2 MAY 2013

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Two weeks today The Great Escape will be kicking off for 2013, and we've just heard that festival tickets have now sold out (though a small number of Dome-show bundles are still available). Delegate passes are also flying out the door, but you can still get one if you act quickly. And the full schedule to the CMU Insights-programmed convention is now online, so you can start to plan your own personal escape. Meanwhile on the CMU website, our TGE Convention Blog has gone live, which will have updates and reports on Great Escape activity in the run up to, during and after this year's event. Check it out here.

Approved: Petit Fantôme
Petit Fantôme is, in the main, Pierre Loustaunau, who plays in François And The Atlas Mountains on his days off (or on, whatever). Having released 'Yallah', a mini LP of 'R&B electrofuturiste'-tinged pop, in 2011, Loustanau is giving away his new mixtape 'Stave' gratis. Given the lack of a 'sonic constant' in 'Stave', a ten track grab bag that picks and mixes its styles in a slightly dizzying way, it's apparent that Petit Fantôme is still to find its niche. Which is okay, if you don't mind careening between synth-fringed piano luaus ('Peio'), trippy Melody's Echo Chamber-alikes ('L') and bizarre, bassy rap intervals ('Le Passage') more>>
- London nightclub Cable closed down as Network Rail sends in bailiffs
- Chris Kelly of Kris Kross dies
- Data squabble underway in Universal's ongoing digital royalties battle
- Touch Tones signs Game Of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon
- Dizzee Rascal releases track
- Broken Social Scene, Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Timber Timbre to feature on Arts & Crafts anniversary LP
- Marina Diamandis and Charli XCX share (new single) Just Desserts
- Moderat detail Moderat II
- Travis confirm London show
- The Orwells playing UK in May
- Festival line-up update: Bestival, South West Four, Global Gathering and more
- Great Escape convention programme now live
- Last chance to nominate in the YMCAs
- Music Glue to launch new platform at TGE
- Pepsi pulls Tyler, The Creator's latest Mountain Dew advert
- Samsung accused of plagiarising Beta Band video for new advert
- BMG's Mute and Sanctuary acquisitions complete
- PRMD announces Universal alliance
- RedOne's 2101 Records partners with Capitol
- Kitty Pryde comments on Danny Brown incident
We are looking for a dynamic individual who will be responsible for delivering music festivals for DHP. The Head Of Festivals will: develop the proposition for new outdoor events in different genres; source suitable locations; develop a model for ticket pricing and suitable artist budgets; work with the promoter team on programming; develop non-music areas of the festivals; take over the management of the existing 20,000 capacity event, Splendour; oversee the city based events, Dot To Dot, Hit The Deck and Gathering.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Partisan Records, part of Knitting Factory Group, is looking for a dynamic and forward thinking Marketing Manager to join the recently established UK office. The successful candidate will have at least two years product management experience and will be experienced in implementing multiple artist campaigns across traditional and digital marketing platforms.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
[PIAS] Cooperative, a division of the [PIAS] Music Group, are looking for a dynamic and knowledgeable UK label manager. This is an ideal position for someone with experience in label management, marketing, retail, and production. The successful candidate will approach the business with an independent mind, ambition and drive.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.

London nightclub Cable, situated under London Bridge Station, was closed down yesterday morning when bailiffs acting on behalf of Network Rail cut their way through the venue's metal shutters and repossessed the space. The court-ordered break-in brought to an end two years of legal wrangling between the club's operators and their landlords.

In a statement, the club said: "We have been forced to close following two years of ongoing legal battles with Network Rail, who took possession of the venue this morning with an entry order, putting us out of business and leaving our 70 staff without jobs. This is due to them allegedly requiring the space back for the redevelopment of London Bridge Station. It is an utterly devastating blow to what is a much loved, hugely successful, well respected music venue and media business".

