6 JUN 2013

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That the internet has made music more disposable has become a point raised with increasingly frequency. We all now have access to more music than we could ever dream of at our fingertips, via our computers and mobile phones. This, apparently, means that people no longer invest time in music, because they no longer invest money in it more>>
Right, so DAVIDS is someone from Canada. What their name is, I don't know. It doesn't really matter, I suppose. The only thing they're firm about is that "the project is named DAVIDS. Not Davids, and certainly not David's". Feel free to try to read some sort of meaning into that, though I think you'd have more fun if you instead joined me in listening to DAVIDS' first EP, '0613EP' more>>

- Cameron backs British music, though PPL Chair calls for more action on copyright issues
- More AEG emails dissected: Jacksons v AEG Update
- City Of London Police threaten operators of piracy sites with prosecution
- Campaigners protest Tyler, The Creator's presence in Australia
- Aussie royal hoax DJ named "best in the land"
- Little Mix break Spice Girls' US chart record
- Nine Inch Nails announce new album details, release single
- Beyonce shares Epic track
- Beck releases new single, making LPs
- Death Grips, Pearl Jam, Wild Flag percussionists releasing LP as superband Drumgasm
- Luke Haines talks Rock N Roll Animals
- Anna Meredith announces London show
- Festival line-up update: Reading & Leeds, The xx's Night + Day, Vans Warped Tour and more
- New season of CMU Insights courses announced
- CISCAC launches creator forum
- INgrooves makes new appointments to London team, announces initial roster for artists services unit
- Leading classical pianist hits out at smartphone filming fan
- Bieber now has 40 million followers on Twitter
- Jack White donates dollars to masonic temple
Warp is looking for an outstanding person to become our new UK Product Manager. You will be managing the promotional and marketing campaigns for our artists’ releases in the UK, helping them reach their potential through press, radio, retail, advertising, digital and new innovations in the UK market.

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MAMA & Company are looking for a dynamic, experienced Assistant General Manager with a proven track record within a live music operation. This is a fantastic opportunity to work and grow with an exciting company at one of London’s most established venues.

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We are looking for an intern with a keen interest in digital marketing to join our UK team. Experience in digital marketing would be a plus; being interested in music and wanting to learn more about the industry is a necessity.

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That Prime Minister chap David Cameron has been bigging up the successes of the British music industry as record label trade body the BPI issued some new stats and celebrated its 40th anniversary at a London bash last night.

Basically repeating what he said this time last year when the BPI released its last set of "look how well British acts are doing globally" stats, only this time in person, Cameron remarked: "We should be extremely proud of how our world-leading music industry continues to go from strength to strength, with a record share of the global market and with British acts having the world's top selling album for five of the last six years. British music is enjoyed across the world and we will keep backing our creative industries that support jobs, create opportunities and contribute to the economy".

The PM's chatter was referencing new data from the BPI which confirmed that British music accounted for over 13% of artist albums sold in the US last year, and nearly 52% of album sales in the UK. British acts have also scored the biggest selling artist albums globally six years out of the last seven (Adele in both 2011 and 2012). And, of course, One Direction have broken various chart records Stateside.

Bragging for the record industry, BPI boss Geoff Taylor told reporters last night: "Music is fundamental to Britain's identity as a nation and the world is singing with us. Led by Adele's '21', the global top seller for the second year running, our artists are having hits all around the world. From One Direction's sensational, record-breaking US achievements, global smash albums from Muse and Mumford & Sons and breakthrough debuts for Emeli Sandé and Ed Sheeran, our musicians and labels are doing us proud".

Presumably the music industry's lobbyists will be hoping that Cameron's commitment to "keep backing our creative industries" will mean his government stepping up its anti-piracy efforts, and maybe diluting somewhat the expansion of fair dealing provisions due to be considered in Westminster very soon.

