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Thursday 3 October 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: The Jackson family's lawsuit against live music giant AEG Live always seemed optimistic. They wanted the promoter to be held liable for the actions of Dr Conrad Murray, whose negligent treatment of Michael Jackson - in the eyes of the criminal courts at least - caused the pop star's death. But it was clear from the start that it was Jackson who brought Murray on board for the 'This Is It' project... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Now that I am an old, old man, I can no longer stomach hardcore bands who take themselves incredibly seriously and bang on about values and principles and such nonsense. So, as I draw ever closer to my 700th year, it's a joy to discover The Hell and their mix of unfeasibly heavy riffs, unnecessary misanthropy and occasional bouts of puerile humour. As they themselves say (shout) on... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Not liable: Jacksons v AEG Update
LEGAL Nadezhda Tolkokonnikova ends hunger strike
LABELS & PUBLISHERS CD sales return to decline in Japan, download figures down in the US
UK OST sales booming
LIVE BUSINESS Ticketmaster appoints new Irish MD
MARKETING & PR Scream expands publicity side
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Myspace claims large increases in audience and artist accounts
MEDIA Bauer appoint new MD for Place stations in Scotland and North England
ARTIST NEWS One Direction ordain 23 Nov '1D Day'
RELEASES Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat compilation confirmed
Release round-up: Sleigh Bells and Pusha-T stream LPs, Migos' shares Versace vid, Anthrax releasing Island Years index
GIGS & FESTIVALS Emily Eavis "close" to booking Glastinbury 2014 headliners
Gigs & Tours round-up: The Stranglers, Low, Slint
Festival line-up update: Bloodstock, Let's Rock Bristol and Rebellion
AWARDS Classic BRITs awarded. Classic.
AND FINALLY... Dalston boyband forced to change name as they head to 'X-Factor' bootcamp
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Not liable: Jacksons v AEG Update
The Jackson family's lawsuit against live music giant AEG Live always seemed optimistic. They wanted the promoter to be held liable for the actions of Dr Conrad Murray, whose negligent treatment of Michael Jackson - in the eyes of the criminal courts at least - caused the pop star's death. But it was clear from the start that it was Jackson who brought Murray on board for the 'This Is It' project, even if AEG committed to pay his bills.

Though senior AEG execs didn't come out of the five month trial particularly well, and lawyers for the Jackson family insisted that the live firm had a duty, when hiring Murray, to do background checks to confirm that the doctor wouldn't play Russian roulette with their star's life. They're failure to do so, said the lawyers, meant that, even if Jackson was partly to blame for his own demise, AEG should also share some responsibility (80% of it, the Jacksons' lawyer reckoned).

And as the jury started the third day of their deliberations earlier this week, Team AEG must have started to get a little stressed, because had the jurors answered the first question they were asked - "did AEG hire Murray?" - with a simple "no", as AEG hoped they would, it shouldn't be taking this long. The fact that discussions had gone onto a third day suggested they'd answered "yes" on that first point, and were now tackling the other fourteen questions the judge had posed about AEG's liability.

And, indeed, the jury had answered that first question in the affirmative. AEG argued that it hadn't hired the doctor because Jackson himself had recruited and managed the medic, and that while it may have committed to pay Murray's bills, doing so was basically advancing cash to the singer. And anyway, the contract that set all this out wasn't even signed when Jackson died. But on that point the jury didn't concur - beyond the technicalities of how superstar tours are structured, AEG was is essence Murray's employer, and while Jackson and AEG may have not inked the doctor's contract, it was pretty much all agreed.

But, while AEG may have hired Murray to be Jackson's personal medic for the 'This Is It' venture, was the company liable for his subsequent negligence? This is where the jury cut the live major a break. As a licensed doctor Murray was not "unfit" or "incompetent" for the job he was hired to do, the jury said, even if he proved to be unethical in the treatment he then provided to the late king of pop.

