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Wednesday 11 December 2013

TODAY'S TOP STORY: Spotify will today announce an exclusive deal with Led Zeppelin to provide the band's catalogue on the streaming service, according to The New York Times. To date Led Zep have not allowed their music to be available on any streaming platforms, only making their music available digitally at all (officially speaking) since 2007. The band's reps have reportedly been in negotiations with various streaming... [READ MORE]
TODAY'S APPROVED: Each weekday in the run up to the Christmas break, we will reveal another of our ten favourite artists of the year. To see who we've picked so far, check this page. Today's artist is Charli XCX... Of all the popstars to make it big this year - ie to complete the rocky transition from sapling artist to chart player with real long-game potential - 90s child Charli XCX perhaps dealt the winning hand. Sorry, Miley... [READ MORE]
TOP STORIES Spotify to announce Led Zeppelin exclusive
The Pirate Bay shifts domain again
LEGAL Sony/ATV calls for Beatles doc lawsuit to be dismissed
Hearing set to consider Conrad Murray appeal
LABELS & PUBLISHERS Jon Platt promoted at Warner/Chappell
PPL announces reciprocal deal with Serbian society
MEDIA Radio 2 to broadcast programmes on Simon Fuller
James Blake, Steve Agnello to present Radio 1 Residents mixes in 2014
ARTIST NEWS Lostprophets paving stones to be removed
Dappy not bankrupt, has dough now and always will
Ben Whishaw cast in Freddie Mercury film
RELEASES Justin Bieber confirms Journals LP, 2014 album plans
GIGS & FESTIVALS Gigs & Tours round-up: Goldfrapp, Nina Persson, Childish Gambino and Nick Waterhouse
AWARDS MPG Awards nominations announced
AND FINALLY... Miley Cyrus makes Time's Person Of The Year shortlist
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Spotify to announce Led Zeppelin exclusive
Spotify will today announce an exclusive deal with Led Zeppelin to provide the band's catalogue on the streaming service, according to The New York Times. To date Led Zep have not allowed their music to be available on any streaming platforms, only making their music available digitally at all (officially speaking) since 2007.

The band's reps have reportedly been in negotiations with various streaming services, including Rdio and Rhapsody, since January this year, with rumours that an imminent launch on Spotify circulating since the summer.

In addition to this, and as previously reported, Spotify is expected to announce a new free streaming option on its mobile app. Previously, outside America (where Spotify's radio function has been available for free through mobile devices for some time), only top-tier paying customers have had access to Spotify's mobile app.

The new free version will feature limited functionality, but presumably - as more users access music via their phones and other portable devices, and with competition from new services courtesy of YouTube and Beats Music arriving in the new year - Spotify feels it needs to engage freemium users via mobile in some way too.

Elsewhere in Spotify news, the quest to divide up all musicians into 'pro-Spotify' and 'anti-Spotify' continues. Though unfortunately for all of us, The National and Peter Gabriel haven't firmly come out on either side, which frankly makes a mockery of the whole system.

Speaking to The Independent, The National's guitarist Aaron Dessner said: "I use Spotify and it's great to have all the catalogue of great 20th and 21st Century music at your fingertips. [Though] we have one of the most-streamed songs on Spotify [and] it's not going to make up a lot of revenue right now. Someday that could change".

He continued: "I still believe in making albums and creating a product with great artwork. I don't think Spotify should be a replacement for that experience. [But] if it encourages people to like our music and go to our shows that's a good thing".

Though, honing in more onto the Spotify business model, he went on: "They need to get the economics right for artists or there's no point in legal streaming. It has to work for artists with a smaller catalogue who are struggling. A jazz album that someone streams once or twice isn't going to make any revenue. Hopefully Spotify will shift to a more artist cognitive model like iTunes has done".

Of course if that unpopular jazz album can't make any money, then perhaps it shouldn't have been made at all. Aw, come on, don't look at me like that, I was joking. All jazz should be banned.

Peter Gabriel is perhaps one of the more interesting artists to be asked his view on Spotify, he having been a co-founder and investor in We7 - originally an ad-supported free download service, but latterly a streaming platform in various forms, more recently acquired and repackaged by Tesco as Blinkbox Music.

