31 MAY 2013

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has caused a bit of bother this week, and not because he fronts one of the worst bands to ever exist. No, it's because he hates America. Hates it. The whole country. He made this announcement on Tuesday night's edition of the US version of 'The Voice', on which he is a judge. Upset that viewers of the show had voted off two of his acts, Levine felt he could contain his rage no more, leapt out of his seat and shouted, "I hate this country!" more>>
Returning for its fourth outing, new-ish club night Ritual brings an eclectic mix of music to Chelsea this Saturday, under the roof of the swanky Under The Bridge venue. Taking top billing, Plump DJs will bring their mix of styles from techno to hip hop, while Eddy TM will handle, as is his modus operandi, "dance that rocks", and The Correspondents will satisfy all your genre-mashing electro needs. And special guest DJ Zinc will, of course, bring in some face-melting drum n bass more>>

- UK three-strikes could now be delayed to 2017
- Web-blocking application back in courts in Ireland
- Justin Bieber investigated over alleged dangerous driving
- Big Boi cancels tour dates following knee injury
- These New Puritans stream new album
- King Khan And The Shrines announce debut album
- Laura Veirs to release new album
- Nancy Elizabeth to tour next month
- Kurt Vile announces December tour dates
- Child Of Lov cancels all live dates
- Festival line-up update: Glastonbury, Roskilde, Wireless and more
- Bruno Mars to sit on board of NJOY e-cigarettes
- Parlophone announces a Bromance alliance
- Facebook to launch verification for pages
- Google streaming app coming to iOS soon, unofficial app already available
- More car stream tie-ups
- Spotify Discover tab goes live
- BBC announces Glastonbury 2013 plans
- Grimshaw says no to Styles and Donald at Glastonbury
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Snapper Music plc, the independent record group seeks a full-time (or possibly part-time) Royalty & Copyright Assistant at its head office in Camden Town. Snapper is a well-established company including the frontline labels, Peaceville (metal) and Kscope (prog), alongside a portfolio of catalogue imprints which operate across a wide range of musical genres.

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The five biggest stories in the music business this week...

01: Arts Council boss Alan Davey annoyed the record labels while defending his Momentum Music Fund. Justifying why tax-payers' money should be given to aspiring musicians in more mainstream genres via the new fund, Davey said that new talent was being failed by major labels increasingly looking for "ready made" artists to sign. BPI boss Geoff Taylor called Davey's remarks "ill-informed and out of touch". In a blog post, Davey subsequently took back much of his criticism, though insisted that new artists now had to do more groundwork before labels would or could invest, and that is in that space where he hoped the new Arts Council initiative could help. CMU report | Davey's blog

02: Marketing and communications staff changed at HMV. The company's long-term communications chief Gennaro Castaldo announced he was moving to record industry trade body BPI. Meanwhile Marketing Week reported that the entertainment retailer, which is attempting a revival under its new owners Hilco, would soon announce a new head of marketing, who would likely replace Jill Thomas, the Senior Marketing Manager who has been leading marketing efforts at HMV since Hilco's takeover. A rebrand is then likely to follow later this year, as well as a new cheaper marketing strategy. CMU report | Marketing Week report

03: Eircom prepared to shut its music service as web-blocking returned to the Irish courts. It emerged that Irish ISP Eircom would shut down its bespoke download and streaming platform next month. The service was set up as part of an agreement with the Irish record labels which also saw the net firm launch a web-blocking and three-strikes style system to combat piracy. Meanwhile, said labels were back in court in Ireland this week in an attempt to force Eircom's rivals to also block rogue file-sharing website The Pirate Bay. Eircom report | Pirate Bay block report

