a more mainstream audience the broadsheet's staff do wield some power themselves.

So who is in this list? Well, the team behind Adele - including Adele herself - top the poll, which does sort of smack of "oh, we better include some artists, whose the biggest at the moment?", which the paper sort of admits itself when it confesses "our panel [of industry experts] stressed most forcefully teamwork and the artist - 'none of us would be here without the artists', they said - hence the choice of No 1, an artist served by a top-rate team.

Elsewhere you'll find the usual suspects, the top BBC radio types, the major label chiefs, the live music supremos, the retail bosses, the techies who control digital music or artists' social media activity, a few managers, a couple of producers and songwriters, at least one lawyer, and more artists ensuring most strands of the rock and pop genres are represented. The direct-to-fan technology makers, acquisitive independent publishers and increasingly crucial collecting societies are most notable by their absence, but as these slightly random lists go, it's an OK first attempt.

Here's the top ten, but for the full list go check The Guardian website here.

1. Team Adele
2. Lucian Grainge and David Joseph, Universal Music
3. Simon Cowell
4. Nigel Harding, Radio 1
5. Person or persons unknown, iTunes UK
6. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, YouTube
7. George Ergoutadis, Radio 1
8. Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, Google
9. Simon Moran, SJM promotions
10. Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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The Finnish record industry has applied for a court order to force internet service providers there to block access to The Pirate Bay, the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has confirmed.

Finland's Copyright Information & Anti-Piracy Centre filed the court papers on behalf of the IFPI, who told reporters: "The development of a legal online market is impossible in Finland if illegal services like The Pirate Bay are freely allowed to continue their operations".

If the Finnish courts granted the order, they wouldn't be the first European country to officially block access to the rogue file-sharing site, though, of course, more prolific users will always find ways to circumvent such blocks.

That said, record label types would probably argue that even if such a block stops more casual users from accessing the BitTorrent search engine, that would be a step in the right direction.

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Legendary funk man George Clinton is in hospital to receive treatment for a so called staph infection in one of his legs, according to TMZ. A representative for the Parliament-Funkadelic leader said Clinton had gone into hospital for the treatment after a routine check-up with his doctor, adding that "he will be just fine, [but] thank you for all your prayers and concern".

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Do CMU readers care that a 17 year old high-school student called Scott McCreery has won the tenth edition of 'American Idol', beating sixteen year old rival Lauren Alaina with an Elton John cover to become the youngest ever winner of the series? I've lost my guidelines on this issue. If someone could let me know I'll make a decision on whether or not to run this story.

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A coalition of American musicians has called for plans to cut 31 categories from next year's Grammy Awards to be axed, at a protest outside a board meeting of award organisers the Recording Academy in Beverly Hills.

As previously reported, plans to cut some of the Grammy's 109 categories were announced last month. Gender specific awards will be abolished, some instrumental categories are being phased out, and Hawaiian, Native American, Zydeco/Cajun and polka gongs are being merged into a 'regional roots' award.

The protestors say the reductions unfairly target ethnic music, and that the changes were made without consulting thousands of Academy members. Their campaign is supported by some high profile musicians, including Paul Simon and Carlos Santana.

But the boss of the US awards show, Neil Portnow, told reporters it was untrue to say non-mainstream categories were only affected by the changes, noting that the number of mainstream awards would be cut from 34 to 20 as part of the revamp. He added that the category changes would go ahead next year whatever, but that he hoped the protestors would work with the Academy to assess how the alternations work out on the night, and help review things for 2013.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the protestors were not especially appeased by that. Calling for Portnow's resignation, four times Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria, told reporters: "[Portnow is] being arrogant in saying that it's written in stone [for 2012] when we have a chance to get these categories reinstated".

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Billboard's Editorial Director Bill Werde has responded to chatter on the net-o-sphere in the US this week as to whether all the Lady Gaga albums sold for a mere 99 cents by Amazon should be counted in this week's American music charts. Some have argued no.

