31 JUL 2013

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The world's biggest ever festival of arts and culture is kicking off right now in Edinburgh, with over 4000 shows and events taking place in hundreds of venues across the Scottish capital in the next month. Though with so many shows and performers and venues and things to see, how do you know where to start? Well, CMU’s sister magazine ThreeWeeks covers it all; and this is its eighteenth festival, so it’s safe to say the editors know what they are talking about more>>
Mogwai are really flying of late, mainly thanks to a pair of scores: the first, an OST to 2006's 'Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait', and, more recently, one featuring the eerie themes and scene-backing tracks you may have heard on Channel 4's glacially-paced new French thriller 'Les Revenants' (trans 'The Returned'). Beautifully timed to fit each crack in the storyline's slow thaw, the score (like the show) drips in hostile doom from the off more>>

- Min-Jin Kym reunited with stolen 300 year old violin
- Bernard Sumner braves New Order tour, even with fractured leg
- JJ Cale 1938-2013
- Music brings $9.7 billion into Nashville annually
- Maroon 5 start work on new album
- In Utero reissue due
- Katy Perry dispatches LP details via lorry
- Metallica to release Through The Never LP
- Secret Garden Party comments on Clean Bandit cancellation
- Festival line-up update
- Global Rock Summit planned
- Live Nation and Rock Sound partner on tours
- Vevo and Dailymotion extend partnership to Europe
- UKF announces alliance to develop YouYube channels
- Independent On Sunday to radically cut its arts output
- Tom Watson writes for the NME on music and politics
Sound Channel is one of the leading companies working in the electronic music industry. We are looking for a bright individual who has a solid grasp of music to work with us across all our projects including Hideout Festival, Unknown, Canal Mills, Wax:On and Metropolis.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Passionate about social media & dream about working in the music business? Well here's your chance to take that first important step with a leading music PR firm Cypher - the agency responsible for looking after artists, music brands such as including Food Music, Pacha, Big Chill, and New State album and artist releases.

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The Secretly Label Group is looking to hire a junior press officer to manage online, print press and general public relations for select artists on the roster of the in-house labels Dead Oceans / Jagjaguwar / Secretly Canadian.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
TeamRock are looking for a Deputy Art Editor for Classic Rock magazine. You will be an experienced commercial designer whose current role will include cover design, page concepts and layout, and ideally some experience of digital publishing. You will excel in making old stuff look really vital and exciting and feel comfortable commissioning and directing photographers, even if you secretly think they are a bunch of prima donnas and perverts.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
London based independent record company seeks Product Manager to join our existing marketing team. Candidates will report to a Head of Marketing and be responsible for the day to day running of artist campaigns. Hard working, enthusiastic and a genuine passion for music a must. Previous experience as a Product Manager at a record label required.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Liverpool-based digital distributor Ditto Music is seeking an experienced Digital Content/Label Manager to join our team. The role will feature a wide range of duties including digital content delivery, liaising with retailers, customer support for artists and record labels, co-ordinating promotional campaigns with online stores and working alongside our offices in Nashville and Melbourne to provide an award-winning service.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
Liverpool-based digital distribution company Ditto Music is looking for an Online Marketing Specialist with experience in planning, executing and optimising digital marketing campaigns, including paid search, display advertising, blogging, SEO and especially email marketing, to increase brand awareness and drive revenue.

For more information including a full job description and how to apply click here.
£600 per calendar month

Come and share our lovely office in Camden NW1, which is available from the beginning of July 2013

Situated in a 620 sq ft former photographic studio, up to four of you will be sharing with us - a music PR company. One third of the office is available in a friendly, spacious, airy, media environment. The space offered is partially separated from the main room and currently acts as our meeting / ping pong room! Individual desk spaces may also be considered.

The office is tastefully designed, has ample storage and is based in Camden close to all the amenities. The space would suit music professionals, designers or architects or a small company involved in the creative arts.

The studio has excellent security and is situated in a private yard off the street. It is 5 mins walk from Chalk Farm tube and Kentish Town West Overground stations. It is equally close to Camden Lock and Market with its numerous shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and a short journey on bus or tube will take you into the west end quickly.

There's a kitchenette, with sink for tea/coffee, microwave and fridge. The studio is situated on the lower ground floor of the building with its own locked door, with 24 hours access.

The rental cost is for the space and includes all utilities but not telephone. Wireless high speed broadband (reasonable use) could also be shared.

A one month deposit would be required with a three-month minimum agreement, with one month written notice and rent to be paid monthly in advance by standing order.

