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CMU kicked off the first of two events at this year's Edinburgh Fringe yesterday, with a session looking at how to get started as a DIY musician. CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke was joined by speakers from Song, By Toad, Armellodie, Soundcloud, the BBC and more. Next CMU event at the Fringe is the music business bootcamp more>>
With a forthcoming nine-track EP titled 'Last Words' to promote, Canadian 'cloud rap' mixsmith Ryan Hemsworth's latest edit is a remix of Frank Ocean's 'Thinkin Bout You'. In line with his intent to lend the original "a little more oomf without destroying it", the mix is an exercise in restraint; mining a surprise lightness of being from Ocean's more melancholic version more>>
- London Pleasure Gardens goes into administration
- EC sends detailed questionnaire to stakeholders over Universal's EMI concessions plan
- Lamb Of God frontman released from Prague prison
- Tiësto named world's highest paid DJ
- RZA records handbag freestyle with Earl Sweatshirt
- Drake previews new Aaliyah track
- Lady Gaga names new album
- The Dying Seconds to release debut album
- Twin Shadow writes a novel
- Dates set for this year's Soulwaxmas
- Skream announces "back to basics" dubstep night
- O Children to tour
- HMV finance chief to depart too
- RedOne announces Cash Money imprint
- Primary Wave appoints Cee Lo as CCO
- Time Out to go free
- Rihanna fashion programme to feature Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry, Little Mix
- Madonna's career is over, says Elton John
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East London venue complex the London Pleasure Gardens has gone into administration, just weeks after opening.

In a statement on Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for Newham Council (which provided funding for the project) told CMU: "The decision by London Pleasure Gardens Limited to enter into voluntary administration is regrettable but understandable. It is disappointing that the anticipated visitor numbers and revenue from recent planned events have not materialised. London Pleasure Gardens won the right to operate the site for two years from the LDA and Newham Council as the winner of a Meanwhile London Competition. We continue to believe that the site has a viable long term future as a visitor attraction and destination. We will now work with the administrator once appointed to help secure our investment and to discuss the future scope and nature of our involvement".

As previously reported, having opened at the end of June, disaster hit the site on the second weekend when the first major event to be hosted there, the Bloc festival, was shut down by police due to overcrowding. Although blame for this is yet to be fully attributed, many complained that the site was not yet ready to accept visitors.

Then last week, the organisers of another event due to take place at LPG, Secretsundaze Go Bang!, announced that they were moving to a new venue with just three weeks to go, saying: "For our first Secretsundaze Go Bang! mini-festival we need to be absolutely sure that our fans get the event they deserve. As part of this, after much consideration, we have decided that an alternative venue is the best choice".

As well as this, LPG creative director Debs Armstrong also resigned from her post last week, saying in a personal blog post on Monday: "I don't feel now like [London Pleasure Gardens is] following the vision that we set out to do but it's important to maintain that - it's the whole point. Hopefully the road will swing toward it again at some point".

London Pleasure Gardens was set up by the team behind the Shangri-La area at Glastonbury and funded by a £3 million loan from Newham Council. It had been due to fully open to the public last weekend with free entry and a big screen showing the London 2012 Olympics. However, according to Reuters, restrictions on visitor numbers put in place by the London Organising Committee Of The Olympic And Paralympic Games (LOCOG) left it mostly empty.

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The European Commission has sent out a particularly detailed questionnaire to parties with an interest in Universal's bold EMI bid, gauging opinions on the mega-major's recent proposal of wide-ranging concessions to counter concerns over the market dominance of a combined Universal/EMI. As previously reported, those concessions would include selling whole EMI units in some European territories, and the Parlophone and Chrysalis businesses in the UK.

Although the EC was always going to take Universal's proposals to those who had previously expressed concern about the EMI deal, insiders say that the 30 page questionnaire that went out last week is unusually detailed. It also specifically asks whether the proposed divestment package "includes a sufficient proportion of Anglo and/or American repertoire", indicating concerns that, if allowed to keep all of EMI's US operations, Universal could still be too powerful in Europe, despite off loading half the EMI business there, simply because of the importance of key American artists.

As previously reported, artist and indie label groups in the States, while officially still opposed outright to Universal's purchase of the EMI record company, are also lobbying regulators there to force dramatic divestments in line with those now on the table in Europe, even though US competition officials have traditionally been less demanding when green lighting music industry mergers. Universal may, as yet, not be able to keep hold of the whole of EMI's lucrative Capitol division Stateside.

