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Thursday 21 November 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: The Supreme Court in Belgium has upheld an earlier ruling that forces internet service providers in the country to put web-blocks in place against all "current and future domains" utilised by The Pirate Bay. It's an attempt to ensure a speedier blocking of the proxies that enable web-users to circumvent the original TPB block. The Belgian Anti-Piracy Foundation began legal action to force ISPs in... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Throwing some long-desired moonlight on the ever 'liter' world-of-pop, it's Charlotte OC, who's going to post her new EP, 'EP', on 25 Nov. Blackburn-born Charlotte O'Connor co-wrote it herself, in Berlin, with producer/mixer Tim Anderson, both suffusing its lux, luscious notes with subtle spots of the morbid, even the 'odd'. Like in lead single 'Hangover', which, rich and lithe as it seems, and indeed... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Belgian Supreme Court upholds web-block-plus injunction
LABELS & PUBLISHERS IFPI research boss joins Universal
ENTERTAINMENT RETAIL Sainsbury's to ditch online CD sales
LIVE BUSINESS Boris Johnson delays decision on Ministry Of Sound's future
DIGITAL & D2F SERVICES Baboom to launch in January with Kim Dotcom album
MEDIA New boss at Celador Radio
PJ Harvey to guest edit Radio 4's Today
INDUSTRY PEOPLE Next Henley Business School creative industry session tomorrow
ARTIST NEWS Outkast back on in 2014, possibly
RELEASES Lady Gaga may release second ARTPOP album
Kele Okereke releasing 3D-printed charity track
Kate Tempest guests on made-in-a-day Speedy Wunderground single
GIGS & FESTIVALS Rod Stewart sets sexy stadium dates
William Basinski to curate 2014 shows in Hackney church
Festival line-up update: Glastonbury, T In The Park, Bilbao BBK and more
AND FINALLY... Paul Heaton reiterates David Cameron pub ban
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Belgian Supreme Court upholds web-block-plus injunction
The Supreme Court in Belgium has upheld an earlier ruling that forces internet service providers in the country to put web-blocks in place against all "current and future domains" utilised by The Pirate Bay. It's an attempt to ensure a speedier blocking of the proxies that enable web-users to circumvent the original TPB block.

The Belgian Anti-Piracy Foundation began legal action to force ISPs in the country to block access to the Bay on copyright grounds in 2011, securing an injunction against net firms Belgacom and Telenet on second attempt.

However, as with web-blocks elsewhere, including those secured by the BPI in the UK, as soon as the initial blockade was in place numerous proxies went live which allow file-sharers to still reach the often controversial TPB website. These proxies can be found via various routes, though often come high up in Google searches, so are pretty much available to all.

Rights owners can, of course, secure new injunctions against the proxy sites, but doing so can be time consuming, and by the time additional blocks are in place new proxies will have been launched. Thus, it's a never-ending battle.

Though, while it's a battle that ultimately can't be won, if ISPs are obligated to block all new proxies as a matter of course, then it will make relying on proxy access to the Bay a little more irritating for users, and, for the anti-piracy brigade, every extra irritant is good news.

The BAF initially secured its web-block-plus injunction last year, though appeals and other legal-wranglings delayed things. However, with the Supreme Court ruling all appeals are exhausted and the ISPs will now be forced to act.

The exact wording of the verdict is yet to be published, but it is thought ISPs will not only have to block Pirate Bay proxies on the fly, but will be obliged to play a "proactive" role in monitoring new URLs that provide access to the site. The ruling may also apply to other popular file-sharing services such as ExtraTorrent and

IFPI research boss joins Universal
So, for all of you out there who were always saying "why doesn't Universal Music hire the IFPI's market research chief Gabriela Lopes to be its SVP Global Insight", well, your prayers (assuming you were praying when uttering that line) have been answered. Universal Music has just nabbed the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry's Gabriela Lopes to be its SVP Global Insight.

Based in London she will jointly report to the mega-major's global marketing boss Andrew Kronfeld and digital supremo Rob Wells. Confirming the appointment, the former told CMU: "Insight and analysis is a key capability for our people around the world now as we are continually looking at how we can create and deliver ever more effective and impactful campaigns for our artists. We've got a lot of ambition and plans for this part of our business and are delighted that Gabi, with all her experience and skills in this crucial area, is joining Universal Music Group to head our insight team".

Lopes herself added: "I am delighted to be joining Universal Music Group. The importance the company is putting on data and insight is extremely positive. The Universal Music insight team, tools and research capabilities are the best in the industry and I very much look forward to working with them to contribute to the continued success of the company and its incredible artists".

