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Tyler, The Creator: My gay fans don't find me offensive

So, first my plug of the week, our next CMU Training course on 29 Jun looks at the business models, artist deals and revenue streams that will drive the music industry in the future, so assuming you're planning on being here in the future, you should come along! You can book your place right now at www.thecmuwebsite.com/training/.

Second, useless fact of the week. And Extreme Tech reckons that Google's recent Les Paul tributing 'play me' guitar-like Google Doodle cost the world £166 million in lost office-hours from the time the working population wasted playing with the nifty little digital toy. Still, time better spent, surely, than thinking of and then tweeting the name of the film that best describes your penis.


Third, my link of the week. Yes, even the Muppets are now mocking Bono, The Edge and the producers of the ill-fated 'Spider-Man' Broadway musical, which finally opened this week after a record breaking 180 preview performances. See the Muppets sketch here.

And finally, here it is, the five biggest news stories from the music business this week.

01: Pandora floated, one of the first digital firms to capitalise on growing City-boy interest in all things internet. 14.7 million shares were sold at $16 a piece. Given those shares amounted to just 9% of the company, that values Pandora at $2.56 billion, although that share price is already slipping. Although popular with its users, and one of the only digital music services to have lasted the distance, Pandora is yet to make a profit. CMU report | Bloomberg update

02: Spotify USA edged closer.
It was widely reported this week that Universal Music had signed up to Spotify in the US, and that even hold outs Warner were not close to signing up, possibly because the popular streaming service has scaled back on its freemium service. A spokesman for Spotify indicated a summer launch Stateside was now likely, but it wouldn't be this month. Team Spot have been promising an American launch for some time, but the US divisions of the major labels were initially hesitant about licensing it. CMU report | Billboard report

03: Report suggested a streamlining of BBC pop station management structures. Former commercial radio man John Myers had reviewed the operations of Radio 1, 2, 1Xtra and 6 and said that while they were all great stations, there was much scope for making cost savings without affecting output. In particular, he recommended having one controller and management team for all the Beeb's pop stations, rather that one set of management for 1 and 1Xtra and another for 2 and 6music. He also said all the stations' news operations should be merged. BBC Radio chief Tim Davie welcomed the report, though didn't seem that keen to pursue many of its proposals. CMU report | Guardian report

04: LA Reid was linked to an Epic US role. The former Island Def Jam chief has been expected to follow his former boss Doug Morris to Sony Music ever since he announced his departure from the Universal division, especially as he is a judge on the Sony-owned 'X-Factor USA' TV show. The Hollywood Reporter has said Reid will head up a newly expanded Epic label division, which would also include the old Jive labels, including the one he co-founded in 1989, LaFace. CMU report | Hollywood Reporter report

05: PricewaterhouseCoopers was upbeat about the entertainment sector, but less so music. The accountants issued their annual report on the media and entertainment industries, and said they were seeing more growth than expected. So much so they predicted the wider sector would grow by 5.7% year on year over the next five years. Though they excluded the music business from this, which they said would start to grow again within the next five years, though not immediately, and more modestly. CMU report | New York Times report

And that's your lot - don't forget to look out for a new podcast with more week-in-view type shenanigans later today: www.thecmuwebsite.com/podcast/

Chris Cooke
Business Editor, CMU

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Quentin Harris at East Village
East Village have billed this Saturday night as 'Quentin Harris All Night Long', and, coincidentally, New York house fella Quentin Harris will be there playing a six hour set, giving you 30 minutes after the doors open to get in and find a good seat before the show starts. Or maybe you could dance, I hear people do that in nightclubs now, too. Whatever, if you head down to the basement of this Shoredicth club tomorrow night and you don't want to see Quentin Harris DJing, you're going to be disappointed.

I can't actually imagine that people who don't want to see Harris DJ exist, but should you want a break, you can head up to the lounge, where you'll find Ashley Beedle, Stuart Patterson and Jimmy P all doing their thing, playing everything from disco to dubstep, which covers most bases. Should be an excellent night.

