3 MAY 2013

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There have been the usual selection of pop beefs this week, but surely none so beefy as the Jacksons v AEG Live trial, a contender for Beef Of The Year, which finally got underway on Monday. We may only be a few days into a trial , but the lawyers are already talking tough, with the sort of brutal honesty that could well damage the reputations of both sides more>>
Soundcrash is back with another heavy-duty line-up at The Forum, with classic drum n bass DJ LTJ Bukem heading the bill. A solid line-up for any dnb fan, the night will feature jazz and hip hop influenced cuts from some of the big names. Not least the support acts - who are no less than Roni Size and one of Tokyo's finest turntablists, and a former DMC winner, DJ Kentaro more>>

- Anjunabeats comments on song theft controversy
- Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies
- Network Rail comments on Cable repossession
- Public performance royalties on ad music net publishing sector £10 million in 2012
- Gaga manager signs 'rock star violinist' Lindsey Stirling
- Kanye-related thing happening on 18 Jun
- deigns to executive produce Britney LP
- Spice Girls musical Viva Forever to close in June
- Diplo + Skrillex = Jack U
- Kelis details LP, adds London date
- Festival line-up update: Bestival, Beat-Herder, Love Supreme and more
- Great Escape's Focus On DIY line-up confirmed: Billy Bragg, Korda Marshall, Jake Shillingford
- TGE to ask whether music marketing needs an overhaul
- Biggest ever networking programme planned for Great Escape
- Live Nation to buy half of Insomnia Events
- Trueman joins Kobalt
- Mixcloud appoints brand partnerships exec
- Two new Kiss stations to launch
- Channel 4 to air One Direction documentary
- Saturdays' Frankie Sandford to have baby
- Ke$ha has said another thing like those things she says
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The five biggest stories in the music business this week...

01: The Jacksons v AEG Live court case kicked off. The Jackson family reckons AEG should be liable for the death of Michael Jackson, because it hired the doctor whose negligence caused the late king of pop's death in 2009. But AEG says that while it may have paid Dr Conrad Murray's bills, it didn't hire or manager the medic. Although there have so far been few big revelations in the case - with most of the testimonies so far being repeat runs from Murray's earlier criminal trial - it is clear both sides in this dispute are willing to be brutal to win their argument.

The Jacksons are trying hard to portray AEG's bosses as ruthless businessmen who deliberately turned a blind eye to Jackson's ailing health and drug issues, and Murray's acute financial problems, to plough ahead with the ambitious 'This Is It' live show project. AEG, meanwhile, is prepared to discuss in detail Jackson's longtime prescription drug use, and the lengths he went to in order to hide his drug dependencies from his friends, associates and even his doctors. The case could run for up to three months, with an all-star witness list promised down the line. CMU report | CNN report

02: The Pirate Bay moved its domain twice. Aware that its Swedish domain was in danger of being seized by the courts, and having had its attempts to use the Greenland top level domain blocked, the controversial file-sharing site announced that it would make an Icelandic address its primary URL. And Iceland's domain authority assured TorrentFreak it wouldn't block unless told to do so by the Icelandic courts, which would at least take some time to occur even if the content industries pursued such a court order.

But then the Swedish music industry included the Icelandic domain in its URL seizing injunction application, arguing that because is registered to a Swedish citizen, Sweden's courts should have jurisdiction. That argument is not in anyway assured to work, but just in case it does, the Bay immediately announced it was switching domains again, to the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. And so far that hasn't blocked. CMU report | TorrentFreak report

03: AOL Music was wound down. Although the AOL Radio service will seemingly remain, most of the web firm's US-based music websites and services have been axed, including the long-time running Spinner website. It was via a subsequently deleted tweet from the Spinner team that the world found out about the shutdown - "Hey guys. Just found out from AOL that we're shutting down. Today is our last day. Seriously". AOL's UK-based music services had already gone offline in 2011. CMU report | The Verge report

