20 JUN 2013

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New music moves at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up. Sometimes you just want to sit back a moment and allow things to sink in a bit more. Well good news! It's time for another CMU Re-Approved playlist. We've picked ten tracks from artists who have featured in the Approved column in recent months, all of whom deserve more of your attention. And since they were approved the majority of them have released more music, so when you find one you really like, you can delve that bit further more>>
Shigeto released his second album, 'Lineage', last year. Eighteen months later he's back with the third, 'No Better Time Than Now', on which he develops in his trademark sound yet further. Two tracks have so far been released publicly, 'Detroit Part 1' and 'Ringleader'. The first begins as instrumental hip hop, but gradually morphs into a soulful piece led by a percussive thumb piano melody. 'Ringleader', meanwhile, takes on board similar sounds and layers them sleepily over tight, upbeat drums more>>

- MegaUpload hosting company deletes files
- Oneohtrix Point Never signs to Warp, confirms LP
- The Killers working on fifth album
- Eminem trails new mixtape track
- Arctic Monkeys release single
- Blondie share new LP title
- Summer Camp to release new LP
- Perfume announce new album, back catalogue live on iTunes
- James Murphy scoring Bond in Broadway play
- Festival line-up update: iTunes Festival, Leefest, Tramlines and more
- Live Nation makes Baltic acquisition
- Mission Publishing announces deal with Notting Hill Music
- AEG to partner with MGM Resorts on new Vegas arena
- Japan's digital revenues falling, but show signs of hope
- Remastered Stones go live on iTunes
- Vevo launches Windows 8 app
- Global's Real Smooth appeal to kick off next month
- Cyrus defends smoking a little dope
The Office Manager oversees the administration of Edinburgh Festival magazine ThreeWeeks, a sister title to CMU, manages the volunteer admin team, and coordinates the review team and booking of review tickets. This is a two month contract, with a month based at ThreeWeeks’ London HQ in Shoreditch E1, and then four weeks based in Edinburgh from 27 Jul – 25 Aug. Reporting into the Publishers, the Office Manager needs to be a very organised person, IT and web literate and able to navigate a spreadsheet, and able to take the the initiative and manage and motivate a volunteer team.

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CMU sister title, Edinburgh Festival magazine ThreeWeeks requires part time sub-editors to work between 1-24 Aug, processing and subbing reviews submitted by the publication’s volunteer review team, using the magazine’s style guide. Reporting to the Editors, as well as tweaking and reworking reviews ready for publication, the sub-editors also give feedback to the review team, and may liaise with reviewers on rewrites to help participants in the ThreeWeeks media-skills programme improve their work.

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MegaUpload's main hosting company in Europe, LeaseWeb, has deleted data that was stored on the now defunct file-transfer platform prior to its shutdown last year, Kim Dotcom has told Torrentfreak. In all, this amounts to 630 servers worth of files.

As previously reported, the fate of the data that sat on the servers formerly used by MegaUpload has been much debated, ever since the American authorities shut down the digital business at the start of 2012, directly taking US-based servers offline, blocking the service's dotcom domain, and freezing the firm's assets so that any other server facilities could no longer be paid.

MegaUpload and its founder Dotcom maintain that much of the data stored by its users on those servers was legitimate, ie not illegally acquired music or movie files, but videos, photos or documents created by MegaUpload's former customers. Those customers lost access to all and any files stored on the MegaUpload platform as soon as the service went offline, without warning. And while the file storage firm's terms advised users to keep back-ups of files on their own computers, some won't have done.

Team Mega and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have been calling on the American authorities to switch back on the old Mega servers, in a controlled way and on a temporary basis, to allow users to retrieve lost data. But the question is who would pay for such an initiative (and for the continued storage of data in the meantime), especially given the demands of the US movie industry that all unlicensed content should first be removed before the Mega servers are turned back on.

Dotcom's lawyers have requested that some of the former company's frozen assets be unfrozen to cover any costs, but prosecutors in America, who haven't been especially sympathetic to those who lost access to their files, have resisted such calls. Meanwhile, covering the ongoing costs of storing old Mega data has fallen to the companies who owned the servers the file-transfer firm used to lease.