AEG didn't have a responsibility to go digging into Murray's personal life - to discover his acute financial problems, which possibly made him more prone to provide the prescription drugs Jackson craved in order to keep his job - because Murray was licensed to practice medicine, and it was reasonable for AEG to therefore assume he would perform the tasks he was hired to do in a responsible way.

The ruling will be a big relief to AEG, and others in the live space, who routinely pay for all sorts of staff members to assist the stars they work with; had the Jacksons won this case promoters would have had to seriously reconsider the way these staff members are appointed and managed. Though it's worth noting that the jury did rule that AEG was Murray's employer, despite the non-traditional nature of the way he was hired, and that liability was really avoided because doctors are licensed and therefore, by definition, suitable for the job of personal physician, even if they subsequently screw it up big time.

Needless to say, AEG welcomed the ruling. One of the firm's top execs Randy Phillips, whose testimony was among the fieriest, told reporters: "I counted Michael Jackson as a creative partner and a friend. We lost one of the world's greatest musical geniuses, but I am relieved and deeply grateful that the jury recognised that neither I, nor anyone else at AEG Live, played any part in Michael's tragic death".

The Jackson family's lawyer Kevin Boyle confirmed that "of course [they are] not happy with the result as it stands now. We will be exploring all options legally and factually and make a decision about anything at a later time".

Any appeal aside, the ruling brings to an end five months of court hearings, but also a story that really began in March 2009 when AEG and Michael Jackson first announced their ambitious 'This Is It' venture. It's a long, dramatic and emotional story that you can relive step by step with this CMU timeline.

Nadezhda Tolkokonnikova ends hunger strike
Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolkokonnikova has announced that she has ended the hunger strike she began last month, due to health problems arising from it. As previously reported, Tolkokonnikova was hospitalised last Friday having stopped eating on Monday that week in protest at the conditions in the prison where she is currently being held, having been jailed last year for performing a protest song in a Moscow church.

However, she has said that she will resume her protest if her demands for improvements are not met, and continues to insist that her claims must be fully investigated. The Russian Human Rights Council has already inspected the prison, and did find that working conditions correlated with her claims that prisoners were forced to work very long hours.

CD sales return to decline in Japan, download figures down in the US
After a somewhat perverse uplift in CD sales figures in Japan at the end of 2012, the sale of physical music products there is down again. And according to the Japan Daily Press, the decline in CD sales so far this year has burst the temporary bubble, so that 2013 sales will be lower than 2011 sales. The paper says digital revenues are also down this year. All of which could stop Japan overtaking the US as the world's biggest music market.

The stats are being cited by those who opposed pretty draconian anti-piracy laws introduced in Japan last year. The Daily Press notes that since those laws came into effect, usage of two of the country's most popular file-sharing networks - Winny and Share - has slumped by 40%, yet that hasn't seemingly resulted in an uplift in legit record sales, physical or digital.

The digital market in Japan, of course, is someway behind many other markets, because a number of key download and streaming services have only recently managed to score licenses from the Japanese labels.

Elsewhere in gloomy recorded music sales figures, according to Nielsen SoundScan the download market in the US has peaked. Single track download sales are down 3.4% for the year so far compared to 2012, though the level of decline has increased as the year has progressed, so sales were 1.3% down for the first quarter, and nearly 6% down for the most recent three month period.

And while digital album sales are up 2.6% for the year so far, in the last quarter there was actually a year-on-year decline. Of course comparing one quarter in 2013 to the equivalent quarter in 2012 may skew stats because it doesn't account for release schedule inconsistencies, ie the wider industry's major releases may have fallen in different quarters last year to this.

But the emerging trend that download sales are now in decline in the US will be a worry, and makes the success of subscription and ad-funded streaming services all the more important.


UK OST sales booming
After all that doom and gloom, how about some positive stats for dessert? Sales of film and TV soundtracks are up by almost 50% to 1.7 million units in the UK, according to data published by record label trade body the BPI and the Official Charts Company yesterday. Almost half of those OSTs were bought digitally, while a small number of high profile releases - and most notably the soundtrack to the 'Les Misérables' movie - contributed to much of the boom.