Certainly Fran Nevrkla, now Chairman of the UK record industry's rights body PPL reckons more needs to be done by the powers that be to protect the copyright industries. Before last night's BPI shindig he spoke at the Annual General Meeting of the rights body he previously ran as CEO, telling the organisation's members that government needed to step up its game. "Wake up, wake up" he said, addressing the Westminster village, "before it truly is too late and before all the creative industries, not just the music business, become decimated like so many industries and services before us! This will cause the most immense damage to the British economy and UK Plc".

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AEG Live President and co-CEO Randy Phillips continued to have his 2009 inbox dissected as the Jacksons v AEG court case continued in LA yesterday.

Phillips is the AEG executive who was most publicly linked to Michael Jackson's ill-fated 'This Is It' venture four years ago. The Jackson family accuse his company of liability for the late king of pop's death while working on 'This Is It' because it paid his doctor, Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of causing the singer's demise through negligent treatment. But AEG argues that Jackson himself recruited and managed the medic.

A plethora of emails exchanged between AEG execs and contractors in spring 2009 have surfaced as part of the legal squabble, many first made public in that LA Times leak last September. Amongst those published by the newspaper at that time was one from Phillips reporting back to his firm's US office ahead of the big press announcement in London in March 2009 at which 'This Is It' was unveiled.

Explaining why that press announcement was so delayed at the time, Phillips said in the confidential email to overall AEG chief Tim Leiwicke: "MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent. Tohme [Jackson's manager] and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference".

After Leiwicke responded "are you kidding me?", Phillips went on: "I screamed at him so loud the walls are shaking. Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair and then we are rushing him to The O2. This is the scariest thing I have ever seen, he is an emotionally paralysed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt now that it is showtime. He is scared to death. Right now, I just want to get through this press conference".

But, according to LA-based KCAL9, the Jackson family's lawyer Brian Panish first presented another account of the incident given by Phillips, in with the AEG Live boss played down the drama, saying the singer was just hung over. "Was Mr Jackson drunk [before the press launch]?" Panish asked Phillips yesterday. "No, to the best of my knowledge no" the AEG man responded. But why the email to Leiwicke, the Jackson attorney asked?

Panish went on, did Phillips yell at Jackson that day? The AEG President conceded he had raised his voice, but added - regards Panish's detailed questioning about the London launch and his seemingly conflicting accounts - that "in the two and a half hours this all took place, if you take it out of context the answer won't make any sense".

It's not entirely clear why Panish is dwelling so much on inconsistencies in emails and other correspondence between AEG execs, ie whether it is an attempt to simply damage the credibility of the company's management, or part of a bid to show that bosses at the company knew of issues around Jackson's mental and physical well-being, but chose to ignore and deny the problems in a bid to ensure the 'This Is It' venture wasn't hindered. Possibly both.

Either way, AEG's legal team say that they plan to show how - when taken in context - there are not so many contradictions in correspondence between their client's executives as Panish et al have suggested. Plus, presumably, they will question whether any such contradictions, however many there may be, have any relevance to the question at the core of the case: did AEG Live hire and manage Murray?

Yesterday's court proceedings were the first since the case kicked off at the end of April where no representative of the Jackson family was in attendance. That was likely explained by the later news that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has been hospitalised, seemingly after an apparent suicide attempt.

As reports of that incident began to circulate yesterday afternoon, her grandmother and guardian Katherine Jackson told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Being a sensitive fifteen year old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family's privacy".

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The City Of London Police have started contacting websites that they believes are profiting by providing access to unlicensed content, threatening the operators of said sites with prosecution for copyright crimes, which could result in jail sentences.

The move is part of an initiative by the music and movie industries to focus more of their anti-piracy efforts against those individuals who profit from running online services that routinely and deliberately infringe copyright. The City Of London Police have previously worked with the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry to pressure credit card firms to stop taking monies on behalf of infringing operations, while the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency has previously targeted piracy sites operating within its jurisdiction.

The criminal element of copyright, where infringers are prosecuted rather than sued by rights owners, tends to kick in where infringement occurs on an industrial level for tangible profit. The infringers can be charged with both copyright crimes and conspiracy to defraud, the latter of which carries tougher sentences. Though prosecutors do need to show an intention to profit, especially with the fraud charges, which was something that caused the key prosecution against the operator of the OiNK file-sharing community to fail.

