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Thursday 17 October 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: So third time lucky. Or is fifth time? I lost count. Yes, the all new HMV launched a download service overnight, the entertainment retailer's latest attempt to take a slice of the digital music market, an area where I think most people agree - including newish HMV owners Hilco - the high street music seller has... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: French rap. Fast, 'artistic' French rap. With a hashtag. I realise it isn't great 'en papier', but please, stay with me, it's better than it seems, and really, isn't everything better when it's in French? And it isn't really rap, anyway, it's rhythmic 'talking', or spoken word if you will. And apparently this thing... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES HMV launches new download service
LEGAL Bauhaus's Peter Murphy on probation following meth arrest
DEALS BMG extends publishing alliance with Robbie
Vek signs publishing deal with Tummy Touch
LABELS & PUBLISHERS BPI publishes vinyl revival stats
LIVE BUSINESS Water Rats to reopen this weekend after ceiling collapse
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Rhapsody and Telefonica ally on Napster expansion
BACON now growing in The Orchard
RELEASES Snoop(zilla) to groove with Dâm-Funk on collaborative LP
Muse releasing high-def live film
New Neneh Cherry LP to feature Robyn, Four Tet, RocketnumberNine
Motorhead stream Aftershock
GIGS & FESTIVALS Sam Duckworth, Stagecoach, Her Parents to play Alcopopalooza Xmas party
Festival line-up update: Celtic Connections, LEAF, Freeze and more
AND FINALLY... One Direction beat Cliff Richard at selling calendars
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HMV launches new download service
So third time lucky. Or is fifth time? I lost count. Yes, the all new HMV launched a download service overnight, the entertainment retailer's latest attempt to take a slice of the digital music market, an area where I think most people agree - including newish HMV owners Hilco - the high street music seller has pretty much failed completely in the past.

Although available via the web at, the new download store has mobile at its core, with most attention being directed towards the new service's official Android and iOS apps. This is perhaps unsurprising given that the man appointed in August to lead HMV's latest digital efforts, James Coughlan, previously held a digital music role at Vodafone, though it does feel as though the aforementioned Hilco had mobile in mind as soon as they set out their digital plan after acquiring the entertainment retailer in April.

The new service is a pretty straightforward a la carte download service in the iTunes and Amazon MP3 mould, though with a more slick design, certainly when accessed via the apps.

Powered by HMV's long-time digital partner 7digital, the retailer says that the new service should integrate with minimum hassle across a consumer's devices, with MP3s bought being downloaded into existing music folders and playable on the user's music player of choice. This includes through the iOS app, which will enable through-app downloads direct to iPhones and iPads, something that has not been possible outside of iTunes on Apple devices until now.

Although Coughlan is keen to stress that the app available today is just phase one of the new HMV's digital ambitions, with much more to come in 2014, it's also clear that providing streaming content services is not currently on the agenda, even though HMV Canada - back in common ownership with the UK business via the Hilco acquisition - does operate previously reported streaming set-up The Vault.

But, for all the hype around 'access' style subscription services like Spotify in recent years, Coughlan seems convinced that for the mainstream music consumers that are possibly still for the grabbing in the digital market, an 'ownership' download store is more attractive. And the new HMV hopes it can reach those still-for-the-taking consumers by better selling its digital service through its high street stores. Achieving that aim involves enthusing staff on the high street, and integrating the physical and digital retail experience.

The bid to better integrate the bricks-n-mortar and digital stores is another reason for having a mobile-centric experience. The main gimmick-feature included in the app is the ability to locate content in the HMV download store by snapping a photo of the album's cover or pointing the phone towards a speaker already playing a song, Shazam style. Although these features can be used anywhere, the message is, browse in our shops and, if you want to buy digitally, snap-and-download via our app there and then, rather than making a mental note of the record and downloading it from iTunes or Amazon later.

It remains to be seen if, in a market so dominated by Apple, and where Amazon usually grabs the bargain hunters, while the streaming services grab most of the headlines, HMV's latest attempt at digital works. The new top guard at the retail firm hope that they've addressed the issues that dogged previous HMV digital services, so that they can now succeed where their predecessors failed.

