4 JUN 2013

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Closing Europe's spring-time city-based festival programme, as ever, Primavera Sound in Barcelona took place from 22-26 May. Headlined by Blur, My Bloody Valentine and Wu-Tang Clan, and showcasing a selection of other artists new and old, the event attracted several thousand revellers in search of sun, sea, sand and songs. Ready to brave all of the above, CMU's intrepid Staff Writer Aly Barchi was there to take it all in and report back her findings more>>
Congo Natty is Mikail Tafari, a music producer with a track record that spans over two decades. Born Michael West, in London, he found success as Rebel MC in the late 80s with some classic cuts that garnered chart success, including the seminal 'Street Tuff'. He's cut a different path of late and now sees jungle music as a way to spread the word of Ras Tafari, and the message of peace and love and unity. His forthcoming album 'Jungle Revolution' leans heavily on the early jungle sound, and covers the diverse aspects of the genre - when drum n bass was in its infancy more>>

- Lostprophets' Ian Watkins again denies child sex abuse charges
- "I just expect doctors to be ethical": Jacksons v AEG update
- Weiland countersues Stone Temple Pilots
- Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina ends hunger strike
- Lou Reed: I am a triumph of modern medicine
- Voice winner sells less than 900 albums
- Skrillex makes LP with RiFF RaFF, signs Rusko
- Swans have live album, new LP on way
- David Lynch to release new LP
- Johnny Borrell births solo LP, Borrell 1, "in the spirit of a party"
- Rizzle Kicks share new track, LP details
- Fuck Buttons playing live in September
- Festival line-up update: Download, Exit, Summercamp and more
- BMG boss joins Bertelsmann group management committee
- Kilimanjaro to expand comedy ventures, promotes Tilley
- Radiomonitor launches new pan-European service
- StubHub becomes O2's official ticket resale partner
- More Pirate Bay proxies blocked
- Rhapsody rolls out Napster into fourteen more European countries
- AOL sells three of its music websites to Townsquare
- WiMP appoints new CEO
- Bauer to network one breakfast show across Scottish AM stations
- Global appoint new digital man
- ITV let off over Scherzinger's effing language
- Tyler, The Creator takes flack for Bieber, neighbours still want him out
Warp is looking for an outstanding person to become our new UK Product Manager. You will be managing the promotional and marketing campaigns for our artists’ releases in the UK, helping them reach their potential through press, radio, retail, advertising, digital and new innovations in the UK market.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
MAMA & Company are looking for a dynamic, experienced Assistant General Manager with a proven track record within a live music operation. This is a fantastic opportunity to work and grow with an exciting company at one of London’s most established venues.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Domino Publishing requires a passionate music person to assist the copyright and royalties staff. This is a unique opportunity to work within the worldwide hub of a young, expanding music publishing company and help us provide an unrivalled and exemplary service to our songwriters and publishers.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Snapper Music plc, the independent record group seeks a full-time (or possibly part-time) Royalty & Copyright Assistant at its head office in Camden Town. Snapper is a well-established company including the frontline labels, Peaceville (metal) and Kscope (prog), alongside a portfolio of catalogue imprints which operate across a wide range of musical genres.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
The Product Manager is a key member of the marketing team at Defected, the world’s leading house music label. Responsible for managing and developing artist and third party label projects, you will have an established and knowledgeable music background with comprehensive campaign management skills and extensive experience of the release process.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
The Promotions Manager role sits within the marketing team at Defected, the world’s leading House music label. Responsible for managing Defected and partner labels’ international club and radio promotions, you will come from an experienced, music promotions background and have an extensive network of contacts.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
We are looking for an intern with a keen interest in digital marketing to join our UK team. Experience in digital marketing would be a plus; being interested in music and wanting to learn more about the industry is a necessity.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Cherry Red Records are looking for an assistant to our digital manager in the creation of a marketing/project management department within the company. The successful candidate will work closely on our new frontline releases, but also assist in the general running of the digital department across our entire catalogue and various media platforms.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.

Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins appeared at Cardiff Crown Court via video link from prison yesterday to plead not guilty to charges relating to child sexual abuse and the making and possession of indecent images, reports WalesOnline.