In the latest developments, the City Of London Police are working with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and reps of the film and record industries. They have reportedly written to two websites, demanding the operators of said sites contact police by 14 Jun or face further action.

In a statement the City's police force said: "These websites are able to operate and profit from advertising on their sites without having licenses or paying the creators and owners of the films, TV programmes, music and publications. Intellectual property crime is a serious offence that is costing the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds each year".

It's not known which sites are being targeted in this latest initiative, though they will be operating within the UK borders.

As previously reported, while the music industry continues to put pressure on internet service providers to help stop individual web users from accessing unlicensed content - via warning letters and web-blocking - anti-piracy chatter has been increasingly focused of late on going after the relatively small number of websites prolifically infringing, or cutting off their revenue streams where they operate outside the reach of friendly courts.

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Australian campaign group Collective Shout, which targets organisations seen to objectify women and sexualise girls in advertising or the media, has hit out at the arrival of Tyler, The Creator in the country for a series of tour dates.

In an open letter to Australia's Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Brendan O'Connor, the group said: "Tyler, The Creator promotes hate speech against women, perpetuating male entitlement to use women's bodies, to regard women as 'bitches', 'sluts' and 'hoes' for their sexual use. Tyler, The Creator's glorification of rape and violence against women could be considered inciting his fans to commit violent crimes against them".

Australian politician Alex Hawke also wrote to Prime Minister Julia Gillard saying: "Allowing this man a visa to promote his misogyny to audiences, including children, is a complete disgrace and an absolute insult to all of us and to women in particular".

This is not the first time Tyler has faced controversy down under, his group Odd Future being kicked off the New Zealand date of the Big Day Out touring festival in 2011, after complaints about their homophobic lyrics.

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One of the Australian radio presenters involved in a hoax linked to the suicide of a London nurse last year, Michael Christian has been named Top Jock by broadcaster Southern Cross Austereo.

Christian and co-host Mel Greig phoned London's King Edward VII's Hospital, which was, at the time, caring for a then recently pregnant Kate Middleton, during their show on the Southern Cross-owned 2Day FM station in Sydney. Pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles, they convinced one nurse to connect them to Middleton's ward, and another into discussing her condition. The former nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, took her own life just days later.

The pair were put on leave shortly after the news broke and their show was eventually replaced in January. Grieg remains off the air, though Christian returned with a new show on Melbourne's Fox FM in February.

After hearing confirmation this week that he was getting the internally presented award from his employer, Christian said in a statement: "From the start I felt like I had something to prove to myself. That regardless of all that's happened in the past few months I'm still at the top of my game. So it felt good to see my name at the top of the final leader board".

However, perhaps understandably, some have condemned the prize, with Australia's Communications Minister Stephen Conroy telling Fairfax Radio: "There were some very serious consequences of what was a prank and to be seen to be awarding people so soon after such an event I think is just in bad taste".

No charges were pressed against Grieg and Christian, following an inquiry by the UK's Crown Prosecution Service. An inquest into Saldanha's death is due to begin on 12 Sep.

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Little Mix have broken the record for the highest opening chart position by a British all-girl group's debut album in the Billboard 200, reaching number four. The record was previously held by the Spice Girls for 'Spice', which reached number six in its first week in 1997.

Though Little Mix achieved their number four chart ranking by shifting 50,000 copies of their 'DNA' album (which was released in the UK last year) - so they've still got some way to go to match the 5.3 million copies of 'Spice' that the Spice Girls went on to sell in the US alone in 1997.

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Nine Inch Nails announced last night in a tweet that they will release their new album on 3 Sep in the US, and that it will be called 'Hesitation Marks'. The album will be released under Trent Reznor's new alignment with Sony/Columbia in the US, though Universal/Polydor will handle it throughout the rest of the world.

Reznor et al also made new single 'Came Back Haunted' streamable on SoundCloud at the same time, announcing that it will be available to buy via and iTunes today. Listen to the track here.