04: Jessie J settled with her former manager Raymond Stevenson, in a deal The Sun reckoned was worth £1 million. Stevenson 'discovered' J while she was still at the BRIT School, and secured the singer her first albeit unsuccessful record deal. Crucially, said Stevenson, it was during this time that J developed her style and personality that then proved so profitable once he had been pushed out of the picture and she had signed to Universal. The two sides in the dispute confirmed a settlement had been reached, but said no more. Though Stevenson's company added: "141a is very proud of Jessie's achievements - she is a very talented artist". CMU report | The Sun report

05: There were further developments in Universal's digital royalties dispute. Rob Zombie, the estate of Rick James and others are suing the mega-major for a higher cut of digital royalties, citing a precedent set in the FBT v Universal court case. They want to make their lawsuit a class action, so any Universal artist with a pre-iTunes contract could claim a higher digital pay out if the litigation prevailed. The major argues that the case doesn't qualify for class action status. In a bid to bolster their claim the plaintiffs want access to accounts relating to Universal artists' digital earnings, a data share that would violate all kinds of confidentially agreements said the major. But only the lawyers involved in the case would see the data, responded the plaintiffs. But there are 50 of them, and they all work in the music business, Universal countered. Some poor judge will now have to rule on all this. CMU report | Billboard report

At CMU this week we published the full schedule for this year's CMU Insights-programmed Great Escape convention, which was rather exciting, plus our blog covering all things TGE went live. Tunde Adebimpe from TV On The Radio chatted, Sam Amidon playlisted, and we approved of Lune, Lorde, Petit Fantome and Nicholas Jaar's Boiler Room NYC Mix.

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Anjunbeats, the label which released Arty and Mat Zo's single 'Rebound', has commented on's unauthorised use of the track as the basis for his new single, 'Let's Go' featuring Chris Brown.

As previously reported, the similarity between the two tracks was first noted when's new album, '#willpower', was previewed on Vevo last month. Zo then said that he and Arty had known that was interested in using their track, but that they had decided not to work with him and that no agreement had ever been made regarding his usage of it.

Last week admitted to Kiss FM that he had used the track without permission, but insisted that it was a simple mix up and that it was being resolved, saying: "I'm a fan of Arty; I think he's great and the world needs to know about how talented those guys are. It's sad that it's turned into a fiasco but hopefully it's resolved because I'm a fan of those guys to the point where I wrote to their instrumental".

However, Anjunbeats does not seem as confident as that the matter can be quickly resolved, reiterating that no agreement was ever made over his use of the track, while noting's apparent ignorance of Mat Zo's involvement in co-creating it.

The label said: "As has been widely reported, a large section of 'Rebound' was sampled on's track 'Let's Go' featuring Chris Brown and this took place without the permission of Anjunabeats or Arty & Mat Zo. Although Arty (but not Mat Zo) was credited in the sleeve notes, this is not the same as obtaining permission. To present someone else's work as your own, you need to seek permission, agree terms and file paperwork, which has not happened in this case".

It concluded: "We've remained silent on this issue until now but as a record label it is our obligation to protect our artists' interests and we felt it was necessary to respond to some of the inaccuracies that have been reported following's recent comments".

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Jeff Hanneman, founder member of Slayer, has died aged 49 after suffering liver failure. The guitarist had suffered from ill health since contracting the nasty necrotising fasciitis disease after being bitten by a spider in 2011.

Confirming the news, the band said in a statement: "Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11am this morning near his Southern California home. He was 49. Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure... and will be sorely missed".

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Network Rail has issued a statement on its repossession of the space under London Bridge Station occupied by the Cable nightclub. As previously reported, bailiffs cut their way through the venue's metal shutters on Wednesday morning after obtaining a court order authorising entry.

A spokesperson for Network Rail told CMU: "This club occupies one of our arches under London Bridge station that will form part of the rebuilding and modernisation of this critical station that serves some 180,000 passengers a day, and forms the central hub of the £6 billion Thameslink upgrade programme. Our plans for the station have long been in the public domain and we gave our tenant two years notice of the need to take back possession to enable us to start our work on this essential project".