Of course on both sides of the Atlantic opinion is divided in the indie label community regards the combination of Universal and EMI, with some indie chiefs supporting the deal, especially if it results in catalogues going on the block which they can then bid for.

It's not known what Naïve Records' Patrick Zelnik - one of the first high profile indie label bosses to break rank and support the deal - now thinks, given Virgin Records is not on the list of possible sell-offs. Former Virgin exec Zelnik hoped to join with Richard Branson to buy the EMI division. Though Ministry founder James Palumbo remains a supporter, penning another piece in favour of Universal's deal for the Sunday Telegraph this weekend.

He wrote: "Now we are facing a backlash to a deal that promises to rebuild EMI. Universal will be gaining market share, enjoy benefits of scale, be able to negotiate better deals, [critics] protest. But so what? The music ship is in choppy seas. Fighting on deck won't help navigate the storm. The capacity for people in the music business to battle against each other rather than deal with the challenges appears to be never-ending".

Of course, somewhat ironically, Universal's promises to rebuild EMI after a decade of turmoil, and three and a half years of disastrous private equity rule, might be hard to fulfil, especially in the UK, if most of the EMI UK business is carved up for sale in order to get deal approval. It's still not clear if EMI UK's Virgin division, pretty much all Universal would retain here under the current plan, would be big enough to justify running as a standalone entity within the Universal UK empire.

Meanwhile, back in the States, two senators from the Congressional Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy & Consumer Rights, which held a high profile hearing on the Universal/EMI deal in June of course, have sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating the deal in America. It doesn't say much we didn't already know, but does conclude: "Without reaching any final judgment as to the legality of the deal under the antitrust laws, we believe this proposed acquisition presents significant competition issues that merit careful FTC review to ensure that the transaction is not likely to cause substantial harm to competition in the affected markets".

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Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has finally been released on bail from a Prague prison after being arrested upon arrival in the Czech Republic in June.

As previously reported, Blythe was arrested and charged when the band arrived in Prague to play a gig in the city at the end of June. The charge relates to the death of a fan following a performance in the Czech capital two years ago. According to reports, the fan, named only as Daniel N, climbed onto the stage several times during the show, and on the third occasion was allegedly pushed off by Blythe, and fell onto his head, sustaining injuries that led to his death.

Blythe posted bail a few days after his arrest. However, the prosecution challenged his release, saying that he was likely to attempt to flee the country. A judge ruled that he would stay in jail for at least another ten days while this was assessed. Over a month later he has finally been allowed to leave the prison - though only after the amount of money he needed to pay was doubled.

A spokeswoman for Prague's Municipal Court, Martina Lhotakova told reporters on Friday: "The decision was reached yesterday at the end of a closed session. The only condition of release was the approximately eight million Czech Koruna bail (which has already been paid)".

Blythe's lawyer Martin Radvan said that his client now planned to return to the US but would return to the Czech Republic to face trial. Speaking to Radio Prague, Radvan said: "That's what he wants to do. As a world-renowned artist, in a specific genre of music, of course, he cannot afford to simply disappear. There would be posters with his picture all around the world, and if he wants to continue performing, he will have to return [to the Czech Republic]. And he wants to return because he believes he is not guilty of anything he has been charged with".

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Forbes has published its list of the world's ten highest-earning DJs, naming Tiësto as the wealthiest. Apparently, according to Forbes, the Dutch style icon took an eye-watering $22 million (about £14 million) to the bank last year, just by standing behind a table and making noise with a PVC disc.

Also mentioned are 'fratstep' scene-leader Skrillex, Cristal connoisseur Steve Aoki and 'Jersey Shore' lothario DJ Pauly D.

Here are those all-important stats:

Tiësto ($22 million)
Skrillex ($15 million)
Swedish House Mafia ($14 million)
David Guetta ($13.5 million)
Steve Aoki ($12 million)
Deadmau5 ($11.5 million)
DJ Pauly D ($11 million)
Kaskade ($10 million)
Afrojack ($9 million)
Avicii ($7 million)

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Prodigal Odd Future MC Earl Sweatshirt has revealed that Wu-Tang Clan's RZA will make a guest cameo on his new solo LP... rapping about his (RZA's) handbag, apparently. Or should that be 'manbag'? I honestly couldn't say. The word he actually used was "purse".

