An UnLimited Media Bulletin
Wednesday 2 October 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: As rebrands go, the news that the Patents County Court has been renamed the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court isn't going to grab too many headlines, but it's hoped the name change will better communicate the specialist low-level court's remit, which now covers all forms of IP, including copyright, and not just patents. The renaming also coincides with a number of other changes that it is... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Starting off part-time as a hire-a-vocalist for Teengirl Fantasy and Daedelus, LA-based Kelela is now a solo artist heavy with potential. Released yesterday, her astonishingly poised first swipe at mixtape-making, 'Cut 4 Me', finds her at the heart of a briar-patch of basement R&B beats by the likes of Kingdom, Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Jam City, Nguzunguzu and Morri$, all DJs associated with the... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES IP court launches with new name and streamlined processes
LEGAL Two more indecent assault charges for Dave Lee Travis
DEALS Nils Frahm signs publishing deal with Manners McDade
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Universal appoints new boss for Portugal and Spain
There's no reason to sign with a label, says Chance The Rapper
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Spotify launches embeddable 'follow' buttons for artists
WiMP launches lossless option
INDUSTRY PEOPLE Manager Pete Fountain dies
ARTIST NEWS Lostprophets announce split
Sky Ferreira speaks on arrest
Little Richard reveals recent heart attack
Anastacia has double mastectomy following breast cancer relapse
RELEASES Miley streams Bangerz
Release round-up: Fall Out Boy and Blood Orange announce LP info, plus Sia, Sumie and an MJ metal compilation
AWARDS Voting opens for UK Festival Awards
UK Music Video Awards nominations announced
AND FINALLY... Snoop Dogg congratulates farmer on breaking swede record
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DHP Family is currently recruiting for a full time Production Rep based in London. The qualities needed to make this role a success are communication, organisation and experience. Ideally the successful candidate will have a minimum of two years practical experience working in the live music industry. You will be responsible for advancing events allocated to you and acting as a promoter representative on site where required.

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IP court launches with new name and streamlined processes
As rebrands go, the news that the Patents County Court has been renamed the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court isn't going to grab too many headlines, but it's hoped the name change will better communicate the specialist low-level court's remit, which now covers all forms of IP, including copyright, and not just patents.

The renaming also coincides with a number of other changes that it is hoped will make it quicker, easier and, crucially, cheaper for IP owners to defend their rights in court. And on the flip side, the streamlined processes should also make it easier and cheaper for those falsely accused of infringement to defend themselves.

Amongst the innovations is the introduction of a scale of recoverable costs capped at £50,000, a time limit on case hearings to reduce overall costs, and the previously reported launch of a small claims option for IP cases where any possible damages will be relatively small (originally it was thought there would be a £5000 cap, though in the end the small claims option will be open for cases pursuing damages of up to £10,000).

As previously noted, the small claims option would make it quicker and cheaper for copyright owners to pursue litigation against individual file-sharers, where damages are rarely going to be more than a few grand.

And while the big British content companies, including the record labels, have generally shied away from suing individual file-sharers, if the three-strikes system described in the 2010 Digital Economy Act ever goes live, under which internet service providers would be forced to send stern warning letters to suspected file-sharers, the Act doesn't currently include a defined strike three. Meaning that if warning letters were ignored, rights owners would have to sue the file-sharer to enforce a strike-three sanction.

Commenting on the relaunch of the Patents County Court as the IP Enterprise Court yesterday, the government's IP Minister James Younger told CMU: "Today marks the end of a series of successful reforms, which have completely re-energised this court. The changes make it a viable place for businesses of any size to protect their IP and ensure access to justice at a fair cost for all rights holders and other businesses. These changes will also make it easier and cheaper for businesses in the long run as they will now be better able to understand and navigate the specialist IP courts if a dispute occurs. This will reduce the cost of legal services and level the playing field for smaller business".

Noting that point, that the reforms particularly benefit smaller companies, Clive Davenport of the Federation Of Small Businesses also welcomed the developments, telling reporters: "The FSB welcomes the formal introduction of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court today. These changes should make it easier and cheaper for businesses, particularly SMEs and our members to identify, understand and navigate the specialist IP courts when they need to resolve an IP dispute".

He went on: "Small businesses stand to benefit from better protection of their work. A better understanding of the IPEC's purpose will enable them to identify the appropriate court to resolve their intellectual property disputes. We will continue to support and monitor the progress of the court based on the real benefit to our members - small businesses who make a huge contribution to the UK economy".

