26 JUN 2013

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As the music industry gradually creaks and winds itself around the internet, seeking out new ways to do business, crowdfunding is one source of financing for music-related projects that has seen dramatic growth. But, asks Dan Le Sac in his latest column for CMU, is this actually "The Future Of Music", as Amanda Palmer put it, or is something lost when you come to your fans cap in hand? more>>
Improving on its last move, a lazy-boy mixtape titled 'Life On Wheels: Music To Play Tony Hawk To', www.label Tasty Morsel's new compilation, 'Vol 1', zones in on varying anti-pop odds n bobs by the weirdest artists on its weird-radar. An idling hive alive with lighter-than-candy-floss vibes, and new takes on tracks I’m not really embarrassed to say I hadn’t heard of in the first place I'd imagine it's the ideal OST to slip into any featureless interval more>>

- Tenenbaum's six figure file-sharing damages bill upheld
- O2 Arena remains world's most successful
- Nine Inch Nails line-up changes have been "disruptive", says Reznor
- Lily Allen may release LP in March
- Jake Bugg growing up on next album. But only slightly
- MGMT dtl LP
- Mariah Carey not ready to release "meaningful" LP
- Wu Lyf's Ellery Roberts shares solo track
- Tupac-inspired musical coming to Broadway
- Boy George declares This Is What I Do, adds live dates
- Mumford to keep Glasto date, bassist Dwane doing "OK"
- Festival line-up update: Pitchfork Festival Paris, Indietracks, Electrobeach and more
- AEG rapped for promoting "one-off" Kanye show, then adding two more dates
- Warner promotes Seton
- IFPI creates CTO role, Gooch returns to fill it
- BMG announces distribution partners for Sanctuary and Mute catalogues
- LoveLive buys US counterpart
- Merlin not involved in the indies' iTunes Radio talks, but cautiously optimistic fair deal can be done
- The Eagles arrive on streaming services
- One Direction to release Best Song Ever
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In a legal battle that has been rumbling on for so long now that the file-sharing on Kazaa that initiated it all seems charmingly quaint somehow, an appeals court has upheld a previous ruling that the file-sharer in question should pay $675,000 in damages to the American record industry, represented by the Recording Industry Association Of America.

As much previously reported, Joel Tenenbaum was one of the few people targeted during the RIAA's big sue-the-fans lawsuit party last decade to actually let his case get to court. He was accused of sharing 31 songs. He lost his court battle, and was ordered by a jury to pay $675,000 in damages. But the judge hearing the original case felt those damages were way too high given Tenenbaum's actions, and tried to cut them down on constitutional grounds. But then an appeals court, criticising said judge's interference, reinstated the jury set damages, leaving Tenenbaum with the $675,000 bill.

Although the US Supreme Court refused to consider the case, Tenenbaum's legal team have continued to appeal through lower courts. But this week the First Circuit Court Of Appeals also backed the original damages sum, rejecting the argument that being ordered to pay $22,500 in damages for each of the 31 songs Tenenbaum was specifically accused of illegally sharing was excessive.

In its ruling the appeal court noted that the specific songs listed in the RIAA's lawsuit were actually just part of the defendant's file-sharing activities, that he had ignored warnings before being sued, and that the jury in the original case actually set damages at the lower end of the bracket allowed under law.

It also rejected Tenenbaum's argument that the damage actually felt by the record industry was not more than the retail value of the albums he illegally downloaded, while adding that - anyway - there was a deterrent element to the statutory damages allowed under the US copyright system.

Says the court: "Tenenbaum carried on his activities for years in spite of numerous warnings, he made thousands of songs available illegally, and he denied responsibility during discovery. Much of this behaviour was exactly what Congress was trying to deter when it amended the Copyright Act".

On the Tenenbaum team's arguments that the record labels' real loss was no more than $450, the court added: "This argument asks us to disregard the deterrent effect of statutory damages, the inherent difficulty in proving damages in a copyright suit, and Sony's evidence of the harm that it suffered from conduct such as Tenenbaum's".

Concluding, the court ruling read: "Therefore, we do not hesitate to conclude that an award of $22,500 per song, an amount representing 15% of the maximum award for wilful violations and less than the maximum award for non-wilful violations, comports with due process".

It's not clear what Tenenbaum's next move may be. He's previously said there's no way he could afford to pay $675,000 in damages anyway.