Anyway. Speaking to MTV about the collaboration, Sweatshirt said: "Dude, RZA dropped an eight minute, 32 second based freestyle the other day that started off with him talking about a purse. It was so tight. And it was not just any purse; it was his purse".

Asked by a sceptical Tyler, The Creator - who was also present at the MTV interview - if this was really the case, Sweatshirt added: "I am not playin. When the song comes out, I'm gonna do hashtag #RZAsPurse".

As to whether all eight minutes and 32 seconds of RZA's purse verse will feature on the tbc long player, he said: "I'm not gonna use the whole thing. I just chopped it up".

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Drake has unveiled his previously rumoured new track featuring posthumous vocals from Aaliyah. As previously reported, it was rumoured last week that the rapper - who had promised "some great Aaliyah news" in an interview with Tim Westwood - might be acting as executive producer on a whole new Aaliyah album.

And yesterday, producer Noah '40' Shebib possibly confirmed that news by posting a new track called 'Enough Said' to Drake's October's Very Own blog. Details are sparse, but we know that it's billed as Aaliyah featuring Drake, rather than the other way around (so suggesting this will be an Aaliyah project, rather than just a new Drake track sampling the late singer). We also know it was produced by 40. And... er... that's about it.

Oh, it's quite good too. Listen here.

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Lady Gaga revealed the name of her new album on Friday via a tweeted photograph of a new tattoo on her wrist, followed by a second picture also bearing the slogan: "We could we could belong together". And the record's name? It shall be called 'ARTPOP'.

Apparently the capitals are important. I'm pretty sure they aren't, but Gaga tweeted yesterday: "Make sure when writing about my new album/project 'ARTPOP' that you CAPITALIZE the title - it's all in the details".

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CMU approved sextet The Dying Seconds have announced that they will release their debut album, 'Glimmerers', a gorgeous rush of fragile electronica not afraid of a good crescendo, on 10 Sep.

This week sees the release of the latest single from the record, 'Scars', the video for which you can see here.

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Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr - who just released his sophomore LP 'Confess' - has also been busy of late co-writing a novel entitled 'The Night Of The Silver Sun' with his "good friend" Eric Green.

Pitchfork quotes Lewis Jr as saying this of the video for new Twin Shadow single 'Five Seconds', which also acts as a preface to the book: "Is about a motorcycle gang in the future. The video is the prologue to the story, and it's about friendship, in a way; two black motorcyclists who are fighting the good fight".

The novel hasn't yet been given a publication date, but you can read an extract from it here. That, or behold Lewis Jr's impressive motorbike stunts in that 'Five Seconds' video.

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Soulwax have announced two festive Soulwaxmas dates for 2012, where the band's core members will take to the stage as 2manydjs, alongside 'mystery special guests'.

All of the above will grace the stage at Manchester's Warehouse Project on 13 Dec, and also at London's Brixton Academy on 21 Dec. And a merry waxmas to one and all.

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Ah, I remember when dubstep was basic, way back when Skrillex was a mere babe in arms. Such good times. Fortunately for me (and maybe you too), Croydon dubstep DJ Skream is staging a new "back to basics" dubstep night called Skreamizm at London's Electric Brixton, and will appear alongside MC Sgt Pokes and an additional live line-up at its first edition on 9 Nov.

Details at www.skreamizmlondon.com

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Dark-pop four-piece O Children are to tour their new LP 'Apnea', out now in all self-respecting record stores, via a series of just-listed live dates.

Tour dates:

17 Oct: York, Stereo
18 Oct: Manchester, Kraak Space
19 Oct: Oxford, Modern Art
20 Oct: Bristol, Start The Bus
21 Oct: Southampton, Joiners
23 Oct: Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's
24 Oct: Leeds, Oporto
25 Oct: Sheffield, Bungalow & Bears
29 Oct: London, Garage

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HMV has confirmed that the company's Finance Director is to follow CEO Simon Fox's lead in leaving the flagging entertainment retail company.

A spokesman told The Independent that finance chief David Wolffe "has indicated his intention to leave the company", just eighteen months after joining, but that he "will remain with the company until a successor is appointed to ensure a smooth handover".