Commenting on the stats, BPI boss man Geoff Taylor told CMU: "Music has been providing the backdrop to some of the most memorable moments in TV and film history for decades. Nowadays, with the range of digital services offering music online, movie goers can download or stream a soundtrack on their smartphone or tablet as soon as the credits start to roll. Apps such as Shazam allow consumers to instantaneously identify the music they are looking for in a matter of seconds keeping the magic of the movies alive long after the popcorn has ended".

And for fans of soundtracks and lists, here is a list of the ten best selling soundtrack albums in the UK so far this year.

1. Les Miserables (movie)
2. The Great Gatsby (movie)
3. The Music Of Nashville - Season 1 Vol 1 (TV show)
4. Pitch Perfect (movie)
5. Django Unchained (movie)
6. The Music Of Nashville - Season 1 Vol 2 (TV show)
7. Teen Beach Movie (TV movie)
8. Rock Of Ages (movie)
9. Mamma Mia (movie)
10. Dirty Dancing (movie - yes, the one from 1987)

Ticketmaster appoints new Irish MD
Live Nation's ticketing company Ticketmaster yesterday announced the appointment of Keith English to the role of MD for its Irish business, following the recent death of the company's long-time chief in Ireland Eamonn O'Connor. English has worked for Ticketmaster for over 20 years in both the firm's London and Dublin offices.

Confirming the appointment Mark Yovich, President of Ticketmaster International, told CMU: "Keith's deep knowledge of the industry and his years alongside Eamonn understanding the client relationships in Ireland set him up to take the reins in this important business".

English himself added: "I am honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to build on Eamonn's successful leadership. We are at an exciting phase of the business with major technological innovations in the pipeline. I will continue to provide our clients with a first class service, and the best possible experience for fans".

Scream expands publicity side
Music promotions company Scream, best known for its radio and TV plugging work for both artists and major music events, has announced it is expanding the press side of its business with a dedicated publicity team targeting newspapers, magazines and online media for both artist and event clients.

The extension of the press side of the company comes as the firm celebrates its tenth anniversary, and follows the recruitment of Scott Steele, previously with EMI's publicity team. He will work with Scream's existing Senior Publicist Scott Bartlett.

Team Scream said in a statement: "We pride ourselves on our highly motivated and dedicated staff, all of whom are big music fans, and always looking for creative and innovative ways to add value to any campaign they undertake. The press, online and plugging side will now enhance each other even more as Scream moves forward".

Myspace claims large increases in audience and artist accounts
Myspace has issued new stats about use of the revamped social network, looking at its first 90 days out of beta. The report says that in the first two weeks after it officially launched its totally new platform in June, audience figures (which presumably means registered users, though that's not clear) grew from 24 million to 31 million, rising to 36 million as of now. Which are biggish numbers, though it does seem to mean that twice as many people signed up during the beta period than after the massive US advertising campaign that surrounded the official launch.

The company also claims that it has seen a 340% increase in the number of artists who have accounts on the new Myspace website. How many artists that adds up to isn't clear, given the new site started from zero, and if only ten had signed up in beta, that would mean 34 sign-ups since launch. Plus, of course, even if the figures are much higher than that, a lot of those artists, and individual users, who signed up possibly did so out of curiosity. It would be very interesting to know how many people are logging on daily.

But whatever, perhaps this is a sign that Myspace is starting its revival, in the US at least. And the firm's creative advisor Justin Timberlake's is still using the site regularly though, which is nice. Even if he does mostly post particularly unengaging updates about his new album. A grand total of six people were interested enough to comment on his invitation to listen to 'The 20/20 Experience Part 2' (on iTunes Radio, rather than Myspace).

Bauer appoint new MD for Place stations in Scotland and North England
Bauer Media yesterday announced that Graham Bryce, who has previously led the firm's local radio network in Scotland, will expand his remit by becoming Group MD for the company's radio operations in both Scotland and North England.