04: It was rumoured British three-strikes could be delayed until 2017. According to blogger James Firth, sources in Westminster and Whitehall have said that the anti-piracy provisions of the 2010 Digital Economy Act are now unlikely to be implemented until after the next General Election, because of political sensitivities around the measures, and disagreements between the Department Of Media, Culture & Sport and the Treasury regarding how the programme would be funded. That would mean three-strikes warning letters would be unlikely to start being sent until 2016, or 2017 if it turned out amendments were required to the wording of the DEA. CMU report | James Firth blog

05: Channel 4 confirmed two Friday night TV shows were now ready to pilot. Having announced last year plans to launch three new music formats on its main channel, and after receiving over 100 pitches, the TV station said it now had two programmes in development that would pilot later this year. One is a music quiz show fronted by Nick Grimshaw, the other a music magazine programme hosted by, amongst others, Rizzle Kicks. CMU report | Guardian report

In CMU this week, I interviewed David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven and music industry blog The Trichordist about ad-funded piracy, Lovefoxxx from CSS put together a rather fine playlist for us, and CMU Editor Andy Malt delved once again into the weird world of artist brand partnerships. Meanwhile, we approved of Jon Hopkins and Susanna with Siri Nilsen and Susanne Sundfør, plus Mac Demarco and his recent performances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Look out for a more detailed look back at Primavera Sound from CMU's Aly Barchi next week.

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The British three-strikes system set out in the 2010 Digital Economy Act is unlikely to get going until at least 2016, according to digital policy blogger James Firth, who cites various Westminster and Whitehall sources in his post on the SRoC site.

As much previously reported, the copyright section of the DEA included provisions to help the content industries tackle online piracy, with the so called 'graduated response' system prioritised. Under the programme, heavily lobbied for by the music and other copyright industries, internet service providers would be obligated to send warning letters to customers who the rights owners reckoned were accessing illegal sources of content. The letters would demand the customer cease using unlicensed content services, with some to-be-determined penalty (eg bandwidth throttling) if they failed to comply.

Although rushed through Parliament in 2010 in the closing months of the last Labour government, with the support of the Conservative Party who then spearheaded the subsequent coalition executive, the three-strikes system outlined in the DEA is yet to go live. Efforts by some big ISPs to block the moves through judicial review have hindered things a little, though disagreements within government as to how exactly the system should work, and between the rights owners, ISPs and political types on who should cover the costs, have been the real delay.

With possible launch dates - ie the point at which a first batch of warning letters could be mailed out - constantly pushed back, last year a rep for the government's Department Of Media, Culture & Sport admitted letter sending was now unlikely to happen until 2014 at the earliest. A reworked proposal of how three-strikes might work was then published last June by media regulator OfCom, which would likely manage any graduated response programme, resulting in yet another round of consultation.

According to Firth, one big problem remains how the programme would be funded. Although the current plan is a 75%/25% split between rights owners and net firms in covering the costs, Firth says that - aside from continued grumbling by the ISPs as to why they should pay anything - the Treasury has raised concerns that if the net companies are forced to contribute, then that's a levy rather than a fee, and therefore the Treasury would have to be involved in shaping the initiative. To date the DMCS has had exclusive government responsibility for the graduated response programme.

In addition to that, Firth's sources say that while the government in theory remains committed to the DEA's copyright provisions, ministers fear three-strikes will be politically tricky, especially with some of the big ISPs still briefing against it, and news stories reporting on just how well the British music industry is doing despite rampant online piracy.

All of which means any launch will likely be pushed to beyond the next General Election, hence 2016 now seeming like the earliest date for warning letters to go out, with some already reckoning 2017 might be a more realistic start date, not least because the implementation of three-strikes might actually require some amendments to the DEA itself, which would likely be done via the also-now-delayed new Communications Act.

None of which will please the big rights owners who have been getting increasingly impatient about the constant DEA delays. Though - of course - in the meantime the content owners have been busy getting web-blocking injunctions against prolific file-sharing websites, something the DEA didn't prioritise, but which the music and movie industry discovered was possible under existing copyright laws.

