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Tuesday 29 October 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: Conrad Murray, the former doctor jailed for causing the death of Michael Jackson through negligent treatment, was released from jail yesterday after serving nearly two years of a four-year sentence. According to reports, a change in Californian law allowed his jail time to be cut down significantly, though when he was convicted it was actually predicted he'd be freed much sooner because of overcrowding [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Amongst the many acts playing at last week's Tokyo International Music Market one of the real standouts was klezmer duo Charan Po Rantan. Now, I realise that Japanese klezmer music might not be the easiest sell, but singer Momo Matsunaga and her accordion-playing older sister Koharu won over any doubters quickly during their three song set at their daytime showcase [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Conrad Murray is out of jail
LEGAL Gaming sector reckons new approaches rather than three-strikes will combat piracy
vKontakte wins a copyright case
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Universal parent close to deal to take complete ownership of TV business
LIVE BUSINESS Malaysia bans Ke$ha
OBITUARIES Lou Reed 1942-2013
ARTIST NEWS Fleetwood Mac's John McVie receiving cancer treatment
RELEASES David Bowie to release new Next Day video/songs this week
Release round-up: Justin Bieber, Mogwai and Mastodon
GIGS & FESTIVALS Arcade Fire confirm November shows as The Reflektors
Gigs & tours round-up: Azealia Banks, Miley Cyrus and Ty Segall
AWARDS Music video awards presented
AND FINALLY... Britney Spears singles played to deter sea-pirates
Man masquerades as R Kelly
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Conrad Murray is out of jail
Conrad Murray, the former doctor jailed for causing the death of Michael Jackson through negligent treatment, was released from jail yesterday after serving nearly two years of a four-year sentence. According to reports, a change in Californian law allowed his jail time to be cut down significantly, though when he was convicted it was actually predicted he'd be freed much sooner because of overcrowding in the state's jail system.

Confirming he was out of prison, Murray's legal rep Valerie Wass told reporters, simply, that her client was "elated to be out of there". Murray, who continues to proclaim his innocence, despite admitting to giving Jackson daily doses of the surgical anaesthetic propofol as a cure for insomnia, a practice condemned by pretty much any doctor asked, complained at various points about his treatment in jail.

The ex-doc, who previously practiced medicine in three American states, no longer has a licence to practice, though recent reports suggested he planned to appeal to the medical board in at least one of the states where he previously worked. He is also still appealing his 2011 conviction, and while the appeal court has questioned the value of revisiting the case, Wass said that a successful appeal hearing could lead to a cut in Murray's wider sentence and help him repair his shattered reputation.

In the short term, though, Wass said her client planned to spend time with his girlfriend and children. She confirmed the ex-medic had done quite a bit of writing while in prison, but said she didn't know whether he planned to publish any of it. Murray has given some media interviews about his involvement in Jackson's 2009 death, but never formally testified, in either his criminal trial or the Jackson family v AEG court battle.

Gaming sector reckons new approaches rather than three-strikes will combat piracy
Although 60% of the UK's game developers admit that piracy is a problem for their business, only 10% reckon that stricter enforcement of their intellectual property rights is a way to deal with the challenge, which puts the gaming sector at odds with the music and movie industries, which continue to put pressure on government to expand anti-piracy measures.

According to The Guardian, 87% of British gaming companies surveyed by their trade body TIGA said that new business models were the best approach to combat piracy, while 40% agreed that more educational initiatives explaining why copyright is good and piracy bad were also desirable.

But perhaps most interestingly, nearly three quarters of those questioned were against measures that could lead to persistent online pirates having their net connections slowed down or even suspended. As previously reported, those sanctions have been floated as possible final penalties in the 'graduated response' system for combating piracy that was set out in the 2010 Digital Economy Act but which has never actually been enacted.

Reps for the music and movie industries continue to lobby government to kick start the DEA measures, which would begin with the mailing of warning letters to suspected file-sharers, but the TIGA research suggests that the gaming sector isn't interested in participating in the three-strikes party.