He will oversee all the Bauer radio stations in the region that sit within what the company calls its 'Place Portfolio'. Regional MDs for the North West, North East and Yorkshire, and the Place Group Content Director for the North and Scotland, will now report into Bryce.

Confirming this, Bauer Radio's Group MD Dee Ford told CMU: "This is a landmark appointment and one that will be hugely advantageous for our Place portfolio. Graham's fantastic experience and credentials made him the stand out candidate and I know that his ability, drive and ambition will influence and benefit our wider radio business".

While Bryce himself said: "I feel very privileged to be leading Bauer's iconic Place radio stations across northern England and Scotland. These unique brands have unrivalled connection and engagement with the communities they serve and continue to be incredibly relevant in this fast-changing multi-channel world. I can't wait to work with the talented teams and look forward to unveiling the exciting growth plans for Place over the coming months".

As previously reported, Bauer recently revamped the Programme Controller roles within its local radio network, renaming said people as Content Controllers and appointing a bunch of new people to that role. Last week a further new Content Controller was confirmed for Manchester station Key 103. Kate Cocker joins the radio firm from BBC 6music, and previously worked at the Manchester outpost of Xfm.

  Approved: The Hell
Now that I am an old, old man, I can no longer stomach hardcore bands who take themselves incredibly seriously and bang on about values and principles and such nonsense. So, as I draw ever closer to my 700th year, it's a joy to discover The Hell and their mix of unfeasibly heavy riffs, unnecessary misanthropy and occasional bouts of puerile humour. As they themselves say (shout) on 'Change Shit Up', "Music for me is about entertainment". And this is entertainment.

The band's members have opted to remain anonymous for now but, according to the cover of their debut album, 'You're Listening To The Hell', they number twelve. Most of them seem to be vocalists. Which is fun. What else? Oh, they have a song called 'It's The Motherfucking Hell (You Dick)', which so far hasn't stopped being funny.

According to Thrash Hits, the band is some sort of experiment to see how far they can get without PR, management or any other industry backing. Though if that is the case, given that they seem to be managed by SGR Artist Management and represented by The Agency Group for live bookings, the experiment doesn't look like it's been very successful. You should still listen to them though. And read Thrash Hits' article on them.

You can download the album for any amount of money you see fit (or no money) on Bandcamp, and you can watch the video for 'Shit Just Got Real' here.
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One Direction ordain 23 Nov '1D Day'
One Direction have gone and ordained that they shall have their own honorary 'day'. Similar to the Normandy landings in no way at all, '1D Day' will hinge on a seven-hour live broadcast with the band, in which Harry, Harry's hair and the others will do 'sketches' and interact with their international fans via social media.

Nominated 1D talkbox Liam 'Snakes On A' Payne says: "1D Day is all about giving back to our amazing fans for supporting us for the past three years. When we suggested it we never thought anyone would let us loose LIVE all day - we cannot wait!"

A robot advertising the event adds: "With the quality of a high-end HD production and the intimacy of a webchat the event will provide unparalleled access to One Direction's world, helping the band reach fans in every country. It will feature special guest appearances, sketches with the band, live broadcasts with different countries and fan-generated videos".

1D Day is on 23 Nov, which by divine coincidence is the week One Direction's new LP 'Midnight Memories' is set to emerge.

Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat compilation confirmed
Lou Reed and John Cale, who apparently can't wait five years to do this thing right, have curated a 45th anniversary compilation based on The Velvet Underground 1968 LP 'White Light/White Heat'.

The three-disc set features remastered mono/stereo editions of the original long player, and sundry extras like an alternate take of 'Hey Mr Rain', rare versions of 'The Gift', new mixes of 'Beginning To See The Light' and 'Guess I'm Falling In Love', and an unheard-till-now recording of a 1967 TVU show at the NYC Gymnasium.

Universal Music will release the package as a gloomy Christmas gift on 2 Dec.