Two more indecent assault charges for Dave Lee Travis
Dave Lee Travis has been charged with two further counts of indecent assault, along with the eleven he already faces. He also faces one pre-existing charge of sexual assault.

As previously reported, former Radio 1 DJ Travis received his original charges in August, after being arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the police investigation launched in the wake of revelations about child abuse committed by Jimmy Savile last year. The charges relate to assaults on ten women between the ages of fifteen and 29, the earliest from 1977 and the most recent allegedly taking place in 2007, and are all unconnected to Savile.

The presenter has previously publicly denied all claims against him and is expected to plead not guilty in court. His trial, where he will stand under his real name of David Griffin, is currently set to begin on 14 Mar next year. He is next due to appear in court for a bail hearing on 3 Oct.

Nils Frahm signs publishing deal with Manners McDade
Nils Frahm has signed an exclusive publishing deal with UK-based Manners McDade, which will now represent the Berlin-based musician/composer's catalogue of music, including for sync.

Confirming the deal, Frahm told CMU: "I couldn't be more excited to work with Manners McDade and their team, with over a decade of experience, a fantastic roster of clients and a global outlook, they were the perfect match. Plus they are simply some of the most charming people I've met, devoted to art in music".

Meanwhile the Manners of Manners McDade, that's Catherine Manners, added: "We have long admired Nils' work so it is an honour to sign him and we are delighted to concentrate on promoting his music. We firmly believe that Nils has the talent and temperament needed for him to have the career that he chooses. We know that just about every major publisher coveted his signature so we are delighted he has chosen us to represent him".

Universal appoints new boss for Portugal and Spain
Universal Music yesterday announced the appointment of EMI's former main man in Spain and Portugal, Simone Bosé, as President of its Iberian Peninsula business, overseeing the mega-major's operations in the region. Bosé previously worked for Universal's Mercury label in Spain throughout much of the 1990s, before co-founding an indie music company and then joining EMI in 2004.

In his new role, where he replaces the recently departed Fabrice Benoit, Bosé will report into Jesús Lopez who is Universal's overseer of both Latin America and the Iberian bit of Europe. He told CMU: "Simone represents the very best in creative leadership and business management. I'm confident he will play a key role in helping us achieve our goals in the Iberian Peninsula and reinforce the strong leadership Universal Music has in the Spanish speaking markets".

Bosé himself added: "I'm very excited to be returning to Universal Music to work with all the amazing artists and the great team here to grow our business in Spain and Portugal".


There's no reason to sign with a label, says Chance The Rapper
Chance The Rapper, who has risen to prominence this year with the release of his free 'Acid Rap' mixtape, has told Rolling Stone that he sees "no reason" to sign a deal with a label. So presumably he'll say "fuck off" if and when a label arrives wanting to invest a million dollars into his career.

On future career plans, the rapper said: "There's no reason to [sign with a label]. It's a dead industry ... The whole point of 'Acid Rap' was just to ask people a question: does the music business side of this dictate what type of project this is? If it's all original music and it's got this much emotion around it and it connects this way with this many people, is it a mixtape? What's an album these days, anyways? 'Cause I didn't sell it, does that mean it's not an official release? So I might not ever drop a for-sale project. Maybe I'll just make my money touring".

Asked if one reason for staying away from a label deal was that it gave him more control over his image, he added: "I don't really have control over my direct impression on people anymore. I used to be the person putting my CD in people's hands. But I'm kind of a mainstream artist now. Not by choice. Not by what I make or anything. But just by that ripple-effect shit".

So, no then. Read the full interview here.

Spotify launches embeddable 'follow' buttons for artists
Having added the ability for users to 'follow' their favourite artists and other users on its platform earlier this year, Spotify is now extending that feature to allow artists, businesses and users to embed 'follow' buttons on their own websites. Which is very good news, because all the other online popularity contests were starting to get a bit boring.

Once a Spotify user is following an artist they will have information about new releases, events and other information relating to the act pushed to their accounts, which may or may not be a useful thing. Certainly useful as a new channel to keep the digital marketing guy occupied, though whether it's a useful service for the user, well we'll see. You can find out more about it all here.