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The O2 Arena in London has retained its position as the most successful arena in the world, reporting that it brought in £63 million in revenue last year, its highest ever income. This came from over two million ticket sales.

The AEG-owned venue was helped to this glory by shows by The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams. Only helped, mind. As its Finance Director Sarah Brooks pointed out: "The increase in revenue in the year is mainly due to the Olympic and Paralympic rental".

The London venue has been far ahead of its nearest competitors for a number of years now, which means it's likely to stay at the top of the arena tree this current year too. Though without that Olympics and Paralympics cash this summer, you can probably expect to see a few 'The O2 revenues plummet' headlines this time next year.

Unless AEG can find another event to plug the gap, of course. Maybe it could try to do a deal with a hugely famous popstar able to sell the venue out 50 nights running. On second thoughts, maybe we should just have another Olympics.

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Trent Reznor has been discussing the recent departures of bassist Eric Avery and guitarist Adrian Belew from the current incarnation of Nine Inch Nails. Speaking to, he said that the splits, which both occurred in recent weeks, have been "disruptive".

He added: "You can spend a lot of time hypothesising, imagining and projecting what it's gonna be with this chemistry and this recipe of people in a room playing music, and in reality it rarely is that. It's felt like a wrench in the works at times, but at the same time it's made me rethink a lot of how we put this together, and I think where we're ending up at is a place that's much truer to what Nine Inch Nails should be... and better in the long run".

As previously reported, Reznor made the surprise announcement last month that a new album from the band would precede upcoming tour dates. It turns out the record took Reznor somewhat by surprise too, he originally starting to work on new music to add to a greatest hits package still contractually owed to his former label, Universal/Interscope. However, "a couple songs led to a couple more songs" and he found himself "seizing the moment of inspiration".

This possibly goes some way to explaining why the record, entitled 'Hesitation Marks', is being released by Sony/Columbia in the US but Universal/Polydor throughout the rest of the world.

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Pop matriarch Lily Rose Cooper née Allen has said there's a significant chance her new LP, the big sister to 2009's 'It's Not Me, It's You', may be released in March 2014, so that's nice and... well, hazy. Even if that's a lie, and we have to wait until March 2014 to hear the thing, she is at least having a pleasant time making it.

She's said this to the Sunday People: "I'm really enjoying writing it and hope it will be ready for March. It is very different to what I've done before".

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Having shunned the creative advances of all the lazy songwriters of Nashville, Jake Bugg is working on a "more mature" sound for his second album, he has told the NME.

Of course, that an album is "going to be more mature" is the sort of thing everyone says by default when asked what the follow-up to their debut is going to sound like. And it doesn't really tell you anything about what it's going to sound like. I mean, if it was really mature, it might end up being classical or jazz or something. Though ensuring that no one thought this was a possibility, Bugg added: "I don't want it to be too mature because I'm nineteen but I want it to sound like it's progressing".

He also said that he'll be singing about different things on the next record, rather than just repeating all the lyrics from the first album over new music. Smart move, I say. "I can't really sing about the same things I sung about on the first album because that would be very dishonest", he explained. "There's a lot of people that come from where I'm from that don't get those opportunities so I think I should give them a bit of an insight of what I've experienced so far and what's been going on".

Ah, so presumably we can expect songs about spats with One Direction and Bugg's contempt for the BRITs then. Marvellous.

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MGMT have detailed their new LP, an inevitable postscript to the live dates they shared last week. The after-party to 2010's 'Congratulations', 'MGMT' will, says its press release, feature 'the Optimizer', an AV tool that "provides listeners of the album with a simultaneous aural and optical listening experience featuring video and CGI work". Cool.

That, and a tracklisting a la this one:

Alien Days
Cool Song No 2
Mystery Disease
Your Life Is A Lie
A Good Sadness
I Love You Too, Death
Plenty Of Girls In The Sea
An Orphan Of Fortune

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Hilariously (in light of its title), Mariah Carey has opted to hang on to her new LP, 'The Art Of Letting Go', for a bit longer. Haha hahahaha ha.

Anyway. This means it won't be released on 23 Jul, as was originally meant to be the case. Breaking via Twitter yesterday, Mariah's explanation ran like so: "While making this album, I got so immersed in the creative process that I just don't feel I would be doing it justice to release it on 23 Jul".

