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Wednesday 16 October 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: With the introduction of a 'private copy right' into UK copyright law now imminent, and with the music industry's reported intent to fight the government's decision to introduce that new copyright exemption without compensation for rights owners, discussions in Europe around copyright levies are becoming increasingly... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: The inimitable voice of this year's singles 'How's That', 'Papi Pacify' and 'Water Me', which grace her new 'EP2', FKA Twigs is, in real life, Tahliah Barnett; artist, ballet dancer, and elite R&B-girl... from Gloucestershire. Whilst I won't go too far back into Twigs' life history (mainly since this Pitchfork interview did it quite nicely... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Private copy levy on digital lockers proposed in Europe
LEGAL Drake tour has no Future - could result in litigation
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Australian competition authority reports back on collective licensing investigation
LIVE BUSINESS Ticketscript passes ten million tickets sold point
MEDIA Radio 1 to recruit two social media overseers
INDUSTRY PEOPLE Motown's etiquette coach dies
RELEASES Swans sell live compilation to finance new LP
Britney reveals LP title
Angel Haze releases first in 'freestyle a day' series
SCUM's Tom Cohen goes solo
GIGS & FESTIVALS Gigs & Tours round-up: Phoenix announce 2014 tour, Banks adds London show, Nocturnal showcase to feature The Field, Lapalux, Holy Strays
AWARDS Lydon declared BMI Icon
Border Breaker winners for 2014 revealed
ARIA Award noms revealed
AND FINALLY... Rebecca Black's Friday man writes ode to Chinese Food
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Private copy levy on digital lockers proposed in Europe
With the introduction of a 'private copy right' into UK copyright law now imminent, and with the music industry's reported intent to fight the government's decision to introduce that new copyright exemption without compensation for rights owners, discussions in Europe around copyright levies are becoming increasingly important for the British music business.

As previously reported, elsewhere in Europe consumers are allowed to make back-up copies of sound recordings they legitimately purchase without permission from the rights owner, though the practice has generally been accompanied by a levy system, whereby a levy is charged on devices used in the private copying process (traditionally blank cassettes and CDRs, more recently MP3 players) which is paid back into the music community.

Because the private copy right has never existed in the UK (despite private copies aplenty being made by consumers) there has never been such a levy.

And while the government's most recent review of copyright law, by Ian Hargreaves, proposed the introduction of the private copy exemption, it said there was no case for a levy system to be introduced too. Much to the annoyance of the record companies, who will mainly rely on the need for parity with their European counterparts when arguing that some sort of private copy levy be introduced over here.

But in Europe the levy debate has not been without controversy, because as MP3 players fall out of fashion in favour of MP3-playing smartphones, a common question is on what to apply the levy. One recent target has been cloud storage platforms, or digital lockers, where consumers may upload and store back-up copies of their MP3 collections. To that end French MEP Françoise Castex recently proposed to the European Parliament's legal affairs committee such a system.

According to Computer World, Castex says: "The private copying system is a virtuous system that balances the right to copying for private use with fair remuneration to rightholders, and that it is a system worth preserving. [And] private copies of protected works made using cloud computing technology may have the same purpose as those made using traditional and/or digital recording media and materials".

Although the European Grouping Of Societies Of Authors And Composers has welcomed Castex's proposals, needless to say, those representing the Pirate Party in Europe have already dissed the plan, with Pirate Party MEP Christian Engstrom stating that "the very principle of levies is all wrong, we should be reducing them, not increasing them". Meanwhile the European digital sector's trade body Digital Europe has also raised concerns.

It remains to be seen how Castex's proposals fair in Brussels, and whether debates on this topic there will ever be relevant to the UK music industry.

Drake tour has no Future - could result in litigation
According to reports, Drake has kicked fellow rapper Future off his upcoming North American tour after his support act dissed his new album to Billboard.

Asked about Drake's new LP 'Nothing Was The Same', Future allegedly told Billboard Associate Editor Erika Ramirez in a recent interview: "Drake made an album that is full of hits, but it doesn't grab you. They're not possessive; they don't make you feel the way I do. I've been on the songs of all these rappers that put out an album, and my music is still better".