Launched in 2009, Cable is the last of three venue spaces based under the station to be taken back under control by Network Rail in recent years to make way for refurbishment. First to go was the music and theatre venue Shunt, which shut in the summer of 2010. Next was Debut, a short-lived operation in the space previously used by SeOne, which had closed due to financial issues in February 2010. Its replacement was then shutdown by Network Rail a year later.

Network Rail did not respond to a request for a statement.

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The rapper Chris Kelly, one half of Kris Kross, has been found dead at his Atlanta home, he was aged 34. Although the exact cause of death is not yet known, police have said it is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. An autopsy will be performed later today.

Kelly and his friend Chris Smith enjoyed worldwide success as Kris Kross in 1992, despite being barely teenagers, thanks to their hit 'Jump', which came off the album 'Totally Krossed Out', produced by Jermaine Durpri, who had discovered the duo two years earlier and secured them a deal with Ruffhouse Records.

In a statement, Kelly's mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, said: "It is with deep sadness that we announce that our beloved Chris Kelly has passed away on 1 May. To millions of fans worldwide, he was the trendsetting, backwards pants-wearing one-half of Kris Kross who loved making music. But to us, he was just Chris - the kind, generous and fun-loving life of the party. Though he was only with us a short time, we feel blessed to have been able to share some incredible moments with him. His legacy will live on through his music, and we will forever love him".

As previously reported, the duo reformed for a performance recently at an event to mark the 20th anniversary of Dupri's label So So Def Recordings.

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Artist confidentiality has been raised as a new issue in the ongoing legal squabbling between Universal Music and a consortium of its legacy artists in America over digital royalties, as the plaintiffs try to gather information together to help justify their litigation being a class action. The mega-major continues to fight moves to give the case class action status, in addition to its efforts to have the entire claim dismissed.

But first, some background. As much previously reported, there has been plenty of debate - principally in the US to date - on whether download revenues should be treated as 'record sales' or 'licensing income' when labels pay royalties to artists whose record contracts pre-date digital and therefore make no specific reference to the sale of MP3s and AACs. It's a crucial difference because artists are often paid a much bigger share of licensing income than record sales money, mainly because traditionally the latter was so much lucrative than the former. Needless to say, the majors are paying the smaller record sale royalty on downloads.

Early legal action on this issue was inconclusive, but then in 2010 the US courts ruled in favour of FBT Productions, early Eminem collaborators who are due a royalty on Slim Shady's early recordings, and who said they should get the higher licensing royalty on downloads. The mega-major subsequently agreed new digital royalty terms with the producers last year. But the music giant maintains the FBT case doesn't set a general precedent on digital royalties, though a plethora of heritage artists - signed to both Universal and the other majors - disagree and have begun legal action citing the Eminem case.

For Universal the biggest such lawsuit is being led by Rob Zombie and the estate of Rick James. They want to make their case a class action, which would mean that any artist signed to Universal before iTunes with something nearing a standard record contract would be able to claim higher digital royalties if the Zombie/James lawsuit was successful.

Universal disputes Zombie and the James estate's royalty arguments, but even more so their attempts at making their litigation a class action, and the music firm's lawyers cited various issues with that in their initial unsuccessful attempt to have the entire lawsuit dismissed. But with class action status still a possibility, the plaintiffs are now trying to counter all the arguments against the lawsuit being give such a certification.

And to that end they want access to digital accounts from Universal, outlining what kind of revenue different artists are receiving, both in terms of percentages and pay out amounts. Obviously the terms of any one artist's royalty agreements with the label, and the monies they receive, are covered by all sorts of confidentially agreements. No problem says the Zombie/James legal team, only the plaintiff's attorneys need see the data, and they'd sign NDAs.

But, says Universal in a new court filing, given the size of this case that means 50 or so lawyers, all of whom work in the music industry, possibly for competitors of the mega-major, or for artists who have personal or professional issues with acts signed to the record company whose confidential accounting information would be shared. So such a data share isn't viable, say Universal's lawyers.

