25 SEP 2013

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Quizzed by CMU on the eve of her lauded 2012 solo debut 'Interstellar', Frankie Rose is at it again, this time presenting her strings-enriched new LP 'Herein Wild'. Frankie releases that via Fat Possum on 7 Oct, afterwards playing several headline dates starting at Sheffield's The Harley on 2 Dec. Ahead of all the live/release activity, she gave over a bit of spare time and imagination to making a CMU Playlist more>>
Cillian Murphy of '28 Days Later', 'Inception' and now 'Peaky Blinders' fame did a one-off show on 6music the other day as part of the BBC's ongoing Sound Of Cinema season. Choosing tracks from abiding film faves, Cillian also plays a pretty miscellany of songs he'd add to his own imaginary road movie score, given the chance more>>

- "No AEG, no Murray, no propofol, Michael's still here": Jacksons v AEG Update
- BBC/Eos dispute goes to Copyright Tribunal
- New Spanish law targets piracy sites
- Beady Eye's Gem Archer breaks leg
- Pussy Riot's Tolokonnikova placed in solitary confinement
- Jake Bugg LP inspired by beer and car park stabbings
- Imogen Heap details LP
- Baron Cohen dropped from Freddie Mercury biopic for being too funny
- Professor Green postpones tour, LP following car crash
- Chas & Dave add London date
- Stingray announces Universal deal
- New report says internet radio expanding audio consumption
- Tesco announces Hudl tablet, with Blinkbox access built in
- NME testing 'enhanced' magazine cover feature
- Grimes films video diary
- Atoms For Peace release jigsaw
This in-depth half-day course on Wednesday 2 October (2-6pm) provides an overview of how music rights work, with a beginners guide to copyright law, what enjoys copyright and how ownership works. It looks at how music rights are monetised, why both direct and collective licensing exists, and how the collective licensing system works in the UK.

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DHP Family is currently recruiting for a full time Production Rep based in London. The qualities needed to make this role a success are communication, organisation and experience. Ideally the successful candidate will have a minimum of two years practical experience working in the live music industry. You will be responsible for advancing events allocated to you and acting as a promoter representative on site where required.

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The Bodega is a 330 capacity venue, club and bar in Nottingham city centre serving a music and fashion aware profile of customer. The venue has a cool and underground profile with both students and locals. It has a reputation for catching live acts at the beginning of their career and is stylish watering hole and atmospheric club venue with a diverse programme of events. It has a mixture of in house and third party club nights, with the live gigs booked through the Concerts team at DHP Family.

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Entry level radio promotions role in small boutique company - must have passion for alternative music. You love discovering new bands and going to gigs, and are actively intrigued and up to date with technology and social media. The ideal candidate is articulate, organised, self motivated and able to work under pressure to deadlines as well as keeping up to date with current A&R developments.

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UnLimited Creative is looking for a part-time Website Editor to edit and manage the website of Creative Skills For Life, a social venture that aims to leverage digital technologies and social media to enable young people living with cancer and other long-term life-threatening conditions to explore their creative potential as a catalyst for healing and personal development. Working 8-10 hours each month, this freelancer will write news stories, edit blog posts, create images and generally keep the website up to date plus manage the CSL Twitter account.

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The role holder's prime responsibilities are to manage a portfolio of Concert Sales Centre accounts in order to achieve all the set targets and to also maintain a healthy customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers.

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The role holder's prime responsibilities are to manage a portfolio of Corporate accounts in order to achieve all the set targets and to also maintain a healthy customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers.

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The role holder will have ultimate responsibility for the control of royalty examinations via the day to day administration of the MCPS and PRS audit programmes, including responsibility for the delivery of the departmental Monitoring targets, pressing plant liaison and other revenue assurance outputs. These programmes ensure the department maximises PRS and MCPS member distributions through audit and monitoring processes.

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Cooking Vinyl is looking for a digital savvy and passionate music lover with at least two years previous experience of planning and managing high profile artist campaigns. The ideal candidate must be up to date with the current digital landscape and have a creative and innovative approach. You will be responsible for developing commercial, promotional and social strategies across all platforms.