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PRS For Music yesterday revealed that the songwriting and publishing community earned nearly £10 million in 2012 from the public performance royalties paid in relation to music that appeared in TV and radio advertising.

Which is pretty good when you consider these are the royalties the broadcaster pays, and are separate and additional to the more substantial fees paid by the advertisers themselves when they commission or sync the music they use in their promotional spots (something done directly with the rights owner rather than via the collecting society system).

£1.9 million was paid by the radio industry to the publishing sector rights agency to cover the music that appeared in ads, while telly commercials netted the body and its members £8 million. The society also revealed that of all the music that airs on commercial television, about 10% is in the ads.

The airing of ads from price comparison websites generated the most royalties, with the tedious 'Go Compare' song being the most played bit of music in broadcast advertising last year, and Village People's 'YMCA' getting plenty of play (albeit in rewritten form) via an ad for Elsewhere in the most played ad music chart is a track co-penned by Speech Debelle and used in a Sky ad, and hits from Blur and Take That, employed by British Gas and Morrisons respectively.

And here they are, the songs you all loved to hate in 2012 through over exposure in commercials. Though the songwriters and composers listed in brackets below probably aren't too bothered, given all the PRS money they got on top of whatever they received from the advertisers direct. Kerr-ching.

1. Over There (George M Cohan) - Go Compare
2. YMCA (Edward Willis, Jacques Morali, Henri Belolo) -
3. Eliza's Aria (Elena Kats-Chernin) - Lloyd's TSB
4. Spinnin (Mike Lindsay, Corynne Elliott, Pat Marks, Jason Richards) - Sky
5. Primavera (Ludovico Einaudi) - Santander
6. The Universal (Blur) - British Gas
7. Shine (Gary Barlow, Paul Donald, Paul Robson, Jason Orange, Mark Owen) - Morrisons
8. Here Come The Girls (Allen Toussaint) - Boots
9. Rescue Me (Carl Smith, Raynard Miner) - British Gas
10. Have Love Will Travel (Richard Berry) - LV Insurance
11. Young Folks (Peter Moren, John Eriksson, Bjorn Yttling) - Homebase
12. Bring Me Sunshine (Sylvia Dee, Arthur Kent) - Coca-Cola
13. Busy (Olly Murs, Martin Brammer, Adam Argyle) - Marks & Spencer
14. Our House (Graham Nash) - B&Q
15. Give A Little Love (Damian Katkhuda) - Asda
16. The Snow Prelude No 3 In C Major (Ludovico Einaudi) - Nationwide
17. Welcome Home (Benjamin P Cooper) - Nikon
18. It's A Good Day (Dave Barbour, Peggy Lee) - Garnier
19. Barcarolle (Jacques Offenbach, Jack Byfield) - Barclays
20. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson) - DHL

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As-seen-on-YouTube 'dubstep violinist' Lindsey Stirling, the Skrillex of neoclassicism, has signed a deal with Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter.

Stirling, whose 'Crystallise' clip has been watched over 57 million times, wants to stay primarily an online artist, a move that - given the fate of certain other one-time 'YouTubers' - might be a wise idea.

She says: "I'm going to continue using the model I've always used. It's not: 'I used that to build my career and now I'm going to jump over to a major record label'. When you're a YouTuber you have a creative control because it's just you and your audience".

Adding: "YouTube is a place where you can make money. The money is increasing. It used to be very minimalistic but now YouTube is selling ad space for more so it's becoming more of a substantial market all the time".

Stirling's co-manager Ty Stiklorius adds: "We are focused on YouTube with Lindsey because that's what she built and that's where she is. Real big brand name musicians are still trying to find their way there. Jay-Z's a huge name but he hasn't done on YouTube what Lindsey Stirling has done".

No, he hasn't.

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Kanye West reactivated his Twitter yesterday to tweet "June Eighteen", so save that date, because it looks like that's when a 'big thing' is going to transpire.