As previously reported, Amazon put the Gaga album on sale for a mere dollar at the start of the week - meaning they'd be making a sizable loss on every sale - seemingly in a bid to create mega-traffic (it certainly did that, even Amazon's huge servers couldn't cope) so that it could make the mainstream music audience aware of its new and slightly controversial (in record industry circles) digital locker service.

Existing Billboard chart rules don't take into account the price a customer pays, so that if retailers take a hit and sell a record as a loss leader, all sales count as standard units. Thus the one dollar Gaga sales will help take the popstress to number one this week. And Werde says that, despite some opposition online, that rule will stand, for this week at least, partly because he doesn't like the idea of changing the rules at the last minute, and partly because he's not entirely sure chart bosses should be considering price point in their counting.

Writing on his own magazine's website, Werde days: "I'm pretty far from certain it makes sense to consider pricing (although I encourage your comments). For starters, market dynamics are shifting so quickly. Who's to say that in three years or three months or even three weeks that the accepted value of an album won't be .99 cents? I realise that's an alarming (and unlikely, at least in weeks or months) thought for many of you, dear readers. But the decline in the perceived value of recorded music is not exactly a secret in 2011".

He continues: "Further, just looking at current market conditions, should an album that sells for $9.99 count twice as much as an album that sells for $4.99? How about on iTunes: Should a $1.29 track count twice as much as a $.69 track? I'm inclined to say no. As I said, my mind isn't made up about this as it relates to considering this policy in future weeks. I'm certain I'll have many conversations with Silvio Pietroluongo, our Director of Charts, about this topic. But I generally regard Billboard's role as being a market archivist and not a market activist. If we set an arbitrary pricing threshold, we are affecting business and not simply reporting it".

You can read Werde's full comment piece here.

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The founder of Modular Recordings has told Aussie music business magazine The Music Network that the long awaited second Avalanches album is finally in the can, more or less. All that's left to be done, says Steven Pavlovic, is "some tweaking to the production elements".

The Modular man added that he hoped a single would be out this year, with the album following in early 2012. He concluded: "They're finished, and they're celebrating. And they're going to have a little party to celebrate finishing it. The next stage will see the album go to someone to mix".

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Eminem will release a new EP on 13 Jun, a collaboration with rapper Royce Da 5'9 under the moniker Bad Meets Evil. The two rappers worked together in the late nineties, but subsequently fell out. It seems they reconciled after the 2006 death of their mutual friend, D-12 rapper Proof. The EP is currently without a name, though the first track on it is called 'Fast Lane'. That was on YouTube for a time, but seems to have been taken down by the powers that be.

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BESTIVAL, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight, 8-11 Sept: Featuring highly amongst the array of recent Bestival bookings are acts including conspicuous rap rascals Odd Future, Tom Vek, Crystal Fighters, Professor Green, Ghostpoet and Dog Is Dead. PJ Harvey and Pendulum share headlining duties, flanked by the likes of Fatboy Slim, The Maccabees, Kelis, Cut Copy and Mogwai. www.bestival.net

THE BIG FEASTIVAL, Clapham Common, London, 1-3 Jul: Hercules & Love Affair and DJ Tom Middleton are the latest musical additions to the tasty array of acts set to perform at The Big Feastival, joining a line-up that includes Soul II Soul, The Charlatans, Mystery Jets and New Young Pony Club. Organised by Jamie Oliver to benefit charities including The Prince's Trust, other on-site attractions include restaurant showcases and free samples galore. www.thebigfeastival.co.uk

V FESTIVAL, Hylands Park, Essex/Weston Park, Staffordshire, 20-21 Aug: Adding some variety and soul to the otherwise pop-dominated V bill are Aloe Blacc and Ziggy Marley, who are joined by the likes of Kassidy, Twenty Twenty, Big Country and rap posse D12. The most famous D12er, Eminem, shares headline duties with Rihanna, who take centre stage on an existing roster that also boasts Arctic Monkeys, Dizzee Rascal and Primal Scream. www.vfestival.com

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Energy drink Burn has officially launched a new electronic music platform called the Burn Studios Audiotool, which will "enable music creation, discovery and sharing" in that good old cloud in the digital sky. The aim is to build a community of grass roots dance music makers.