And that, I think, is enough insight for now.

Sainsbury's to ditch online CD sales
Supermarket chain Sainsbury's will cease to sell CDs on its website next year, phasing them out entirely by mid-March. The company will continue to sell music downloads and is also developing an on-demand service, which is likely a direct reaction to Tesco's recentish move into streaming media with the purchase of Blinkbox and We7. Whether this will also lead to the launch of a low-cost tablet device remains to be seen.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury's told Music Week: "We see that the online opportunity lies in digital products, with physical music, books, games and films sold in our stores. This move is in line with wider industry trends towards on-demand entertainment, and part of our focus on the fast-growing download and streaming market".

They added: "At the moment we offer music for downloading but we will continue to develop our on-demand entertainment offer".

The Sainsbury's website will stop taking new orders for CDs at the end of February 2014, but will honour pre-orders on releases up to 15 Mar.

Boris Johnson delays decision on Ministry Of Sound's future
London mayor Boris Johnson has again delayed a decision on plans for a residential development opposite the Ministry Of Sound nightclub, following a meeting with representatives from either side earlier this week.

As previously reported, Ministry, which argued that its club was important to both London's clubbing culture and the local community and economy in Southwark, argued that the 41 storey development would almost certainly cause problems for its business in the future as residents complained about noise levels. Southwark Council's planning committee concurred, and last year voted unanimously to block the property development.

However, despite this win, Johnson's office then agreed to reconsider the ruling. In the past when the Mayor has moved to review such decisions made by local councils, he has tended to overrule their rejections.

As also previously reported, ahead of this week's meeting on the matter, Ministry Of Sound's chief exec Lohan Presencer wrote an open letter in The Evening Standard calling on Johnson to give a binding guarantee that if the development was to go ahead, it would not cause licensing issues for the club in the future.

After meeting with Ministry and property developer Oakmayne on Tuesday, Johnson deferred his decision until next month, pending further discussions between the two sides themselves.

Although there has been animosity from both sides in the past - the club's owner James Palumbo telling The Evening Standard earlier this year that "the bottom line is if they build that block of flats, we are going to close", while Oakmayne boss Christopher Allen once supposedly remarked that "nightclubs come and go" - it's now hoped that an amicable agreement can be reached between them.

Presencer said in a statement published on the MoS website: "We're encouraged that the Mayor has chosen to adjourn the decision and we're confident he recognises that the solutions we are putting forward will ensure all parties are happy with the outcome. We have always said that we can co-exist with a new development and we welcome regeneration in Southwark. We are committed to our local area and neighbouring businesses, as we have been for more than 20 years".

He added: "As the Mayor has requested, we will sit down with the developer to work on a mutually agreeable, sustainable solution - one which will deliver housing for London and safeguard the future of our club".

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Johnson told CMU: "Good progress was made on Tuesday and the Ministry Of Sound accepted that the noise mitigation measures built into the building were satisfactory. However, they were looking for greater certainty and with so much at stake for both the nightclub and the developer, the Mayor has decided that a short adjournment would be the most sensible way forward. This would allow both parties to carefully consider a legal mechanism recently proposed by the Ministry Of Sound which they say could address their concerns".

They added: "The Mayor expressed hope that a solution could be reached that would deliver much-needed housing in Elephant And Castle while ensuring that the Ministry Of Sound, one of London's leading cultural and musical icons, can continue to thrive".

Baboom to launch in January with Kim Dotcom album
Kim Dotcom's Baboom, the direct-to-fan service formerly known at Megabox, will launch in January with the release of Dotcom's own album, he has told Wired.

Baboom has been in development since before the shutdown of Dotcom's original Mega business early last year, and a launch date has been regularly pushed back since around the middle of 2012. An initial video preview of the service went online in September last year, but exact details of how it will work remain slightly unclear.

Describing it as "an iTunes-Spotify hybrid" in his Wired interview, Dotcom said: "[Baboom] allows artists to sell direct to their fanbase and keep 90% of sales. On top of that we'll be the first site that offers a solution for artists to make money even when we offer music for free".

It's worth noting that giving 90% of revenues to artists is not quite as revolutionary as he makes out - direct-to-fan platform Bandcamp, for example, only takes a 15% cut of sales up to $5000, before dropping to 10%. His service is also not the first ad-funded free download set up - SpiralFrog and the original We7 both attempted it with little success, albeit, in a different form to Baboom.