Like, say, the release of West's sixth LP, as hip hop journalist Elliot Wilson has apparently had confirmed to him via Def Jam. Alternatively, it might be Kim Kardashian's due date. 18 Jun is International Sushi Day, which might also be something to bear in mind.

And that's all... for now.

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WILL.I.AM DEIGNS TO EXECUTIVE PRODUCE BRITNEY LP has confirmed that he is, in fact, 'in charge' of his 'Scream & Shout' foil Britney Spears' new LP.

The talkative Black Eyed Pea revealed via Rolling Stone that it had taken a lot of talking (and free meals c/o Team Spears) to convince him to do it, saying: "I was like, 'OK, look, guys, me and Britney need to have lunch four times a month for three months before I even try to go in the studio with her. Because we need to talk. We need to talk about what she's excited about in life. I gotta talk about the things that hurt her. I gotta talk about the things that make her concerned - she's a mother. I gotta talk to her about all the things that her fans want to talk to her about. I gotta be the vehicle between her and her fans".

So, Will had to talk. He talks on: "We can't do another song about going on the dancefloor. Really? Didn't we see a bunch of Britney doing that already? Don't we want to see something that comes from her heart?"

Well yeah, provided it's original, legal, and won't piss anyone off. Britney's "amazing" (says new LP is still in its early stages, and may or may not feature one/all of the following: Diplo, Hit-Boy and R&B songwriter Elijah Blake.

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The Spice Girls' West End musical 'Viva Forever' is to close at the end of June. Conceived by 'Mamma Mia' producer Judy Craymer and written by Jennifer Saunders, the show received terrible reviews upon opening in December - producers attempting to make the best of it with a bold advert listing five one star critiques that talked up how much 'the fans' had enjoyed it.

That and numerous changes to the script and performances made to the show in the months following its opening were, it turns out, not enough to keep the production afloat. It will now close on 29 Jun having made at a loss of at least £5 million, according to The Daily Mail. Originally expected to be a triumphant success, the Piccadilly Theatre had been taking bookings up to next February.

In a statement, the Spice Girls said: "We want to thank the cast and all the fans for their support, and although 'Viva Forever' won't continue in the West End we are thrilled that the thousands of people who came to the show had as much fun as we did".

Perhaps all is not lost though, the words "won't continue in the West End" do suggest it might continue somewhere else. Mel C's shed, perhaps.

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So Diplo has clarified the identity of Jack U, the 'mystery act' on the bill at his US-based Mad Decent Block Parties. It's basically him and Skrillex, DJing as one, so that's twice as nice as anything else I've heard this week.

It's likely the pair will push any Jack U releases via POTATO, the YouTube channel they co-curate in collaboration with A-Trak.

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R&B superstar Kelis is playing the relatively tiny (relative to her R&B superstardom, that is) Proud Camden on 30 May. Wepa!

Since last we saw Kelis, she's given her new LP the title 'FOOD', and said she'll release it via its producer (TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek)'s Federal Prism label in September.

Play Kelis's new track 'Jerk Ribs' again, if only for the heck of it.

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Hey, what's up with Beat-Herder lately? Well, since I asked, I'll tell myself that Beat-Herder is on quite a roll as far as adding artists to its bill is concerned, having increased its line-up to include Buraka Som Sistema, Chic feat Nile Rodgers, Concrete Knives and Tom Starr. They all join the likes of Booka Shade, Stanton Warriors, Mistajam, Norman Jay and Clean Bandit, thus bringing Beat-Herder's total to... a lot.

And hey, talking of Chic feat that Nile Rodgers, they're also playing this year's Bryan Ferry/Jools Holland-headlined Love Supreme Jazz Festival. So that's quite a coincidence. As for new add-ons at the Brighton-based scat bash, since we're on it, they are Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaires, Terence Blanchard, Eric Bibb, Ryan Quigley Big Band and Troyka, so there you have it.

