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In today's CMU Daily:
• Tarrant bites back as Capital prepares for new look breakfast,
• EMI launches first interactive video,
• Oasis deny bad gig,
• ADF are back,
• Credit squabbles continue,
• Holmes – a soundtracks and a Remix set,
• Review: Audio Bullys - We Don’t Care,
• D12 Proof defends Slim Shady,
• Knowles is Pepsi’s new pop face,
• So Solid Asher on prison and film,
• More Popstar squabbles,
• DJ fundraisers announce 2003 dates


Cryptic Christmas songs - which festive number is this clue referring too?

“Here’s my Christmas list, you’re on it and, erm, that’s it”

Answer tomorrow


Christmas is coming and everyone is squabbling. First up, Chris Tarrant has hit back at Radio 5 DJ Caroline Feraday who accused the Capital breakfast host as being too old and unable to relate with younger listeners. "There will always be a difficulty when a 55-year-old man is talking about Ja Rule," she said.

Talking to the Evening Standard Tarrant hit back saying: "It's the obligatory criticism - 'he's too old to rock and roll'. First, it's my job to keep up with things. Second, my house is just full of music - Eminem, Linkin Park, the new Darius."

Feraday was favourite to co-host the new look Capital breakfast show when it launches in January. She claims she turned down a £500,000 contract, Tarrant claims they interviewed the BBC presenter and decided she was unsuitable.

Squabbles aside, Capital is getting ready to launch its new look breakfast programme – which it hopes to make less dependent on any one presenter so that when Tarrant finally retires the show can continue unaffected. The station is being candid about the new look show not wanting to give competitors, especially Heart 106.2, too much advance warning. However we do know that the show will run from 5am to 10am, that Tarrant will only host the second half of the show (from 7.30am) and that his co-presenter will be Newsround presenter Becky Jago.

We also know Kellogg’s Corn Flakes will sponsor it. They confirmed a £6 million sponsorship package with the Capital group yesterday which will include headline sponsorship of the main London breakfast show, and on breakfast shows at Capital’s Century FM stations, plus promotions across the network. "The sponsorship offers us a great opportunity to reach Kellogg's Corn Flakes consumers during breakfast and continue to be a part of people's morning routine," Kelloggs Marketing Director Michael E Allen told Media Guardian.


EMI are leading the way in interactive music videos with the latest video for Hell Is For Heroes. Viewers who see the video on MTV’s alternative channel MTV2 can press the red button on their remote control whenever a bloke dressed in red appears. If they do so they gain access to exclusive images, information and music. If the video proves successful the label hopes to do something similar for forthcoming Coldplay, Robbie and Dirty Vegas releases.


Oasis have told Radio 1 tabloid reports that they had a difficult gig in Brighton – and that Noel told fans he wished they would 'die of hypothermia' – were untrue, and that they were thinking about taking legal action against the tabloids who ran the stories.

The band's record company says the reports were an 'incredible distortion of the facts' - they weren't booed off stage, Noel didn't say he wanted anyone to die and the gig was a big success.


Asian Dub Foundation have confirmed their long awaited new single - ‘Fortress Europe’ - will be released on 20 Jan. The track is another political number - “Globalisation means the free flow of money without restriction, without borders, without regulation. According to our leaders this is desirable” - and from what we here is well worth the wait. Remixes from Adrian Sherwood, Chandrasonic, Jazzwad and Sun-J will be included on the single. The track comes from new album ‘Enemy of the Enemy’, which will be released on 3 Feb.


More squabbling - and the Yoko Ono / Paul McCartney credits debate (can McCartney put his name first when crediting Lennon/McCartney songs) continues.

Commenting for the first time on the matter McCartney told reporters: "I think it is fair and accurate for the songs that John declared were mine to carry my name first. This isn't anything I'm going to lose any sleep over, nor is it anything that will cause litigation. But it seems to be harmless to me, after more than 30 years of it being the other way. The truth is that this is much ado about nothing and there is no need for anybody to get their knickers in a twist."

McCartney’s spokesman Geoff Baker added: "This is not a divisive thing. It's not Lennon or McCartney. Even if Paul did 95% or more on these songs, he's not asking that John's name be taken off. He just doesn't think it should be first."

But Ono's spokesman Elliott Mintz disagrees: "There's no question this is an attempted act of Beatle revisionism. And it does appear to be an attempt to rewrite history."


David Holmes has recorded another film soundtrack. The man behind the excellent soundtracks to 'Out Of Sight' and 'Ocean's Eleven' has written and produced the soundtrack from forthcoming film ‘Analyze That’ – the sequel to ‘Analyze This’ starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal. The soundtrack is released on 13 Jan – the movie on 28 Feb.