TIGA boss Dr Richard Wilson told reporters: "TIGA's survey shows that many games businesses continue to find the most effective response to the problem of piracy is to adopt new business models, such as subscription-based services and free-to-play games. UK developers are taking the initiative to deal with the issue of piracy and are looking for new ways of delivering content and communicating directly with their consumers".

For all the litigation and lobbying pursued by the music and movie sectors in the last fifteen years in a bid to combat online piracy, much of it achieving short-term successes, there are many in the music community who also reckon the long-term solution is better legit music services and decent copyright education beyond the generally woeful major label-led Music Matters-style marketing campaigns.


vKontakte wins a copyright case
In an interesting turn of events, and one that won't be welcomed by the music industry, Russian social networking firm vKontakte has won its latest legal battle with a local music rights company.

Facebook clone vKontakte - or - is the big player in the social networking space in Russia, and has come under criticism from both local and international music companies for allowing users to share music files across its networks.

With Russian copyright laws traditionally unhelpful to rights owners fighting file-sharing, the firm initially got away with the "it's our users not us" defence, but more recently the country's courts have got stricter on piracy, most notably in vKontakte's legal battle with SBA/Gala last year, where the social networking company was deemed liable for the copyright infringement it enabled.

Since then the firm has reportedly become more proactive in removing copyright infringing files uploaded by its users to its servers (though the boss of indie-label-serving anti-piracy firm Muso told CMU that he'd always found helpful in this regard). Meanwhile the company is reportedly in talks with the majors and other music firms about launching some sort of legit music service.

But nevertheless, in a separate legal squabble between vKontakte and music business Soyuz, a St Petersburg court has ruled that the social networking set-up was not liable for its users uploading recordings owned by the music company without permission, noting that no vKontakte employees were involved in the infringement and the firm couldn't be expected to monitor everything uploaded to its servers.

The ruling seems to be in conflict with the decision in the SBA case, and perhaps suggests that the clarity the music industry hoped it had secured in Russian law regards the liabilities of technology providers for the piracy they enable is not so clear after all. Though regarding vKontakte itself, the company's current ambitions to make itself the Russian Spotify probably means it will continue to court the labels.

Universal parent close to deal to take complete ownership of TV business
Universal Music parent company Vivendi has reached a deal to take complete ownership of its telly business Canal+, according to French media reports.

As previously reported, Vivendi, which in recent years has had interests in both content and telecommunications, is busy restructuring, dumping the latter part of its business and focusing on the former. Though the restructuring has also involved selling off all but a minority stake in arguably its most successful content company, the Activision gaming firm.

With its French TV business Canal+, however, an opposite approach has been pursued, with Vivendi buying out the subsidiary's minority shareholder Lagardere, rather than selling the rest of the company to it. Lagardere has actually been keen to bail on Canal+ for a while, though relations between it and Vivendi have been tense - and at one point litigious - so the deal has taken a while to be agreed.

According to French newspaper Les Echos, Vivendi will likely pay about a billion euros for Lagardere's 20% of Canal+, though a final price is still being agreed, with Vivendi pushing for 900 million euros, Legardere something just over 1.1 billion. Even at Vivendi's valuation, analysts seem to think the arrangement is a better deal for Legardere, questioning future growth of the TV business in an increasingly competitive market.

With the concurrent plan to float its main telecoms business SFR, Vivendi chiefs seem set on a future built around two wholly owned content businesses, Universal Music and Canal Plus, possibly using the booty from its Activision and SFR sales to buy further content assets.

Malaysia bans Ke$ha
Ke$ha is the latest artist to cancel a concert in Malaysia after the authorities there said her show would "hurt cultural and religious sensitivies". She had been due to play a show in the nation's capital Kuala Lumpur.

Despite consenting to tone down her 'suggestive' lyrics and costumes in line with the Muslim country's strict rules on such things, Ke$ha was forbidden from appearing, she says, under threat of "imprisonment", a claim that's since been denied by the concert's promoters, Livescape.

Tweeting on Saturday, when the show was meant to take place, Ke$ha said: "To be clear. I did NOT cancel. I was not allowed to play. And then I was going to play anyways and was threatened with imprisonment".

