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So, another busy week in EMI developments then. But could we be nearing the end of this saga? Or will this story push all the way to its September deadline? That remains to be seen. This is the last Week In Five until September, so perhaps when we return Universal/EMI will be a done deal already. Needless to say, you'll get all the updates in CMU each day. And now this week's big stories more>>
Chicago house legend and the man credited with creating acid house with his seminal 'Acid Trax' anthem, DJ Pierre, makes an exclusive London appearance tomorrow night. He'll appear on the decks alongside two sterling Chicago house music pioneers, Marshall Jefferson and Steve 'Silk' Hurley (now joined by DJ Skip as the SNS Experience). Viva la musica de casa! more>>
- Could Universal sell Parlophone to get EMI deal approval?
- AIM maintains opposition to Universal's EMI bid, while Beggars chief backs FAC proposal
- Temporary guardianship of Jackson children given to cousin
- DJ Fresh announces three new deals
- Metallica may re-enter studio in September
- Grimes writing "dark percussive shit" as someone else
- Crystal Castles give away track, threaten to go "vigilante" on human race
- Halls announces debut LP
- Beak> list tour dates
- Theme Park announce show
- Festival line-up additions
- CMU to share insights with new artists at Edinburgh Fringe
- Channel 4 screening all-night rave on Castlemorton anniversary
- Albarn: The corporate side of the Olympics is depressing
- CMU Beef Of The Week #120: Bruce Leddy v Kim Dotcom
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So this is interesting, as Universal Music prepares to submit its final divestment proposals to the European Commission, outlining once and for all the assets it plans to sell in order to get the all clear for its bid to buy the EMI record company, rumour is rife that the unit that might, in fact, be put on the block is Parlophone, arguably the crown jewel of the British music major, and therefore the catalogue few expected Universal to sell.

Various media say that Universal has been talking to BMG about it buying some of EMI's assets, and that the catalogue on the table in those talks is Parlophone, the label that counts Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys and Kylie amongst its vast roster. The Parlophone catalogue also technically includes The Beatles recordings, though those would almost be certainly excluded from any deal to sell the EMI division.

The version two BMG company, launched by Bertlesmann in 2008 after the German media giant sold off its original record and music publishing companies, has primarily concentrated on the publishing rights in songs to date. Though the company has always made much of the fact it is an 'integrated music rights' firm rather than a traditional publishing business, and, indeed, has acquired some sound recording rights over the last four years.

Not only that, but when talk of a new EMI sale first began in late 2010 as Terra Firma's ownership of the major spiralled into oblivion, the boss of BMG, Hartwig Masuch, when asked whether he would bid for EMI Music Publishing, remarked that he might actually bid for the EMI record company. In the end he didn't - he unsuccessfully bid for the EMI publishing firm - but, if the current rumours are true, and Universal did do a deal with the German music rights firm, then it could be master recording rights Masuch wins control of after all.

A BMG deal over Parlophone would put to an end Richard Branson's ambitions to reacquire Virgin Records with his former colleague Patrick Zelnik, because if Parlophone was offloaded then Universal would almost certainly keep hold of Virgin, and the EMI/Chrysalis division. All of that said, while Universal is expected to reveal its intentions to European regulators very soon, it's too soon to tell which way the mega-major is leaning.

Billboard says the firm has had approaches from up to 20 parties about acquiring parts of the EMI business, including twelve indie labels, six equity types and rival Sony Music. Though Warner - always assumed to be an obvious bidder for any EMI assets (having lost the bidding for EMI Music as a whole to Universal) - has made no approach, the US trade mag says.

Possibly because, given the strong words delivered by former Warner chief and existing board member Edgar Bronfman Jr against the Universal/EMI deal, bosses at the mini-major don't think they'd get a good reception at Universal HQ. Or perhaps Warner still believes the Universal/EMI deal can be totally defeated in the regulatory environment. Or perhaps Warner has got over EMI and has new ambitions - hey, what about a BMG/Warner merger, that would make sense, and we need something new to speculate about if and when the long-running EMI saga finally reaches its conclusion.

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Meanwhile, back to the independent label community, where opinions remain divided about the Universal/EMI deal. Though - cynics might argue - if the major does opt to go with a BMG purchase of Parlophone, the mega-major might lose some of those new-found friends in the indie world, whose recent views on the merger may have been affected by the prospect of being able to buy chunks of the EMI catalogue.