It ran on: "I'd rather not exclude meaningful songs. I want to give you this album as it's meant to be heard. When I'm ready, you'll be the first to know!"

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Having basically killed off his one-time band, Wu Lyf, by leaving it back in November, Ellery Roberts has shared a new track via his new solo alias, Kerou.

'Kerou's Lament', as it's titled, is "true blue Kerou - scripted/produced and sang lonesome in London spring time", and samples (as Pitchfork cites) Lil B's Clams Casino collaboration 'I Am God', and Daniel Pinchbeck's 'Planetary Initiation', each taken "with love and no permission". Good luck with that.

This is it

Roberts' ex-Wu Lyfe émigrés, meanwhile, have rebranded themselves as 'yacht rock' band Los Porcos.

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A new musical inspired by the work of Tupac Shakur and named after the rapper's 1993 single 'Holler If Ya Hear Me', is currently in the early stages of production over there in New York.

The show, featuring Shakur's music but apparently not based on his actual life, is being directed by Kenny Leon, who hopes to premiere it on Broadway this winter. And, yes, I know what you're thinking, a gangsta rap musical really does sound like a great idea, doesn't it?

Leon told "Tupac was a prophet and I want everyone to see that. ['Holler If Ya Hear Me'] is a present day musical using all of Tupac's music, but Tupac is not a character in the musical".

So, rather than basing the story on a power struggle between two opposing sides of the rap scene ultimately resulting in violence and death, the story will instead focus on two childhood friends who have a bit of a hard time and then strive to overcome that and achieve their dreams.

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Boy George is to show the world what he does via a new solo LP titled 'This Is What I Do', a rare thing in that it's his first all-original (aka not covers-based) album in nearly 20 years.

It's mastered by reggae artist Richie Stephens, who collaborated with Culture Club back in the day, features "many guest musicians" and, whilst it has no release date, will likely be available by the time BG plays the following shows:

3 Nov: Manchester, RNCM
5 Nov: Birmingham, Glee Club
6 Nov: Leeds, City Varieties Music Hall
7 Nov: Glasgow, King Tuts
9 Nov: Oxford, Academy 2
10 Nov: London, Koko
11 Nov: Brighton, Concorde 2

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Having cancelled all their 'Summer Stampede' US live dates only last week, Mumford & Sons have reaffirmed that they're still able to headline at this weekend's Glastonbury festival - that's with bassist Ted Dwane, who is "going to be OK" following his brain operation.

Talking to the BBC even as the band shared new, reset dates for the cancelled 'Summer Stampede' shows and an extra 'wildcard' in a brand new, nine-date 'Full English' trek of North America, keyboardist Ben Lovett said: "We're going to get back out on that stage at Glastonbury as four brothers and do what we do. Each time we play we're slightly out of our comfort zone but that's an inspiration - every time it's just a bit madder than we were expecting".

He patriotically added: "Whenever we tour elsewhere then come back to Glastonbury, it always reminds us how brilliant it is to be British, and what a great British institution it is".

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So, as Glasto snatches back its closing headline act (aka Mumford & his Sons) from the jaws of certain cancellation, today's FLUU spotlight slides straight on to signs of change over at dance night Bugged Out's yearly Weekender fest.

Basically, having pitched at the Bognor-based Butlins for its 2013 event back in January, the dual-dayer will in 2014 move north to Pontins in Southport, laying on its myriad DJs and live acts on 7-9 Mar. Early bird tickets, by the way, are available via this link.

Switching over to the main body of today's additions, read on to learn who's hot (and who's not) at the following...

ELECTROBEACH, Port Barcarès, France, 19-20 Jul: David Guetta.

INDIETRACKS, Midland Railway, Ripley, Derbyshire, 26-28 Jul: The Wake, Kid Canaveral, Another Sunny Day, Emma Kupa, Bloomer, Pete Green, Enderby's Room, Owl and Mouse, The Art Club, The Choo Choo Trains.

PITCHFORK FESTIVAL PARIS, Grande Halle De Le Villette, Paris, France, 31 Oct - 2 Nov: Disclosure, Yo La Tengo, Glass Candy, Baths, Iceage, Jagwar Ma, Only Real.

STENDHAL FESTIVAL, Roe Valley, Norhtern Ireland, 16-17 Aug: Duke Special, The Divine Comedy.

VISIONS, various venues, London, 10 Aug: Koreless, East India Youth, PAWS, Kirin J Callinan, Primitive Parts, GAPS.