But, while the original HMV Digital service ten years ago was woeful, more recent 7digital-powered services haven't been so bad, yet have still failed to gain any real momentum. Though integrating the high street and digital experience is probably key to having any chance of getting some of the digital music pound, so in that respect, the new service is probably a step in the right direction, even if breaking Apple/Amazon's online dominance remains an ambitious task.

Announcing the new service last night, Coughlan told CMU: "I'm excited to say that we're putting music ownership back into focus with the launch of our new digital music products. For the first time, music lovers have the ability to experience the traditional feel of HMV on the high street and have the option to discover and build a digital music collection, delivered and managed across devices, from HMV, the Home Of Entertainment. An exciting vision is unfolding and I look forward to announcing further developments regarding our plans for 2014 in the coming weeks - this is just the beginning!"

Meanwhile Hilco chief Paul McGowan added: "HMV's position at the heart of entertainment retail demands that we enable customers to buy their music from HMV in the way that best suits them and to engage more closely with the music, video and gaming worlds. Integrating a 'listening post' Image Search feature will enhance the shopping experience as music fans scan and sample albums in store over our newly-fitted high speed wifi before deciding to buy either the physical or digital product direct from HMV".

Revealing that a revamped will also launch next week, McGowan went on: "The new website, launching next week, together with a revitalised YouTube channel will start the journey towards enhancing the experience of interacting with the entertainment industry, an engagement that will be further increased by the massive ramp-up in the number of live events being held within our stores on an ongoing basis".

Bauhaus's Peter Murphy on probation following meth arrest
Bauhaus man Peter Murphy has avoided jail time following his previously reported arrest in March on hit-and-run, DUI and drugs charges. He has instead been sentenced to three years probation, says the Glendale News Press, having appeared at the Los Angeles County Superior Court last week.

Whilst the DUI charge was dropped after Murphy reached a new plea deal with prosecutors, he eventually pled 'no contest' to the driving misdemeanour and guilty to possessing methamphetamine, a quantity of which was found in his car on his initial arrest.

Amongst the conditions of his probation, he's obliged to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings for 45 days, and complete ten days of community service in LA. He must also submit to random drug tests.

BMG extends publishing alliance with Robbie
BMG has announced a new deal to represent all of Robbie Williams' publishing interests via a partnership with the singer's own company Farrell Music Ltd.

BMG already publishes Williams' compositions from his first four solo albums, but under the new deal will represent all of the star's work, from his original contributions to the Take That oeuvre back in 1994 to the original tracks on his new album 'Swings Both Ways'.

And if you don't believe me, I present BMG boss Hartwig Masuch who will tell you: "Robbie Williams is a true international superstar with a world-class management team. We are delighted that Robbie and his team have put their trust in BMG to best represent his songwriting interests".

Meanwhile Alexi Cory-Smith, SVP of BMG Chrysalis UK, added: "People love Robbie Williams and they love his songs. I've heard 'Angels' performed everywhere from a funeral in Brunei to a wedding in Donegal. I am delighted to welcome him, and his world class catalogue of songs, to BMG".


Vek signs publishing deal with Tummy Touch
Touch Tones Music, the publishing side of the Tummy Touch Music Group, has announced a deal with Tom Vek, who first came to wider attention via his 2005 album 'We Have Sound', originally released by the Tummy Touch label before being licensed to Island.

Confirming the new publishing deal, Tummy Touch co-founder Tim 'Love' Lee told CMU: "I'm incredibly proud to welcome Tom back to the Tummy Touch Music Group, it's been a thrill to see his career develop from the very beginning and we look forward to working with him on new material very soon".

Meanwhile Vek's manager Michael McClatchey of Moshi Moshi Music Management added: "We're delighted with Tom's signing to Touch Tones. We have a long history with the TT team and always enjoyed working with them".