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London-based music promotions company Listen Up is recruiting for an experienced online and print press officer to join the expanding company. The ideal candidate should have at least two years experience in a similar role with a thorough knowledge of online and print portals across music, culture and lifestyle.

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We are growing our field presence and as part of this expansion we are recruiting for a Regional Sales Manager to cover the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The role is responsible for maximising revenue and overseeing the field force in their geographic area.

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INgrooves provides clients customized marketing, promotion, sync licensing and administrative support to help maximize the earnings potential of specific music and video releases or catalogues. Operations Associate will be client facing, assisting the Client Services department with content ingestion, catalogue changes requests and other operational activities.

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MAMA and Company is a leading independent live music business. We are looking for a talented web developer who is passionate about technology and wants to be an integral part of a dynamic and innovative digital team. If you want to build & develop some of the industry leading websites, work with cutting edge digital technology and make a difference in the music industry whilst reaching music fans worldwide, this is the job for you.

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Union Square Music, one of the UK's most successful reissue and compilation specialists, is looking for an experienced in-house designer. Working collaboratively with the marketing team you will primarily be responsible for the concept, development and design of CD and digital covers, as well as the design of marketing and PR campaign materials, promotional materials, on-line advertising and the USM website.

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A superb opportunity to join Anjunabeats, a London-based independent record label with a worldwide reputation for releasing the best in dance music and home to Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer, Dusky, Mat Zo, Norin & Rad and more. We’re looking to recruit a front-end web developer as part of a small yet powerful tech team. If you want to develop some of the finest websites and social apps in the industry and reach millions of fans worldwide, this is the position for you.

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Michael Jackson may have played a role in creating the perfect storm that caused his death in 2009 - we know he was dependent on prescription drugs, and that he desired access to the propofol that ultimately killed him - but, said legal reps for the Jackson family yesterday, without AEG Live the singer would not have hired Dr Conrad Murray, and without Murray, Jackson wouldn't have had access to the medications that caused his demise.

Attorney Brian Panish was presenting his closing arguments in the very long running Jacksons v AEG court battle. As much previously reported, the Jackson family say that, as the employer of Murray, the doctor convicted for causing the late king of pop's demise through negligent treatment, AEG should be liable for Michael Jackson's death. AEG counters that, while it may have provided the money to pay Murray, Jackson himself recruited and managed the negligent doc.

According to the LA Times, Panish summarised his arguments to the jury by saying: "We're not looking for sympathy. We're looking for justice, full and complete. It's about shared responsibility. Michael probably has some fault... I'm not going to deny that Michael used prescription drugs and that people told him it's risky to use propofol. [But] no Murray, no AEG, no propofol, Michael's still here".

Panish also touched on the issue of damages, for the first time formally commenting on the sorts of money the Jackson family would be looking for if the jury finds in their favour. The Jackons' legal team previously denied news reports they would seek $40 billion in damages, a figure five times what the entirety of AEG is worth. But it's no secret that the Jackson family will seek mega-bucks if they win.

Panish told the jury that, if they find in his client's favour, the issue of economic damages would need to be discussed further, though, he added, let's not forget the expert his team presented in court who reckoned that Michael Jackson would have earned between $1.2 billion and $1.6 billion had he lived and continued to release records, tour, do endorsement deals and go through with a planned Vegas residency. Meanwhile Panish said he thought each of Jackson's three children should be due in the region of $85 million in personal damages, and his mother - the main plaintiff in the case - a further $35 million.

AEG's lawyers will present their final arguments later today, with the jury due to begin their deliberations later this week. On Monday judge Yvette Palazuelos provided the jury with instructions ahead of their deliberating, telling jurors that they must not be swayed by prejudice, sympathy or public opinion in reaching a judgement, and if a debate on damages is required, they should not consider grief or either side's wealth when deciding on figures. A unanimous verdict will not be required, the judge added, though nine of the twelve jurors must agree with the final ruling.