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Efforts by the major music companies to force internet service providers in Ireland to block access to The Pirate Bay were back in court this week.

As previously reported, the majors began legal action seeking injunctions to force UPC, Imagine, Vodafone, Digiweb, Three and Telefonica O2 Ireland to stop their customers from accessing the always controversial file-sharing site late last year, citing a new bit of Irish copyright law introduced in February 2012.

The judge hearing the case last December urged all parties to reach a voluntary agreement on the matter, though that never seemed especially likely. While one of the country's biggest ISPs, Eircom, is already voluntarily blocking TPB, it seemed unlikely its competitors, and especially UPC, would do so without a court order.

Though when, with no such voluntary agreement reached, the music majors took their application for an injunction back to court this week, none of the net firms raised strong objections to the suggestion they should block the Bay, though UPC has queried the effectiveness of any such web-blocking and the possible impact on web users' rights.

According to the Irish Times, Judge Brian McGovern said he would now consider submissions from all parties and make a ruling as soon as possible.

Of course all such web-blocks are pretty easy to circumvent if you want to. In the UK access to The Pirate Bay is already blocked via court order, and last week new blocks were instigated against Movie2K and Download4All after action by the film industry. But one guy who has set up proxies to help users get round any blockades told Radio 1 that such moves by the music and movie industries were pointless.

He told the BBC station: "In such an interconnected world, blocking and censoring websites is a wasteful venture. There are so many workarounds available that it makes me wonder what the point is of such a block in the first place. The proxy sites I have set up make it much easier to bypass these blocks. And setting up a proxy site is really simple as well. Hundreds of people around the world have set up proxy sites for The Pirate Bay alone".

Of course the rights owning companies would likely argue that, while of course it's easy to circumvent web-blocks if you want to, the existence of the blockades helps educate users about which sites infringe copyright and which are legit and legal to use.

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Justin Bieber is being investigated by police in relation to allegations of reckless driving. An LA County Sheriff's Department spokesman told Reuters that two witnesses, including former NFL football player Keyshawn Johnson, reported seeing the singer driving at speed in a Ferrari through the gated community where he lives.

Bieber has apparently refused to be questioned by police, and now faces formal charges pending further investigation. He's already fallen out of favour with his neighbours once this year, having received a battery charge following an incident with a neighbour over noise.

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Big Boi has had to cancel the best part of his May/June US tour, having had an operation to fix a knee-cap he damaged on stage earlier this week.

"God bless Atlanta Sports Medicine for a successful knee surgery fixed my torn Patella", said the Outkast MC via Tumblr, adding a photo of him and his bandaged limb in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile rapper Killer Mike, who was meant to be joining him on the remainder of the ironically-titled 'Shoes For Running' tour, later tweeted that Big Boi was to take six weeks R&R to heal, adding that all cancelled dates will be "moved to September".

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These New Puritans' reliably strange new LP 'Field Of Reeds' is playing online via The Guardian in advance of its official release on 10 Jun.

It features French horns, existentialism, and, on several tracks, a "Magnetic Resonator Piano invented by Professor Andrew McPherson of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London". It's excellent.

Listen here


Berlin-based garage psych nonet King Khan And The Shrines have revealed details of what's to be their first sacrifice on the long-playing altar (aka new LP) in six years. Its name, aptly given the gap since 2007's 'What Is!?', is 'Idle No More', and it'll be released via Merge on 3 Sep.

"The Shrines was my pirate ship and we sailed many a turbulent sea, spreading our music 'like peanut butter' all over the world. We celebrated our cult 'underground' status and became the kings we are through word of mouth and by making an 'aural eyegasm' that has often been called the 'wildest show on earth'", prattles King-Bama Lama Khan, adding that the new disc is the band's most "refined" to date. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, King Khan and co's 2012 track 'Bite My Tongue' will have to do.