In response, Livescape's head of PR, Jason Kong, told Malaysian paper The Star: "We told her we would advise against it because the authority will shut down the show. I don't know where the imprisonment came from. I don't think anyone from the government was in touch with her. I think it was a tweet of frustration".

Western artists often have to alter the content of their live shows when they perform in Malaysia so as not to anger more militant groups in the Muslim country, and Beyonce is among the stars to have previously cancelled shows there after running into problems with the authorities.

Lou Reed 1942-2013
Lou Reed died on Sunday at his home in New York, following several bouts of ill health relating to liver failure this year, and a liver transplant back in May. He was 71.

Born in New York in 1942, Reed began playing guitar while at school and after attending Syracuse University, where he studied film directing, creative writing and journalism (the latter either ironic or understandable, considering his noted contempt for journalists), he became a songwriter and session musician for novelty record label Pickwick Records. Here he met John Cale, with whom he formed the band which would become The Velvet Underground.

After coming to the attention of Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground became the house band at the artist's Exploding Plastic Inevitable events in the late 60s. Under Warhol's guidance, model and singer Nico was added to the line-up of the group - though the title of their debut album, 'The Velvet Underground & Nico', suggested the resistance to this.

The album was not a great commercial success on its release, but has gone on to be one of the most influential rock albums of all time - Brian Eno famously said that everyone who bought a copy had gone on to form a band.

Reed left The Velvet Underground in 1970, ahead of the release of the group's fourth album, 'Loaded'. After a brief stint working at his father's accountancy firm, he recorded his first solo album, 'Lou Reed', which consisted mainly of songs originally recorded by his former band for the 'Loaded' record. However, it was with his second solo effort, the David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced 'Transformer', that his solo career really took off, the album featuring two of his best known songs, 'Walk On The Wild Side' and 'Perfect Day'.

Following the critical and commercial success of 'Transformer', Reed grew more experimental, first with 'Berlin', a concept album about two heroin addicts in love, and then 'Metal Machine Music', a double album of feedback. The latter was largely met with derision and confusion, along with some acclaim (which grew retrospectively). When Reed worked on another controversial project, his 2011 collaboration with Metallica, 'Lulu', he told USA Today: "I don't have any fans left. After 'Metal Machine Music', they all fled. Who cares? I'm essentially in this for the fun of it".

Turning out to be his final release, and one he claimed was the best album he (or anyone else) had ever recorded, it bookends a career which was never predictable. Although many would perhaps not wish 'Lulu' to be his final work, it seems fitting for him to go out on a record that challenged both him and, even more so, his audience.

Meanwhile, after Reed's wife Laurie Anderson revealed in an interview with The Times earlier this year that he had undergone a liver transplant, he issued a statement in June saying: "I am a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry. I am bigger and stronger than ever".

Reed did then return to public life later that month, performing at the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity, but was hospitalised again shortly afterwards with dehydration.

Following the announcement of his death, many former collaborators and friends paid tribute to Reed, John Cale saying: "The world has lost a fine songwriter and poet... I've lost my 'school-yard buddy'".

  Approved: Charan Po Rantan
Amongst the many acts playing at last week's Tokyo International Music Market one of the real standouts was klezmer duo Charan Po Rantan (the previously mentioned Shishido Kavka, I should probably add, also turned out to be as brilliant as I'd hoped).

Now, I realise that Japanese klezmer music might not be the easiest sell, but singer Momo Matsunaga and her accordion-playing older sister Koharu won over any doubters quickly during their three song set at their daytime showcase.

In fact, opening a four band line-up in a brightly lit hotel function room, the pair put in such a strong performance - Momo using empty seats as stepping stones to sing into the faces of unsuspecting attendees - that you had to feel sorry for every single one of the other bands following them.

The pair released their latest album, 'Futae No Rasen' ('Double Spiral'), in Japan earlier this year. Now keen to find a wider audience further afield, I'm crossing my fingers for a London show in a venue more befitting their energetic and highly visual performance soon.