BPI publishes vinyl revival stats
Ah, the vinyl revival, we all love that right? Nothing pleases vinyl fans more than watching the CD format's sorry slide into oblivion as sales of good old-fashioned proper records continue to boom. Of course selling CDs is still the single biggest revenue generator for the global record industry, and CD album sales still account for all but the smallest slice of the recorded music business's physical product pie. But who asked for vinyl revival figures to be put into perspective? No one, that's who.

And it's true that vinyl continues to see impressive growth in the UK, with latest figures from the Official Charts Company and record label trade body the BPI revealing that 2013 sales of the format have now crossed the half million mark, the first time annual vinyl sales have exceeded 500,000 since 2003. And the number of vinyl records shifted could exceed 700,000 by the end of the year, the highest total since 2001. Already vinyl accounts for 0.8% of album sales, which is tiny, but significantly more than the 0.1% market share the format commanded in 2007.

Commenting on the latest vinyl revival stats, BPI boss Geoff Taylor, just back from his cheesy vox pop training, told CMU: "The LP is back in the groove. We're witnessing a renaissance for records - they're no longer retromania and are becoming the format of choice for more and more music fans. This year has been a treat for vinyl aficionados with releases from Daft Punk, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath".

He went on: "Whilst sales only account for a small percentage of the overall market, vinyl sales are growing fast as a new generation discovers the magic of 12 inch artwork, liner notes and the unique sound of analogue records, often accompanied by a download code for MP3s. As we look forward to new LPs from Arcade Fire, Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, and Jake Bugg in the run up to Christmas, the vinyl revival looks set to continue".

Meanwhile, bigging up the role of Record Store Day in all this, Kim Bayley, Director General of the Entertainment Retailers Association, added: "Record Store Day has been incredibly important as a catalyst for the resurgence of vinyl. The fact that indie record shops managed to sell a huge £2 million worth of vinyl in one day puts paid to the idea that either vinyl or record stores themselves are on the way out".

The BPI has also revealed the results of a recent survey of 1700 vinyl buyers, revealing that 70% of those surveyed bought at least one record a month, and nearly 20% at least one a week. And 85% of those surveyed confirmed vinyl was their favourite music format. And while the 35-44 age bracket made up the highest portion of respondents, a third were under 35, suggesting that - especially in the indie genre - there is a market for vinyl amongst younger consumers too.

So that's all good. Though obviously what you're all really here for is a list of the ten best selling vinyl releases of the year so far and some stats about vinyl sales over the last decade. And look, once again CMU provides. Yes, with absolutely no thought for my own safety, I've cut and pasted these lists from the BPI's press release...

Ten best selling vinyl releases of 2013... so far
1. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
2. Arctic Monkeys - AM
3. David Bowie - The Next Day
4. Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest
5. Queens Of The Stone Age - Like Clockwork
6. Atoms For Peace - Amok
7. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City
8. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away
10 Black Sabbath - 13

Vinyl sales - units shifted by year
2003 - 579,248
2004 - 453,254
2005 - 351,224
2006 - 250,926
2007 - 205,292
2008 - 208,526
2009 - 219,449
2010 - 234,471
2011 - 337,041
2012 - 388,768
2013 (so far) - 548,142

Water Rats to reopen this weekend after ceiling collapse
London gig venue Water Rats should be open for business again from Friday, despite a photo doing the rounds on the social networks earlier this week showing much of the venue's ceiling on its stage.

It seems that some of the venue's ceiling fell on Sunday, while prep was underway for an Israel Nash gig. Fortunately the collapse occurred just before sound checking began, so nobody was hurt, and the show was relocated to The Slaughtered Lamb pub in Clerkenwell.

Emergency repairs have been underway this week, and Symptomatic, which books gigs at Water Rats, has told Clash magazine that the damage was not as severe as it possibly looks in the aforementioned photo, that the structure of the building itself was not affected, and therefore all should be back to normal by Friday.

Though whether that night's headline act Lucid Jake will don a hard hat before taking to the stage remains to be seen.

Rhapsody and Telefonica ally on Napster expansion
Often useless (well, in my experience) telecoms giant Telefonica has acquired a slice of Rhapsody International as part of a deal that will see the phone firm get behind the Napster streaming service. And hey, what can go wrong with that alliance?