Like Dessner, Gabriel is seemingly a Spotify user, but in an interview with Rolling Stone he has expressed concern about the business side (though those concerns are not, he seemed to say, behind the occasional disappearance of Gabriel's own catalogue from the Spotify system, something he couldn't explain).

Said Pete: "I have a problem with Spotify. It's a great service and I love being able to get anything anytime. But they made a deliberate decision to get in bed with the record companies. They gave them equity positions, which means they can make payments to them without paying the artists. I have a fundamental ethical problem with that. I wish they were just a little more respectful to the artists".

On the royalties signed artists receive, he went on: "They are making all these deals, but the payments are so minuscule and way out of line with what the record companies are making. 20, 30, even 50 years of hard-won compensations and rights are being lost. It's not critical to successful artists because we can make money from live shows, but younger artists are going to have to start taking other jobs".

Calling for more transparency on those equity deals between Spotify (and other services) and the labels - arguably a necessary evil to convince the majors to sign up to any service prior to launch, but now certainly something of millstone around Spotify's neck - Gabriel added: "Bono and I met with Daniel Ek. He was as nice enough guy and I understand they have to keep their stockholders happy ... I feel very strong that, at the very least, we deserve transparency. What deals have been made with every record company? Show us your accounts".

Clearly Spotify's recent attempt to provide more transparency, with its new Spotify Artists website, is not going to quell calls for more information on how it makes payments and who stands to win big if and when the digital firm floats.


The Pirate Bay shifts domain again
So The Pirate Bay's domain name has moved yet again, this time to Ascension Island, aka a volcano in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

As previously reported, the always controversial file-sharing website has had to alter its main domain a few times this year already, because each time it picks a new country in which to register its web address, the entertainment industry lobbies or litigates to have the domain suspended, because of that rampant copyright infringement thing.

After a short stint being registered in Greenland, and an even shorter stint with an Icelandic domain, the Bay switched to back in late April, registered in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. But it seems that the axe has fallen on that domain too, possibly because of ongoing action against the Bay by Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, the .sx domain being administered on the Dutch part of Sint Maarten.

Either way, the Bay has done a sneaky switch to Ascension Island's domain registry, making the site's primary domain Though as the South Atlantic island is a British Overseas Territory, meaning the UK entertainment industry will no doubt step in with immediate effect, a spokesperson for the Bay has told Torrentfreak that this is just a temporary fix while a domain is set up in Peru. Exotic.

Of course, ironically, because in the UK, and several other countries now, the official Pirate Bay domain is blocked by ISPs complying with a court order, such domain changes will go unnoticed by many file-sharers, who access the site via proxies that will stay updated. Indeed, the shift does the Bay a temporary favour, because as of this morning the ISPs were still to catch up and apply the webblock to And either way, the second listing on a Google search of "The Pirate Bay" is a working proxy site.

Which is why, even though the labels and movie studios will continue to demand thepiratebay domains be suspended and blocked, and proxy sites be blocked too, occasional friend Google will remain enemy number one amongst the anti-piracy brigade as 2014 dawns.

Sony/ATV calls for Beatles doc lawsuit to be dismissed
Sony's music publishing firm has called on a lawsuit being pursued against it by the makers of a Beatles documentary to be dismissed.

As previously reported, Ace Arts claims that it secured a licensing deal from Sony/ATV to release a film about and featuring The Beatles' first ever US concert in Washington in 1964, the major controlling most of the Lennon/McCartney song catalogue of course.

But, after Ace had spent a million finishing off the doc, Sony/ATV allegedly cancelled its arrangement with the filmmakers, citing a clause that the licence was dependent on the approval of Beatles' company Apple Corps. Ace then discovered that Apple, which had earlier confirmed it had no copyright claim over the 1964 gig recording, was now planning its own documentary about the concert.

The film firm filed a lawsuit against Sony/ATV and Apple Corps in New York in October citing mainly American competition law breaches. Though that was basically a rework of a withdrawn bit of litigation previously filed with the Californian courts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in its response Sony says Ace's antitrust claims don't hold because they fail to identify a market whose competition has been affected. Moreover, the major adds, this dispute is directly linked to a separate legal case in the UK, and the New York courts should refuse to hear Ace's litigation until the British court proceedings are completed.