Needless to say, the plaintiffs ain't impressed with the Universal's data hold out. According to Billboard, they counter in their own court filing: "It is ironic that UMG continues to press for more information about how plaintiffs will calculate their damages, but seeks here to deprive plaintiffs of important data plaintiffs can use both for internal analysis of class certification theories, and to illustrate for the court available methods for calculating damages for any class or subclass. Plaintiffs should not be handicapped in these tasks".

It remains to be seen how the judge overseeing the case responds.

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Touch Tones has announced that its latest publishing signings are Johnny Hates Jazz and 'Game Of Thrones' actor Iwan Rheon.

Johnny Hates Jazz have signed a worldwide deal for their new record, 'Magnetized', their third album in total and first since 1991's 'Tall Stories'. The album is due for release on 6 May.

As well as acting in shows including 'Games Of Thrones', 'Misfits' and Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi's new sitcom 'Viscoius', Rheon has also written and performed music since his teens. He has so far released three solo EPs, 'Tongue Tied, 'Changing Times' and, most recently, 'Bang! Bang!'

Watch the video for Rheon's latest EP's title track, 'Bang! Bang!' here.

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That Dizzee Rascal has released a new track off the in-development "party album" he was 'bigging up' back in January, and its name is 'H-Town', a la Dizzee's famed penchant for a certain Texan city (Houston).

A collaboration with American rappers Bun B and Trae The Truth, it was first heard as part of a mixtape Dizzee released via his Dirtee TV site earlier this year.

Says Rascal: "I came to Houston and had a good time and it stuck with me, I was doing a mixtape at the time and I ended up writing about it and recorded it, I sent it to Bun and he got on it straight away. When I came to Atlanta to record the album I saw Trae in the studio and we decided to do the video".

Dizzee will, I've heard it said, release his fifth LP 'The Fifth' in summer.

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Canadian label Arts & Crafts will on 28 May release 'X', a ten-track compilation of all-original collaborations by pairs of its signed artists, mainly as a way to mark its tenth anniversary.

A&C HQ hasn't said what the combinations of paired acts are, but has named Broken Social Scene, Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Timber Timbre and Trust as participants, so hurrah for that.

Details of the tracklisting, if and when Arts & Crafts choose to share them, will be available here.

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1990s pop aesthetes Marina Diamandis and Charli XCX have gone in on a new collaborative track titled 'Just Desserts'.

It isn't anything to do with sweets, by the way, but rather bases its lyrics on various karmic clichés ("Now that the shoe's on the other foot/You suddenly decided to knock on wood", "I'm so glad you crashed and burnt/Guys like you they never learn" etc)

Anyway, you may as well download it (it's free) and/or give it a listen via this SoundCloud player.

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Germanic ÜberDJs Moderat, aka Modeselektor and Apparat, want the world to know they're releasing a new LP titled 'Moderat II' on 5 Aug, and that making said record wasn't easy. In fact they say they "aged ten years" making it, but that it was worth it. So that's okay.

They add: "After spending six quite intense months in the studio we just finished our second album. Not seeing any sunshine or daylight for a long time, we can't wait to go on tour in August and play the new stuff live".

Which, by the way, they'll be doing at London's Eastern Electrics Festival on 2 Aug.


The Mark (Interlude)
Bad Kingdom
Let in the Light
Clouded (Interlude)
Damage Done
This Time

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Sultans-of-'Sing' Travis have listed what's to be their first London-based show since 2008. They'll play the capital's Islington Assembly Hall on 13 Jun, by which time the 19 Aug release of their seventh ever LP, 'Where You Stand', will be less distant than it is today.

In the meantime, you can:

a) Look forward to being able to buy tickets to the Islington show, since they'll be available at 9am on Friday

b) Watch the video to 'Where You Stand' title track, erm, this.

c) Do all of the above

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Chicago garage-punks The Orwells, authors of 2012 LP 'Remember When', are going to play live in Britain for the first time in May.

The band are a doing show with Beach Fossils at London's Tufnell Park Dome (14 May), and will then headline The Lexington on 15 May. They'll then go to Brighton to play The Great Escape, twice, once on 17 May and again the following night.