As previously reported, while in the US digital music firm Rhapsody phased out the Napster brand after acquiring its rival in 2011, outside America, where Rhapsody never previously launched, the company has continued to use the Napster name.

Following expansion of the Napster service in Europe earlier this year, Rhapsody hopes that the Telefonica alliance will help the music platform gain a share of the Latin American market, where its new partner's Terra internet business will start bundling the streaming set-up, replacing its existing subscription music platform Sonora.

Confirming the venture, while also noting his firm's past music endeavours through Sonora and its O2 subsidiary, Stephen Shurrock, CEO of New Business Ventures at Telefónica Digital, told CMU: "Whether through the O2 Arenas or services such as Sonora, we have long believed that music is an important way of engaging with customers. As demand for streaming music services takes off, our Rhapsody partnership will allow us to deliver a compelling music proposition to our customers, leveraging Napster's heritage, brand and strong position in this market".

From the Rhapsody side, the digital firm's Senior VP and Global Head Of Product, Paul Springer, added: "At Rhapsody, we have a rich history of providing music lovers instant, anywhere, anytime access to an unlimited catalogue of music. We value product innovation and partnerships, and you'll see both through this Telefonica relationship. As global smartphone usage continues to rise, particularly in Latin America, we are thrilled to put more music in the hands of music fans across the globe".


BACON now growing in The Orchard
Digital distributor The Orchard earlier this week announced the launch of BACON, or Bulk Automated Claiming on The Orchard Network (who bets that was a bacronym?).

The new service is designed to help content owners better monetise their videos on YouTube, in part by enabling "The Orchard's YouTube-partnered clients to start monetising videos within minutes of being uploaded to YouTube, increasing revenue potential by taking advantage of the groundswell of views that occur immediately after a video goes live and scaling a very manual claiming process".

The Orchard already operates a so called multi-channel network, or MCN, providing services to the owners of over 1000 channels on YouTube, and BACON was built in-house by the firm to better support its MCN clients.

Commenting on the launch of the BACON service, Orchard chief Brad Navin told CMU: "With the broadest distribution reach in the entertainment industry, we monitor trends across all global markets to drive our strategy. As we've watched YouTube grow, particularly in developing digital markets where it's the #1 source of digital revenue for some clients, we've dedicated significant resources to increase revenue for our clients, assert their rights and alleviate the pain points of their businesses".

  Approved: ≠ FAUVE
French rap. Fast, 'artistic' French rap. With a hashtag. I realise it isn't great 'en papier', but please, stay with me, it's better than it seems, and really, isn't everything better when it's in French? And it isn't really rap, anyway, it's rhythmic 'talking', or spoken word if you will. And apparently this thing (says maths) - ≠ - isn't a hashtag, it's a 'not equal' sign. Fauve in French can mean 'wild beasts', or 'fawn', or, figuratively speaking, an angry, feral human. So that's that all clear, then.

And so, finally, to ≠ FAUVE, an ensemble of Parisian artists with it's own Haus Of Gaga-style Corp, comprising anything ranging from five to 20 musicians, illustrators, and even an in-Corp videographer. An entity since 2010, the band, if that's what it is, released its first EP 'Blizzard' to a whirl of approving noise earlier this year, winning the prestigious Découvertes du Printemps prize at the Bourges Spring Festival not long after that.

And 'Blizzard' is, as its title says, a squall of icy jibes that stick like knives, of hot-cold 'affaires du coers' and fever-dream diatribes, the lyrics to which are translated via the ≠ FAUVE site.

Whilst ≠ FAUVE's first-night showing at London's tres bon OohLaLA! festival (21-24 Oct) is sadly already at capacity, chances are France-fans can still take tickets to watch the also-billed likes of Dominique A, Lescop, Christine And The Queens, Petit Fantôme and Moodoïd. Failing that, this is ≠ FAUVE's 'Blizzard'.
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Snoop(zilla) to groove with Dâm-Funk on collaborative LP
Oh for Dogg's sake. Rap chameleon Snoop whatshisface has taken on another last-name alias, and it is: Snoopzilla.