Apple Corps' response, meanwhile, added that Ace's various arguments that the footage of the Beatles gig is in the public domain are irrelevant to the case, because the dispute is over the separate copyrights in the Fab Four's songs, which Sony/ATV control.

It remains to be seen how the New York court now responds.


Hearing set to consider Conrad Murray appeal
He may be out of prison already, but that's not stopping Conrad Murray pushing forward with his appeal over his conviction for manslaughter for causing the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 through negligent treatment.

Murray's legal team have raised various arguments in the ex-doc's bid to overturn his conviction, including claims the judge overseeing the original trial was wrong to stop the defence from bringing certain bits of evidence to the jury.

Prosecutors in the case have already hit back at all of Team Murray's arguments, and whether or not an appeal will be allowed to proceed will now be discussed in court early next year. Initial arguments are set to be presented on 9 Jan.

As previously reported, Murray was released in October after serving nearly two years in jail. He continues to proclaim his innocence, insisting that Jackson himself must have injected the shot of the drug propofol that killed him.

Jon Platt promoted at Warner/Chappell
Warner Music's publishing business Warner/Chappell yesterday announced the promotion of Jon Platt, previously President of Creative for North America at the firm, to overall President of the publisher in the region.

He will report into Cameron Strang, who has CEO of Warner/Chappell amongst his various roles at the major, and who told CMU: "Jon is a once-in-a-generation executive, and a terrific leader, with a deep understanding of the artistic process".

He went on: "Over the past year, the incredible talents Jon has signed, along with his own strength of character and the superb team he has fostered, have contributed much to our reputation for creative excellence and our culture of dedicated service. There's no doubt he will be an outstanding leader for our North American organisation. Together, we are very excited about our plans for taking Warner/Chappell and our songwriters to new heights. Our team has the vision, expertise and global resources needed to shape the future of the music business".

Platt himself, who joined Warner/Chappell last year after a long stint at the EMI publishing company, said: "It is thrilling to be partnered with Cameron in leading a company that is supporting and nurturing so many amazing songwriters. What makes Warner/Chappell the best home for songwriters of every genre, at all stages of their careers, is our tireless focus on their long-term success and our determination to bring them fresh opportunities. Our entire team has one collective mission: serving songwriters in the pursuit of their artistic goals".


PPL announces reciprocal deal with Serbian society
The UK record industry's collecting society PPL yesterday announced another international reciprocal agreement, this time with their Serbian counterparts.

As previously reported, as the public performance royalty revenue stream - including the monies paid to music rights owners by pubs, clubs and radio stations - has become ever more crucial to record companies (who, unlike music publishers, once treated such income as something of a sideline), pressure has been put on collecting organisations like PPL to ensure as many reciprocal agreements as possible are in place with other rights bodies around the world.

Such deals ensure that those UK rights owners which appoint PPL to collect public performance royalties worldwide will receive any income they are due from each country with which a new reciprocal deal is done. And in this case it's Serbia.

Confirming the deal with Serbian rights group PI, Laurence Oxenbury, PPL's Director Of International, told CMU: "We are delighted to be working with PI. Serbia has a long and rich cultural heritage and it is now home to numerous festivals such as EXIT, which annually attract a host of world-leading artists, placing the country at the heart of the European music festival scene. We are confident that together we can build a positive relationship that can help to drive revenues for performers".

PI Director Aleksandar Cvetkovic added: "PPL holds the rights to a major catalogue of UK music, so it makes sense for us to be working together, given also that the UK is a major global exporter of music. We look forward to working together and building positively on this relationship".

Radio 2 to broadcast programmes on Simon Fuller
BBC Radio 2 is to broadcast three programmes looking at the career of artist manager, pop mogul and 'Idol' creator Simon Fuller in the new year, under the title 'The Fuller Picture - The Simon Fuller Story', it has been announced.

On New Year's Day the station will air an interview with Fuller, in which he speaks to one-time 'Pop Idol' judge Nicki Chapman about his favourite music.

"But what of his life, achievements and ambitions?" I hear you cry. Yes, yes, yes. But that's not stuff for the first day of the year, is it? Keep it light, my nan always used to say when discussing new year broadcasting schedules. Later in the month, two further programmes will cover Fuller's life, achievements and ambitions, the first on 8 Jan and the final show on 15 Jan. Various clients and associates past and present will also contribute.