For now, check out the video for a track taken from that last album, 'Last Supper'.
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Fleetwood Mac's John McVie receiving cancer treatment
Fleetwood Mac bassist and co-founder John McVie has been diagnosed with cancer, leading the band to cancel their entire tour of New Zealand and Australia while he receives treatment.

A post on Fleetwood Mac's Facebook page informing fans of the situation reads: "We are sorry to not be able to play these Australian and New Zealand dates. We hope our Australian and New Zealand fans, as well as Fleetwood Mac fans everywhere, will join us in wishing John and his family all the best".

The band are still scheduled to perform at a show in Las Vegas on 30 Dec.

David Bowie to release new Next Day video/songs this week
So guess what everyone, David Bowie is going to give us all the gift of new sound AND vision this week, in the form of a video for the James Murphy remix of his track 'Love Is Lost', and also three extra new tracks, all featuring on the extended re-release of Bowie's Mercury Music Prize-nominated newest LP, 'The Next Day'.

The video will be unveiled during the Mercury Prize ceremony on Wednesday, and uploaded to Vevo on 1 Nov. The tracks, meanwhile, titled 'Atomica', 'Born In A UFO', and 'Like A Rocket Man', will premiere via BBC 6music, Radio 2, and Absolute Radio respectively on 30 Oct.

Stay entertained in the interim by listening to Murphy's 'Hello Steve Reich' mix of 'Love Is Lost'.


Release round-up: Justin Bieber, Mogwai and Mastodon
Oh lord, Justin Bieber has released a proudly Craig David-esque new song as part of his trial-and-error #MusicMondays series, whereby he releases a new track every Mo... well, you get the idea. Ever wondered what it'd sound like if UK garage ate itself? Wonder no more.

Moving far, far away from J-Beebs', it's on now to zombie horrorcore Scots Mogwai, who've 'done' a new LP titled 'Rave Tapes'. Recorded at the band's 'Castle Of Doom' studio in Glasgow, it'll see the light of day on 20 Jan 2014. Preview its third track 'Remurdered' here.

Warner Bros is releasing a new live DVD recounting a show Mastodon played at the Brixton Academy in London, England, last Feb. 'Mastodon Live At Brixton', as they've opted to name it, is due out on 10 Dec, in both audio-only and audio-plus-video formats. Find details and a set list here.

Arcade Fire confirm November shows as The Reflektors
Arcade Fire have announced a bunch of shows in support of their um... 'multi-faceted' new LP, 'Reflektor'.

The band, disguised as The Reflektors, will perform at London's Roundhouse on 11 and 12 Nov, Glasgow's Barrowlands on 15 and 16 Nov, and at Blackpool's Empress Ballroom on 27 Nov.

Tickets to all shows will go on sale this Friday. And this is The Reflektors' new lyric video, 'Afterlife'.


Gigs & tours round-up: Azealia Banks, Miley Cyrus and Ty Segall
Azealia 'this is my bottom' Banks is to tour the UK in March 2014, by which time she might actually have released her astronomically tardy debut LP, 'Broke With Expensive Taste'. Probably not, though. She'll play four shows in all, starting on 25 Mar at the Glasgow Academy, and stopping on 29 Mar at London's Brixton Academy, which is rescheduled from a cancelled date on 30 Nov. Listings are here, and the clip for Azealia's new single 'ATM Jam' - which apparently she is so 'over' - is here.

Taking a little 'Miley' time now (not for long, I promise), we have not-tour-news of the 'Do My Thang' star's tour, which hasn't actually been announced yet. All anyone knows is that she's gooooing on tooooooour in 2014. To know more as and when it becomes public knowledge, sign up to a Miley news bulletin here.

Finally, Ty Segall is headlining the Scala in London on 2 Dec, taking the top spot on a billing also featuring the brilliant White Fence. Ty plays behind his new LP, 'Sleeper', whilst White Fence, aka Tim Presley, shows up in honour of his album 'Cyclops Reap'. Reap details and tickets here.

Music video awards presented
It was the UK Music Video Awards in London last night, with a plethora of gongs dished out to the creators of music video joy.