Most attention in this story to date has been focused on US server company Carpathia Hosting, which was quite vocal about the whole issue at the outset, and tried to facilitate a solution. When no solution could be reached, it opted to just hold onto all that data while the criminal case against MegaUpload and Dotcom went through the motions, even though doing so costs - or so the server firm says - in the region of $9000 a day.

However, in Europe most Mega data was stored on servers owned by Dutch firm LeaseWeb. And now, a year and a half after MegaUpload's removal from the web, that company has decided to clean its servers of all those files. Well, actually, it says it did the wiping back in February, just over a year after MegaUpload's demise.

Dotcom told Torrentfreak: "This is a huge disaster. They deleted petabytes of data and did not warn us at all. Our legal team asked them multiple times not to delete the data while the US court is deciding about the rights of our users. It's such a betrayal. They could have given us some warning. We could have informed the court that a deletion is imminent. But LeaseWeb did not even give us or our users a fair chance".

He added: "This is what the US government wanted all along. That's why they seized all of our assets and would not even release funds to pay our hosting partners. Carpathia has done the right thing and stored MegaUpload servers at their own expense. That's what LeaseWeb should have done after making millions of profits from MegaUpload. This was totally unnecessary and evil".

In a statement, LeaseWeb responded: "When Megaupload was taken offline, 60 servers owned by MegaUpload were directly confiscated by the FIOD and transported to the US. Next to that, MegaUpload still had 630 rented dedicated servers with LeaseWeb. For clarity, these servers were not owned by MegaUpload, they were owned by LeaseWeb. For over a year these servers were being stored and preserved by LeaseWeb, at its own costs. So for over one whole year LeaseWeb kept 630 servers available, without any request to do so and without any compensation".

It continued: "During the year we stored the servers and the data, we received no request for access nor any request to retain the data. After a year of nobody showing any interest in the servers and data we considered our options. We did inform MegaUpload about our decision to re-provision the servers. As no response was received, we commenced the re-provisioning of the servers in February 2013. To minimise security risks and maximise the privacy of our clients, it is a standard procedure at LeaseWeb to completely clean servers before they are offered to any new customer".

Dotcom disputes that no request was made to save the data on the servers, and has said that his lawyers were now looking into whether any legal action could be taken against Leaseweb over the deletion.

While the dispute here is specifically between Dotcom and LeaseWeb, and between Dotcom and the US authorities (who, the Mega chief would argue, could have prevented this deletion by freeing up frozen funds), the entertainment industry will also likely suffer a backlash from those former MegaUpload users who have lost files.

It's no secret that it was lobbying by the big content firms, and especially the movie studios, that kicked off the criminal investigation into the file-transfer company. And by complicating rather than embracing the initiative to return legit Mega data to its owners (by insisting its content be removed first), the movie industry could be accused of showing very little concern for the little guy's intellectual property while demanding uber-protection for its own.

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Electronic artist Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, has signed to Warp Records in time to release a new LP via the label on 30 Sep. Apparently Lopatin's most "traditional" to date, 'R Plus Seven' will carry the following tracklisting:

Boring Angel
He She
Inside World
Problem Areas
Still Life
Chrome Country

An "audio snack", as Lopatin might say, is sampleable via

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The Killers have been working on new music for their fifth album, including a track with M83's Anthony Gonzalez, reports The NME.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci told the magazine: "Not just demos. Real recordings. I mean, you never know what it's gonna be, I guess. But we have our engineer, and we're working with a couple of surprise guests, in the producer capacity".

He continued: "Some of it is sounding really cool. We can be guilty of making things so ornate, and sometimes that's a bad thing. So I always have conversations with Brandon about working from a smaller palate, simplifying things. If these new tracks develop a theme, a common thread, then that could be the start of something".

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Shady Records has revealed a part-preview of a new Eminem track titled 'Symphony In H'. It will feature on DJ Tony Touch's 'The Piece Maker 3' mixtape when that's released on 9 Jul.

Eminem's TBA eighth LP, meanwhile, is looking like it might - as per hints he made via a hat back in 2012 - be available by the year's end.

Here's a tiny 'Symphony In H' clip

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A new single by the still LA-based Arctic Monkeys is available on iTunes, so that's nice. It title is 'Do I Wanna Know?' - you might remember the band previewed it live last month - and it's all a bit 'radical' (at least, so many fans are saying). I think it's alright, if you wanna know.