And here they are again, this time is the video for 'Remember When' track 'Mallrats (La La La)'.

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Ahoy, festival fans, it's time to splice the main FLUU-sail, and various other things, because I spy a new shipment of artistes boarding this year's HMS Bestival bill. In a drive to flaunt its pro-LGBT leanings, Bestival is going 'cruising' c/o the likes of DJs Jodie Harsh, Kris Di Angelis and Severino, and laying on all kinds of camp and karaoke-type activities.

"Stand by for a cast of freaky girls and hot sailor boys stoking the fires as we steam towards the dawn... See you at the bar, boys!" says festival captain Rob Da Bank.

Artist additions galore are also going on over at London's Armin Van Buuren and Example-headlined South West Four in the shape of new names Erick Morillo, Soul II Soul, Rustie and Crazy P.

Erick Morillo, the star of SW4's first ever iteration back in 2004, says this: "If anyone knows how hard it is to maintain a brand, party and event, it's me. So congratulations to SW4 on their tenth anniversary! I always love coming to London to play SW4 in the summertime. The heavens opened on us last year, but it was still an amazing party and vibe. Let's pray for some summer loving this year!"

Yeah, let's. And in answer to that prayer, here's a loveable list of extra FLUUs via Africa Oye, Boardmasters, Global Gathering, Long Division, Melt! and Nas-featuring 'laction sports and music festival' NASS:

AFRICA OYÉ, Sefton Park, Liverpool, 22-23 Jun: Osibisa, Son Yambu, Black Prophet, Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Vibration, Yaaba Funk.

BESTIVAL, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight, 5-8 Sep: Jodie Harsh, Kris Di Angelis, Severino, Horse Meat Disco, Scottee, Jonny Woo, Sink The Pink, Gutterslut, Gino's Italopop Disco, Trevi Fontayne.

BOARDMASTERS, Fistral Beach, Cornwall. 7-11 Aug: Simian Mobile Disco, Man Like Me, xxxy, Josh Record, Dinosaur Pile Up, Crowns, Dark Horses, I Am Giant, Gnarwolves, Bloody Knees, Steve Smyth, The Sea, Young Aviators, Rat Attack, Bad Channel, and Remember December, The Lake Poets.

GLOBAL GATHERING, Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, 26-27 Jul: Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, John O'Callaghan, Orjan Nilsen, Cosmic Gate, Richard Durand, Andy Moor b2b Lange, Omnia, Steve Arnold, Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila, Simon Patterson, Tenishia, TyDi, John '00' Fleming, Jordan Suckley, Jorn Van Deynhoven, HeatBeat, Andrew Rayel, Mark Eteson, Infected Mushroom.

LONG DIVISION, various venues, Wakefield, 7-9 Jun: The Chapman Family, Eagulls, Let's Wrestle, Buen Chico, The Shaking Whips, Dead Flowers, Raevennan Husbandes, Micky P Kerr, Soulmates Never Die, Neil McSweeney, Boxing Klub, jamiesaysmile, Crowds, Glass Caves, Jasmine Kennedy, Thomas Wilby Gang.

MELT!, Ferropolis, Germany, 19-21 Jul: James Murphy, DIIV, Ellen Allien, Sizarr, Simian Mobile Disco, Siriusmo, Aérea Negrot, Shinedoe, Camea, ABBY, Hans Unstern, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Monika Kruse, Adana Twins, Motor City Drum Ensemble, London Grammar, Anja Schneider, Benjamin Damage, Ruen Brothers, Alex.Do, Henning Baer, Discodromo.

NASS, Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset, 11-14 Jul: Katy B, Zane Lowe.

SOUTH WEST FOUR, Clapham Common, London, 24-25 Aug: Gorgon City, Erick Morillo, Soul II Soul fear Caron Wheeler, Benji B & Deviation Strings, Crazy P, Friction & Friends, Rustie, Bondax, RL Grime, Kove.