Commenting on this year's bash, the award show's Editorial Director David Knight told CMU: "In a year where some pop videos have courted notoriety, this year's UK Music Video Awards has highlighted the true range of creativity that can come out of the process of adding visuals to music. It was also wonderful to bestow our Icon Award on Julien Temple, a director who was courting controversy with his work over 30 years ago with the Sex Pistols, and is still adding to the language of music and film today".

And the winners...

UK Awards
Best Pop Video: Alex Courtès for Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah
Best Dance Video: Josh Cole for Rudimental - Not Giving In
Best Rock/Indie Video: Ninan Doff for Darwin Deez - Free (The Editorial Me)
Best Alternative Video: BISON for London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years
Best Urban Video: Ian & Cooper for Joel Compass - Back To Me

International Awards
Best Pop Video: Melina Matsoukas for Solange Knowles - Losing You
Best Dance Video: Fleur & Manu for Gesaffelstein - Pursuit
Best Rock/Indie Video: Megaforce for Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege
Best Alternative Video: Kahlil Joseph for Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes
Best Urban Video: Andreas Nilsson for 2 Chainz feat Kanye West - Birthday Song

Budget Project Awards
Best Pop Video: Zaiba Jabbar for Tiny Dancer - Who Am I
Best Dance Video: Ola Martin Fjeld for Pixel - Call Me
Best Rock/Indie Video: Stevie Russell for Kodaline - All I Want
Best Alternative Video: Fleur & Manu for Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together
Best Urban Video: LAMAR+NIK for Lushlife - Magnolia

Best Art Direction & Design: CANADA for Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool
Best Styling: Angela Esteban Librero for DJ Fresh vs Diplo ft Dominque Young Unique - Earthquake
Best Choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for Sigur Ros - Valtari
Best Cinematography: Steve Annis for Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal
Best Colour Grade: Aubrey Woodiwiss for Foals - Late Night
Best Animation: Tom Jobbins for Hiatus feat Shura - We Can Be Ghosts Now
Best Editing: Sophie Fourdrinoy for Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege
Best Visual Effects: Mathematic Paris for Gesaffelstein - Pursuit

Best Live Coverage: Dick Carruthers for Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
Best Music Ad: Powster for Laura Mvula - Sing To The Moon
Best Interactive Video: Moniker for Do Not Touch - Kilo by Light Light
Video Of The Year: Kahlil Joseph for Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes

Best Director: Megaforce
Best New Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Best Producer: Liz Kessler
Best Commissioner: Dan Curwin
Best New Video Artist: Naughty Boy feat Sam Smith for La La La

The Icon Award: Julien Temple

Britney Spears singles played to deter sea-pirates
Britney Jean Spears' pop hits are broadcast by naval officers to ward off Somali pirates, it's been 'confirmed' (paha!).

Talking to Metro, merchant navy officer Rachel Owens, who patrols supertankers off the east coast of Africa, said: "Her songs were chosen by the security team because they thought the pirates would hate them most. These guys can't stand Western culture or music, making Britney's hits perfect. As soon as the pirates get a blast of Britney, they move on as quickly as they can".

Steven Jones of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry adds: "Pirates will go to any lengths to avoid or try to overcome the music. I'd imagine using Justin Bieber would be against the Geneva Convention".

All this is good publicity, or at least just publicity, for Britney Jean's new LP, 'Britney Jean', which is being released on 3 Dec. In your face, pirates.


Man masquerades as R Kelly
A person pretending to be R Kelly tried to pull a DOOM-style stunt at a concert in Louisiana over the weekend, impersonating the R&B singer on stage (not very well, it seems) until he was found out by show-goers with eyes.

After reports that the unknown man had taken to the stage three hours after a promised R Kelly set was due to start, only to badly lip sync to some of the singer's songs, the gig's promoter Cedric Johnson was quoted as apologising, and claiming that he had been "duped" into booking the man thinking he was getting the real Kelly.

Though since then, Johnson has seemingly denied that he ever made that claim, adding that no R Kelly performance was ever billed for the show, with only a public appearance by the R&B star promised. And, Johnson seems to now claim, the real singer was in the building at some point during the night. .

R Kelly HQ was too busy posting things like this to comment.

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