As previously reported, Reznor announced the new NIN album last month, saying: "I've been less than honest about what I've really been up to lately. For the last year I've been secretly working non-stop with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder on a new, full-length Nine Inch Nails record, which I am happy to say is finished and frankly fucking great. This is the real impetus and motivation behind the decision to assemble a new band and tour again. My forays into film, HTDA and other projects really stimulated me creatively and I decided to focus that energy on taking Nine Inch Nails to a new place. Here we go!"

The band have also announced a whole load of US tour dates, with support split between Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky, as well as various festival stints around the world - the first date taking place at this year's Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. UK fans will be able to see Reznor and co at the Reading and Leeds festivals, while in Northern Ireland they'll hit Belfast's Belsonic Festival.

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What's this, a Beyonce track we haven't heard before? Yes, yes that's exactly what it is.

'Rise Up', a Sia co-write that features on the score to Mrs Z's new 'animated feature' 'Epic', is only available to buy in America, but that isn't to say it isn't streamable via one Joshua Anthony de Asis.

Thanks, Josh.

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Beck has released a new single titled 'Defriended' and is, says Rolling Stone via a reliable spy, also making not one but two new albums to follow-on from his 2008 LP, 'Modern Guilt'.

'Defriended', which apparently won't feature on either LP, is the first of a pair of singles-for-singles-sake tracks Beck is releasing this year. Listen to it here.

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A gang of artists who play rhythm in various bands - Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron, Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag's Janet Weiss, and Zach Hill of Hella and Death Grips fame - are releasing a beats-only collaborative LP as Drumgasm, titled 'Drumgasm'. Basically, it's all drums, all the time.

Which isn't to say it's always a flood of noisy white noise, oh no. An intro to it c/o Jackpot Records, the label releasing Cameron et al's drum-tacular on a tba date in the future, claims it's "deeply calming", and a "Niagara Falls of sound" that's "always moving, flowing" to reveal the intricacies of the band's "action/reaction, call and response, time games, shifting levels of synchronization and de-synchronization, repetition and pattern".

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Luke Haines, formally of Auteurs and Black Box Recorder, is releasing a new solo LP featuring narration by actress Julia Davies, via Cherry Red on 29 Jul.

Its name is 'Rock N Roll Animals' and this is why: "'Rock N Roll Animals' is a psychedelic story for grown ups (and children). Jimmy Pursey - is a frisky fox; Nick Lowe - a solid badger and Gene Vincent - a cat who's seen a bit more of life than most of us. Three furry freaks. Three rock n roll animals. The fable of our four-pawed shamen is narrated by the good folk of Magic Town. This is a story of righteous rock n roll and how our three rock n roll animal friends, when not frolicking in the undergrowth, do battle with their most unrighteous nemesis - a fuck ugly bird (from Tyneside) made of steel and wire called The Angel Of The North".

And: "So friends, free your minds, turn off your modern scrying screens and turn on your 21st century imaginations. Let us follow the townsfolk into the woods where the rock n roll animals are freaking out and running wild. But remember one thing: Nature is an evil mother".

Right, all clear? Make what you will of this tracklisting, and an LP teaser:

Magic Town
Magic Town Interlude
Rock And Roll Animals
A Badger Called Nick Lowe
Three Frendz
Gene Vincent
7. Magic Interlude 2
The Birds... the birds
Angel Of The North
We Do
From Hersham To Heaven
Rock And Roll Animals

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Heartily CMU approved classical composer and electronic music producer Anna Meredith has announced that she will perform her first headline London show in the latter guise latter this summer. She will play at the Tipsy Bar in Stoke Newington on 28 Aug.

Tickets for the show are available here.

And you can listen to the fantastic 'Nautilus' from her debut EP 'Black Prince Fury', here.

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The team at Hevy have released a lengthy explanation (a new site, hidden licensing laws, etc) as to why they're cancelling the festival's 2-4 Aug with-camping bash, and instead staging a "new breed" of Hevy-branded live events that same weekend.