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With just two weeks to go now until kick off at this year's Great Escape, Europe's biggest showcase festival and music industry convention, the full schedule has been published for the CMU Insights-programmed conference side of the proceedings, including the panels, the conversations, the networking and the parties. You can check the schedule on the TGE website.

CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke, who leads on the programming of the TGE Convention, says: "After yet another eventful year in the music business, there is plenty to cover at this year's Great Escape, those three days in the calendar when music business professionals from across the world can come together to reflect, learn and debate".

"Here in the UK, the future of music retail has probably been the biggest headline-grabber so far this year, and with that in mind we are excited to welcome Rough Trade co-Owner Stephen Godfroy as one of our keynote speakers. He will explain how his business has defied the odds and his vision for the future of Rough Trade Retail, before joining [PIAS] UK MD Pete Thompson, Independent Label Market founder Joe Daniel and entertainment retail specialist Rob Salter to consider the future of entertainment retail at large".

"Another theme at this year's TGE is funding, finance and the new ways artists are doing deals with music companies. As part of that we will host the official launch of Arts Council England's Momentum Music Fund and a panel considering how other countries have successfully nurtured new talent through similar initiatives. I'll also speak to Remi Harris about a new MusicTank research programme on access to finance in the music space, and to three inspiring managers about innovative new deals they have struck up for their artists, with a focus on Nick Cave, Madness and Deaf Havana".

"Our sessions in The Old Courtroom are also themed, with a Focus On Data & Discovery on Thursday, and a Focus On Music Marketing on Friday, the latter also including some of our internationally themed sessions, considering how to break artists in new markets. And in addition to all our panels, don't forget our more informal conversations programme, which includes Brighton Dome show headliners Everything Everything in conversation with Xfm's John Kennedy, Seymour Stein and Korda Marshall leading a debate on the art of A&R, and Billy Bragg taking part in John Robb's Pop Question Time".

"Korda and Billy will also be sharing words of wisdom with the next generation of music talent via our Focus On DIY strand on Saturday, which I am particularly looking forward to. For any grass-roots artists, new managers or music entrepreneurs, this day is going to be packed with invaluable advice and insights from leading artists and industry people".

With The Great Escape now very much on the horizon, CMU will be posting reports and updates each day, available in the CMU Daily and on the TGE Convention Blog on Meanwhile, though festival tickets have just sold out, a small number of delegates passes are still on sale at £175 - buy yours while you can.

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The Yearly Music Convention Awards will return to The Great Escape again this year, celebrating the great and the good of the world's showcase festival season, and TGE delegates can still make nominations, but only just. Music industry people who regularly attend these events are all invited to nominate in eight categories - those nominations coupled with the input of the YMCA's judging panel will result in a set of shortlists to be announced next week.

TGE co-founder Martin Elbourne, who will present the YMCAs at a ticketed reception as part of day three of The Great Escape, recently told CMU: "We've had another busy year of showcase festivals and music conventions across the globe, with both newcomers and old favourite events offering the industry so many different ways to meet, network, exchange ideas and experience new talent".

He continued: "As we all amass in Brighton in May for The Great Escape - the UK's premiere showcase festival and convention, and one of the last such gatherings before the summer festival season begins - it's always fun to sit down with the organisers and attendees of this calendar of great events worldwide, to down a few drinks, sample some of Brighton's finest food, and remember the best bits from the year just gone. I look forward to seeing the nominations and votes come in for this year's YMCAs, and even more so to dishing out the awards".

You can make nominations here, while tickets for the YMCAs presentation, which includes a late lunch of fish & chips with a twist plus a choice of beer and wine, are available here.

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Direct to fan firm Music Glue has announced that it will officially launch its new platform at The Great Escape later this month. The company, which works with the likes of Mumford And Sons, Gabrielle Aplin, Nina Nesbitt, Enter Shikari, Ben Howard and Ghostpoet on their D2F operations, will demonstrate their new platform at a special presentation on day two of the TGE convention, Friday 17 May, at 2.45pm at Dukes @ Komedia.