Please contact for more details

Acclaimed violinist Min-Jin Kym has described "an incredible feeling of elation" after her 300 year old Stradivari violin was returned over two years after it was stolen.

As previously reported, Kym's violin was taken from a London coffee shop in December 2010. The theft was featured on the BBC's 'Crimewatch' the following year, and a man and two teenagers were convicted for the crime. But the violin wasn't recovered.

There was hope that a violin discovered in Bulgaria earlier this year might have been Kym's instrument, but it was shown to be a fake. The real thing actually showed up in a property in the Midlands.

Det Chief Inspector Simon Taylor, who led the hunt for the violin, told the BBC: "I always maintained that its [the violin's] rarity and distinctiveness would make any attempt to sell it extremely difficult, if not futile, because established arts and antiques dealers would easily recognise it as stolen property".

On the find, Kym herself said: "Every moment of the day - even when I was sleeping - the loss of the instrument, the feeling of responsibility, was there. This had been the instrument I had been playing on since I was a teenager so it was a huge part of my identity for many years. [When I heard it had been found I had] an incredible feeling of elation. I'm still feeling the butterflies in my stomach".

The instrument will be passed by police to Kym's insurer, which paid out after the theft. But they then intend to return it to the musician herself.

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Despite revealing last week that he'd fractured his leg, Bernard Sumner has decided to limp on with the remainder of New Order's summer tour of North America.

Writing via the band's official site this past Sunday, Sumner explained he'd sustained a fracture relating to an earlier injury, adding: "Don't worry, I'm not going to cancel the North American tour. I wouldn't do that. It just means that when I go on stage I am in pain and physically unable to give it my all".

He continued: "It's frustrating and makes performing very difficult but I'm doing the best that I can and ask for your understanding of the situation. As I was leaving a hotel one of the doormen said, 'break a leg'. Apparently that's just what I have done... ouch! Thank you I hope y'all still enjoy the shows".

New Order, by the way, still have three US dates to brave, the first tonight at Boston's Bank Of America Pavilion.

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JJ CALE 1938-2013
Singer-songwriter JJ Cale died on Friday at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, California after suffering a heart attack, a statement on his website announced.

Born John Weldon Cale in Oklahoma on 5 Dec 1938, he moved to LA in the early 60s and began working as a studio engineer while carving out a career as a recording artist for himself - taking on the moniker JJ to avoid confusion with The Velvet Underground's John Cale. After finding little success he was about to give up and go back to Oklahoma when Eric Clapton recorded a cover of his song 'After Midnight' in 1970.

Clapton's endorsement of his work gave Cale the boost he had been looking for, and later covers by artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Johnny Cash, Captain Beefheart and, more recently, Spiritualized, helped to bring his songs to a wider audience. Many other artists have cited him and the 'Tulsa Sound' - the mix of blues, country and jazz that he is credited for creating (though he himself played down his role) - as a major influence.

Cale also worked with Clapton, recording an album in 2006 called 'The Road To Escondido', for which they won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. However, perhaps because other people's version of his songs were always better known than his own recordings, he continued to see himself more as a songwriter than a recording artist.

In the biography produced to accompany his last album, 2009's 'Roll On', he said: "Basically, I'm just a guitar player that figured out I wasn't ever gonna be able to buy dinner with my guitar playing so I got into songwriting, which is a little more profitable business".

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Nashville is, of course, known for its music. But according to a new study by the Nashville Area Chamber Of Commerce, the Tennessee city has over four times the number of music industry jobs that are found in other areas of the US. Plus, overall the music industry contributes $9.65 billion to the area's economy each year.

The city's mayor Karl Dean told The Tennessean: "The music business is such an important part of the city's identity and its economy that having concrete information about its true impact is important to us".

Of course, with the music industry rapidly changing, Dean says the challenge now is to continue bringing musical investment into Nashville, something he is committed to supporting.

He went on: "Whether it all comes to fruition while I'm mayor or afterwards, I think it's a worthy endeavour. We don't have a specific goal. I think my job, and the chamber's job, is to create a city that has economic opportunity for our citizens and that is dynamic and has an expanding tax base".

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Bad news everyone, it looks like Maroon 5 are going to make another album. It's still in the very early stages though, so there's always the chance that they might just give up. Fingers crossed, eh?

The band are currently still touring to promote last year's monstrosity 'Overexposed', but guitarist James Valentine tells Billboard: "We definitely have a couple of amazing [new] songs that will be on the record. I think we just really like making music now, and I think we're more prolific than ever. But at the same time it's going to be awhile before the record comes out, so maybe some of the stuff we're doing now will fall by the wayside by the time we actually put it out. But we've got some great stuff started, and we're all very excited".