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The ongoing dispute between the BBC and Welsh-language collecting society Eos has reached Copyright Tribunal, which is never dull. As previously reported, a group of Welsh language songwriters and publishers withdrew their collective catalogues from UK-wide rights organisation PRS For Music at the start of the year.

The songwriters and publishers had been in conflict with PRS since 2007 when it changed the way it distributed the monies it collected from the BBC's two Welsh radio stations - BBC Wales and the Welsh-language BBC Cymru - for the use of its member's music by the radio services. The Welsh-language music publishing community argued that the change had had a massive negative impact on their public performance income just as said revenue was becoming crucial, as record sale income continued to slump.

The BBC was quickly caught in the crossfire, though once the angry publishers had withdrawn from PRS and set up Eos the Beeb was fully drawn into the dispute. And for six weeks earlier this year Eos withdrew its members' content from the BBC entirely, forcing the Corporation to cut back considerably on the amount of Welsh language music it played on its Welsh language station.

An interim agreement was then reached, which - according to BBC News - saw the BBC agree to pay Eos £120,000 a year for access to its members' repertoire. However, Eos is pushing for something closer to £1.5 million a year, presumably arguing that the Corporation spends nearly £16 million annually on its Welsh-language content, and music makes up a significant part of BBC Cymru's output.

With neither side able to agree on rates - the BBC actually argues that it is already overpaying at £120,000 a year - the matter has gone to Copyright Tribunal, a special court that considers disputes in the collective licensing domain. The main hearing on the matter is taking place this week. It remains to be seen what the Tribunal rules, and whether the Welsh publishers get the big pay day they think they deserve.

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While Spanish copyright law hasn't proven great in helping copyright owners to fight online piracy in the past, the government there continues to try and step up anti-piracy rules in the country, presumably because of continued pressure from the US to tighten up copyright protection.

Though ironically, in more recent years Spanish politicians seem to have been rubber stamping measures that US Congress has been nervous to debate, fearing the wrath of the tech lobby. In the latest development, according to Reuters, a new law has been passed that will make it a criminal offence to run a website that provides links to sources of unlicensed content, and anyone convicted of running such an operation could face up to six years in jail. The law only targets those sites that are run for profit, though carrying advertising would be enough to fall under that category.

The new law enables rights owners in Spain to go after those who facilitate copyright infringement, in addition to those who actually distribute copyright material without licence. Though search engines and P2P networks are specifically excluded from the new rules, presumably because they both have legitimate uses even if they predominantly link to illegal content sources, and that may limit the reach of the new laws considerably.

Confirming the new rules, Spain's Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon told reporters: "This is a real balance between protecting copyright and new technologies".

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Unfortunate Beady Eye guitarist Gem Archer, the same Gem Archer who fractured his skull falling down a flight of stairs last month, has now broken his leg. This may mean the band cancel the tour they're supposed to be doing in November, especially given they wiped several live dates after Archer's previous injury.

The Sun reports that Archer's leg snapped in two places following a "freak accident" in a bathroom, and will take four months in a cast to heal. Which hardly bodes well for him making those aforementioned November live dates. Still, he could always give this a go.

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Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has been placed in solitary confinement, following the publication of an open letter stating that she was going on hunger strike in protest against conditions in the prison where she is being held. However, prison authorities said that the move was for "her own safety", after she complained of "slave-like" working conditions and accused the deputy head of the prison of making death threats against her.

According to The Guardian, the authorities have denied the claims made by Tolokonnikova but have agreed to launch an investigation into conditions at the prison. Russia's human rights investigator Vladimir Lukin also said that he had sent two representatives to the jail to investigate the claims, adding: "As soon as we get a report of their work, I will be able to give my opinion of what actually happened; about who is right and who is guilty".

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Mardy bum Jake Bugg has gone and done another LP, a Rick Rubin production titled 'Shangri La'. Named after Rubin's Malibu studio, in which (no kidding) it was made, it'll be released on 18 Nov.

Bugg says: "I said on this album I wouldn't talk about stuff that happens on the streets, like stabbings in car parks and drinking beer and that. But you know, no matter where you go, you see that stuff anyway. You try and escape it, but it finds you".

