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Monday 21 October 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: The shutdown of MegaUpload took nearly 11 million legit files offline, according to a new study by Northeastern University in Boston. Although the same report confirms that the majority of the files stored and shared via the now defunct cloud-locker and file-transfer service were likely infringing copyright... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: The tenth annual Tokyo International Music Market (or TIMM) takes place in, you guessed it, Tokyo this week. Kicking off tomorrow and running until Thursday, it invites members of the international music industry to meet key figures in the Japanese independent music business and check out... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Nearly eleven million legit files blocked in Mega shutdown, says report
LEGAL Italian courts issue another Pirate Bay web-block command
Jailed Pussy Riot member declines early release hearing as bandmate is moved to another prison
DEALS Simon Cowell drops Loveable Rogues
BRANDS & MERCH Robbie's clothing line folds
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES STIM announces YouTube deal
MEDIA SBTV secures new investment
Shaun Ryder to host UFO show
ARTIST NEWS Whishaw now favourite for Freddie Mercury biopic
RELEASES Release round-up: Atoms For Peace, R&S Records and Grass House
GIGS & FESTIVALS Drake show pushed back two months at the final hour
Festival line-up update: ATP's End Of An Era, Freeze, Snowbombing and more
AWARDS MOBOs presented
Hardwell tops 2013 DJ Mag Poll
Live Music Business Awards presented
Welsh Music Prize names winner
AND FINALLY... Ke$ha performance too electric
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Nearly eleven million legit files blocked in Mega shutdown, says report
The shutdown of MegaUpload took nearly 11 million legit files offline, according to a new study by Northeastern University in Boston. Although the same report confirms that the majority of the files stored and shared via the now defunct cloud-locker and file-transfer service were likely infringing copyright.

The Northeastern study looked at content stored on five so called cyber-lockers in total, spying on FileFactory, Easy-share, Filesonic and Wupload as well as MegaUpload, and also monitoring the Undeadlink platform. The survey examined files and metadata on the file-transfer services, and focused in more detail on 1000 files randomly selected from each site.

The researchers conceded that it was hard to identify whether many files stored in the digital lockers were or were not infringing the copyrights of a third party, but of those that could be classified, more infringed than did not. Overall, researchers say that at least 26% and possibly up to 79% of files on the sites surveyed infringed copyright.

As for MegaUpload, arguably the highest profile of the file-transfer sites surveyed, and not just because of its dramatic shutdown by the US authorities in early 2012, the researchers reckon that at least 31% of the files stored on the service's servers infringed copyright, while at least 4.3% did not.

Although the American music and movie companies that lobbied the US authorities to shutdown MegaUpload will see the academic report as vindication for their argument that the service existed primarily to enable copyright infringement (and that Mega chiefs turned a blind eye to that fact to further their commercial ambitions), opponents of the content industries will hone in on the fact that, according to the research, in the region of 10.75 million of the files taken offline were owned by the users who uploaded them.

As previously reported, the legit files stored on MegaUpload at the point of shutdown have been the subject of legal action in the States.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has led the charge on behalf of one former Mega user who also lost his local back-up of sports footage he had filmed, and who is therefore desperate to be reconnected with the files that are still being stored on long switched-off Mega servers. Assuming the files weren't actually stored on MegaUpload's European platform, which has already been wiped by the company who owned the hardware.

Although the American judge overseeing the case has been sympathetic to those who lost access to their own files as a result of the MegaUpload shutdown, the US authorities haven't shared the judicial concerns, usually pointing out that Mega's small print told users to keep local back-ups. Meanwhile the American entertainment industry has said affected users could be reconnected with their files, but only if copyright infringing content was first removed from the old MegaUpload platform, a condition that makes reconnection all but impossible.

Though, as previously noted, given that the easiest way to enforce copyright is to convince the masses that it's something worth protecting, there would be a genuine PR benefit to the big music and movie companies in helping the little guys who used MegaUpload legitimately to reclaim their IP from the dead and dusty old Mega servers. But, as always, once the legal guys are involved, common sense PR rarely appears on the agenda.