As for how the new material might sound overall, that's apparently still up in the air. Valentine continued: "I thought I had a handle on that, but it kind of keeps changing. There was a first batch of songs that seemed like they were darker and maybe a little more organic-sounding, but now there's some other songs that... it's hard to describe, and I think we're going to really find out where it's going in the next few months".

Could it maybe go in the bin?

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Nirvana's zenith-era 1993 LP 'In Utero' is to have an anniversary re-release this year, via Universal Music Enterprises on 23 Sep.

As with many (okay, all) re-releases, it'll feature 'remastered, remixed, rare and unreleased' extra material in the shape of over 70 B-sides, compilation tracks, demos and live recordings, notably a start-to-finish film of the band's 'Live And Loud' show at Seattle's Pier 48, which will also be available as a separate DVD released on the same day.

This is its trailer

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Katy Perry has given her new LP a name, and that name is 'Prism'. K-Pez advertised the title, and its release date (21 Oct) earlier this week via delicate means, charting a massive gold lorry emblazoned with the facts to drive through LA.

She later asked fans to take photos of the "'Prism' semi" in exchange for an 'RT', adding that LA was only the "first stop on the map" for the truck.

And if this isn't digital PR innovation in motion, I don't know what is.

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Metallica are releasing a live LP to go with their new 3D feature, 'Metallica Through The Never', as was filmed by the band themselves when they played Canada's Rexall Place and Rogers Arena in 2012.

It'll be available digitally, and physically (on vinyl and as a dual-disc CD pack) via Vertigo and Metallica's label, Blackened Recordings, on 23 Sep. Yells Lars Ulrich: "Let's hear it for the old school soundtrack! Not only are we beyond psyched about our movie coming your way shortly, but the fact that we get to share the music directly in all these formats is way fuckin cool".

Directed by Nimród Antal and billed as "a bracing, raw and visceral cinematic experience" part driven by a fictional narrative, the film itself will hit British cinemas later this year.

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Secret Garden Party chief Freddie Fellowes has commented on the decision to cancel Clean Bandit's Sunday night set at his festival. Initially it was reported that this had been at the request of headliner Regina Spektor, though that was seemingly not the case.

Fellowes told CMU: "After such an amazing, life affirming and love filled party in the garden I am very sorry and sad to read the commentaries online regarding Regina Spektor and Clean Bandit. It's even more regrettable, as they are based on a misunderstanding. Quite simply, the events did not happen as reported online and I am here to set the record straight".

He continued: "Regina Spektor was not aware of the decision to ask Clean Bandit to step down. We made the decision ourselves. The reason we took this awful choice was based on the duty of honour we undertook once we booked Regina to headline Sunday night. Namely, as an artist who performs on grand piano we owe it to her and her festival audience to ensure that her performance is presented in the manner and quality we all deserve".

Finally, he concluded: "Regrettably, despite all advance planning and consultation, unexpected meteorological conditions on the day meant we wouldn't be able to fulfil our obligation without taking the drastic steps of having to ask Clean Bandit to step down. Both Regina Spektor and Clean Bandit have a long history of support from us at the SGP (both dating back to almost the very first years) and we are sincerely sorry that one of them had to be asked to give way to the other. This wasn't a situation we ever thought would arise and a position I'd never want to put one of our artists in".

With that matter resolved, early bird tickets for next year's SGP have already gone on sale. More details here.

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As Glasgow Summer Sessions add Steve Aoki, Chance The Rapper and The Courteeners to what's really quite a sizeable bill, and place tickets to its Eminem-headlined final day (20 Aug) back on sale, so too are tickets available to Latitude - the 2014 iteration, that is - as a limited sale of early bird weekend passes starts at

Also worth noting (and constantly adding to its vast listings) is the Gothenburg Culture Festival, the city's free-to-see arts fixing spanning all of August, which has Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and his opera 'Ça Ira', and Martha Wainwright, amongst its attractions. Info on that at this link.

And with that, please prime your FLUU-based faculties to take in additions info via Amsterdam's eighteenth ever ADE festival and conference and news of the latest signees to Buma Rotterdam Beats; Austrian alt-dance event Elevate; Liverpool's almighty Psych Fest; never-ending Shropshire story Shrewsbury Fields Forever; Maidstone one-dayer The Social; Croatia-based beach party Terraneo; niche Poland party Unsound; and, lastly, a varied rabble of artistes (Idris Elba, Seasick Steve, Lawson and the like) new to V's twin peaks...

AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT, various venues, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16-20 Oct: Calvin Harris, Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice, Maceo Plex, Paul Oakenfold, Richie Hawtin, Tiësto, Yellow Claw, Adam Beyer, Adana Twins, Aeroplane, Agoria, Alan Fitzpatrick, Andy C, Anja Schneider, Awanto 3 , BoeBoe, Buraka Som Sistema, Carl Craig, Danny Avila, Danny Daze, Clarke, Dem Slackers, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Tennis, Dosem, Dubfire , Eelke Kleijn, Egbert, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Gaiser, Gomes, Gui Boratto, Guy J, Hobo, Joel Mull, John Digweed, Joran van Pol, Joseph Capriati, Karenn, Kenny Larkin , Kölsch Live, Kraak & Smaak, Maetrik, Magda, Mathew Jonson, Maya Jane Coles , Michael Mayer, Mirko Loko, Moderat, Nic Fanciulli, Nicole Moudaber, Noir, Oliver Schories, Pachanga Boys, Paco Osuna, Pan-Pot, Patrice Bäumel, Pete Tong, Prosumer, Ricardo Villalobos, San Proper, Schlachthofbronx, Sebo K, Secret Cinema, Tale Of Us, Technasia, The Flexican, Timo Maas, Vato Gonzalez.

BUMA ROTTERDAM BEATS, various venues, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 14-16 Nov: Boaz van de Beatz, Hiatus Kaiyote, Oddisee, Ryan Hemsworth, Dream Koala, Zebra Katz, Mount Kimbie, Gorgon City, Quadron, Watsky, WAX, Sevdaliza, D E N A, SirOJ, Roses Gabor.

ELEVATE, Graz, Austria, 23-27 Oct: Dorian Concept, Daedelus, James Pants, Felix Kubin, Bibio, Peverelist, Vakula, Stellar Om Source, Ninos You Brasil, Nico Vascellari, Ogris Debris, Clement Meyer & Tomas More.

GLASGOW SUMMER SESSIONS, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, Scotland, 15-20 Aug: Steve Aoki, Chance The Rapper, The Courteeners.

LIVERPOOL PSYCH FEST, Camp & Furnace/Blade Factory, Liverpool, 27-28 Sep: Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs, Lola Colt, Mark Riley, Andy Votel.

SHREWSBURY FIELDS FOREVER, West Midlands Showground, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 13-15 Sep: Athlete, Roni Size & Dynamite, Joker, Shy FX & Stamina Dumb, Pixel Fix, Portlights, B Traits feat Juma, Rockwell feat Mantmast, K90, Darren Styles & MC Storm, Sc@r & MC Energy, EHD, Jay Robinson, ADK, Johnny Flash, Emerson Da Silva, Shaun Price, DanZ - Dad, Adam B, DJ Toddie D, Amais, Red & Trickett, Call Me T, Bare Roots, True & False, Andy Phillips, Dirty Lookin Mobile Disco, Sammy J, DJ Housescratt, Bazland, Taylor J, Digital Mafia, Plump DJs, Gemma Furbank, Kate Naylor, The Taste, Doppleganger, MK Zero, The Lucidity, Social Confusion, The Cosmic Rays, Thin Vision, Conspire, Jay Dubz, Tim Ryan, Rapture, Pixle.

THE SOCIAL, Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent, 28 Sep: Alex Tepper, Dixon, Guti, Guy Gerber, Russ Yallop.

TERRANEO, Terrane Beach, Sibenik, Croatia, 7-9 Aug: Dubfire, Rob Garza, Emiliana Torrini, GusGus, Hot 8 Brass Band.

UNSOUND, Krakow, Poland, 13-20 Oct: Underground Resistance, Dean Blunt, Julianna Barwick, James Ferraro, Mykki Blanco, Gobby, Rhys Chatham & Charlemagne Palestine, Mika Vainio, Anthony Naples, I-F, Svenghalisghost.

V FESTIVAL, Hylands Park, Essex/Weston Park, Staffordshire, 17-18 Aug: Idris Elba, Naughty Boy, Seasick Steve, Lawson, Vox Empire.

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UK-based booker and manager Seven Webster has announced an alliance with MUSExpo man Sat Bisla to launch a Global Rock Summit in Hollywood in April 2014. The rock-focused conference will aim to bring "together all aspects of the multi-billion dollar global rock music industry in one annual, focused gathering with a view of helping to further stimulate a very buoyant but often much overlooked sector of the music industry".

The first event will take place from 4-5 Apr at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with a mix of panels, showcases and networking opportunities. Webster told CMU: "If it's heavy and it rocks and you want to network, trade and expand your business opportunities, then the Global Rock Summit will be the perfect community for you to connect with the world of rock!"