That said, here's another thing you have, specifically a list of updates to Bestival, Bushmills Live, Live From Jodrell Bank, and the above:

BEAT-HERDER, The Ribble Valley, Lancashire, 5-7 Jul: Buraka Som Sistema, Chic feat Nile Rodgers, Tom Starr, Concrete Knives, Grinny Grandad, Mumbai Science, Cable Street Collective, Dub Dadda, Father Funk, Gemma Furbank, Ginny Koppenhol, The Imprints, Josh P, Mountain of Love, The Ragamuffins, Room Full of Mirrors, Sicknote, THePETEBOX, Colour the Atlas, Angie Da Silva, Banana Dave, Chapter 4, Cojo, Danejah & Ragga Ragga, Dr Cumbfynstein, Irie Vibes Soundsystem, Jambeater, Jayney Mac, Jimi Jim Bob, Matt Buggins, Matty B, Messenger Sound System, Northern Schoey, Old Boy, Pom, Prince Livijah, Ramon Judah, Roots Lab International Radio DJs, Smegs, Spat, Steve Barker, Steve Jarvis, Strictly Business, The Farmer, The Proper North, Tim Forrester.

BESTIVAL, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight, 5-8 Sep: Ghostpoet, Chloe Howl, Sam Smith, Nina Nesbitt, Ruen Brothers, Dog Is Dead, To Kills A King, Man Without Country, Feeling Gloomy.

BUSHMILLS LIVE, Old Bushmills Distillery, North Antrim, Northern Ireland, 19-20 Jun: Jake Bugg, Willy Mason, Sons And Lovers, Foy Vance, Iain Archer, Bear's Den.

LIVE FROM JODRELL BANK, Lovell Telescope, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire, 7 Jul - 30 Aug: Hawkwind, Time And Space Machine, The Lucid Dream.

LOVE SUPREME JAZZ FESTIVAL, Glynde Place, Brighton, -5-7 Jul: Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaires, Terence Blanchard, Eric Bibb, Ryan Quigley Big Band, Troyka, Arun Ghosh, Kitten & The Hip, Oli Rockberger And Brass Jaw.

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The full line-up has been announced for the Focus On DIY strand at the CMU Insights-programmed Great Escape convention this year, a day of sessions aimed at the grass-roots artist community, early-career managers and those interested in new approaches for launching and managing new talent. The DIY strand will take place on the Saturday this year (18 May), at The Basement in Brighton.

The day, led by CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke, will include seminars, panels, interviews and a keynote from Mr Billy Bragg. Cooke himself will provide a briefing on the basics any new artist should know, whether they are planning on going the DIY route long-term, or are simply looking to make themselves 'label ready'. He will then question leading DIY artists Chris T-T, Laura Kidd, Mishkin Fitzgerald and Tom Williams for their tips on building profile, getting gigs and engaging fans.

Later in the day, for those artists who are ultimately looking to do deals within the music industry, Adam Brown of legal firm Simons Muirhead Burton and Damien Yare of Warner Music will dissect an artist contract, while Infectious chief Korda Marshall and My Life Story frontman and BIMM Brighton music business department head Jake Shillingford will both offer insightful advice, on working with labels and setting up your own music enterprises.

And to wrap things up, Billy Bragg, fresh from his Brighton Dome headline show the night before, will offer his words of wisdom and take questions from the floor. Bragg told CMU: "Although I've been working in the industry a long time, I have adopted an increasingly DIY approach since my last record, producing my own merchandise and CDs to be made available via my website and at gigs. I'm currently immersed in the process of applying that principle to releasing a proper album. These are exciting times for musicians and I look forward to sharing some of the insights I've gathered trying to negotiate the record industry, whilst retaining both my rights and my ability to earn a living".

The Focus On DIY strand is open to all TGE convention delegates, plus a small number of standalone tickets are available for grass roots artists and Great Escape festival-goers who are interested in taking part priced at £25. More here.

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One of the sessions in the Great Escape convention programme that was fully unveiled earlier this week will ask whether the record industry's traditional approach to artist marketing will work in the music business of the future.