And anyway, arguably the time for Mega-file returning has now passed (especially in Europe). Though by failing to act a year ago, reports like the one from Northeastern University, which should back up the arguments of the US authorities and entertainment giants, will instead be used by MegaUpload supporters to beat them around the head.

Italian courts issue another Pirate Bay web-block command
The Italian courts have ordered that The Pirate Bay be blocked. Again. Judges in Italy first ordered internet service providers in the country to block access to the controversial file-sharing site back in 2008, and while an appeals court overturned the block, the country's Supreme Court reinstated it in 2010.

But the always resilient Bay seemingly returned to the country via an alternative domain, which was the subject of a new web-block injunction application considered in the Bergamo court last week. And on Thursday an injunction ordering Italian ISPs to block the new Bay domain, plus other file-sharing sites,, and, was duly passed.

Though, of course, those who so wish can still access the Bay in Italy using one of numerous proxy sites, as UK file-sharers regularly do, even though British ISPs were ordered to block the file-sharing site last year.


Jailed Pussy Riot member declines early release hearing as bandmate is moved to another prison
Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina has withdrawn a plea to be released from her prison sentence early, citing solidarity with the Russian punk collective's other remaining detainee Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

As previously reported, Tolokonnikova was admitted to hospital last month, having embarked on a hunger strike protest against the "slave like" conditions in the penal colony in Mordova, Russia, where she's serving her two year sentence. Having since renewed the strike, it's been decided that she will be transferred to a different facility, something her husband Pyotr Verzilov has described as "a great victory".

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Alyokhina, who last week refused to take part in a court hearing debating her potential early release, issued this explanation (seemingly prior to hearing the news about Tolokonnikova): "I do not have any moral right to take part in this court hearing at a time when my friend and fellow convict Nadezhda Tolokonnikova does not have such opportunity. She is currently in hospital or back in that same prison which we have heard horrible things about".

Both Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova are due to be freed in March 2014.

Simon Cowell drops Loveable Rogues
Simon Cowell isn't so much in love with 'Britain's Got Talent' boyband Loveable Rogues as he once was, like, a whole twelve months ago.

Cowell has reportedly dropped the trio, who placed fourth overall in 2012's round of 'BGT' shows, from a £500,000 Syco deal after only one #9 single, 'What A Night'.

The Rogues caused a 'fixing' fuss last year after admitting 'BGT' producers had invited them, having seen their videos online, to audition in the first place.

So that worked out well, didn't it?

Robbie's clothing line folds
Robbie Williams' clothing line Farrell has folded, reports The Mirror.

The brand first started trading in 2011, with Williams 'designing' in partnership with one-time Burberry tailor Ben Dickens. "Built upon the foundations of old-fashioned, British values - honesty, integrity and the sense of men being men", the clothing line was sold in Selfridges and House Of Fraser, in addition to having its own 'pop-up' premises in Covent Garden.

Thanking the retail 'biz' for... well, nothing, really, Robbie says: "I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the talented Ben Dickens and will miss creating and working with him and wish him every luck for the future".

Yes, quite, it's poor Ben Dickens I feel the sorriest for. Let's bid a great British "bye, then" to Farrell fashion via this film featuring its Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

STIM announces YouTube deal
Sweden's publishing sector collecting society STIM has finally done a deal with YouTube, which means that publishers and songwriters represented by the organisation can now access ad-share royalties from videos hosted on the Google-owned site.

For Swedish rights owners the deal covers content hosted by YouTube in a number of European territories, while international songwriters relying on STIM to collect such royalties on their behalf in Sweden will also benefit.

Welcoming the deal, which follows similar YouTube arrangements reached by other European collecting societies in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France and the UK, STIM boss Kenth Muldin told reporters: "From now on STIM's rights holders will benefit from a fair rate for the use of their creations in audiovisual and music videos in the YouTube service. Reaching an agreement with YouTube is a milestone that creates new opportunities for our rightsholders".

