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In today's CMU Daily:
• Ryan mouths off about White,
• Chrysalis plan LBC shutdown prior to relaunch,
• Union Chapel looks for punter support for survival,
• Review : Reef – Together: The Best Of,
• Midnight Oil frontman quits,
• Hed Kandi get monthly night,
• More wacko court action,
• Britney looks for cool collaborators,
• Will Smith plans new sitcom,
• Alanis releases some scraps


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On A Friday, The Patrol and Tragic Love Company
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In the latest pop feud Ryan Adams has been mouthing off to the NME about the White Stripe’s Jack White. It’s not the first time Adams has hit out at White – the feud apparently starting after White complained that Adams changed some of his lyrics when he covered White Stripes songs at a live show.

"Did Little girl White talk back?" Adams asked, referring to his earlier jibes. "I don't have a problem with him - he started it. I know that's what you say in school. But what's he doing on the internet … saying 'I see you changed my lyrics', Fucking ponce."

Adams then claimed that he had turned down the part in forthcoming movie ‘Cold Mountain’ that was given to White. “You know they asked me if I wanted that movie role and I turned it down. Anthony Minghella asked me first. I was up for the part first and I turned it down. You know why? Because I didn't see acting anywhere on my job application to be a rock fucking star, you know. It's true. That's fucking fact."

Mr White is yet to respond.


Chrysalis radio are planning a brave move as part of the relaunch of London new station LBC, which they acquired earlier this year. The station will go off air for the twelve days preceding the station’s relaunch on 6 Jan. Sister rolling news service, formerly News Direct and now LBC News, will broadcast on both the station’s FM and AM frequency over the Christmas period. On 6 Jan the new look LBC will arrive on FM, with the rolling news programme switching over to AM.

Part of a move to separate the new look LBC from the current output, some industry insiders fear the station may lose even more of its declining listenership in those twelve days.

But MD Mark Flanagan told Media Guardian: "LBC News will run between Christmas and the new year to allow us to dry run the new programming. It’s quite usual to close a station down for rehearsals. We have talked to the radio authority about it and agreed it was the most sensible thing to do."


London’s Union Chapel venue, the converted church which has supplied excellent surroundings for performances by the likes of Air, Bjork, Goldfrapp and Koop (and Time Out Venue of the Year in 2002) faces closure if it can’t match lottery funding of £180,000 to restore its roof. The building is used for a variety of arts projects, and runs a homlessness project, but has become best known in recent times as a gig and club venue. To help cover the short fall in cash the venue is launching a Buy-a-Tile scheme. People who make a donation (minimum £5) will appear on the Roof Roll Of Honour – a list of altruistic souls who have helped rescue the venue. More details at


REVIEW : Reef – Together: The Best of (Sony / S2)
Reef are one of those bands that have been much more successful that you’d think – the nine top thirty hits that appear on this best of are something of a testament to that. Making it big at the height of the Britpop era, Reef were a band that many first experienced through those ubiquitous indie compilations in the mid-nineties, or via that legendary TFI Friday jingle for the spoof letters feature, but, while never the phenomenon of Oasis or the Verve, or even Ocean Colour Scene, Reef had, and for that matter still have, a big dedicated fan base. As you look back at their greatest hits you can see why. There’s five – yes five – new tracks on here which, while not quite up to the standard of some of the classic hits that they appear with, are fine songs that I have a suspicion will be growers. If you don’t have a Reef album in your record collection then perhaps you should acquire this (those with every Reef album in their collection will be buying it anyway). CC
Release date: 27 Jan
Press Contact: Sony IH [CP, CR, RR, NR] APB [RP, NP]


Peter Garrett, frontman of Australian rockers Midnight Oil, has left the band to turn back to environmental activism. Amazingly the band have been on the go since the late seventies.

"The last twenty-five years have been incredibly fulfilling for me, and I leave with the greatest respect for the whole of Midnight Oil," Garrett told reporters. "The band has brought a lot of pleasure and meaning to people's lives, including my own. But it is time for me to move on and immerse myself in those things which are of deep concern to me and which I have been unable of fully apply myself to up to now."

Although they only achieved a couple of big hits in the UK, Midnight Oil had much more success in America and Australia, and while their popularity did decline in the nineties they maintain a strong dedicated fanbase.


Housey label Hed Kandi continue their growth from Jazz FM radio show to key dance independent with the announcement of a monthly Saturday residency at London’s Pacha next year. Label leader Mark Doyle: “We're always very cautious about the venues we pick for Kandi club nights. The venue, atmosphere and service must be in sync with what we do. We're not dark n sweaty or cool n credible. Kandi nights are a full on party and the main room at Pacha provides a spectacular space to party in.”


Even more from the world of Michael Jackson.

First, outside the court where he is being sued by gig promoter Marcel Avram for allegedly cancelling two concerts. He was asked by the press what he though of Gloria Allred, the attorney who last week wrote to California authorities questioning Jackon’s abilities as a father after the baby-on-the-balcony incident in Germany.

"What would you say about Gloria Allred?" a journalist asked.
"Who's that?" Jackson replied.
"She's the attorney who's calling for an investigation by children services as a result of the ..."
"Ah, tell her to go to hell," Jackson replied.

Meanwhile, in the courtroom, word is Marcel Avram's attorney Louis ‘Skip’ Miller got so frustrated by Jackson answering questions “I don’t recall” that he asked Jackson if he suffered from memory problems. Jackson replied, "Not that I can recall."

Others were more interested in his conduct in court. He reportedly shouted "Eeeow!" into the microphone several time and made hand motions such as antlers and devil horns on the stand.


The latest pop act looking to gain a bit of credibility through the producers they employ is Britney Spears. Having seen ex Justin Timberlake gain some cool through collaborations with the likes of the Neptunes and Nelly, Britney is now on the search for producers to work with, even though no schedule has been set for her fourth studio album by record label Jive. Both William Orbit and Daft Punk are reported to have met Britney to discuss potential collaborations.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter Britney revealed: "Musically, I seriously think I am going to do a little bit more rock, hip-hop and just play with it. That's the direction I'm in now, but who knows? A month from now, it may change, and I could come up with this amazing, amazing song, and then everything just kind of shifts."


Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are co-producers on a new comedy series based on the couple’s Hollywood home life. It’s no reality show though, neither of the Smiths are expected to appear in the show, but Jada will collaborate in the script writing process. The show is more likely to focus on the home life of a Hollywood family rather than the professional or celebrity aspects of their lives. The show will air on American channel UPN.


Alanis Morissette is releasing an album of tracks that haven’t made it on past album releases called 'Feast of Scraps'. Most of the eight new songs have appeared as b-sides, but never on one album. The new music will be accompanied by live tracks from a recent concert in Rotterdam.


Answer to Thursday's pop quiz:
Who on who? “I don’t like him. I don’t like his attitude or his records … all that protest thing was a load of rubbish. I don’t hate listening to his records, but I can’t stand it when people say he’s a genius.”
Tom Jones on Bob Dylan

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