As previously reported, Watkins and two women, who face similar charges, were originally due to enter their pleas in March. However, despite appearing in court - again via video link - the formal entering of pleas was delayed.

Watkins is accused of a total of 24 charges, including two of raping a one year old girl, and others relating to the sexual assault and conspiracy to rape another child a few months older. He also faces seventeen charges relating to the making and possessing of indecent images, and one of possessing extreme pornography involving an animal.

In a statement read out by his lawyer outside the court, Watkins said: "I want to thank my family, friends and all the fans for the continued support throughout this whole ordeal. Your support gives my strength. I deny all the allegations made against me and I will continue to fight to clear my name".

A further hearing will take place this Thursday to determine a date for trial.

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AEG Live co-CEO Paul Gongaware says that he didn't feel there was any need to do a background check on Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor whose negligent treatment caused the death of Michael Jackson, because, "I just expect doctors to be ethical - the financial side of their life shouldn't affect their medical judgment".

Murray's finances were in a mess when he was hired to work as Jackson's personal medic in 2009, which, it is argued, made him prone to agree to administer unsafe treatments if and when demanded by the singer, so desperate was he to keep the job.

As much previously reported, the Jackson family are suing AEG Live, claiming that the live firm should be held liable for the actions of Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after negligently giving Michael Jackson the surgical anaesthetic propofol in a domestic setting as a cure for insomnia. The late king of pop died after overdosing on the drug at his rented LA home in 2009, just weeks before he was due to perform in London at the AEG Live-promoted 'This Is It' shows.

The Jackson family claim AEG hired Murray, and then put pressure on the doctor to ensure their star was able to perform, whatever it took. AEG counters that himself Jackson appointed Murray, managed the doctor on a day-to-day basis, and ultimately was paying the medic's bills, albeit with an advance provided by the company. The live firm also says its executives had no idea about the singer's prescription drug dependencies, or the kind of treatments Murray was providing.

The fact AEG management knew little about Murray when he was appointed as Jackson's personal medic helps the live firm in its claims of ignorance about the doctor's conduct prior to the death of the singer, though the Jackson family claim that the company's failure to check up on the medic was in itself negligent.

But, speaking several days into his testimony at the Jacksons v AEG court hearing, Gongaware did not agree. He told the court that he recommended to Jackson that he appoint a London-based doctor, given that once the 'This Is It' venture was underway he'd be living in the UK capital, but says the singer disagreed, instead insisting Murray was the man for the job. "It wasn't my place to say who his doctor was going to be", Gongaware added. "It was his decision".

For the Jackson family, Gongaware's testimony is important - which is why he's been subject to such detailed questioning - because the live exec had worked with Michael Jackson on past touring ventures. Therefore he, more than anyone, the Jacksons argue, should have been aware of the singer's tendency to rely on prescription drugs to perform, and should have gone out of his way to check all was above board on the healthcare front.

But the AEG man claims to have been ignorant to much of Jackson's prescription drug use, telling the court that he only realised the singer had an addiction to certain medications when he made a public announcement to that effect in 1993, as he abruptly ended his 'Dangerous' tour to enter rehab. This despite a doctor who worked on that tour claiming that Gongaware had urged him at the time to not become "a Dr Nick" - a reference to the medic accused of feeding Elvis Presley's prescription drug addiction.

Jackson's reliance on prescription drugs, including using propofol to induce sleep, continued during his 'HIStory' tour in 1996 and 1997, on which Gongaware had a more active role, Team Jackson said in court this week. But, according to CNN, Gongaware insists that he saw "no indication at all" of such activities at the time, adding "I would be certain to notice it if that was the case".

And, he added, unlike on the Dangerous tour in 1993, health issues never hindered the show during the 'HIStory' venture. "He only missed one [show on that tour]. That was when Princess Diana died. He heard about the accident, went to bed, woke up, found she passed away and it affected him deeply". Did Jackson have a personal medic on that tour? "Not that I know of", Gongaware told the courtroom.

But, said the Jackson team, an anaesthesiologist from New York called Dr Neil Ratner has previously acknowledged that he travelled with Jackson during part of the 'HIStory' project, and when recalling how he had heard about the death of Diana in 1997 while on tour, Jackson himself once said in an interview, "I woke up and my doctor gave me the news".