Anyway, have a listen.

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In a day of quite flimsy release news - I blame Eminem - Blondie have said via Facebook that they're primed to release a new "album, recording, collection of music" titled 'Ghosts Of Download'. And that's basically all that's been said. Still, it's a talking point.

Said LP - which might actually be a kind of 'greatest hits' compilation with a few new tracks added - will be the band's first since 2011's 100% original 'Panic Of Girls'.

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It's official: 'Summer Camp', the sophomore LP by alt-pop lovers Summer Camp, will have its grand coming out party on 9 Sep.

To promote it post release, the band's Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley will play a special all-ages show (tickets here) at London's Heaven on 27 Nov.

This is a trailer trailing the new record

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Japanese electro house-leaning pop trio Perfume have announced that they will release their fourth studio album, entitled 'Level 3', this autumn, reports Neo. The long player is the follow-up to 2011's 'JPN', which earned them their third consecutive number one in Japan's Oricon chart.

As with the vast majority of Japanese records, there's no word of a full UK release for 'Level 3'. However, the group's management company, Amuse Inc, is currently in the process of pushing Perfume to a wider global audience, yesterday launching a new profile for the band on iTunes worldwide, making available all of their releases back to 2005 single 'Linear Motor Girl' for the first time.

And while some Perfume releases were available on iTunes internationally before, the launch yesterday was the first time any of their material was available on iTunes in Japan - online music, and especially iTunes, having taken much longer to gain momentum in that market. What's more, it has also been announced that the label will begin to upload full music videos from the group to their official YouTube profile (rather than the usual short clips Japanese pop acts tend to provide).

As previously reported, Perfume are also about to embark on their first tour outside of Asia, playing a sold out show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire on 5 Jul, which will be beamed back live to cinemas in their home country.

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That James Murphy has gone and composed an original score to a new Broadway show starring Hollywood man-and-wife Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz-Craig.

Theatre/film writer Mike Nichols' new take on Harold Pinter's 1978 script 'Betrayal', it traces an unfaithful marriage backwards in time. The play will begin previewing on 1 Oct, in America.

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So, Apple's free-to-ticket-winners iTunes Festival has emptied a set of new names into its artist bin; and they are Kings Of Leon, Sigur Rós, Paramore, Vampire Weekend, Ludovico Einaudi, Rizzle Kicks and Bahamas. All align with the likes of QOTSA, Jessie J and Justin Timberlake. So, that's big.

Speaking of big, news next of a sizeable new carriage of first class acts added to this year's Tramlines: Johnny Borrell & Zazou, Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs, Dog Is Dead and 65daysofstatic, who'll recreate their multi-speaker AV 'event' 'Sleepwalk City' - as features digital installations based on the notions of noise and collapse - especially for the festival. They all join existing Tramlines players like Lianne La Havas, Toddla T Sound, David Rodigan MBE, The Selecter, Tensnake, B Traits, Theo Parrish, New Young Pony Club and The Invisible.

And now to the remainder of today's festival news...

ITUNES FESTIVAL, Roundhouse, London, 1-30 Sep: Kings of Leon, Sigur Rós, Paramore, Vampire Weekend, Ludovico Einaudi, Rizzle Kicks, Bahamas.

LEEFEST, Highhams Hill Farm, Warlingham, Surrey, 12-14 Jul: The Skints, while London Grammar, Spring Offensive, Joshua Idehen, Stagecoach, Young Romance, Victoria & Jacob.

SUMMERCAMP, Camp & Furnace, Liverpool, 24-25 Aug: Delphic, Ed Harcourt, Wave Machines, Marika Hackman, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Josef Salvat.