The panel will be led by CMU Editor Andy Malt, who says: "We all know that one of the most important changes in music instigated by the web is that artists can now communicate with - and sell to - their core fanbase directly 365 days a year. Also, any labels' entire catalogue can be accessible all the time, for downloading and streaming, meaning those labels can benefit from any new interest in their music with minimum effort on their part. Yet the way much of the music industry markets its artists and content doesn't really capitalise on all this, because we are still very reliant on label-funded album campaigns, that are based around a flurry of activity for three months, and then pretty much nothing after the week of release".

"Shouldn't we be considering a new approach?" he continues. "Should we be marketing our artists and content on a more regular basis, and in a more tactical way? Though if we do, who should lead on that? Is the label - which traditionally funds most marketing activity - incentivised to participate in something like this? And would this approach replace or complement the traditional big album push, which might still be appropriate for launching new acts, or for bands aiming for a more mainstream audience? These are just some of the questions I'll be putting to my panel".

The experts who will join the debate include artist managers James Barton and Tom Quillfeldt, plus Matt Dixon from Band2Market and fan engagement specialist Dana Al Salem of Fan Factory. It takes place at 2pm on Friday 17 May in The Old Courtroom in Brighton as part of a whole day of sessions focused on music marketing, including the challenges of launching artists in new markets, and how streaming platforms can be marketing tools as well as revenue generators.

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Alongside the panels programme unveiled earlier this week, this year's Great Escape convention will also boast its biggest ever programme of networking sessions, including formal speed networking, delegate parties and mixer events hosted by trade and international partners.

There are more formal speed networking sessions than ever before this year, thanks to support from Arts Council England and UK Trade & Investment. Many of these sessions focus on specific strands of the music business, including agents, bookers, distributors, marketeers and the sync market, while others put the focus on specific regions. UK delegates can also apply for meetings with over twenty leading promoters, agents, A&Rs and music supervisors from across the world.

Registered delegates have until next Wednesday to apply for spaces at this year's formal networking events, and can do so via the online delegates directory.

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The buy up of the EDM community by corporate America continues with word in the Wall Street Journal that - as has been rumoured for a while - Live Nation will take a 50% stake in dance music promoter Insomnia Events, which is possibly best known for the Electric Daisy Carnival festival. The WSJ values the deal at around $50 million.

It's not Live Nation's first dance music acquisition, of course, since EDM went big in the States, it having previously bought UK-based Cream and the US firm Hard Events. Adding credence to the Insomniac deal story, Billboard notes that the EDM firm's boss Pasquale Rotella has been spotted with Live Nation chief Michael Rapino at various events, and that Hard Events is set to have a stage of this year's Electric Daisy event.

Live Nation faces competition in the EDM buy-up domain from the new version of SFX, the Robert Sillerman-led entertainment company. Sillerman's original live music business eventually morphed into the Live Nation company of today.

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The expansive Kobalt Label Services today announced the appointment of Paul Trueman to the role of VP International Marketing. Trueman previously held a similar role at Co-operative Music, the independent distribution and marketing firm that was part of Universal Music before its recent acquisition by [PIAS].

Confirming the new appointment, KLS MD Paul Hitchman told CMU: "I am very pleased to welcome Paul to Kobalt Label Services, where he joins our growing global team. Paul's experience of managing successful international campaigns for both established and developing artists and coordinating marketing campaigns with multiple partners worldwide will be invaluable to us".

Trueman himself added: "I am thrilled to be joining Kobalt at such an exciting time, and to be working with a diversity of repertoire including upcoming releases by Pet Shop Boys, Travis, Maya Jane Coles and Little Boots".

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Audio-streaming service Mixcloud - an increasingly important platform particularly for the distribution of DJ mixes since Soundcloud went all strict on taking down uncleared content (Mixcloud is covered by blanket licences from the collecting societies, so doesn't have that problem) - has announced the appointment of a new Head Of Brand Partnerships in the form of Fran Hale.