Elsewhere in Spotify news, the streaming service has revealed that the final song to be synced in the recent finale episode of acclaimed TV show 'Breaking Bad' - Badfinger's 'Baby Blue' - saw its streamage (which is definitely a word) increase 9000% in the eleven hours after the show first aired. Which is pretty impressive, unless its streamage was 'one stream' before the sync.


WiMP launches lossless option
European streaming music service WiMP, now operating in five European markets, has launched a premium premium option, offering lossless music at CD quality.

The new option, called WiMP HiFi, will cost twice the current WiMP premium subscription fee, and will be available via the service's Sonos, Bluesound, iOS and Android apps. It will be interesting to see what percentage of streaming music consumers would pay double for increased sound quality. Previous attempts in the digital market to get more money by increasing sound quality have generally had very limited success.

WiMP has also launched a new editorial feature called High Fidelity which will encourage users to experience featured albums in full.

Manager Pete Fountain dies
The funeral of artist manager Pete Fountain will take place on 14 Oct it has been confirmed. Fountain, who worked as a booker, agent and manager during his long music business career, died on 21 Sep aged 61.

Earlier in his career Fountain worked for both the International Talent Booking agency and Trinifold Management, later establishing his own company Brighton Rock Music.

According to Music Week, his family have requested anyone wishing to pay tribute to Fountain make a donation to one of three charities close to his heart, either the Sussex Wildlife Trust, Free Tibet or The Badger Trust.

  Approved: Kelela
Starting off part-time as a hire-a-vocalist for Teengirl Fantasy and Daedelus, LA-based Kelela is now a solo artist heavy with potential.

Released yesterday, her astonishingly poised first swipe at mixtape-making, 'Cut 4 Me', finds her at the heart of a briar-patch of basement R&B beats by the likes of Kingdom, Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Jam City, Nguzunguzu and Morri$, all DJs associated with the Night Slugs label and its States-based sister operation, Fade To Mind.

To a track, all the mix's ideas are slick and strident, sliding over genre divides in one big wash of static bass and silvery Solangian R&B. Tap into those things by downloading it for £0 now.
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Lostprophets announce split
Lostprophets have announced that they are splitting up, just under a year after frontman Ian Watkins was arrested on child abuse charges.

In a statement, the band said: "After nearly a year of coming to terms with our heartache, we finally feel ready to announce publicly what we have thought privately for some time. We can no longer continue making or performing music as Lostprophets. Your love and support over the past fifteen years has been tremendous, and we'll be forever grateful for all you've given us. As we look forward to the next phase of our lives, we can only hope to be surrounded by people as devoted and inspiring as you guys have been".

Watkins was arrested in December last year, and faces a variety of charges, including conspiring to rape a one year old, as well as making and distributing images of child abuse. He has been held in custody since his arrest and is due to begin trial, alongside two women facing similar charges, on 25 Nov.

When Watkins was originally arrested the band issued a statement saying: "We find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details of the investigation along with you. It is a difficult time for us and our families, and we want to thank our fans for their support as we seek answers".

Lostprohets formed in Pontypridd in 1997, releasing their debut album, 'The Fake Sound Of Progress', in 2000. Initially the record didn't have a huge impact, though did better, particularly in the US, upon its re-release the next year. They released five studio albums in total, the most successful being 2006's 'Liberation Transmission', which went to number one in the UK. Their most recent album was their major label debut on Sony/Epic, 'Weapons', which went to number nine.


Sky Ferreira speaks on arrest
Sky Ferreira has talked with Billboard at length re certain things she's been 'hitting the headlines' for of late, mainly her long, long-awaited first LP, 'Night Time, My Time' and that arrest in mid-September. As previously reported, Ferreira and her boyfriend, DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith, were both charged with possession of controlled narcotics - she with ecstasy and he with 42 small bags, or 'decks', of heroin, after being stopped by police on various traffic violations.

On the arrest, and subsequent reporting of it and commentary about it, she told the magazine: "It was a lot harder because people don't really know... I legally can't say much about what happened, but it's not what it all seems. I kind of got fucked with. And it's annoying because I wasn't charged with his heroin. It says it. The public records are out there. I wasn't charged with it. Trust me, if I was even anywhere near that, they would've charged me because they had no problem charging me with other shit. I'm scared to say more than that because I don't want them to arrest us anymore".

Continuing, she added: "I don't like the way people are treating me and Cole. If I thought someone had a problem, I would help them, I would want to get them help. I wouldn't just make fun of them or attack them or use them as a way to get publicity for myself. I'm not telling people to feel sorry for us, but use it as a way to get people help instead of trying to embarrass them more".