Universal chief Lucian Grainge said he'd give the European indie sector first bidding rights on EMI assets for sale, ahead of any private equity types, if indie labels trade body IMPALA ceased its opposition to his takeover deal. Of course IMPALA did no such thing, even though over half of its board thought it should, so presumably that deal is off. Though, technically, selling Parlophone to BMG would be doing a deal with an independent music company. Albeit one half owned by private equity.

Anyway, as previously reported, not everyone in indie-ville is now supporting Universal's bid, and the boss of the UK's Association Of Independent Music, Alison Wenham, is among them. In a letter published in Music Week this week, Wenham confirmed her organisation remained opposed to the EMI deal, even if some of its members had differing viewpoints, stressing that she didn't buy commitments made by Grainge to IMPALA about his good intentions post an EMI acquisition.

Wenham: "The offer to IMPALA from Universal is beguiling, and is clearly intended to make us believe that a company that has controlled the market for ten years has undergone an epiphany, has seen the light and wants to stimulate the market for others, including smaller companies and digital start-ups. Why such ethical corporate generosity of spirit now?"

Meanwhile Beggars chief Martin Mills, who spoke out against the EMI deal in US Congress last month, has written to the Financial Times to reaffirm his opposition, though, interestingly, he says that if the acquisition does go ahead he reckons any concessions package should include the provisions proposed by the Featured Artists Coalition last week - ie that first bid rights on any EMI assets should go to artists not indie labels.

He wrote: "The proposed sale of EMI Music to Universal will lead to the creation of an unacceptably dominant behemoth and should, I believe, be blocked outright in the interests of open and competitive market, of artistic diversity and of consumer choice. If, however, the European Union decides to go down the remedies road - hard though it is to imagine how any could be sufficiently constraining - my opinion is that there is one place they should start with possible divestments and that is with artists".

"If there is any adequate compensation and counterbalance for the creation of the controlling entity that would result from this deal, it should be that any artist signed to any Universal or EMI label, currently or historically, should have the opportunity when the companies combine to buy their rights back at discounted market value. This would create a happy single moment of opportunity for artists and allow those who so wished to regain control of their masters and utilise the services of the independent sector to distribute their music, thus strengthening the music community and mitigating some of the worst potential effects of the acquisition".

He concluded: "Universal should not fear this given what they have said about their motives and artist relationships".

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Amidst much confusion, the guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children has been taken away from their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and given to one of their cousins, Tito Jackson Jr, son of the late king of pop's brother Tito.

The temporary change follows reports last week that the Jackson matriarch had gone missing, and tweets from Michael Jackson's daughter Paris saying she had not seen her grandmother for over a week and was worried. Some of Michael's siblings subsequently told the media that their mother was fine, but needed some rest, and was staying with one of her daughters, Rebbie. They added that when they tried to visit Michael's children at their LA home to explain the situation they were turned away at the gate.

Certainly there are tensions between different members of the wider Jackson clan, with Michael's son Prince seemingly taking to Twitter this week to accuse certain unnamed individuals of trying to stop him and his brother and sister from seeing their grandmother, and of interfering in the way they are cared for. And when a judge decided this week to temporarily grant guardianship of the children to TJ Jackson, he reportedly did so on the grounds that "third parties" were preventing Katherine Jackson from properly fulfilling her guardian role.

As previously reported, rising tensions between rival Jacksons seem to have risen after some of the late singer's siblings accused the executors of the pop star's estate of fabricating the will that put them in charge. The estate has denied those allegations and Tito Senior, while originally amongst those Jacksons making the 'fake will' claims, has now distanced himself from the conspiracy theory, possibly as part of the move to make his son guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Though this week's court decision regards the guardianship is temporary, and Katherine Jackson is expected to fight to remain the three children's guardian once she returns to LA.

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Producer DJ Fresh, real name Dan Stein, has announced three new deals. He has extended his relationship with the Ministry Of Sound record company to include the whole world excluding the US, where he has signed a deal with Sony label Columbia. Meanwhile, on the publishing side, he has entered into a new worldwide deal with Universal Music Publishing.

Confirming the new deals, Fresh's manager Andy Varley told CMU: "The last two years have been incredibly exciting for Dan, and with the signing of these three major new deals to Ministry, Columbia, and Universal, I truly believe we can make him a global artist. We have worked very hard with Ministry to create a career-defining album, and we look forward to working with Rob Stringer and his team at Columbia to grow the DJ Fresh brand in the US".

On the publishing deal, he added: "Universal Publishing are already opening some exciting doors, and we will shortly be announcing a major pan-European TV advert sync as well as an enormous global feature film deal".

Each of the producer's business partners lined up to comment on the new deals, as follows...