Presumably recognising that these were not wise words to be associated with when you're about to head out of a massive live trek of the US and Canada with Drake, Future took to Twitter to distance himself from the remarks, stating: "Respect to Billboard, disappointed on being misquoted... always love for my fam Drizzy Drake". Meanwhile his manager said the remarks were given 'off the record' during his conversation with Ramirez, and that the quote had been presented out of context in the Billboard interview.

But, despite the backtracking, it seems the damage was done. Or at least that's the gossip. Reports suggest Drake reacted angrily to the Billboard interview and demanded Future be sacked from the tour. Though in subsequent negotiations it was reportedly suggested Drake would actually reconsider if Future agreed to some sort of financial compensation for his remarks, at which point it was the support act who walked.

Quite how much truth there is in all this isn't clear, though latest reports suggest Future has now handed the matter to his lawyers, and a lawsuit for lost earnings could now follow. Meanwhile a spokesman for Billboard told reporters: "We regret that miscommunication surrounding Future's recent visit, one that seemed clear to us was on the record, may have caused any trouble for the artist".

Australian competition authority reports back on collective licensing investigation
The Australian competition authority has concluded an investigation into the country's collective licensing system, or more specifically the operations of the Aussie music publishing sector's collecting society APRA, mainly concluding that the body's operations do not raise significant competition concerns even though, like most collecting societies around the world, APRA has a "virtual monopoly" in those areas where the music publishing sector chooses to licence as one.

Sources say that the investigation generated a flood of comment, from creators, rights owners and licensees, some of it scathing of the collecting society, or the collective licensing system in general. But The Australian Competition And Consumer Commission said that in the main the "public benefit test has been met" with regards APRA's operations, noting the efficiencies and cost savings for all resulting from the collective licensing process.

That said, there are some requirements for APRA in the ACCC's draft report, including clearer communications around the way collective licensing operates and how dispute resolution processes work. The society was also told that it should educate its members better on those scenarios where there is the option to "licence back" or "opt out" so to enter into direct licensing deals with licensees in areas usually handled by APRA.

The ACCC will now except further submissions in response to the draft report, before publishing a final document on its APRA investigation later this year.

Ticketscript passes ten million tickets sold point
Ticketing services firm Ticketscript has announced that it has now sold over ten million tickets for its promoter clients at a value of £200 million. The ticketing firm launched in 2006, though a third of the ten million tickets now sold were shifted in the last year alone.

The ticketing firm has made the announcement at the start of one of the bigger festivals it currently works with, the Amsterdam Dance Event, that runs until Sunday. Commenting on reaching the ten million ticket moment, Ticketscript CEO Frans Jonker told CMU: "We are so excited to announce this milestone at one of our biggest events, ADE. We know our customers are serious about their business and we are extremely proud to provide them with a solution that has allowed them to sell over ten million tickets - a great achievement".

Noting the Ticketscript approach of providing the tools that allow promoters to keep more control over their own ticketing operations, Jonker continued: "We fundamentally believe that if organisers have full control over their data, their events will see an increase in ticket sales, community and revenue. This has been proven as we celebrate this milestone - an incredible achievement over such a short time".

Radio 1 to recruit two social media overseers
Following the news last week that Radio 1 is getting its own video channel on the iPlayer, the boss of the BBC station yesterday revealed social media will also be getting more attention in the near future.

Ben Cooper revealed at the Radio Festival in Salford that he was recruiting a social media producer for both Radio 1 and its sister station 1Xtra to oversee each channel's Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts, and to ensure more two-way dialogue with listeners over the social networks. Assessing how fit indie girls who visit the Radio 1 studios are may or may not be part of the job.

Confirming the new social media posts, Cooper said: "These two new roles are crucial as we continue to respond to the changing demands of our listeners. They will act as authors, and ensure that our conversations on these platforms have a consistent tone of voice and are more engaged in a two-way dialogue with our audiences. Distinct platforms need unique expertise and this is what these posts will offer".

Motown's etiquette coach dies
Maxine Powell, who led Motown's Artists Development Department back in the legendary label's 1960s heyday, has died aged 98.

Powell's department was often dubbed 'Motown's Finishing School', and primarily advised the label's artists on how to "carry themselves" while in the public spotlight. And that, according to Billboard, included teaching Marvin Gaye to sing with his eyes open and the proper way to exit a limousine.