Commenting on his firm's new platform, Music Glue founder Mark Meharry told CMU: "We've developed this cutting edge new platform with our highly dedicated team and are very pleased to now finally unveil it to the world. Our new technology has the power to genuinely change the way the industry works and for the first time brings together everything an artist, label or promoter could need to sell products direct to consumers".

Music Glue will also host a 'mixer' party after the launch at TGE, while Meharry will be on stage the previous day too, taking part in a panel discussing the state of play in the wider D2F market, led by journalist Adam Webb, and also featuring insights from Wicksteed Works' Jessie Scoullar, Pledge Music's Paul Barton and Topspin's Stephen O'Reilly.

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So, it turns out that the bizarre Mountain Dew advert directed by Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator that did the rounds in March was real. So, indeed, was the second one. And the third. Though the third one has proved problematic - and the soft drink's parent company Pepsi this week pulled the latest addition to the series following accusations that it portrays racial stereotypes and makes light of violence towards women, reports Billboard.

In the advert, a white woman on crutches is asked to pick her attacker from a police line-up consisting of several black men and a goat. The goat urges her not to "snitch on a player" and "keep ya mouth shut", before she screams "I can't do this!" and runs out of the room.

The advert follows on from a storyline laid out in the previous two adverts, which see the woman in question, a waitress, attacked by the goat, which is called Felicia and voiced by Tyler. A fact the Odd Future man pointed out on Twitter by shouting: "IDIOTS THE LADY IN THE NEW MOUNTAIN DEW COMMERCIAL IS THE WAITRESS THAT GOT ATTACK RETARD". His point being that the third advert follows a clear narrative which runs throughout the series (which you can see below) and makes sense in context. Hence, it's difficult to see why none of this has proved problematic before.

Odd Future's manager Christian Clancy also commented on the controversy yesterday, saying on Tumblr: "It was never Tyler's intention to offend, however offense is personal and valid to anyone who is offended. Out of respect to those that were offended the ad was taken down. For those who know and respect Tyler he is known for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes through humor. This is someone who grew up on David Chappelle. This situation is layered with context and is a discussion that Tyler would love to address in the right forum as he does have a point of view".

The original advert, in which Felicia attacks the waitress.

Part two, in which Felicia makes her escape.

And finally, the advert which has now been pulled.

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Former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason has accused Samsung of stealing the concept of a new advert for the company's Smart TV range from the video for the band's 2004 single, 'Assessment'.

Samsung's 'Charge' advert for the F8000 model TV was directed by Romain Gravas, best known for his videos for MIA's 'Born Free' and 'Bad Girls', as well as Jay-Z and Kanye West's 'No Church In The Wild' and The Last Shadow Puppets' 'Age Of The Understatement'. He has also directed adverts for Adidas.

The Beta Band's video shows soldiers from different times and cultures, including Roman centurions and ancient Chinese warriors, relaying down a beach with an unidentified object, at one point with army helicopters hovering above. Samsung's advert meanwhile shows a variety of people, including centurions and cheerleaders, as well as police cars, chasing down a beach, and also includes a shot in which army helicopters hover above.

Mason told CMU: "This is OUTRAGEOUS plagiarism being passed off as original work. But what can you do? It's happened to The Beta Band before and to many other artists. A huge company or huge artist steals your original idea and passes it off as their own... Very frustrating. The advert will probably win an award!"

Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.

Compare the two videos yourself here:

Samsung Smart TV: Charge (Run)

The Beta Band - Assessment

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BMG has confirmed that its acquisition of the Mute and Sanctuary catalogues has been completed after the transaction got the nod from European regulators. The two sound recording archives were sold as part of the EC regulator conditions placed on Universal's purchase of the EMI record company. Mute was previously part of EMI, while Universal had owned the Sanctuary catalogue since 2007.

Confirming its acquisition of the two catalogues was now complete, BMG boss Hartwig Masuch told CMU: "These acquisitions are a significant step forward for BMG. Now the real work begins - to demonstrate to artists, writers and clients that their faith in us is justified. We remain committed to delivering on our promise to create a modern new artist-centric alternative to the legacy music companies".