Finally, she said: "I know for a fact I'm not a drug addict. That's all I really have to say about it. I'm sorry if it hurt anyone and I'm not trying to promote drugs and it's not like an image thing whatsoever. Do you think I want people thinking I'm a heroin addict? No. But people have always said I'm a drug addict, just because I come across a certain way or dress a certain way. So that's not something that's new. But I would be in rehab; and I wouldn't be able to go on stage every day and deal with this".

It should be noted that Ferreira says plenty of other interesting things in the interview other than talking about her arrest, such as discussing like why it's hard to tread a fine line between mainstream pop and creative free will, and why it's taken so long to make an LP she's happy with. And getting back (finally) to that, 'Night Time, My Time' is released on 28 Oct, and features Ferreira's new single 'You're Not The One'.


Little Richard reveals recent heart attack
Little Richard has revealed that he had a heart attack recently, this only a month on from his saying he was contemplating retiring.

Speaking with Cee Lo Green at an on-stage 'in conversation' event in Atlanta last weekend, the 80 year-old, real name Richard Penniman, said: "The other night, I didn't know I was having a heart attack. I was coughing and my right arm was aching. I told my son, 'Make the room as cold as ice'. He turned the air conditioning on and I took a baby aspirin. The doctor told me that saved my life".

Despite seeming relatively well (all things considered) at the time of the interview, Penniman admitted he'd travelled from Nashville, where the attack happened, in a tour bus fitted with a hospital bed.


Anastacia has double mastectomy following breast cancer relapse
Anastacia has undergone a double mastectomy, she has revealed. The singer, who back in July declared herself "cancer free" after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time earlier this year, said she was now "in the final stages of recovery" following the procedure, describing her experiences as an "intense journey".

Speaking in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she added: "I am feeling great and ready to start the next chapter. Early detection has saved my life twice. I will continue to battle and lend my voice in any way I can".

Miley streams Bangerz
The Miley Cyrus circus (twerk-us?) grinds ludicrously on with the 'news' that Miley has slapped her sizzlin new LP BBQ 'Bangerz' on the iTunes grill, aka she is streaming it online ahead of its release on Monday.

Featuring rappers Nelly, Big Sean, French Montana and Future, plus a bit of Britney - who sings a bit on the inexplicably-named 'SMS (Bangerz)' - 'Bangerz' the album is previewing in all its thirteen-title entirety here. Bangerz.


Release round-up: Fall Out Boy and Blood Orange announce LP info, plus Sia, Sumie and an MJ metal compilation
So, Fall Out Boy have told the world all about a mini 'punk rock'-LP they've made with Ryan Adams producing. 'Pax Am Days', as it's called, will be available online and/or as part of a reissue of the band's latest album, 'Save Rock And Roll', in a fortnight's time. Try one of its eight tracks, 'Love, Sex, Death', on YouTube.

Also announcing LP data is flavour du alt-pop jour Blood Orange who has named names as to who on earth is on his new CD, 'Cupid Deluxe', which is released via Domino on 18 Nov. The names he names (via this totally ironic 'Video Biography' clip) are: Chairlift's Caroline Polachek (on lead single 'Chamakay'), 'cloud rap' producer Clams Casino, Kindness' Adam Bainbridge, grime MC Skepta and the Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth. And his girlfriend, Friends' Samantha Urbani.

Talking of friends, R&B leading light Sia has teamed up with hers, Diplo and The Weeknd, in lending a new track to the 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' film OST. Sia and co's collabo is titled 'Elastic Heart', and will be released alongside songs by Coldplay, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Patti Smith and The National as part of the soundtrack at large on 19 Nov. Play it first at this link.

Next, Sweden's Sumie - who makes (and likes) "minimal and delicate" guitar music - has given details on her first LP, a Bella Union job due on 3 Dec. The sister of Little Dragon's Yukumi Nagano, not that that really means anything, Sumie is trailing 'Sumie' with a clip featuring listed track 'Never Wanted To Be', so take a look at that now.

Finally, to info on a 'metal covers' compilation of Michael Jackson's greatest hits, which I'd imagine will either be amazing, terrible, amazingly terrible or terribly amazing. Bearing the title 'Thriller - A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson', the collection will feature Motorhead's Phil Campbell doing 'Billy Jean', Sevedust's Lajon Witherspoon's take on 'Black Or White', and Alien Ant Farm's 'classic homage' to 'Smooth Criminal'. It's out 22 Oct.