A former actress, Powell was brought into the Motown community by label chief Berry Gordy to help his artists better present themselves. And in a video tribute shown at a recent Motown Museum event to honour Powell, Gordy said "You had style and you gave [our artists] class".

According to a Motown Museum spokeswoman, Powell died "peacefully surrounded by Motown family and close friends".

  Approved: FKA Twigs
The inimitable voice of this year's singles 'How's That', 'Papi Pacify' and 'Water Me', which grace her new 'EP2', FKA Twigs is, in real life, Tahliah Barnett; artist, ballet dancer, and elite R&B-girl... from Gloucestershire.

Whilst I won't go too far back into Twigs' life history (mainly since this Pitchfork interview did it quite nicely first), her lineage and experience have likely been key in chiselling the EP, which mixes sticky, spinal R&B with 'thinking' lyrics and the alien images pinning her clips. Like 'Water Me', which fits and shivers on a semi-fixed picture of her face, or the more notorious 'Papi Pacify', with its scenery of extremes, and the questions it spits out.

Questions tying to things like this, and questions which inspired this excellent piece by writer at The Fader, Emilie Friedlander, which paints FKA Twigs as a kind of 'enlightened median' in the deeply divided, and divisive, feminine spectrum, if there even is one.

Anyway, play with 'Water Me' and 'Papi Pacify'.
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Swans sell live compilation to finance new LP
In a drive to raise cash to fund the recording of a follow-on to 2012's 'The Seer' LP, prog giants Swans have launched a Kickstarter/PledgeMusic-style initiative, which includes making available that "hand made" live compilation they first drafted earlier this year, a dual-sized LP titled 'Not Here/Not Now'.

Charting gigs the band played in Barcelona and Melbourne, it's available to order online right away. As are the various other packages, ranging from $55 to $500. The top option will see Swans' Michael Gira write a song for a fan.

This is its smallprint: "YES THIS IS REAL: M Gira will record and send to customer a video of a simple, short, original song, acoustic guitar and voice, with customers' name in the song, praising the customer, his or her ancestors, thoughts, dreams, and future or past lives, forever. This video will be made by M Gira, sitting at his desk, at home, singing directly to you, and you only".

Find links and info via this page, which is attached to the Michael Gira-owned Young God Records site. And "thanks for your support!".


Britney reveals LP title
Ahem. Britney Spears has given a 'Breaking Bad'-ending-level unexpected title to her new LP. Shall I tell you what it is? It's 'Britney Jean', as in Britney Jean Spears, as in the first 66.66% of Britney Jean Spears' name. So, that's nice, even if it lacks a little 'Spears'. Still, we persevere.

Speaking via Capital FM on the title's real meaning, Britney Jean said yesterday (in a weird English accent): "It's a personal album, and all my family, they always call me Britney Jean. It's like a term of endearment, and I just wanted to share that with my fans".

'Britney Jean' is released 3 Dec.


Angel Haze releases first in 'freestyle a day' series
Rapper Angel Haze has released the first in a set of thirty freestyle raps she'll reveal over the next thirty days.

Christened the '30 Gold Series' in reference to Haze's debut LP 'Dirty Gold', which is due out before 2013 is (out), the prescription 'freestyle per diem' service got going yesterday with a play on Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead'.

Get that here, and refer to Haze's Twitter feed for future '30 Gold' freebies.


SCUM's Tom Cohen goes solo
Following 'the dissolution of SCUM', his previous group, back in January, Tom Cohen has made his first solo move, posting a new song titled 'Honeymoon' online.

All I'll say is that it's quite... ambitious. And ambition can't be a bad thing, can it? Yes, yes it can. Join Tom on his 'Honeymoon' now, if you will.

Since I'm staying impartial as regards post-SCUM projects (almost to the point of not really caring at all) I'll reiterate that the rest of the ex-SCUM kids have rebranded themselves as new band Astral Pattern. Listen to their brighter stylings here.