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Universal Music has signed a worldwide licensing deal with PRMD, the new Swedish dance label set up last month by EDM talent manager Ash Pournouri. The label will initially release music by acts managed by Pournouri, in particular that Avicii chap. The multi-territory deal will see PRMD work with Universal's new Virgin EMI division in the UK, and in particular with Positiva, the 20 year old dance label which will now operate as an imprint of Virgin EMI.

Confirming the deal, Pournouri told CMU: "PRMD provides insight and expertise in the world of electronic music and on how to speak to that audience. The label is based at its core on modern day consumer behaviour in the digital age and contributes with an innovative approach to distribution and marketing".

Meanwhile Universal's SVP in the Nordic Region Per Sundin added: "Ash and Tim [Bergling, aka Avicii] and all the PRMD guys have achieved a really impressive amount for a new label. With all their great ideas and the strength and passion of Universal Music around the world behind them this is a very exciting and promising partnership".

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More Universal deals, this time in the US, and producer RedOne's 2101 Records has signed a new worldwide partnership agreement with the former EMI and now Universal-owned Capitol Records. The company was launched as a joint venture with Universal in 2010, and will now move its operations to the iconic Capitol Tower in LA as it officially allies with the mega-major's new Capitol division.

Capitol Music Group CEO Steve Barnett told CMU: "RedOne is a true visionary and one of the most well-rounded and talented figures in music. He can do it all, but we're especially relying on his acumen as an executive and his commitment to discovering and guiding new talent through 2101 Records to bring success to our partnership and enhance Capitol's reputation as a welcoming home for artists in all genres of music. I welcome RedOne to Capitol and look forward to many years of shared success with him and 2101 Records".

RedOne himself added: "Today is truly a monumental day for 2101 Records, and marks an exciting new chapter in my career. Capitol Records is a great partner for us, and we can't wait to bring our artists to music fans around the world under 2101 Records/Capitol. I look forward to working with Steve, Lucian [Grainge], and my amazing team to drive 2101 to pre-eminence in the days, weeks, months, and years to come".

As previously reported, last month Universal announced the launch of Capitol Records UK, joining the mega-major's other British frontline labels: Island, Polydor, Virgin EMI and Decca.

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Currently supporting Danny Brown on his US tour, fellow rapper Kitty Pryde has provided her thoughts on those recent reports that her fellow performer received a blow job on stage from a fan while performing in Minneapolis at the weekend.

Despite his apparent brag on Twitter to Kendrick Lamar that he "didn't miss one bar" during the onstage liaison, Pryde says in an article for Noisey that reports have exaggerated what occurred, and that Brown and everyone else on the tour feels fairly awkward about it. She also says Brown didn't instigate the felatio, and that he put a stop to it very quickly, which is why only one photo of the incident seemingly exists on the entire internet.

She writes: "I [have] had my pants ripped off onstage, and didn't know what to do either because being naked in front of 1000 people is incredibly scary and there's not much quick decision-making happening in your brain during that sort of thing. Now I'm prepared to kick a motherfucker in the teeth if he touches me at all, and I equip myself with giant boots for that reason".

But when the tables are turned, she added, such a violent reaction is not possible: "What is Danny supposed to do? The girl was at mouth-to-dick level already and to push her away, he would've had to either pushed her face or kicked her, and even the most gentle of either motion would immediately be labeled 'abuse' by anyone watching. Guys pushing girls is not a good look when people are taking photos. So what was Danny supposed to do, other than back away, which he did?"

She continues: "If he had figured out a way to gently push the girl off him immediately without looking like he was smacking her in the face, he's faced with attacks on his masculinity by every douchebro in the building. Yo dude, you don't want your dick sucked, bro? Are you gay? Haha you're gay you don't want girls to suck your dick haha gay dude bro man swag! And that's a rapper's literal nightmare".

Read Pryde's article in full here

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