Saturday 18 Jun, East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A, 9pm-3.30am, £8-12, more at www.eastvillageclub.co.uk

We are a busy management company with a stable of established artists. We need an assistant who has some previous experience of working in an office environment. This person will be bright, friendly, quick to learn, have an eye for detail and a conscientious attitude to the work given them. They will be responsible for fielding calls and mail and ensuring the smooth running of the office, as well as assisting the artist managers in their day to day work. A good working knowledge of Entourage / Word / Excel would be useful and general computer literacy is essential.

Email CVs to [email protected]

"The best music business training event I have attended; relevant and up to date, your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the industry is simply exceptional" from delegate feedback

We are currently taking bookings for the following CMU TRAINING courses:

How to make money out of music - both now and in the future, with a look at alternative investment and revenue streams, and a new approach to monetising artists and their music. Wed 29 Jun

How to build a profile for your artists - the state of the music media, traditional and new publicity techniques, social media and the future of music PR. Wed 13 Jul

For more information or to book visit www.theCMUwebsite.com/training

It may be very nearly two years since Michael Jackson died, but still the legal squabbles continue. Lawyers for Sony Pictures are fighting demands by lawyers representing Dr Conrad Murray to hand over about 100 hours of video footage from the rehearsals for Jackson's ill-fated 'This Is It' shows, ie the footage that didn't make it into the behind the scenes movie of the same name, which was released by Sony's movie company after striking a deal with AEG Live and the MJ estate.

The prosecution in the manslaughter case against the Doc - who is, of course, accused of causing Jackson's death by negligently administering the drug propofol - are expected to show clips from the 'This Is It' movie to show that the late king of pop was in good health in the weeks before his untimely death, despite reports to the contrary at the time.

But the Murray defence note that when Sony Pictures secured the rights to turn 'This Is It' rehearsal footage into a movie the company was committed by contract to only use clips that showed Jackson is a good light. Defence lawyers reckon that if they can get their hands on other unused footage they could back up their argument that the singer was actually very ill prior to his death.

Sony Pictures is fighting efforts by the Murray defence to force it to hand over the footage, arguing that said film is incredibly valuable to the company, and may be used for later Jacko-related projects, and that if it is handed over to third parties it may well leak onto the internet. Or, if any of it is shown in court, then that content will then be in the public domain. The film studio also says that the Murray camp's demand - for all footage - is too wide-ranging.

But the court overseeing the Murray trial seems prone to give the defence team access to the raw cuts of Sony's Jackson documentary. According to CNN, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor conceded this week that the unused 'This Is It' footage would likely be "useful" to defence lawyers, and told Sony Pictures to discuss with Murray's legal team how it might give them access to it. Sony and Team Murray have a week to sort out a method acceptable to both sides.

The Conrad Murray trial is due to kick off in September. Meanwhile, a new bit of civil litigation relating to Jacko has begun. The pop star's father, Joe Jackson, has done a deal with French perfumier Franck Rouas to launch two MJ branded fragrances, one for men and one for women, to be called Jackson's Tribute For Men and Jackson's Legend For Women respectively. But Universal's merchandising company Bravado says the new smelly products breach its agreement with the Michael Jackson estate, which gives it exclusive rights to make MJ branded goods.

Bravado has sued through the LA courts, with its lawsuit alleging that Joe Jackson and Franck Rouas are "unlicensed distributors who have been using the Michael Jackson trademark and/or a mark confusing similar thereto". They want an injunction to ban the launch of the perfumes and $150K in damages.

Joe, needless to say, isn't impressed. He told reporters: "They can say whatever they want. I am the father, [Michael] was my son and I can decide what to do on his behalf and in his honour. There are many interests around the legacy of my son, companies that want everything, but I have a foundation that allows me to launch projects with his name, the name of my son".

Finally in Jacko news, for now, and La Toya Jackson will mark the aforementioned second anniversary of her late brother's death by releasing a book next week in which she will further the conspiracy theories that Michael Jackson was murdered. Good times.

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The two men accused of plotting to rob and kill Joss Stone appeared at Essex Magistrates Court yesterday to enter a plea, following their arrest on Monday.

