5 JUN 2013

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First twitching our approval antennae with 'Become The Color', one of two tracks she contributed to the soundtrack of Chan-wook Park film 'Stoker', Emily Wells releases her new album, 'Mama', this week. We asked her to compile a playlist, which she did with such enthusiasm that we caved and allowed her to deviate from the usual ten track format. In it she takes us on a tour of African music from the 70s to the present day, with a quick stop in Pakistan more>>
Once a small-time player in Californian band Craft Spells, Peter Michel (who's still only in his late teens, for heaven's sakes) is now striking a solo pose via his FatCat-signed Hibou alias. Since his first EP, 'Dunes', is due 13 Jun, today's as apt a day as any to take in a pair of its tracks, titled 'Glow' and 'Sunder', for a trial drive. They being so full of the circling, skittish riffs and sandy guitar drifts that also fill DIIV's 'Oshin' to its brim, if you like DIIV, chances are you'll like lil Hibou, too more>>

- Tulisa arrested following drug sting
- "In retrospect, that's not 100% true": Jacksons v AEG Update
- Sub Pop's Jonathan Poneman diagnosed with Parkinson's
- U2 working on new album
- New Take That LP a distant reality, but a reality all the same
- Black Sabbath stream 13
- New Wu-Tang Clan airs via RZA
- White Lies detail big new LP
- Sting releasing LP based on shipyard musical
- AlunaGeorge detail LP, new release date
- Festival line-up update: Hard Rock Calling, Lovebox, Leefest and more
- Little Boots added to AIM's Women In Music event
- One Direction announce alliance with Aussie supermarket
- Alex Black to lead EMI Publishing production music unit
- BBC comeback for Chris Moyles unlikely, says Mirror
- Humes JLS gets second show on Capital
- Brian May, Slash, Shara Nelson feature on badger protest song
Warp is looking for an outstanding person to become our new UK Product Manager. You will be managing the promotional and marketing campaigns for our artists’ releases in the UK, helping them reach their potential through press, radio, retail, advertising, digital and new innovations in the UK market.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
MAMA & Company are looking for a dynamic, experienced Assistant General Manager with a proven track record within a live music operation. This is a fantastic opportunity to work and grow with an exciting company at one of London’s most established venues.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Domino Publishing requires a passionate music person to assist the copyright and royalties staff. This is a unique opportunity to work within the worldwide hub of a young, expanding music publishing company and help us provide an unrivalled and exemplary service to our songwriters and publishers.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Snapper Music plc, the independent record group seeks a full-time (or possibly part-time) Royalty & Copyright Assistant at its head office in Camden Town. Snapper is a well-established company including the frontline labels, Peaceville (metal) and Kscope (prog), alongside a portfolio of catalogue imprints which operate across a wide range of musical genres.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
The Product Manager is a key member of the marketing team at Defected, the world’s leading house music label. Responsible for managing and developing artist and third party label projects, you will have an established and knowledgeable music background with comprehensive campaign management skills and extensive experience of the release process.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
The Promotions Manager role sits within the marketing team at Defected, the world’s leading House music label. Responsible for managing Defected and partner labels’ international club and radio promotions, you will come from an experienced, music promotions background and have an extensive network of contacts.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
We are looking for an intern with a keen interest in digital marketing to join our UK team. Experience in digital marketing would be a plus; being interested in music and wanting to learn more about the industry is a necessity.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Cherry Red Records are looking for an assistant to our digital manager in the creation of a marketing/project management department within the company. The successful candidate will work closely on our new frontline releases, but also assist in the general running of the digital department across our entire catalogue and various media platforms.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.

Former N-Dubz member and 'X-Factor' judge Tulisa Contostavlos was arrested by the Metropolitan Police yesterday.

This followed one of those we-asked-a-person-to-do-something-and-they-only-bloody-went-and-did-it exposés published in The Sun at the weekend, in which undercover reporters from the paper secretly recorded the singer allegedly arranging an £800 cocaine deal.

In the recording, Tulisa is heard to say: "Half my phone book sells [cocaine]. Of course I can get it for you. Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One's a massive cocaine dealer. He's my best friend. He's a gangster - he's my gangster".

The ex-Ndubber is also reported to told Sun journalists that she doesn't take cocaine herself, but does smoke marijuana. She also offered to get that drug for them as well, and spoke of a secret code she and her dealer friend used when discussing drugs - calling them 'sweets' and coding different types by colour.