Chapman, who previously worked with Fuller as Creative Director at his 19 Management company, said of the programmes: "Simon is one of the most intriguing and powerful characters in the entertainment industry, but most people wouldn't know who he is. I've known him for over 20 years and I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what makes him tick".


James Blake, Steve Agnello to present Radio 1 Residents mixes in 2014
James Blake, Steve Agnello, Heidi and Rockwell are amongst a score of dance artists, DJs and producers due to host special shows on BBC Radio 1 as part of the station's 2014 Residency series.

Consisting of eight programmes in all - four starting at 9pm and four at midnight on the same day - it'll go out on Thursdays in January, starting 9 Jan.

Nervo, George FitzGerland, T Williams and Branko will also front shows in a bid to "reach across the full dance music spectrum, bringing exciting new genres and the biggest names to listeners".

Ex-Swedish House Mafia resident Steve Angello says: "I am pleased to announce that I'll be joining the family and I'm looking forward to an amazing show with some of the greatest music of today, tomorrow and the future!"

James Blake adds: "I've had so much support from BBC DJs that it's going to be great to be on the other side of the desk".

Full info and listings on this page.

  CMU Artists Of The Year 2013: Charli XCX
Each weekday in the run up to the Christmas break, we will reveal another of our ten favourite artists of the year. To see who we've picked so far, check this page. Today's artist is Charli XCX...

Of all the popstars to make it big this year - ie to complete the rocky transition from sapling artist to chart player with real long-game potential - 90s child Charli XCX perhaps dealt the winning hand. Sorry, Miley.

Having first self released regrettably-titled (as was the trend at that time, let's be fair) singles '!Franchesckaar!' and 'Emelline/Art Bitch' via her DIY label Orgy Music, Charli Aitchinson was noticed by label A&Rs while playing the LDN rave scene as a teen and handed a deal at a tender age, signing to Warner's Asylum Records in 2010.

Like Sky Ferreira, another of 2013's breaking alt-pop acts, an at-first starry eyed XCX was then surprised to find herself in limbo, sidelined while she (and Warner) tried to find a niche.

Also like Ferreira, she was pushed at various co-writers and producers, at last hitting it off with Ariel Rechtshaid, and falling neatly in line with his sharp incline from low-grade pilot to We Are Scientists (and the Plain White Ts 'Hey There Delilah') to big, zeitgeisty creditor on Usher's 'Climax' and (here she is again) Sky Ferreira's 'Everything Is Embarrassing'.

All this was in 2011, and gained Aitchinson the ear of mainly States-based critics, who piled praise on tracks like her and Rechtshaid's sophisti-kitsch mini-hit 'Stay Away', and slow-mo synth cyclone 'Nuclear Seasons'.

The real boost to XCX's profile, though, came via a co-write and 'feat' piggyback on Icona Pop's 'I Love It', which itself hitched a ride with American TV serial 'Girls'. Since asked if she minds having given away her best-selling baby to Icona Pop, Charli has said "no", the sanity of which is perhaps easier to appreciate in light of the Pop's slightly bleak positioning nowadays, as the one-hit poster girls for vodka-wine cocktails. Sad, because Icona Pop used to be good.

Charli XCX, meanwhile, despite taking a (still profitable) back seat on the 'I Love It' freight train, is now signed as an on-staff writer with Stargate's Sony/ATV Stellar Songs hit factory, and, having released one of the year's highest-flying and most confident pop LPs in 'True Romance', is now readying her new solo album for release in 2014.

All while preaching Spice Girls-ian spirit, defiance and independence - which is as laudable a doctrine as any, I suppose. Oh, and she's bringing back stacker trainers too, or at least trying to. All of which equates, in pop speak (stackers aside), to staying power, a rare commodity in this world of break-fast-disappear-faster artists. The plain, good old fashioned songs to dance and sob to help quite a bit too, of course.

This is Charli's deep and meaningful (and brilliant) new single 'SuperLove', which sees her dressed as a singing candy cane, reliving the many, many style highlights of the 1990s. See? Deep.
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Lostprophets paving stones to be removed
Paving stones in Pontypridd that bear lyrics from local band Lostprophets, words written by Ian Watkins, are to be removed, the local council has confirmed.