Ministry of Sound CEO Lohan Presencer: "DJ Fresh has been a cornerstone addition to our growing artist roster. Signing to Columbia [in America], the top US label, is a further recognition of his exceptional pop credentials. We are very excited about the forthcoming album and working with Sony to build Dan into a global superstar".

Columbia Records US CEO Rob Stringer: "We are very excited to pick up the challenge of breaking such an innovative and contemporary artist as Fresh in North America. We already are working on great ideas with him to maximize a successful launch over the coming months!"

Universal Music Publishing Europe/UK President Paul Connolly: "There was never any question in my mind that we should be working with Dan. He's in the vanguard of dance music's global popularity but he also has all the attributes of a truly talented and versatile songwriter".

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Drummer Lars Ulrich has said Metallica may "try to get another record done" as soon as September, but only once they've finished with their previously speculated-about 3D feature film. Yes, apparently 'Metallica: The Movie' (not its real title, which is still to be confirmed) is definitely happening, and will be directed by 'Predators' filmmaker Nimrod Antal.

Anyway, to this potential Metallica LP, what will be the band's eleventh studio album proper (ie not featuring Lou Reed) to date.

Metal Hammer quotes Ulrich as sharing the news with press at a conference earlier this week. And he said: "Every time James Hetfield picks up a guitar, there are some brilliant riffs that come out of it, and I try to make sure that they are all recorded and try to do my best to keep up with them and try to put some drums in behind them".

He continued: "So there are, obviously, tons of ideas sitting around waiting to be had at in terms of turning ideas of James' into songs. Pretty much when we're done with the movie and with [US music festival] Outside Lands, which should all be wrapped up by early September, we're gonna basically just concentrate on new music and try to get another Metallica record done".

So that's that, then. And look, here's Ulrich again, making what's known on Twitter as a 'trombone #fail' during a visit to Metallica's brass concert band, The Soul Rebels.

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Pop futurist and Polaris Prize finalist Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is considering releasing an "experimental" LP under an alternative alias. Apparently, she wants to strike a balance between "straight vocal music", "dark percussive shit", "ethereal reggaeton" and "industrial dance music", all the while staying within pop structures. Quite a feat, even for a one-time Neuroscience scholar.

Interviewed by MTV Hive as to whether she's begun making a sequel to this year's really quite experimental Grimes LP, 'Visions', Boucher replied: "Yeah but I'm thinking about making one that is a bit more experimental that I don't put out as Grimes, because I want to stick with this pop aesthetic as Grimes".

She added: "I've been working on more percussive noise music and also a lot of straight vocal music. I want to make both dark percussive shit and vocal ranging, and release an album that's halfway between ethereal reggaeton and industrial dance music, but which is still very pop in its song structures".

Away from the music itself, Grimes was also asked if her signature 'pussy rings' (ie vagina-shaped jewellery designed by artist Morgan Black) were a kind of feminist statement. Boucher said: "Not as much as a feminist statement but I feel like vaginas don't need to be scary and they don't need to be a curse word. Every dressing room I'm ever in has penises drawn on the walls and touring is so dick-dominated that I just want to be like, 'Here's a fucking vagina'".

And since one can never hear too much of Grimes, here's the new Jensen Sportag remix of 'Phone Sex', her collaboration with Blood Diamonds.

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Ontario synth-pop duo Crystal Castles have said that their third long player - which may or may not be their first non-eponymous LP - will be released in late September. Also, Alice Glass would quite like to kill all humanity, so that's nice.

Speaking to NME about the record, which follows 2008's 'Crystal Castles' and 2010's... 'Crystal Castles', Glass said: "There's lots of themes to the album, but [one is] feeling, like, oppressed... A lot of things not personally happening to us, but to people we know, kind of profoundly influenced everything".

Elaborating on the theme of oppression some more, she then said: "Like, I didn't think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it just... the world is a dystopia. I'm one step away from being a vigilante. I've thought about it".

Moving on, you can download CC's new track 'Plague' for free, here.

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Symphonic synth producer-composer-tenor Halls, real name Sam Howard, has promised he'll release his first LP 'Ark' this autumn, which means he'll probably do just that. Out via No Pain In Pop on 15 Oct, it'll mark his first official output since last year's precocious 'Fragile' EP.

As for live appearances, he has a single UK set currently booked as part of London's Radfest on 19 Aug.


White Chalk
I'm Not There
Roses For The Dead
Shadow Of The Colossus
Holy Communion
Winter Prayer

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Portishead man Geoff Barrow's Beak> released their highly-recommended second LP 'Beak>>' last month, and have now announced a tour of the British Isles later this year in its honour.