Burn soft launched is Burn Studios programme at the International Music Summit in Ibiza this time last year, and has been developing and beta testing the Audiotool platform ever since. It went properly live at this year's IMS yesterday, with Richie Hawtin confirmed as the new venture's Creative Director. He told CMU: "The use of cloud technologies will revolutionise the way we think and do things, especially how we approach music making in the future... well the future is now".

To coincide with the launch, Burn also announced a big competition for aspiring dance producers, fourteen of whom will be flown over to the Burn Studios physical base on Ibiza in July for a production bootcamp. One overall winner will then go to New York to work with Sasha no less. To enter bedroom producers must remix a track created by Sasha and upload it to the audiotools platform. Full info will be posted at burn.com I'm sure.

Commenting on all this shenanigans, Burn's Dan White told reporters: "Burn Studios is the epitome of Burn's personality, it captures the essence of the brand and blasts it into a real life dimension of energy filled passion and fearless creativity. I'm proud that we are able to ignite creative passion and bring the community together with this pioneering studio concept".

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Universal Music in the US has signed a deal with Tommy Hilfiger - the designer direct, rather than the company that bears his name - to launch a line of music-related clothing to be sold in high-end boutiques and department stores. It's not clear which artists Universal hopes to involve in its new fashion venture, though it is thought they will be recruited from across the major's various labels.

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Revenues at Sony Corp's music division, which includes Sony Music, Sony Music Japan and the Sony/ATV music publishing company, were down 9.9% in the financial year that ended on 31 Mar, or 5% if currency fluctuations are taken into account.

The decline was, in the main, Michael Jackson's fault, in that the previous financial year's revenues were higher than normal because of all those people rushing out to re-buy the late king of pop's back catalogue just as soon as he was dead. Although the Jackson legacy remains valuable, the value of his catalogue definitely peaked in the months following his passing.

The more general and continued decline in record sales also played its part, I suppose. On the up side, Sony's musical profits rose 6.6% to $469 million, mainly because, like all the majors, Sony Music has been quietly downsizing its workforce and other overheads over recent years.

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Music business analyst Mark Mulligan, who is particularly known for his insights on the digital music domain, has announced he is leaving Forrester Research. Mulligan has been analysing the music industry for eleven years, originally for Jupiter Research, who were acquired by Forrester in 2008. He's also know for his blog posts about the music sector.

Confirming his departure from Forrester, Mulligan said this week: "I'm taking a little bit of time out before making my next move. In the meantime I'll still be blogging on music industry stuff over at my MusicIndustryBlog and basically making a nuisance of myself as an independent voice".

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Tech firm Music WithMe, who provide tools to help users transfer their iTunes collections to non-Apple devices - especially Android phones - say they have been monitoring the play counts of music collections transferred via their system, and have found that on average 81% of a user's MP3 collection never gets played - ie 81% of tracks would have a zero play count.

Writing on their blog, Music WithMe, revealed "The average iTunes library has 5,409 songs of which 4,195 have never been played. Put another way: we listen to about 19% of the music we own".

Of course such a claim might not account for the circumstances in which a user's iTunes play stats would reset, but as a general stat it's possibly not that surprising, especially for the P2P generation, many of whom downloaded huge quantities of unlicensed music via P2P networks more the prestige of having the biggest MP3 collection rather than with any intent of listening to all the tunes.

Quite what the industry can do with a stat like that though, I'm not sure. Though, if all those unplayed tracks were sold rather than nabbed from P2P, I suppose it does suggest some artists might benefit more from a la carte download systems rather than pay-per-play streaming services.