The stones feature a line from the band's song 'Streets Of Nowhere', and read "Every time I walk these streets, I know they're mine". The stones were only laid last year, but the local council and Welsh Assembly member Mick Antoniw have both stated that the paving stones should now be removed following Watkins' recent admission to various child sexual abuse crimes.

Admitting to Wales Online that no one had "actually raised this as an issue" with him, Antoniw told The Guardian: "[The paving stones were] something that was put in place and intended for people to take pride in ... It's not something that the council should make a song and dance about but I think that these pavings should be discreetly removed".

In a statement shortly after Antoniw's comments were published, the Rhondda Cynon Taf Council said that the "granite paving featuring song lyrics written by convicted paedophile Ian Watkins will be removed from the streetscape of Pontypridd as soon as possible".


Dappy not bankrupt, has dough now and always will
Further to taking an unlucky horse shoe to the face (from this "biatch", supposedly), and in the midst of a truly un-Christmassy chapter in the N-Dubz story, poor Dappy has had to publicly rebut rumours that he's gone bankrupt.

Reacting to claims (repeated here via Daily Star) that he'd been given a January 2014 deadline to pay off a "massive tax bill", and that he might go on Channel 5's 'Big Brother' to raise the cash, the LDN MC climbed on Twitter earlier this week to set things straight.

Playing fast and loose with capital letters and exclamation marks, the first thing he said was: "WTF is all this bullshhhhhhh in the Paper!!!!!! I just got a quarter of a Mill!!!! Plus my New record deal is on Da Table!!!"

Insulting half of Blue in the process, he later added: "I got doe now and always will have!!!!!! If your talented you'll always be financially stable!!!!!"


Ben Whishaw cast in Freddie Mercury film
Speculation that Ben Whishaw was favourite to swap in for Sacha Baron Cohen as the star of the previously reported Freddie Mercury biopic has culminated in... um, just that happening.

Deadline confirms that Whishaw will replace Baron Cohen in the long talked-about film, the latter having reportedly got the boot over storyline disputes with Queen men Brian May and Roger Taylor.

With its star now officially on board (and possibly to stay so), the film also has a director in one-time 'Press Gang' actor Dexter Fletcher, and a screenwriter in 'The Queen' and 'Frost/Nixon' pen Peter Morgan.

Justin Bieber confirms Journals LP, 2014 album plans
Justin 'case anyone still cares' Bieber is cobbling all the songs from his Music Mondays programme into a big old LP-lump titled 'Journals'.

Out on 16 Dec via iTunes (and avaiable for a limited time only, until 2 Jan 2014), it'll also include - Billboard exclusively confirms - "a couple of videos", plus the trailer for JB's new concert film/life doc 'Believe' and five new songs, one of which is a collaboration with Diplo. And lots of 'feats' verses by the likes of R Kelly, Chance The Rapper, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and Future. In fact, that's it for the 'feats'.

Billboard also reveals that Biebs plans to take his first holiday 'longer-than-a-fortnight' (though arguably, his life often looks like one big vacation) in years (since he was twelve, apparently), to freshen up before releasing a fresh new LP in the first quarter of 2014.

Before you go, why not flick through Justin's 'All That Matters' video (which is on the incoming album), and a 'Journals' tracklisting, with our compliments.


All That Matters
Hold Tight
Bad Day
All Bad
PYD (feat R Kelly)
Roller Coaster
Change Me
Confident (feat Chance The Rapper)
One Life
Backpack (feat Lil Wayne)
What's Hatnin (feat Future)
Swap It Out
Memphis (feat Big Sean)

Gigs & tours round-up: Goldfrapp, Nina Persson, Childish Gambino and Nick Waterhouse
Goldfrapp told the world of their 'Tales Of Us' 2014 tour the other day, which shares its name with the LP they released on another day earlier this year. Starting 26 Mar at Birmingham's Symphony Hall, the run encompasses nine shows all told, the last at the Sage Gateshead on 7 Apr. Tickets will go on sale this Friday, via this Tumblr page which also has the full listings.

Nina Persson, part-time singer with The Cardigans, will give her forthcoming first solo LP 'Animal Heart' a promotional boost by playing live all over Europe in 2014. Following a line of live dates on the continent, she'll stop at London's Scala on 5 Mar, and again on the following night at The Button Factory in Dublin. Get tickets here, and see the clip for the LP's title single here.