Similar to his 'Lion' flirtation, which saw the rapper lose the 'Dogg' to chase his reggae-based dreams via this year's 'Reincarnated', Snoop will now pose as Snoopzilla to convince as a collaborator of groovy cat Dâm-Funk, since 'Snoopzilla' is a play on iconic funk bassist Bootsy Collins' nickname Bootzilla.

Thinking on his new incarnation, Snoop says: "We're the babies of the Mothership. I've had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dâm-Funk is cold. He's keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him".

Dâm-Funk and Snoop... zilla, who collectively go by the name 7 Days Of Funk, will release an LP titled exactly that on 10 Dec, via the Stones Throw label. Hear one of its tracks, 'Faden Away', in a bit, and read up on the duet via Pitchfork.


Muse releasing high-def live film
So, Muse have a new live film coming out. Titled 'Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium, July 2013', it consists, unsurprisingly, of scenes from a concert the band 'rocked' earlier this year in front of 60,000 fans. In Rome. At the city's Olympic Stadium. Live.

It'll be shown in cinemas in 20 international cities, including London, in early November, screening in 4D, which apparently means the same thing as Ultra High Definition, meaning it's four times the quality and sharpness as is usually standard in movie theatres.

Say Matt Bellamy et al: "This is the biggest tour we've done in terms of scale and production value and it's definitely the show we're most proud of so we're really excited to be able to release it as the first ever ultra high definition concert film".

And: "It captures an extraordinary amount of detail and not just everything we're doing - the fans, even those at the back, the set, the actors and the incredible atmosphere on a very special night in Rome. We can promise our fans, whether they managed to come to the live shows or not, an entirely new Muse concert experience".

Details of the film's British screenings are available here.


New Neneh Cherry LP to feature Robyn, Four Tet, RocketnumberNine
Oooh, genre-blending Swede Neneh Cherry is to release a new LP, her first solo set-piece in over sixteen years, featuring alt-pop luminaries Four Tet, RocketNumberNine and Robyn. In short, Four Tet produced it, RocketNumberNine made its beats and backing, and Robyn drops in to sing a while.

Cherry says creating it was: "a liberating experience, not endlessly trying to fiddle with the music, re-recording hundreds of times. These days it's easy to create any effect or sound on a computer, [but] it is much harder to get the rawness I think we've achieved".

The LP, whatever it's name may be, will feature ten tracks, and is set to be released in early 2014.


Motorhead stream Aftershock
Even in the midst of Lemmy's recent health scares (and even his latter claims in the new Classic Rock that he's "ready for death"), Motörhead are 'doing their thing', and have gifted fans with an early preview of their new LP 'Aftershock' in the week leading to its release.

They've given it to Yahoo! Music for safe keeping, so go over there to hear it. "Consider it our early Halloween treat", laughs Yahoo. Okay, will do.

Sam Duckworth, Stagecoach, Her Parents to play Alcopopalooza Xmas party
Rock corps Alcopop! has confirmed the first acts playing its Alcopopalooza Xmas party, which will go off at Brixton Windmill on 21 Dec.

And those acts are: one-time Get Cape man Sam Duckworth, the brilliant Her Parents, and last-chance 'pOp' band Stagecoach, who've sadly decided to break up straight after their set.

In addition, there'll be drinking games and an 'acoustic shed', and who doesn't love drinking in a shed at Christmas? Whilst final artists are still TBA, Alcopop! fans can place advance ticket orders at this link.


Festival line-up update: Celtic Connections, LEAF, Freeze and more
Um, so 2014's sold-out Glastonbury has its first act, albeit by unofficial DIY-confirmation, which I suppose still counts. Bass pairing Stanton Warriors revealed earlier this week that they'd be back at Glasto next summer, adding it'll be a nice way to celebrate the tenth anniversary since first they played the festival. Nice.