SBTV secures new investment
Urban-music-focused video channel SBTV has secured its first bit of private equity investment in a deal that values the YouTube-based business, founded by then teenager Jamal Edwards seven years ago, at £8 million.

Miroma Ventures has taken a minority stake in the video service, with Edwards planning on using the new investment to extend the range of content his company produces.

Meanwhile Miroma Ventures founder Marc Boyan said his involvement will allow SBTV to expand its employee base, and move more into e-commerce, mobile and live events.


Shaun Ryder to host UFO show
This is, literally, incredible. Shaun Ryder is presenting a new telly show - on the History Channel, no less - on extra terrestrial phenomena, titled 'Shaun Ryder On UFOs'.

Inspired to do so by an ET sighting he experienced as "a 15 year old lad living in Salford", he'll reveal his personal 'X-Files', and those of others, over four programmes starting 10 Nov.

This is its trailer to prove that, as Sean says, "it's no hoax".

  Approved: Shishido Kavka
The tenth annual Tokyo International Music Market (or TIMM) takes place in, you guessed it, Tokyo this week. Kicking off tomorrow and running until Thursday, it invites members of the international music industry to meet key figures in the Japanese independent music business and check out some of the bands they represent. You probably guessed that from the name, but I didn't like to assume.

The big showcase night takes place on Wednesday at the Zepp DiverCity venue with seventeen acts performing in total. Lucky enough to be there myself, it's Shishido Kavka I'm most looking forward to seeing perform.

Singer and drummer Kavka released her debut album, 'Kavkanize', in Japan last month. Amongst the sixteen tracks that make up its tracklist is 'Love Corrida', a inescapably infectious pop track with a hook that gets inside you so deeply you suspect it'll be there forever.

Check out 'Love Corrida' and it's excellent video here.
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Whishaw now favourite for Freddie Mercury biopic
Acting bloke Ben Whishaw, these days best know for playing a young Q in the rebooted James Bond franchise, is now favourite to play Freddie Mercury in the previously reported biopic being planned by the Queen frontman's surviving former bandmates.

Sacha Baron Cohen was, of course, originally lined up to play the flamboyant pop star, but dropped out of the project earlier this year, reportedly over differences of opinion with Brian May and Roger Taylor as to what elements of Mercury's life the movie should centre on.

Taylor seemingly added to the Whishaw speculation on Friday by stating in an interview that an actor with the initials "BW" was now the frontrunner to front the film. Though, while Whishaw would be a good hire for the part of Mercury, Barbara Windsor, now that would be proper brave casting.

Release round-up: Atoms For Peace, R&S Records and Grass House
Thom Yorke, Nige Godrich and Flea's other other band Atoms For Peace began circulating a new clip recently, repping visually their track 'Before Your Very Eyes'. Whilst Yorkey did it via cryptic tweet, leading fans to sift through the AFP website to find the video, I'm presenting it here for you to see as per its title. Behold.

Next; hey, what's this? Oh, it's only an R&S Records thirtieth anniversary compilation, which features tracks by R&S signings past and present, like Aphex Twin, Model 500, Lone, Nadine Shah, Blawan and Egyptian Hip Hop. It's released this week, so scan its tracklisting via MixMag.

On to hirsute 'outsider pop' group Grass House now, who've just precluded their debut LP 'A Sun Full And Drowning' - out 28 Oct - by offering component song 'Wild And In Love' in a 'here's a free Mp3'-style giveaway. Get a piece of the scheme via The Fly.

Drake show pushed back two months at the final hour
Showing famous late-starters like Axl Rose, Pete Doherty and Justin Bieber how it's really done, Drake this weekend kicked off a show 60 days late. Well, technically that's what he'll do in 58 days time. I hope those Drake fans brought snacks with them.

So yes, Drake fans were left disappointed this weekend when a Saturday night show in Philadelphia was cancelled right at the last minute, as fans were taking their seats apparently, because of "technical difficulties". Ticket buyers were told to go home and return on 18 Dec, when the gig has been rescheduled.