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Bella Union's Laura Veirs is releasing a "beautiful, lush and at times deeply dark" new LP - her ninth to date - on 19 Aug. It features Jim James, KD Lang, Neko Case, Brian Blade and The Decemberists, so that's nice.

Veirs, who was heavily pregnant whilst making 'Warp And Weft', says this of the ways in which that inspired her: "I'm haunted by the idea that something terrible could happen to my kids but that fear pushes me to embrace the moment. This record is an exploration of extremes - deep, dark suffering and intense, compassionate love".

This is 'Sun Song', her collaboration with Neko Case.

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Leaf Label-signed folkie Nancy Elizabeth will head out on a tour of the UK to play some of the songs off her latest album, 'Dancing', next month, ahead of appearances at the Latitude and Beacons festivals. She will also release a new single, a very different version of 'Simon Says Dance', on 17 Jun - you can catch the video for that here, along with the tour dates.

20 Jun: Liverpool, Leaf
21 Jun: Bristol, Cube Cinema
22 Jun: Cardiff, The Other Room, Porter's
23 Jun: Exeter, Exeter Phoenix
25 Jun: Glasgow, The Glad Café
26 Jun: Hull, The Adelphi
27 Jun: Coventry, The Dog
28 Jun: London, The Dalston Victoria
29 Jun: Reading, South Street Arts Centre
30 Jun: Manchester, International Anthony Burgess Foundation
10 Jul: Leeds, Howard Assembly Room

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By way of an early Christmas present, longhaired singing star Kurt Vile has given fans a gift-wrapped set of mid-December live dates in aid of his new LP, 'Wakin On A Pretty Daze'.

Take them in as you watch the 'visuals' to go with lead 'Wakin' single 'Never Run Away':

11 Dec: London, Shepherds Bush Empire
13 Dec: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
14 Dec: Manchester, Academy 2
15 Dec: Glasgow, Arches
16 Dec: Bristol, The Fleece
17 Dec: Brighton, Concorde 2

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Alt-pop artist The Child Of Lov, real name Cole Williams, has rinsed his live itinerary of all its dates, which means he won't be playing again until... well, whenever he changes his mind, really.

Sharing his reasoning in cancelling appearances at Glastonbury, Benicassim and Bestival with NME, Williams said: "If there's one thing I know, it is that I have to be able to express myself in what I do musically. I will not go as far as saying that performing live is worth less artistically than producing and composing a record, but on a creative level, they are two entirely different things".

He added: "Even though I do feel pressure to do a tour that involves some great festivals lately, I've come to realise that playing gigs cannot occupy a rewarding role if it is not exactly as I envisioned it, exactly as I want it, and exactly the way I know the audience deserves it".

As we all try to translate what that's meant to mean - perhaps it's that he wasn't happy watching this back - let's have an artistically gratifying look at 'Give Me', a track taken from TCOL's eponymous first LP.

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So, it's official. Knight Of The 'Strictly' Realm Sir Brucie Forsythe will, as per this Daily Mail article (and this total Glastonbury line-up reveal), be singing, dancing and playing "a bit of piano" at Glastonbury this year. The world will be able to watch that showbiz triple-threat transpire via live-stream as part of the BBC's first ever 'truly digital' coverage of the festival, the Beeb having revealed its various TV, radio and digital stations will film and tape over 250 hours of content from all six of Glastonbury's main stages, straight to whatever hi-tech gadget you'd care to name.

So, that's Glasto done, what else? Well, there's always the iTunes festival, which this year will feature a half-and-half rock n pop line-up - not least headliner Justin Timberlake, QOTSA, Jessie J, Primal Scream, Jake Bugg and Phoenix - with extra acts still tba. Tickets to all the London-based iFest's one-off shows, as if you weren't aware, are available to apply for via this link.

And hey, guess what. Metallica have joined the likes of Kraftwerk, The National, Rihanna, Queens Of The Stone Age, Sigur Rós, Slipknot and Volbeat at Denmark's Roskilde, the bill-topping slot representing Lars Ulrich et al's only European show of 2013.