TRAMLINES, various venues, Sheffield, 19-21 Jul: 65daysofstatic, Dog Is Dead, Johnny Borrell & Zazou, Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs, King Charles, The Heartbreaks, IYES, 12 Dirty Bullets, Sam Airey, Ajimal, All The Best Tapes, Apes, Alex Arnout, Bad Apple DJs, Bayoné, Beauty Heart , Bez, Bitches, Black Dogs, Bloody Knees, Brawther, Simon Brown, Brown Brogues, Bondax, Canterbury, Cast Ashore, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Darren Campbell, Cast Ashore, Dino, Displace DJs, Donuts Residents, Sean Doughty, Dubfreq, Emperor, Feedback DJs, Jeramiah Ferrari, Forrest, Feed The Rhino, Sam Forrest, Emma Jade Garbutt , George Ezra, Gnarwolves, Nima Gorji, Grass House, Great Cop, Andy H, Happa, Healing Powers, Hekima & the Bongo Flava, Hey Joni, Hey Sholay, Tom Hingley, Holy Other, Jordan Hope, Matt Horton, Humanfly, Jeremy Underground Paris, Reece Johnson, Krystal Klear, Lets Buy Happiness, Lofter Live, Loom, Lorca, The Lost Brothers, Luca, Lukant, Steve Lynam , Marius And Me , Martelo, Marmozets, Mella Dee, Memorex DJs, Mensa, Misty's Big Adventure, Money, Moose Blood, Nai Harvest, Neck Deep, Only Real, Oscillate Wildly Residents, Papayér, Graeme Park, Pedestrian, Maribou State, Pipedream, Plaids, Polar, Yo Preston, Josh Record, Steve Roberts, Bert Rodgers, Simon Roe, Roots Residents, Ryad DJs, Samu.l, Shortcuts, Pete Simpson, The Sinking Feeling, Sisters, Sivu, Slowcoaches, John Smith, Soul Funk House DJs, Spanking Machine, Spit n Strings & The Moody Mutterings, Steak Number Eight, Storms, Story Books, Super K, Jordan Turbill, Sandy Turnbull, Two Skies, Vince Vega, Vuvuvultures, Liam Walsh, Haworth Ward-Drummond, Kerri Watt, Waylayers, Weirds, We Sleep in This Machine, Ian Whitehead, Wife, Seb Wildblood, Wild Smiles, Without Maps.

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Live music giant Live Nation has confirmed another move to expand its global operations by acquiring a majority stake in BDG Music Group, the biggest concert promoter (according to Live Nation) in the Baltic region. The Lithuania-based company will continue to be run by its existing management team, but will rebrand as Live Nation Baltics.

Confirming the deal, Live Nation top man Michael Rapino told reporters: "With this acquisition we now have operations in 43 countries. This further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to expanding our global footprint, which enables us to bring live entertainment to even more fans around the world".

BDG co-founder Peeter Rebane added: "BDG has more than eighteen years' experience in the business of creating unique shows and events for the public and providing superior entertainment-related services. Being part of the world's leading entertainment company will create even better opportunities for local music fans to see world class concerts in future".

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Mission Publishing, the song publishing business of music production and studio group Mission Entertainment, has announced a new alliance with Notting Hill Music.

The new deal basically replaces a partnership Mission previously had with independent publisher Imagem, which expired in March, and - according to Music Week - it gives the Notting Hill publishing company "first look" rights to songwriters discovered by the Mission team, with the two companies subsequently sharing in any profits generated by the works of composers signed under the alliance.

Since last summer the Mission companies have operated as a subsidiary of Papa Entertainment, a publicly listed business incorporated in 2011.

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AEG has announced plans to build a 20,000 seat arena venue in Las Vegas in partnership with MGM Resorts.

The live firm has been in talks for years to open an arena venue in the US city, with plans to build a facility that's larger than existing arenas in Vegas, in a bid to attract bigger concerts and sport events. The new arena will be built on land already owned by MGM Resorts, and will be designed by Populous, which designed the O2 Arena in London, amongst other venues. It should open in 2016.

AEG CEO Dan Beckerman told CMU: "After spending many years exploring a variety of arena opportunities in Las Vegas, we are excited to have consummated a partnership with MGM Resorts International, the leading gaming and hospitality company, to begin designing and building a state-of-the-art arena on such an ideally located site. Bringing together the knowledge, experience and assets of our respective organisations, we will create an arena that offers fans the best live entertainment experience".

MGM boss Jim Murren added: "Finalising our agreement with AEG and selecting Populous, a world class design firm, as the architect of this project are both important milestones in this process. The combination of MGM and AEG, along with the excellent Las Vegas Strip location, is already driving interest from potential investors in this exciting new development".