Bisla added: "After a meeting with Seven early last year in London, we discussed the idea of working on a rock music conference, as there seemed to be no central rock conference with a global vision. It also seemed obvious to us that its natural home had to be in Los Angeles due to its long and close association with rock music culture. After discussing this idea with influencers in the worldwide rock market, it was evident that there was an immediate need for a Global Rock Summit".

More at

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Music mag Rock Sound has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Live Nation for the title's future branded tours, starting with the Rock Sound Exposure Tour early next year.

Editor of Rock Sound Ben Patashnik told CMU: "I'm extremely pleased and excited to be working with Andy Copping and Will Blake at Live Nation, especially in the wake of some outstanding sales figures for the magazine. Having worked with Will in the past on some very successful tours, I'm looking forward to stepping things up a few notches and presenting great tours that capture the public's imagination and promote the best bands around".

Copping, Live Nation's VP of Music in the UK, added: "It's great that we have partnered up with Rock Sound to create a new touring brand. It gives the bands the opportunity to be part of a strong package tour as well as giving the fans the chance to see a variety of established acts, alongside up and coming artists".

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Online video platforms Vevo and Dailymotion have announced the extension of their partnership in the US to France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the UK. The deal sees Dailymotion bring 75,000 ad-supported videos from Vevo's catalogue to its users, covering music videos, live performances and original music programming.

As previously reported, Vevo recently renewed its partnership with Google to provide content to YouTube. There had been speculation, as the original deal between the two companies came to an end, that Vevo would look to sign a deal with an alternative platform. It's possible that talks relating to the expanded Dailymotion partnership was a catalyst for those rumours.

Announcing the deal, Vevo's Director of Business Affairs and Business Development, Eric Mackay told CMU: "We are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership with Dailymotion. It will allow Vevo to deliver our huge catalogue of premium music videos, live events and original programming to Dailymotion's music-hungry users. This further strengthens Vevo's platform offering and cements our position as the world's leading all premium music video platform".

Meanwhile Marc Eychenne, Dailymotion's Head Of Content in EMEA added: "Dailymotion is committed to providing our users with great original content, and music is one of our most popular areas, so we are very excited to extend our partnership with Vevo on this. This will provide great content to our European users and a platform to help Vevo reach many more music fans".

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London-based AEI Media has announced an alliance with US-based firm The Collective Digital Studio, one of a number of companies set up to work with video makers to capitalise on the potential of online video content, YouTube revenue and brand partnerships. The two companies will collaborate to further develop AEI Media's UKF Music brand, which operates popular dubstep and drum n bass channels on YouTube.

Confirming the alliance, UKF founder Luke Hood told reporters: "With UKF I've always had the goal of exposing independent electronic musicians to the world. With this partnership I wish to further support artists and labels by securing funding from brands in order to support new videos, albums, remix projects and live performances in a manner in which both the advertiser and musician wins".

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The Independent On Sunday is to revamp its arts coverage, with a move away from extensive reviewing. The development will seemingly mean much less content from the paper's various critics, including popular music writer Simon Price.

It's thought the shift will lead to seven mainly freelance roles being axed at the paper, in addition to the 27 redundancies already due to take place across the daily and Sunday editions of The Independent.

The broadsheet's owners have been busy instigating various cost cutting measures of late (and for some time, for that matter) in a bid to make the loss-making title commercially viable.

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Labour MP Tom Watson caused a bit of a stir recently when he recommended that Ed Miliband listen to new-ish band Drenge in a resignation letter to his party's leader. For one, the band themselves weren't exactly overjoyed to have his backing. This delicate balance between liking something, and appearing to be trying to score points by association, is something Watson says he recognises, in a new article written for the NME.

Watson writes: "I believe politicians need to reach out to young people and music makers. Some MPs still go to gigs. Should more of them go to see live music performances? Probably, but only if they're fans of music already. Because the essence of the relationship between music and its fans is honesty - it can't be forced or faked... We all squirmed when David Cameron tried to pose as a Radiohead fan. It just doesn't wash. Don't even go there with The Jam and The Smiths. I'm still cringing at the thought of my old boss Gordon Brown listening to Arctic Monkeys on his iPod".

So, it's not for everyone. But there's also a lot that all politicians can learn from how music connects with people, he says: "The greatest musicians, songwriters and leaders can communicate in a way that the press release factory of modern politics has failed to do. Music does not alienate with jargon, but instead brings the world together. Good music, like good politics, responds to real people and real emotions, and is never afraid of being honest".

Which reminds me, David Cameron's a right cocksack, isn't he?

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