Speaking of inescapable things, let's get Jake's new single 'What Doesn't Kill You' over with.

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Imogen Heap recently detailed a new LP named 'Sparks', setting its release date at 3 Mar 2014. It features a kind of 'lifespan' track, 'The Listening Chair', which Heap says she'll add to every seven years that she's alive, meaning, as its press release eagerly states, it'll "only be finished when she's dead!". I'd say I can't wait to hear the finished product, but that doesn't sound quite right.

'Sparks' will also be available as a limited edition 'deluxe package', developed by Heap and creative firm CSV, the team that did Radohead's 'The King Of Limbs' packaging.

Released a week earlier than the standard version, the deluxe edition will contain thirteen individual CDs, the LP on ten-inch vinyl, and a special ticket entitling fans to meets and greets at any of Heap's international live dates. Fans paying for the limited LP can also mail in photos of their footprints which will be incorporated into its front cover.

Heap speaks: "The album began with someone sending in the sound of a striking match for what became [album track] 'Lifeline' in March 2011. I then dived into the most immense, intense creative two and a half years of my life that took me all over the planet, collaborating on so many projects with so many people and often totally spontaneously. The album is then in some ways for me grounded with fans' footprints bringing the finishing touch for the album art, as so many of them came along for the ride".

Lastly, and harking back to 2011, this is one of the new record's tracks 'Propeller Seeds'.

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Queen drummer Roger Taylor has spoken about the decision to drop Sacha Baron Cohen from a long in production Freddie Mercury biopic, saying that it was feared that the comedian would be too funny in the lead role.

Speaking to Mojo, Taylor said: "We felt Sacha probably wasn't right in the end. We didn't want it to be a joke. We want people to be moved".

As for why it has taken so long to get the film anywhere near being made, he blamed the culture of the film industry, saying: "I thought the music business was slow, but this has been like swimming in treacle".

On the subject of the music business being slow, Taylor also spoke about the previously reported collaborations between Mercury and Michael Jackson, which were mooted for release earlier this year.

He explained: "Freddie and Michael never finished the songs, because Queen had to leave LA to go on tour. Brian [May] and I had worked on them, which means they'll come out as Queen And Michael Jackson - hopefully... If the Michael Jackson estate can get its arse into gear".

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'Just married' MC Professor Green has postponed his new LP and, consequently, has also had to move back his November tour to May 2014. The rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, was involved in a car accident earlier this year see, and so lost a lot of writing/recording time.

Writes Green via his website: "Everything was on schedule and then I was unfortunate enough to end up sandwiched between two cars leaving my health and album/touring schedule in absolute jeopardy".

He adds: "I want to make the best possible album I can for you all and I want you to have heard the new music so as we can all enjoy the shows how they're meant to be enjoyed. I could have rushed an album for the sake of making the tour but as I hope you all know I'm in this for the music and am not willing to let it suffer due to a date in the diary".

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'Rabbit' chasers Chas & Dave are to play a single intimate date in the capital, so why not go and sing along? The show announcement follows that of the duo's LP, 'That's What Happens', which is released on 28 Oct in this, their 50th year of fame.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, and the show is on 22 Oct at the Union Chapel.

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Canadian digital content firm Stingray Digital, which operates various online, video-on-demand and web TV services, has announced a deal with Universal Music, giving it access to the mega-major's catalogue of pop promo and live concert videos.

Confirming the deal, Stingray Digital boss Eric Boyko told CMU: "We are very pleased to have concluded this agreement with Universal Music Group. Content of this calibre and from such important artists as those represented by UMG are critical to our various music services. This deal also reflects the importance of our distribution and broadcast channels to UMG's artists".

Meanwhile Universal's Global Digital Business SVP Bill Campbell told CMU: "It's very important to UMG to provide various platforms through which consumers are exposed to music. Stingray's properties are proven avenues of discovery and we're thrilled to partner with a company that has such a wide global reach".

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A new research report offers some stats on internet radio listening in the US, defining 'internet radio' in a very wide way to include traditional radio services online, Pandora-style 'interactive radio' and Spotify-like on-demand streaming services. Indeed one of the most interesting things about the research is the group that commissioned it, the Streaming Audio Task Force, which includes Pandora, Spotify and radio-station aggregator app TuneIn.