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Although Japan's recorded music revenues are growing at a rate that could see the country pass the US as the world's biggest market for recorded music this year, the bulk of its revenues still come from physical sales. And, in fact, new figures from the Recording Industry Of Japan show that the country's digital music revenues overall are currently falling.

Digital music take-up in Japan has been slow, with iTunes only now starting to make any sort of headway, despite launching there in 2005 (though partly because Sony Music Japan didn't get on board until last year). Subscription services are also showing slow growth. None of this is helped by the fact that some major Japanese artists still only release their music in physical form, most notably massively popular pop group/franchise AKB48.

However, there is a silver lining. According to McClure Music, the main cause of the digital decline in the first quarter of this year is a substantial drop in the number of ringtones being sold, which fell by 52% from January to March, resulting in a 25% fall in revenues on the previous quarter and 30% year-on-year. Sales of music through pre-smartphone devices - mobile internet having always been more popular than desktop in Japan - also plunged by 57% for single track downloads.

But here is the good news. While ringtone sales are falling on smartphones too, single track sales through the more sophisticated mobile devices increased by 33% in the same period, bringing in 3.7 billion yen (£24.7 million), while smartphone album sales were up 65% to 1.7 billion yen (£11.4 million). All of which suggests that increasing smartphone ownership in Japan (a market still well behind the US) may finally be bringing consumers there around to digital music a bit more.

Though Japanese labels are still somewhat resistant, and to put things in perspective, while the country's digital market was worth 10.9 billion yen (£73.2 million) in the first quarter of 2013, physical sales in the same period brought in revenues of 47 billion yen, or around £315.5 million.

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Ahead of their 89 hour headline set at Glastonbury later this month (well two hours, which stills seems rather long for a festival show), The Rolling Stones yesterday put their entire back catalogue digitally remastered for masterful digital enjoyment up on that there iTunes.

Marking the band's sort of 50th anniversary, fans of the aging rockers will be able to access a special area in the iTunes store where they will be able to buy all the outfit's studio albums, live releases, singles, various documentaries and the 'Rolling Stones 50' e-book.

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Music video platform Vevo has launched a new app for Windows 8 enabling users of Microsoft-powered PCs, laptops and tablets to access the service's content in a super direct fashion (well, rather than via a browser).

Says the press release, "whether you're a fan of hits from Rihanna and Justin Timberlake, or music videos from the 80s, you'll find it on the Vevo app". Mmm, Rihanna, Timberlake and the 80s. What more could any Windows user want?

Music discovery wiffle waffle is in there, as you'd expect, alongside Vevo's extensive library of on-demand music videos and original programming.

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The first 'case management conference' is in the diary for Global Radio's appeal against the Competition Commission's ruling regarding its takeover of GMG Radio stations Real and Smooth.

As previously reported, radio giant Global did a deal to buy the Real and Smooth networks last year, but in May the Competition Commission told the media firm it would have to sell more of its newly acquired assets than it would be allowed to keep because of concerns about the impact the deal would have on the local advertising market.

According to Radio Today, in its appeal Global will argue that the Commission did not take reasonable steps to "acquaint itself" with information relevant to the Real Smooth deal, that it lacked evidence in some regions as to how local advertisers made buying decisions, and that it didn't do sufficient research to prove the deal would result in a "substantial" lessening of competition.

The first session to consider the appeal will be on 3 Jul.

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Miley Cyrus has been defending her being a pothead these days. Well, the former Disney star has been speaking to Rolling Stone about enjoying a little cannabis on occasion, arguing (probably rightly) that alcohol consumption is responsible for may more woes in the world than the drug, while adding (actually wrongly) that smoking a little weed is all fine in California legally speaking.

Cyrus told Rolling Stone, after the magazine asked her if she was a 'stoner' now: "You can't ask someone that and expect them to say yes. I did a song with Snoop Dogg called 'Ashtrays And Heartbreak', so people can put it together for themselves. I think alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana. People can be mad at me for saying that, but I don't care. I've seen a lot of people spiral down with alcohol, but I've never seen that happen with weed. As long as it isn't illegal, there are far more dangerous things... And it's legal in the state of California, so I'm happy to live in California, a place where you can be whoever you want to be".

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