A spokeswoman for the venue, the Wells Fargo Center, told reporters: "Due to the elaborate nature of tonight's show and an unexpected technical issue, Drake's 'Would You Like A Tour' concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia has been postponed until Wednesday, December 18".


Festival line-up update: ATP's End Of An Era, Freeze, Snowbombing and more
So ATP has at last finalised its twin End Of An Era weekenders, mainly by adding Fuck Buttons and A Winged Victory For The Sullen to the festival's latter half, which isn't yet sold-out, and His Clancyness, Justin Spear and Declan Allen to its first part, which is.

Elsewhere in FLUU-ville, a few late additions to ice-cool London event Freeze Festival, Brixton-based DIY all-dayer November Spawned A Monster, and Austrian bash Snowbombing's first 2014 conscripts...

ATP'S END OF AN ERA PART 1, Pontins Holiday Park, Camber Sands, 22-24 Nov: His Clancyness, Justin Spear, Declan Allen, Dr Kiko, Jamie & Manish, ATP DJs.

ATP'S END OF AN ERA PART 2, Pontins Holiday Park, Camber Sands, 29 Nov - 1 Dec: Fuck Buttons, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Cherrystones, Declan Allen, Barry Hogan, Dr Kiko, Jamie & Manish, ATP DJs.

FREEZE FESTIVAL, Clapham Common, London, 27 Nov - 1 Dec: Idris Elba, Benji Boko, Goldierocks, Rattus Rattus, Howson's Groove, Planas, Troupe DJs, Mat Format, Slothboogie, Sharkbait, Oh B, London Disco Society, I Killed Kenny, Oscar Luweez, Le Soso, Premise, Gigalum DJs, Ania Iwinska, WAGS, Kaz Daniels, Jake Murray.

NOVEMBER SPAWNED A MONSTER, Windmill Brixton, London, 23 Nov: Kowalski, Shinies, Playlounge, The Death Of Pop, Radstewart, Dirty Leaves, Ancient Times, My Therapist Says Hot Damn.

SNOWBOMBING, various venues, Mayrhofen, Austria, 7-12 Apr 2014: Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, Horse Meat Disco, David Rodigan, Dismantle.

MOBOs presented
So roll up, roll up, and get yourself a list of MOBO winners while they're still warm.

And since you all asked so nicely, I'm going to throw in a free quote from MOBO boss Kanya King, talking after the eighteenth edition of the Music Of Black Origin awards show in Glasgow on Saturday night.

Look, here it is: "It has been an exciting road this year that has seen artists both new and established demonstrate their worth and talent. For us at MOBO, the awards are about recognising the exciting and inspiring artists out there and giving them a platform to perform on. This year has been a great representation of the wealth of talent MOBO music has to offer. It's an amazing industry to work in and we love being at the forefront honouring the past and supporting the future".

And now a list of winners...

Best Album: Rudimental - Home
Best Song: Naughty Boy - La La La
Best Video: Naughty Boy - La La La

Best Male: Wiley
Best Female: Laura Mvula
Best Newcomer: Krept & Konan
Best International Act: Kendrick Lamar

Best African Act: Fuse ODG
Best Gospel: Lurine Cato
Best Jazz: Sons of Kemet
Best Reggae Act: Sean Paul
Best RnB/Soul Act: Laura Mvula
Best UK Hip Hop/Grime: Tinie Tempah

Be MOBO: Stephen Lawrence Trust


Hardwell tops 2013 DJ Mag Poll
Dutch DJ/producer Hardwell has topped the latest DJ Mag Poll, knocking that Armin Van Buuren off the top slot in the annual punter-voted DJ survey, and becoming the youngest ever Poll topper, being just 25 years old.