The survey of 3000 web users, presented at a New York ad industry conference this week, concluded that internet radio was now the third most popular way that people discover new music (ahead of YouTube and social media), that 32% of internet radio listeners were listening to "a lot" more online radio content now than a year ago, and that 26% said that they were listening to online radio services during time when previously they wouldn't have listened to any audio at all.

Meanwhile a top level stat reminds us that for all the Spotify-hype, interactive radio services like Pandora, iHeartRadio and, now, iTunes Radio, still dominate in the US market. While 53% of Americans now use some kind of internet radio service, according to the survey, 39% are using interactive radio, 27% streaming traditional radio online, and 18% accessing fully on-demand music services.

As Pandora's own stats frequently reveal, mobile plays an important role in the growth of internet radio, with 63% of internet radio users owning a smartphone, and of them 83% using said smartphone to access online audio, according to the research.

Larry Rosin of Edison Research, who conducted the survey for the Task Force, told reporters: "The data clearly shows that internet radio is not only a mainstream activity for the majority of online Americans, it's also essentially expanding the pie for audio media".

Meanwhile, addressing his advertising industry audience this week, he added: "The advent of mobile listening, and the proliferation of choices for the types of internet audio, have transformed the medium from niche activity to major media channel in under ten years. As such, advertisers should be putting more money into the audio category - because people are filling more of their days with more and more audio".

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As expected, Tesco has announced the launch of its own tablet computer, running the Android operating system. Called Hudl, it will be available from 30 Sep at a cost of £119, and will give users instant access to a number of the supermarkets online services, including its Blinkbox music and film streaming service.

The company cites OfCom research stating that only a quarter of UK households currently own a tablet device, and a study Tesco itself commissioned which found that many people "feel that the technology is too expensive or intimidating". This, the company reckons, puts it in a good position to clean up with its low cost, easy to use device, aiming it at whole family, rather than individual, use.

Tesco Chief Exec Philip Clarke said: "Being online is an increasingly essential part of family life and whilst tablets are on the rise, usage is still quite limited. We feel the time is right for Tesco to help widen tablet ownership and bring the fun, convenience and excitement of tablets to even more customers across the UK. The digital revolution should be for the many, not for the few".

The company has also published this infographic based on information provided by 1000 Tesco customers who do currently use tablet devices.

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The NME is beta testing a new 'enhanced cover feature' product - a downloadable expanded version of this week's cover interview with Haim offering additional content to the print version, including video. Access to the one-off trial is available at a cost of 69p.

It's the latest effort by NME publisher IPC Media to create a new digital revenue stream, the overall NME audience being at an all time high, but the majority of that being via the free-to-access website, while circulation figures for the more lucrative NME magazine continue to slump.

The title already offers some premium digital content in addition to the ad-funded, including various digital versions of the NME magazine. And in 2011, as previously reported, it launched the NME Extra scheme, whereby those who buy the NME magazine get access to extra online content and promotions.

Although the cover interview download pilot is a sign IPC is looking for more ways to monetise NME's online output, contrary to some reports there are currently no plans to roll out a paywall on itself, a source close to the publication told CMU.

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As a gift to anyone missing the sight of Grimes, which I for one am, she has released a nice mini video diary featuring Haim, a papaya, Drake, a 'space cat', Afrojack and Miley's giant teddy bears. It's shot by James Brooks of Elite Gymnastics, and available to watch online now. And since it's labelled '#1', it might be the first of many. Yay!

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Atoms For Peace have made a jigsaw available for sale via their website, featuring artwork by Stanley Donwood, who also painted designs for their album cover and website. And with a price tag of £66.66, even the band themselves have described the 192 piece toy as "possibly the most expensive time wasting device you will see all year".

Still, since they cut themselves off from any income from their music being played on streaming services, they've got to feed their children somehow. On which topic, the product description also warns: "Don't let kids choke to death on the pieces, etc etc". No one ever choked on a Spotify link.

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