Explaining how the ad funded element of the platform would work, he continued: "Users can install a little plug-in that replaces the ads you'd normally see on the internet with ones that we control through our ad network. Just as advertisers go to AdWords to buy ads from Google for certain search terms, they'll be able to come to us and buy these ads at half the price and still have ads shown against the same keywords. And 100% of the money is credited to the user, who can spend it on music. It's basically rewarding the user for the ad impressions that they are exposed to every day. We estimate that users will be able to buy around ten additional albums each year without charge".

Which is an interesting idea, and might help Dotcom win some friends in the artist community (it could happen, you don't know). Though if, as it sort of sounds, Baboom will force its ads into slots where other firm's advertising would normally appear, well that could result in a whole new load of conflict for the Mega man.

We'll find out exactly how the service works in January, when it will be demonstrated and tested with the release of Dotcom's own debut album, 'Good Times', before a full launch "a few months later".

Asked why he's recorded an album, Dotcom said that he "wanted to understand what an artist goes through to make a record", adding: "I've been working on it for two years and back in the studio for the last three months. It's really hard to make an album. I have a lot of appreciation of the hard work it takes artists to go from an initial idea, putting it together in ProTools, then getting it mixed and mastered. Most people listen to tracks that last three to four minutes and don't realise that it's sometimes one-and-a-half to two months of work per song".

Not musical himself, Dotcom acted more as a producer in the traditional sense, offering guidance and ideas ("It's basically like what the Black Eyed Peas do", he said of the sound of the record) to people who then did the donkey work. He did have some musical input though: "I did some vocals as well on three or four songs, but I sound like crap, obviously. Fortunately there's a thing called AutoTune so they make it sound OK".

Read the full interview here.

New boss at Celador Radio
Celador Radio, which operates a network of local stations under the Breeze brand, plus three Jack FM outlets, announced earlier this week the appointment of a new CEO in the form of Don Thomson.

Thomson was previously with Chrysalis Radio and, after its acquisition by Global, was COO for that company for two years helping oversee the acquisition of GCap. He has had an advisory role with the Celador radio company since 2010 as a non-executive director.

Celador Radio was one of a number of smaller commercial radio operators in the UK that recently backed a call on the government to abandon its plans to force a shift of key radio services off AM/FM onto the DAB digital network.


PJ Harvey to guest edit Radio 4's Today
PJ Harvey will be amongst the guest editors on Radio 4's 'Today' programme over the festive period this year, it has been announced.

Harvey will be one of five celebrities to take over the editorial leadership of the news and current affairs show in the week between Christmas and New Year - the others being world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, former MI5 Director General Eliza Manningham Buller, comedian and traveller Michael Palin, and Barclays Group Chief Executive Antony Jenkins.

According to the Beeb, in her programme, PJ Harvey will showcase some of her political, poetical and musical influences.

Actual editor of 'Today', Jamie Angus, said: "For the past ten years, Radio 4 Today's Christmas guest editors have brought a surprising and refreshing editorial perspective to some of our biggest running stories, as well as unearthing original treasures that we'd never have found by ourselves".

Past music-related guest editors have been Bono, Damon Albarn, Thom Yorke, Yoko Ono and Richard Branson.

Next Henley Business School creative industry session tomorrow
The Henley Business School stages its latest seminar event for execs in the music and creative sectors tomorrow (22 Nov).

As part of the institution's Dynamic Series programme, the event is called 'Marketing With Byte(s): Analytics With Attitude' and will tackle that increasingly important issue for the wider music business: as artists, managers, labels and promoters gather ever increasing amounts of data about the fanbases they service, what exactly can be done with that information to inform business decisions and the development of new revenue-generating services?

Attempting to answer that question will be the likes of Ticketmaster MD Simon Preswell, Google's Anna Morrough, IBM's Andrew Grill and Music Metrics' Marie-Alicia Chang, with Richard Heygate of Oneida Associates leading the proceedings.

A small number of last-minute places are available for the day-long event in Henley, and they are available at a discount for CMU readers. Go to this URL for info and to book at the special CMU rate.

  Approved: Charlotte OC
Throwing some long-desired moonlight on the ever 'liter' world-of-pop, it's Charlotte OC, who's going to post her new EP, 'EP', on 25 Nov. Blackburn-born Charlotte O'Connor co-wrote it herself, in Berlin, with producer/mixer Tim Anderson, both suffusing its lux, luscious notes with subtle spots of the morbid, even the 'odd'.

Like in lead single 'Hangover', which, rich and lithe as it seems, and indeed is, is bedded in the conceit that OC is a kind of love-vampire draining her lover of his... love. Like a love cocktail. After which she presumably has to drink a lot of water... or... hate?