As previously reported, earlier this week neighbours alerted police to a car driving suspiciously near the village of Cullompton in Devon, where Stone lives. When they stopped the men's car, police found swords, rope and a body bag, plus aerial photographs of Stone's home.

At yesterday's court hearing a number of notes also found in the car were read out. They allegedly said things like "find Joss Stone's address on Google" and "rob and kill Jocelyn, money in safe, find a river to dump her in".

The pair were remanded in custody after magistrates ruled that the charges were too serious for them to be granted bail. They will appear again for a preliminary hearing on 1 Jul.

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Funk star Sly Stone, real name Sylvester Stewart, appeared in a Californian court on Wednesday to plead not guilty to charges of cocaine possession.

The former Sly And The Family Stone frontman was arrested on 1 Apr after his van was pulled over in LA for a minor traffic offence. His passenger was found to be carrying two rocks of cocaine, and both men were arrested.

Insisting that Stone had nothing to do with the drugs, his lawyer Peter Knecht said: "A lot of musicians hang out with people who have drugs. How are they supposed to know?"

Knecht added that he felt his client was being punished for past run-ins with the law over drugs and weapons possession, saying: "You can't punish a guy for what he did 40 years ago, 30 years ago".

Stone will next appear in court on 19 Jul.

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So, this is a bit complicated. The ex-boyfriend and one time producer of Lady Gaga who sued the singer claiming he was owed royalties from her debut album and other stuff, is now being sued by another producer who claims he is owed a share of any royalties owed to the ex-boyfriend. Keeping up?

As previously reported, Rob Fusari claimed he helped conceive the Gaga franchise, creating the look, coining the name, and writing and producing some of the early hits. He claimed that he and Gaga had formed a joint venture company in the early days in which he had a 20% stake, but that when she signed to Universal Music that enterprise was cut out of the equation.

Therefore, he said, while he was earning royalties as a co-producer on Gaga's debut album 'The Fame', he was actually due a fifth of all the money she was making. That amounted to $35 million, he reckoned. Gaga's people initially disputed Fusari's claims, and questioned the legitimacy of the producer's agreements with the pop star, but later they reached an undisclosed out of court settlement.

The new lawsuit has been filed by Calvin Gaines, who claims he worked with Fusari on a number of Gaga's early hits, from which Fusari is now earning royalties, and that he is therefore due a share of that loot. According to the New York Post, Gaines is demanding a million dollars in his litigation. Fusari, for his part, has dismissed the other producer's claims, telling the post Gaines "is trying to extort money out of me".

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Rebecca Black's viral hit 'Friday' has been taken off YouTube because of an ongoing dispute between the surprise online star and the company who made her terrible song, Ark Music Factory.

As previously reported, questions were asked about the copyrights in the song as soon as it became an internet hit. Black's mother paid Ark Music Factory - which seems to basically be a musical equivalent of a vanity publisher - to write the song and make a video of her daughter singing it.

In a subsequent interview the boss of Ark seemed to say that, having paid for the making of the track, the Black family owned the copyright in 'Friday', though a legal rep for the firm did not concur, possibly implying Mrs Black (actually, she's called Mrs Kelly) had bought the copyright in the recording but not the song.

Whatever, talks are presumably ongoing regarding ownership of 'Friday' and Black's recording of it, but things seemingly came to a head this week when Ark Music Factory put the infamous video behind a paywall on YouTube, making it pay per view.

Black's fans - for apparently such things exist - reacted angrily, and Black herself quickly distanced herself from the decision to charge for her song. Ark Music Factory seemingly pulled down the paywall in quick response to that outrage, but then the song disappeared from YouTube altogether.

It seems Chez Black issued a takedown notice, presumably because they believe they own the copyrights in the song and they don't want Ark Music Factory managing its official presence on YouTube anymore. As of this morning, if you search for the pop song on the video website you get the notice "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that".

It's not clear if the debate over who owns the copyright in this song is likely to go properly legal at any point. I hope so, the resulting court squabble would be a damn site more entertaining than the song itself.