The first is at the capital's Brixton Academy on 4 Aug, and will feature Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed and Comeback Kid, with Horse The Band headlining a separate show at The Borderline on 3 Aug. Tickets to the cancelled festival are refundable, whilst passes to the new dates will be available on 12 Jun. Since that's all quite complicated, find info on it at this link.

So, what else? Oh yeah, Reading and Leeds have both added acts like Villagers, Wavves, Don Broco, The Pretty Reckless, Savages, DIIV, Mount Kimbie, Chance The Rapper, Frankie And The Heartstrings, Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs to their parallel line-ups.

On to The xx's London-based Night + Day which, unlike Hevy, lived to tell its site-change tale, and so will go ahead as billed (second time round) at Hertfordshire's Hatfield House. New artists aligning with Kindness, Solange, Mount Kimbie, Poliça and, naturally, the one-dayer's convivial hosts, a la N+D's final listings say-so, are Jon Hopkins, London Grammar, Floating Points and Koreless.

BEATHERDER, Gisburn, Lancashire, 5-7 Jul: Dub Pistols DJs, Jon Carter, Elite Force, Russ Cuban, Breaksjunky, Mumbai Science, Justin Robertson, Bentley Rhythm Ace (DJ set), Cut La Roc, Paul Taylor, Dave The Drummer, The Squire Of Gothos, Mr Benn, Shepdog, The Squatters, Beat Freekz, True & False, Dave Tupling, Jalapeno Sound System, The Other Tribe, Breaksjunky, Stu Miller, DJ Slanty Abba to Gabba, Matt McHenry, Beat Freekz, Key Lo & Sicknote.

FIELDVIEW, Little Somerford, Chippenham, Wiltshire, 1-4 Aug: Delphic, Bear's Den, Jacob Banks, Parachute Youth, Hacktivist, 360, The Other Tribe, Luke Sital-Singh, Gentleman's Dub Club, Martin Harley Band, Nimmo and the Gauntletts, Too Many T's, No Ceremony, Wolf Alice, Sam Green & The Midnight Heist, Old Man Diode, They Say Jump, Dingus Khan, AZ & Tor, The Physics House Band, Electric Swing Circus, YYZ, Troumaca, Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, Killamonjambo, The Icarus Youth, DJ Bunjy, London Afrobeat Collective, Fun Adults, The Bronze Medal, Polar Collective, Keston Cobblers Club, British Harlem, Quiet Lions, Common Tongues, Son Of Kong, Lunatrix, Old Colours, Sally Archer, Kitten and Bear, Alex Haynes & the Fever, Colour the Atlas, Babilondon, Henry Green, To The Moon, The Cadbury Sisters, Stony Browder Jr, Tempting Rosie, Sea Stacks, Kezia, The Dark Tides, Steve Morrison, Lilliput.

HAMMERFEST, Haven, Gwynedd, North Wales, 13-15 Mar: Kreator, Overkill, Soilwork, Unleashed, Grand Magus, Enthroned, Paragon, Earthtone9, Breed 77, Annihilated, Gravil.

HEVY FEST, Brixton Academy, London, 4 Aug: Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, Comeback Kid, Sylosis, Evergreen Terrace, Heights, Empress.

NIGHT + DAY, Hatfield House, Great North Road, Hertfordshire, 22 Jun: Jon Hopkins, London Grammar, Floating Points, Koreless.

RADIO 2 LIVE IN HYDE PARK, Hyde Park, London, 8 Sep: Manic Street Preachers.