All-American rap star Childish Gambino, real name Donald Glover, has set an apparently 'select' pair of headline dates in Feb 2014. The first is at The Gorilla in Manchester on 5 Feb, and the other is on 6 Feb at Koko in London. Both will form part of the post-release fanfare for Gambino/Glover's sophomore long player 'Because The Internet'. Tickets into both will be available from Friday.

And lastly, soul man Nick Waterhouse is to do his oh-so-smooth live thing c/o a gig at (provided it's still standing) London's Oslo on 10 Apr 2014. Waterhouse has an album, 'Holly', out on 3 Mar 2014, of course, so play a sample of what that'll sound like now in YouTube clip-form.

MPG Awards nominations announced
The nominations for the 2014 Music Producers Guild Awards have been announced, ahead of the ceremony at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London on 13 Feb.

As ever, the event will see the first BRIT Award of the year handed out - just under a week before that particular trophy party takes place - with the prize for the UK's best producer being presented in partnership with the MPG. In competition for that award are Flood & Alan Moulder, Ethan Johns, and two time winner Paul Epworth.

Announcing the nominations, MPG Chairman Steve Levine told CMU: "An MPG Award is highly sought-after by recording professionals because it represents an endorsement by your peers. Whilst anyone can nominate, only full members of the MPG are allowed to vote for the shortlist and therefore the results are relevant to the creative value of our industry. Those who win an MPG Award are known to be at the top of their game as a recording professional".

Who's up for the Outstanding Contribution To UK Music Award, the MPG Innovation Award, and the MPG Inspiration Award will be announced on the night, but right now you can check out the rest of the shortlist in full:

UK Producer Of The Year: Paul Epworth, Flood & Alan Moulder, Ethan Johns

International Producer Of The Year: Daft Punk, Rick Rubin, Tony Visconti

Recording Engineer Of The Year: Catherine Marks, Guy Massey, Mark Rankin

Mix Engineer Of The Year: Tom Elmhirst, Flood & Alan Moulder, Mark 'Spike' Stent

Mastering Engineer Of The Year: John Dent, Barry Grint, Mandy Parnell

Breakthrough Producer Of The Year: Dan Smith & Mark Crew, Disclosure, Duncan Mills

Breakthrough Engineer Of The Year: Dan Cox, Catherine Marks, Matt Wiggins

Remixer of the Year: Freemasons, Four Tet, MJ Cole

UK Album Of The Year: James Blake - Overgrown, Foals - Holy Fire, Laura Marling - Once I was An Eagle

UK Single Song Release Of The Year: Adele - Skyfall, Everything Everything - Kemosabe, Foals - My Number

Studio Of The Year: British Grove Studios, RAK Studios, Strongroom Studios

The A&R Award: Chris Briggs, Imran Ahmed, Jim Chancellor

Miley Cyrus makes Time's Person Of The Year shortlist
It's alright, everyone. Despite some stiff competition, Miley Cyrus did make it on to the public-voted shortlist for the 2013 Time Magazine Person Of The Year. All she needs to do now is get past the official selection committee, who will debate her merits over those of wannabes like Barrack Obama, Edward Snowden, and the Pope.

Noting that the singer "came in like a wrecking ball", Time's managing editor Nancy Gibbs told US TV show 'Today': "[Miley has] the most watched video of the year and at a time when we are living with an explosion of exhibitionism, since we all now carry cameras with us at all times, she is a symbol".

So, that's all to play for. And if other awards won are taken into account, then Miley's in luck, because she's just bagged two pretty big ones.

Earlier this week the singer was named MTV's Artist Of The Year, thanks to her performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs this year ensuring that broadcaster's name was never far from the press over the last few months. Well, that's not exactly what MTV's Head Of Music & Talent Programming Amy Doyle said - "[Miley] dominated the music charts and critics' best-of lists while creating some of the year's most memorable moments" - but it's what she meant.

Though possibly more prestigious for Miley, is her appearance at the top of a competition held by UK TV channel Gold to come up with new Christmas cracker jokes. Miley didn't write the joke herself, that was comedian Richard Woolford, but she was its subject. And none of the other Time POTY nominees get a mention in any of the Gold-approved gags. Anyway, here's the joke:

What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? Twerky.

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