After initially failing to buy any drugs - one dealer initially pulling out because he was worried, for some reason, that the conversation was being recorded - The Sun says its reporters were eventually given the number for rapper Mike GLC. They then reportedly arranged to purchase half an ounce of cocaine from him.

In a statement yesterday, Scotland Yard said: "A 35 year old man and a 24 year old have been arrested by appointment at a central London police station on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs".

The pair were later bailed.

Prior to the arrest, clothing brand Bank, owned by JD Sports, which sells Contostavlos's fashion line TFB, was already said to be considering ending its partnership with the singer. A spokesperson said in a statement: "Following the news that has unfolded this weekend concerning Tulisa - Bank Fashion are currently reviewing their options regarding her continued involvement with Bank and her clothing range TFB".

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The AEG executive most publicly associated with Michael Jackson's ill-fated 'This Is It' live venture took to the witness stand yesterday, as his employer continues to fight claims by the Jackson family that it should be held liable for the death of the late king of pop as the paymaster of Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter for causing Jackson's death in 2009 due to negligent treatment. AEG counters that Jackson himself hired and managed the doctor.

AEG Live President Randy Phillips, more used to speaking in public than the other AEG execs who have so far given testimony, quickly got down to business, accusing the Jackson family (and specifically the singer's mother and children, who are the plaintiffs in the case) of trying to extort money out of the live giant. AEG simply wasn't liable for the actions of the doctor Jackson himself selected, he said.

Early on Phillips admitted that he hadn't spent much time reviewing email correspondence relating to the 'This Is It' project from spring 2009 (and, until two weeks ago, no time) because his legal team "felt it would be better if I went in without preparation".

Commentators speculated that that advice was given to allow AEG bosses to honestly plead ignorance when embarrassing emails were pulled out by the Jacksons' legal team. And it probably explains why AEG Live co-CEO Paul Gongaware said "I don't recall" so many times during his testimony that some jurors started to laugh when he delivered the line for the umpteenth time. Such advice might be good legal tactics, but it also helps Team Jackson in their attempt to portray AEG executives as shady corporates with no real compassion for their talent - creating a PR challenge even if the company wins in court.

Though at least Phillips' testimony promises to be more fun. He was soon arguing with the Jackson family's key attorney Brian Panish about one point or another. According to CNN, Panish, aware that he'd already been admonished by the judge for too readily arguing with the witnesses, told the AEG exec "please don't argue with me, because then I will argue back and get in trouble". To which Phillips responded: "Then that's an incentive for me".

Although the questioning of Phillips only briefly got underway in yesterday's court proceedings, there was time for Panish to ask about that email from June 2009 that has been raised multiple times before, in which the AEG President tells 'This Is It' director Kenny Ortega not to worry about Jackson's ailing health, because he'd had reassurances from Murray and "this doctor is extremely successful - we check everyone out".

But those colleagues of Phillips that have already testified have made it clear that, in fact, AEG did not check out anything about Murray before he was appointed Jackson's personal medic. Gongaware said earlier this week "it wasn't my place to say who [Jackson's] doctor was going to be", adding: "I just expect doctors to be ethical - the financial side of their life shouldn't affect their medical judgment".

So what did Phillips mean in June 2009? The AEG exec admitted in court yesterday that his email was "in retrospect, not 100% true". But, he added, he told Ortega that Murray had been checked out, because that's what he thought at the time, because that's what he'd been told. Phillips: "I wrote in the email that I thought at the time he had been checked out, because that's what I was told. There's what I thought at the time versus what I learned afterwards".

The case continues.

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Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Poneman has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he revealed in an interview with The Seattle Times. In fact, he received the diagnosis in 2010, but has waited until now to go public.

Despite the effect the disease has had and will have on his life, Poneman says he has a positive outlook, telling the paper: "You have these morbid thoughts. Then you realise that if things are going to go away, they are not going to go away immediately. My love of life and its precious elements became more vivid at the thought of seeing them fade away. When you're confronted with the concrete, finite aspects of life. As ironic as it sounds, I am truly grateful to the disease".

Poneman remains at work, and regularly attends gigs, though says he's now "less inclined to go up front because I am a human bowling pin".