Voting opens for UK Festival Awards
Voting is now underway in the annual UK Festival Awards, which will be presented at a bash at the Roundhouse in London on 2 Dec. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the awards will also host an exhibition of festival poster artwork from the last ten years.

Commenting on all this, UK Festival Awards MD James Drury told CMU: "It seems hard to believe that it was ten years ago that the Festival Awards first launched. Festivals have changed incredibly in that decade and it's been a privilege to have developed with such a fascinating, challenging and exceptionally creative industry".

He added: "This year we're looking at events and acts of massively different ages all competing at a top level, likewise we continue to see a huge mix of musical styles bring real diversity to the season. We're very much looking forward to celebrating the festival-going public's favourites".


UK Music Video Awards nominations announced
The nominations for the sixth annual UK Music Video Awards have been announced, and as ever the list is so long that every single music video made in the last year (whether nominated or not) should walk away with at least two awards. I tried to count up who had the highest number of nominations, but my colleagues found me weeping in a cupboard half an hour later, so we decided it was best to just leave it.

Without even offering an apology for the distress caused, UK Music Video Awards Editorial Director, David Knight, said via the event's press release: "The MVAs has become a globally-recognised event for celebrating the outstanding creative work in music videos in the UK and around the world. Last year filmmakers travelled from Europe and the United States to attend our biggest show ever. It was a very good night indeed - and I'm sure the fifth MVAs will be the best one yet".

That's right, the ceremony takes so long that last year's fifth annual event is still going on. The sixth edition will kick off at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London's Southbank Centre on 28 Oct. Bring a blanket.

Now, where's my prize for formatting all of these?

Best Pop Video - UK: Dizzee Rascal feat Robbie Williams - Goin Crazy, Elli Ingram - Mad Love, Jessie J feat Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal - Wild, Josh Kumra - Waiting For You, Laura Mvula - She, Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah

Best Dance Video - UK: Bonobo - Cirrus, Breach - Jack, Duke Dumont feat A*M*E* - Need U (100%), Rudimental - Not Giving In, Rudimental - Waiting All Night, Zomby - With Love

Best Rock/Indie Video - UK: Bloc Party - Ratchet, Darwin Deez - Free (The Editorial Me), Foals - Late Night, Is Tropical - Dancing Anymore, Tame Impala - Mind Mischief, The Civil Wars - The One That Got Away

Best Alternative Video - UK: Darwin Deez - You Can't Be My Girl, Florence + The Machine - Lover To Lover, James Blake - Overgrown, Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal
London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years, Raffertie - Build Me Up

Best Urban Video - UK: Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie, Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need A Reason, Iggy Azalea - Work, Joel Compass - Back To Me, Mykki Blanco - The Initiation, Naughty Boy feat Sam Smith - La La La

Best Pop Video - International: Frank Ocean - Pyramids, Justin Timberlake - Mirrors, Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop, Robyn feat Snoop Dogg - U Should Know Better, Solange Knowles - Losing You, Toro Y Moi - Say That

Best Dance Video - International: Aviici vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One, C2C feat Derek Martin - Happy, Fryars - Cool Like Me, Gesaffelstein - Pursuit, Passion Pit - Carried Away (Tiesto Remix), Vitalic - Stamina

Best Rock/Indie Video - International: Cold Mailman - My Recurring Dream, Joey Ramone - New York City, Kodaline - High Hopes, Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool, Portugal The Man - Modern Jesus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege

Best Alternative Video - International: Biting Elbows - Bad Motherfucker, Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures, Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes, Major Lazer - Get Free, M83 - Wait, Passion Pit - Carried Away

Best Urban Video - International, 2 Chainz feat Kanye West - Birthday Song, 2 Chainz feat Pharrell - Feds Watching, Earl Sweatshirt - Chum, Killer Mike - Reagan, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

Best Pop Video - Budget: AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It, Christian Helm - Den Som Du Elsker, Igor Volk - Labyrinth, OK Go - I'm Not Through, Society - 14 Hours, Tiny Dancer - Who Am I

Best Dance Video - Budget: Drums of Death feat Yasmin - True, Hugo And The Prismatics - Le Mystere, Jimpster - Roller Girl, Let The Machines Do The Work - Let Me Be The One, Pixel - Call Me, Postino - I Love It