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CMU editor Andy Malt will tonight guest on 'NowPlaying', the newish Tom Robinson hosted 6music show which takes its musical leads from what's being talked about, recommended and played on the internet, whether that be YouTube plays, blogger comments or listeners interacting via Facebook, Spotify or the BBC website.

Explaining the concept of the show, Robinson says: "For the last 50 years music radio has basically been a shop window for the music industry to advertise and promote its products - and for me 'NowPlaying' reperesents a small but important step away from that model. All the tunes we're playing are sourced from public conversations with our listeners - and what's happening out there in the big wide world of the blogosphere. Not from the promotional activities of record companies".

He continues: "For the first time ever, I've actually had to ask pluggers to take me off their mailing lists because we can no longer 'just slip in' some latest release or other as a favour to them or anybody else: the audience really is in the driving seat. Instead of us choosing the music that gets broadcast, our job is simply to 'reflect the online conversation about music, on air'".

Andy will appear at some point on tonight's show, which airs from 7-9pm on 6music, recommending three artists and tracks himself. More at www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/

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So Cheryl Cole was almost certainly pushed from her role as a judge on 'X-Factor USA' it seems, even though neither the 'X' machine nor the Girl Aloud have commented on her sudden departure from the new American version of the pop talent show.

Insiders are saying US TV bosses wanted a number of changes to the 'X' format after early auditions, and losing the least famous (in the US) judge was among them. The tabs reckon Cole only found out on Tuesday that she'd been axed, and has now fled back to the UK where she is getting over the high profile rejection.

It is widely assumed ITV would gladly welcome her back to the British version of the programme, but some are speculating that she is so angry with Simon Cowell and his Syco team for failing to fight her corner in America that she'll likely turn them down.

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Everyone loves a pop quiz, right? Well, Box TV has announced details of a new show planned for this summer on 4Music called the 'Pop Up Pop Quiz'. Each edition will be filmed in a different location. And although they're employing that rather fashionable term for 'temporary venue', this programme will literally 'pop up' in that the set is inflatable. Audience members will be recruited from anyone who happens to be in the vicinity once the set has inflated.

Dave Young, Box TV Programming Director, told CMU: "We're really excited about 'Pop Up Pop Quiz' - it's bright, brash and funny, and the outdoor locations and inflatable set will bring a breath of fresh air to the classic quiz show format. At Box TV we're totally committed to being the UK's no 1 innovator in music TV, and this is another fresh format".

He continued: "We're also delighted to be supporting new talent again with [our choice of presenters] Rickie and Melvin, [who will be] building on the success they've had at Kiss radio - their chemistry is going to be dynamite on 'Pop Up Pop Quiz' - it's perfect for them".

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The Guardian's radio company GMG Radio has announced the appointment of its first ever Deputy Group Programme Director, James Rea.

The new role will support the radio firm's Group PD John Simons with regards the "strategic development of on-air content", whatever that means. Rea previously oversaw the news teams on GMG Radio's three networks, Smooth, Rock and Real Radio.

Elsewhere at GMG Radio, Mark Matthews has become Brand Programme Director for the Real Radio network of stations, which presumably isn't as tedious a job as it sounds.

The aforementioned Simons told Radio Today: "James and Mark have played a key role in the development and direction of our on-air brands in recent years and their new roles enhance senior programming support across the business and enable us to look at new opportunities to extend our content beyond our on-air services, at a time when our content is nominated for, and winning, more awards than ever before".

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Presumably the government will put this up on posters at every school in the land - listen to Courtney kids, she knows what she's talking about: rampant drug use destroys your sex life.

In the same interview in which she dissed people who still refer to her as a 'drug freak', the now seemingly clean living Hole frontwoman told Thefix.com that too many drugs "neutered" her.

Love: "When I was on drugs, I felt like this nunnish, non-sexual person. After I stopped doing drugs I started to fuck like a bunny! Before that I suffered from years of celibacy. I was on this whole Morrissey kick, no masturbation, no romance, no nothing!"

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