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The long list is out for this year's Polaris Music Prize which is - come on everybody, let's say this in unison - "the Canadian equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize". To get to the long list, Canadian music media types voted for what they thought were the best five albums by native artists in the twelve months up to 31 May. The shortlist of ten will be announced on 6 Jul, with the overall winners decided on 19 Sep. The overall winners will get CAN$30,000, while for the first time this year every act on the short list will also get two grand.

And the long list goes like this:

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Austra - Feel It Break
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart
Braids - Native Speaker
Buck 65 - 20 Odd Years
Louise Burns - Mellow Drama
D-Sisive - Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye
The Dears - Degeneration Street
Destroyer - Kaputt
Diamond Rings - Special Affections
Dirty Beaches - Badlands
Luke Doucet and The White Falcon - Steel City Trawler
Eternia & MoSS - At Last
Galaxie - Tigre et Diesel
Jenn Grant - Honeymoon Punch
Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
Hey Rosetta! - Seeds
Hooded Fang - Album
Imaginary Cities - Temporary Resident
Land Of Talk - Cloak and Cipher
Little Scream - The Golden Record
The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work
Malajube - La Caverne
Miracle Fortress - Was I The Wave?
One Hundred Dollars - Songs Of Man
Doug Paisley - Constant Companion
PS I Love You - Meet Me At The Muster Station
Daniel Romano - Sleep Beneath the Willow
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing
Ron Sexsmith - Long Player Late Bloomer
Shotgun Jimmie - Transistor Sister
Sloan - The Double Cross
Frederick Squire - March 12
Stars - The Five Ghosts
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin' On
The Weeknd - House Of Balloons
Women - Public Strain
Neil Young - Le Noise
Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting

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Organisers of the Silver Clef Awards, which are held in aid of the Nordoff Robbins charity of course, have announced the addition of another category this year, which, unusually for this event, will be voted for by Joe Public.

The new gong, sponsored by Ticketmaster and supported by Absolute Radio, the Evening Standard and overall Silver Clef sponsors O2, will be for Best Live Act. Ticketmaster has randomly put together a short list (well, they said something about basing it on customer reviews), and now anyone can vote at www.nordoff-robbins.org.uk.

Says the Chairman of Nordoff Robbins: "Music is incredibly powerful. At Nordoff Robbins, we use music to transform the lives of many thousands of people. We want the public to tell us about a gig that's transformed their life in the last twelve months. From Biffy Clyro to Muse, Stevie Wonder and many in between, we're looking for the best live act of the last year".

The list of thirty contenders are as follows: Avenged Sevenfold, Biffy Clyro, Big Noise, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, James Blunt, Jamie Cullum, Jay-Z, Jonsi, KISS, Korn, Lady Antebellum, Lissie, McFly, Michael Buble, Muse, Newton Faulkner, Paul McCartney, Peter Andre, P!NK, Rob Zombie, Scouting For Girls, Shayne Ward, Skunk Anansie, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, The Script and Train.

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So, out of all the rockers, U2 earned the most cash in the last twelve months, according to the latest Forbes list of most highly paid music stars.

It was the no doubt tax-efficient 360 degree tour that ensured Team U2 made by far the most money in the twelve months from May 2010 to May 2011 (though, we should note, the estimated revenue hauls in this list are pre-tax, and manager/agent cuts for that matter).

For fans of rich pop stars, here's the list of the thirty artists you should be adoring this coming year, based on their recent cash hauls:

1. U2 ($195 million)
2. Bon Jovi ($125 million)
3. Elton John ($100 million)
4. Lady Gaga ($90 million)
5. Michael Buble ($70 million)
6. Paul McCartney ($67 million)
7. Black Eyed Peas ($61 million)
8. Eagles ($60 million)
9. Justin Bieber ($53 million)
10. Dave Matthews Band ($51 million)
11. Toby Keith ($50 million)
12. Usher ($46 million)
13. Taylor Swift $45 million)
14. Katy Perry ($44 million)
15. Brad Paisley ($40 million)
16. Tom Petty & the Heartbreaks ($38 million)
17. Jay-Z ($38 million)
18. AC/DC ($35 million)
18. Sean "Diddy" Combs ($35 million)
18. Beyonce ($35 million)
18. Tim McGraw ($35 million)
18. Muse ($35 million)
23. Rascal Flatts ($34 million)
24. Kenny Chesney ($30 million)
25. Rihanna ($29 million)

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Metallica have revealed that they have recently completed work on an album with Lou Reed.