Gigs & tours round-up: Phoenix announce 2014 tour, Banks adds London show, Nocturnal showcase to feature The Field, Lapalux, Holy Strays
So, French electro-lites Phoenix have gone for broke, and announced a trio of 2014 tour dates backing their latest LP, 'Bankrupt!'. Ranging from Glasgow's Barrowlands (10 Feb) to London's Brixton Academy (12 Feb), the shows are listed on Facebook.

Maker of sensual R&B Banks has added a headline PA at Shoreditch Town Hall on 11 Nov. It's her London debut, so be nice, and go get tickets when they go on sale (which is this Friday). Solo date played, Banks will move on to join The Weeknd on his November arena trip. So, that's a thing, and here's another, Banks' moody 'This Is What It Feels Like' promo.

And finally, to news on a pretty hard-to-beat international bill compiled by top promotions co Bird On The Wire. Featuring Detroit band ADULT, Essex's Lapalux and Parisian mixologist Holy Strays, its centrepiece is CMU approved Kompakt signing Axel Willner aka The Field, who'll wet his new LP, 'Cupid's Head', with a special set. That's all going on at the London-based Oval Space on 29 Nov. Info and links are on this page.

Lydon declared BMI Icon
John Lydon was the latest European artist to be officially declared an Icon by the US collecting society BMI at its annual London awards event last night. Hot on the heals of the rival ASCAP awards show last week, the BMI event celebrates those European songwriters who have enjoyed significant success in the US, especially on American radio.

The Icon Award is the main event of the evening, and asked about how he felt receiving it by Rolling Stone magazine, Lydon said: "Fantastic. When you're offered these things, you have to be sensible and see them as somewhat of a challenge. I've always got the thing in mind of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame - that was something that I bitterly detested and rejected. This is slightly more serious, and it's very interesting that it's the British music industry saying, 'Well done, John'. I think I've done a lot for this country, so it's quite nice for that to be noted".

Actually I think it's more the American music industry saying that, though I'm sure plenty of British music publishers clapped along at the BMI shindig last night.


Border Breaker winners for 2014 revealed
The winners of the 2014 European Border Breaker Awards have been announced, once again celebrating new artists who have enjoyed cross-border success in Europe. Each winner will be presented with a gong at an event during next year's Eurosonic festival, where one will also be presented with a Public Choice Award, based on online voting during November and December.

And the winners are...

GuGabriel (Austria)
Lukas Graham (Denmark)
Woodkid (France)
Zedd (Germany)
Asgeir (Iceland)
Kodaline (Ireland)
Jacco Gardner (Netherlands)
Envy (Norway)
Icona Pop (Sweden)
Disclosure (UK)

Revealing the list of winners for the latest edition of the EC Culture Programme-funded Border Breaker initiative, Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner For Education, Culture, Multilingualism And Youth, told CMU: "Without music, life would be a mistake, said Friedrich Nietzsche some time ago".

He went on: "Musical tastes might have changed a bit since his day, but music is still a universal language that touches everyone, regardless of age or background. The internet has made it easier than ever to access music, yet, paradoxically, it is much harder for artists to break through and achieve lasting success. The European Commission supports the EBBA Awards because we want to help the most promising acts to reach audiences beyond their home base and to break into new international markets".


ARIA Award noms revealed
So, the nominations for this year's ARIA Awards, which are basically the Australian BRITs of course - contradictory as that is - got good and confirmed on Monday.

The most-named artists on the list, with six nods each, are 'alternative dance' wonderkid Flume and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, so yay for that.

The ARIAs will be given to whomsoever wins them in Sydney on 1 Dec. Discover the rest of the listed nominees here.

Rebecca Black's Friday man writes ode to Chinese Food
Patrice Wilson and Ark Music Factory, the man and myth at the shrivelled heart of Rebecca Black's 'Friday', have fired off a new single. Like 'Friday', it's a love song, only this time to Chinese food rather than a day of the week. Though the simple titling format remains. This song is called 'Chinese Food'. Because that's what it's all about; Chinese food.

Essentially, it's inspired by its pre-teen hit-deliverer Alison Gold's inherent desire to eat spicy chicken wings, noodles, egg rolls, "beautiful" broccoli and "chow m-m-m-m-mein", and the inner peace, and spice, she finds therein. Patrice Wilson raps in it, because he too loves Chinese food. Especially hot sauce. Doesn't everyone?

I think I need some quiet time.

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