Release round-up: Sleigh Bells and Pusha T stream LPs, Migos' shares Versace vid, Anthrax releasing Island Years index
Clang-pop dead ringers Sleigh Bells have ended their 'Reign Of Terror' (aka last LP era) by declaring a new album, 'Bitter Rivals'. The band are advance-streaming it pre its 8 Oct release via Rolling Stone, so roll over this link to listen.

Sharing Sleigh Bells' LP-previewing tendencies is rapper Pusha T, who - fascinatingly - has opted to stream his new title, 'My Name Is My Name', via Myspace. Led by its first single 'King Push', which - also fascinatingly - is produced by actor Joaquin Phoenix, T's captivating Def Jam debut features guest MCs in Kenrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Future and 2 Chainz, and is released via GOOD Music/Def Jam next week. Take to the 'space' to hear it.

Staying with this rap 'hype', the year's highest-hyped cash-rap track, Migos's 'Versace', has raked in a clip. Beside a weird Miley Cyrus-esque twerk interlude, it's all fairly predictable, so have a yawn at it right away.

In 'Versace'-free news, thrash metallists Anthrax will, on 14 Oct, make available a collation of all their Island Record-era releases. 'The Island Years 1985-1990' compiles the four LPs the band released during their tenure at the label - not least 1987's 'Among The Living' and 1990's 'Persistence Of Time' - plus various rare B-sides and live tracks. Dating back to 1990, this is Anthrax doing 'Bring The Noise' with Public Enemy.

Emily Eavis "close" to booking Glastonbury 2014 headliners
Emily Eavis has said that she is "getting close" to having two headliners booked for next year's Glastonbury Festival.

Speaking to NME, Eavis said: "We are away in Cornwall this week and I've just been talking to an agent on the phone on the beach in the rain about one of our headliners! We're definitely getting close to securing two and there are a few options for the third. It's annoying really as there are lots of great bands touring next year and we'd love to have them all. But rest assured, it's going to be one hell of a show - maybe even the best yet!"

She didn't say who the two potential bookings are, obviously, but they're definitely Lady Gaga and Neil Young, so you can stop guessing now. Or it might be Katy Perry and Slayer. Definitely one of those combinations though. The third headliner will be Prince.


Gigs & Tours round-up: The Stranglers, Low, Slint
Golden (brown) rock elders The Stranglers are marking their 40th year as a band with a 'Ruby Anniversary' tour that'll take them first to Inverness' Ironworks on 27 Feb 2014, and last to the Manchester Academy on 29 Mar. Head Strangler JJ Burley ceremoniously says: "On this, the occasion of our Ruby anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to stick my fingers up to everyone who wrote us off and dismissed us. However I would like to thank those who saw beyond the words of the critics and drew their own conclusions. He who laughs last laughs longest and loudest. Next year we will make a lot of noise with our friends".

Yeah, go away. Wait, come back for a bit, because US musos Low have also confirmed some significant shows. In Low's case, the dates celebrate the release of their tenth LP, 'The Invisible Way', earlier this year, and will fall between 14 Nov at Cambridge's The Junction and 21 Nov at Norwich Arts Centre, the day prior to the band's appearance at ATP's End Of An Era festival. Locate info on Low's forthcoming shows via Facebook.

Third and finally, long-dormant post rock clan Slint have committed to a pair of shows coinciding with their headline slot at ATP's very same End Of An Era. They'll play the Manchester Albert Hall on 28 Nov, and London's Forum on 3 Dec. So happy Slint-mas to all, and to all a good night. And an info page.


Festival line-up update: Bloodstock, Let's Rock Bristol and Rebellion
80s-fest Let's Rock Bristol has wetted it's line-up's perm via first additions like Bananarama, Level 42, Rick Astley, T'Pau and Belinda Carlisle; whilst Blackpool rock-athon Rebellion has provided company for headliners NOFX by signing on a third wave of artists.

Meanwhile Bloodstock Open Air has confirmed a headline act in Down, prompting frontman Philip Anselmo to react to the booking like so: "We are more than elated to be a part of Bloodstock Festival this coming year! This should be a blast, and I hope everyone shows up to support this great event!"