In a statement, the band said: "Ever since we had the pleasure of performing with Lou at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame at Madison Square Garden in October of 2009, we have been kicking around the idea of making a record together. Some of you astute Bay Area residents may have picked up news of recent Lou Reed sightings in the greater San Francisco area and we have indeed been working at our home studio at HQ on and off over the last few months. In what would be lightning speed for a Metallica related project, we recorded ten songs during this time and while at this moment we're not exactly sure when you'll hear it, we're beyond excited to share with you that the recording sessions wrapped up last week".

They continued: "A true innovator and easily one of the most influential songwriters, musicians, and performers in rock music history, Lou's work with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist has such an enduring quality that he has long been revered and respected by us and many of our peers. We can't wait for you to listen to the finished record, so as we like to hear ourselves say around here, keep watching this spot for updates... we'll be back with more details as they come together".

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Janelle Monáe's debut album, 'The ArchAndroid', was one of our favourites of last year (indeed, she made it to number two in our list of our favourite artists of 2010). So, it's with some excitement that we greet the news that she has begun work on the follow-up.

Speaking to Hive, Monáe said: "This album will have very strong concepts and bigger ideas and the music will just go forward to another level. It will still be, I believe, relatable to the people. We have really big ideas, I must say, and we're just trying to make sure we execute them properly".

Saying she wants to "create music that will be [people's] choice of drug whenever they feel oppressed or depressed", and added that, like 'The ArchAndroid', there will be a concept running through the album's songs.

And when will it be finished? Probably... um... well... "When the frog leaps on me and I rise and take a shower, and the rain drips down on my back. I pick it up and a message appears: 'It's time. It's time, child. Move forward'".

Yeah, so, right about then.

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Former toasts of the indie blogosphere, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, split into separate factions after releasing their 2007 album 'Some Loud Thunder'. They're now flying in the faces of those who doubted that they'd ever bother to make a comeback with new single 'Same Mistake', the first from their third LP, 'Hysterical'.

Produced by studio veteran John Congelton (who has also worked with Modest Mouse and The Walkmen), the band have heralded the album's planned September release by disclosing a promo trailer that you can peruse here: http://vimeo.com/23925958

CYHSY's generous previews don't end there, though. They're also offering 'Same Mistake' as a free download. Opening with undulating strings, the track picks up pace with the introduction of lead singer Alec Ounsworth's angsty drawl, rushing on past vigorous orchestral flourishes before finally pulling out into an "open road" of expansive melodic rock.

Embark on that same sonic journey by picking the track up here via the band's website: www.clapyourhandssayyeah.com

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Grouplove will release their debut album on 5 Sep. So, that's good. We like Grouplove. The album will be called 'Never Trust A Happy Song'. That's good advice, too.

Here's the tracklist:

Itchin On A Photograph
Tongue Tied
Lovely Cup
Naked Kids
Betty's A Bombshell
Love Will Save Your Soul
Cruel And Beautiful World
Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten

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CMU Approved Edinburgh rock five-piece Letters have announced that they will release their second single, 'Flash! Lights!', as a free download on 4 Jul.

The band say of the song: "Flash! Lights!', to paraphrase one of the lyrics in the song, is about feeling dwarfed by the possibilities of time and the panic induced by fear of under achievement. It's about trying to let go of your past and your vices in order that you embrace the things that truly inspire you and ultimately drive you forward, all the while recognising the complete hopelessness that neither of these aforementioned things can exist without the other. We wanted to write a song that put the fear of God in us, something that can be as scary as the subject matter and I think we've managed to achieve that".

Listen to the song here: soundcloud.com/soundandvisionpr/letters-flash-lights

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With their new single, 'A Heavy Abacus' out on 11 Jul, The Joy Formidable have announced that they will head out on a tour of the UK and Ireland this October. Seeing them play live is good, you should go.