Anyway, it's a dark and strange idea for a pop artist to be pitching, so have a go at unravelling it now, if you want.
CLICK HERE to read and share online

Outkast back on in 2014, possibly
I'm sorry Ms Jackson, but this is (maybe) for real, and other such obvious puns.

Yes, as you've most likely heard tell of already, once-popular rap duo Outkast might be reforming for one of those big pay-off comebacks at Coachella 2014. Sort of like Coachella 2013, when Tupac was raised from the grave, only Andre 3000 and Big Boi aren't clinically dead, only inactive as a band since 2007.

Still, 'the internet' is quietly confident they'll reunite in time for the festival (which begins on 11 Apr). Billboard claims one source has confirmed that "conversations" are taking place regarding a potential get-together, quoting another as saying it's "all systems go".

Were the Coachella appearance, or any other gigs/releases, to go ahead in 2014, it'd neatly mark the 20th anniversary of Outkast's debut LP, 'Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik'. Just saying.

Lady Gaga may release second ARTPOP album
Oh great, Lady Gaga has said that she's planning to release a sequel to her 'ARTPOP' album, employing the Justin Timberlake theory that putting out two albums full of music of wildly varying quality is better than just putting together one really good album.

Speaking to MSN, she said that by the time she goes on tour next year she "might have 'Act II' out from the album, and it might be nice to play both acts on the tour".

Asked if the second record would be vastly different to the first, she said that, no, it would not: "In the beginning I was thinking of splitting the album up into [distinct] two parts, based on what I thought was more pop and what I thought was more art. But this was during the inception of the record, and I wasn't even quite sure what 'artpop' meant yet".

Actually, I've been struggling with that a bit as well. Luckily, Gaga is here to explain: "Artpop for me means a lot of things, but one of the things it means is I've discovered that we were putting this pop art back onto the commercial mountains. We were taking the 'soup can' art and putting it on the soup can. So we're taking the art of Jeff Koons and we're putting it on the CD. It's the reverse of Warhol".

OK, that didn't really help. Maybe we'll come back to this another time. Here's the full interview, anyway.


Kele Okereke releasing 3D-printed charity track
Oft-times Bloc Party vocalist Kele Okereke is to 3D print his next single, a charity track titled 'Down Boy', in December. It's apparently the first time a record made using 3D printing has been commercially (or in this case, charitably) released. It's a cool idea, though the sound quality won't be great. But it's for charity people.

Featuring sleeve art by designer Kate Moross, the song will be available on a limited basis at a specialist pop-up shop opening in London next month. It's all sponsored by Bacardi's Beginnings project, whilst proceeds will go to British music charity Nordoff Robbins. Additional details and release dates are set to emerge via the Bacardi FB page.

See America-based researcher Amanda Ghassaei, who developed the technology, explaining a bit of the 'science' behind it either via the clip here, or this blog post she wrote.


Kate Tempest guests on made-in-a-day Speedy Wunderground single
Prize-winning performance poet and playwright Kate Tempest features on 'Hot Night Cold Spaceship', aka the fifth single released by independent label Speedy Wunderground. Speedy's strict USP, or 'manifesto', is that its MD - producer Dan Carey - makes its tracks over a single day, doing the mixing the following, so they're on sale within the fortnight.

Tempest, who's only the latest artist to attempt the feat (following past singles by Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini, The Archie Bronson Outfit, and Toy & Natasha Khan), says: "To think that a song can be made in a day and mixed and mastered blows my mind. The song is about all the things that it's about, I always think that if you could explain what a lyric is about in a nice catchy sentence then you wouldn't have needed to write it in the first place. I haven't heard it since we made it, which is one of the rules of Speedy Wunderground, but from what I remember the beat is beautiful and there's something magic in the chords".

Read an interview in which Carey explains the scheme via Noisey here, and stream the track, which is released on 9 Dec, here.

Rod Stewart sets sexy stadium dates
Soft-rock pterodactyl and 'legend' Rod Stewart will prove he's still sexy by showing up for a number of big old pop concerts in summer 2014.

Catch the big-beaked star, if you can, at any of these five stadium dates:

13 Jun: Brighton, Amex Stadium
14 Jun: Stoke, Britannia Stadium
18 Jun: Taunton, Somerset Cricket Ground
20 Jun: Blackpool, Bloomfield Road Stadium
21 Jun: Falkirk, Football Stadium

And PS - as side-splittingly highlighted here, R-Stew's newest LP 'Time' is getting a deluxe reissue "in 'Time' for Christmas". Oh, how we laughed.