Details on all the above to follow...

BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR, Catton Hall, South Derbyshire, 7-10 Aug 2014: Down.

LET'S ROCK BRISTOL, Ashton Court, Bristol, 7-8 Jun 2014: Bananarama, Tony Hadley, Level 42, Rick Astley, ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Alexander O'Neal, Go West, Boney M, Midge Ure, Heaven 17, Jaki Graham, Doctor And The Medics, Sonia, T'Pau, China Crisis, Kim Wilde, Imagination, Soul II Soul, The Blow Monkeys, Johnny Hates Jazz, Nik Kershaw, Captain Sensible, Toyah.

REBELLION, Blackpool Winter Gardens, Blackpool, 7-10 Aug 2014: UK Subs, Vic Godard & Subway Sect, The Lurkers, Abrasive Wheels, Radical Dance Faction (RDF), The Generators, Argies, Sensa Yuma, A-Heads, The Ramonas, City Saints, The Last Resort, Authority Deal, The Duel, City Saints, The Deckchairs, Addictive pHilosopHy, Splodgenessabounds, Pink Hearse, Billyclub, The Cundeez, Top Buzzer.

Classic BRITs awarded. Classic.
So, the BRITs' annual attempt to make classical music more like pop took place last night, once against hosted by noted pianist Myleene Klass.

The big moment of the night was the delivery of the Lifetime Achievement award to the widow of Luciano Pavarotti, Nicoletta Mantovani. As previously reported, Pavarotti was originally invited to collect the prize in 2007, but was unable to collect it then also (on account of him being dead, the same excuse he used this year).

Hans Zimmer took away two prizes, for Outstanding Contribution To Music and Composer Of The Year, which is a pretty good combination - the former usually being a 'sorry you're not really relevant anymore' consolation prize. His Composer Of The Year gong was awarded specifically for his soundtracks to the movies 'The Dark Night Rises' and 'Man Of Steel', which at least means someone got something out of those two sack of shite films.

If you don't want to know the rest of the scores, look away now and wait for the highlights show on ITV this Sunday at 10.20pm. If you can't wait until then, give in to your curiosity and read this list:

Composer Of The Year: Hans Zimmer

Male Artist Of The Year: Daniel Barenboim

Female Artist Of The Year: Nicola Benedetti

International Artist Of The Year: Lang Lang

Breakthrough Artist Of The Year: Amy Dickson - Dusk & Dawn

Critics' Award: Jonas Kaufmann - Wagner

Album Of The Year: André Rieu - Magic Of The Movies

Outstanding Contribution To Music: Hans Zimmer

Lifetime Achievement: Luciano Pavarotti

Dalston boyband forced to change name as they head to 'X-Factor' bootcamp
I'm sure everyone in East London is thrilled that a boyband from Dalston is through to the bootcamp stage of this year's 'X-Factor'. And they'll be even more excited to learn that the association to the area is to be played up even further, after a clash of names with a US post-hardcore band means that they've had to change their name from Kingsland to Kingsland Road.

The group have been using their original name quite happily since forming in 2012, but 'X-Factor' bosses are presumably primed to avoid similar conflicts to those they've had in recent years over the names of One Direction (who also shared their name with a US band) and Rhythmix (who shared their name with a charity and eventually switched to Little Mix).

In a statement this week, the band said: "Since we have been featured on 'The X-Factor' we have found out that legally we have to tweak our name slightly. The reason we are called Kingsland is because we live near the Kingsland Road in London. So to stay out of prison and because it makes perfect sense, from now on we're going to be known by our full name KINGSLAND ROAD! We love our new name and hope you will do too".

While we're here talking about this lot, if you're a young Dalston resident and wonder why people make fun of you and call you a hipster all the time, it's because, rather than working to push forward the limits of fashion, you actually look exactly like a member of Kingsland Road. Behold the gift of perspective.

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