So that's all quite exciting, as are the following additional festival additions:

BESTIVAL, Robin Hill Country Par, Isle Of Wight, 5-8 Sep: Hudson Mohawke, Crystal Fighters, Jon Hopkins, The Correspondents, Valerie June, East India Youth, Tythe, Le Carousel, Sean McGowan, Signals, Golden Fable, Cherishport, Sarah Close, New City Kings, The Slow Show, Troumaca, Velvet Stream, Wight Harmony, Mr Tom, Greg Wilson, Micky Finn, Bobby Tank, JFB Scratch, DJ Chris Tofu, Handsome Dave Rocker, Reeps1, Heavenly Jukebox, Intros Outros, Tythe, Jerome Hill, Ben Hoo, Long Jack, Mojo Filter, Pete Callard, Rev Milo Speedwagon, Tom Williams, Warm DJs, Olli Dutton, The Dudes.

BRISFEST, Ashton Court Estate, Bristol, 21-22 Sep: Primal Scream, The Toddla T Sound, Fabio & Grooverider, Dr Meaker, Yes Sir Boss, Young Kato, The Boxettes, Land of the Giants, The John E Vistic Experience, Forestears, Kurtis Blow, DJ EZ, Chester P, DJ Dazee feat Carasel, and Ramson Badbones & Twizzy, Daisy Chapman, Bucucrasu, South Divide, The Trish Brown Band, Lund Quartet, Astroid Boys, Casimir, Beyond Rivers, The Cadbury Sisters, MAK, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Typesun, Cheeba, Lumen, Cars On Fire, Hello Lazarus, Oxygen Thief, Isola Dusk, RSVP, Mankala, Amadou Diagne, Batch Gueye & The Band, Aji Pa Ti, Baila la Cumbia, Technical Itch, The DJ Producer, Ghost, MDS , Amen-Tal, Bashout Allstars, Clayton Blizzard, Billy Rowan, With Nell & I, Saskia Maxwell, Becky Elder, Louise Latham.

BINGLEY MUSIC LIVE, Myrtle Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire, 3- Aug - 1 Sep: Theme Park, Dave McPherson, The Dirty Rivers, Kat Men, China Rats, The Dunwells.

DEER SHED, Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire, 19-21 Jul: Velcro Hooks.

EDEN SESSIONS, Eden Project, Cornwall, dates tba: A*M*E.

FESTIVAL NO 6, Portmeirion, Wales, 13-15 Sep: Ramy Essam, Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir, Andrew Weatherall, Tracey Thorn.

GLASTONBURY, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, 26-30 Jun: Bruce Forsythe.

GREEN MAN, Glanusk Park, Powys, Wales, 15-18 Aug: Patti Smith, Matt Berry, Jon Langford, Money.

ITUNES FESTIVAL, Roundhouse, London, dates tba: Justin Timberlake, Jessie J, Queens Of The Stone Age, Phoenix, 30 Seconds To Mars, Jake Bugg, Primal Scream, Jack Johnson.

NASS, Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset, 11-14 Jul: Skepta, Kids In Glass Houses, IDIOM, Mic Righteous.

ØYA, Middelalderparken, Oslo, Sweden, 6-10 Aug: Wu-Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar, Lady, Mikal Cronin, Merchandise, The Staves, Konono No1, Andre Bratten, Alfred Hall, Hvitmalt Gjerde.

ROSKILDE, Denmark, 4-7 Jul: Metallica.

WAKESTOCK, Abersoch, North Wales, 12-14 Jul: Little Comets, Lewis Watson, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Candelas.