Best Rock/Indie Video - Budget: Half Moon Run - Call Me In The Afternoon, Hem - Tourniquet, Kodaline - All I Want, New Young Pony Club - Hard Knocks, Pinkunoizu - Moped, Tunng - The Village

Best Alternative Video - Budget: Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together, John Grant - GMF, Mount Kimbie - Home Recording, Naïve New Beaters - La Onda, Tropics - Home & Consonance, We Show Up On Radar - Hands Up If You're Lost

Best Urban Video - Budget: ArtOfficial - Blackbirds, Azealia Banks - Atlantis, G Fresh - Never Can I, Lushlife - Magnolia, Ruckazoid - Don't Let Me Go (She Ain't Mad At It), Thurz - Colours

Best Art Direction & Design In A Video: AlunaGeorge - Your Drums Your Love, Björk - Mutual Core, Dizzee Rascal feat Robbie Williams - Goin Crazy, Gesaffelstein - Pursuit, Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool, Two Fingers - Vengeance Rhythm

Best Styling In A Video: DJ Fresh vs Diplo feat Dominque Young Unique - Earthquake, Gesaffelstein - Pursuit, Iggy Azalea - Work, Stromae - Papaoutai, Toro Y Moi - So Many Details, Wiz Khalifa - Remember You

Best Choreography In A Video: Atoms For Peace - Ingenue, C2C feat Derek Martin - Happy, Laura Marling - Master Hunter, Sigur Rós - Valtari, Stromae - Papaoutai, White Lies - There Goes Our Love Again

Best Cinematography In A Video: Florence + The Machine - Lover To Lover, Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes, Ghostpoet - Cold Win, Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal, Sigur Rós - Valtari, Woodkid - I Love You

Best Colour Grade In A Video: Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire, Foals - Late Night, How To Destroy Angels - How Long, James Blake - Retrograde, Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal, Lapalux - Without You

Best Animation In A Video: Bonobo - Cirrus, Hiatus feat Shura - We Can Be Ghosts Now, Joey Ramone - New York City, Is Tropical - Dancing Anymore, Shogu Tokumaru - Katachi, The Staves - Winter Trees

Best Editing In A Video: Breach - Jack, Daughn Gibson - Another Hell, Jessie J feat Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal - Wild, Major Lazer - Get Free, Rudimental - Not Giving In, Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege

Best Visual Effects In A Video: Björk - Mutual Core, Foals - Bad Habit, Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures, Gesaffelstein - Pursuit, London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years, Travis - Moving

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Snoop Dogg congratulates farmer on breaking swede record
Hurrah! It's the return of our very favourite one-sided friendship - that of award winning vegetable grower Ian Neale of Newport, Wales, and award winning rapper Snoop Dogg of Los Angeles, California.

As you will surely remember, the pair became 'friends' back in 2011 when Snoop recorded a video blog congratulating the veteran farmer on growing the world's heaviest swede. The rapper added that, as he was then due to play a show in Cardiff, he'd like to meet Neale backstage to discuss horticultural techniques.

Amazingly, this actually happened, and the bemused Neale later told reporters of his brief meeting with Snoop Dogg, where they discussed vegetables and smoked weed together. Though on the actual gig, Neale remarked: "I wouldn't pay to see him. I'm still deaf".

And there it ended, or so we thought. But it turns out that Snoop is still keeping a keen eye on Neale's veg growing career. So when, at last week's Malvern Autumn Show, Neale broke his own heaviest swede world record by a massive 10.4kg (slamming a 54kg swede down on the judging table), as well as taking the British carrot heavyweight title (that's a 8.35kg carrot), Snoop got back in touch.

Neale told the South Wales Argus: "When Snoop Dogg rang me I didn't say a lot because I was surprised to hear from him. But he congratulated me - it was a bit weird. He told me his own veg was growing very well".

The rapper will be pleased to know that Neale is confident he'll break more records too, saying: "I said in 2011 that I would break the 100 pound [swede] barrier and be the first person on this planet to do this - well here it is. You ask yourself why didn't it grow bigger, but it is down to the sunlight. If April, May and June had been above average temperatures then it could have been bigger. After the next two shows in Carmarthen and Peterborough I will start all over again. There's still more to come in 2014".

Exciting times. Giant veg fans will also be pleased to know that Neale's website has announced that his record breaking swede is going to be in a film. That is literally all the website says, but there is a nice picture of him and it together.

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