Fox revealed last week that he was stepping down after a bumpy six year ride heading up the HMV Group, a period during which the CEO tried to reinvent the company to capitalise on its strong brand, only to be forced to refocus on the firm's shrinking high street business by money lenders.

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RedOne has announced a new alliance between his Universal imprint 2101 Records, and the mega-major's Cash Money Records unit. The new venture will be called Cash Money-2101 Records, and already has two artists on its roster: pop act TalkBack and Swedish-Congolese singer songwriter Mohombi.

Says RedOne, real name Nadir Khayat: "I have always been impressed with the way Slim and Baby [Cash Money founders Ronald Williams and Bryan Williams respectively] do business. Their determination to build their artists' careers from the ground to superstardom, shows their sheer commitment. I have strived to work with the best in the industry throughout my career and this opportunity to partner my 2101 label with Cash Money on these projects is one such example. Together, we'll be able to continue to help build global stars and make hit music that we hope fans around the world will enjoy".

Slim added: "We consider Cash Money a family, and RedOne fits right in. He is a world-class producer, songwriter, musician and now record executive who just adds to what we have built here, and look forward to expanding in the years ahead".

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Cee Lo Green has been announced as Chief Creative Officer of Primary Wave Music. The singer is already signed to the US management and publishing company, but will now be a "true partner" in the firm, or so says CEO Larry Mestel.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "We've formed this incredible personal bond in two years, and Cee Lo is very excited and participatory in our business, so we wanted to do it in a bigger way and give him a piece of the company".

And Green's role? "It will be very high level - artists can plug into him for advice, he may look at artwork or write with an artist. It covers the myriad things that he can potentially do". Good times.

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Publishers of Time Out announced last week that the magazine will go free later this year. The iconic cultural weekly will be available across the capital for free from the autumn, with plans to boost circulation from the current 55,000 to 300,000.

There has been speculation for some time that Time Out might become a free magazine. The title has faced tough competition in recent years, both from the growth of listings in the broadsheet newspapers, especially at the weekend, and from the internet. While arguably no one-stop listings destination for London has ever been properly launched online, the web makes it easy for more casual cultural consumers to check out cinema listings or West End line-ups without investing in a £3.25 magazine.

Nevertheless, the Time Out brand remains strong, and current Editor-In-Chief Tim Arthur insists that the decision to make the magazine free in London is not a desperate bid for survival, but a strategy that the title's publisher only now thinks is right. Arthur also denied there had been pressure from Oakley Capital, which has owned half of the Time Out company since 2010, to pursue the ad-funded free route.

The Guardian quote Arthur as saying: "This is not driven by private equity, it is something that has been looked at over a good amount of years on and off. [Time Out] is still a profitable magazine, this has not been driven by decline, it is driven by opportunity. As a magazine it was the next thing to look at really, and now feels like the right time".

The free Time Out will come out on Tuesdays, fitting into an increasingly busy schedule for free magazines in London, where Shortlist comes out on Thursday, its sister women's title Stylist publishes on Tuesday, and Sport magazine is distributed on Fridays.

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Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole and Scissor Sisters are amongst the many A-list pop types who will appear as celebrity guests on Rihanna's new TV fashion design competition, 'Styled To Rock'.

The various guest stars, who also include The Saturdays, Little Mix, Pixie Lott, Katy B, Little Boots and Tinchy Stryder, will each episode task the programme's aspiring fashion designer contestants with creating an outfit, and then choose their favourite one.

The show's eventual winner has already been picked (it's a pre-recorded show), but his or her identity is still a strict secret. But we do know s/he designed the er... fashion-forward look Rihanna modelled whilst headlining at London's Wireless Festival last month. If you'd like to see what that look looked like, look here.

One-time Girl Aloud Nicola Roberts will also mentor the designers throughout the series, which is set to begin on Sky Living later this month.

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Elton John is prone to a rant. He's also not a big Madonna fan. So what better to do when you have him sat down in front of you than to ask him about her and then sit back to admire your handiwork? Not that I've been in this situation, but Molly Meldrum of Australian TV show 'Sunday Night' was yesterday, and it was a textbook case.

News.com.au reports Elton's succinct takedown as unfolding thus: "Why is she such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn't happen to a bigger cunt. If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like 'Ray Of Light' and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to go and prove... she looks like a fucking fairground stripper".

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