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AEG Live has been told off by the UK Advertising Standards Authority for an email sent to Kanye West fans announcing a "one-off" show at London's Hammersmith Apollo back in February, just two days before two further dates were confirmed. The ASA says that the original claim that the first show was a "one-off" was misleading.

The ad industry regulator accepted, to a point, AEG's explanation: that West's Apollo dates were not part of a conventional tour and, whereas the live industry sometimes does hold off advertising all tour dates at the outset to allow a bit of 'extra dates by popular demand' PR, in this case the original plan was just one show, and the extra performances were added because of the high demand for tickets.

But the ASA has told AEG that in the future it shouldn't make bold "one-off" show claims where there's a likelihood additional performances will or could be added. The body said: "Because two more concert dates were added which gave consumers further opportunities to buy tickets to attend a Kanye West concert, and those dates were announced only two days after the ad was sent out originally, we concluded the claim that Kanye West would perform a 'one-off' concert in the UK had not been substantiated and was misleading".

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There's been a right flurry of senior appointments at Warner Music recently, hasn't there? Good news for the firm's business card printers I suppose. Unless they have unpaid interns making them with crayons round the back.

Anyway, the latest promotion at the mini-major is for Eliah Seton, previously a strategy and business development exec at the company, and most recently a VP in the office of the CEO, and in that role heavily involved in the firm's acquisition and integration of the Parlophone Label Group. He becomes VP Strategy & Operations for Warner Recorded Music's International unit, reporting into the recently appointed President of said division Stu Bergen.

Confirming the new appointment, Bergen told CMU: "Eliah has demonstrated impressive commercial acumen and strategic insight, which inform his deep understanding of all facets of our business around the world. His wide-ranging expertise, tireless work ethic and strong passion for music make him the perfect choice for this position".

Elsewhere at Warner, but on the publishing side, Warner/Chappell's SVP for Legal & Business Affairs International, Jane Dyball, has announced she is leaving the company after more than two decades there.

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Global record industry trade body the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has appointed a Chief Technology Officer for the first time, to oversee and advise on the trade body's own technology infrastructure, and on relevant industry initiatives, such as work on meta-data standards.

And the new IFPI technology man is the old IFPI technology man, with Richard Gooch, previously Director Of Technology for the organisation, returning after six years to take on the newly created post. He will report in to IFPI overseer, Frances Moore.

And she said this: "I am very pleased to welcome Richard Gooch back to the recording industry. He has a great grasp of technology and the ability to explain it to a lay audience. His skills will help the industry as it works to develop its global sound recording database to the benefit of rights holders around the world".

Gooch himself added: "I am delighted to be returning to IFPI at this fascinating time. The music industry has made great strides in the digital world in the last few years and I'm really looking forward to taking on this new role and working on some very exciting projects".

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BMG has confirmed the marketing and distribution partnerships it has in place for the Sanctuary and original Mute sound recording catalogues which it acquired from Universal Music earlier this year.

The music rights company says that the new alliances "form part of BMG's plan to upgrade the exploitation of the historic Sanctuary and Mute catalogues, and reflect its philosophy of seeking the best exploitation set-up for different types of repertoire".

We already knew - because it announced it - that [PIAS] would handle digital and physical sales and distribution, plus marketing, for the majority of the Sanctuary and Mute catalogue on a worldwide base excluding North America. And yesterday BMG confirmed that INgrooves had been appointed to do the same in the US and Canada.

Though, as expected, those deals exclude the recordings of two key artists, one from Sanctuary and one from Mute. Universal Music will continue to oversee the distribution and marketing of the Black Sabbath catalogue until next April, alongside the band's recently-released-by-Universal new album '13'. Meanwhile Sony Music will handle the Depeche Mode catalogue; likewise it is now releasing that group's new material.

Confirming all this, BMG EVP International Repertoire Fred Casimir told CMU: "Partnership is core to the BMG philosophy, and so we are delighted to be working with these four great companies in order to optimise the exploitation of the Sanctuary and Mute catalogues".

Meanwhile, on the North America deal, INgrooves boss Robb McDaniels told CMU: "Over the last ten years, we have built both an unparalleled distribution platform that empowers our label partners and a dedicated, passionate staff who are experts in creating value from the repertoire we market and distribute. We are pleased to have been selected by BMG after such a rigorous selection process and are confident that the INgrooves infrastructure and team will deliver maximum benefit for these two great catalogues".