Tour dates:

13 Oct: Birmingham, Institute
14 Oct: London, Forum
15 Oct: Manchester, Academy 2
16 Oct: Dublin, Whelans
18 Oct: Belfast, Limelight
19 Oct: Glasgow, Oran Mor
20 Oct: Newcastle, Riverside
21 Oct: Swn Festival

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GREENWICH SUMMER SESSIONS, Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich, London, 26-31 Jul: Chris Difford of Squeeze is to curate the final evening of this bustling London-based fest with a night entitled 'Songs In The Key Of London'. Attending on-stage will be a host of quintessentially-English performers including Gary Kemp, UB40 star Ali Campbell, Mark Nevin and Eddie Reader of Fairground Attraction and jazz cat Pee Wee Ellis, a former member of James Brown's touring band. They supplement an overall Greenwich Sessions programme that boasts The Divine Comedy, Jose Gonzalez, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Turin Brakes, The Pogues and Buzzcocks. www.greenwichsummersessions.co.uk

LATITUDE, Henham Park Estate, Suffolk, 14-17 Jul: Performances from James Blake, Alabama 3, When Saints Go Machine and Faris Badwan's new duo Cats Eyes are all fresh on Latitude's ever-expanding programme of events. Guillemots, who will provide live accompaniment to Akira Kurosawa's film 'Dreams', also feature amongst the new prospects. They join a host of prior announcees including The National, Suede, Paolo Nutini, I Am Kloot, Laura Marling, Bright Eyes and Bombay Bicycle Club on the existing bill. www.latitudefestival.co.uk

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Music PR agency Anorak London has announced the latest addition to its team is digital PR and marketeer Nathan Taylor. Amongst various music industry jobs over the last decade, Taylor has previously acted as label manager for EMI's Positiva Records and more recently as a digital PR bloke at NTON.

Anorak Director Laura Martin told CMU: "Anorak has always been praised for coming up with and implementing creative digital ideas and Taylor will be a great addition to the team. His label and marketing experience will be invaluable".

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Spotify could launch in the US on 5 Jul, according to the streaming music service's European General Manager and Global Vice President Of Ad Sales Jonathon Forster. That's not 'will' mind, I said 'could'. As in 'probably won't'.

Of course, with Universal seemingly now on board for a US launch of the streaming service, and with Warner reportedly getting close to singing on the dotted line, everyone is now expecting a summer launch for Spotify USA. Forster told Silicon Valley Water earlier this week: "We're signing the remaining deals as I speak though we won't launch before 5 Jul". I'm not quite sure who said they would.

More interesting in Forster's ramblings, perhaps, is his comments on how the service has been going in France, where their usual strategy of letting word of mouth sell the service failed. Forster explained: "We were puzzled because we knew we had listeners that loved the service but they weren't sharing that with their friends. We did some interviews and it seems that the French are too cool to tell others".

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Bauer Media has teamed up with Blackberry to celebrate the upcoming (this autumn) 25th anniversary of Q magazine, with a special app launched today for users of the Blackeberry PlayBook tablet computer (anyone?) which will give said users access to various bits of exclusive Q-related content, including coverage of the magazine's search for 'The Greatest Act Of The Last 25 Years' and, later in the year, the annual Q Awards.

Says Q's Publishing Director Rimi Atwal: "The Q BlackBerry Playbook App will spearhead an innovative campaign providing our complementary audiences with a valuable experience of both PlayBook and Q. BlackBerry users are at the heart of Q's 25th anniversary, amplifying Q's content and brand essence to 'Discover Great Music'".

There's a free doughnut for anyone who understood a word of that. That's one doughnut between you all, mind, just in case it turns out the entire CMU readership is fluent in nonsense.

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Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator has said he doesn't understand the controversy around his use of homophobic language, as he has plenty of gay fans who all think it's fine.

This, of course, comes after Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara's open letter to the music and media industries questioning why no one was pulling him up on the language used on his latest album, 'Goblin', which features various forms of the word 'faggot' 213 times.

Tyler told MTV News this week: "Well, I have gay fans and they don't really take it offensive, so I don't know. If it offends you, it offends you. If you call me a nigga, I really don't care, but that's just me, personally. Some people might take it the other way, I personally don't give a shit".

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