How, Jackson's legal team will ask, could Gongaware not be aware of Jackson's health and drug issues? Because, if nothing else, he was in charge of the budgets on 'HIStory' and would surely have seen the costs associated with the doctors the singer was using. Though, AEG's lawyers will insist, their man did not know about Jackson's dependencies then or in 2009, because, to quote the live firm's lead attorney at the opening of the trial, "the truth is Mr Jackson fooled everyone - he kept those who might have helped him at a distance and no one knew his deepest, darkest secret".

The case continues.

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Scott Weiland is countersuing his former bandmates in a lawsuit that seeks a $7 million damages settlement for his ousting from Stone Temple Pilots, and a court order to stop his ex-colleagues from using the band's name.

As previously reported, the rest of the Pilots went legal last week in a dispute that has been rumbling on since February, when the band announced Weiland had been fired, something the frontman said his bandmates didn't have the power to do.

The dispute seems to have come to ahead after the remaining Stone Temple Pilots performed with Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. In the band's lawsuit, they claimed Weiland had asked his lawyers to put pressure on radio stations not to play a new Bennington-fronted track they had put out, he claiming that their use of the STP name violated his trademark rights.

Exactly who owns the rights to the Stone Temple Pilots name isn't clear, though both sides now seem set to demand that the other refrain from using the moniker. Presumably reps for all parties will now be trying to negotiate some kind of settlement, though there seems to be enough resentment on both sides here to make this a messy one.

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Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina ended a hunger strike, which as previously reported landed her in hospital last week, on Saturday after eleven days.

Alyokhina began her protest after claiming that prison authorities had attempted to turn other inmates against her by increasing security around the room where she worked, which had put her in an unsafe position. Pyotr Verzilov, the husband of her jailed bandmate Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, told the Associated Press Alyokhina ended her hunger strike after the prison had met her demands to restore security around her to the normal level.

This was an unexpected development, said Verzilov: "It looks improbable, it's not in the tradition of the prison system here to make any concessions. There must have been a political decision".

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Lou Reed has said that he is recovering well after a liver transplant and expects to get back to recording and performing in the near future.

As previously reported, Reed's wife Laurie Anderson revealed that the former Velvet Underground frontman had undergone the major surgery in an interview with The Times published at the weekend. Explaining that he had been in very poor health, she said: "I don't think he'll ever totally recover from this, but he'll certainly be back to doing [things] in a few months. He's already working and doing tai chi. I'm very happy. It's a new life for him".

Responding in slightly more bombastic terms, Reed himself said in a statement issued via his Facebook page: "I am a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry. I am bigger and stronger than stronger than ever. My Chen [tai chi] and health regimen has served me well all of these years, thanks to Master Ren Guang-yi. I look forward to being on stage performing, and writing more songs to connect with your hearts and spirits and the universe well into the future".

Reed has studied tai chi under Ren Guang-yi for some time, the two of them starring in a short film about the martial art called 'Final Weapon' in 2010, which Reed also soundtracked.

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The winner of the first UK series of 'The Voice', Leanne Mitchell, managed to shift just 895 copies of her eponymous debut album in its first week on sale, according to The Radio Times. The record reached number 134 in the official UK albums chart on Sunday.

Though let's not completely write off the boost 'The Voice' is able to give its stars. Last month series one runner-up Bo Bruce reached number ten with her debut album, 'Before I Sleep'. I'm sure Mitchell will be pleased that someone did alright out of it.

Already noting that her former rival's post-Voice career wasn't going especially well, Bruce told The Huffington Post, only slightly patronisingly, in April: "I felt so sorry for her. It's such a difficult one. The BBC aren't allowed to promote anything".

She went on: "They dropped her single the day after 'The Voice', and much like with our tour, unlike 'The X-Factor' who can promote it between shows, the BBC can't do any of that. So she didn't have the right promotion, not enough people knew it was happening. I know she's moved labels and is in a better place now for her sound".

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Skrillex is releasing a joint LP with rapper RiFF RaFF, so that's nice.

Signed to Diplo's Mad Decent label and with a solo long player titled 'Neon Icon' on the way, RiFF RaFF, aka Texan MC Jody Christian, inadvertently said to MTV Australia: "Me and Skrillex have an album coming out. I mean we have a song coming out. Oh shit. That's what I do when I speak too soon. I can't tell you more than that. MTV exclusive!"