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UK-based music content company LoveLive has announced its acquisition of US-based media firm Show Cobra, fully expanding the business into the US market. Both companies have partnerships with brands and artists, and create programming, include live recordings and branded content, for various channels.

Confirming the deal, LoveLive CEO Richard Cohen told CMU: "The creative and business synergies with Show Cobra make it an ideal acquisition for LoveLive. The breadth and depth of the team's exceptional capabilities to execute projects across formats, production and live streaming will be of huge benefit to our IP creation, ownership and exploitation worldwide".

Referencing Show Cobra's founder Jason Ross, Cohen continued: "Jason is one of the most progressive executive producers in the US and we're confident that with him as our US President we can continue to pursue our vision to provide global audiences with the very best music experience. This marks a significant milestone and will be the perfect launch pad for further international expansion".

Meanwhile Ross himself added: "The LoveLive and Show Cobra teams share the same passion for music and a highly complementary business ethos. Show Cobra's content creation expertise and its sterling track record with artists and clients combined with LoveLive's unique rights frameworks and distribution capability will position the group as one of the leading independent music specialists. LoveLive is innovating the music content space as we know it, and I am thrilled to be part of this new chapter".

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The boss of digital rights group Merlin, which represents a sizable slice of the indie label sector in digital licensing negotiations, has confirmed that he is not currently involved in talks regards Apple's in-development streaming music service, iTunes Radio.

As previously reported, earlier this month Apple confirmed it would launch its Pandora-style streaming service later this year. All three majors were already on board before the announcement, but talks are ongoing with indie labels and publishers. However, Merlin is not currently involved in those talks, because labels affiliated with the group already have relationships with Apple via the iTunes store, which predate the creation of the combined digital rights organisation.

Speaking to, Merlin chief Charles Caldas said: "Regarding [iTunes Radio], the licensing of the iTunes Music Store predated the formation of Merlin by some years and therefore our members all had existing deals with Apple long before our formation. As a result Merlin is not involved with iTunes licensing, including the iRadio product".

Merlin was launched five years ago, mainly because certain big digital music services - including Apple's iTunes in the very early days - treated the indie labels poorly compared to the majors, either offering inferior terms (certainly when it came to advances and equity sweeteners), or sometimes just pretty much ignoring the independents completely. Some key players in the indie label community decided that by negotiating collectively via a central global body, many of those issues could be overcome.

Since iTunes Radio was confirmed there have been mixed rumours regards the deals being offered to indies compared to the majors. Some say that the independents are being presented with fait accompli deals that don't match the generous arrangements the majors managed to secure, but others say Apple is so far being fair in its talks regards the new streaming venture. On the publishing side, in the US it's believed collecting society BMI was offered the same terms as those bigger music publishers doing deals directly.

On Apple's dealings with the indies, Caldas said he is cautiously optimistic a fair deal can be achieved, adding: "Given the maturity of Apple's business with our labels, and the general feedback amongst our members that in recent years Apple has treated them equitably and fairly, I would be very surprised - and the labels no doubt very disappointed - if they chose to discriminate against the independents at this juncture. We will wait and see what the outcome is".

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Having held out long and hard, and with a grimace in their little faces, all the way until now, The Eagles made their entire back catalogue available on a number of streaming services yesterday - in the UK on Spotify, Deezer and Rdio, the latter having already made the catalogue available, seemingly by accident, for less than 24 hours last month.

Sais Deezer's Head Of Artist Marketing, Pierre Niboyet: "Welcoming one of the most successful bands ever on our service is always an event for Deezer. After all, our main focus is music discovery! But it's not just about new releases, it's also about connecting artists with new fans".

The Eagles' decision to allow their music onto streaming services follows Pink Floyd's arrival on Spotify last week, which came after fans were encouraged to play the band's song 'Wish You Were Here' a million times. Spotify's exclusive deal with Pink Floyd is something the company has been talking up rather a lot lately, including in a heavy GoogleAds campaign, which, as Music Ally noticed yesterday, has been showing up on Deezer's website.

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One Direction's previously referenced movie will launch on 29 Aug and is called 'This Is Us'. Which it is. It will be pre-promoted - we now learn - with a new single called 'Best Song Ever'. Which it is not.

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