You can see Holmes, meanwhile, Djing tonight at the XFM Remix night at Cargo. Boomclick will perform a live set and residents Eddy Temple Morris and James Hyman will also be on the decks. Doors open 7pm.


REVIEW: Audio Bullys - We Don’t Care (Virgin/Source)
Readers! You can recreate the monotony of this track in your very own head! First imagine a 4/4 bass drum, and then repeat the following for three and a half minutes: “There’s fings I haven’t told you/ I go out late at night/ And if I was to tell you/ You’d see my different side/ There’s fings I haven’t told you/ I go out late at night/ And if I was to tell you/ You’d see my different side/ There’s fings I haven’t told you/ I go out late at night/ And if I was to tell you/ You’d see my different side/ There’s fings I haven’t told you...”. This song will be massive. People are idiots. DR
Release date: 6 Jan
Press contact: Virgin IH [CP, CR, RR, NR] APB [RP, NP]


More squabbling – sort of – D12’s Proof has responded to Source founder Benzino’s recent criticisms of Eminem.

"Let's deal with the facts of the situation," he told reporters. "This is nothing but misplaced frustration. Em does not know Benzino; Benzino does not know Em. It's nothing personal between them. If he's mad that a white person can get away with saying such and such, why don't you just address the media?”

"It makes no sense. Then it's evident that you're trying to make more of a presence at retail. Now you're on MTV and BET. You were never there before. [D12] was about to retaliate on him, but we called Em and we thought, 'Why even waste energy on this dude? We're about to put a dope album together."


Pepsi have announced that Destiny’s Child’s Beyonce Knowles will its latest pop frontwoman in the US. Knowles will take over from Britney as the face of the brand when Spears’ contract runs out at the end of the year. Knowles will appear in two TV commercials, radio and internet ads and on in-store promotional materials. Pepsi also has an option to sponsor the 2003 solo concert tour Knowles is rumoured to be considering.


So Solid Crew’s Asher D has spoken to the BBC’s urban music station 1Xtra about his time in Feltham Young Offenders Institution. "I was worried – obviously you're worried, you're scared but, you have to face your fears. You just have to go at it and do what you have to do man, like you're in a situation, you're not running out, you're not escaping, you're not going anywhere. At a time like that, you are touchy, you are tender, you could cry at any time. You get what I'm saying? Your emotions could go any way at any time. At times like that you are getting a lot of stuff that is coming into your brain – you just put it on paper man."

D also confirmed he is set to appear in a movie alongside Ms Dynamite. "Me and Dynamite have been tipped for the first and second leads, so that's just in the process at the moment. There's a lot of politics, contracts and stuff like that going on but it should be out sometime next year. It's a good script. A lot of people don't know I was an actor before I was a musician."


Back to the squabbling. The Popstars girls have hit back at Popstars boys for saying they couldn't sing or dance and they looked tarty. Girls Aloud member Chreyl told The Sun: "We're upset. Saying we can't sing or dance is rubbish - we proved ourselves in front of eight million people each week. And to call us tarts is outrageous."

Fellow member Nadine added: "Everyone says girls are bitchy but the guys are doing all the bitching. But that won't stop us."
Meanwhile Popstar judges Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh have joined in the arguments. The former is managing the boy band, the latter the girls.

Waterman yesterday claimed Girls Aloud don't sing on their debut single. "Their record's a smashing pop record, there's no question, but they're not on it. I've had that record since September. The version I got in September is no different.”

Needless to say, Walsh strongly denies the allegations: "He is a liar - he said the girls didn't sing on their record. He's just running scared. I want everyone to know that Pete Waterman is a liar. The girls do sing on their record.”

Presumably everyone concerned reckons these public squabbles sells more records – the sad thing is, they’re probably right. The boys may be leading in the argument stakes, but the girls appear to be ahead on sales still.


The World DJ Fund has announced it will stage a week of global fundraising week from 19 – 26 Apr. The group’s 2002 fundraising activity raised £400,000 in the UK alone – used to support Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and international children’s charities.

During the fundraising week DJs will be asked to pledge one night’s fee for the cause, while clubs will be encouraged to fund raise. With the likes of Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia and X-Press 2 behind them many are likely to take part.

Talking about the scheme Xpress 2’s Dave Clarke told reporters: "It was great to be asked to help out with Nordoff Robbins, as our industry is based around good times. It is fulfilling to be able to put something back in, and to contribute to such a good cause".

More info at


Answer to Wednesday's cryptic Christmas song:
Cryptic Christmas songs - which festive number is this clue referring too?
“Don’t let those soldiers past”
Erm … ‘Stop The Cavalry’ by Jona Lewie

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