The involvement of brands in its business, as both advertisers and content partners, is presumably increasingly important as Mixcloud looks to fully commercialise its free-to-the-user operations. Hale previously had roles at both MySpace and

Confirming the new appointment, Mixcloud co-founder Nikhil Shah told CMU: "We're at an exciting stage of the business from a content and audience perspective, and we've been spending a lot of time figuring out how brands are changing the way they communicate and connect with consumers. It's great to have Fran on board to bring her experience and contacts to help us take our brand partnerships offering to the next level".

Hale herself added: "I'm delighted to be part of such an exciting and growing company. Mixcloud has a wealth of passionate fans at its core, meaning there is huge potential for brands to create and curate content that can speak to a truly engaged audience".

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Bauer Media is launching two new radio services under its Kiss brand - KissFresh for new music and Kisstory for EDM classics, the latter expanding on an existing show on the main Kiss station.

The two new services will be available online via the station's website and mobile apps, and also via KissKube, a new app service for Apple phones and tablets that will also enable users to 'listen again' to shows on all Kiss stations even when offline, in that recent programmes can be downloaded to the device for repeat listening.

Confirming the new spin-off services, Bauer Radio London MD Steve Parkinson told CMU: "Kiss was born as a dance radio station at a time when genres were very specific but fast forward to the present day and the evolution of music is so wide that one Kiss station alone cannot deliver everything. It's the right time to launch KissFresh, Kisstory and a new KissKube app as brilliant new additions to the Kiss brand. We're giving audiences more of what they want whilst attracting new audiences and commercial partners with what we know are fantastic music and content formats".

The new Kisstory channel will also be available via Freeview, where it will replace Bauer's Q Radio service, which is going offline. That development brings to an end the monthly music mag's previous multi-media expansions, with the QTV channel being shut down last year.

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You might think that a 3D, Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary following One Direction around is quite enough to be getting on with for one year. Not so, says Channel 4. Well, not in quite those words. Basically, what I'm saying is that Channel 4 is going to air a documentary about the group later this summer as part of its 'Cutting Edge' series.

Directed by Daisy Asquith for Mentorn Media, the hour long programme, entitled 'I Heart One Direction', will examine 1D's rise to fame after forming on the 2010 series of 'X-Factor', and how they have used social media to boost their popularity to the levels they stand at today in such a short space of time.

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Emma Cooper said: "I am incredibly excited about this Cutting Edge film and proud to call myself a fellow 'Directioner'. It's brilliant to have Daisy Asquith involved who I know will make a young and joyful documentary that will give a voice to the millions of the 1D fans who love and follow them obsessively".

Mentorn Media Executive Producer Tayte Simpson added: "We are delighted to be making this film showing what it is like to be a 'Directioner'. It will offer a fascinating insight into a new breed of idol worship. Social media has created huge communities which connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before. One Direction's use of social media to diarise their inner thoughts gives fans a sense of intimacy and ownership, fuelling strong emotions".

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FAO fans-of-popstars-having-babies; Frankie Sandford is having a baby with her fiancée Wayne Bridge. The Saturdays singer shared this nice springtime revelation via Twitter yesterday, writing: "Some big news from me today! Wayne and I are having a baby. We are both SO happy and can't wait for his or hers arrival!"

His or HER arrival, Frankie. No 's'. Honestly, what kind of world is this child being brought into?

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Ke$ha says a lot of things. Some are urine-related - both going out and in. Some are about bras made of human teeth. Some are related to songs inspired by ghost sex. Those are just some of the things. The latest thing is another songwriting-related one. About how she writes songs using her breasts.

Now, you're probably thinking that there's some kind of metaphor involved here. But no, Ke$ha just sometimes writes songs by mashing her chest against a piano.

She said on Conan O'Brien's chat show this week "It started as, like, a joke but then it seriously has produced some of my favourite songs on my new record. What I do is, I turn off all the lights and I walk over to the piano and I gently lower myself, my boobs ... onto the keys and I just let em tickle the ivories ... You do some vibrato, and then you can go and move around ... they really just go crazy and then all of a sudden I have these chord progressions".

So, there's something to add to the list of things Ke$ha has said. Watch the video here.

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