READING & LEEDS FESTIVALS, Little Johns Farm, Richfield Avenue, Reading/Bramham Park, Leeds, 23-25 Aug: Villagers, Wavves, Don Broco, The Pretty Reckless, Savages, DIIV, Mount Kimbie, Chance The Rapper, Frankie And The Heartstrings, Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs, Night Engine, Dan Croll, Sons And Lovers, Post War Years, Feed The Rhino, Papa, Deaf Havana, Darwin Deez, Alvin Risk, Filter, Hacktivist, The Virginmarys, Beware of Darkness, Hawk Eyes, Itch, Pegboard Nerds, The Creepshow, Rat Attack, Palm Reader, Gnarwolves, In The Valley Below, China Rats, San Cisco, Sonic Boom Six, Off With Their Heads, Chuck Ragan, Anti-Vigilante, Sharks, Great Cynics. /

RIVINGTON STREET FESTIVAL, Shoreditch, London, 23 Jun: The Alternative Dubstep Orchestar feat DJ Switch, Boglewaltz, Batty Bass, Livin Proof, Reggae Roast, Rock The Belles feat Emily Rawson, DJ Mag Allstars, Somethink Sounds, Shorebitch, Stony Browder Jr, Nu Northern Soul Records, A Vibe Called Quest, Sister Sister, Remedy Chima, DJ Captain Crunch, Lazy Talk, Bass 6.

SHAKEDOWN, Stammer Park, Brighton, 28 Sep: Nero.

VANS WARPED TOUR, Alexandra Palace, London, 16-17 Nov: Chiodos, Coheed And Cambria, Flogging Molly, Hype Theory, Memphis May Fire, The Wonder Years, We Came As Romans, Air Dubai, Anberlin, The Colour Morale, Like Torches, The Maine, Like Moths To Flames, Skinny Lister, Sublime With Rome, The Younger, RDGLDGRN, Fact.

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A new season of training courses has been announced by CMU Insights, the training and consultancy side of the CMU operation.

Bookings are now being taken for seven new courses, all due to take place in June and July. Four of those courses come together as one programme, called 'The Music Business In 2013', which provides a complete overview of the modern music industry over four Wednesday afternoons from 19 Jun - 10 Jul, or two weekends in July.

Each part of the programme - including an overview in the industry, a focus on music rights, a focus on promoting music, and a final session on direct-to-fan and artist deals - also works as a stand-alone course, so trainees can pick and mix the courses relevant to them, or take in all four at the special price of £295.

In addition to the 'Music Business In 2013' programme, additional courses have been announced on 'Social Media & Fan Engagement' and 'Marketing, Metrics, Analytics & Advertising', plus there's another edition of the advanced copyright session 'The Music Rights Business In 2013'.

Commenting, CMU Business Editor and Insights chief Chris Cooke said: "In this ever changing industry it's more important than ever for music business professionals to have a better understanding of their sector, both the specific area where they work, but also the wider industry too. Of course everyone is really busy, and budgets are tight, but we find that our cost-effective in-depth half-day courses work for everyone looking to expand their knowledge and catch up on the latest developments in this business of music".

For more information on the courses go to

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The global organisation that brings together the world's song rights collecting societies plus creators from various artistic disciplines, CISAC, has launched a new forum for individual intellectual property creators to be called LINK. The new initiative has been launched at CISAC's World Creators Summit in Washington.

LINK aims to enable better communication and understanding within the creative community, and between creators and their collecting organisations, and political decision makers around the world. The forum is expected to consider the ways different rights bodies interact, how to balance IP and free speech rights, and changes in intellectual property laws, especially in countries that have traditionally had weak IP regimes.

The likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Angélique Kidjo, Javed Akhtar, Rupert Hine, Bendik Hofseth, Ousmane Sow, Werner Stauffacher, Simon Darlow and Penny Grubb took part in a first LINK meeting this week. Jarre told reporters: "With the positive power of the artists' voices united, LINK aspires to find common areas of interest and create a supportive community not only across artistic disciplines but also around the globe, and raise our voices together, within our national collective organizations and our national governments".

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Distribution company INgrooves has announced the appointment of two new members to its London-based international team, Dominic Jones, who becomes Director Of Sales & Marketing, and Toby Peacock, who becomes Director International Label & Project Management. The appointments come as the Universal-backed distributor plans further global expansion into continental Europe and Australasia.

Jones previously worked for Proper Music Distribution, and more recently as a music business consultant. In the new Director Of Sales & Marketing role he will oversee sales and marketing in all territories outside North America. Peacock was most recently with [PIAS], and in his new role will oversee creative promotion initiatives for INgroove's clients, and also work as product manager outside North America for the INresidence Artist Services unit the company launched late last year.