Asked what Skrillex is like as a collaborator, he added: "Real easy. He's one of the most creative people I know, so when we go in there we just put together songs easy. It's nothing".

Speaking of Skrillex, he's added bass DJ Rusko to the bank of artists on his OWSLA label. Rusko will release a new EP, 'Lift Me Up', via OWSLA on 2 Jul.

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Swans' Michael Gira has revealed that the band have plans to release a new LP to follow last year's 'The Seer', and a "hand made" live album, as soon as they're off the road.

Writing via Facebook, Gira said the studio LP will feature adaptations of tracks the band have been trialling live over past shows, and several that fans haven't yet heard.

He added: "It means the world to us to be in the center of the storm with you... it is a life giving, regenerative event for us to make this music, and my hope is that a positive effect is shared by all. We feel blessed to be able to do the thing we love, and profoundly moved that some people on this earth find something of value in our work. Thank you!"

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David Lynch has detailed the less creepily-titled sequel to his creepily-titled 2011 LP 'Crazy Clown Town'. 'The Big Dream' is its name, and it'll be realised on 15 Jul via Sunday Best.

Defining its style as "modern blues", Lynch elaborates: "Most of the songs start out as a type of blues jam and then we go sideways from there. What comes out is a hybrid, modernised form of low-down blues".

Hear Lynch's Lykke Li-featuring 'I'm Waiting Here', a "bonus track" apparently, on Spotify.


The Big Dream
Star Dream Girl
Last Call
Cold Wind Blowin
The Ballad of Hollis Brown
Wishin Well
Say It
We Rolled Together
Sun Can't Be Seen No More
I Want You
The Line It Curves
Are You Sure
I'm Waiting Here

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(Oh! Christ) Johnny Borrell has released info on his party-hearty first solo LP, the title of which is 'Borrell 1'. Yes, really... that name again is 'Borrell 1'. Its first single, 'Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)' (again... yes, really) is released today, whilst the LP itself will bide its time till 22 Jun.

He says: "The music just came very naturally. It's an album that was born in the spirit of a party, and the arrangements for the songs come from that atmosphere".

Ahem. And finally, this is the tracklisting equivalent of that hat photo:

Power To The Woman
Joshua Amrit
Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)
Ladder To Your Bed
Dahlia Rondo
Cyrano Masochiste
We Cannot Overthrow
Each And Every Road
Wild Today
Dahlia Allegro
Erotic Letter

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On 2 Sep, amiable rap sprats Rizzle Kicks will make a "full-on musical assault" on Planet Pop by releasing their new LP, 'Roaring 20s'.

If you like, you can all take an aural beating now via its first single 'That's Classic', as features 'vocals' by 'The Wire' actor Dominic West. Play it here.

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Profane noise-pop fixings Fuck Buttons have added lots of back to school live dates to their live filofax, this as a way to take their new LP 'Slow Focus' to the paying masses after its release on 22 Jul.

Note the shows as you listen to FB's new track 'The Red Wing', why don't you:

8 Sep: Birmingham, Institute Library
9 Sep: Manchester, Gorilla
10 Sep: Glasgow, SWG3
11 Sep: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
12 Sep: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
15 Sep: Norwich, The Waterfront
16 Sep: Brighton, Concorde 2
17 Sep: London, Electric Ballroom

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In today's festival headlines, the London-based Playground Festival has had to cancel its Saturday night doings because of low ticket sales, though it'll still go on as advertised on 7 Jun with a revised line-up starring Squarepusher, Leftfield, Digitalism, Booka Shade, Kavinsky and James Zabiela at the Brixton Academy.

Tickets to the void Saturday all-nighter will be redeemable on Friday, and at a series of new separate dates featuring the likes of Unkle's James Lavelle, The Orb, Pantha Du Prince and Luke Vibert, details of which will be released soon over at this link.

So that isn't great news, but still, let's move on to brighter things with the following non-cancelled festival events...