William Basinski to curate 2014 shows in Hackney church
Avant-garde vanguardist, composer and all-round good guy William Basinski is to curate a clutch of shows at Hackney's St John Church in London in March 2014.

With solo Swans Michael Gira (12 Mar), and a split bill featuring rarely-seen minimalist icons Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham (20 Mar), the only acts confirmed so far, the residency is meant to recreate the 'vibe' of Basinki's famed Arcadia space in Brooklyn, a mecca for experimental artists in the 1990s.

Go to the shows' promoter Art Assembly's site to find more info.


Festival line-up update: Glastonbury, T In The Park, Bilbao BBK and more
Hi all. Earlier this week, pop gobshite Lily Allen confirmed that she's definitely playing at Glastonbury next year so, there's that.

Also, the Arctic Monkeys are the first act announced for 2014's T In The Park, tickets to which go on sale tomorrow.

Geoff Ellis, T's Festival Director, says: "We're thrilled to announce Arctic Monkeys as our first headliners for T In The Park 2014. After this year's fantastic 20th year celebrations, we asked our audience who they'd like to see at next year's festival and Arctic Monkeys came top of the poll, so we're really pleased to be able to confirm them for T In The Park. When they take to the stage in Glasgow this week they'll prove exactly why they're one of the greatest live acts around, and I'm sure we can look forward to another phenomenal set at T In The Park. We have many more fantastic acts in store which we'll announce next year, and can't wait to see you all again in July".

Meanwhile George Kyle, Head of Sponsorship at Tennent's Lager, woke up, yawned, and added: "This year's T In The Park was one of the best ever, and I'm sure we have another wonderful weekend in store next July - Arctic Monkeys will put on a phenomenal show. As founding partner, Tennent's have been the T in T In The Park since the very beginning and we're exceptionally proud to still be a part of this incredible festival as it enters into its third decade".

So with those illustrious quotes still ringing, let's look to even more illustrious listings corresponding to Spanish fiesta Bilbao BBK, Catton Hall rock-a-thon Bloodstock (Open Air), LDN's imminent Polish experimental festival JEMP and the also-Polish (but located in Poland) Life Festival Osweicim:

BILBAO BBK, Recinto Kobetamendi, Bilbao, Spain, 10-12 Jul 2014: Phoenix, The Lumineers, The 1975, Elliott Brood, Dorian, Los Enemigos, El Columpio Asesino.

BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR, Catton Hall, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, 7-10 Aug 2014: Amon Amarth, Hatebreed, Prong, Obituary, Evil Scarecrow.

GLASTONBURY, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, 25-29 Jun 2014: Lily Allen.

JEMP FESTIVAL, various venues, London, 25 Nov - 5 Dec: Mikołaj Trzaska, Mark Sanders Duo, Mikrokolektyw, Szazaze, Lxmp, Piotr Kurek, Andie Brown, Piętnastka, Hati And Innercity Ensemble, BNNT.

LIFE FESTIVAL OSWIECIM, MOSir Stadium, Oswiecim, Poland, 25-28 Jun 2014: Soundgarden.

ONE LOVE FESTIVAL, Stockwell Farm, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, 15-17 Aug 2014: Mighty Diamonds, Cornel Campbell feat Soothsayers, Bushman, Nerious Joseph.

T IN THE PARK, Balado, Kinross, Scotland, 11-13 Jul 2014: Arctic Monkeys.

Paul Heaton reiterates David Cameron pub ban
Paul Heaton reacted angrily yesterday after his former band The Housemartins were mentioned by David Cameron at Prime Minister's Question Time in the House Of Commons.

Cameron was speaking about the announcement that Hull had been named UK City Of Culture for 2017, saying: "Of course in terms of popular music Hull has a fantastic record, I remember, some years ago that great Housemartins' album which was 'London 0 Hull 4'".

Upon hearing the news, Heaton wrote on Twitter: "Well, apparently David Cameron likes 'London 0 Hull 4'. Which part of the attack on his policies and rich friends did he like best? When I took over my pub [The Kings Arms] in Salford, the first people I barred was Cameron and Osborne. That ban still stands".

Cameron is already famously banned from liking The Smiths by guitarist Johnny Marr, though banning him from a physical building is probably easier to enforce. Confirming that the ban was official, The Kings Arms' Facebook page posted: "David Cameron you fucking imbecile. You might think The Housemartins are great but you are BARRED for life from The Kings Arms. SCUM".

Heaton also uploaded a video of himself being interviewed by Sky News on the day of Margaret Thatcher's funeral, which you can enjoy here.

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