Tour dates:

15 Nov: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
16 Nov: Manchester, Deaf Institute
17 Nov: Glasgow, Stereo
18 Nov: Dublin, Whelan's
21 Nov: London, Lexington

The forward-thinking amongst you can buy tickets for the London datevia this link.

Speaking of 'Beak>>', it's still available to stream (or just buy) online via Barrow et al's Bandcamp Page.

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Hyped indie types Theme Park will prove their on-stage worth at a headline London date, it's just been announced. Taking place at the capital's Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 10 Oct, it will follow a show at Dalston's Birthdays on 13 Aug and appearances at this year's Beacons, Reading/Leeds and Underage festivals. Oh, and then they're lending casual support to Bloc Party's October tour, so that's cool.

Meanwhile, here's the questionable video to match the band's new single 'Jamaica' (out via Transgressive on 20 Aug), which co-stars lots of girls standing about in their underwear. I don't know, it's like Grimes' pussy rings never even existed.

Oh, and here's an extra TP treat in the form of Becoming Real's 'Jamaica' remix.

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BESTIVAL, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight, 6-9 Sep: Kissy Sell Out, The Ratpack, Congo Natty, Foamo, Slamboree, JFB, Slipmatt, Stanton Warriors, Hybrid , Smerin DJ set, Eats Everything , Asbo Disco, DJ Die & MC Inja, Wonka, Bertie, Shepdog and Heatwave. www.bestival.net

BT LONDON LIVE, Hyde Park, London, 27 Jul - 11 Aug: Scouting For Girls, Stooshe. www.btlondonlive.com

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A week today the world's biggest cultural festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, officially kicks off for 2012, with previews beginning next Wednesday. Comedy, theatre, dance, debate, art, music, musicals, cabaret and spoken word will abound at the biggest Fringe festival ever, with well over 2500 shows taking place. And that's before you consider the International Festival, Book Festival, Art Festival and Festival Of Politics that also take place in the Scottish capital in August.

In amongst all that, the Fringe Society, the organisation that supports the network of independent performers, promoters and venue operators who stage the Fringe, runs a series of events at its own venue, Fringe Central, aimed at those working in the creative sector, and that includes a session run by CMU on Sunday 5 Aug at 1pm for those starting out in music.

Packed with insights and advice for any artist starting out, or label or manager working with new talent, CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke will lead the proceedings with contributions from Edinburgh-based label owners Matthew Young (Song, By Toad) and Scott Maple (Armellodie), plus Soundcloud's Ben Fawkes, the BBC's James Bursey and Scottish music journalist Lisa-Marie Ferla. Entry is free, and there'll be drinks after the panel provided by Deuchars. You can reserve tickets right now at www.edfringe.com/whats-on/events/cmu-making-it-in-music

And for grass roots music makers in Edinburgh this August, that's not your only opportunity to gain insights into making it as an artist in the modern music industry. The following weekend the CMU Training team will present the first ever CMU Music Business Bootcamp at StageTime, a new two day event for artists about live performance taking place from 11-12 Aug.

The Bootcamp, on Saturday 11 Aug, will cover all the basics that artists need to know about the modern music industry, including how music can be monetised, music companies and artist deals, copyright and licensing, and how to use social and traditional media to build an audience. For more details about StageTime go to www.stagetimeconf.com

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Channel 4 will stage an all-night 'house party' rave to mark the 20th anniversary of what's looked upon as the ultimate 1990s dance happening, Worcestershire free-for-all Castlemorton Common Festival, which hosted a crowd of 40,000 ravers across one very 'old skool' week in 1992.

The six-hour event, which will feature DJ sets by Grandmaster Flash and Annie Mac, will be televised live (and minus any ad breaks) on Channel 4 from midnight on 24 Aug. Described by its organisers as "the ultimate DJ booth", home viewers (or "social media controllers", if you can bear to say that) of the show will be able to request tracks and interact via Facebook and Twitter. Graphic designers, animators and video artists will cater to people's eyes as well as ears via series of a "visual sets", too.

Prior to all this at 10pm, actor/DJ/musician Idris Elba will present a screening of 'How Clubbing Changed The World', which charts the club scene from its basement beginnings to a culture-altering world moveme... well, you get the idea.

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So, if you're based in London, it's entirely possible that you've missed that there's some sporty stuff about to happen. But you won't have missed the huge amount of corporate dollar being spent in the capital though. Hooray for capitalism!

Or not, as Damon Albarn will tell you. His band, Blur, of course, are playing a big corporate-sponsored concert to mark the end of the Olympics. But they aren't doing it for BT's benefit, before you say anything.