DOWNLOAD, Donington Park, Leicestershire, 14-16 Jun: Black Star Riders. www.downloadfestival.co.uk

EXIT, Petrovardin Fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia, 10-14 Jul: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. www.exitfest.org

LA ROUTE DU ROCK, Saint Malo, France, 15-17 Aug: Parquet Courts, Suuns, DIIV, Fuck Buttons. www.laroutedurock.com

LOOPALLU, Ullapool, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, 20-21 Sep: The Enemt, The Beat, Roddy Woomble, Moulettes. www.loopallu.co.uk

RADIO 2 LIVE IN HYDE PARK, Hyde Park, London, 8 Sep: Simple Minds, Jack Johnson. www.bbc.co.uk/events/ed6q2m

SUMMERCAMP, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, 24-25 Aug: Ghostpoet, Mount Kimbie, Merchandise, Martha Wainwright. summercampfestival.co.uk

VISIONS, various venues, London, 10 Aug: Fucked Up, Spectrals, Childhood, Echo Lake, Jackson Scott. visionsfestival.com

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The boss of BMG, Hartwig Masuch, has joined the Group Management Committee of the music firm's parent company Bertelsmann. The GMC advises the German media giant's Executive Board on key strategic issues and business development, and Masuch's appointment to it follows Bertelsmann taking full ownership of BMG back in March, it having previously been a joint venture with equity firm KKR.

The boss of Bertelsmann's printing company Be Printers, Bertram Stausberg, also joins the group's GMC this week, and confirming both appointments, Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe told reporters: "I am delighted that Hartwig Masuch and Bertram Stausberg - two outstanding executives who are responsible for two of our key business areas - are strengthening our Group Management Committee".

On Masuch in particular he added: "BMG has developed under the leadership of Hartwig to become one of the world's largest music rights companies, and for Bertelsmann - especially since our complete takeover in April - a significant growth platform".

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UK-based tour promoter Kilimanjaro yesterday announced that it was stepping up its activity in the comedy space by hiring the former GM of the [PIAS] comedy business, and that Steve Tilley, part of the firm's team since 2008, was becoming a director and minority shareholder. The developments come just over a year after the live company's management, led by CEO Stuart Galbraith, bought founding shareholder AEG Live out of the business, taking the firm into independent ownership.

Commenting on its first year as an independent player, Kilimanjaro said in a statement yesterday: "Despite the current economic downturn, the company has had an excellent start to this next phase of its development, working with major established artists such as Robbie Williams, The Rolling Stones, Andrea Bocelli, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Donny & Marie Osmond, as well as seeing investment in developing artists begin to bear fruit with the likes of Bastille and The 1975".

Having previously promoted live shows in the UK for comedians like David Sedaris, Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld, Kilimanjaro is now looking to further expand into the ever lucrative world of top-end stand-up comedy, with Andy Townsend, formerly with [PIAS] Comedy UK, on board to help develop that side of the business. This will include co-promoting a number of shows at this August's Edinburgh Fringe.

Elsewhere, long-time Kilimanjaro man Steve Tilley will become a director of the company. On that, Galbraith said: "Steve has been instrumental in the success of Kilimanjaro through the development of new acts such as Ed Sheeran, Band Of Skulls, Example and also as the booker of Wakestock and Belladrum Festivals, as well as diversifying into comedy with David Sedaris. Steve has had a very successful period professionally and Kilimanjaro will now benefit from his dedication and experience across the whole company".

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Following the news that US data company Nielsen was axing its European airplay monitoring service, one of the firm's main competitors in that space, London-based Radiomonitor, has now launched a new pan-European offer, providing daily email updates and custom data feeds on airplay on TV and radio across Europe.

The new service will initially cover Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany,
Holland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland in addition to Radiomonitor's existing monitoring operations in the UK. As part of the venture the firm will also launch new national and pan-European airplay charts.

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eBay's secondary ticketing service StubHub has become the official resale platform of London's O2 Arena, because if the live industry truly wants to combat and restrict the continued expansion of the evil online touting sector, obviously the best way to do that is to officially endorse resale platforms and tell everyone how brilliant it all is.

The move expands an existing alliance between StubHub and O2 operator AEG, that includes integration of the ticket resale service with the live giant's AXS.com ticketing platform, which makes the transfer of tickets to AEG shows quicker and more secure. That partnership has so far been restricted to the US, but with plans to expand AXS.com globally - plans that kicked off last year by launching the brand in the UK to sell tickets for shows at The O2 - it seems that the StubHub tie-up has global potential too.