Whilst Stanton Warriors weren't able to wait for official confirmation of their booking to be announced by the festival's promoter, the new acts added to Bloodstock Open Air, Celtic Connections, Freeze Festival, HRH Prog and LEAF all have.

And they are:

BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR, Catton Hall, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, 7-10 Aug 2014: Saxon, Flotsam And Jetsam, Decapitated.

CELTIC CONNECTIONS, various venues, Glasgow, Scotland, 16 Jan - 2 Feb 2014: Bobby Womack, Suzanne Vega, Lloyd Cole, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Seth Lakeman, Tim Finn, Julie Fowlis, Imelda May, Sharon Shannon, Barbara Dickson, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Alexz Johnson, Alkinoos Ioannidis, Allan Prior, Aly Bain, Amadou & Mariam, Annabelle Chvostek, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Boban & Marko Markovic Gypsy Orkestar, Brian Miller, Caladh Nua, Caoimhin O Raghallaigh, Capercaillie, Carole Prior, Celtic Fiddle Festival, Ceri Owen Jones, Ceri Rhys Mathews, Cory Chisel, Darrell Scott, De Temps Antan, Dennis Wilson, Dick Gaughan, Donald Hay, Drew Talbot, Elephant Revival, Emily Smith, Gavin Marwick, Geordie MacKeeman And His Rhythm Boys, Gria, =Habadekuk, Iain Anderson, Ian Bruce, Ian McCalman, Iarla O Lionaird, James Fagan, James Vincent McMorrow, Jazzateers, Jerry Douglas, The John Dipper Band, Jordie Lane, Karine Polwart, Kathleen MacInnes, Lau, Lindi Ortega, Luke Daniels, Mairi MacInnes, Manu Dibango, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, Matheu Watson, Mike Grubbs, Miranda Rutter, Parveen Sabrina Khan, Patsy Reid, Phil Cunningham, Ragged Glory, RANT, Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire, Ron Pope, Roy Harper, Ruhaniyat, Sadie & the Hotheads, Salsa Celtica, Samantha Crain, Sangsters, Saurav Moni, Siobhan Miller, Soopna, Stephen Quigg, Stevie Palmer, Sturgill Simpson, Su-a Lee, Elysian Quartet, The Milk Carton Kids, The Mountain Firework Company, The Outside Track, The Staves, Thomas Bartlett, Tim Finn, Tim O'Brien, Tom Ward, Treacherous Orchestra, Vasen.

FREEZE FESTIVAL, Clapham Common, Lambeth, 27 Nov - 1 Dec: MJ Cole, Maribou State, Eton Messy DJs, Josh Butler, Just Kiddin, Panda, Boean, Adam Wyatt.

GLASTONBURY, Worthy Farm, Somerset, 25-29 Jun 2014: Stanton Warriors.

HRH PROG, Magna Science Adventure, Rotheram, 6-7 Apr 2014: Arcane Roots, The Enid, Solstice, Panic Room, Luna Kiss, September Code, The Custodian.

LEAF, various venues, London, 7-10 Nov: Duke Dumont, Diplo, Beardyman, Le Youth, Monki, Chris Liebing.

One Direction beat Cliff Richard at selling calendars
One Direction have overtaken Cliff Richard as pop's most popular seasonal pin-up, beating the 'Livin Doll' hitmaker (not literally) to first place in Amazon UK's list of its bestselling 'male celebrity' calendars ever (or since it started selling such things in the 1990s).

1D have managed to almost double Cliff's 'all-time' Amazon calendar sales record in only three years, despite the fact he topped the etailer's calendar charts every year from 1998-2011. It seems that since the 1D boys entered the random-pose-per-month business it's all changed.

Amazon's VP of EU Retail, Xavier Garambois, says: "Before 2011, no one could get near Cliff Richard at the top of the calendar charts but One Direction's unrivalled popularity has seen them shoot to the top of the all-time bestsellers list".

Personally, I don't know what I'd rather have hanging on my bedroom wall at night: Cliff's wrinkly mug or Harry Styles' slightly smoother one. Think I'll go with neither.

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