Confirming all this, the company's International MD Alex Branson told CMU: "Dominic brings 25 years of experience in digital and physical music distribution and marketing. His breadth of knowledge will be an immediate asset to our artists and labels as we expand the list of services internationally to mirror our successful format in North America".

He added: "Toby, meanwhile, has both the passion and the kind of vast experience that have made him a highly respected music executive. We are pleased to have him aboard as we continue to expand our operations and list of services into new territories around the world".

The American office of INresidence earlier this week announced the first roster of artists it will work with, which includes Pepper, Raheem DeVaughn, Lyfe Jennings and Lenka, plus The Boxer Rebellion in North America and Primal Scream in the US.

Commenting on that, The Boxer Rebellion's manger Sumit Bothra told CMU: "I'm very happy to be partnering with INresidence on The Boxer Rebellion's 'Promises' LP. As a highly independent operation, the band and I have felt comfortable every step of the way, knowing that the INgrooves team, led by Bryan Mead, understand our ethos and our relentless, detailed approach to getting great music heard by as many ears as possible".

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Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman stormed off stage at the Ruhr Piano Festival in Germany this week after spotting an audience member filming his performance on a smartphone.

Assuming that said audience member planned to publish the footage online, the musician declared, on returning to the stage: "The destruction of music because of YouTube is enormous". Although he did complete his concert, Zimerman declined to perform an encore and cancelled a post-concert reception.

Commenting on the incident, a spokeswoman for the festival told reporters: "He noticed someone up in the choir seats filming the concert on their smartphone. We think it was probably an iPhone. He asked them to stop, but they didn't. So he interrupted the recital and walked off stage".

Meanwhile the festival's Director, Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, has said that he sympathises with Zimerman's frustration, telling German media: "What happened is theft, pure and simple. It cuts particularly deeply when the artist is of a sensitive nature".

The incident shows that the issue of fans recording gigs on their phones cuts across all genres of music. Various artists from the pop and rock genres have also hit out of the post-smartphone phenomenon, some because they don't like having short video clips of their performances with questionable audio quality appearing online, others because they feel fans holding smartphones above their heads ruins the live experience for other gig goers.

As previously reported, Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently posted a sign at one of their gigs that read "Please do not watch the show through a screen on your smart device/camera. Put that shit away as a courtesy to the person behind you and to Nick, Karen and Brian". While we don't know how attendees at that particular gig responded to the request, the move garnered plenty of approval online after Spin magazine reported on it.

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Whilst it may often seem like Justin Bieber has become something of an arrogant twat since reaching adulthood, you can't deny that the pallid pop peddler remains as popular as ever.

And having often lagged behind Lady Gaga in the past when it came to passing social media stat landmarks, the Biebster has just become the first person on Twitter to have 40 million followers. Which is basically an online following as big as the population of Argentina. Or more than four times bigger than the population of Sweden.

And even if we assume that automated bots account for a portion of that follower count, that's still a very impressive/scarily large audience Bieber has a direct line to. And on Tuesday, as he crossed the 40 million point, he used Twitter to post a picture featuring his tweet from 2009 celebrating his 40th follower.

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Wealthy screwball Jack White has cashed in a small part of his musical earnings via a $142,000 donation to Detroit's Masonic Temple, saving it from having to close over its unpaid tax debts. A native of the city, White has played at the 91 year old Temple a total of nine times in past years. His mother also had a job on the site when he was a child.

The fourteen floor landmark contains a chapel, bowling lanes, offices, ballrooms, and two theatres, one of which, the 1600 capacity Cathedral, will be renamed after White as a thanks.

The DMT Association's Roger Sobran says: "Jack's donation could not have come at a better time. We are eternally grateful to him for it. Jack's magnanimous generosity and unflinching loyalty to this historic building and his Detroit roots is appreciated beyond words. We could not be more humbled to bestow this honour upon Jack".

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