Hardwell received his award for topping the poll from legendary producer Giorgio Moroder at an event during the Amsterdam Dance Event this weekend. Meanwhile two other Dutch DJs were presented with prizes, Dyro for being the highest new entry on this year's poll, and Tiësto, who was given the first ever Top 100 DJs Legend Award.

Check out some of the none-Dutch people also rated by the world's clubbers in the full DJ Poll 100 here:


Live Music Business Awards presented
So it was the Live Music Summit in London last week. Did you go? Did you learn something new? Did you make a useful business contact? Are you know an expert on the UK live sector? Will you shut up about it already?

Anyway, in amongst the proceedings was the fourth Live Music Business Awards. And as well as the previously reported Outstanding Contribution prize for Roger Daltrey, all the following were also honoured at the awards bash...

National Promoter Of The Year: DHP Family
Regional Promoter Of The Year: Orchard Events, Wales
Indie Promoter Of The Year (Local Impact): Jamie Finn, No-Wave (Folkestone)

Best Venue Teamwork
Wembley Stadium
Arena: The O2, London
Theatre/Concert Hall: Wolves Civic, Wolverhampton
Campus: Manchester Academy
Major Club: Corporation, Sheffield
Club: Under the Bridge, London

Best Festival
Cap 40,000+:
Cap 15,000-39,999: Latitude
Cap under 15,000: Bloodstock, Derbyshire

Agent Of The Year: Alex Hardee, Coda Music Agency
Artiste Manager Of The Year: Kwame Kwaten, ATC
Tour Manager Of The Year: Glen Rowe (Muse)
Best Record Label Partner: Claire Haffenden, Universal Music
Unsung Hero: Graham Lambert, Tour Rep, SJM Concerts

Spectacle Of The Year (Best Production): Muse at Emirates Stadium, London
Breakthrough Artiste: Ben Howard
Best Festival Performance: Biffy Clyro at Reading
Greatest Brand Impact: Relentless

Commenting on winning the Best National Promoter prize for the second year running, DHP Family's George Akins told CMU: "To win an award like this for the second year running is a fantastic tribute to the hard work and dedication of the DHP team. They have dared to be different, establishing a real rapport with the artists and venues, and I'm immensely proud that the industry has recognised their achievement".


Welsh Music Prize names winner
This year's Mercury-al Welsh Music Prize has a winner. She sings, plays the harp, was raised in Aberystwyth, and has a fringe, and her name is Georgia Ruth Williams.

Williams and her debut LP, 'Week Of Pines', fended off the shortlisted likes of Sweet Baboo, Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip's Neon Neon, and split indie five-piece Race Horses, to take the Prize, which was voted for by a jury of 12 industry figures, including NME Editor Mike Williams, Catatonia's Owen Powell, and Beggars Group's Head Of Live Ruth Barlow.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens, an avid lover of harps who co-founded the Prize in 2011, says this of the win: "Georgia's hard work and unique talent has made her one of Wales' favourite new artists, and her music in Welsh and English has found favour far beyond Wales. Her win is very well deserved!"

Expressing herself via Twitter last Friday, Williams said: "Thanks so much everyone! All 11 albums were absolute blinders, and I'm still a bit in shock. But I'll get a grip. Promise!"

She later added: "Also, you'll be delighted/let down to learn that I didn't chuck my award into a Cardiff gutter in a drunken spewy fugue... TONIGHT THO??".

Did she tho? I hope not.

Ke$ha performance too electric
So, whether or not Ke$ha is fully in charge of her career or not, she was definitely fully charged at a recent gig that's for certain. Because she somehow managed to electrocute herself with a power tool.

And if you think that rather weak attempt at a pun is disrespectful for a pop star who's just been electrocuted live on stage, I should note that Ke$ha herself doesn't seem too traumatised by the experience.

Discussing a segment in her live show where she attacks a custom-made metal chastity belt with a handheld band-saw, the popstress revealed: "It's super dangerous - but it looks so cool and my fans are way into it - though at this one show I was doing that and all of a sudden I start getting electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina and it was super scary and intense. I think everyone thought I was partying".

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