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U2 are working on a new album that is likely to be released later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The report says Bono et al have been working on new material at New York's Electric Lady Studios, with Danger Mouse involved on the mixing side. Coldplay's Chris Martin has also been spotted in the vicinity, though whether that means he has any actual involvement in the new U2 record isn't known.

The new long player, the band's first since 2009's 'No Line On The Horizon', is reportedly set for an autumn release. Which makes autumn an attractive time for that holiday in a box cut off from the entire world I've been planning.

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Naughty Mark Owen has tantalised Take That fans with hints that he, Gaz, Jay, Howard and, potentially, Robbie 'Rob' Williams might (and that's a big 'might') start making a new LP this year. Perhaps next year if they feel like it.

Promoting his new solo LP 'The Art Of Doing Nothing' via the Telegraph, Mark said: "I think if we go in as a band in the next few months or next year, it's good for me personally to have got this out, to come back in and start again".

He added: "Gaz and Rob did some writing. I saw Gaz at the weekend, saw Jay and Howard last week. There's plans to go back in and do another record. So that's all great. But everybody wanted a bit of time because it was a big thing getting Rob back in the band".

Talking about promoting Owen's new solo album, website Talenthouse is doing its bit to plug the record by running a competition in which people from different creative disciplines contribute their musings on doing nothing. Enter that (or perhaps more aptly don't) here.

And in lieu of any new music from The That, check out the video for the new Owen album's lead single 'Stars' here.

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Black Sabbath's new LP, '13', is now playing online for all to hear. Ozzy, Tony and Geezer's first collaboration in 35 years, it isn't released officially until next Monday (10 Jun). Click this iTunes link to listen to it straight off the bat.

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Oh I say, a new track that may well feature on Wu-Tang Clan's new ensemble LP, 'A Better Tomorrow', has aired via American radio station Hot 97.

The show's HQ claims to have been leaked 'Family Reunion' by RZA, which I guess is likely to be the case.

'A Better Tomorrow' is set for tentative release in July. Until then, this is a 'Family Reunion' rip.

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Rocky pop trio White Lies have a new LP titled 'Big TV' in the wings, and they'd like us all to purchase it when it's released on 12 Aug.

One of its featured tracks, 'Getting Even', is available as a free MP3, so hear and claim that here.

And this thing? It's a tracklisting:

Big TV
There Goes Our Love Again
Space I
First Time Caller
Mother Tongue
Getting Even
Be Your Man
Space II
Tricky To Love
Heaven Wait

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Tantric pop wasp Sting is, says the New York Times, ready to release a new LP titled 'The Last Ship', his first original one since 2003's 'Sacred Love'. He's doing it on 23 Sep, this via a trio of UMG-affiliated labels - Cherrytree, Interscope and A&M Records.

Far from an ordinary LP, it's an elaboration of the score to a musical, also called 'The Last Ship', that Sting's been co-creating with 'Skyfall' screenwriter John Logan and Brian Yorkey over the past three years. Partly based on Sting's early days in Wallsend, Newcastle, its story is based in a shipyard in the 1980s. Sting et al plan to stage the show on Broadway.

So that's all quite fascinating, isn't it?

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AlunaGeorge have pasted a rather awkward-looking photo onto the front of their new LP, 'Body Music', in time for its new 29 Jul release date. They will also re-release their 2012 single 'You Know You Like It' as a double A-side with new track 'Bad Idea' the same day.

Announcing all of this, the pair say: "We are incredibly excited to reveal the artwork and tracklist of our debut album 'Body Music'. Thanks for your patience, we can't wait for all of you to hear it".

Find the pic at, and read on to take in the 'Body Music' tracklisting:

You Know You Like It
Attracting Flies
Your Drums, Your Love
Kaleidoscope Love
Bad Idea
Lost & Found
Best Be Believing
Just A Touch
Body Music
Friends to Lovers
This Is How We Do It

Oh, and here's that previously mentioned Aluna and George single 'You Know You Like It'.

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Suffolk's "whisky sippin, guitar strummin, banjo pickin, rib suckin" rhythm and blues extravaganza, Red Rooster Festival, has been cancelled, its organisers say, because they want to "look again at its formula". It all looks fine to me, but I guess they could maybe lose the banjo pickin if something has to go. Or maybe they mean they're so happy with the formula that they want to just look at it for a while, without the distraction of actually having to organise a festival. That'll be it, I'll bet.