WIRELESS, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, 12-14 Jul: Wiz Kid, Little Mix, Tom Prior, Earth, Wind & Fire, Joey Bada$$, Roses Gabor, Chloe Howl, Jacob Banks, Dream Mclean, Cherub, Monsta, Rascals, Phlo Finister, B Smyth, Flume, Joel Compass, Kat Dahlia, Ed Drewett, Raleigh Ritchie, Knytronium, Etta Bond & Raf Riley, Sinead Harnett, Stylo G, Fuse ODG, B Smyth, Context, Mausi, Jetta, Purple Ferdinand, Sasha Keable.

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Well, here's a partnership we didn't see coming, Bruno Mars is now an investor in NJOY electronic cigarettes and will sit on the board of the company. For real, it's definitely not one of those made up jobs. Details of the singer's investment in the company haven't been disclosed, but he did tweet about the e-fags earlier this month, alluding to their possible health benefits.

In a statement yesterday, Mars said: "I've been using NJOY Kings instead of cigarettes these days and I'm sticking to it. I believe in the product and the company's mission".

That's nice. NJOY CEO Craig Weiss added: "Bruno Mars is an exciting addition to NJOY and we are pleased to have him on board. Adding Bruno to our team expands our reach, raising further awareness of the NJOY brand and our company mission to obsolete cigarettes. Many of our investors use our product and recognise the potential NJOY has to challenge the status quo and change people's lives for the better".

They're still not good for you, you know.

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The Parlophone Label Group - the bit of EMI that didn't merge with Universal Music and is in the process of being swallowed by Warner - has announced a new alliance with Paris-based electro label Bromance Records.

The gist of the partnership, which is with the EMI Music France unit, is that Bromance will continue to sign and develop new EDM talent, while PLG will seek global opportunities for some of the independent's roster. The first acts to have extended releases under the partnership are Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval and label co-founder Brodinski.

Confirming the alliance, Parlophone Label Group Marketing EVP Bart Cools told CMU: "I have a huge amount of respect for what Bromance have achieved in the last year. The label knows what it takes to create great music and can recognise real talent when they see it, as demonstrated by the calibre of artist already signed to the label. We are looking forward to building this new long-term relationship with them to maximise the opportunity for the artists they sign to have their music heard on a global platform".

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Facebook has launched Twitter-style verification badges to guarantee the authenticity of fan pages on its system. Although technically unofficial artist or celebrity pages are against Facebook rules, this has not stopped imposters from popping up for numerous artists, particularly those who don't have an official presence on the social network.

In a post announcing the new initiative, the company said: "We're launching verified Pages to help people find the authentic accounts of celebrities and other high-profile people and businesses on Facebook. Verified Pages have a small, blue check mark beside their name on timelines, in search results, and elsewhere on Facebook. Verified Pages belong to a small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences".

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Google is planning to launch an iOS mobile app for its currently US-only Google Play All Access Music streaming service in the coming weeks, the company's Sundar Pichai revealed at AllThingsD's D11 conference yesterday.

The Next Web reports that Pichai said on stage: "In Google's fundamental DNA ... is that we wanted to be universally accessible, and I think that philosophy carries through to today. So our teams are working like crazy to make [our new streaming service] available on iOS, and in a few weeks we'll launch Google Play Music All Access for iOS".

However, if you're already a Google Play All Access Music user, you need not wait, because there's already an unofficial app available in the iTunes App Store. gMusic has been available to iPhone-owning users of Google's locker service for some time, and this week it added support for the streaming service.

This is something Google previously said would contravene its terms of service, and would result in the company asking for it to be taken down by Apple. However, a Google spokesperson told this week: "It's hard to comment on someone else's app without seeing it and understanding what it does in detail. That said, our system really isn't built or optimized for third-party apps right now".

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The latest alliance between a streaming music service and a car maker is Deezer and Mini, with the digital music platform added to the BMW Group-owned motor maker's net-connected in-car entertainment system. Users can navigate the Deezer songs library via the in-built Mini joystick, dash screen and steering wheel.