Confirming the StubHub/O2 partnership, the London venue's General Manager Rebecca Kane told CMU: "By partnering with StubHub we are working with a resale marketplace that has a proven pedigree in serving fans and providing an innovative service for our customers. Integrating our own ticketing platform means that fans can buy in confidence and enjoy the best in live entertainment at The O2".

Meanwhile StubHub's GM International Brigitte Ricou-Bellan added: "With more than 8.6 million visitors every year, The O2 is the most popular venue in the world and we know that there is high demand for events there amongst our customers. We also know that a high proportion of these are visitors from abroad and with an increasingly percentage of our sales comings from cross border trade we know that we can offer these fans a service that guarantees peace of mind".

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Sky Broadband began blocking another batch of Pirate Bay proxies at the weekend, according to various reports, meaning that customers of the ISP that had been accessing the controversial file-sharing platform via addresses like pirateproxy.net, fenopyreverse.info, h33tunblock.info, h33t.uk.to, kickassunblock.info, katproxy.com and movie2kproxy.com will now see a 'no go' alert in their browser.

As much previously reported, record label trade body the BPI successfully secured injunctions ordering the UK's six biggest internet service providers to block access to the Bay last year. However, a plethora of 'proxies' soon sprung up which means that, while British web-users cannot access the file-sharing service via its official URL, they can still reach the site by using other web addresses.

Aware of this, the BPI's injunction allows the trade body to add new proxies to a blacklist every so often, which the ISPs are then obliged to also block. The fact that Sky started blocking a whole load more proxies last weekend suggests that an update has recently been made to that blacklist, and the other British ISPs will likely follow Sky in putting the new blocks in place in the next week or so.

Of course as each set of proxies are blocked, a new bunch will go live, and anyone who really wants to access the file-sharing platform will get there, though the BPI would argue that any measures that make accessing The Pirate Bay just that little bit more tricky or time consuming are worth it in the ongoing fight against online copyright infringement.

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US-based streaming music company Rhapsody is stepping up its European operations by going live in fourteen more countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

As in the UK and Germany, where the firm already operates, the new services will trade under the Napster brand which Rhapsody acquired in 2011, management at the American digital music firm still refusing to rebrand all their services under the one Napsody name, despite us kindly creating them the logo for such a move.

Needless to say, Napster Europe will distinguish itself from all the other players in the crowded streaming music market by offering better discovery and localised content, just like they all do. Pricing will follow the standard ten euros (well, 9.95) a month for unlimited online and offline streaming via mobile and PC.

Confirming the European roll out, Rhapsody President Jon Irwin told CMU: "Our goal is to deliver to music fans the most flexible and personal way to discover music, whether that's through the latest release from international superstars or new albums from emerging local artists. As we expand Napster's global footprint, we'll continue to emphasize partnerships as the primary strategy to bring Napster to a wider audience on their favourite devices, no matter where they are".

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Following the news in April that AOL was shutting its main American music service and online music magazine Spinner, now the web firm has sold three of its other music websites to Townsquare Media Group, the company that bought the blog and ad network side of the MOG business last August.

It was thought that country music site The Boot, hip hop and R&B service BoomBox and metal set-up NoiseCreep might all bite the dust as a result of AOL scaling down its US-based music operations, but they have seemingly been saved via the deal with Townsquare.

At least some of the staff who worked on the three AOL sites are expected to move over to Townsquare as part of the deal, where they will work alongside journalists and editors creating content for a number of other music and entertainment sites now owned by the media firm, whose Chief Digital officer, Bill Willson, is ex-AOL.

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Norway-based streaming music company WiMP has appointed a new CEO in the form of Andy Chen, who takes over from Espen Lauritzen, who has fulfilled the chief executive role at the company on an interim basis for the last year. Chen was most recently CEO at the Danish media distribution company Preview Networks, and previously also worked at MTV.

Confirming his new role, Chen told reporters: "I'm extremely honoured and excited to join the team. There are a lot of momentum and disruptions in the streaming music space and I look forward to leverage WiMP's strong team and unique position to compete against some of the biggest players in this sector".