Rather than dwell on that further, I'll skip on to new add-ons by regal LDN jamfest Hard Rock Calling; pairs of new names over at the first ever Isle Of Man festival and Radio 2's live Hyde Park party; dance stage revelations at this year's Leefest; the new artist smacker that's been planted on Lovebox; the initial listings at Bristol's Simple Things; and a pop-tacularly strange mix of acts (Neil Young, Little Mix, JLS, Mount Kimbie, Eliza Doolittle and the like) billed to play this year's Liverpool International Music Festival.


HARD ROCK CALLING, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, 29-30 Jun: Gaz Coombes, Twin Atlantic, The Twang, Lonely The Brave, Vuvuvultures, Bruno Major, No, The Carnabys.

ISLE OF MAN FESTIVAL, TT Grandstand, Nobles Park, Isle Of Man, 6 Jul: The Jar Family, Robbie Boyd.

LEEFEST, Highams Hill Farm, Warlingham, Surrey, 12-14 Jul: Melé, Dark Sky, Pusherman, Jesse James, Rattus Rattus, I Killed Kenny.

LIVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL, various venues, Liverpool, 18 Aug - 22 Sep: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, JLS, Little Mix, Soul II Soul feat Jazzie B & Caron Wheeler, Eliza Doolittle, Martha Wainwright, Bryn Terfel, Union J, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Ghostpoet, Mount Kimbie, Machel Montano, The Christians, The Padrang Rynee Quartet, Les Frères Guissé, Sense Of Sound, Navin KUndra, DJ Robbo Ranx, Roberto Pla Latin Ensemble, Malik & The OGs, Connie Lush, Panjabi Hit Squad, Dios Salve A La Reina, KOF, Silent Sleep, Coffee & Cakes For Funerals, The Hummingbirds, Chelcee Grimes, Bird,All We Are, 24 Festival Drums, Tea Street Band, Natalie McCool, Sophia Ben-Yousef, Joe Maddocks, Mellowtone DJs, Beaten Tracks DJs.

LOVEBOX, Victoria Park, London, 19-21 Jul: Splashh, Ghostpoet, Big Deal, Bipolar Sunshine, Rainy Milo, Owlle, Mausi, Josef Salvayt, Roscius.

RADIO 2 LIVE IN HYDE PARK, Hyde Park, London, 8 Sep: Texas, Jamie Cullum.

SIMPLE THINGS, various venues, Bristol, 12 Oct: Moderat, Pantha Du Prince, Jon Hopkins, Jazzy Jeff, Dopplereffekt, Motor City Drum Ensemble, King Midas Sound, The Invisible, Tall Ships, Letherette, Seams, Mazes, DjRUM, Fear Of Men, Paws, Typesun, Artifact, Futureboogie DJs, Pardon My French, My Panda Shall Fly, Girl Band, Moko.

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Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, has been announced as the final addition to the line-up of speakers at the Association Of Independent Music's sixth annual Women In Music & Entertainment event later this month.

Hesketh will be interviewed by former NME editor Krissi Murison about her experiences in music and setting up her own record label to release her second album 'Nocturnes'. Before that, Murison will also speak to Jo Whiley about her more than two decades in TV and radio.

After that lot, AIM boss Alison Wenham will chair a panel called 'Meet The Female Major Players', featuring senior execs from Sony, EMI and Warner - Emma Pike, Andria Vidler and Leanne Sharman respectively.

The event will take place at Proud Cabaret on London on 24 Jun from 5.45pm to 10pm. More information here.

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One Direction have announced a partnership with Australian supermarket chain Coles which will stage an exclusive matinee concert with the boyband in October, tickets for which will be given away to the retail giant's customers. It's basically the Aussie equivalent of 1D forming an official alliance with ASDA. Which is probably just around the corner.

1D fans who shop at Coles (or, more likely, their parents, as you have to be over eighteen to enter the competition) will have to buy specially tagged brands from the supermarket - including healthy treats like Coca Cola and Cadbury chocolate bars - before the end of July to qualify to enter the draw for the 10,000+ tickets the retail firm is promising to dish out (to both the exclusive matinee show and other 1D gigs).