Confirming the alliance, Deezer chief Axel Dauchez told CMU: "You can't have a road trip without the right music, and you can't enjoy a car without an amazing stereo. We're excited about joining the iconic Mini brand in giving people the soundtrack they need for the open road. 25 million songs and one simple app should help people find the right song for the moment - wherever they're going".

Deezer's Mini alliance follows the announcement earlier this month of a partnership between the main part of BMW and another streaming music platform,, which will be available via the car maker's ConnectedDrive Online Entertainment service in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Remarking on that tie-up, CEO Jez Bell told CMU: "People listen to music in the car more than anywhere else, yet it's still hard to enjoy digital music in the car. With 14 million tracks available on to stream instantly across five countries, we are looking forward to bringing the music experience to new BMW 5 Series users across Europe".

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In case you didn't notice, or maybe you didn't care, until stumbling across this excellent little bit of reportage, obviously, but Spotify added the all-new Discover page to its web-based platform earlier this week.

And what does that mean? Well, "your hunt for the right music is over! Spotify's Discover page continually seeks out personal recommendations for you". And if that sounds like sales-speak pulled directly off the Spotify blog, that's because it is.

The new discovery functionality was first promised by the streaming music service's top man Daniel Ek last December, and is part of Spotify's attempt to help its users navigate its vast catalogue of songs, something all players in the streaming music space are grappling with just now, based on the theory that such functionality is essential to ensure mainstream audience appeal.

Universal access to the Discover tab is currently only available in Spotify's web-based player currently, though some desktop software users have already seen in activated in recent weeks. A full roll out to the streaming service's desktop and mobile apps is expected in due course.

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The BBC yesterday confirmed its plans for covering this year's Glastonbury Festival, with 120 live performances set to be aired over the three main days of the fest, via TV, radio, online and red button platforms - the most sets to be aired to date.

Corporation bosses also say this will be the most digitally-connected Glastonbury, with six stages and a roaming camera live streamed to the iPlayer, iPlayer Radio app and the Beeb's Glastonbury website. Amongst the presenters set to host from festival site are Chris Evans, Steve Lamacq, Nick Grimshaw, Gemma Cairney, Lauren Laverne, Dermot O'Leary, Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley, Greg James and Craig Charles.

Confirming all this, the BBC's Popular Music man Bob Shennan told CMU: "Glastonbury is one of the greatest pop music events in the world and we want to make this year's coverage the next best thing for everyone who can't make it in person to Worthy Farm. We aim to broadcast more of the festival than ever before, and reinvent music coverage as only the BBC can for music fans at home and on the move."

While Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis added: "The BBC have stuck with us through thick and thin since 1997 and they've earned their stripes the hard way. It's been quite a journey since 97 and to have a complete record of what we've been up to over the years is music history gold dust".

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With Radio 1 breakfast show geezer Nick Grimshaw confirmed as one of the hosts of the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury this year, does he think his best bro Harry Styles should be booked to play the festival to sing some of those One Direction hits?

Well no, obviously not. "I don't think One Direction's music sounds like the stuff that is historically supported by Glastonbury", Grimmy told the Independent when questioned about when it's right for pop to appear at Worthy Farm.

Noting that Beyonce "killed it" when she headlined the event, despite many originally expressing surprise at her booking, the Radio 1 DJ adds: "I think Rihanna could play it. I think Rihanna would be great to see. She did [the] Hackney [Weekend] and she was incredible".

Rita Ora, booked to play the Pyramid Stage this year, will be fine because "I guess Rita's music sort of takes loads of stuff from music like dub and reggae and house music that would be played at Glastonbury".

But the Take That guys, like Styles' boyband mates, should never expect the call. "I don't think Take That should do it. I think Gary Barlow is really great at writing songs - I think he's good - but I don't think I really want to see Howard Donald on the Pyramid Stage".

Ah, but Grimmy, what if he was "winding down" on Tricky, would that do it for you? More Glasto gold in the making, surely?

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