WiMP currently operates in five markets in Northern Europe.

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Bauer Media has announced that it will network one breakfast show across its portfolio of AM radio stations in Scotland from next month.

Clyde 2, Forth 2, Northsound 2, Tay AM and West Sound, which operate under the umbrella brand of the Greatest Hits Network, all currently have their own locally-made breakfast shows, but from 1 Jul they will all take one show fronted by Robin Galloway, but with local news and travel information inserted.

The move follows a similar decision in the north of England, where Bauer introduced one breakfast show on its network of Magic-branded AM stations, having previously had local shows in the prime time slot. It means that the Scottish AM stations will now pump out networked programmed 24 hours a day, despite the local brands and news content.

Perhaps wary of the criticism likely to be generated by this latest delocalisation of local radio, Bauer also announced plans for a new Scotland-wide topical talk show to air on Sunday mornings, giving more airtime to Scottish news and politics, plus a stepped up commitment to air specialist music shows in the evenings and at the weekend across the AM network.

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Global Radio has announced the appointment of a new head of its digital team. James Hickman, previously Product Development Director at online sports media company The Perform Group, will lead the radio giant's 50 strong digital unit, overseeing all of the firm's digital platforms.

Confirming the appointment, Global Group CEO Stephen Miron said: "This is a significant appointment for us as the importance of digital continues to grow for Global. With over seven years experience at one of the fastest growing businesses within the digital landscape, we are absolutely delighted that someone of James's calibre is joining the company".

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OfCom has decided not to take action against ITV after 51 'The X-Factor Results Show' viewers complained that they had found language used by one of its judges Nicole Scherzinger offensive. One the 12 Nov edition of the show last year, Scherzinger introduced one of her acts facing elimination, James Arthur, by saying, "I am so proud, this is James effing Arthur".

During OfCom's investigation into this, ITV said that it had warned Scherzinger about using inappropriate language before - in particular the use of the word 'fricking' in previous shows. Producers had discussed whether or not to get presenter Dermot O'Leary to issue an apology after Scherzinger said "effing", but decided not to because "whilst 'effing' had some potential for offence, it was much less offensive than using the f-word itself".

ITV added that it did not consider "effing" an offensive word at all, and therefore did not accept that there could have been any breach of broadcasting rules, saying that it was a "traditional English euphemism, most often used in the phrase 'effing and blinding' to describe when someone is using a stream of swear words in an angry fashion".

OfCom disagreed with this, pointing out that the fact that some people had been offended by the word proved that it did have the capacity to offend. The watchdog also said that the term was inappropriate for a pre-watershed programme.

However, in its report, OfCom concluded: "We noted the measures ITV undertook to remind judges to avoid using offensive language before the broadcast, including specifically asking Nicole Scherzinger to avoid using words that may be interpreted differently by a UK audience, the consideration given during the broadcast to the most appropriate response to Nicole Scherzinger's use of 'effing', and its submissions on the differing levels of offence that a US and UK audience may attach to this particular term. We also took into account that 'The X-Factor Results Show' is broadcast live and that the elimination round can often be tense and emotionally charged. Taking these factors into account, Ofcom considered the matter resolved".

You're probably expecting me to finish this story by saying, "fucking hell", or something. But that would just be fucking childish.

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Tyler, The Creator has claimed that it was he who last week drove Justin Bieber's Ferrari dangerously through the gated community where the pop teen lives.

As previously reported, police last week confirmed that they were investigating claims that that two witnesses, including former NFL football player Keyshawn Johnson, reported seeing the singer driving at speed through the residential area.

But yesterday Tyler tweeted: "That was me behind the wheel of Justin's vehicle. Don't blame him. People are actually evil swearing up and down that it was who it wasn't".

Also referencing a new paternity claim against him, Bieber replied: "All good buddy. I deal with this every day. Thanks though. The baby ain't mine either".

I'm not sure any of this will placate Bieber's neighbours, a number of whom are, according to TMZ, currently withholding the $1000 per month fees they pay to the development's homeowner association until something is done about the singer (and his friends, presumably). Apparently this means reminding him about the rules of the community, rather than kicking him out - though given how much his indiscretions are written about in the press, he's probably already fairly aware of them.

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