The One Direction boys have also recorded a short video (a full 21 seconds) for the Coles website plugging the competition. It's not known if they also plan to cover Status Quo's 'Down Down', a track regularly used by the pricing-cutting supermarket in its advertising in recent years. Or perhaps they could get their mate Ed Sheeran to pen them an original song for the tie-up. Something like, "Hey girl, is there anything we won't do for the easy cash, of course not, of course not, we dig the easy cash?" Actually that's quite good. I need to get myself a music publisher.

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EMI Production Music, a division of EMI Music Publishing, which now obviously operates under the Sony/ATV banner, has announced the appointment of a new Global Director in the form of Alex Black, who will join the company in August.

Black was previously MD of production music for independent publisher Imagem, and in his new job will oversee the various EMI-owned production music labels, including KPM, MusicHouse, Ded Good, Selected Sound and Sparkle&Burn.

Confirming the new appointment, Sony/ATV's President Of UK/European Creative, Guy Moot, told CMU: "I am thrilled to announce this key appointment. Alex brings with him valuable experience and we look forward to him applying his innovative vision and strategy to EMI's Production Music business".

Black himself added: "It's a great honour to be given the opportunity to run EMI's prestigious production music business, as I have admired the catalogues for a long time. I look forward to working with the amazing team, business partners and clients".

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Chris Moyles seems unlikely to return to the BBC radio airwaves, according to The Daily Mirror. The tabloid says that talks between the Beeb and Moyles about a new radio outlet have faltered, and there doesn't currently seem to be any appetite at either Radio 1 or the Corporation's other national stations to create a new format around the former breakfast show host.

When Moyles was replaced with Nick Grimshaw in the primetime slot on Radio 1 last year, bosses at the station indicated that the outgoing DJ, whose current contract ran into 2014, would reappear in the schedules at some point with a new show.

Most talk was of a late night slot where the DJ's ranty speech-heavy programme style might be most appropriate. But, as previously reported, The Sun said last year that Moyles wasn't impressed with that idea. Negotiations then stalled to the point that Radio 1 revamped its late night schedules at the start of the year without including the former breakfast presenter in the mix.

Since then discussions have gone quiet, insiders say, and Moyles is no longer invoicing the station for his services. And despite some speculation that Moyles could follow other Radio 1 alumni onto Radio 2 or 5Live, it seems that bosses at both those channel aren't sure his style is right for their audiences.

Says The Mirror's source: "[Chris] wasn't very keen on [Radio 1's] offer of a late night slot and stalled talks for a long time, so bosses gave it to another pair of DJs in January. Some of the other suggestions were launching new projects on Radio 2 or on Radio 5Live, but executives weren't convinced he was right for their audiences. It looks like if there is any chance of a radio comeback, it won't be on the BBC".

Prior to Moyles' departure from Radio 1 there was speculation that the DJ might jump ship to one of the commercial radio networks, most likely Global Radio's Capital FM, though it's unlikely he'd enjoy the kind of freedom (or fees) there that he got at Radio 1.

And it has to be said, you don't sense the former Radio 1 breakfast man is especially desperate to get back on the air just at the moment, which makes it less likely that he'd be willing to compromise too much to fit into an existing radio format.

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JLS dude Marvin Humes - possibly aware that he'll have more time on his hands once his group splits up at the end of that farewell tour - has signed up to a second weekly show with Global Radio's Capital FM.

Humes already presents a weekly show on Friday nights for the quasi-national radio station, and will now add a Saturday show to his itinerary. And if you're curious to see his DJ skills in action, he'll be playing records at the start of Capital's Summertime Ball this weekend.

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When people complain that there's not enough protest music out there any more, I'm not sure this is what they had in mind. Still, it counts. Arts and entertainment company Artful Badger has called together a group of musicians to release a song raising awareness of the government's planned badger cull later this year, and the campaign to stop it.

Entitled 'Badger Swagger', the track features head badger campaigner Brian May on piano and guitar, while vocals are handled by rapper Sonny Green. Amongst the other musicians on the track are singer Shara Nelson and Slash, who throws in a guitar solo, which he recently said sounded like "a bunch of hooligan badgers in a pub". Why not spend a minute trying to imagine what that sounds like? There's also a spoken word section from David Attenborough.

No word on the progress of Brian May's own protest song, a new version 2003 internet meme 'Badger Badger Badger', which, as previously reported, he previewed at a meeting of protest group the Team Badger Coalition in April.

But now, let's have a listen to see if you were right about what Slash's raucous badger guitar sound is like.

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