Speaking to The Sun, Albarn said: "I'm just anti the capitalism of it all. We're not doing the gig for the corporate side of the Olympics, we're doing it for the human beings. It feels like you're drowning in commercialism at the moment. It's depressing".

Oh, you lucky human beings.

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Over the last few weeks MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom has been leading a PR offensive as he faces extradition to the US to face copyright charges, positioning himself as an innocent victim of corporate entities and politicians out of control. Late last week he released a song on YouTube (which you can see below), positioning the MegaUpload shutdown as a free speech issue and an attack on the little people of the world.

Of course, the free speech argument doesn't really make a huge amount of sense - sharing copyright material online is not exercising your right to free speech. However, being allowed to say that you think sharing copyright material online is exercising your right to free speech is, in fact, a right of free speech.

And so it was that last week that, via The Hollywood Reporter, Kim Dotcom published an open letter to Hollywood, asking it to let him get on with what he was doing before the US government had his site shut down and him arrested. He speaks of innovation (which anyone who ever tried to use MegaUpload should be laughing heartily at right now) and the freedom of people to access their own data. Even if they choose to store that data on a site whose core business is seemingly profiting off other people's material. OK, he didn't say that last bit quite like that. In fact, he doesn't mention his own personal profit from the MegaUpload venture at all, just the potential profit for Hollywood if it would join him.

"Dear Hollywood", he begins. "The internet frightens you. But history has taught us that the greatest innovations were built on rejections. The VCR frightened you, but it ended up making billions of dollars in video sales. You get so comfortable with your ways of doing business that any change is perceived as a threat. The problem is, we as a society don't have a choice: The law of human nature is to communicate more efficiently".

He continues: "Come on, guys, I am a computer nerd. I love Hollywood and movies. My whole life is like a movie. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for the mind-altering glimpse at the future in 'Star Wars'. I am at the forefront of creating the cool stuff that will allow creative works to thrive in an internet age. I have the solutions to your problems. I am not your enemy ... Providing 'freemium' cloud storage to society is not a crime. What will Hollywood do when smartphones and tablets can wirelessly transfer a movie file within milliseconds?"

Finally, he concludes: "Regardless of the issues you have with new technologies, you can't just engage armed forces halfway around the world, rip a peaceful man from his family, throw him in jail, terminate his business without a trial, take everything he owns without a hearing, deprive him of a fair chance to defend himself and do all that while your propaganda machine is destroying him in the media. Is that who you want to be? There can still be a happy ending. I am working on solutions. Just call me or my lawyers. You know where to find me. Unfortunately, I can only do lunch in New Zealand".

Given a right of reply by The Reporter, Hollywood-based TV directior Bruce Leddy, who currently works on ABC sitcom 'Cougar Town', penned a response.

And so he began: "Hey, Kim! I read your letter to Hollywood in The Reporter, and I'm so happy you want to be friends! I mean, I'm just an average working 'Hollywood' guy and I don't have any multimillionaire friends with mansions and Rolls-Royce Ghosts, so being buddies with you would make me soooo much cooler! All this stuff in the press about 'who created what' and 'who should make money off of whose hard work' is so boring, isn't it? Let's just agree to disagree! BFFs!"

He continues: "Personally, I'm tired of being a chump and writing and directing stuff for a decent wage when I could just as easily 'share' other people's stuff on the internet and make huge money off it. So I've decided to start selling all your property on eBay, beginning with your pile of luxury cars. That Mercedes Brabus SV12 alone will easily pay for my kids' college tuitions. I mean, sure, they don't technically belong to me. But if I can find a country where they don't really have rules about that kind of thing yet, I'm going to be living large! Probably change my name to Bruce Web$tarr. Extra 'r' for extra RICH! You like it?"

In conclusion, he writes: "And hey, you're right; your life is like a movie. In fact, pirate movies have made like a bazillion dollars recently, and I bet we can get Depp or Cruise or someone on board. Let me know when you're going to be free next, and we'll grab a bite to discuss. I hear New Zealand is lovely".

Of course, both men are painting pictures in black and white - trying to "change the facts to fit their views", as Dotcom accuses Hollywood of doing in his letter - and the debate is not as rigid as either would have it. But at least they're making this squabble entertaining. I'm not sure what's funnier; the sarcasm of Leddy's response or Kim Dotcom's attempt to reinvent himself as some sort of freedom fighter.

Read Kim Dotcom's letter in full here

Read Bruce Leddy's letter in full here

And sample Kim Dotcom's own contribution to music here

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